As a Sacred Consciousness of Light, I descend to the world, after having traversed the universes searching for unredeemed souls and consciousnesses.

Thus My mantle, which flies over the universe, holds within it all the souls that have not reached either peace or redemption.

I am the Queen of the Universe; My sovereignty is not of this world, but of others. I come from the twelfth Heaven, where the Great Consciousness of Abba manifests the power of His Love and the Humble Omnipotence of His Will.

All forms come from this Sublime Kingdom, and the sacred mirrors of prayer participate there in an inner meeting each time they ignite in prayer and in faith. Many sources bourgeon in the Kingdom of Abba, which manifest the gifts and virtues for souls.

In the Celestial Universe, unity is the essence of life, and obedience to the principles is the virtue of the saints. Your Mother comes from this Kingdom, and every month I descend to Earth to remind it that it must never forget the Infinite Purpose that guides it; the Purpose that has created it and that has caused it to persevere throughout time.

I am the Perpetual Source of Prayer, which radiates to all the hearts that open to recognize Me as the Mother, and as the Principle of Peace for everyone.

Towards those Kingdoms I want to take you. I wish your consciousnesses, and especially your hearts, to expand in love and in faith so that some day they find the same Kingdom, the one your Mother found after Her Assumption.

My eternal commitment is to raise you up spiritually towards this Kingdom from this terrestrial and lost consciousness. If the greatest number of souls should enter the school of mirrors of prayer with a healthy inner and heart-felt attitude, new divine and deep foundations for planetary life could manifest and transmute a part of the consciousness of the planet.

Your clock is registering the time of the determination, which must not be impelled by sentimentalism, but by the faith and devotion of believing every day that a Greater Kingdom awaits you.

It is for this greater reason that I am here today with you, just as I have been on the Hill of Medjugorje for thirty-four years, patiently waiting for the change in humanity.

Who has understood My message?

Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary day of My daily messages, we are coming close to the day in which God gave me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

Dear children, for this, through all of the instructions that My Heart has poured, I invite you to exercise once again the reading of the heart which means the reading of all of My messages through your heart. I invite you to live My messages, which you can practice in a simple and humble manner.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorge, when My Maternal Heart prepared My clairvoyants in order to make possible all the task that has been done in the name of God during this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united to My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you, day by day, transform your hearts you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penitence and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of My Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penitence and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more on the part of yourselves, without living great privations, but donating from your heart all that could be transformed and redeemed a little more.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will lift themselves up as a bird that lifts itself up towards the heights of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of gratitude and of devotion so that your hearts may be united with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, during the day of November 15 of 2011, now one year, My Voice pronounced the arisal of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a work that is so much more broad, because of the answer of all of My soldiers.

But all of you, dear children, those who accompany me month by month through My apparitions, I ask you that you help and collaborate so that this Co-Redeemer work that is united to the Master Jesus may expand more as has happened in Medjugorje, it has now been 31 years.


My children:

Pray, pray much so that in each moment of your day God may listen to you and thus, His Magnificent Spirit of Love may work through all creatures.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that your souls and the souls in the whole world may receive the comfort and mercy that they expect.

Pray, and do not tire of praying, because in prayer is found the strength and the loving dialogue of your hearts with God.

Pray, pray for the time of change that will come, so that each heart of this world may listen with humility to the loving requests of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray to open the Doors of the Heavens and so that the Angels may be be present with their love and service upon Earth, and so that this may allow the hearts of many consciousnesses to change. When you reach a harmonious and loving prayer, you will be treading the path toward the contemplation of the Most High, and your beings will be like sparks of light in the universe.

Pray for those who do not pray. Pray for those who do not love. Pray for all of humanity because the prayer of the heart will guide you as a Mother guides her little child.

Therefore, dear children, My Maternal and Devotional Heart is among you to teach you to walk upon the path of prayer and conversion.

Throughout these last months, you have come to know the Face of the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God, but still, My children, you must love daily prayer until your hearts recognize that the prayer of all groups will change the world.

In Lourdes, when I called for penance, I was calling the world toward reflection, toward the awakening of consciousness before actions.

In Fátima, I called the world to daily prayer so that souls would weave, by means of the rosary, a new network of peace and redemption that could help the world.

In Medjugorje, I called for fasting and prayer, just as in Aurora, where for five years now I have been asking humanity for a little more sacrifice and effort so that it can balance itself before the events that are outside the Law of God.

Beloved children,

Again My Mercy is over all Argentine and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to wake the consciousness in the end of this time trough prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching, and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. This cycle for someone will be as the Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others will mean deepest changes that will bring them to define the path at this time.

For this, dear children, you, that live day by day in this city of Buenos Aires as do other souls in different cities of the world, must prayer with ardor and from the heart, so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son will be diffused in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children of Argentine:

Yesterday I have invited you to peregrinate to Lujan in a different way.  At this time, through true and abnegate service, because know that great colonies of souls also must be supported by prayer.  For this, it is necessary prayer groups that consecrate to my maternal spirit, that will persist and walk in the Faith of My Son. Each group must start to exercise fraternity, because in this way, in your nuclei of work and task will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form for this time soldiers that are awake, soldiers that leave behind all comforts of life and as sincere disciples, will be instruments in the hands of God for this end of times.

Through prayer, you will have the key for that will define the salvation of all humanity. For this, for 31 years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and claimed for prayer!, prayer! And prayer!. This is what you must take as a spiritual food for this time, permitting in this way that my heart redeem the paths that deviate millions of souls, paths of modernity and comfort.

I Am here, dear children, in the name of the Highest to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, so that your consciousness may mature and then help humanity itself through prayer.

My children,

Somebody must do something for this work! Because every day it lights up in flames because of its own actions and this somebody are My loyal soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Door of Heaven upon your lives, so that the hope and the mercy will be cultivated in greater number of souls.


Dear children,

For the commemoration of My monthly apparitions each 25th in Medjugorje, today I invite you and I gather you in the name of Jesus so that your hearts may contemplate the existence of the Marian Center of Figueira.

After twenty-five years of instruction, necessary for your lives and loving for your souls, today I announce that the Blessed Universal Mother, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, has walked silently together with you through this pathway of teachings and learning.

Dearest children, today I want you to understand in your hearts that God the Father manifests Himself not only through My Immaculate Voice, but also through all those who give themselves from the heart to concretize the Divine Plan on Earth.

Therefore, My children, God the Father is the Great Tree of Wisdom, Its roots and Its branches are the expression of the Infinite Universe and Its leaves are the emanations of the souls upon this beloved planet.

Dear children, in order for this to exist in all of the created life, there exists in your lives the presence of the Universal Mother, the Queen of Peace, the Morning Star that announces the new time before the coming of Her Son.

Dear children, this is why your lives and your essences are al- ways united to the essence of the Heart of God. As the Mother of the World, as the Lady of the Heavens, I come to your en- counter to reveal to you the true mystery of your faith and of your lives; this mystery is called Love for the Whole, Love for the One, Love for the Will of God.

This is why today, with the Rosary of Peace in My blessed hands, again I invite you to prayer, because day by day many souls are lost and they do not find the path towards Light.

For you, My dear children, who are awake to the life of the spirit, it will be enough to serve in this time: to serve by giving yourselves, to serve by loving, to serve to repair the Heart of My Son.

Through your inner maturity and with prayer as a primordial exercise, you will be taking secure steps towards the consecration of your little hearts.


My Immaculate Heart radiates Love to the world.

Dear children,

Today I invite you in a special way to unify your hearts to the Light of My Maternal Love that also springs in the Center of Devotion in Medjugorje.

For this reason I invite you to pray for all the Marian Centers where My Immaculate and Helpful Face(*) is present for the life of all souls.

As the Queen of Peace today I call you to pray lovingly for all the pilgrims who, united to My Immaculate Heart, make an effort to live the science of faith and the devotion of the heart.

My Maternal Heart descends one more time upon this world, as also day to day, through My announcements in the daily messages.

Today, My little ones, My Immaculate Heart reflects itself upon the Marian village of Medjugorje.

Therefore I am inviting you to enter into the Kingdom and the Spirit of My Peace that are present in Medjugorje. There, it has been thirty years, and here in the Americas, five years, that God has been sending Me towards you to teach you to live in daily communion with My Son and to live in reconciliation and peace. Souls easily forget the essence of these important attributes for the heart.

Dear children, today I invite you to remain within the devotional heart of Medjugorje because thus you will find My Maternal Presence in your lives.

Remember that God contemplates the exercise of your prayers, that God expects the greatest effort and giving of the heart from all His children so that the designs of His loving Will are fulfilled.

Therefore, dear children, live Medjugorje as a school of prayer to live the Peace of My Maternal Kingdom.

I thank you for responding to My call for one more month!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


(*) Tr: “Faz Inmaculada y Auxiliadora” in Spanish - may refer here to “Mary, Help of Christians.”


Dear children,

Today, once more, in My spiritual visit to Medjugorje I ask that you recognize the presence of My Peace in your hearts. My Love wants to convert your souls into a garden of roses and into an inexhaustible fountain of peace.

My children, by accepting this call from My Maternal Heart, pain will no longer exist in you so that in this way the Love of the Redeemer may be born again.

Dear children, I want your consciousnesses to not complain anymore about the difficulties and the tests of life. I invite you to remain in My Maternal arms so that you may walk in sacrifice.

My little ones, the world is carrying so much pain. For this reason you must be true emanations of My Peace upon the face of the Earth.

Dear children, in order to correct the past, the tests and the pains, you must surrender your lives into the Hands of the Creator. In this way, in the name of all those who do not pray, do not adore and do not love God, you will be making an important surrender of your hearts to the Most High.

Walk in this time under the Bravery and Love of Christ be- cause your missionary hearts must now give everything for humanity.

Smile to the life that God has given you with so much love; be thankful from the heart and serve, in peace, those in most need through prayer and the service of the heart. In this way the towers of peace will rise from the Light of your hearts.

I thank you for living My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Dear children,

For the bliss of the reencounter of your hearts with Christ, today I invite you to continue celebrating with Me the anniversary of My Apparitions in Medjugorje.

Today I ask you that in your hearts be ignited the Flame of Love that My Son entrusted to each one of you. The infinite Flame of Love of the Creator will be necessary for the times of great changes; the flame of the Merciful Love of My Son that will guide you and will protect you by means of the prayer of the heart, the infinite Flame of Light of the Holy Spirit that will bless you and will fill each one of your lives, as a renewing Source of Grace.

My children, in the month of September we will have in Brazil the Anniversary of My apparitions and, especially, of My Guidance and of My Love for you. So that the work of My Inner Peace in you can continue, My little children, today I also call you to the collaboration which must be born from your hearts, because if this is so, then I will be able to contemplate this gesture as a sincere action towards Me.

My children, remember that each work that My Heart has realized throughout this time in this world has been for the simple reason of uniting again souls with God, the Creator, uniting again what was separated and distant in each one of the consciousnesses so that each one of My children would be able to know the essence of the Love of God.

Today I reconcile you with the Holy Spirit of the Father so that your hearts, permeated by His Eternal and Loving Peace, may be able to walk towards the consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

Know, dear children, that Jesus has His Arms open in order to give you, with purity, His Divine Redeeming Love.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Divine Mother of the Conception of the Trinity


My dear children,

Commemorating with joy together with you the Apparitions in Medjugorje, today I invite you to be and to remain in God, the Creator, through the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children, for this special reason of My presence in the world for so many years, today I also want to call you to reflect on a request that I make to all My children that, fervently in devotion, respond to My call.

Today I want to invite you to consciously collaborate with the Marian Work that My Immaculate Heart has been realizing here in the world and especially in Brazil, in Uruguay and in Argentina for some time. With this I want to ask you to place My words in your hearts, because today, My little children, I invite you to be part of the Divine Providence.

Know well, My little ones, that God, the Creator, fulfills His Plan for all the creatures and that one of His great and loving providences has been to send His Faithful Servant to dialogue with all of you, month by month.

Therefore, dear children, so that My Call and My Maternal Voice may be able to ignite more hearts that are in darkness, I need from each one of you a sincere and humble collaboration so that My Plans may continue in the different nations.

This time God the Father is giving permission so that each one of My children may awaken their consciousness towards fraternity and towards spontaneous giving, united to the infinite work of My Heart.

While you are in this world, you will need providence and help. Today My children, those who, in a selfless way, dedicate their lives to My requests also need the loving assistance of all of you. On Earth as it is in the Heavens, there are hard workers who, through their effort, make it possible for others to receive the Greater Grace.

As the Lady of Graces I give you My Peace and I thank you for the opening of your hearts, for responding in this way to this important maternal petition. Thus My message will be able to reach more souls.

I invite you to imitate Joseph, the carpenter, so that with good instruments we may together be able to construct the new Kingdom of Love on Earth.

Eternally, I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.


