Saturday, November 3 of 2012

Daily messages

Beloved children,

Once again My Mercy is upon all Argentina and especially upon Buenos Aires, this needy city of the world.

Dear children, today I call you to the awakening of the consciousness in the end of these times by means of the prayer of the heart, because a new cycle is approaching and your hearts must be prepared to receive it. For some, this cycle will be Good News that will change the state of consciousness, but for others it will be deep changes that will lead them to define the path to follow in this time.

For this reason, dear children, you who live the day-to-day in this city of Buenos Aires, as do other souls in different cities of the world, must pray with fervor and from the heart so that the Grace of God and the Mercy of My Son may be propagated in the hearts most in need of love and redemption.

My children from Argentina, yesterday I invited you to pilgrimage to Luján in a different way. This time for a true and selfless service, because you must know that great colonies of souls must also be supported by prayer. For this, it is necessary to have prayer groups that, consecrated to My Maternal Spirit, may persist and walk in the faith of My Son. Each group must begin to exercise fraternity because in this way, in your nuclei of work and service, you will find My Universal Peace.

I want to form, for these times, awakened soldiers, who leave behind all amenities of life and who, as sincere disciples, may be instruments in the Hands of God in this end of times.

You, through prayer, have the key to define the salvation of all humanity. For this reason, now for thirty-one years in Medjugorje, My Maternal Heart has pronounced and cried out for prayer, prayer and prayer! This is what you must take in as a spiritual nourishment in this time, thus allowing My heart to redeem the paths that divert millions of souls, the paths of modernity and comfort.

I am here, dear children, in the name of the Most High, to open your eyes, aspiring as the Mother of Heaven, that your consciousnesses may mature and be able to help humanity itself through prayer.

My children, someone must do something for the world! Because each day it kindles itself in flames from its own actions and those who must act are all My faithful soldiers, the soldiers of My Heart.

Today I arrive at this world to open the Doors of the Heavens to your lives so that hope and Mercy may be cultivated in the greatest number possible of souls.

Dear children, God is listening to you, therefore continue to pray every day. I will be universally thankful.

May this month of November be a preparation for all of you for My next arrival in Buenos Aires, in December.

Thank you for responding to My call for humanity.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity