With the Light of My Wounds, I continue to illuminate the darkest spaces of the consciousness of Argentina so that more souls from this country may have the opportunity to be reborn, to awaken and to love.

With the Light of My Wounds, I justify before the Celestial Father the mistakes that humankind continues to commit and thus, the Law of Mercy and of Grace, in an extraordinary way, grants moments of forgiveness to the most lost and sleeping hearts.

With the Light of My Wounds I transmute the precarious conditions of the consciousness and move forward with the liberation of the most corrupt states of the consciousness of the nations, so that they do not miss the opportunity of seeing God.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring hearts closer to the truth so that each one may recognize it must change, even further, aspects of the consciousness that prevent the freedom of taking steps in the evolution of the being.

With the Light of My Wounds I bring healing to that which is sick and I cure the inner wounds that do not allow souls to experience renovation.

With the Light of My Wounds I open the doors for you to feel and to find God again.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


When your hearts show themselves as children, I cannot see your faults, because they are erased from the Universe the moment you enter into prayer.

It is for this reason that with that inner youthfulness, the Father loves you more and more, because you manage to express the purity of the heart and this is reflected in the life of each being.

Do not lose time and love being like children in the arms of your Heavenly Mother, because in this way, with your innocence, you will allow the positive action of the Law of Grace to be drawn to you.

In your inner youthfulness there is no error, no evil, and no pain. Yearn every day, dear children, to be together with your Heavenly Mother so that I may teach you to find the path of love and of peace, because as long as you attain this state of an inner child and of innocence before My eyes, you do not need to worry about anything, because your Most Holy Mother will guide you to the Celestial Kingdom.

It is this inner and sublime purity that I hope will be born in you every day, because in this time humanity needs these codes in order to purify itself.

My Beloved Son will always be your example and company to live these sacred attributes of upliftment and of union with the Creator.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you in the original purity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandúu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I will envelop the planet in My Crown of Light so that the majority of essences are protected during the day of the great battle of Armageddon.

I will spread My Mantle over the nations so that the greatest number of souls may be protected during the time of the purification.

I will ask My holy angels to guide and lead all those in need of guidance and spiritual direction on the paths of peace.

I will reveal My sovereignty to the tyrants and with My Love, I will defeat those who persecute good Christians.

In the days that will come, I will not let anybody become lost. Within what is allowed by the Law of Grace, humanity will be able to become aware of the message of the end of times.

I will give My pure Heart to all those who want to adopt it as a refuge and shield against all adversity.

I will emit the signs of the cosmos to the planet and everything will be very clear, so that nobody is confused.

In the times that will come, immediate prayer will be the lifesaver that will withdraw from the shipwreck those who have fallen into their own abysses.

Each true act of love will represent an opportunity for souls to take their steps and be freed of the chains that imprison them.

There will be for a short time, a period of inexplicable peace that all must take advantage of so that many inner and outer situations can be resolved through sacred harmony.

This time is close, and you must prepare yourselves to be always ready in service to Divine Will; for in this way, dear children, you will help to accomplish all the stages of the sacred Plan of Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who sanctifies you in Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A time of Graces for all

Dear children of Mine, today I unite you all in My Immaculate Heart and from Heaven I send through the angels the spiritual help that each soul needs.

But when My Maternal Heart asks you to pray with the heart it is so that your lives may be converted into carriers of Peace and of Mercy and especially your divine essences may become precious mediators before the Celestial Father.

Everyone, for this time of spiritual, human and worldly crisis, has the divine opportunity of being forgiven through the spiritual action of the Divine Mercy of Jesus.

You, in spite of all, in this era and century are in My Time of Graces.  You are under My merciful rays each time that I encounter your hearts during the Apparitions of My Most Holy Face of Peace.

Meditate for a moment My dears, on how many problems, disturbances and inner and planetary conflicts are resolved when the Queen and always Virgin Mary descends from the Celestial Universe to untie the knots that have been tied by mistake and by sin.

My State of Grace, that which has been poured upon you, is sublime and divine.  For this throughout the centuries I give this Grace to all humanity through the Grace that the Beloved God has poured upon Myself in the Annunciation of the Archangel Gabriel. 

In Guadalupe My Maternal Grace prevented from disappearing the gifts of simplicity and of love that were lived by the Indigenous Consciousness.

In Fatima My Immaculate Heart of Grace prevented the human world and the divine life from disappearing from all of the Earth. 

In Lourdes My Divine Grace restored the world from the grave sins that were committed, calling the souls to confession and forgiveness.

In Medjugorje I prevented the encroaching development of a third world war, that which began by the division of the republics of this place.  Everything was prevented by means of the Grace of My Peace.

Beloved children, today I reveal to you that if you, as fraternal brothers and sisters, as brothers and sisters of spiritual path, brothers and sisters of the path of Christ, be united in prayer a some cause of for a soul in need that is about to be lost, My Supreme Grace will spiritually concede the salvation of this situation or of this consciousness and this will be possible through your mediation before My Heart and the Heart of the Celestial Father.

The world could be better and it would not be necessary for it to suffer.  Now I show you as a Mother the Path of Peace, that which will lead you to find My Grace.

May the Holy Spirit of God bless your paths now and always.

I thank you for the attention of all for this important call of Mercy!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Peace


The Great Christic Transformation

He who is willing and decides to follow My Path of consecration to God remembers that the tests he will face will be like stones on his path and will serve as a permanent confirmation so that one day he may cross the threshold towards Eternity.

Therefore, never be afraid to face all that you once were in the past because this is part of the art of constant purification to achieve the Most Pure Peace.

The disciple is like a great book that guards a past completely unknown to his small consciousness within this universe. To access the reality of his life and his entire existence, the apprentice must, with strict obedience, do all that in certain cases may seem absurd to him.

This is the great step for the Christic transformation: to recognize that, in consciousness, the disciple knows very little about life, about the true Will of the Lord, and that it only remains for him to follow from the heart the signs that are indicated to him.

In this time of apostolate, the apprentices must cross with their own feet the great and vast lake of the impurities of this humanity, which do not allow the existential sense of the essence to shine in each soul.

By the Law of Grace, the remedy that will dissolve these burdens and renovate the precious lives of all of the beings is the Divine Mercy, the Most Pure Source of redemption and of compassion that washes, nourishes, cleanses, and purifies these great lakes of lamentations.

As disciples, encourage yourselves to experience My Path because I will never fail you, even in the hours of the great tests of confirmation and faith.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for purifying your lives day by day through My Merciful Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Water of the New Life


Confession nourishes the consciousness and purifies it because before Me it reveals the mistakes and the tests that the Lord sends you to be transcended and overcome; because in the daily confession of the soul to My Sacred Heart all of the spaces of the consciousness are harmonized and My Ray of pacification can organize each life.

In the confession exists the mystery of the Divine Love that is revealed to the soul that is willing to banish the obstacles that are created by the different aspects of life. For confession, as an act of reparation and of mercy, the consequences that could be predicted for the consciousness can change by the intercession of the law of Grace and of the law of Forgiveness.

That soul that is willing to confess itself with Me will be entering into the universe of My Compassion and from this perpetual space will be erased from the heart the consequences that continue to hurt the essences of each being.

In confession is constructed the temple of the communion with Me and in this way the souls escape from the mistakes and temptations that the enemy imposes with each new test. Through the sacred confession the hearts will be able to construct a new and peaceful spirit; a Spirit of God that will allow them to find light and wisdom about all of the subjects of life.

Confession is not an admission of faults and mistakes, confession is the bridge to the Infinite Mercy of the Lord. Through confession will be untied the knots that impede the perfect union of the souls with Me.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for listening to My words with love!

Christ Jesus, the Faithful Confessor.

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