Dear children,

In this month of May, that now begins, may the prayer of the Rosary be the preamble and also the inner preparation for the next events.

May your faith be fixed upon My Immaculate Heart, a maternal Heart that opens a spiritual door for all My children to pass through and, thus, enter the House of the Heavenly Father.

This is the time that My soldiers of prayer must already live in the contemplative state.

May the daily exercise, through the prayerful word, be the way to awaken the mirror heart within you, so that I may have the permission for your souls to receive from Heaven the impulses of Redemption and Mercy that are kept in My great inner network of Celestial Mirrors.

This is the great moment for each of My servants to broaden their consciousnesses and to actively participate together with the Celestial Mother in Her great intercessions for humanity and for the planet.

To be in contemplation is to be in silence, but it is also to practice the life of prayer so that your hearts are blessed receptacles of the Graces that My hands wait to pour out upon all of humanity.

By awakening your mirror heart, you will be more sensitized by the difficult planetary situation, and your consciousnesses will rise to unite in spirit to My great spiritual network of supplication that exists in the great Celestial Kingdom, from where I come to deliver My Words of Love to you.

Dear children, I invite you once again to place your minds and especially your hearts in the Heights, in Heaven, in the Universe, because that is where you will find inner peace.

I thank you for postulating to be part of My Praying and Supplicating Armies of Heaven! 

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


III - The True Treasure

A poor soul, lacking the basic means to survive in the world, questioned the Lord, asking where He was and what was the reason for their suffering, saying: "Lord, I who so seek and ask in Your Name, receive no answers but rather I received ever greater suffering and woes. Tell me the reason for the imbalance in this world, and why I cannot have as much as my fellow beings"

And responding also with a question, the Lord said: "Where lies your treasure, little soul? In longing for accumulating things on Earth or in discovering the mysteries of Heaven? So contemplate those who truly came to know Me. The illumination of their consciousness allowed them to give up all goods of the world, and having become poor among the poor, yet they were rich before Me.

Therefore, contemplate My Son. Was He sent to the world to accumulate riches, to experience pleasures, to satiate His Body, Mind and Feelings? Is My Son your example and guide? Is He the mirror in which  you want to find yourself reflected every day? 

Then, little soul, understand that the suffering and poverty of this life comes to balance the great many excesses of humanity. For you, they must be a symbol that your school is not through accumulation, but rather in renunciation and gratitude.

Teach the world through a humble example and open the Doors of Heaven for those who are ignorant of this truth, and who seek in the world rather than in Me for the way of filling their lives."

I am telling you this story so that you may learn where lies the true treasure of your lives. And when you feel that something is lacking, give thanks, and be an example of the humble Love of God. In this way, you will open the Doors of Heaven for the most ignorant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Messages

Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Fourth Poem

Most Beautiful Rose of God,
may we recognize Your purity
in all that was created,
and may our hearts and lives
be part of Your original Purity.

Venerable Flower of the Father,
help us to find the beauty and the Love
that God, through His Son,
deposited within us.

May we dare to take the steps
towards the consecration of our souls,
just as You, dear Holy Mother,
consecrated Your life and Your entire being
with the yes to the Archangel Gabriel.

Teach us to understand, beyond everything,
the reason and the purpose
for us to be here on Earth.

Awaken our consciousnesses
to the true existence
and, offering the temple of our imperfect hearts,
tell our Father, God and Lord,
 to live within us
so that, someday,
we may learn to love Him as He loves us.

We thank You, Holy and humble Virgin.

Do not cease to refract upon us
Your Mirror of Love and Compassion.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Through the Light of the Mirrors, the sacred Spiritual Hierarchy brings attributes toward the planet that humanity needs to learn in order to take the correct step that will withdraw it from the illusion in which it lives.

The Mirrors, as part of non-material life, represent that state of consciousness in which is established inner communication between the spiritual and the material.

In this time, the Mirrors work far more than before, because humanity is at the moment of finishing going through the last and great cycle.

With them, the Mirrors will bring the spiritual impulse of powerful currents, which will help to transform and reveal that which humanity needs.

At least a part of humanity and the planet, through the Mirrors, will achieve the real time and, little by little, consciousnesses will see this alternate time dissolve before their eyes, because the Mirrors will achieve the spiritual union that will allow the truth of Knowledge to be revealed.

For this reason, this is the time of definition for the whole planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Canada is a land of many histories, although they have been written by the limited comprehension of the human being, that did not prevent this region of the planet from being one of the most important inner centers of the world that works silently for a new configuration of the human being, through special existing work plants, by means of the planetary Mirrors located throughout the country.

Canada has not had the opportunity until recent days to be conscious of what it holds as a spiritual and inner legacy for humanity.

Its history is not the only truth of what happened here. Canada, through the expression of its nature and of its preservation, has generated an adequate atmosphere for the great tools of the Hierarchy to largely work to the point of uniting, in the inner planes, important spaces with Antartida.

Through Canada, the natural integration among races and cultures is also reflected upon the surface.

From different places of the Earth, different ethnicities and races come to Canada, to be socially integrated under a form of life that unites them all in common.

In this sense, Canada represents this bridge of continuation of the project of the families of the world, which brings with them the synthesis of the different experiences of their origins.

As this intercultural relation is expressed upon the surface of Canada, also within the inner planes of Canada there is a similar relation, which now the moment has arrived to know and understand.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I come back here to Colombia as the Solar Son and, at My Feet, I show you, in the inner planes, the sacred city of Guatavita, that legendary city that once was expressed upon the surface and brought to the Andes a sacred knowledge that has still not been revealed to the humanity of today.

But many of you participated in this.

This is why I am returning to Colombia, to gather you in My name and so that you define your paths for one Hierarchy, for one Law, for one group.

This group of souls is congregted by My Love, like many groups of souls that I have in the world, which in this time come to Me, to serve Me and to express My redeeming Work, before this sacred city that shines like gold and copper. I have you inwardly revere this legacy, to which you have belonged in other times, in other experiences, and now the veils over your consciousness fall so that you can see the truth and the primary reason for being here, in this place, present in this country, and united like brothers and sisters.

This is what is most important, that I need in this time, so that Colombia can finally express its task. There is still much to do and there is still much to carry forward. You are the preamble of something very important, but remember unity and the Law of Hierarchy. If this is not accomplished among you, nothing will manifest.

I know that it is not easy for many consciousnesses to obey what I ask of you and to strictly carry out what the Hierarchy says. But, companions, My brothers and sisters, there is no longer time, there is no time left. And this is the reality of it.

The impulses of the inner Hierarchy come to change hearts, to awaken them, to purify and transform them. This is why today I bring My Solar Consciousness and, as a Mirror Being, I reflect upon the sacred city of Guatavita all the principles and attributes of God, which this sacred city, indigenous and internal, also achieved in other times.

The values of the culture of Colombia are very important for God, as are the values of the Aztec culture and of the Mayan culture. These are the values that today's humanity will need in order to experience the transition of the times and the Armageddon; to not forget the principles, the attributes and the commandments of the Father, which are basic Laws for its evolution and its awakening; so that it may go deeper in degrees of love and in degrees of solidarity.

This will build among you, and in many more that will come, the true brotherhood of the surface, this sacred third Order that must be expressed in South America so as to be able to bear and contain the end of times, the time of purification, the time of tribulation.

Among you, there must not exist lies, deceit nor appearances. It is something that I taught My apostles in the past and it is something that I have been teaching all of you for many years.

I do not come to see your imperfections nor miseries, because My Mercy grants you the transformation and liberation for your lives.

All I ask of you, companions, is for loyalty, transparency and crystalline unity. This will allow for My Work to expand in Colombia and for many more emergencies to be attended to by the Hierarchy.

But meanwhile, and in spite of all that you receive, of all the impulses that were given since the inner Hierarchy expressed itself in this place of Guatavita, there is still much to purify.

But I, as a Solar Mirror, give you My hand so that you may hold it tightly, so that you may trust, so that you may repent and reconcile.

This will allow to dissolve, in Colombia, many streams of chaos and of adversity that still surround this country and this beloved people, to which I come to give My Mercy and My forgiveness today, so that it may be reborn and re-emerge through the impulse that the Holy Spirit brings as Solar Essence.

Return to your origins, regain the roots of your culture, and preserve from yourselves all that is sacred, blessed and sublime; everything that comes from the Hierarchy, be it Its knowledge, be it Its word, or be it Its love or Its presence.

If you, My companions, are here today, congregated by My Presence, and not other people, it is for some spiritual reason that you still do not know.

Never break the rules because the Father and, above all, His Son, see everything.

Elevate your hearts in a spirit of repentance and someday you will receive the sacred flame of redemption, which are the Christic Codes, the merits achieved by your Master and Lord when He was on Earth.

And, in this way, you will become My memorable apostles, the apostles of the end of times, those who will protect the legacy of the Hierarchy, not only on the surface, but also in the inner worlds, and who will be able to reflect and represent the Brotherhood, wherever or whenever.

For this, I need you to be firm, available and open to change, not only in consciousness, but also in heart, in personality and in ego.

This will allow the legacy that is held in the sacred city of Guatavita to always be protected and radiate its principles toward humanity, which so needs it in this time. Because not only will you receive transformation and renewal, but also other peoples in other parts of the world, who continue to lose the values and the principles of their culture, those which they have received and experienced throughout time, and those which My adversary set about dissolving, dividing and erasing from the memory of the men and the women of the Earth.

That is why South America is at stake, not only in a political, social or economic way; South America is at stake in a spiritual way, and it is on this level where the real and serious situations present themselves and where the Hierarchy must face and attend to them in this time.

You must not only be suns on the surface of the Earth, as was the sacred city of Guatavita, but you must also be mirrors of love, of solidarity, of brotherhood, of good, of transparency. It is now time for there to no longer be any trace of evil, any trace of adversity or contrariness within you.

You are now depositaries of the Christic Love of My Heart, and you must protect it and support it so that it can grow and expand into the world, because many, many souls are missing the opportunity, not only of evolving, but also of awakening, of carrying out their true task and mission in this time.

This people of Colombia has had the grace of being blessed by the Hierarchy and it is in the small groups of souls where the Plan is carried out, to then give a chance and graces to all the rest of the souls of the world.

So that you can do all that I ask of you, companions, you must trust in My Presence, in My Word, in My support and, especially, in My Love that is immeasurable and unconditional for souls.

Let all that no longer belongs to you be withdrawn. Empty yourselves, empty yourselves in this moment and offer your lives, your souls and your hearts to God, through the Solar Presence of the Son of God, and elevate your aspirations to the Heights, the aspirations for redemption, for reconciliation, for unity and for peace, so that those attributes may descend upon you and upon your brothers and sisters, and a solid, firm and crystalline brotherhood may be built, which lives for the Plan of God and its fulfillment in this cycle.

I bring you this golden city of Guatavita, the sacred city of Guatavita, so that you can be reborn and rediscover your origins within; the main reason that brought you up to here, which is not personal nor individual; which is group-oriented, which is among souls, to serve God and to fulfill His aspirations, not only for Colombia but also for the rest of South America.

Remember that you have the assistance and support of the sacred Sites, where you will be able to place your consciousnesses, souls and beings so that they may be worked on and healed, and still continue to experience the process of redemption.

Be these sparks of redemption of My Heart, because the world needs it, so that someday it may realize that it was mistaken and that it has deviated completely from the truth.

Colombia is still to awaken; it must awaken more deeply than it has awakened. But for this to be possible, the transformation and the change must first begin within you, My companions, who represent Me before God in this spiritual task for Colombia, and for all the souls that are to be found here.

It is in this way that the spiritual and material slavery will end in this country and souls will be able to become aware of the importance of turning toward God in order to be able to hear Him and deeply feel Him again.

Offer this next Marathon of Divine Mercy as an opportunity for returning to your origins, to your beginnings and to your original culture; and may you benefit from the company of all the inner beings that collaborate in brotherhood and love for the Hierarchy at this moment.

Let Colombia be reborn to the principles of its culture, of its solidarity and of its love for the Celestial Father.

For this reason, companions, to all of you and to all your brothers and sisters that are listening, I give you a blessing so that this task, through the Meeting of the Prayer of Mercy, may be blessed and filled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit. And I ask you to trust in the coming of these gifts, that will not only transform and give impulse to your spirits and consciousnesses, but also to your material life that, day after day, must be a mirror of the Brotherhood upon the surface.

As the Sun of the Universe, of the center of this Galaxy, that shines upon this sacred city of Guatavita, which today reflects its principles and its origins towards the souls that have belonged to it, just as to all the souls that have belonged to the original peoples of the Andes, I give you Peace and a blessing, wishing you a beautiful and glorious task in this crucial time in which souls must be reborn to love and to forgiveness.

With the rays of the Central Sun that come from the emanation of the Heart of God, and in union with the Great Universal Confraternity, let Colombia be elevated, let hearts be firm to experience their redemption in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


And now that the most important stages of the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe have been accomplished, according to the Will of the Heights and because of the inner adherence of all those who collaborated in this manifestation, this is the moment of the pause, of stillness, and of experiencing an important spiritual synthesis in order to see, in the events of the last pilgrimage, the evident signs that the Hierarchy left so that the next steps may be accomplished.

This pilgrimage was characterized by all that it transmuted while going through different cities, cultures, and peoples; and also, it stood out by all that it, through the Hierarchy and the Angelic Universe, managed to deactivate that was negative in the consciousness of a people and a nation.

In this sense, the last Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe seemed that it was not going to be completed until the group unity and the unity of inner spirit, with the sincere collaboration of everyone, allowed the destiny of different peoples and nations to be taken toward the threshold of a new opportunity through Divine Mercy.

For this, the endless days of transmutation, of travels, of going from country to country, generated in an evident way the possibility for the Hierarchy to be able to increasingly embrace complex and grave situations that were compromising the continuity of certain nations and peoples on the surface.

And so, during this last pilgrimage, the Hierarchy used certain divine and cosmic instruments, such as the Great Mirrors or the Celestial Doors, so that great Light Consciousnesses, in absolute silence and meditation, could help in the process of liberation of nations, which took place through each song offered.

The mental, emotional and psychological effort on the part of the pilgrim group, within the goal of embracing and of learning the native language of each people, meant for the Divinity the possibility of the Message of God and of His Celestial Messengers to be able to reach the whole world by means of an ardent devotion and love for the Divine Hierarchy.

The commitment consciously assumed by praying for such different new nations and peoples also generated a greater opening so that, over time, the field of work can expand through new seeds of Light that will be sown in Europe, Africa and Russia.

In synthesis, the victory of Christic Love was great, at a planetary time in which hate, vengeance and conflict knock on the doors of millions of homes in the world.

And so the nations that are freed become potential mirror consciousnesses so that not only the peoples may receive new attributes of life, but also the world can be supported in this cycle by an unbreakable faith and by an unquenchable love that is born from each heart redeemed and touched by the Grace of God.

Infinite thanks to all the servers of Christ on Earth!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


With the Light emanated by the Mirrors, your Heavenly Mother can bring to the planet the ruling Principles of the Consciousness of God, and from the Mirrors of Light, pour out these inner attributes into the consciousness of humanity.

With the Light of the Mirrors, your Heavenly Mother can dissolve the contrary forces that impede the awakening of humanity.

With the Light of the Mirrors, your Heavenly Mother can grant the spiritual healing within souls so that afterward material healing may occur.

With the Light of the Mirrors, your Heavenly Mother can regenerate the consciousness of humanity and withdraw it from spiritual illusion so that hearts may find the Christic path.

With the Light of the Mirrors, your Heavenly Mother can encompass large regions of the planet, and from the most natural and sacred places of Creation in this world, She can help elevate the consciousness of human beings so that they may awaken to their inner reality.

With the Light of the Mirrors I can reflect upon the planet all the Love of God, so that souls may feel and perceive that it is time to change, so that the world may change and the entire Earth may be redeemed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The radiation of certain Mirrors can quickly alter and modify the organic and spiritual composition of the human being.

This is so because the Mirrors, which are great energy plants that reverse processes of resistance or spiritual stagnation, mobilize planetary or personal situations and also work within group consciousnesses.

Thus the Mirrors work in various levels of consciousness, bringing the human being into contact with higher voltages of vibration and harmony.

Therefore, the Mirrors are recognized as transmitters of divine information, and at the same time, they generate the vibration elevation of certain regions or situations of the planet. 

The Mirrors are bearers of luminous codes and impulses which, each time more, access increasingly higher states of consciousness . 

The Mirrors are capable of preventing a risk or emergency situation on a spiritual level.

The Mirrors connect human beings with greater vibrations of light and love.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Each prayer pronounced for the nations of the world is a drop of My Grace that descends from Heaven as morning rain.

Each sincere heart that pronounces the Holy Rosary for peace in the world is a Mirror of reflecting the Mercy of God in humanity.

I teach you, through the power of prayer, to know its mysteries, which are unveiled when the heart truly prays, allowing the sacred Divine Laws to reconciliate the errors of humanity and the deviations of the nations of the world.

Each moment of prayer offered, dear children, allows the whole world to be restored; above all, the souls most lost, which receive the Grace of finding God again.

This is why each meeting of prayer for peace in the nations means an opportunity that humanity may be alleviated of its faults committed, so that love and peace may reign. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When a voice wholeheartedly sings to God, it opens the doors to the Infinite and from there many graces can descend over consciousnesses or in humanity.

The voice consecrated to God is one of the greatest instruments of union and of alliance with the High.

The voice consecrated to God spontaneously offers that instrument so that great processes of healing and of redemption may be established in humanity. And if the voice is always filled with a sincere and real love, greater will be its effect on the planetary consciousness.

The Creator thought that sound would be the most perfect and explanatory means for souls to be able to communicate with the High. In this sense, the voice that emits the sound, spontaneously creates the bridge of contact with our purity and with our true reality.

The voice that is consecrated to God is spiritually conceived as a key that, through sound and vibration, enters into contact with the Mirrors, and thus the descent of new and sacred knowledge is established.

The voice is one of the greatest treasures of Creation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Curitiba, Paraná, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come here for a wounded world, and, in My hands, I carry the greatest cause of God, which is the fulfillment of His Plan of Love and Redemption on the surface.

I pray for this cherished Project and every day I relive the Words of the Creator, which He spoke to Me in His Kingdom:

“Dear Universal Mother, supreme and humble Mirror of Love, Your Father and Lord of the Universe asks that you tirelessly go forth to meet souls and the most simple because through them, I will be able to heal the planet and its humanity, I will repopulate the world with hundreds of suns, many more than I have created throughout the Universes.

I will make of each sun a prodigious emanation of My Source and, through them, I will pour out the Divine Codes of My Paternal Heart.

Go ahead, most sweet Lady of the Light, Governor of all the stars, fallen and non-fallen.   Go ahead, appear and announce to the race that I deeply love them and that they are offending Me while setting themselves apart from the Universe of My Love.

Do everything in Your power, You have no boundaries, but rather thousands of angels and devas to reverse the lack of love and to transmute the indifference upon this planet.

You will always hold within Your Heart the unquenchable wisdom of My Words, because, through Your Grace, I will make of hearts luminous trophies of redemption, to place them at the foot of the celestial altar”.

In My silence, children, I hear this proclamation, every day. And I will be able to be the Mother of humanity and of all the Earth, as long as you allow Me to be. Thus, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

From My most pure Womb is born cosmic life, and that life is projected in the different dimensions of Creation.

My Womb of Light gestates the new, and every being or consciousness that it receives is transformed by My maternal Light.

From My Womb are born the immaterial Rays that circulate throughout the universes to order and govern under universal harmony.

From My luminous Womb, new spiritual lives can be born in the hearts that unconditionally surrender to Me.

From the most pure Womb of your Mother of the World comes the Principle of Creation, and, in this way, time and again, Creation is renewed and everything evolves within the universe of the Light of God.

In My most chaste Womb, I give spiritual and essential life to that which seemed to be dead.

My Womb revives the lost spirits and, through the Principle of Healing, recovers the souls that distanced themselves from God.

My Womb is a new universe that gestates love for the New Humanity.

Those who place themselves within My Womb will be initiated into a new stage and they will be in Me, and I, as Mother, will be humbly mirroring Myself in the creatures of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the High Pyrenees, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Raise your consciousness up like the mountains and feel part of a great mystery.

Before your eyes all the secrets of the Universe are being unveiled.

The safest keys are given into the hands of the humble.

The Portals into infinity open so that the most simple are able to pass into the innermost spaces of universal life.

In a cyclic and harmonious way, the most sacred treasures are shown to those who want to see them so they can recognize within themselves the greatest treasure of Creation, Love.

The sojourners in faith light their torches in the Great Fire of the whole of existence and illuminate the dark paths of those who still cannot recognize their own inner light. They never separate, because, in their depths, they know a purpose must be fulfilled.

Because of this, little by little, the veils of consciousness fall away so that each spirit, as well as each heart, may become aware of the effect of its deeds and experiences of yesteryear.

But, in the face of the sign of Truth, the travelers bow down because they know that upon their path there has always been the infinite hand of Love that guided and safeguarded everything.

The eyes of those who have not surrendered fill with intense tears, at last, they can feel that it is only love that transforms, elevates and heals all things.

The time has come for the seekers of the path to place all swords at the foot of the Temple so that the surrender of all mistakes may be accomplished.

While the mirrors light up before the gaze of the pure, the first moments of an unforgettable peace are reflected within the scenario of life.

Each step the pilgrim takes is a step that the sleeping humanity takes.

Each unconditional surrender is the Cross of the redeeming victory that is shaped on some part of the surface.

Thus, what is far from hearts begins to draw closer, and the Source of Love returns with an unknown momentum.

The Work is done in the name of the indifference of the majority, and the arches of light open, beyond everything, to those who did not deserve to see them.

The apostles feel within themselves the action of Mercy, and nobody remains without knowing that the time of redemption approaches.

The gardens of souls are prepared, a place where the Master, among masters and sages, will place His humble Feet.

In the meantime, everything is purified within and outside of consciousnesses in order that the majority may be free from old mistakes.

A light of renewed hope emerges on the horizon and everyone can see it.

Thus, you are again called to the living of true love.

Those fallen into darkness are removed from those spaces.

Love becomes Mercy to save whoever wants to be saved.

The time of the clock is showing the promised hour.

May the followers of the Light and of the storms wash their feet in the Fount so that, cleansed, they may sit at the table, awaiting the Great Master.

An inexplicable wisdom descends into even the most foolish minds. The purpose is that the hardest of heart may open to the coming of the universal Truth.

The paths of old and heavy histories are modified.

Justice and its severity are changed by the action of Love and its eternal power.

Everyone is gathered together, in spite of their differences and histories. All, without exception, are placed for a moment in the Arms of the Divine Father.

All perceive that there have never been winners or losers, but rather souls that experienced various paths of redemption.

Thus, the new sun rises in the universe of those who were in the shadows, and the Light begins to blossom like the roses in a winter garden.

Everything is transformed. Grace, as a greater principle, makes everything possible.

The soldiers, holding hands, unite to concretize the last phase of the Plan of Redemption.

In the Books of the Universe these moments are written.

May the inner ears be attentive to hear the sacred word of the Light that transfigures all things.

In unity, the banner of redemption is raised.

In love, the Return of Christ is fulfilled.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Opening the doors of My Heart, into My Soul I bring the warm love of My children, and I take refuge in them so as to be able to continue walking and assisting this humanity.

Opening the doors of My Heart, into My Spirit I bring the warm prayers of those who are confirmed in the mission to pray for peace.

Opening the doors of My Heart, into My Essence I bring the pure offerings and sacrifices of those who surrender their lives into the Hands of God.

Opening the doors of My Heart, into My Consciousness I bring all those who feel in themselves the movement of the Mirrors, and in this humanity, generate the opportunity for redemption.

Opening the doors of My Heart, into all My Being I bring the offerings of the simplest pilgrims who, in faith, in love and in trust, seek union with God through My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


While humanity sleeps and walks, looking for a fulfillment that every day leads it into greater emptiness, I am here on the horizon, My children, contemplating your little hearts.

I am the Mother of the Oceans, She Who, with Her Mantle and with Her Grace, sustains the seas and all the creatures that dwell in them.

Each small marine creature is a living part of My Mirror of Light, of My Heart.

Marine beings occupy a special place in My Maternal Heart, because they are part of My Purity. Through them, I balance the minds and the spirits of humankind and I generate merits in light of God so that this world may continue to exist. 

Today, contemplate the seas as great Mirrors of Light, similar to My Mirrors in the universe. Through them, I reflect peace to the world, and those hearts that are open will be able to feel and receive it within themselves. 

The seas are a living part of My spiritual Source; they are the materialization of Divine Purity and they exist on Earth to constantly remind hearts that one day they must return to God. 

The seas are an offering of the Creator to the world so that His creatures may recover their Essential Purity, and so that each time they submerge their bodies into the seas, they may come out renewed like a new essence that arises from the celestial reservoirs. And marine beings are those that, with love, support that possibility of renewal for the Earth. 

The seas do not only balance and transmute the planet; spiritually, they are a path of return to God.

Thus, My children, the Mirrors of Light that clean and purify them are distributed throughout the seas, so that they never lose the purity that God gave them. 

But the suffering of the marine beings, the pollution of the waters, and the incomprehension of humankind on the spiritual mission of the seas weaken them and allow them, little by little, to support the planet less. 

The time has come to spiritually support the seas for all that they have given to the world. 

The time has come to recognize the spiritual mission of nature and to seek a broader understanding of life, and not just an understanding closed up within you, in yourself, in your personality and personal life. 

Everything in the world, as in the Universe, has a reason to exist.

All life carries out a spiritual function, and it is in the communion and unity experienced among all that the Plan of God is accomplished and the return to the Origin is manifested. 

Everything is part of the multiplying of God; His Presence is in all things and, like a mysterious celestial puzzle, the Creator counts on each one of His creatures to express His Unity. For this reason, all life, children, depends on unity among beings. 

So today, understand the greatness of the seas and their mission in the world.

Pray for the oceans, pray for the life that dwells within them, and give thanks every day for their existence. 

With this simple act of thinking less about the self and more about Creation, you will draw closer to God and you will collaborate in the expression of His Divine Unity. 

I bless you on this day of Graces and I thank you for being with Me, praying for the oceans. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the Oceans


The spiritual kingdom of Lys

I call the inner Sanctuary the Kingdom of Lys, in which I mirror the Universe where the Creator of all things dwells, with the purest of all of Creation.

I call the dimensions of peace and of harmony the Kingdom of Lys, where a part of My Consciousness dwells to support and balance this world.

I call the inner Sanctuary the Kingdom of Lys, where the spiritual counterpart of Fatima exists, and which stretches beyond the physical sanctuary, into other spaces in Portugal and Europe.

The Kingdom of Lys is a gift granted by God to humanity; a spiritual Kingdom that inhabits the Earth, into which everyone can enter through the heart.

The Kingdom of Lys is the purest Mirror of Paradise, and angels and archangels also dwell there that serve God the Creator and are nurtured by Its Peace for assisting the world.

The Kingdom of Lys is the reliquary of Purity. In this Kingdom, in inner enclosures, are held the purest that humanity has achieved, and also Universal Purity, Original Purity, the Purity of God.

The Kingdom of Lys is a Dwelling Place in which you will find a path to begin to walk in the life of the spirit, to begin to return to God, and to no longer be so lost in this world and in everything it calls you to experience.

The Kingdom of Lys is a Mirror of Heaven on Earth. Just as there are celestial dimensions in infinity, there is the Kingdom of Lys, where a small part of Paradise invites you to find God.

The Kingdom of Lys has existed since the Beginning; from this point of Purity, the essences emanated by God are born. And it was when humanity was losing its inner purity, and with it, the possibility of returning to the Father, that the Kingdom of Lys opened its doors and, through the purity I found in three little shepherds, this inexhaustible Source could open again to the world.

It was with the miracle of the Sun that I definitely opened the doors of the Kingdom of Lys. That is when the Kingdom experienced its first great expansion and touched all hearts that said 'yes' to it, waking up devotion, faith and purity. This allowed souls to repent of their sins and aspire to return to the Father.

The Kingdom of Lys calls humanity to an awakening. It is a symbol that Paradise should not just exist in Heaven, after this life. The Kingdom of Lys is a tiny part of the Perfection of God among humankind, an entrance hall to the Kingdom of the Creator, where only Unity and Love dwell.

The Purity of Lys calls you to awaken to that Love and that Unity that are experienced in the Kingdom of the Heavens. Seek, children, to enter the Kingdom of Lys, simply letting the heart open, without fear. Remember the purity of the little shepherds of Fatima, who for the first time opened the doors of Lys to humanity.

Today, this Kingdom is experiencing a second great expansion, because once again, the world is losing its purity and is ever more distant from God. Lys waits to touch consciousnesses to have them remember that there is a higher life waiting for them and that the moment has come to begin to return to God, and also, to prepare the way so that God can return to the world.

Let there no longer be a distance between the Creator and His creatures; let there no longer be walls between the dimensions, and may Love reign in all Life.

The Kingdom of Lys today unites Creation as one. The Divine Consciousness will be able to reach the Earth, and the Unity of God, for an instant, will touch humankind. Like a new inner miracle of the Sun, Lys will shine forth in creatures and will awaken in everyone the purity that you once lost, so that you may testify - as did the little shepherds of Fatima - that in truth, it is simple to be in God and draw His Kingdom to this world.

Enter with Me, children, into the Kingdom of Lys and be mirrors of the Purity and Unity for a world that grows without love. Come to know and recognize the Kingdom of Lys; there you will find that which you have searched for since the beginning: the essential Source, from whence you came and toward which your souls so aspire to return.

It is simple to enter the Kingdom of Lys, where I wait for you with joy and inner rejoicing. Pray from your heart, allow yourselves to be touched by the awakening of faith and, like children in the arms of their mother, allow Me to wash your eyes and your hearts and make you worthy of being with Me in the Kingdom of Lys. Beloved children, just let yourselves be guided.

Today, pray with devotion, cry out for the planet and enter into the Kingdom of Lys, opening a door so that all of My children, from the four corners of the world, may enter and be touched by the Purity of Lys.

I bless you and stretch out My arms to you so that you come with Me to the Kingdom of Lys.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I am the Lady of the Light and, with the Light that I bring to the world, I completely dispel and purify all forces of chaos.

I am the Lady of the Light and, with the Light I bring to the world, I awaken the Grace of redemption within essences.

I am the Lady of the Light in order to illuminate your paths and consciousnesses until you find, on your own, the gateway to the Celestial House of the Lord.

I am the Lady of the Light and, with the Light that I bring to the world, I draw away My children from imminent danger so that all may awaken to the truth.

I am the Lady of the Light and I expose all that needs to be liberated until the coming of My beloved Son is fulfilled.

I am the Lady of the Light and, in the world, I reflect the Light of My Mirrors so that the race may receive the codes of My Assumption and of My Divinity, codes that will help souls feel worthy before the Lord.

I am the Lady of the Light and, in My Womb of Light, I conceive a New Humanity so that the Project conceived by the Creator may be accomplished.

I thank you for drinking from the Fount of My Maternal Light!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

With inner prayer arises a beautiful flower that makes consciousness and life shine.

Prayer is a beautiful flower that opens and illuminates spaces; it is the expression of the love conceived by each being throughout their experiences.

Prayer makes each part of the consciousness more elevated. This allows atavistic forces to be released, because prayer brings to consciousness many realities as well as other matters.

Prayer is that portal that indicates the true and only path toward an encounter with peace and good.

Prayer is the mirror in which each soul is projected into the universe, and this draws new principles, because prayer makes each aspect of life something redeemable.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

With the Light of the Mirrors, the Mother of God creates a powerful vortex of energy that allows for averting the evil that wants to instigate Her children, and, in this way, humanity manages to keep itself within the Plan.

With the Light of the Mirrors, souls receive many impulses so they may take their steps toward a full and absolute consecration.

With the Light of the Mirrors, the deepest and darkest spaces of the Earth are removed, and many uncertain doors are closed overnight.

It is the Light of the Mirrors that allows this planet and this humanity to attract the opportunity of elevation.

With the Light of the Mirrors, consciousnesses have the basis for elevating their spirits towards God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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