Dear children,

The time has finally come for the Book of the Apocalypse to be fulfilled and experienced, a time in which the Woman clothed with the Sun rushes into the desert to protect Her children from all adversity and danger within the spiritual battle of these times.

Believe it, My children. There is no other future humanity that will experience this final event.

It is you, My children of today, who together with your Heavenly Mother, will go through this cycle of challenges and of obstacles. But if your faith is as strong as your prayer, nothing will prevent My Immaculate Heart from continuing to triumph in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

This is the time in which the seven seals will open and, in an unexpected way, without a set time or moment, the events of the Apocalypse will knock on the doors of your homes and you, My dear children, must immediately and without delay enter into prayer; close the doors and the windows, light the candles of the altar and trust in God.

Many of My soldiers think that this will not come into their lives. See how, at this moment and on this schedule, the sky is sending you the signs of the time of Armageddon.

Be more awake, My children, so that in vigil and in prayer nothing, absolutely nothing, may be provoke you or in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While on the one hand, the consciousness of the planet reflects a humanity divided by wars, hunger, inequality, and conflicts, on the other hand, the essences of this time are going through their great definition.

I ask you to take My Hand so that I may unite you all and thus lead you on the path of love and reconciliation.

My enemy is managing to infiltrate even the religious life. He projects fantasies, stimulates ideas, and generates disagreements, awakening great discouragement and disappointments in hearts.

By all means he tries to undo My projects, but he will not manage to do this. He already realizes that he lost, and thus places all his fury in human minds and generates many setbacks where they do not exist.

For that reason, I come to ask you to protect yourselves, to take one another into consideration, and to not, even for a second, leave My Heart, because in this way, I will protect you and I will hold you in My Arms.

Everything contrary to the light that may be happening at this time will be an appearance created by My adversary.

Immerse yourself in the prayer of the heart, fulfill the daily liturgies, and you will survive. Because more complex times will come and hearts must be more united than  before to endure the last and definitive clashes.

I am praying for you. The Woman clothed with the Sun is, at this moment, running to the desert.

The door of Armageddon has already been opened in this last August.

Be vigilant and do not allow yourselves to be confused.

I am at the rearguard of My children.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

I am the Lady of the Dawn, the eternal and new Aurora who brings in Her Hands the Grace of God for all of Her children.

I am the Lady of the Dawn, who gestates in Her sacred Womb a New Humanity.

I am the One who imparts the Love of God on all creatures.

I am the Lady of the Dawn, the One who awakens the Virtues of God in hearts so that they may be at the service of souls through those who consecrate themselves to the Lord.

I am the Lady of the Dawn, the One who activates the inner Suns in beings so that the majority may offer themselves to the Plan of God.

I am the Lady of the Dawn, the One who announces a new time and a new race that will be filled by the victorious Mercy of God.

I am the Lady of the Dawn and keep in My Heart the fallen stars so that, some day, through their redemption, they may be the new stars in the redeeming firmament.

I am the Lady of the Dawn and I leave you all My message of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and accompanies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold the Radiant Sun of God

Behold the Radiant Sun of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun, the one who announces the arrival of a new and expected time.

Behold the Governess of hearts and the Mother, Help of Christians, the one that keeps vigil and prays for those who are demeaned and miserable.

Behold the Lady of Guadalupe, the Mother who unites what is separated among the consciousnesses, the Lady of Light who gestates in Her sacred Womb a new humanity.

Behold the Mother of Reconciliation, the one who gestates the alliance among cultures and peoples, the Mother who intercedes for those who are exploited.

Behold the Warrior Mother of the Seven Swords, the White Woman who treads with Her Feet on the serpent of evil, allowing the Love of God to triumph within oppressed hearts.

Behold the Mother of the Heavenly Church of Christ, the one who takes care and accompanies those who are truthful at heart, the Mother who prays for the mission of the priests and of the servers of Christ.

Behold the Mother of the Andes and of the Peoples of the Desert, of those who live in the heights, as well as those who live in the prairies, the Mother of the poor and of the simple, of the humble and of the workers of God, of those who cultivate the arid land to make the Life of Creation flourish.

Behold the Mother of the offended and of the discriminated, the Mother of the sick and of the helpless, the Lady of Healing who leads the journey of the non-redeemed ones, of those who search for inner healing.

Behold the Mother of the Americas, the Lady of all the Andean cultures, the Mother of Nature, Pachamama, the one who in Her sacred delivery is ready to give birth to the New Human Being, to the new consciousness of humanity.

Behold the Mother of the Armies of Christ, of the soldiers who only battle with the sincere prayer of the heart, the Mother of those who beg for Mercy.

Behold the Mother of the emigrants, of those who abandoned their lands and their origins in search of a place of peace and hope.

Behold the Mother of Divine Justice, the Mother who intervenes for Her children in spite of any spiritual and inner situation, the Mother who aids those who suffer the chastisement of human beings.

Behold the Lady of Evangelization, the Mother who instructs with examples, the Lady who instructs through sacred words of Love.

Behold the Mother of Peru and all its people, the Mother who prays for equality and justice, for equity and hygiene of those who survive amidst desperation and chaos.

Behold the Mother of the sick of spirit and body, of those who are not helped and of those who are forgotten in the streets of this world.

Behold the Mother of the children, of those who sell on the streets, the Mother of those who are in danger, the Mother of those who are sold and are lost.

Behold the Mother of Divine Mercy, the Mother who implores to the People of God and of the governors for equality and healthy justice, the Mother who tries to avoid greater sufferings.

Behold the Mother of morality, the Mother of healthy education and of worthy teaching, the Mother of the illiterate.

Behold the Mother of Love and the Mother of Hope, the Lady who gives impulse to awakening.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Evangelization

Monthly Messages

Here is the Sacred Ark of God, which holds the greatest treasures of the Universe.

It will return with Me to the Earth to institute the new Plan of God at the moment of the emergence of a new humanity.

I will return more brilliant than a sun and more luminous than hundreds of stars.

My Spirit will be as fleeting as the wind and similar to the force of the oceans and of all the seas.

A Portal of the Universe will open on the Earth, and the one hundred and forty-four thousand will feel it because they will hear My Voice in their hearts and they will know that the hour is approaching.

It will be the moment in which God will have declared His Justice over the world, and the unbelievers, the unjust will know it.

This is why I come to offer this Sacred Ark as a last salvation for humanity.

Within it I have placed My Sacred Heart full of thorns so that it may be venerated, adored, and restored by humanity.

The angels will participate in this event of the Coming of the Son of Man, and there will be no consciousness that will remain unaware, because God is already putting an end to human injustices, to all that is sin, and to all that is lost.

As I did more than two thousand years ago in the Holy Land, I come to offer My Heart as a symbol of universal atonement so that souls may find a safe refuge and know how to act in the coming times, without losing the possibility of being guided.

With all of this, I come to reveal to you the mysteries of My Sacred Heart, which are not truly contemplated nor sought by all in these times.

I have chosen this place to do it, because one of Mine has come here; they have come in My Name to leave something that humanity has not understood and has changed that opportunity into a perdition for many souls.

But My Mercy is infinite, greater than all the oceans and all of the Universe.

My Fount of Grace will never stop flowing, but I must be obedient to My Father, just as you must be obedient to the Law and to Justice.

My Grace will not end, but I must have it cease at some point. Because of this, in these times, I come to strengthen you to try to make your lives new instruments that can respond to the need of My Plan and of My urgent return to the world.

While the world is unjust to all that I have given it through My Sacrifice and the Cross, through a profaning of the Word, of the Divine Verb, and of the Eucharist, it will still suffer more than it expects.

This is why I come with so few to change the events and make of your incarnations a moment of renewal and of hope for the world.

I would like you pray to Me every day as you have prayed today.

I would like you to walk towards the Portal of Peace every day as you have walked today, in simplicity, in love, and in attunement.

This has allowed Me to come here to gather up the purgatories that exist in all of Europe.

When your feet walk with determination and firmness toward My Portal of Peace, I can do many things through you; and all those that I can do are very unknown to humanity.

Today you have allowed My Father to grant the bringing of the Ark of the Sacred Covenant here, under the deep veneration of My Sacred Heart, which is within it as essence and energy.

I want your eyes to observe the horizon of My Heart, the Universe of My Love, and the Divinity of My Consciousness, and that you are able to believe that beyond all this there is something greater and more real, which the world still does not know.

Today I was able to leave in your hearts the Dwellings of My Father, those dwellings of which I have spoken in the Gospels, in the New Testament.

I want you to pray not only for yourselves, but also for the unfaithful and selfish world; for those who use My Name and the Name of My Mother to promote themselves and have many consciousnesses believe that all of it is true.

You do not know how much My Heart feels when you distort things, as purpose and as celestial design.

I have nothing else to give you but My Heart and My Life, My Soul and My Divinity.

I aspire to be in Mine much more than what I Am.

I aspire to be able to convert what I am not yet allowed.

I aspire to be able to liberate what is still resistant within you, out of fear or shame.

My Eyes of Mercy do not come to see what is not right, but rather they come to see what My Father has created in the depths of your consciousnesses, from the Beginning.

It is for the essence of the souls of the world that I pray every day, at the foot of a luminous cross similar to this one, which is beside My altar.

On this Cross I gave everything for all, and much more than what humanity knows through stories or tales, through experiences or visions.

God will never completely reveal His Mystery, because He knows that humanity is weak in the flesh and in temptation.

But yes, He can give all His treasures and what exists beyond this Universe to those who have faith in Him, to those who believe His Word, to those who live in His Will and respect it, to those who fully trust in His Merciful Love.

The world is very sick in body, in mind, and in spirit.

Who will assist this wounded world full of injuries?

A world that suffers as a consciousness, through humanity and the Kingdoms that My Father has created for its benefit, for the benefit of His creatures.

I am like a tree, waiting for you to contemplate Me.

I am like the birds, waiting to be praised.

I am like the sea, so that you seek Me in the silence.

I am in the wind, so that you may recognize the caress of My Love in all that has been created.

My Love, which is the Love of My Father, is in everything, awaiting reparation and healing.

May the brave feel encouraged to follow Me.

May the persevering not become weary of following in My footsteps. 

May the imperfect not become frightened.

May the sick believe in the Power of My Healing, and may the peacemakers not cease to bring peace, no matter what happens.

Because in truth I tell you, happy will be those who do greater things than the ones I did, because in Heaven they will be crowned for living and seeking My Humility; because in the Universe they will be recognized as My servants of the end of times, and as the saints of the last days.

Offer your little sufferings for those who suffer the most.

The planet as a whole, as consciousness, is the greatest pain for this Universe.

I will return in Glory to correct this human project and this great idea, divine and immaculate, that My Father emanated from His Heart into Infinity.

When you see that evil makes everything tremble and that the greatest difficulties of the Work present themselves, know that My enemy is uneasy, because I am taking firm steps on the path to My Return.

May the torches of the New Christs come alight. 

May the banners of rehabilitation be raised. 

May the flags of peace be seen at the top of the hills, because the end is coming, although many do not believe. 

Take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of My Mother. 

Pray, worship, and wait in silence, because a significant sign will come to pass, and you must not be distracted and unable to see it.

This sign will indicate the end of the very end and the arrival of the Omega to humanity. 

The Sacred Books will finish being written because the Woman Clothed with the Sun will open the new coffer, where the most precious pearls of redemption will be presented before the Thrones of Our Lord. 

The Archangel Gabriel will announce to His angels the moment of My arrival, and the last trumpet in the Celestial Universe will be heard. Woe to those that do not do penance!

Justice will be very great for what humanity has done, but My Mercy will save the one who truly surrenders for themselves and for their brothers and sisters. 

Search no longer for the chaff in someone else’s eye. Judge no longer, criticize no longer. 

Be merciful as I Am, until the end of the cross, until you are pierced by the spear of the Love of Our Father.

Even at that time, do not give up, because even though I am apparently not present, My Divine Spirit will always be in the one who believes and experiences My Trust. 

May this Ark be the symbol of the newly redeemed that peacefully venerate My Sacred Heart, and do it for a lost and indifferent race. 

Happy will be those who do so, because they will never lack faith. 

The Kingdom of God draws near to pour out His Justice, and I will do everything possible and a little more for the fallen. So be it. 

I will pray in these days along with you so that these roses that you have brought to My Altar may be blessed, and on the third day of this meeting you take them as a gift of light from My Sacred Heart, and as part of the donation of the Kingdoms of Nature to humanity, an unconditional donation. 

In this Marathon let us pray for those that do not live My Commandments, for those who violate the Laws of the Universe every day, for those who are religious and spiritual and are not true, so that the Holy Spirit open their eyes and break the locks of their hearts; so that the Grace of My Merciful Heart descends and souls be rescued from their abysses. Amen.

While I rise up to the Universe with all the pleas received, in this hour I need you to ease My Heart of all that It sees, day to day, in this world.

And I am here for those who listen to Me, for those who live Me, for those who search for Me, for those who believe in their Divine Lord. 

I need you to restore My Heart today with a song, so deep for Me. 

I am here with you, and through this song you will say: Lord, You are here always. 

I bless you with the saving power of the Cross, with the luminous sign of redemption and of peace, so that impure spirits may be liberated, and so that souls may find peace, in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. 


Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, to once again assuage the injustices of the world, revealing the truth to the heart of human beings, renewing their faith and washing their souls so that they may re-establish their link with the Father.

Behold, My children, the Lady Clothed with the Sun, Who once again places Her feet on the world, drawing away from it the evil and falsity, which blind the eyes of those who have come to experience Love.

The whole Universe stops to contemplate the presence of Its Divine Lady on the Earth, Who in humility comes to warn Her children that there is no longer time to try to deceive God and themselves, proclaiming a false faith, which aggrandizes humankind and not the Creator of all things.

I come to help to lift up the just and the simple with My holy hands, to return to them the peace that they had lost when not finding on Earth an example that strengthens their faith.

I come, children, to place your eyes again on the example of Christ, Who today is beyond the stars and contemplates you from Infinity, that you may seek in Him the only Path, Truth, and Life.

I come to renew the Gospel of My Son, with the words that God gives to His creatures through His Messengers, because it is time you were guided by God, and no longer by human beings.

It is time to renew your faith, to remove the barriers that made you stall in time, imprisoned in the limitation of the human mind.

I come, beloved children, to remove you from the walls of ignorance, and that you no longer encase the divine words and designs in a human comprehension.

Do not limit God to a doctrine; do not encase your own faith in human words. Seek the constant renovation that comes from unity with the Whole, the unity with one another and with the whole of Life, with the Universe that awaits you beyond this world.

Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, because the Creator has asked Me to be His Intercessor at this time and at this place. He has granted His power of renewal to Me so that humanity may awaken and see the true meaning of their existence on the horizon.

Children, the Gospel of Christ did not end on the Cross and in the Resurrection. He continues to write the living of the New Laws in the Universe. Beyond the dimensions, He keeps building a Kingdom that exists not only to transform the Earth and human life, but all of Creation.

Our Lord came to the world for a much greater purpose, and He spoke to you in symbols and parables that very few were able to understand, and much of what He said is not to be found in the sacred books, but only in memory, in the consciousness, and in the human heart.

The universal Gospel is being written and God invites humanity to read, in the Sky, the new Laws of life that, in truth, are the pure living of what Christ taught you on Earth.

If you live what He taught you, the little that you know of what He left in the world, you will be able to find the door that opens to the Cosmos.

Because the one that truly lives the teaching of Christ cannot be encased in a human comprehension and limitation; their consciousness expands and their heart is thirsty for a truth that is unknown to them.

In this time, I come to reveal this truth to you, for all those who, in every corner of the world, are thirsty and confused, are looking for an answer, and do not find anything that satiates them in this world, nothing that answers them.

Here I am, My children, with the Scepter of God in My Hands, which is the Scepter of unity and not of separateness. It is the Scepter that reveals the truth to you about the human heart, and invites you to enter into this universal Mystery; it is the Scepter that unites religions, cultures, and nations under a single purpose, which is the living of love and the return to the Origin.

Allow yourselves to be touched today by the Scepter of God, which dissolves the lie and vanity, and makes you crystal clear before the Father.

This Scepter purifies and elevates you from the abysses, the abysses of the world, so that you may find in God the reason of your existence.

With the Scepter of God in My hands, I bless you and renew you so that you may walk with Me towards a new awakening, which does not seek anything other than giving you back peace and truth.

I love you today and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Unity, a stronghold against evil

Unity first emerges from the higher universes of consciousness, directly from the Source of Creation, known spiritually by the name Abba.

That powerful energy of higher Unity is what has allowed, as a gift and as a principle, the manifestation of the universes and, from there, all the planes, from the spiritual to the material.

Unity is born of the non-material Source of God, for it is nurtured by the essence of Love.

If Love, which is unique and invincible, did not exist, it would be impossible to generate a unity of purpose.

This stream of Unity, which is born from the Primordial Source, is similar to a cosmic electricity, a positive fire that helps to unite the molecules or particles of Creation through a unique vibration based on Love and on Truth.

As Unity descends as a principle, on the different planes of consciousness, all that is created can contact it.

But Unity is part of a spiritual and non-intellectual science that give impulse to a spirit of cooperation and adherence among those that seek their Source.

In the Material Universe, specifically on this planet and in this humanity, Unity as an energy is in the background.

For this reason, Christ came to the world two thousand years ago so that humanity could disconnect from indifference and become connected with Unity; a principle that, during the Passion of Jesus, was one of the factors that defeated the adversary.

Unity is capable of concretizing the Plan in matter through a spirit of fellowship that souls can conceive of within themselves.

When spiritual Unity is absent in some way, for example, from a group of souls that have and are accomplishing the same purpose and mission, the vibration of Unity moves into the background, because there is a prevalence of personal rather than collective decision in the consciousnesses. Then the spirit of the Purpose is lost and becomes unachievable.

In this acute stage of the planet, in which personal realization, the accomplishing of individual goals, and a concern with the self are highly stimulated, the spirit of Unity weakens when interfered with by states of arrogance, pride and power.

This has repercussions in consciousnesses at the moment of their making delicate decisions in their lives, within a work or a spiritual purpose, because of not being connected with the Source, with the true essence that created them. The sense of Unity begins to withdraw from everybody, to the point of becoming almost unachievable.

It is thus that, from that moment, other situations begin to emerge; and what before was flexible, becomes rigid, tense and difficult.

The adversary has taken care of astutely instilling a state of ownership, of control in this humanity, and that souls only care about their lives and nothing else.

This corrupt mechanism of indifference, generated in the whole human consciousness, will be one of the great beasts of the Apocalypse that must be defeated by the Woman clothed in the Sun.

We are on the path for this to take place; for this reason, the planet will be stirred up in all senses and in every possible way, in order to remove this state of superficiality from the human consciousness.

There is still time, in the planetary clock, for souls to manage to set aside the world indifference and let themselves be permeated by the powerful principle of Unity, which will allow them to strive all the time against the traps and the plays that their own consciousnesses present them with.

Unity is a very important stronghold, for when it is truly present, nothing bad can happen.

So as to not leave the sacred spirit of Unity, you must watch yourselves, as well as your intentions and motives in the forefront; this will protect you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Behold the Slave of the Lord, may it be done in Me according to Your Word.

Behold Your Slave of Love and of Motherhood, blessed among all women and honored by all generations.

Behold Your beloved Daughter, simple in feeling and deep in loving.

Behold Your untiring Server, Who burns with Love and Mercy for the souls that seek Your Kingdom.

Behold Your most gentle Mother, Who watches over Your flocks, Who guides them and accompanies them to the stable of Your merciful Heart.

Behold Your Star, Who illumines the paths of creatures that open to know how infinite Your Love is in essence, powerful and invincible.

Behold the Lady clothed in the Sun, Who lights the flame of simple prayer in Her children, Who calls all to change and forgiveness of sins.

Behold the Divine Lady, advocate and counselor of impossible causes, intermediary between souls and God.

Behold the eternal Virgin Mary, Who begs and pleads for peace, Who asks for and seeks a union between peoples and nations.

Behold the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, crowned today in Fatima and in the world, recognized as the Mother of kindness and of Mercy.

Behold the Celestial Mother of God, Who unites with each pilgrim and each heart that in these days seeks a special Grace; the Grace of being able to love, of being able to forgive and to be forgiven by the Eternal Father.

Behold the Queen of angels and of archangels, descending in Glory over the Cova da Iría, again awakening the peace that Fatima grants, as teraph of the world.

Behold the most gentle Mother, venerated and beloved, loved and accepted by all Her children, Mother of reconciliation and guardian of life, shield against all evil and Temple of Wisdom.

Behold the most sought-after Holy Woman, Who alleviates grief and sorrow, Who understands and helps the most lost.

Behold the Mother of the Sun, the Lady of Light, Who welcomes into Her bosom the suffering of the world and makes it Hers, so the world may be alleviated of sin and error.

Behold the Queen of Lys, the Commander of missionary spirits, the Mirror of Divine Love that is refracted in the essence of the one who invokes Her.

Behold the Mother of Hope and the guardian of faith, the administrator of the new principles that will repopulate the Earth and the New Humanity.

Behold the Lady of Fatima, the Mother of prayerful hearts, the Servant of the Source of renewal.

Behold the Mother of the New Alliance, Who accompanies the consecration of Her children and leads them by the hand to Jesus.

Behold now the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, beside each soul that in the coming hours prepares in prayer for the great awaited event.

Behold the Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer, with the Scepter of God in Her hand, pointing to the European continent so that it may change, be redeemed and live in peace, in order to accomplish the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Behold now the Queen of Peace, surrounded by Light and more brilliant than the sun; the Mother Who descends from Heaven to be close to Her children to embrace them, kiss them and give them the Love of Her Heart.

Behold now the Mother Who said 'yes' for all of  humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Daily Messages

Behold, from Heaven will come, as shinning as a new Sun, a star of hope. It will shine within those that open to receive Its Light and It will illumine the eyes of those who were blind, so that they may be removed from their own darkness and can contemplate the Truth that they were never able to see.

Behold, from Heaven will come a Woman Clothed with the Sun, One Who, sustained by divine silence, once occultly lived the mysteries of the Passion of Her Son, the Son of God. She will come because the passion of the planet has already begun, and the Woman Clothed with the Sun will hold Her Children in Her arms, She will protect and shelter them, just as She did with Her Son, from the Calvary to the Cross.

Behold the Woman that, with eyes of compassion, renews Her little ones after each fall. This is the One that will not be able to avoid the suffering of Her children if humanity does not open to Her Peace, but will have the cross be light and meritorious for those who say “yes” to Her.

Behold the One that, despite not being understood by humankind, keeps coming to the world to guide them. Here, children, is the Mother of Truth proclaimed by God and not by humankind; a Living and indivisible part of the Heart of the Father.

Behold, today I am here, opening the doors of My Kingdom, which is the Kingdom of Peace and of Purity for the planet, where My reign extends beyond Heaven; where the angels find a dwelling place and a refuge beyond Paradise; where souls receive new opportunities of redemption.

Children, here is Your Celestial Mother, to consecrate you and bless you, to wash you in the waters of divine knowledge, and so that in this way, you may awaken to the Truth that will emerge in front of your eyes, so that you may receive it with joy and gratitude, and let yourselves be transformed by it.

This Truth, My children, will not only be transmitted by the word, with the senses, or with the heart. The Truth will emerge from Heaven and from Earth, and all that was hidden from the eyes of humankind will be revealed. The ones who knew and were indifferent will repent; the ones who felt it and waited for it will be exalted; the ones who knew it and with diligence prepared for its arrival will be grateful and will rest in the revelation of its light; the ones who did not believe and denied the Truth will be fearful and will try to escape, not knowing where to go.

Behold, today I am here, before the eyes of your hearts, as the proclaimer of Universal Truth. For I have announced it and warned you so that you may prepare your hearts. Just receive My grace and be consequent with Me. Let devotion become faithfulness and fortitude; convert into an unbreakable faith, that transcends the human strength and will, and enter into Celestial Power and Purposes.

Behold, today I am here, renewing humanity, as I renew one of My favorite souls on Earth. My hands reach out to her, as to all that say “yes” to My Plan of Love, which is the Plan of God. And today I take advantage of this opportunity of coming to the world to begin opening the doors of the new time and of the liberation of souls; and so I do, children, because a soul surrendered and resigned to Divine Will said “yes” to Me.

If all of you said the same to Me or a greater “yes”, My Heart would come to the world to renew you every day and the Truth would not just emerge in front of the eyes of humankind when Justice and the Law of God no longer allowed it to be hidden. Truth could be a permanent reality in the life of humankind, and not only the angels would live in My Kingdom, but all of you, all of My children.

Today I open the doors of Lis, My Kingdom of Love and of Peace on Earth, so that the Purity that is so lacking in the world may give you the grace of living the Peace and the Will of God.

Today, beloved children, I take you by the hand to My Kingdom on Earth, which balances and repairs – as much as it is allowed – the indifference and ignorance of the souls that so wound the Heart of God.

Behold I am here today as a Radiant Sun, Mirror of the Heart of Christ, to reflect His Mercy for you, and to bless and renew not only this daughter of Mine, who opened the doors to Me to transmit the Truth to you, but all those who listen to Me from the four corners of the world and who open the doors of their hearts and of their homes to Me, so that I may reign.

I Am the Queen of your lives and with the Love of My Heart I thank you for being before Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Most Holy Rosary


I will always hold My children in My arms; I will shelter them and I will protect them, even if, crossing the desert of these times, all the beasts stand against them and against Me.

I will always hold My children in My arms, because they are for the Creator the greatest treasure of all of His Creation; they are part of My Womb and the blood that flows in their veins comes from the fount that rises from My Immaculate Heart.

I will always hold My children in My arms, even when this desert passes and we find the New Jerusalem, the promised Land, where the Will of the Creator reigns and where there is no other that triumphs except the Father.

My children, I have you in My arms, crossing the great desert of these times, where assaults persecute the Mother and the children of God. However, My steps of light cannot be overtaken and there will be no darkness capable of stopping Me. Therefore, I will only ask you to keep yourselves in My arms and to not fear.

I have you placed in My Heart, where the love that I feel for souls and for Life defeats any darkness and converts any evil. Let your heads rest on this Heart and only hold yourselves tightly in My arms, because one day the desert will end and then the House of the Father will come, the safe Dwelling Place for the one thousand years of Peace.

While you are in My arms, the cold winds may blow and the night may fall upon us, but the Sun of My Essence is unquenchable and will always illumine the path. That one who is in My arms will not be lost, because I will walk with them and protect them.

Be innocent and surrendered like children; let Me hold you in My arms and show you that without your Celestial Mother there is no life. I sustain you, I protect you and shield you in the desert and beyond it.

There will be days, children, in which you will feel lost, because the desert sometimes seems to have no end, but keep yourselves in My arms, pray with Me and listen to the whisper of My sweet voice in your hearts, saying: "I am here."

My children are the greatest treasure of Creation, it does not matter what error they have committed or how they have deviated from the path, because errors and deviations are the result of the learning process that they experience in this world. Do not mistake what you do with what you are. Seek the truth within yourselves and keep yourselves in My arms.

The enemy pursues the Lady Dressed with the Sun through the desert, because his darkness ceases in the presence of the Mother of God; because his reign fades away and his treasure of illusion is lost when souls discover the truth about themselves and abandon the deception, and let themselves be guided by the inner Light.

Come, My children, keep yourselves in My arms, and little by little, step by step, I will not only protect you, but I will also teach you to be worthy children of God and to find the truth.

Stay in My arms and pray with Me. Listen to My voice and do not distance yourselves from Me.

Believe it, the enemy does not rest and seeks to intimidate My children, because he wins through fear and illusion. Therefore, My beloved ones, place in your hearts the certainty of the triumph of God, because if you are in My arms, nothing will happen to you.

I want to show you the New Celestial Jerusalem, the promise of God that still exists! Do not seek on Earth something that is in the divine dimensions. Stay in My arms and I will guide you to the truth and I will open your eyes so that you may find the Will of God.

I love you, I shelter you and I thank you for being the greatest treasures of My Heart.

I want you, children, to protect the Marian Center of the Child King, because here My source of Redemption must become life.

Close the doors to the enemy, who brings you uncertainty and despair, and hold yourselves in My Heart.

The children that are redeemed today will build on the Earth the triumph of My Kingdom, and it is on them that I will cause the New Jerusalem to descend, that will finally take shape in matter, when this has been purified and consecrated to the Father.

I bless you with the sign of the Holy Cross,

In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Beast of the End Times and the Woman of All Times

An imminent sign will precipitate over the world and it will clearly reveal to all that the end times have come.

This sign that will arrive in the world will open the last and great abyss, and the raging beast, which was imprisoned in its hells, will come to the surface. The world will not see a material beast because, with its cunning, it is already conquering many innocent hearts.

This sign, that will come to the world from the Universe, will reveal to all who pray how much the beast has reigned in the main consciousnesses of this planet. Its great ostentation is to lead hearts into constant sin, this is why the beast, which is still in its abyss, is strengthened by the desires that all humankind experiences in this material life.

But the beast does not desire souls that are more aware, but rather, with its cunning, it sows indifference and omission.

It does not give up seeking the bravest, its claws are on the great governments of the world, which, as a result, defeats the dignity of souls and their evolution.

When the beast emerges from its abyss, all capital sins will be greatly and decadently exacerbated. As many know, everything will be allowed, even debauchery and superstition.

The beast feeds upon the failure of its fellow beings, but it does not know that prayer makes souls invisible and disengages them from its claws. The beast develops its fury through conflicts, and all that live in conflict draw to themselves the fury of the beast itself.

On the other hand, the soul that prays builds and elevates itself, it knows how to sustain itself and the planet, and is freed from decay. But the beast already knows it must go in search of the children of the Sun.

Because of this, at this hour, the Woman Clothed of the Sun is running to the desert and signaling to Her beloved children that it is time to work intelligently.

The beast will not only try to keep any Christ from being born, but, with its false power, it will try to destroy everything that a consciousness of the Light has inwardly built. To be protected from these clashes of the beast, you must be attentive and vigilant about all the external stimuli that will cause you to lose true Christic codes.

From where it reigns, the beast manipulates the nations, and, at the same time, their governors. One who is truly not in God will not manage to escape these sharp claws, because the beast creates and recreates itself in the capital sins that, in truth, are the roots of evil and the damnation of millions of souls throughout the world.

Each time a consciousness opens the door of its being to these temptations, even if sporadically, the beast is satisfied by these energies, and this consciousness enters the kingdom of the beast consciously.

The beast that subjugates the world is generated time and again by humankind, and humankind itself receives all its punishment from the beast. But a hopeful Light descends from the universe and the Mother of God, the Woman of all times, battles with the beast in another way in order to dispel it more and more from the consciousness of the planet.

The beast knows that it has little time left, but in the time it has left, it will want to carry to its abyss the greatest number of fallen and non-fallen stars. Because of this, the children of the Blessed Woman must not sleep, because in the face of any sly movement of the beast, the battle could be lost.

May the intelligence of the soldiers be vigilant over their desires and expectations as the beast wallows like a pig within superficial and mediocre things.

To weaken the beast, which humanity itself has created and which is now uncontrollable, it will be necessary to love the Plan of God and live it as if it were the main thing in your lives because the beast does not know the inner love of creatures, it does not know the love that Christ teaches, that love that makes the beast weak and sickens it to the point of making it oftentimes immobile.

If this love were always sufficiently great and true, the beast would no longer have its reign in the Middle East.

May the school of the Love of Christ motivate consciousnesses to abandon illusion because while your consciousnesses are on two paths, you will be opening the door for the beast to enter. Be wise and, by your prayer, may the beast be deactivated.

The Woman of all times again points out and marks the path for you so that the majority of souls do not deviate from the path of Light.

But to defeat the beast, the Woman will have to physically and spiritually count on consecrated soldiers so that, at a universal level, this act of consecration will testify and confirm that the beast will be expelled from the planet.

Humanity itself must generate the conditions for everything to be reversed. While uncontrolled desire and capital sins continue to feed the beast, the planet will have no peace.

Therefore, with more awareness and intelligence than the beast itself, help me defeat it through love and unity, which humanity has not yet experienced.

Take refuge every day in the desert of the Holy Woman in order to be protected, because the beast does not know the emptiness of self, it does not even know what that is.

Because of this, without outer motivations, which are the things that attract the beast to the surface of this planet, work in this time to create evolutionary conditions that are the opposite of the conditions that you have always experienced in this humanity.

May My children at this hour perceive that we are now in another time, and that it is urgent to truly change your behavior, for, in this way, the mask of illusion and blindness will fall from many faces that are still asleep and not able to see the Light of Divine Mercy.

I would like to see My soldiers wide awake and not inert because the beast feeds on and also becomes stationed within convenience and minimal effort; it is repelled by sacrifice.

The beast fears the New Christs.

I thank you for accompanying in consciousness the end and awaited times!

Who guides you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


An urgent call to the prayer for Peace

My most dear children of the world, favorite servers of My Heart,

Today on behalf of the Greater Good and the Mercy of God I come to ask you again to pray a Mystery of the Holy Rosary every day for the next six months in order to avoid the infernal spread of a cruel war between the nations of the Middle East. If this call is not answered as part of the supplication of Your Heavenly Mother, you will see with your own eyes much blood running, despair among peoples and more attacks that will affect more innocent souls.

I would like, My children, for this summoning to prayer to be expanded across the five continents and in all possible languages, because I know there are souls still waiting to hear My words and recognize My voice in them.

My children, the tyrant mobilizes its more than four thousand armies of fallen angels to dominate the frustrated and innocent consciousness of My children in the Middle East.

I ask those who can to offer for the next six months the Mystery of the Rosary in Arabic and Hebrew, so that the powers of prayer may embrace more hearts and more planes of consciousness.

I tell you, My little children, that this humanity which is already lost, flaunts a conquest of the planet that is not real and that is driven by demons.

As My adversary knows that I am walking through Europe to avoid that the war of everyone against everyone expands to this part of the hemisphere, he uses all his explosive weapons and all souls that are committed to this reality and remain doomed to Earthly hell , which they fail to leave.

Dear children, the time has come for you to run along with Your Mother into the inner desert where we will take refuge, in prayer, from all evil and be safe.

At this time when the battle will define the moment of the return of Christ, I invite you to have a persevering, humble and sincere heart. If you, My children, love one another, we will gradually disarm the plan of My adversary to dispel faith and true love between consciousnesses. I awake you at this hour to a truth that many want to hide.

Let us pray with firmness in the heart and confidence that all the angels of Heaven will aid you in this final battle in which the Woman Dressed of the Sun will overcome Her eternal enemy through the most powerful flow of love.

Spread My call and let it be known to the world that the whole Universe is attentive to what happens in it.

May the hearts regain their innocence and purity so that My Immaculate Heart will thus triumph.

I thank you for accompanying Me in this mission of redemption!

Who loves and understands you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Your Powerful Mother now steps with Her blessed feet on the head of the serpent so that redemption and freedom may prevail in the oppressed. This head of evil is the one that generates discord, lack of love and an illusory conquest of the planet and of humanity. The serpent is fearful because it is stepped on by the unwavering strength of the souls that pray sincerely so that the thousand years of peace may be established.

As your Powerful Mother steps on what causes sorrow and war, She extends Her arms upon the world so that it is surrounded by the Infinite Grace which springs from Her holy hands. Thus the prophecy of Saint John Apostle is being fulfilled. As the Mother of God steps with Her feet on the fierce serpent of evil, it is time, My children, for you to pray more with the heart and not only with word. It is time for you to define in time if you want to live in this praying school that My Heart offers you.

The good souls, the ones that are being congregated by the Heavenly Mother, are managing to take the steps towards the Purpose of Light.

As the Woman Dressed of the Sun presses with Her feet the sly serpent, the one which imparts all its poisons of chaos and perdition throughout the world, may My children take the opportunity to turn holy each of their actions, as well as each of their acts and thoughts in the times of today.

Still when the fierce serpent cannot endure the inner victory of the souls that open themselves to express their lives through fraternal charity and service, an imminent battle precipitates on some of the soldiers of Christ. The struggle for the Kingdom of Peace has already begun and no one can remain outside this event.

Although the evil serpent receives the weight of Divine Justice, still the final battle has not begun. Blessed are the attentive and not naïve hearts: all is happening in the spiritual plane, all the Marian soldiers battle this war through the power of the word of prayer which decrees the higher Laws for impossible times.

At this time the dragon wallows inside its abyss and the fury of its poison tries to repel the good actions of peace that the world is silently achieving through some beings.

There will never be another truce, this is the last one. Therefore, while Your Powerful Mother holds down the fury of the poisonous serpent, may the apostles prepare to run towards the inner desert of Adonai where they will all be protected.

The false dragon will try to imitate the true enlightened spirits but in one of its paws you will be able to see the shortcoming of a great spiritual fantasy.

Those who pray with steadiness will not be tepid during the battle; each soul will see inside themselves that which they have never known.

Although the serpent sent by the dragon is under the weight of the Light of Your Lady, the battle will continue and the tests will exacerbate overnight.

It will be the moment of fidelity for everyone because in truth I tell you, My children, there will be no place to run to if not the Heart of the Celestial Father who is attentive to the steps that His creatures are slowly willing to take.

Everything has a cycle but while the serpent is under the feet of Your Powerful Mother, rush your spiritual steps; still the human legions are being formed in the middle of the battle which will define the next kingdom.

In the invisible clouds of the universe My Son, the King, watches all the events. He is being dressed by the holy angels with resplendent linen and robes, a presence that He will reveal in the most acute moment which is approaching.

May the praying ones not be fearful because everyone will see the complete purification of Earth in time. Unite with your guardian angels and do not leave spaces in the consciousness for superfluous energies.

Do not stop answering the call for the permanent prayer of the heart, this will help very much Your Heavenly Mother, who will be stepping with Her feet on the head of the serpent a little longer so that the greatest number of imprisoned and ignorant souls be rapt by the presence of Higher Love, the one which will awaken them in this definitive hour.

Your consciousnesses will help very much this spiritual construction Your Mother is making for the salvation of many sleeping souls.

The fierce serpent does not bear the seeds that are being sown through the missions. While it appears that nothing great is happening, the Celestial Divinity, the Father-Mother Creator, is taking sides, and the essences already rebuilt in the deepest of their consciousnesses are beginning to feel hope, trust in love, peace and faith again, which makes them abandon rage, oppression and constant punishment.

The triumph of the Sacred Hearts will be surprising and no one will be able to counter it.

The more love and consciousness the souls have about the fulfillment of the Plan, the dragon that wallows in its abyss will be defeated in another way by the legions of the Archangel Gabriel without escaping to the surface of the planet.

Its plans are defeated and this awakens fury against the friends of Christ. But they may be protected when obedience is lived. There will be no time anymore to repair the faults committed inside human commands.

You will only have to follow the spiritual guidance which is indicated by the Celestial Hierarchies, there will no longer be two paths to elect. This will make you remain or not adhered to the Higher Will.

May My praying children be prepared for what will happen. I ask that no one wastes time in the insignificant and that attention is placed in the details of everyday, there will be the protection from everything.

As Your Powerful Mother isolates the souls from the dangerous poison of the serpent, warn and announce to the world that the deepest entrails of the Mercy of Christ will be still open during the coming Sacred Week , in which the souls and their inner core will finish sealing their eternal commitment with the Celestial Father.

The hour marks the moment of awakening. The angelic operation has already started in the eve of the Return of Christ.

I thank you for answering My call!

Who awakens you to the Higher Consciousness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Mother of the refugees


Open your mind so that it may be permeated with the energy from the heart.

Open your consciousness and participate in the changes of the world.

Open your spirit and perceive the decisive time of the consecration to God.

Open your eyes and notice the battle between the Kingdoms.

Open your inner intuition and recognize the angels and archangels working for redemption.

Profoundly open yourself, because nothing will be as before; whoever can not feel this, could be left behind. 

Thus, the Mother of the Sun prepares Her small and bright suns to definitively join the Marian armies. They will be consciousnesses prepared by prayer and communion to face the Armageddon. 

Human kind believed this would take longer to happen, but truly the time has come in which the entire planet will define which side they will be on.

This is why the Governing of the universe activates the mirrors of the heart so that the self summoned are prepared to support the transition of the times.

The Mother of the Sun tirelessly works so that everyone may awaken to the reality of fully serving the Plan of God. Thus, the chains of many will be broken so that they may achieve the freedom of walking in Christ and serving according to His precepts.

It is in this way that the redeemed ones are being summoned to carry out tasks that were not foreseen. That is the science of Creation, to reveal to the soldiers their true principles and consciously help them so that they may fulfill the great Mission.

From the universe all the suns are being united so that together they may ignite the key of redemption, the key that vibrates in their hearts, the key of light that opened the doors to all the Masters. The stars conjugate their elements so that the vessels of the call may awaken, just as it has been foreseen.

The moment has come to help humanity, which is immersed in chaos and pleasures. The time has come to rescue the values of yore, the codes that made the planet a sacred consciousness. 

For this reason, everything that has been experienced so far has been a small preparation. In a short time, the great planetary task will emerge and then all the soldiers of Mary must be prepared when the Woman Clothed with the Sun leaves the desert and the Archangel Gabriel institutes the divine redemption. 

Then, many doors will be closed and those who have been consequent with the Law will revive the impulses of Christ. This is why I ask all of humanity to sanctify their lives soon, before it is too late. I ask you to carry out a life of cooperation and fraternity, so that the worldwide arrogance may disappear, as well as the hatred that poisons the hearts. I ask My children to never forget solidarity, because that will make you invincible and good.

I pray to Almighty God so that the majority, who are lost in the hells of modernity and tastes, may have a sacred opportunity.

I ask all of the prayer beings to live by means of the spirit of constancy and not to allow my adversary to deceive them with lies; for the Light only comes from God and if you believe in this powerful light, you will not have mirages. If your hearts are meek and good, you will fear nothing. 

Carry on praying for peace, because day by day the world provokes the rage of God and His fair punishment.

Learn not to play with the Laws, be humble and do not stop conquering your own conversion.

My Son loves you and wishes to see you happy for serving the Creator. 

Finally, the triumph of My Immaculate Heart will be seen in the hearts that have truly accepted Me as the Mother of the World.

Remember that the promise of a thousand years of peace is in force, work for its establishment and for the Kingdom of God to descend in times of great tribulation.

My Heart protects you and loves you eternally.

I thank My children from Porto Alegre for having responded to My call!

Who blesses you, in the name of the Love of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

In the silence of My pure Heart lies the most intimate secrets about the destiny of this present humanity.

Today I wish to reveal to you one of them, which I consider most urgent in these times: the spiritual effect that modernities have on a good Christian and a good consecrated person.

In Fatima, I announced to Jacinta about this time that would come, and I asked her that, before her death, she should only reveal it to her confessor.

From Fatima, I wanted to awaken true peace throughout the world. This is why My call from that time is repeated in this cycle, warning everyone to seek the path of prayer that elevates them, and to turn away from the modernities that embrace everyone much more than the Spirit of Peace.

In Fatima, I said to Jacinta that, in the coming time of the planet, humanity would idolize modernities as a god of their own, and all of them would be the fruit of a negative cosmic infiltration into the unconsciousness of all beings on Earth.

Later on, this would generate an addiction, like so many other tendencies that would be activated by the very claws of My adversary.

At that time, the Woman Clothed with the Sun should again arrive in the world, to disarm the plans of the enemy of hypnotizing and conquering the unconsciousness of the souls and, consequently, the life of the spirit of the creatures.

This form of modern hypnotism would awaken the idea of an "advancement of the times" and would bring very determining consequences for the sleep of human beings, generating further effects of insomnia, loss of inner alignment, and, mainly, a lack of peace.

This weapon of modernities would occupy the daily life of people, making them dependent on a false system and with a net of satanic relations. Thus, this dependency on modernities would malnourish the spiritual life and make them lose the sense of the search for the Celestial Universes.

This plan, contrary to the evolution of the universe, which was announced in Fatima, would in the future generate an absence and a separation of life and love of the families. Children would cease to be loved, to be occupied all the time by the device of this same plan. The little ones, from the wombs of their mothers, would feel the lack of interest of being recognized and, thus, they will become a difficulty in the busy life of the mothers and fathers.

