Friday, December 23 of 2011

Daily Messages

If in truth your hearts knew the power of My Love in the words, from your souls there would awaken an eternal reverence.

Today, My dear, walk towards the interior of My Immaculate Heart so that by finding an inner refuge your heart may be filled with bliss and love. When you direct your steps towards Me, remember to divest yourselves of “your faces,” those that may have imprinted themselves in the learning experiences of life. Wash them in the Fount of the Divine Source so that your soul and heart may renew the feeling of Love for God.

Place your little hands in the fount and feel the gifts of renovation and forgiveness of every fault committed. Before the fount of My Immaculate Heart, that which will take you to the pure feet of the Divine Father, detach the past from your heart so that you may advance towards the Heart of the Lord.

On the path that God created for each soul and for each heart there exists only Mercy. Each step in life is the crossing of the pilgrim towards the Doors of Heaven. Each learning experience in life only exists to reform the heart and to convert it in the forgetfulness of itself. A greater Flame will come to the aid of each pilgrim; it will be the ardent fire of prayer, an exercise of reconnection between the soul and God.

My little one, daily unite the beads by means of prayer so that your heart may recognize My Immaculate Face. Breathe slowly the breeze that I bring from the Heavens. Open your little eyes so that they may witness the coming of the Bird of the Sun from the heights. Strengthen yourself in humility so that you may bring peace to each brother-heart.

My little ones, I come from the Heavens to announce My Good News: the hearts must awaken to the celestial reality of the Lord. A new communion with My Son will re-emerge to conduct souls again towards the Infinite Heart of the Redeemer. This new alliance with the Savior will prepare the glorious coming of My venerable resurrected Son.

Therefore, My little ones, each heart must be open to the call. The voice of My Heart is being announced for the last time as it has been announced in Fatima, Lourdes and in Medjugorje. I transform hearts into eternal temples of prayer and Light. I am opening this Fount of Graces to assist all My children that, with love, carry Me in their hearts. The time of the Inner Return of the Christ is on the eve for those that still sleep, that are distant from the flock of the Lord.

For this reason, My little ones, the hearts must forgive before God so that the offenses may be purified and permeated by Divine Mercy. The cycles in humanity are changing; therefore the path of prayer will conduct you. I will help you.

Who accompanies you from the Immaculate Heart,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity