My dear children,

In spite of the conflicts and wars throughout the world, which divide and disturb families, My Center of Light of Medjugorje today lights up to internally transmit to you My Message of Peace.

I Am the Queen of Peace and I want all My children in the Kingdom of God so that the world may no longer keep losing the innocence and the light that God once deposited in each human heart.

For this reason, Medjugorje gleams in light and hope today, because I wish to deter the chaos and vengeance that many hearts are experiencing in these times, forgetting that all are brothers and sisters, children of the same Father.

For this reason, He sends Me once again as His Messenger of Peace, to tell the world that, if the war does not end, something worse will be unleashed.

To prevent more innocent blood from being shed in the world, at this moment, I count on the fervent prayers of all My children. This prevents the wrath of the Angel of God from precipitating upon the world, and humanity from losing its state of being rescuable.

For this reason, this is the great moment for all in which, despite the tests or the difficulties, My children must hold on to My Mantle and take Me by the hand so that I, as the Mother of all, may keep guiding and leading you toward My Beloved Son.

From Medjugorje, may hearts today feel the peace that brings them hope and faith, which everyone needs at this moment.

Remember that I Am here and that I Am your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Monthly Messages

Dear children,

My Heart of Mother returns to Italy, as in previous times, to bring to all of its people the Love and the Light of God. Love and infinite Light that you need as a society and religion in order to be able to live a transparent and true redemption.

For this reason, My children, I have asked the pilgrim group to come to Italy to bring this message from Heaven. Not only because your people must mend the faults committed against hundreds of immigrants, but also because you, having been people of immigration, should consciously work with forgiveness so that peace does not disappear within this nation.

I Am your intercessor and mediator Mother. I Am the Light that wants to take you to My Son so that, repented in your heart, you may profess your love for Christ and attain reconciliation. 

But first, My children, this act of true repentance must begin within the Church of My Son. It can no longer keep hiding its acts and mistreatment because, otherwise, it will also lose the Peace and the Mercy of God.

No religious person has spiritual immortality. This is the time of massive spiritual illness in which My adversary infiltrates to destroy and tempt many priests.

In Akita, La Salette and in Fatima, I announced about the need for all to return to God as soon as possible, so that you could see His Face of immense Mercy and Forgiveness. But many did not listen to Me.

I returned once again to the world, through Medjugorje, to announce to you that through the donation of My Heart you would attain peace and less than a quarter of humanity put into practice what I had said.

In order not to lose My children, I returned once again to the world, but this time on a key date, August 8, 2007, a day in which I brought to humanity the revelation of the Universe and of its mysteries, and ardently asked for My Voice, Soul and Heart to be taken to the entire world by means of the Pilgrimage of Peace.

Many have welcomed me and keep doing so, and the consciousness of hundreds of souls in the world keep awakening. But the Church sacrificed Me completely, judging My presence and closing the doors to My universal message of peace.

This was the test for this religion, that of recognizing the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Most High, or of denying Her with defamation and lies. 

But the perpetual and maternal Light of My Heart has prevented My aspiration from being interfered with. Because behind the chaotic and grave scenarios in the Church and in the world, Your Heavenly Mother has created a powerful network of planetary prayer formed by all the praying beings of the Earth. A network of prayer that, until today, sustains and maintains, by means of the heart of each child of Mine, the spiritual and divine mission of the Mother of God in humanity.

The ecumenical movement of prayer that I Myself have founded on the surface of the Earth, through the prayer groups, is the one which allows the pilgrimage for the nations of the world and for the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers to be spread in all languages and to all peoples, so that no child of Mine remains without hearing Me.

For this reason, My children, I am returning once again to Italy to grant it the Grace of reconciliation and of the imminent forgiveness that it needs.

Everything that will happen in the meeting of prayer today will be the result of an immense love for God and for His Divine Lady.

There is still time to reconsider and amend yourselves. Do it, My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace




The Work of God manifests on Earth through instruments awakened by the Will of God.

Each instrument that works for the Divine Will receives the learning it needs to pursue, so that finally it may learn something within the school that is was supposed to experience.

In this sense, to work for the Plan of God requires an absolute giving of self, an absolute surrender of life, and an absolute sacrifice for others.

When the instrument of God is protected under certain spiritual and monastic conditions, it is very evident that the results of Divine Will for this consciousness will be something different.

When the instrument of God is involved in unstable conditions and does not have the necessary spiritual protection around it, the repercussions of Divine Will in this consciousness will be few.

With this, I want to tell you, dear children, that all souls hold the potential for consecration.

For this reason, throughout time and throughout My various Apparitions, the majority of the visionaries had to choose which path of learning they would tread: that of consecration, or that of the world. Neither is better than the other, it is just that the souls of Earth are responsible for taking certain steps, so that the Divinity may maintain Its Work on the surface.

While at a place where the Most Holy Mary has appeared for many years, if this vision is not kept clear, it is necessary to protect the Work from humanity itself, for the hands of humankind, because of temptation, manipulate and take advantage of the divine events that the Celestial Universe carries forward in some places upon the planet.

This profit that many extract from the essence and the energy of spirituality, for example, from the Marian Centers in the world, sooner or later becomes an unpayable debt, because the human being is using an Energy and a divine Principle for their mental and spiritual benefit. This is what your Heavenly Mother struggles with because, in the end, those who took advantage of this spiritual Energy will come to an unhappy ending.

Let us pray then for all the hearts that dirty themselves every day with those manipulations, and that make the Marian Centers of the world commercial places of money and business, for Justice will consciously fall upon them.

As a Mother, I pray to the Father to have the greatest Pity, and I invite you to do the same along with Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feast of Saint John the Baptist

Dear children,

May humanity renew on this day its spiritual baptism, and not its habits.

On the Feast of Saint John, may souls remember the message of this holy man, cousin of Jesus.

May all return to the Kingdom of God, which is much forgotten.

May the majority of souls unite again with God and not with all that is lived and fostered on the surface of this world.

On this festive day of Saint John, may the consciousnesses of this planet celebrate the Sacrament that Saint John brought to the world: the possibility of being renewed by the Father, by the Son, and by the Holy Spirit.

On this day may you not only remember your baptism, bestowed by the priest through water, but also remember the spiritual blessing bestowed by the Holy Spirit.

In truth, the purpose of the feast of Saint John, as of the other saints, was distorted by My adversary; he was able to draw the attention of all souls toward something external, mediocre, and superficial.

Instead, on this day, Saint John brings the message that, at each new year, souls may be renewed in faith, remembering the Sacrament of their baptism and confirming themselves before God and before His Divine Will.

Baptism is the blessing that the soul receives directly from the Source of Grace and of Mercy that allows it to be liberated from stains and all sins.

The purpose of the Feast of Saint John was that souls that communed on this day could renew their baptism through an act of faith and of union with Christ.

Nowadays, this intention is far from the attention of souls, and many of them, instead of renewing themselves, condemn themselves to Purgatory without even realizing it.

Thus, your Mother, the Queen of Peace, on a 24th of June in 1981, descended to Medjugorje at the Feast of Saint John, to try to reverse this human custom that, up to today and after 35 years of Apparitions, continues to carry many souls to the precipice.

The choice is in the hands of each soul.

Your Mother, the Queen of Peace, came to Medjugorje to unite again a people that had been destroyed and separated by war.

My Son asked that on the Feast of His cousin Saint John, His Heavenly Mother appear to remind the world of the time that it still has for returning to the Heart of God and cease offending Him.

After 35 years in Medjugorje and almost 10 years being present in South America, the Mother of God comes to warn Her children that it is urgent to convert and to surrender as soon as possible to the Love of God, in order to not lose inner peace when the world is violently purified.

Thus, today the Queen of Peace descends to confirm one more year of Her maternal and loving Presence among Her children who love Her and that invoke Her.

The Celestial Father hopes that, as soon as possible, all may look within themselves to perceive how urgent it is that there be a change in humanity, before the definite door to Holy and Divine Justice opens.

Today, on the Feast of Saint John, your Celestial Mother comes to awaken many hearts from the earthly dream and from a hypnotism, who are far from the Kingdom of God and walk towards suffering.

Through the work of Grace, the Queen of Peace invites all Her children to renew today their baptism and that they also do it for those that no longer remember this spiritual blessing.

On this day of prayer for peace in the nations, let us remember the coming of Mary, Queen of Peace, to Medjugorje, so that the human consciousness may be elevated and purified.

Your Heavenly Mother returns to Barcelona, because there exists here an open path to begin to live this change that Gods so expects to see manifested in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, renewing the Sacrament of Baptism,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

A great world event

At the doors of the Fatima Sanctuary, all the angels, saints and the blessed experience a great celestial celebration, since one hundred years ago, your Heavenly Mother came here to establish peace and the end of war.

The third secret of Fatima, revealed to the shepherds, represented the end of a cycle and the beginning of another with the call to prayer of the Holy Rosary and repentance through an act of penitence and reparation.

The call was not widely accepted, and only the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart taking place in the 1980's produced a break in the universal dominance of the adversary over the great world and human forces.

If that request of Mine had not been concretized, humanity would have experienced a third war even worse than the previous ones. That consecration benefited the whole world, and peace was able to expand for some time more in all the human race.

In the countdown to an end time, and after one hundred years of prayers, repentance and of penitence of devotees and good believers who embodied the message of Fatima, today, fully into the XXI century, a century full of innovations, modernities and intelligent destruction on the part of human beings, this cycle of peace began to decline, and the great planetary crisis among the peoples and the nations exploded, generating a great imbalance in the scales of the Law.

For the Eternal Father, this meant a new and possible divine intervention so that a worse world imbalance not occur in humanity. Thus, your Heavenly Mother returned to Medjugorje, and for more than thirty years, prepared Europe, Asia and Oceania for the moment they were to face.

On the other hand, given the grave psychic and material crisis the planet is experiencing in these times, which is reflected on all the life of the spirit, the Will of God went further, and He decided that the Mother and ever Virgin Mary would appear in the south of the Americas, in a remote place in the north of Uruguay, to deliver a prophetic and preparatory message, thus indicating what She symbolizes for humanity: the Aurora of the dawn in the life of each being.

So it was that, with all care and, at the same time, with all the difficulties, the Mother of God prepared to respond to the divine request of appearing regularly during a cycle in that distant place of Aurora so that, through strong and symbolic universal revelations, humanity would be able to find a path by which to return to God, and thus be redeemed through the reconciliation that the Heavenly Mother lovingly was offering the world.

After all this, the situation became worse in various regions of the planet, the objective of the adversary was concretized and a great wave of persecution of Christians began. Much innocent blood began to run through the world, and the crisis between religions and cultures became worse up to this time.

Once again, the Mother of the Most High Father came to the world and to humanity to intercede, in a cycle where the precarious situation of the human race is rapidly falling apart.

For this reason, your Heavenly Mother returned to Europe to be present among the multitudes and the Holy Father, on this 13th of May of 2017, which will mark a before and an after in hearts open to the call of Fatima.

Just like a hundred years ago, the Most Holy Lady of the Rosary returns to the world to give it Her motherly blessing, so as to avoid a serious situation for the whole human gender.

The Voice of Heaven is pronounced today through the words of the Holy Father in the Sanctuary of Fatima, as well as with the presence of thousands and thousands of pilgrims that once again show their doctrines of faith and of love for God in an ecumenical and fraternal sense.

It is for this reason that, on this 13th of May, at the doors of the Kingdom of Fatima, your Heavenly Mother will expand Her Divine Consciousness in order that a large part of the planet and of humanity will receive the spiritual, inner and human relief they need so much.

For everyone, this event will mean the expression and the descent of powerful celestial codes which the eternal Virgin Mary, Queen of the Most Holy Rosary, will pour out over the psychic consciousness of the planet, thus generating an epicenter of love and of positive energy for all the world.

It is for this reason that, on this day, your Heavenly Mother asks that each prayerful and devoted heart remain united with Her, so that the greatest number of souls and of needy consciousnesses may experience this event.

For all My children, I leave the warmest vows of service and of union with the Divine Plan.

Let Fatima, as essence of peace, be reborn in all hearts!

Who blesses and loves you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima


My beloved children,

I am the Queen of Heaven and Earth, the Mother of each creature that lives and animates the universes. I am your Holy Celestial Mother.

I am the same One who stopped wars with the merits generated by the purity and simplicity of three shepherds.

I am the same One who united peoples and cultures through the trust of a beloved indian, in a dear nation that dedicated its life and the following centuries to Me.

I am the same One who, in the East, warns souls so that they may repair the Heart of God through communion with My Son.

I am the same One who, in Medjugorje, guides hearts into discovering peace.

I am the same One who, as a White Buffalo, manifested to the eyes of those who in this way could understand Me, so that they too could live peace and communion with all life, with all Creation.

I am the One who warns you, but also gives you refuge.

I am the One who tells you the truth that you do not want to hear and shows you what you do not want to see, because the time has come to take new steps in the transformation of spirit and of consciousness. But I do not only bring you warnings, I also show you the path to Salvation, and, day by day, teach you to find Christ, and, through Him, the whole truth about higher life.

I come to remove you from the illusion of this world because many are blind of heart, deaf of spirit and incapable of freeing their own souls from the abysses of materialism and human perdition.

I come to open a new horizon for you so that all My children may receive an opportunity of awakening.

I have come to transform the cradle of darkness into the new nativity of Bethlehem, and to take back for My Son the reign that belongs to Him and not to worldly forces.

I am here, children, to prepare the path of Christ, because His Light and Mercy will descend upon each particle of life and will try to awaken sleeping souls to the truth.

I do not come to lead you to a religion, new or old, however, I come to awaken you to the Now, to the higher life that transcends any doctrine.

I come so that you may discover the true expression of the word unity, which you carry within the name of this nation. I come to make this word alive in the lives of all those who say yes to Me. 

It is possible to transform the retrograde human condition in which you live, believing that it is called progress and comfort.

Children, many are dying in spirit and do not see it. Where is your mind? Where are your thoughts, aspirations and intentions? Do you by any chance think about God every day and ask Him what His will is for this planet and for humanity?

I come here to remove you from ignorance and from your excessive care of yourselves. I want to remove you from egoism as a nation and as humanity so that you may perceive that millions of My children in many nations of this planet are suffering and in distress so that a few may live the comfort and selfishness that their blind eyes seek incessantly.

Beloved children, it is because I love you and because you are My children that I tell you these things.

Many come here seeking a better life and become confused with the deep illusion that this world offers, forgetting that the true mission of this nation is to re-establish peace in the world, because it has human powers for that.

The unity that it carries within its name should be a living attribute that would unite all the nations through the spirit of fraternity, understanding and service to those most in need.

Enough of exploiting and making use of what does not belong to you, children, while many suffer the consequences of those uncontrolled actions!

I come here to teach you the power of prayer, which transforms the consciousness and human life.

I come here to ask you to unite to Me from your heart, that you ask for the help of My Son so that His forgiveness may descend upon Earth and convert that which is dark, so that you may not only live peace, but also establish it in this world.

As your Mother and Queen of Peace, I ask you, My children: cry out for the Mercy of My Son so that He may come and give you the grace of a definite awakening, so that He may open your eyes to the true light of the infinite and guide you to the triumph of the Divine Plan for this planet, because the moment has come for this life and for this  Earth to become sacred.

I love you and I bless you so that you may hear Me and understand what I tell you.

May the Peace of My Son flood you and transform you forever!

I thank you for being with Me today,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all the children of the world and from Heaven I bring you the peace that is possible to live in these times. This is why I am here, dear children, so that you may believe in this; because in spite of what happens in humanity and in all hearts, My task continues to be completed. I open the Heavens so that your hearts are able to rise up toward Me and thus enter the Heart of God, Who with ardent love awaits you to give you shelter in His Spirit and in His Divinity

Dear children, I come to Madrid with the same mission as two years ago. The Guadalupana must now travel through each province of Spain and must reach the hearts that are unknown to you. Because if you go on this pilgrimage with Me, carrying the holy image, hearts will seek it because they have lost faith in God and they need to regain it. This is why I am here, dear children, to make this request of you, because from the heart of Spain it is possible that this task may begin.

And thus you will find souls that will need to live through prayer, will need to learn how to pray and know how to connect with God. You who already live within My School of Prayer will know how to do it and how to teach it, because I will inspire you in the Power of the Father, of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. In this way, dear children, you will gradually come to know the Gifts of God that are waiting to descend upon humanity and upon the simple hearts that open to find the path of consecration to the Plan of the Most High.

Today I come here to unite what is separate between consciousnesses, just as the song says. I come to establish in your essences the new humanity, something that today you will not be able to understand, dear children, but which you will build little by little inside of yourselves, taking the steps in the Plan of the Lord and in the redemption that My Son offers you in this time. Thus, dear children, you will never be alone; no matter how much you feel you are losing your inner strength, My Heart will always support you. I am that sacred hand that reaches out to you so that you can take hold of it firmly and feel safe on this path of conversion, of complete transfiguration of your lives.

Spain must be the Reign of My Immaculate Heart, because united with Portugal, it will be able to radiate peace to the whole European continent and beyond. You know, dear children, that you can count on the Sanctuary of Lis and also on the Sanctuary of Medjugorje. But it is still not enough; there are still hearts that have not repented and that do not find the path to My Son.

I come to show you the pathway that takes you to the Heart of the Celestial Father and this will cease to be a theory or something that is so invisible for you. Dear children, I need you to form as My columns, as I have told you once before, and to keep strengthening your spiritual life so that I may be near you and guide you along this path of end of times amidst the darkness and obscurity that the world lives.

I want this image to be a portal of peace, because for this I have consecrated it for each one of you and for your brothers and sisters on the path. As Guadalupe, I fulfill an important task in the United States, and I also fulfill it here, because from here I left to manifest in the Americas and come to be known as the Mother of the Americas and Mother of all the peoples.

I inspired the apostles of Christ when they evangelized and preached throughout this region, so that they might make My Gospel known, which is the deepest story of the Mother of God with Jesus Christ, Your Lord; so that they might make My silent work known and so that it might be witnessed by each one that heard it. This story reached Guadalupe, in a corner of this great Spain, and from there I was known to the world when My sacred face of the Mother of all the races showed itself to the Americas; thus reminding the white man of the union with all the peoples through unity and love, which at that time in Guadalupe I came to institute by order of God so that the peoples of Europe might have an opportunity in this final time, in this time of purification, in this time of transition.

Your hearts have been self-summoned for this and have not ceased to fulfill what I have requested in this work of expanding the light of My Heart throughout the world and especially in Europe. My mission with you, dear children, must go beyond frontiers and nations. You must reach those closed hearts that do not want to know Jesus nor draw closer to God. There is no method for doing it, nor one rule; transmit the love of your hearts, the love you feel for Me, and thus I will work. And when you gather together to pray with your brothers and sisters, with those who are unknown to you, they will be able to be converted by My Love and will find the peace that they seek so much. Dear children, I expect this of you in this time. This is why I have come here to Madrid, so that you may effect a renewal of your vows with the Celestial Father and with the Plan of redemption of My Beloved Son and of My Immaculate Heart.

The next step for Europe is to disseminate the love of Saint Joseph and the transformation that this holy man lived while being human, being a simple and true man. Thus I want, dear children, to create in you and in these peoples of Europe a new human being, and leave behind the old human being who has closed themselves off from transformation and from renunciation. Saint Joseph will be the Mediator that will guide you along this path.

If you disseminate Our Lady of Guadalupe, you will know how to disseminate the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, because in truth I tell you, dear children, that here in Spain there are still simple souls that feel God in their hearts but do not know how to connect with Him. The souls that are closed are My preferred souls; they are the ones I aspire to find through your hands and your services in union with My Son, with His Sacred Heart.

There is still much to be done here and it is time for your hearts to grow in this task and not be afraid of taking the steps, just as your brothers and sisters have done so in other parts of the world, definitely surrendering to live the Plan of God and to cooperate in the salvation of this humanity and of all the Kingdoms of Nature, which are so assaulted.

Dear children, I am in communion with you all the sainted days of life. And in each moment that you pray to My Heart, I can strengthen you so that you can live this Project that is so unknown to the world, which is the Project of love and of redemption.

Today I hover over you, dear children, because I love you; I love you in the eternal joy of My Immaculate Heart that pours Its Graces over My children so that they can stand firm and sure on the path that I invite them to follow. I am Your Mother of Peace, I am Your Mother of Love, Mother of Confidence, Mother of Consecration and of Hope, I am the one who lifts you up when you fall, I am the one who cheers you up when your hearts are sad or when you are confused by My adversary.

Unite with Me through the Holy Rosary and contemplate, as you have done today, each divine mystery of My Son. Thus your hearts will be custodians of the codes of the Celestial Universe, which will be indispensible in these times and for all of humanity. As I know, dear children, that not all will receive these codes that will help transform the world, the very few that will received them will have the great responsibility of being consistent with them and of expanding them in love and in joy throughout the world.

Your guardian angels are confident that you will be able to do it; count on them in this work of co-redemption that you live with Me and in union with My Son. It is because of this that I come to prepare you for the end time and so that you never forget this moment in which Heaven touches your hearts and lives to renew them and provides the impulse to give a little more in honor to God, Who contemplates you in this hour with gentleness and full attention through My Immaculate Heart.

Feel, dear children, how alive My Peace is, and beyond being non-material, it is felt and pulses in the heart that opens to receive it. Seek the gifts of charity and of the good and you will be on the right path. Do not seek personal realization, but rather the completion of the works in humanity through the Sacred Hearts. Thus, dear children, as Your Patron of Guadalupe and of all of Spain, in the silence we will be able to achieve the redemption of millions of souls that are submerged in the chaos of this world and in the superficiality of material life. My adversary has undertaken closing these hearts, but today I am giving you the master key, which is the key of your hearts, the key of love and of trust in God, because the heart that is patient, dear children, gains everything.

Let us pray now, dear children, for humanity.

And here, dear children, before the Altars of God, today you offer Me the greatest testimony of Truth and of redemption for the hearts of the world, through the precious Blood and the divine Body of Your Lord, Who having poured out all the codes of rehabilitation for hearts and spirits, through this bread and this wine will today become present through transubstantiation. The angels of the Universe united to My Heart and in adoration, will convert these elements in glory to the Celestial Father. When you drink of the Blood of Christ, drink for those who do not drink the precious blood of Our Lord, and when you commune, dear children, commune for those who offend Him and deny Him in this time.

You will sing to Our Lady of Guadalupe just as you have done, so that My Face may unify all the races and all the peoples in the spirituality of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call and I love you!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The triumph of My Heart is near

Dear children,

Do not fear nor despair because the triumph of My Immaculate Heart is near and the hell of the Earth will be sealed.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the great powers will tremble; the ground beneath your feet will be removed and there will be no stone left on top of another.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will oppose it, the Kingdom of God is approaching and all souls will see it in the Second Coming of the Redeemer.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the false kingdoms of the world will perish because once again the Love of My Son will triumph, which is the Love of the Living God.

Dear children, the triumph of My Heart is near and I will reignite the fallen stars, and make them so similar to My Love that no one will believe it.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the Crown of Light of My head will shine in the abysses to remove from illusion those who sleep and are deceived by humanity.

The triumph of My Love is near and the beasts will tremble at that moment because their great and anticipated defeat will be near and the fallen angels will be rehabilitated.

Have faith and trust because the triumph of My Plan is near and I will prevent, above all, one nation from opposing another nation.

The triumph of My Divine Heart is near, first within those who were self-summoned to this mission of peace in the world.

My children, see the great triumph of My Heart already realized, for the conversion of your lives and souls, at the moment when each one of you must ask God for forgiveness.

The triumph of My Heart is near and the forces of evil will lose the battle after I have protected, in My desert, each of My children. There, the armies and celestial powers will descend to the planet to allow the power of the Love of My Immaculate Heart  to triumph in the great abyss of the Earth.

My Grace sustains you and calms you so far; the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain without being taken into account because everyone will be warned before the end of time that will come.

Dear children, despite everything, know that the triumph of My Heart is near and no one will remain unprotected if in simple humility you ask me to do so. There I will be, to embrace and protect you from all adversity under My Mantle.

Now, beloved children, while everything is about to happen, I lovingly ask you to allow My maternal Plan of Love to triumph in each Marian Center, just like in each Light-Community, which I so lovingly protect.

Make service, charity and good triumph in every Light-Community. Make the Islands of Salvation triumph, which will be shelters for a great part of humanity. Open your hearts to what I tell you today.

Triumph and unite every day through love. My time amongst you is now ending and, from Heaven, I want to see the fruits of this planetary Work. The Communities are your internal and external shelters, they are the space where your bodies can rest protected when chaos settles in humanity.

Value the divine heritage which the universe has given you because shortly you will understand what I am telling you today.

Dear children, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will also be given by your surrender and self-giving to all the Communities, which are the foundations of the Marian Centers.

Dear children, with your hearts wide open after having received so many gifts and instructions, at least say to your Heavenly Mother: Yes, Divine Mother, I will respond to this Work and, until the end, I will do whatever is necessary so that the Heavenly Plan of Your Immaculate Heart may triumph!

Dear children, I will be grateful that on all the holy days of the Lord, you live and work with this affirmation so that more souls may receive, through your service, that which they are most awaiting. 

The triumph of My Heart will be given to all humanity by their inner response to My Plan.

May Medjugorje not stop shining within your hearts, just like every Marian Center which I have consecrated for the salvation of humanity.

I thank you for understanding Me and for living My call!

Who loves you and elevates you to the Kingdom of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Message for the anniversary of My Apparitions in Medjugorje

My dear and beloved children,

Today, from Europe, I hope My celestial voice will be heard.

The bells of the cosmos ring the melody of celebration and peace without ceasing because the Plan of your Celestial Mother, of the Queen of Peace, is still present in the hearts of the world.

I hope that today the door to consciousness and wisdom opens. Therefore, on this day, in which the Marian Center of Medjugorje shines with peace, I would like all My children of the world to value, with all their hearts, the magnitude of the celestial Work of their Holy Mother.

My children, upon awakening to the reality and truth of these times, you have more possibilities of accompanying the changing of the times, which are now at the doors of your lives.

Dear children, today I hope that a small part of Medjugorje, from the Sanctuary of Peace to the world, which has been alive for thirty- five years, can have a primary place within your hearts because, in this way, you will allow God and His Kingdom to enter within you and the Divine Plan may triumph.

Dear children, today your Mother contemplates all of humanity with Merciful eyes because the hour has arrived for the hearts to awaken to the mission they came to fulfill.

In each place that I appear, I establish a portal to the universe, a path where souls can travel to, to reencounter God, the Celestial Father.

This divine manifestation of the Portal of Peace, which I establish in each Marian Center, has to be assisted and sustained by each praying heart.

It is the prayer and devotion of the true hearts that allow, as in Medjugorje, the Presence of My beloved Son to remain alive.

It is the mission of each prayer group, and especially of the praying Light-Network to sustain the epicenters of the Communities and of the Marian Centers.

It is the spiritual responsibility of your whole work group to protect, help, collaborate, serve and donate for the evolution of the Islands of Salvation of the Marian Centers and of the Light-Communities, because the time will arrive, a time that is not so far away, in which these places will be shelters for you from all spiritual adversity and from material chaos.

The continuity of the Marian Center of Aurora is the commitment and mission of all Uruguayans, as well as the responsibility of all brothers and sisters in the Southern Cone.

The continuity of the Marian Center of Figueira and the Marian Center of the Child King is the commitment and mission of the Brazilians, just like the existence of the Marian Center of the Holy Spirit and its Community is the commitment of all of Argentina, because My commitment with you over the past few years has never been altered.

Therefore, with constancy, charity and love, your Heavenly Mother meets you in prayer and devotion every 13 and 25 of each month, just like for thirty-five years My Presence has been continuous in Medjugorje.

I lovingly ask, dear children, that in these critical times, in which the servers of Christ are needed, you may make a little more effort and get out of the comfort that has been installed in the consciousness, which has lead you to stop collaborating actively with the Prayer Centers, centers consecrated by the Celestial Universe.

Dear children, My purpose is to tell you the truth, because I love you and there is no longer time to lose in the superficialities of spiritual life.

The triumph of your lives will be in sacrifice and in love for this suffering planet in redemption.

Imitate My Son and follow Him so that, in this way, I can pray for you.

The Marian Centers are not only sources of Graces that all will seek month after month, the Marian Centers must be the essence of your transformation and rescue.

Children, it is time to give and to turn out the pockets that are full, it is time to experience fraternity and charity with the neighbor, thus, you will be forging the new sacred family of humanity.

I love you and I want you to see the truth so that the Plan finally ceases to be a fantasy in the background. The times are of emergency, blessed and holy will be those who believe it to be so.

From Medjugorje, today I give you My holy maternal blessing, in the name of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for responding and for accompanying My message!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children of Mine:

At the apex of the war of these times, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will occur through those who in absolute trust, walk by My side to concretize the Plans of Peace.

On this path, dear children, by means of humanitarian service in each region of this world, you will see how human cruelty shows itself to be, an action that has led many souls to damnation.

In order to recover the lost souls and the dignity of each one of them, My children, it is necessary that the evils that oppress a great part of humanity be transmuted through the powerful fire of prayer.

The task of transmutation is centered on the Prayer Centers for Peace that I have founded in this part of the world. It is for this reason, dear children, in light of the planetary spiritual demand for transmutation, it is necessary for the Marian Centers to be alive, to have life, liturgy, processions, and prayer that are ever more elevated and offered to the Redemptive Project of My beloved Son. 

My children, if you are aware of the importance of the life of a Marian Center, all the doors of Heaven will be open so that the planetary transmutation can take place. Fátima, Lourdes, Guadalupe, Medjugorje, La Salette, and the current Marian Centers in South America have become powerful stations of liberation and of redemption from the forces of planetary chaos, especially of the armies of the adversary that work through the wars.

The task of maintaining the life of the Marian Centers, persisting until the end so that all may have a planet on which to live, is a spiritual and operative task of all the members of the Light-Network and of the groups of prayer of the world. 

The Celestial Hierarchy counts on the Centers of Prayer so that all that is released through the humanitarian missions will be able to find a place of evacuation in other universes. 

I leave you, children, with the intimate commitment of being guardians of the work of the Celestial Hierarchy through the Marian Centers.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you always to a greater task,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


When an inner sun illuminates the darkness of your hearts, this is Me, children of Mine, that announces that the end of chaos is near.

This is the definitive beginning of the end, the cycle on which all the steps taken through actions, thoughts, feelings and definitions will be placed on the scale of the Divine Judge, This One that will dictate to angels and archangels what will be the destiny of this humanity.

Before such ignorance and darkness in the heart of most people of this world, the smallest light ignited will shine as a resplendent sun and a creature who remains sane and in the balance of their prayerful soul will be able to guide the millions who will wander with no aim, with no destination, except their own abyss.

My dear ones, My Heart will no longer come to the world to warn you, because this, I have already done for the last eight years here, and for the last thirty years in Medjugorje.  Many times I have come to this world and many were the attempts to awaken you to a life of prayer, of holiness and of pacification.

From now on, the times that will come will no longer expect you to be ready, because the Justice of God will precipitate over the world and each being will live according to the merits earned on their days of existence.

Many will seek the peace of My Heart and will not find it, because they did not want, in other times, to build the path between their own heart and My source of Peace.

I will no longer be able to intercede for the world as before, because until now I have taken many steps for your feet, but the time has come for you to begin your own walk and start to generate your own merits, not only for yourselves, but for all humanity, because today I tell you, My beloveds, that in the time of Justice that announces itself, it will be the conscious humanity itself that will have to open the doors so that Mercy and Piety may descend upon the unbelievers and the dormant in spirit.

Many will regret in time and others will not; for this you must be conscious that the Justice of God will not cause harm to the hearts, but, to each one, it will give what they deserve in order to live their learning in this world.

The humanity that today inhabits the surface of the planet is very old and has had many opportunities to learn and follow the designs of God.  But many preferred to turn the back on celestial things and open the arms to illusion and to the infernal life that manifests itself through the capital energies.

The ray of the Justice of God will break the ignorance of humanity and, those who laughed so much with the king of the hells, will cry for their great ignorance.  Those who teased the Light, will blind their eyes before It, because, after everything that will happen, the King will come and give new opportunities for those who will repent of heart and extend their hands to Him, clamoring for pity.

My beloveds, prepare your hearts and listen to Me carefully, because at this time I will not be able detain the power of My words for the fear that your hearts may feel or for the unbelief that may be generated in some souls, for the incapacity of transforming themselves in order to accept My words.

It is the Will of God that the Truth be revealed to you, because it will be a part of the awakening of faith and of consciousness to see My words being fulfilled in the times to come, times in which I will no longer be here, so close to you.

When My prophecies be a fact, you will look to the skies, where I will be observing you, and some will thank, others will ask for forgiveness, but no one will be able to say that I did not warn you and that I did not let you know about the final days of this world.

But know that such as I announce the times of difficulties and trials, I also tell you that those who may walk in faith will not toddle.  Those who may make of prayer the pillar of their consciousnesses, will always be a door of peace and a guide star to humanity.  Through these ones, I will guide the world.  But you must be brave and persistent, trusting the power of My Word, that announced to you the times of chaos, but also told you that, at the end of all, your King will come, will cross the clouds and the seven heavens, will step on Earth and rebuild it, inside and outside of humanity, so that in it the new humanity may inhabit.

May Peace be the engine that leads you and keep you standing in the times to come.

Pray, pray and trust in Me every instant of your lives, because thus they will be sanctified by My presence.

I love you and bless you, so that in this cycle I shall find you inside My Heart.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day, My message of Peace and of inner preparation for all.

At the doors of a new time, My Heart continues to guide you through the path of redemption, a path that all have been called to live before the beginning of the Armageddon.

My Heart is donated to you like a flower when it opens itself to the rays of the sun.   My sole purpose is to make you aware of the truth that very few live in this cycle; a truth that is hidden by the impure hands of a few people of the Earth. 

For this, I come outside the Church in order to recover and to rescue the dignity and the affiliation of all of the souls with the One and Only Celestial Father.  In the Church of Christ, My voice was pronounced many times and is still doing so through Medjugorje in this time, but for My children it seems that many years of warning and of messages are not sufficient. 

So that you may not waste the precious time that God gives you in this moment, I come so that on this 8th of August you may learn to love the Word of the Heavenly Hierarchy, which as life and vibration, guides you and shows you the way.

Children, the present time indicates a decadent reality in the life of humanity, and it will not be necessary that I talk about this today, because you already see that around you.

It is for this reason, as well as for many others, that My Son comes in this cycle to ask you for the consecration to His Most Sacred and Blessed Heart, so that your lives in matter may represent at least ten percent of the materialization of the Plan of God for this humanity.

Children, the state of the world and the consciousness of this humanity is in this way because the omission of the majority blinds you completely and does not let you see the graveness of a world that burns in flames all of the time.

For this, as your Mother of the Apocalypse, I come to warn you over the importance of having, in the coming times, a spirit of peace, of neutrality, and above all, of love and of hope.

When a consciousness resists changing certain habits of life, those which broadly influence in the atrocious conquest of the forces opposing the Plan of God, the essence misses the cycle and then it must wait for the next opportunity. 

But My Grace is infinite and it is such sublime Grace of God that reunites all under the same goal and the same spiritual proposition.  I come to save the last roses from the wildfires of this world; I come to awake the consciousness to the higher realities, where the Sacred Purpose of God reigns and dwells.

I come to remind you of the scared path of prayer, and at the same time I come to remove the blindfolds from your eyes again and again, and in this way you will be able to see what My blessed Eyes can see about the destiny of this world.

I come so that the scripture of John the Evangelist will be fulfilled, in the same way as once Jesus fulfilled it by being the Messiah of Israel. 

Now, all has already been said, it is time for acting from the heart but without haste; the need of Light and of Mercy is great for you and for the kingdoms of nature that are the target of great disasters, human errors that are irreparable in the Heart of God.

When your attitude is fair, the Universe shows its balance.  When your action is precipitated, falsely powerful and petty, the Universe will be fair in all of the levels of consciousness.

Enter in the new cycle with a greater expansion of your hearts and with a little less of your own ideas.  God needs you complete, humble, and blissful so that you may finally become columns of a Plan that is in danger of not being accomplished.  It will be enough to pray, pray and pray, and to be a collaborator of the Heavenly Hierarchy, cooperating with the development of the mission of all of the Heavenly Brotherhood.

I bless this day that has come at last, so that all will be purified, and in love will consecrate themselves to the Holy Spirit of God.

I thank you for answering to My final call!

Who unites you to the Divine Principle of the Supreme Will,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


May you today awake to the essence of My Plan of Love.  May you today comprehend the greatness of the path on which I placed your feet, so that your souls would not get lost from God.

My mantle of light is woven in the invisible of this world and My Heart unites the different expressions of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Dear children, even if your eyes cannot see, open yourselves to comprehend with the heart that I Am the same in all of My manifestations in the world and, although for each of My armies I have a perfect plan, on these times, I come to unite in essence and in the heart all of those who answer to My Call, no matter where they may be.

Because it will come the time in which the circumstances of this life will need to find hearts strengthened by the spirit of Unity; otherwise, My children, My plans will not be able to be fulfilled.

I gather you in this time, as in all the others, for a greater purpose, for a universal purpose, but very few could comprehend what I have brought to you as a Message of Salvation and of awakening.

To Medjugorje, I have come to install the spirit of Peace and of conversion in the whole world.  Here, to the Americas, I have come to awaken humanity to the true Conception of God and so that all the Wisdom that comes from My Most Sacred Spirit could be given to human heart.  As Rose of Peace, I come to give to the world what of most pure exists in My interior, as the last table of salvation for the souls.

I tell you all of this, My dear children, because today, on this day of commemoration, both in Heaven and on Earth, I will not only ask that your hearts rejoice and pray with gratitude and joy.  Today I will ask you to deeply reflect about My presence in the world, above all, about everything that I have transformed in your lives and in the lives of so many souls.

I want you to discover in the depth of your hearts the true reason of My presence among you.  I want you to open yourselves to unite to My different children of the whole world, not only to Medjugorje, but you must be united, in fraternity and love, to all of the praying hearts, wherever they may be.

Because is through those who can be the most conscious of My Plan that I will build the Kingdom of God and that I will prepare for His Son the perfect path, with the precious prayers of the beings of this world.

Children, if you live in the spirit of Unity, you will be able to give and receive the codes of Light that I placed in My different soldiers.  You will be able to gather this puzzle that I have built in the world, with scattered pieces to the four corners of the Earth and that, only through the spirit of Absolute Unity, you will be able to gather and form the perfect draw of God to human race.

My beloveds, celebrate this day with prayers and praises, with grace and joy.  Unite to My Kingdom that ignites in light in Medjugorje, in order to redeem and save many souls, but also awake a little more to the essence of My words and do not let another year pass without being able to live them fully.

I love you, bless you and gather you in this cenacle of universal redemption.

Your Mother Mary, Queen of Peace, Rose of Peace, Mother of the World, Universal Mother


As a Sacred Consciousness of Light, I descend to the world, after having traversed the universes searching for unredeemed souls and consciousnesses.

Thus My mantle, which flies over the universe, holds within it all the souls that have not reached either peace or redemption.

I am the Queen of the Universe; My sovereignty is not of this world, but of others. I come from the twelfth Heaven, where the Great Consciousness of Abba manifests the power of His Love and the Humble Omnipotence of His Will.

All forms come from this Sublime Kingdom, and the sacred mirrors of prayer participate there in an inner meeting each time they ignite in prayer and in faith. Many sources bourgeon in the Kingdom of Abba, which manifest the gifts and virtues for souls.

In the Celestial Universe, unity is the essence of life, and obedience to the principles is the virtue of the saints. Your Mother comes from this Kingdom, and every month I descend to Earth to remind it that it must never forget the Infinite Purpose that guides it; the Purpose that has created it and that has caused it to persevere throughout time.

I am the Perpetual Source of Prayer, which radiates to all the hearts that open to recognize Me as the Mother, and as the Principle of Peace for everyone.

Towards those Kingdoms I want to take you. I wish your consciousnesses, and especially your hearts, to expand in love and in faith so that some day they find the same Kingdom, the one your Mother found after Her Assumption.

My eternal commitment is to raise you up spiritually towards this Kingdom from this terrestrial and lost consciousness. If the greatest number of souls would enter the school of mirrors of prayer with a healthy inner and heart-felt attitude, new divine and deep foundations for planetary life could manifest and transmute a part of the consciousness of the planet.

Your clock is registering the time of the determination, which must not be impelled by sentimentalism, but by the faith and devotion of believing every day that a Greater Kingdom awaits you.

It is for this greater reason that I am here today with you, just as I have been on the Hill of Medjugorje for thirty-four years, patiently waiting for the change in humanity.

Who has understood My message?

Through the Kingdom of Medjugorje I have transformed lives and have saved hearts by means of the works of Mercy and of Peace that many hearts experience. I hope that you will be a part of this work of mercy, and that you decide to stop being a burden for the manifestation of the Plan.

Children, I hope that you stop insisting on your ideas, because you would be covering your eyes with the veils of resistance, and would cease to see the Purpose of God on the horizon, that Purpose that has summoned you since the beginning.

Because of that, My dear ones, I come to ask for the collaboration of your mirror-souls so that they fulfill the task that they came to materialize with Me in this new story that God is writing in His Heart.

The Mirrors of Heaven, the Fountains of Mercy await empty souls; souls that are free of themselves, that have banished petty power and conquest so that, together with the Mother of the World, they will be the bearers of the Gifts of God, gifts that will transform the Earth.

This is My last summoning; I have already begged for you. Abandon the old habits and be worthy of hearing My words; in this way, the celestial mirrors will help the planet. I leave you My aspiration of seeing you transformed in Christ.

Today is the thirty-forth anniversary of Medjugorje igniting the praying mirrors of peace. And you, My children, what will you decide to be in this age?

I thank you for responding with constancy to My call!

Who blesses and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of Medjugorje


Dear children,

Today, as the Queen of Peace of Medjugorje, I come to establish the Kingdom of Forgiveness in the hearts that still have not reconciled themselves with God, for so many causes and endless sufferings.

It is for this sacred reason, that your Heavenly Mother reunites you today in one of the main cenacles of prayer of this city, after the Parrish.  I wish the first ecumenical cenacle for peace, which will be called the Cenacle of the Sacred Family, to be founded here.

You, My children, are ready in heart to assume this task of prayer for the humanity and the world.  Today your Lady of Peace stops here to observe the needs of spiritual healing and restoration.

For this I tell you, My children of Carmo da Cachoeira, that to reach the deep healing of the body and the soul, you still must pray much so that My Grace may be granted to your lives.

Today I establish here in this house the Cenacle of Prayer of the Sacred Family so that from today on, your spirits may feed themselves from the manna, which wants to be given to your hearts.  This will be possible when your prayer from the heart be intensified and in a short time you become bearers of Grace and Peace and thus the whole city will be worthy of the Mercy of God.

For this I invite you today, My dear children, to take the first steps towards the deep life of prayer.  I want to tell you that from the top of the hill I listen to all of your daily prayers and supplications, but if you truly form this cenacle, I tell you that you will let My heart rejoice, and mainly, many things that are happening today in this city will stop happening.

For this go to the Parrish because My Beloved Son waits for you, present in the Eucharist as also in the Tabernacle.  Decide, My beloved ones, what path you will choose?

I come to guide you and warn you, because I am your Mother from Heaven.  I am the Holy Woman of God that unites peoples and beliefs through the Love of God.  I wish to come back here three times more, because I aspire that My blessings reach your beloved families.

With the heart ignited in love and faith, live in Christ, look for Him! He is thirsty for your love, in this way your conversion will be possible.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who unites you to the Heart of the Redeemer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children of Mine,

In these times you will be able to see how My presence and My message of Peace traverse the world by means of the sacred pilgrimages, the ones that are possible because of the loving help of all of My children.

On this day, I wish to place you in consciousness before the magnificence of the task that your Mother has been carrying out in the whole world and especially in Medjugorje and in South America.  For these moments, beloved children, these two places have been chosen by the Supreme Will to represent some of the last points of light that My Immaculate Heart is igniting in the interior of the souls.

The whole of the Americas need the gentle visit of the Mother of God by means of the pilgrimages.  It is for this reason that I announce to you again My pending task in the Andes and in the United States.  As these are important missions, My Son has allowed for My Maternal Light to concentrate in one of the most needy places of each one of these two regions.

For this great purpose, children, today I announce to you that My Merciful and Maternal Heart wishes to arrive, in the next months, to Bogotá, Colombia, where My luminous presence will carry out, as the Bird of the Sun, a special task of blessing.  For this, I also come today to ask the groups of prayer of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic to form an only weekly group of prayer to pray and to work for this divine cause.  In this way, your Heavenly Mother will help you to concretize Her upcoming presence in Colombia.

In the United States, your Most Holy Mother wishes to carry out, together with Her Beloved Son, a spiritual mission of conversion before the material and liberal life.  In order for this conversion of the hearts to become possible and occur soon, I will ask the groups of prayer of the United States and of Europe to weekly unite in prayer in order to concretize the aspiration of the Queen of Heaven of lovingly going on pilgrimage to the city of Miami, Florida, and to the indigenous communities present in State of Oklahoma in the United States.

Children, the aspirations of Heaven are great, and you should know that your hearts have the potential and the love to carry them forward.  For this reason, I do not announce to you any date, so that you may begin to work first in the interior consciousness.  When the foundations for these missions of the Sacred Hearts become ready and firm, with ardent love We will go to announce the Call and pour the Graces that are necessary to all.

The mission in Africa had the result expected by the Plan of God and for the sake of all of these blessings, your Mother of the World announces to you today Her next Plan of worldly rescue.

I thank you all for answering to My requests!

Who unifies you in the heart of the Eternal Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A time of Graces for all

Dear children of Mine, today I unite you all in My Immaculate Heart and from Heaven I send through the angels the spiritual help that each soul needs.

But when My Maternal Heart asks you to pray with the heart it is so that your lives may be converted into carriers of Peace and of Mercy and especially your divine essences may become precious mediators before the Celestial Father.

Everyone, for this time of spiritual, human and worldly crisis, has the divine opportunity of being forgiven through the spiritual action of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.

You, in spite of all, in this era and century are in My Time of Graces.  You are under My merciful rays each time that I encounter your hearts during the Apparitions of My Most Holy Face of Peace.

Meditate for a moment My dears, on how many problems, disturbances and inner and planetary conflicts are resolved when the Queen and always Virgin Mary descends from the Celestial Universe to untie the knots that have been tied by mistake and by sin.

My State of Grace, that which has been poured upon you, is sublime and divine.  For this throughout the centuries I give this Grace to all humanity through the Grace that the Beloved God has poured upon Myself in the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel. 

In Guadalupe My Maternal Grace prevented from disappearing the gifts of simplicity and of love that were lived by the Indigenous Consciousness.

In Fatima My Immaculate Heart of Grace prevented the human world and the divine life from disappearing from all of the Earth. 

In Lourdes My Divine Grace restored the world from the grave sins that were committed, calling the souls to confession and forgiveness.

In Medjugorje I prevented the encroaching development of a third world war, that which began by the division of the republics of this place.  Everything was prevented by means of the Grace of My Peace.

Beloved children, today I reveal to you that if you, as fraternal brothers and sisters, as brothers and sisters of spiritual path, brothers and sisters of the path of Christ, be united in prayer a some cause of for a soul in need that is about to be lost, My Supreme Grace will spiritually concede the salvation of this situation or of this consciousness and this will be possible through your mediation before My Heart and the Heart of the Celestial Father.

The world could be better and it would not be necessary for it to suffer.  Now I show you as a Mother the Path of Peace, that which will lead you to find My Grace.

May the Holy Spirit of God bless your paths now and always.

I thank you for the attention of all for this important call of Mercy!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


Most dear companions,

May the coming of this Christmas mean for the good souls the inner reunion of the new apostles of Christ.

May in the course of the next year your hearts prepare themselves ardently and with faith to celebrate, together with the King of Humility, the anniversary of the daily messages when a year will be completed, I mean, the 5th of January of 2014.

On this day a new cycle of precise instructions will come for all, and more sleeping hearts will wake up when they only get to know that I have been among My ones during 365 continuous days.

For this today I call you so that in this Sacred Christmas your lives try to live the sacrament of humility and the sacrament of faith.  In this way I will be able to realize My Works among the pure and simple hearts.

I want to leave today a pastoral hug, an affection of Master to disciple and of Friend to companion, because I know what it represents for the souls to be consoled and understood.  But I ask you to not fear, but to keep ignited the flame of devotion, the unquenchable spirit that will give you the necessary strength to cross the bridges towards paradise, between abysses and chaos.

The time is approaching in which, in some places of the world, I will be able to be seen and found as happened before My Celestial Ascension.  The open heart will know how to distinguish the true Master from the fake master because My Love will always be unmistakable, it will bring to you the peace and the confidence to know that whoever is in Me will lack nothing.

Now I leave you for you to listen to the warm and sweet voice of the Celestial Mother.

Go ahead because while the fire burns in the depths, new cells of spiritual life awaken in the Christic humanity.

Now we will listen to the Voice of Our Lady:


Dear children,

Today I specially announce Myself together with My Beloved Son.

After Jesus was born in the inner manger of each being, the Holy Spirit hopes to find pure dwellings in the human hearts.  Let that in this Christmas Day the Sacred Hearts radiate the principles of the new universal life.  This will occur after your yes to the universe.

In the path of prayer you will find the retreat and the protection that you need in order to defeat your own inner evil and the evil of humanity.  The Holy Spirit wishes for this Christmas to be the new Pentecost that may prepare in each missionary heart the task and the mission to be fulfilled before the Celestial Father.

Pray lovingly for the Church and for the Holy Father so that they may recognize soon the great Marian task that My Immaculate Heart has been realizing for 32 years in Medjugorje and for 6 years in the Americas.

I wish for the believing humanity to wake up and to see the union of the times that I Am realizing between Heaven and Earth.  New and unknown laws are helping humanity so that it may not get lost amongst chaos and pain.

My Heart promises the spiritual salvation of those who may truly want to listen to My Spiritual Voice.  I wanted that after so many Christic years shared with My children, that you could grow up to receive a greater knowledge because the Mother of the World, the Solar Star announces coming and fruitful times for those who may only obey His call.

The Redeeming Grace will be available for all.  I will always be at your side to accompany you and to make you grow in simplicity.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who blesses you now and always,

Christ Jesus, the Master of Forgiveness and Your Mother Mary, Queen of the Hearts

Special message for the Vigil of Prayer of the Most Holy Virgin Mary, Mother of Bethlehem, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Fray Elías

Dear children,

My maternal voice is unmistakable among the universes. For this reason, I always come from Heaven to announce the eternal state of My Peace.

With joy and blessings, today I want the bells and bowls to ring for three minutes of your time and before the beginning of the vigil of prayer, because this gesture of celebration will announce the coming of the inner Christ to your little hearts.

Today My Immaculate Heart comes back to Her second house of prayer in the world, because the first house of prayer in the world is the Kingdom of Medjugorje.

In truth, My beloveds, in My Heart there are no differences, there is only a great mission to fulfill, a mission that I lovingly share with some of the self-summoned for the planetary service, for by this sacred answer the world is still able to sustain itself.

Dear children, today I come to your encounter as the Lady of Bethlehem, I want that all My beloved children, during this night, return interiorly in heart and soul to the great moment of the birth of Christ.

If you are able to experience this mystery as true and important, your souls will open the doors of the heart so that the Christic codes may be preciously cultivated in your hearts.

God wants to rescue the day of the Birth of His favorite Child within the spiritual heart of humanity, for the enemy has not been able to destroy the true love that He created through good actions, for some attributes, which a part of humanity expresses nowadays on Earth, allowed to safeguard the world from its self-destruction.

Dear children, I wish for My message to reach the heart of all of those who listen. My Son hopes that today you can live it as something sacred and devout.

Each time in the world a date is celebrated fraternally about some event of the Sacred Family, opportunities for special Graces are opened in Heaven to be poured upon the world as a source.

May this night be of Peace for all and may you offer to God this unusual peace of the end times for those who do not live in peace and for those who experience great suffering in their lives.

I thank you for this gesture of love and reverence before the Manger of Bethlehem.

I am grateful for the good inner response of the pilgrims for being able to concretize the mission of the pilgrim omnibus of Divine Mother a reality, for behind every heavenly request, there is the holy Will of the Father.

Rejoice and sing lovingly to Christ, because He will hear you today throughout the world. Let us thus reverse the evil upon Earth through the love of the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you on this special day,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Queen of the Star of Bethlehem



Today, My Heart listens to the supplications of the innocent and the poor.

Today, My spiritual Soul embraces those who have suffered the most from chaos and destruction. 

Today I announce Myself to your hearts as the Lady of Akita, to remind you that My Immaculate Heart belongs to the entire world and today, especially, to all of Asia.

Dear children, I remind you that once, not so long ago, the Lord sent me in pilgrimage to Japan to transmit an important call to conversion, prayer and peace.

Today, in a time of great emergencies for all, My Son Jesus has asked Me to tell you the truth as the good Mother of all, although the truth may be painful as it was for Me in the Mount Calvary.

I want to help you, assist you, prevent you and advise you that, in this cycle, it will be necessary to transform yourselves so that the world may also transform itself and become consecrated once again to the original Project of God.

Beloved children, you have seen that your planet suffers with each new movement and that these catastrophes take away the precious and innocent lives of many souls.

This is why today I ask you, My dear ones, that you open your eyes to the call of the Light that comes from Heaven. While you, without perceiving it, share My Kingdom of Peace, on the other side of the world souls die and disappear from the surface of the Earth.

God desires to spread the absolute devotion to My Immaculate Heart, and in Akita, Japan, I have transmitted an important call to transform the actions of the consciousnesses, just as since 1981 My Voice made Itself be heard in all of Africa through the Apparitions of Rwanda.

Now, I am among you. Would it be for some reason? What is it that your Most High Father wants to say to to you through My Holy Presence, in South America as well as Medjugorje?

As it has always been, humanity matures after everything has happened, but now, I ask you that, out of love, you awaken in time for the Truth that Heaven wants to reveal to you; it will be this Sacred Truth that will prepare you for the return of My Son to the Earth.

Dearest children of Mine, today I also invite you to love the sacrifice you make for the reparation of the offenses committed against the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Today, I call on you to make a little more effort, although it may seem to you that the forces of the inner will disappear.

Little ones, the world is coming to a culminating moment, because after My Apparitions, here in South America and in Medjugorje, the times on Earth will change and humanity will have to prepare for the Universal Judgement.

Now, on the eve of my special arrival to the Marian Center of Aurora, on this 13th day, the Lady of Heaven prays for the innocent and condemned souls, saying:

Prayer for the innocent souls

Prayer to be recited on Mondays and
Thursdays to help in the relief of the worldwide situation.
Most High Lord of Mercy,
contemplate within Your Powerful Heart,
the need for peace and for redemption
in all souls that live upon the Earth.
Oh, Savior of Mine!,
God of Love and of Truth,
Separate my children from the eternal punishment
and elevate, with My Offer, the lost hearts.
Oh, Wise Father of Light!,
find in each essence the Light that comes from you
and accept the offerings of love
that we deposit on Your Sacred Altar,
because together with My Son Jesus Christ,
the King of kings and Lord of absolute Love,
we promise, now and always,
to consecrate Your loving humanity.
Listen now, Lord, to Your faithful Messenger.
Observe with Your paternal Gaze,
the flight of the Bird of the Holy Spirit;
because the rays of Pity and of Compassion,
that flow out from Your Most Holy Heart,
will redeem all of the Earth
so that, together with Your Angels and Archangels
We may glorify You for all eternity.

I thank you for always responding to My sacred call!

Who blesses you always,

Your Mother Mary, Lady of Akita


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