These modernities would still occupy the hours of sleep, creating a negative dependency and a high lack of interest in the life of the spirit and the search for God.

At that time, I said to Jacinta, in Fatima, that in the future there would be all kinds of modern forms and devices that would completely absorb the attention of the people and would make them lose their inner senses, such as being able to listen to God and, thus, rapidly withdrawing from Him.

I also revealed in Fatima that from the year 2000 onward, a conviction, contrary to God, would arise in humanity, based on wanting to advance through modernities and develop this evil idea within the lives of the souls and all their families.

Later, I told Jacinta that these modernities would be the apex of a false model, which would be the sovereign deceiver that would enter into religious life, and, whoever would not pray many Rosaries, would not perceive with the heart where they would be deviating.

I also revealed to Jacinta, when she would spend her last days in the hospital of Lisbon, in Portugal, that in humanity there would awaken a  competition based on false modern goods, which would generate a desire for comfort, pleasure and for knowing who would have the best modernity. All this would make you lose the spirit of that which is sacred and the spirit of wisdom.

I said in Fatima that I could not reveal the last part of this story of perdition that My adversary is taking forward at the present time. I also told Jacinta that I would return to the world for the last time in a poor and lost place in the southern part of the Americas so that, outside of the traditional Church of Christ, the world could recognize Me and listen to Me for the last time.

For this reason, I promised Jacinta that, at the request of Jesus, I would consecrate legions of heavenly souls, so that, on Earth, they could be My armed arms, through prayer, fasting, communion and confession, which would prevent the total unconscious and spiritual destruction of human life. For this reason, I would come to ask for the consecration of the Americas to My Immaculate Heart, so that at least half of the one hundred percent might listen to Me and respond to My call.

I told Jacinta, three days before her death, that if Russia were consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, a great part of the world would be protected for a while longer, and the day of the great Universal Judgment would be postponed.

Also, I confessed and revealed to Jacinta that, if the world continued to adopt modernities and their actions as their own mundane gods, a great part of humanity would suffer the consequences of having exchanged God for these modernities.

I also revealed to her that My enemy would mainly rule over a large part of religious life until the fountain of thirst for My Son would dry up completely.

If that were to happen, I told Jacinta that My beloved Son would appear for a second time, in a certain place of the world, to try to attract to Him the last Graces of God upon the hearts that would not deserve them, due to indifference and error.

If only a part, more than half of the one hundred percent, would respond to the living Call of Christ, My Son would grant that the Mother of God could support humanity during a cycle of three solstices, in the hope that it would awaken in time.

History has not ended, and the Judgment will define everything. Therefore, the repentance of the heart and the sincere search for the Kingdom of God will be that which will save the arising of the New Humanity, of the New Jerusalem.

Meditate upon My words and pray with Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who awakens you towards higher consciousness.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The great sign will mark a before and an after at the end of the cycles, times that will be manifested by means of two different nights. The two days of darkness will signal to the world the arrival in a time soon, of a profound change in the whole planetary life.

For this, from the 8th of August onward, a new time will begin, which will be framed by the spiritual definitions that humanity will live.

When the upcoming times show themselves with signs on two different nights it will mean that the souls in their homes must be in prayer and in communion in order to be able to pass through the last critical cycles.

But before this ends, the Mother of God, the Woman Clothed with the Sun will reveal, as sign for the world, the moment to unite to God forever. It will be at this hour that from Aurora, as well as from other places on the Earth, this sign, that will be visible to the world, may be seen during the darkness of the coming time.

The day of the 8th of August, throughout recent years, marked, for all time, the change in which the planetary consciousness was passing through: the first moments of transition. The inner strength that will ignite the hearts will be the fire of prayer. Whoever prays in these moments with devotion and faith will be invisible and hidden in the face of the snares of the adversary.

Whoever in the last hour adores My Son will be hidden in the Spiritual Heart of the Supreme King. Whoever embraces their own cross, carries it and lives it, will be relieving the great burden that the Law will have.

The Aurora of My Heart in the days of August will demonstrate inner signs in the hearts that have had humble faith in the Mother of Heaven. The soil of Aurora will be one of the witnesses and thus, the world will be late in comprehending that it should have changed.

The Archangels Michael and Gabriel will witness the Judgment of the Earth and the simple but humble eyes will see them as light on the greater horizon. Thus, the seventh seal will be opened by the Woman Dressed of the Sun after the two nights of the coming time.

Some will get to know this revelation which is guarded by the angels in the blessed safe of the Holy Ark of the Covenant. This will be the last sign before the red moon and the pathways of the self-summoned must be cleaned from all stain.

On the 8th of August the Mother of God will bless everyone, and those who receive this Grace with a humble heart will recognize the inner meaning of it. Thus, the rays of the Immaculate Heart will show the seven pathways in order that the disciples of Christ in redemption may define the fulfillment of their commitment before the Creator.

The Work of God will be understood and loved by few during the last times and faith will be the shield against all darkness. Before the Mother of God retreats into the arid fields, a sweet aroma from the flower of the orange tree will indicate the moment of a spiritual change.

In the days of August your souls will be able to renew their mission before God, the Portal of Peace will be the blessed refuge for those who want to hear God in their interior. On these days there will be moments of clarity and understanding, this will be the greatest portent of the Grace of God, to know what to do with your life and how to comply with heart with the Higher Will.

While a great part of the world is blind, the Aurora of August will open its heavenly doors so that the souls may receive the gift of redemption. The most sublime Graces will be in the most simple and devoted hearts of the Son of God. Christ will complete on these days an inner cycle for all.

Certain doors will be closed in order that the souls may walk by means of a last impulse of light. Those who are empty of self will be able to feel a priceless well being, a peace that will restore the wounds and a love that will make happy the life of those who in truth enter Aurora without expectations, only in surrender and in prayer.

The days of August will be the last moments of preparation, it will be at this hour that the hearts will be able to unify themselves in the Purpose of God. Joyful are those who will not get lost nor be distracted because of the apparition of the signs of the coming time and that will only seek to be in God, this is what will make the Work to be concretized.

Greetings of Peace and Redemption for the most young of the world and, especially, for the youth of the New Earth. If you are with your Mother of Heaven you will not allow to die the seed that has been sown for Mercy.

Be receptive to the guide that accompanies you. Be builders and collaborators of the New Humanity. Be an example of gratitude, love and Grace. Be the favorite flower in the blessed garden of My Heart.

May the heart of this soil remind you that it will be the refuge and the dwelling for your redemption.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who lifts you to the Kingdom of God in Mercy and forgiveness,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


As from this day, in honor of the Almighty God, your Heavenly Mother is preparing for August 8, the day on which a special blessing for the whole world will be given, in light of the Most Holy Trinity, and especially, a blessing for all those who are present in the Marian Center of Aurora.

From all of the universe, the Grace of God will touch the lives of many, and thus, once again, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in all those who have opened the door of their heart to Me. On that holy and universal day, one hundred and thirty-three angels guided by your Most Holy Mother, will be present, preciously adoring the holy and glorified image of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in His Aspect of Grace.

It will be during those days that Heaven will unite with Earth to withdraw and expel all the roots of evil, through the Archangel Saint Michael, which hearts may want to release. The Aurora of My Heart will shine forth on those days like a great sun for all, and the last wonders will be granted to those who repent before God.

Like at Garabandal, Fatima, Lourdes and Guadalupe, the Mother of the World will leave a visible sign so that all may see it for two days at sundown; when this happens, it will indicate the day of the Return of Christ to the Church of Christ and all the religions.

For this, the universe chose August 8 to demonstrate the beginning of different times to those who until now, have lived normally. The soul who has not believed that I was in Aurora for so many years, will believe, and their eyes will open. The closed heart that rejected Me and denied Me, offending My holy name on the sacred soil of Aurora, on the great day of the sign will know, and will repent. That consciousness that has blasphemed and cursed My chosen instruments, I say that on the day of the great sign, they will be humbled and their evil will disappear like the dust that is carried away by the wind.

It will be in that sacred hour, before the three days of darkness on Earth, that the Woman clothed in the Sun, together with the Archangels Saint Michael and Saint Gabriel, will be unexpectedly seen and nobody will be able to deny nor silence the fact that the Queen of Heaven guided them to redemption. Happy will be those that in the anonymous silence, have followed the Mother of God, for they will experience the eternal delight of being with Christ in the next Kingdom of God.

Everything that has happened up until today is part of a school of preparation. For this reason, correct your paths; seek a holy life of prayer and charity; love each other more, beyond your old appearances, and be grateful to God for having the awareness of what will happen. This will prepare you as My soldiers to be able to voluntarily help those who will fall into their own hells of fire and burning for not having listened to the word and the call to repentance.

The cup was full; now it is overflowing, and the world does not want to listen with their heart. But your Mother will try to save everybody up until the end, before it is too late. Thirty-four years in Medjugorje without phenomena, only with inner conversions, have been to prepare all My children for the day of the sign, when the world will have its expected Universal Judgment.

As from now, I am grateful that you not only hear My Words, but also that you live them, just as I lovingly proclaim them for everybody. God desires your good, that you live in kindness and in Mercy.

From this Kingdom of Aurora, I bless the meeting with all My children of the New Earth. God hopes that the young people will be the example for a life redeemed by the Love of God through the Mother that the universe has given you. Be testimonies of redemption of My Son; in this way, the doors of the Light will open for others.

I bless you always.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to Higher Truth,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to the world so that the most sinful souls may enter into it and convert their lives forever.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to the universe so that all which was created by God may be consecrated to the Love of My Heart.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows itself to souls so that they may satiate their thirst for love, healing and forgiveness; because through the infinite ocean of My Grace, the hearts of the world may reverse all their evils and thus reach a state of forgiveness, so necessary in these times.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace that shows Itself to hearts so that they may remember the commitment to return to God and may find on their paths the glorious Face of Christ. 

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that humanity may reconsider through the Gift of Wisdom, and thus correct the divergence of their paths without God.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that the most simple may teach the most arrogant about the essence of humility; it is through the spirit of simplicity that My Heart transforms the most hardened heart.

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that you may remember that Your Mother of the Sun is the divine fire that will awaken the origin of your existence for you to walk with confidence this inner trajectory that is the school of Earth. 

I am that infinite ocean of Grace so that you may learn how to love truly and without prejudice; for My Grace allows all things.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the infinite ocean of the Grace of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,
At the doors of an end of cycle and at the begging of another, of greater purification and definition, I ask you to not be afraid and to clench My mantle with your hands, so that together in Christ we may be able to cross the great storm of this worldly and spiritual transition.

May your eyes look at Me all the time.  May your hearts feel Me all the time.  May your minds be united to the Mind of God so that no one might lose their path towards the Glorious Heart of Christ.  May your tests, challenges and confirmations be an opportunity to belong to the Plan of God.  Children, there is no longer any consciousness nor soul over the Earth that is not living their own transition.  But My Heart is the key and the antidote to prevent and to relieve any purification.

Now that you are more mature and conscious of the word of the Divine Hierarchy, do not allow yourselves to stay motionless in the middle of the path, as if there were nothing else to be done.  Leave the torpor that My adversary produces all the time and, as decided apostles, assume the task that has been entrusted to you.

Children, unite yourselves, unite yourselves very much!  Beyond your ideas and preferences, do not lose the course of the Divine Purpose.  You are guided by My Immaculate Spirit so that someday your lives might be the reflection of a purity that was worked upon by effort and charity.  Do not distract yourselves with the superficial and common things, the spirit of your concentration and prayer should already transcend the difficulties.

If you call yourselves My soldiers, then be so with truth and act in the way that the Universe needs.  I still see many children with their feet over two boats, waiting for the Universe to decide for the life of each one of them, but this will not happen any longer!  Open your eyes from the sleep that absorbs you and see the reality of this humanity, the one that hurts and damages itself, the one that loses all the values of a true and healthy family, the one that subjects many souls to styles and tendencies of a demonic life.  Cut the network of evil with your swords of light and may prayer be the principle to create the great divine protection.

Hop on the horses of light and tame your preferences, be ready at any hour or moment to respond to the commands of the Universal Mother. The worlds is only now crossing the first door to the transition, and it will be stronger if the world keeps on outraging the Law of God, as if nothing else mattered.

Rule with serenity and harmony, search for the Essence of My Son in order for your ideas to be guided by the wisdom of His Heart.  Adore Him and build the foundations for the New Humanity!  Do not separate yourselves!  Be loving and you will not feel alone during the battle of the Woman Dressed of the Sun against the beast.  Elevate your thoughts to God and live Mercy as the only and last exit, thus you will be saved.

I thank you for answering to My call!

In the sovereign power that rules you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Children of Mine,

In these times you will be able to see how My presence and My message of Peace traverse the world by means of the sacred pilgrimages, the ones that are possible because of the loving help of all of My children.

On this day, I wish to place you in consciousness before the magnificence of the task that your Mother has been carrying out in the whole world and especially in Medjugorje and in South America.  For these moments, beloved children, these two places have been chosen by the Supreme Will to represent some of the last points of light that My Immaculate Heart is igniting in the interior of the souls.

The whole of the Americas need the gentle visit of the Mother of God by means of the pilgrimages.  It is for this reason that I announce to you again My pending task in the Andes and in the United States.  As these are important missions, My Son has allowed for My Maternal Light to concentrate in one of the most needy places of each one of these two regions.

For this great purpose, children, today I announce to you that My Merciful and Maternal Heart wishes to arrive, in the next months, to Bogotá, Colombia, where My luminous presence will carry out, as the Bird of the Sun, a special task of blessing.  For this, I also come today to ask the groups of prayer of Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and Dominican Republic to form an only weekly group of prayer to pray and to work for this divine cause.  In this way, your Heavenly Mother will help you to concretize Her upcoming presence in Colombia.

In the United States, your Most Holy Mother wishes to carry out, together with Her Beloved Son, a spiritual mission of conversion before the material and liberal life.  In order for this conversion of the hearts to become possible and occur soon, I will ask the groups of prayer of the United States and of Europe to weekly unite in prayer in order to concretize the aspiration of the Queen of Heaven of lovingly going on pilgrimage to the city of Miami, Florida, and to the indigenous communities present in State of Oklahoma in the United States.

Children, the aspirations of Heaven are great, and you should know that your hearts have the potential and the love to carry them forward.  For this reason, I do not announce to you any date, so that you may begin to work first in the interior consciousness.  When the foundations for these missions of the Sacred Hearts become ready and firm, with ardent love We will go to announce the Call and pour the Graces that are necessary to all.

The mission in Africa had the result expected by the Plan of God and for the sake of all of these blessings, your Mother of the World announces to you today Her next Plan of worldly rescue.

I thank you all for answering to My requests!

Who unifies you in the heart of the Eternal Father,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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