After thirty-one years of My presence with you in the world through the Apparitions in Medjugorje, today, dear children, I invite you to celebrate with Me the Grace that God has poured over humanity through My announcements and messages throughout these years.

Therefore, My children, may today be a special meeting be- tween your hearts and the Sacred Heart of Jesus, because He is attentive to the praying voice of all My children, even more so of those who aspire to walk through the path of forgiveness and conversion.

Today, from this side of the world, My Immaculate Heart gathers sister souls, especially in Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, in order to prepare them for the new time. And the most important for Our Lord is that you live in fraternity.

Dear children, My Immaculate Heart has already been in your lives accompanying you for five continuous years, just as My Maternal Love accompanies My children of Europe through the devotion in Medjugorje.

With this I want to call you to the reflection of the heart so that your consciousnesses may be able to truly awaken to that which My voice is announcing to you day by day in the messages.

It is the first time in My Apparitions in the world that God has allowed Me the Grace of dialoging and talking to all of you daily.

My Maternal Heart hopes that all this instruction that I give you today may be kept in the depths of your hearts so that, in prayer, you may receive with immense joy the coming of My Son, the Redeemer. And it is by His Merciful Love that all of you will be able to be guarded and thus carry the Light of Christ ignited in your hearts.

Dear and beloved children, I leave for each one of you this maternal reflection in this cycle that is ending, and which brings the Good News of the Kingdom of God for those who have never believed in the Creator.

May the Celestial Light of My Heart illuminate you eternally.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


My little children,

Thank you, because on this day I have collected with My hands of Mercy each one of your pleas made for this humanity in need. Thank you also, dear children, for waiting for Me to receive My Message of Peace on this 25th of April.

I want to tell you that I have been in Medjugorje because there, in that Kingdom of Prayer and Devotion, My other children were waiting for Me. Thus, My children, you are able to know what the Omnipresence of My Immaculate Heart is like and how, in My Mission of Peace for the world, all of you accompany Me through the pathways of the prayer of the heart, which in this time must be a flame that guides you and shelters you.

As the Mother of Graces I pour My Immaculate Spirit over the nations that most need God, Forgiveness and the Mercy of My Son.

Today I want to invite you to continue on the path of prayer, because if it is true and it is born from the heart, it will be able to transform you.

Dear children, I accompany you through this path that you are traveling, a path of consecration to God that will lead you towards the Infinite.

My children, keep, especially, the presence of My Heart and the Heart of Christ during these days of encounter with Me so that it may help you in the moments that will come.

I thank you, dear children, for accompanying Me on this path of prayer that is awakened through My Maternal Presence in the world.

I thank you also for accompanying Me to the Apparitions in Portugal, for God has something prepared for each heart that opens itself and trusts in My call.

Once again, today I say to you: thank you!

From the Light of the Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


If in truth your hearts knew the power of My Love in the words, from your souls there would awaken an eternal reverence.

Today, My dear, walk towards the interior of My Immaculate Heart so that by finding an inner refuge your heart may be filled with bliss and love. When you direct your steps towards Me, remember to divest yourselves of “your faces,” those that may have imprinted themselves in the learning experiences of life. Wash them in the Fount of the Divine Source so that your soul and heart may renew the feeling of Love for God.

Place your little hands in the fount and feel the gifts of renovation and forgiveness of every fault committed. Before the fount of My Immaculate Heart, that which will take you to the pure feet of the Divine Father, detach the past from your heart so that you may advance towards the Heart of the Lord.

On the path that God created for each soul and for each heart there exists only Mercy. Each step in life is the crossing of the pilgrim towards the Doors of Heaven. Each learning experience in life only exists to reform the heart and to convert it in the forgetfulness of itself. A greater Flame will come to the aid of each pilgrim; it will be the ardent fire of prayer, an exercise of reconnection between the soul and God.

My little one, daily unite the beads by means of prayer so that your heart may recognize My Immaculate Face. Breathe slowly the breeze that I bring from the Heavens. Open your little eyes so that they may witness the coming of the Bird of the Sun from the heights. Strengthen yourself in humility so that you may bring peace to each brother-heart.

My little ones, I come from the Heavens to announce My Good News: the hearts must awaken to the celestial reality of the Lord. A new communion with My Son will re-emerge to conduct souls again towards the Infinite Heart of the Redeemer. This new alliance with the Savior will prepare the glorious coming of My venerable resurrected Son.

Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.