Thursday, February 13 of 2014

Monthly messages


A time of Graces for all

Dear children of Mine, today I unite you all in My Immaculate Heart and from Heaven I send through the angels the spiritual help that each soul needs.

But when My Maternal Heart asks you to pray with the heart it is so that your lives may be converted into carriers of Peace and of Mercy and especially your divine essences may become precious mediators before the Celestial Father.

Everyone, for this time of spiritual, human and worldly crisis, has the divine opportunity of being forgiven through the spiritual action of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.

You, in spite of all, in this era and century are in My Time of Graces.  You are under My merciful rays each time that I encounter your hearts during the Apparitions of My Most Holy Face of Peace.

Meditate for a moment My dears, on how many problems, disturbances and inner and planetary conflicts are resolved when the Queen and always Virgin Mary descends from the Celestial Universe to untie the knots that have been tied by mistake and by sin.

My State of Grace, that which has been poured upon you, is sublime and divine.  For this throughout the centuries I give this Grace to all humanity through the Grace that the Beloved God has poured upon Myself in the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel. 

In Guadalupe My Maternal Grace prevented from disappearing the gifts of simplicity and of love that were lived by the Indigenous Consciousness.

In Fatima My Immaculate Heart of Grace prevented the human world and the divine life from disappearing from all of the Earth. 

In Lourdes My Divine Grace restored the world from the grave sins that were committed, calling the souls to confession and forgiveness.

In Medjugorje I prevented the encroaching development of a third world war, that which began by the division of the republics of this place.  Everything was prevented by means of the Grace of My Peace.

Beloved children, today I reveal to you that if you, as fraternal brothers and sisters, as brothers and sisters of spiritual path, brothers and sisters of the path of Christ, be united in prayer a some cause of for a soul in need that is about to be lost, My Supreme Grace will spiritually concede the salvation of this situation or of this consciousness and this will be possible through your mediation before My Heart and the Heart of the Celestial Father.

The world could be better and it would not be necessary for it to suffer.  Now I show you as a Mother the Path of Peace, that which will lead you to find My Grace.

May the Holy Spirit of God bless your paths now and always.

I thank you for the attention of all for this important call of Mercy!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace