Tuesday, June 13 of 2017

Daily messages

Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, to once again assuage the injustices of the world, revealing the truth to the heart of human beings, renewing their faith and washing their souls so that they may re-establish their link with the Father.

Behold, My children, the Lady Clothed with the Sun, Who once again places Her feet on the world, drawing away from it the evil and falsity, which blind the eyes of those who have come to experience Love.

The whole Universe stops to contemplate the presence of Its Divine Lady on the Earth, Who in humility comes to warn Her children that there is no longer time to try to deceive God and themselves, proclaiming a false faith, which aggrandizes humankind and not the Creator of all things.

I come to help to lift up the just and the simple with My holy hands, to return to them the peace that they had lost when not finding on Earth an example that strengthens their faith.

I come, children, to place your eyes again on the example of Christ, Who today is beyond the stars and contemplates you from Infinity, that you may seek in Him the only Path, Truth, and Life.

I come to renew the Gospel of My Son, with the words that God gives to His creatures through His Messengers, because it is time you were guided by God, and no longer by human beings.

It is time to renew your faith, to remove the barriers that made you stall in time, imprisoned in the limitation of the human mind.

I come, beloved children, to remove you from the walls of ignorance, and that you no longer encase the divine words and designs in a human comprehension.

Do not limit God to a doctrine; do not encase your own faith in human words. Seek the constant renovation that comes from unity with the Whole, the unity with one another and with the whole of Life, with the Universe that awaits you beyond this world.

Today I come with the Scepter of God in My hands, because the Creator has asked Me to be His Intercessor at this time and at this place. He has granted His power of renewal to Me so that humanity may awaken and see the true meaning of their existence on the horizon.

Children, the Gospel of Christ did not end on the Cross and in the Resurrection. He continues to write the living of the New Laws in the Universe. Beyond the dimensions, He keeps building a Kingdom that exists not only to transform the Earth and human life, but all of Creation.

Our Lord came to the world for a much greater purpose, and He spoke to you in symbols and parables that very few were able to understand, and much of what He said is not to be found in the sacred books, but only in memory, in the consciousness, and in the human heart.

The universal Gospel is being written and God invites humanity to read, in the Sky, the new Laws of life that, in truth, are the pure living of what Christ taught you on Earth.

If you live what He taught you, the little that you know of what He left in the world, you will be able to find the door that opens to the Cosmos.

Because the one that truly lives the teaching of Christ cannot be encased in a human comprehension and limitation; their consciousness expands and their heart is thirsty for a truth that is unknown to them.

In this time, I come to reveal this truth to you, for all those who, in every corner of the world, are thirsty and confused, are looking for an answer, and do not find anything that satiates them in this world, nothing that answers them.

Here I am, My children, with the Scepter of God in My Hands, which is the Scepter of unity and not of separateness. It is the Scepter that reveals the truth to you about the human heart, and invites you to enter into this universal Mystery; it is the Scepter that unites religions, cultures, and nations under a single purpose, which is the living of love and the return to the Origin.

Allow yourselves to be touched today by the Scepter of God, which dissolves the lie and vanity, and makes you crystal clear before the Father.

This Scepter purifies and elevates you from the abysses, the abysses of the world, so that you may find in God the reason of your existence.

With the Scepter of God in My hands, I bless you and renew you so that you may walk with Me towards a new awakening, which does not seek anything other than giving you back peace and truth.

I love you today and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace