Thursday, June 25 of 2015

Daily messages

As a Sacred Consciousness of Light, I descend to the world, after having traversed the universes searching for unredeemed souls and consciousnesses.

Thus My mantle, which flies over the universe, holds within it all the souls that have not reached either peace or redemption.

I am the Queen of the Universe; My sovereignty is not of this world, but of others. I come from the twelfth Heaven, where the Great Consciousness of Abba manifests the power of His Love and the Humble Omnipotence of His Will.

All forms come from this Sublime Kingdom, and the sacred mirrors of prayer participate there in an inner meeting each time they ignite in prayer and in faith. Many sources bourgeon in the Kingdom of Abba, which manifest the gifts and virtues for souls.

In the Celestial Universe, unity is the essence of life, and obedience to the principles is the virtue of the saints. Your Mother comes from this Kingdom, and every month I descend to Earth to remind it that it must never forget the Infinite Purpose that guides it; the Purpose that has created it and that has caused it to persevere throughout time.

I am the Perpetual Source of Prayer, which radiates to all the hearts that open to recognize Me as the Mother, and as the Principle of Peace for everyone.

Towards those Kingdoms I want to take you. I wish your consciousnesses, and especially your hearts, to expand in love and in faith so that some day they find the same Kingdom, the one your Mother found after Her Assumption.

My eternal commitment is to raise you up spiritually towards this Kingdom from this terrestrial and lost consciousness. If the greatest number of souls would enter the school of mirrors of prayer with a healthy inner and heart-felt attitude, new divine and deep foundations for planetary life could manifest and transmute a part of the consciousness of the planet.

Your clock is registering the time of the determination, which must not be impelled by sentimentalism, but by the faith and devotion of believing every day that a Greater Kingdom awaits you.

It is for this greater reason that I am here today with you, just as I have been on the Hill of Medjugorje for thirty-four years, patiently waiting for the change in humanity.

Who has understood My message?

Through the Kingdom of Medjugorje I have transformed lives and have saved hearts by means of the works of Mercy and of Peace that many hearts experience. I hope that you will be a part of this work of mercy, and that you decide to stop being a burden for the manifestation of the Plan.

Children, I hope that you stop insisting on your ideas, because you would be covering your eyes with the veils of resistance, and would cease to see the Purpose of God on the horizon, that Purpose that has summoned you since the beginning.

Because of that, My dear ones, I come to ask for the collaboration of your mirror-souls so that they fulfill the task that they came to materialize with Me in this new story that God is writing in His Heart.

The Mirrors of Heaven, the Fountains of Mercy await empty souls; souls that are free of themselves, that have banished petty power and conquest so that, together with the Mother of the World, they will be the bearers of the Gifts of God, gifts that will transform the Earth.

This is My last summoning; I have already begged for you. Abandon the old habits and be worthy of hearing My words; in this way, the celestial mirrors will help the planet. I leave you My aspiration of seeing you transformed in Christ.

Today is the thirty-forth anniversary of Medjugorje igniting the praying mirrors of peace. And you, My children, what will you decide to be in this age?

I thank you for responding with constancy to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Medjugorje