I bring a lot of infinite Graces to the world, but only a small part of humanity receives them with joy and plenitude. For this reason, I will not rest until I am able to give My children all the opportunities that I have for this suffering humanity.

My Graces allow very powerful conversions and redemptions in the hearts of the world, as well as great chances to be able to revert the spiritual and material life of the beings.

This is the time when the souls of the Earth should have, even more, their attention directed toward Heaven because from there will come the so needed help for these critical moments; from there will come what each being needs for their different phases of purification and redemption, until they reach the total consecration of their soul to God.

May humankind know that My Heart is full of Graces for the souls and that I wait for you to ask for them through sincere prayer.

I wish that this petition may not be personal, but planetary; that it may be a request of Mercy for hundreds of souls that, day by day, walk towards the portals of perdition.

I thank you for the dedication in praying for the nations of the world; they are, in these times,  very much in need of intervention and spiritual help.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


To those who once awakened to God

Look at yourself and with faith observe what has happened in your life after these last and long years.

Look with love and fervor at everything that, little by little, has changed, how many things have already been dissolved and how much there is still to be sublimated and surrendered.

Recognize that you are a miracle of God and that your consciousness was blessed by the Heavenly Father.

After so many efforts, trials and challenges look with gratitude where you are today and who surrounds you. They are your friends, your companions and your apostles, the apostles of the path.

Do not lose hope and glimpse with joy the wonders that the Lord has done in your life.

Look at the past transformed and converted, and contemplate the present consecrated to the Will of God.

Everything in life has a reason. Everything in life has a meaning and a goal. Everything that happens has a reason and is part of an infinite and eternal principle.

Rejoice and confirm yourself again in the path of love, of constancy, of perseverance, and of faith.

The world needs a valuable soul such as yours, which can be a receptacle of all the Graces and encouragement for those who suffer the most.

Listen, listen again to the call of the Lord and let Him be the one to guide your life until the next stage.

The time has come for you to recognize the divinity within you, as a poor soul, divested and free, at the feet of the Redeemer.

Remember, day and  night, all the things the Lord of Life has done in your life.

Penetrate, finally, the Great Mystery and be a part of Creation, being in inner communion with Heaven and Earth.

Only give thanks, again and again, give thanks so that the spirit of gratitude may rebuild the planet and, above all, humanity. May gratitude bring you to understand everything and to love everything, without conditions and without expectations.

And now, after so many years of blessings and instructions, celebrate with Heaven the victory of the King in your tiny life.


When a being and a human consciousness consecrate themselves to the Celestial Father, it is a reason of praise and Glory in the Heavens, because the prophecy of My Son, that at the end of times and before His return there will be new Christs, meek of heart and pure of feeling, is accomplished again.

A new door opens from Heaven towards Earth for the ungrateful humanity to receive an opportunity of salvation. It is through the consecrated soul that a bridge of light and mercy is established, when the consciousness simply declares, “Yes, My Lord and My God, I accept.”

At this moment, dear children, the portals open themselves and new Laws of mercy act upon the sick humanity.

I would like, beloved children, that everyone would understand the celestial value of a consecration, because not only one consciousness renews itself, but all those who are around this new consecrated being also receive a Higher Grace.

Thus, see in your hearts the steps that Christ took for each one of His followers so that the spiritual purpose could be fulfilled.

A consecration means for the Universe an act of giving in and of surrendering; it also means the opening for the spirit of this small consciousness to cleanse its sins and to be baptized by the spiritual and divine Light of My Beloved Son.

Finally, this consecration attracts to the consciousness the deepening of its commitment with Christ, and an important spiritual fusion is established, which would be called a transverberation that happens at the moment in which the soul receives this Grace of consecrating itself; thus the soul will not forget this moment for the rest of its life, because it has been ignited in a potent flow of love.

Thus I reveal the beauty that God conceived for each soul of this planet, a beauty that My adversary tries to destroy through the spiritual detour. Whoever consecrates themselves to My Immaculate Heart and follows My steps, may you know that you will not perish.

Praised be God for impelling His creatures to the spiritual consecration!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The path of total consecration to God is what your Heavenly Mother aspires for you all.

According to this aspiration and in these times, many souls will go through the test that will confirm the chosen path, and I will be there to help you to make the right internal decision without feeling guilty, but only the love of God.

Children, the saint of the last days will be present to help you on the culminating time of the transition of the Earth when the red moon defines the awakening of a new cycle, liberating from the sin and from the errors.

For this reason the challenges and the tests will be the tone that will mark the beginning of this new cycle, free from sorrow and from human suffering.  That is why on this day I bring you the divine consciousness of the universal consecration, a mission that will be for many of My children, the ones that will push the heavy boat of this world so that you may definitely navigate in the sea of Grace and Mercy.

Your structures will move and all the dark control will stop governing so that once and for all everyone may be in Jesus, and Jesus may be forever in you.

Children, grant permission so that My Son governs your lives; in that way no other governor or aspect of your own non-purified lives will be able have determination in the spiritual lives of your souls.

For this, be meek and let My Son conquer you little by little so that He, in His Infinite Glory, may have the instruments to developed the last part of the Plan of God.

Look at your sins as instruction and opportunity for transformation and interior change; in that way when My Son has taken over the kingdom of your lives all the receptive souls will be sanctified.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who leads you to love the consecration,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children of Mine,

Consecrate yourselves in love to My Kingdom and to My Purpose of Redemption and, through permanent prayer, bring to the world the Peace that it needs.

I see the world from My Kingdom and I feel in My Immaculate Heart all the pain and suffering that My children upon the Earth live, but today I tell you that the greater sorrow of My Heart and of the Most Sacred Heart of God is to contemplate the ignorance in which all the creatures of the Earth live.

For this I come to the world to remove it from the darkness that does not allow it to see the Celestial Powers and how simple it would be to change the course of your lives and of the planetary life.

My children, I come to the world to teach you the Power of the invisible, the great Power of the love that you guard in your essences.  Discover by yourselves the Power of this love that grows stronger as you love without conditions and without limits. 

The love in your hearts must take the place of hatred, of rage, of bitterness, of competition, of envy and of judgments.  Allow this love that comes from My Kingdom to enter into your lives and, little by little, to transform the conflicts in which your hearts live.

The world becomes sick from lack of love.  The families lose themselves from lack of love.  The nations destroy themselves from lack of love.  You must discover the Power of this love that is born in the heart that prays, that clamors to God for Mercy, that receives from God the Forgiveness and then learns how great is the ignorance of not forgiving.

My children, today I ask you: who are you to not forgive if That One that is God forgives even the greatest of the sinners?

My beloved ones, I ask you to learn with the signs of Heaven and in the simplicity of the heart pray with truth, with purity of intention.  Pray for humanity, for the kingdoms of nature, for the nations, for the planet.

Walk towards this path of conversion that is nothing more than the conversion of the acts of life, the conversion of the lack of love and of forgiveness, the conversion of the lack of service and of donation, the conversion of the lack of peace and of union with God.  This is the conversion to which I invite you in this time.

The arms of God, the Highest are open for all of you to enter into the Pure Heart of love. With this I want to tell you that the universe is waiting, daily the venue of more souls towards the Kingdom of the Creator.

My children, a path to this meeting with the universe of God is the Light-Star of My Son. In Jesus you will lose the fear for consecrating your life to the Will of the Creator.

Many souls lack the presence of the  love of God love, because they put first their personal will. My Son teaches you how to be participants of that Greater Will, the one you could find through the prayer of the heart. Is through the prayer that you will find the truly essence of the Will of God because your hearts are donated to the Universe during prayer.

Dear children, today I ask you to pray for those who live their own will and that are far away of the true purpose of God, that is the eternal life through His Mercy Love. The world will be able to be better, from the moment it accepts that God is the Only path for the life of every soul because is in God that all life can be conducted towards light.

My children, acknowledge that it came the time to the world to recognize the existence of the Creator. That’s why, one of the reasons for so much prayer is the great need for salvation of many of My Children.

As Co-Redeemer I ask you to contemplate every day the lovely Heart of God. Every time your hearts are in God, the world will be safer.

I thank you!

Thank you for considering My Call in your lives.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My children,

With immense pleasure and joy today I tell you that the plans of the Father are being fulfilled through each one of you. For this My little ones, the reason for My words today is so that your hearts celebrate with Me because the celestial plans are being manifested in the hearts of all those who hear My call.

For this My children, as humanity still needs much mercy, I ask you to go on in fidelity on the path of consecration: an eternal path to God. Today I want to thank all the soldiers united to My Immaculate Heart for answering and responding, for the past eight months and also in the past years, to all My requests of prayer for the souls in the world and especially for this beloved planet of God.

Dear children in this way I invite you to deepen into the mysteries of the contemplation of the Holy Rosary so that each of your souls finds the keys that will unite you with My Son, with each of His episodes, the ones He left as a teaching to each one of you.

Today I invite you to place your hearts inside My Immaculate Heart.  As a Co-Redeemer Mother after Christ, I want to support you for a long time in My arms so that each of the lives of My children live in the Eternal Grace of God.

I want to accompany you from this life until Paradise; I know each soul well and I know what each of My beloved children need for this time.

Infinitely, in the presence of Jesus, the praised King of the Universe, today I tell you:

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

As Mother of the Nations, dear children, today I invite you as I have for a long time to pray for peace, to work for peace. Invoke, in each prayer of the heart, so that the Divine Mercy descends for all My children.

My little ones, in this especially important day for the Lord, the Heart of My Son is present among you to remind you that it is time for each one to observe with passion the need of the other and to see the urgency of your equal.

For this My children, it is important that your hearts focus on the essence of charity and donation so that the Light of Christ can spring from the depths of your hearts. Still humanity must learn to live the essence of humility; all of you, My dear children, can convert your hearts into precious instruments for the Creator.

Also today My Immaculate Heart is on all My beloved children of Central America, children that I contemplate with much compassion so that from their hearts emanates the redeeming ray of My Son.

For this, dear children, open your arms to receive the Love of the Universal Mother of Graces, so that in this way each of your little hearts is consecrated to God’s design.

My children, this is the reason of My Immaculate coming to you. With My Immense Maternal Heart I ask you: pray, pray and pray so that everyone can be each day closer to the Will of God. My Voice comes to you to announce the moment of Mercy; it is as if the Bird of the Holy Spirit were impregnating you with Its Gifts and Its Graces. Now you can help with prayer so that this magnificent and omnipotent Spirit of God can be more present.

I want to teach you how to open the safe of the Heart of God, so that you discover the immense and powerful love He has for the existence of each creature on Earth. In the same way My Heart of Mother has peregrinated with Joseph to Egypt once, today I invite you to walk to the consecration of your hearts.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As flowers at the feet of the Creator, today I invite you to consecrate your lives as a gift to God.  Carry in your faces the joy of serving God and, in harmony, manifest the love of My Son.  Live under the Fountain of the Love of the Savior and, as good and humble instruments, irradiate the peace of the heart.

Dear children, know that despite the way the world behaves before God, my Immaculate Heart makes you participants in the new Path I want to reveal to you, the Path of Love and Forgiveness.

Remember that you serve out of absolute love for God and that My Son calls you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy for all those who easily forget the importance of being in God.  For this, My children, each action of life must be consecrated to God and under this spirit of peace you must work.

Many will receive a calling from God, the Father of the Universe, at the right time and one of His warnings is through the Voice of My Immaculate Heart that comes to the world to elevate it as a consciousness and as a heart.

Be good disciples of My Son, be true messengers of His Divine Mercy.  The Divine Hour marks the moment of helping oneself to the Forgiveness of God and reconciling with your dear ones.  Each act of forgiveness attracts the original purity to your hearts.  The life becomes luminous before the Throne of the Father because in it there is a new home, a home visited by the Compassionate Love of My Son.

Search for purity to start to live the Immaculate Peace of My Heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Only find refuge in the House of God. Only wait for the coming of My Son with joy. Only wait in prayer to find peace.

Dear children, today I call you to praise God, your Great Creator of the Universe. Each new day must be a reverence to the Lord because in this way your lives will be participants of His Law of Love and Forgiveness.

My children forget the Eternal Father; today I remind you that you must always turn to the Universe, raised through prayer as souls. Wait with joy for the coming of the messenger of God, of the King of the Redeeming Love, My Glorified Son, because while waiting you are opening your hearts for the new that comes from Jesus.

Praise the Creator as a path of the consecration of your lives to the Will of the Father. My children, know that each act of praise is honoring God and in this way you will be part of the harmony the world needs and has lost because it forgot to praise the Creator.

Today I invite you to remember this act of praise because it brings us to live in the devotion of the heart, a path that leads to the finding of faith.

Dear children, if humanity loved God the Creator, the plans would already be different. But as a mediator, I want to make you discover His Love in each of your hearts. It is time to recognize that without Jesus, you cannot see the path clearly. Jesus is the vision that as a light shines the life to then redeem it. And for this to happen, it is important to pray with the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As a Mother who is mediator between the souls and God, today I ask you  dear children, that your lives may be consecrated in a definite way to the Plan of God, a Plan of Love that our Lord has for each of you.

For this My children, awaken today and see with the eyes of the heart all goodness and mercy that My Son is giving you through the Mother of Peace.

Dear children, you know that humanity needs mercy daily, for this I invite you to remember in each moment the presence of the Heart of Jesus on the world and especially His awaited return. With your hearts open, today I also invite you to stay in the arms of God, the Creator, so that each one of My children can find support and firmness to face the steps of the transformation of the heart.

Your lives and the entire world are going through great changes, changes that are watched from Heaven and are accompanied by the eternal donation of Jesus, of His Sacred Heart and of the surrender I make to you through My Immaculate Heart.

With this I want to tell not to lose the aspiration of fulfilling God’s purpose because the changes call you to change the feeling and the inner conscience to a spirit of total collaboration with the divine work of the Father.

My children, in this sense, it is necessary that at least a bigger amount of souls can follow the celestial proposal that God suggests to you through My Maternal Heart and My daily call to each of you.

My Maternal Heart awaits you so that, in alliance with Christ, the world can shine as the true creator gift that God, with His hands, donated for love.

All My children are faithful correspondents of all the manifestation of the Creator. The time has come to repair and pray for all Creation, and more for that part that has suffered interference without consciousness by the hands of humanity.

Today place all the Kingdoms in your prayers; they await from you a harmonious donation. Let us repair, in the name of the Love of My Son, all that needs to be repaired. Let us pray with the heart. This is your commitment with the One.

I thank you!

Thank you for helping all the Kingdoms of God’s Creation.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today I want to see the maternal joy of My Heart spring up in My children, because of everything God has asked Me to give you with love and devotion throughout this time.

For this, dear children, it is important that your hearts revere the Creator, My Son who will return, and the Holy Spirit, because if it were like this all of you would be inside the Great Spirit of the Holy Trinity.

My children this simple act of love and reverence will keep you stable during the new time that will come. For this, dear children, I invite you to pray with the heart because with each day of prayer your lives must deepen more into the Kingdom of the Lord.

So that each of your souls finds rest in God you only need to say “yes” to Him every day, so that His Merciful Love guides you and accompanies you, especially in this hour.

I want your lives to be participants of the Kingdom where My Immaculate Heart is. For this I talk to you today about the importance of living a life of prayer, as a service to all this humanity.

As souls it is time for you to be in the arms of My Son who, as a Good Shepherd, wants you to know the essence of Celestial Peace. Live and be participants of each one of Christ’s promises through the act of the prayer of the heart and also remembering the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount.

When My Son talked about the blissful, He was inviting you to sanctify your lives in the Lord. For this, dear children, through the example of humility and charity all of you will move towards the state of true consecration.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 

My children,

By the great and immense love of God the Father today let us celebrate the memory and the anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima. May Peace be the principle for each one of your lives so that through the presence of My Immaculate Love your hearts may be rekindled.

Dear children, today I bring you the memory of Fatima because there was where My Maternal Heart triumphed for all Europe. With this I want to tell you that there My Heart founded, for the world, the school of prayer, an exercise that for a long time I have been inviting you to contemplate and pass through with the heart.

My children, through Fatima you may find the merciful love of My Heart because today I remind you of how important it is to live in the prayer of the heart. Through this path you are now passing through My Universal Light may help many of My children that must reach the state of peace.

In the praying answers of each one of you, God the Father may pour His prodigies and His gifts over those children that do not live the One God. In this exercise of prayer, you will be strengthening your lives for the total consecration to My Immaculate Heart, but also the prayers will come to all those who, in emergency, are in need of salvation through My intercession.

Dear children, the path to Fatima is a path towards the depth of the heart, it is where, through the exercise of prayer, you may find purity and devotion, necessary instruments for the redemption of humanity.

In My Son you will find the fire that may illuminate and sustain you in the face of everything. Collect your hearts into My Heart and live with Me and in joy this victorious memory of My Heart in Fatima for the whole world.

Pray, pray, only pray.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The hope that springs from your hearts will allow you to awaken love to the Purpose and thus the steps that you must take towards the Lord will be more truthful.

Dearest children of God, today I invite you to prepare My coming to Portugal with immense joy, that which comes from your hearts.  In this way your lives will shine in Peace when My Immaculate Heart is among all of you.

But today I ask you especially that My arrival in Fatima after all this time will be announced to all those who still have not found and those who have lost hope in My Beloved Son, because the presence of My Celestial Light wants to make love reappear in the hearts that are very thirsty for God.

For this My children, may My presence for the 12th and the 13th of this month be the preparation, so that not only your hearts but also your lives open the doors to those who truly need My Immaculate Heart.

My Merciful Heart will do part of this mission that God has entrusted Me with, but know My dear children that I count on the helpful assistance of each one of you in the exercise of prayer and in the works of charity for love of God the Father.

Thus, dear children, all the hearts that lack hope may find a new light that comes through Me to help the world and that prepares you and brings you to the meeting with My Son, because He is the Fountain of Life for all, He is the path for the consecration of the heart.

I await you in prayer, because it is necessary for the world.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.


My little children,

Thank you, because on this day I collected with My merciful hands each one of your prayers made for this humanity in need. Thank you also, dear children, for waiting for me to receive My message of Peace for this April 25.

I want to tell you that I have been in Medjugorje, because there in this Kingdom of Prayer and Devotion My other children were waiting for Me. Thus my little children, you may know how is the omnipresence of My Immaculate Heart and how in My mission of peace for the world all of you accompany Me through the paths of the prayer from the heart, which for this time must be as a flame that guides you and supports you.

As Mother of the Graces I pour My Immaculate Spirit over the nations that most need God, the Forgiveness and Mercy of My Son.

Today I want to invite you to continue on the path of prayer, because if it is true and from the heart, it may transform you.

Dear children, I accompany you in this path you are traveling, a path of consecration to God that will take you to infinity and to the Universe.

My children, especially keep the presence of My Heart and the Heart of Christ during these days of meeting with Me, so that this may help you in the coming moments.

I thank you, dear children, for accompanying  Me in this path of prayer that is awakened through My Maternal presence in the world.

I thank you also for accompanying Me to the apparitions in Portugal, because God has something prepared for each heart that opens up and trusts in My call.

Again I tell you: Thank you!

From the Light of My Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Daily Message received in the city of Medjugorje, Bosnia & Herzegovina, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

I place My Hand over you to bless you and consecrate you always to God, beyond trials and falls, because for God it is important that His Plan of Love and of Redemption be fulfilled in humanity.

At His Divine request I place My Hand over you to bless you and consecrate you because He needs reconciliation to be established in the world and in His most lost children of the Earth to be able to recognize and find the Love of God, as a means of salvation and of relief.

I place My Hand over you to bless you and consecrate you in the name of all those who, in some way, fail in their spiritual life, and through this gesture of love, on this day, I bring the opportunity of your turning to God and finding His Infinite Mercy.

I place My Hand over you to bless you and consecrate you in the name of redemption and of the peace which must awaken in all the children of the Father, who at some point will face the Truth and must live it.

I place My hand over you to forgive you, to strengthen you, to encourage you to say "yes" to Me until the end.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Perceive the life around you, the Kingdoms, the elements, the presence of your brothers and sisters, the light, the color, the sounds. Perceive what the surroundings create in your heart, what they reflect in your mind, in your emotions, in your heart.

Life, child, is permeated by the silent presence of the Spirit of God, but He is hidden, hiding like the King of the Universe, hid in the Womb of His Most Holy Mother. The Spirit of God only reveals Itself to those who are humble of heart and who open to perceive the mysteries of the divine presence among humankind, just as His Son revealed Himself to the simple in the manger of Bethlehem.

If you cannot feel the presence of the Spirit of God around you, close your eyes, breathe and become silent. Within the air that enters your being, that is where the Spirit of God dwells. In nature, in its sounds, in its colors, there dwells the Spirit of God.

Live in this presence and act, in each instant of your life, under the Eyes of your Heavenly Father. In this way, you will see, child, that you will no longer do those things that cause you to fall, again and again, into the same errors and tendencies of the past.

Live with the gaze of the Spirit of God upon you. But do not only live in fear of God; know that His Presence comes to help you to re-consecrate your life and to persevere in your consecration.

May the Eyes of the Fire of God that are upon you lead you to transformation.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Child, I know that it is hard and painful to see that the world agonizes because of ignorance, blind to the Light and the Love of God. Think of your Creator Father, with arms extended to all creatures, with the Fount of Mercy streaming out from His Bosom, even though His Children do not want to receive this gift. 

Contemplate the Firstborn Son, reliving His Wounds, again and again, to give beings a new possibility of experiencing and multiplying Love. 
Contemplate the Eyes of compassion of your Lord, which observe the world, waiting for hearts to open to His Grace, to His path of Love. 

Contemplate the Spirit of God blowing like a breeze and touching the faces of beings, waiting for them to open themselves to deeply breathe of this Divine Breath, so that beings may purify and consecrate themselves to the Spirit of God.

See that the whole Universe has its eyes on the Earth and place your heart there. Let your attention be on the Hope of God and not on the ignorance of humankind, because the Earth will tremble and everyone will experience the consequences of human blindness, but those who have their hearts in the Heart of the Father will not lose peace, faith, or the fortitude of their spirits and will be the forerunners of a New Life, establishing peace together with Christ, on His return to the World. 

Do not forget My words and live them, because everything has already begun and hearts are not ready yet for what is already precipitating over the Earth.

Live in God and do not allow the world to close the doors to His Heart. Be a bridge between the Heart of the Father and the heart of humankind, no matter what comes to take place on Earth.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 

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