Wednesday, November 14 of 2012

Weekly messages

Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary day of My daily messages, we are coming close to the day in which God gave me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

Dear children, for this, through all of the instructions that My Heart has poured, I invite you to exercise once again the reading of the heart which means the reading of all of My messages through your heart. I invite you to live My messages, which you can practice in a simple and humble manner.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorge, when My Maternal Heart prepared My clairvoyants in order to make possible all the task that has been done in the name of God during this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united to My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you, day by day, transform your hearts you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penitence and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of My Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penitence and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more on the part of yourselves, without living great privations, but donating from your heart all that could be transformed and redeemed a little more.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will lift themselves up as a bird that lifts itself up towards the heights of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of gratitude and of devotion so that your hearts may be united with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, during the day of November 15 of 2011, now one year, My Voice pronounced the arisal of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a work that is so much more broad, because of the answer of all of My soldiers.

But all of you, dear children, those who accompany me month by month through My apparitions, I ask you that you help and collaborate so that this Co-Redeemer work that is united to the Master Jesus may expand more as has happened in Medjugorje, it has now been 31 years.

My children, I want to tell you that all the work that has realized itself in South America with the Blessing of the Virgin Mary must be supported with the small collaboration of all of My children. I ask you for a true collaboration from the heart, a surrender to God from your inner, because a work on the Earth happens and manifests itself through the workers that work in this work, and these workers need the resources to accomplish it.

Thus God will help His workers and at the same time the work.

Children, everything is united by the same thread and your prayer will help so that My Co-Redeemer Work may proceed touching painful and suffering hearts.

Dear children, I invite you to accompany me as the Pilgrim Mother so that the light may arrive to those that deny the Merciful Love of My Son.

We work through prayer so that the Work of God will be accomplished in South America.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.