The History That Was Never a Legend

In the far and colored lands of Northern Arizona, a sacred civilization once expressed itself, which came from the union and mixture of original North-Americans and Asians from ancient places, from various islands of Asia and Oceania.

As time went by, this union of family, race and culture brought them to Northern Arizona, a region that for thousands of years had been acting as a fruitful terrain for the development of populations that benefitted from sowing and cultivation.

That which always offered itself to this sacred people was the Colorado River, which bathed with its edges all the vegetation that was present in those times.

The cause of the disappearance of this people was not destruction nor any extraordinary event. Time showed this people that it had attained such a high degree of contact with the universe that it was no longer necessary for them to live from that which was material, as they had always done.

This sacred people from Northern Arizona also lived its path of transition, as did all civilizations and cultures that passed through this planet.

The ancient past of this people came before the lost civilization of Atlantis.

This sacred people, that originated from indigenous roots, from the moment of its union with its ancestors of the far East, never again experienced an encounter with any other race.

Its experience was based upon learning about the sustenance of group life. It was this union of consciousnesses that gradually made the people an example of fraternity and reciprocal solidarity.

The scenery of the Grand Canyon of Colorado was the place that favored the development of the intuitive aspect of this sacred civilization that, upon remaining naturally separated from the world and supported by extraordinary conditions of nature, created an environment favorable for the process of contact. 

This civilization, that originated from this region of the planet, gradually underwent different states, and the knowledge it received about the science of Creation and about the Universe, by means of contact, led this people to access principles that encompassed other superior planes of consciousness, which were filled with knowledge and instruction for each one of them.

The most outstanding trait of this people was that, from the smallest child to the eldest, they lived a degree of contact that allowed them to be within a very high frequency of love.

The whole process of the people of the Colorado River, of passing from the material to the spiritual, led them to one day enter a school of a different learning, which was revealed spontaneously, without forcing anything.

That is to say, this people accessed the cosmic and universal reality, and its disappearance from the surface of the planet was due to its total entrance into other planes of consciousness, where it was no longer necessary to make use of that which is material.

As the presence of this people does not have historical records in humanity, and has just been considered a legend, this very people from the superior planes was who guided and gave impulse for other original peoples to have their experiences and learnings within the same region, from where they once came.

For the same reason, other original peoples from other parts of North-America migrated to the region of Northern Arizona in search of the same source of contact that was revealed to this first sacred people.

In this way, the indigenous civilization who, as a people, left for other spheres of consciousness, made an appeal to be able to deliver the same impulses that their successors needed, so as to give continuity to the evolution of consciousness.

When the sacred people of Northern Arizona were already within another dimension of consciousness, all of its people prepared to take a new step and, in this way, they assumed to widely collaborate with the spiritual sustenance of the planet. Thus, they began, within the Law of Hierarchy, to take care of the soul group of each one of the Kingdoms of Nature, so that each soul group could also evolve.

They did the same when they took care of and supported the inner nuclei of other souls that, having been indigenous, had not accessed the totality of their transfiguration, as the sacred people had experienced.

In the inner planes, the region of the Grand Canyon of Colorado became a very important school of service and inner love for all that is essentially true and springs up from the existence of each being.

In spite of the geological change of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, with the passing of time, this was no hindrance for this inner school to express itself and be fulfilled. It was in this level of consciousness, achieved by the sacred people of the Grand Canyon of Colorado, where the Eternal Father found a safe door to give continuity to the project of the humanity of the surface.

This legacy and experience, which continued taking place in a way parallel to the incarnation of the Son of God, were factors of events that widely collaborated in the Redeeming Work of Christ, even after His ascension into the Heavens.

With this, I want to make you understand that, from the most ancient times of the Earth, this fraternity and love had already existed and kept evolving, and this made it possible to safeguard the primordial essence of the human experience, under a potential of the group experience of service and mutual solidarity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace