Dear children,

In this time of planetary transition, some consciousnesses that serve My Son offer themselves to support, together with the most vulnerable and unprotected, the cross that many souls receive, a weight that is imposed upon them so that they cannot walk freely. That weight has to be transmuted by some, so that the most vulnerable and unprotected may have the Grace of being freed from oppression.

Therefore, this is a time of unknown Armageddon, this is a time in which everything is allowed so that souls define which path they will choose in the time to come.

The relief of the cross of the neighbor opens a silent spiritual door through which the Divine can work to rescue and save the most oppressed.

In this cycle, faced with the great debt of this world, the Divinity needs sacrificed and selfless hearts that are capable of accepting something that does not correspond to them on their spiritual path.

That offer is accepted attentively by the Heavens because it opens the darkest spaces for the angels of God so that Eternal Light can enter and so that this same Light can transmute and transform the most adverse situations and conditions in which the most oppressed souls are.

For this reason, dear children, offering to support and sustain this silent task means more than saying yes so that everything may be resolved. This represents the culminating moment in which Mercy will be able to act instead of Justice and thus rescue the hearts that are imprisoned.

All it takes is being attentive to the call of the Higher Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Many of My apostles are coming to a moment that I already lived for you, a long time ago.

So that you may understand Me, so that you can feel Me, so that you can internalize each one of My Words, I will tell you a part of My story, a story that was not written in the Bible, not in any sacred book.

This story is similar to what you are living at this moment, not only for the planetary transition, not only for what humanity is going through, but also for what each one of you must give Me, because the time has come for the maturity of My apostles.

When I turned twenty-one years old, thirteen years before the great surrender of your Master and Lord, I made a very important journey to the Far East.

These events were registered in some of the Gospels which were removed so that humanity could not know of them.

But, today, I come to tell you what your Master and Lord lived when He was twenty-one, while, still being very young, He began to prepare to drink from the Chalice which, later on, the Eternal Father would one day offer Him, in the Garden of Gethsemane.

In this journey, I had to learn, as a man, but also as a Consciousness, to assume the overcoming of the human condition, a condition that was dragging the human race to perdition. I speak to you of a long, very long time ago.

That very important journey was retribution that My Heart carried out to those called “Kings of the Desert”, who arrived from very far-away lands to recognize the Birth of the Messiah, in the city of Bethlehem.

Thus, you will understand how the trajectory of your lives is drawn by the Will of God and, when souls do not live the Will of My Father, they only suffer and suffer.

At that time, while I was twenty-one, under the spiritual company of My Celestial Mother and the inner help of the first Essenes who accompanied Me in the inner planes for this Mission, your Master and Lord first arrived in the Arabian countries, and, before the great Imans of that time, the Son of God was not externally recognized, He was recognized internally, just from having passed through that place.

On that occasion, while I was visiting the Arabian peoples, My Father made known to Me the most important task that He Himself carried out throughout times, in the origins of these peoples and of these religions, not only by revealing His Sacred Names, which were pronounced and invoked, but He also made known to Me the Sacred Geometry of His Divine Project for the first peoples that populated this planet.

There, I was able to come to know the mystery of the Wisdom of God, which He sowed and placed in the oldest peoples of the planet.

Having received this instruction, which was preparatory for the moment of My great surrender, your Master and Lord, while He was twenty-one, continued His journey towards India, and, on that occasion, it was to remember and harvest the fruits of this experience that the Father once carried out within My Consciousness, with a different face and other garments.

It was at that moment that your Master and Lord received the revelation of the mystery of God's Compassion, and, before the ancient kings of India, I was able to understand, at the age of twenty-one, why, in this world, and up to the present days, there is suffering, and how the essence of Divine Compassion can not only liberate souls from suffering, but can also absorb them, transforming the whole human conditions and all limitations through the mere fact of loving.

If in India I had not had this experience, I believe I would not have had the strength to drink from the Chalice in the Garden of Gethsemane.

This experience and this mission concluded in Egypt, in the lands of the great patriarch, Moses, one of the successors of the Ark of the Holy Covenant. There, My preparatory experience was completed so that, on returning to the Holy Land in the following years, My Heart might be ready to live what I came to live for you.

In the lands of Moses, in the region of Mount Sinai, the Father made me know, even more, the immensity of His Mercy, the infinity of His Pity for this project of the planet, for human redemption, for all the generations that would come after Me, up to the current times.

In this sacred place of Mount Sinai, your Master and Lord was able to know hermitic life, because, in the absolute desert, that is where we only find God so that He may quench our thirst, so that He may console us, so that He may strengthen and renew us.

In that sacred place of Mount Sinai, I was able to witness, with My inner sight, the sacred treasures of the Spiritual Hierarchies of the universe and all that would happen in the coming times with the future generations, which would have the Grace of awakening to the Cosmic Consciousness and of knowing that life, on this planet, is vaster and more infinite than it seems, that the future generations could know that life does not end here, and that true life is found in the stars, in the suns and in the constellations.

When I returned to the Holy Land, after traveling for three months, My Mother was waiting for Me in Nazareth. There, She had also had the same experience, in her state of contemplation and devotion, accompanying each step of the Son of God, because She knew that this mission that I lived at the age of twenty-one was not only an initiation, but also a preparation for what would later come.

Why do you believe I am telling you all this today?

My aim is not so that you may have more knowledge, but so that you may grow in love, in the mature love that surrenders, the love that renews you, that leads you to risk, more each day, to have greater experiences of love for Me, regardless of what it means or represents.

Many of you, from the spiritual point of view, are now at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, and here, companions, it has nothing to do either with the evolutionary age or with the material age.

Many are now living the twenty-first year of their evolution, and are before the threshold, before the opportunity of taking a great step, a firmer and more secure step, a step toward maturity and toward responsibility.

This maturity and this responsibility will allow you to understand, in this critical time, that you can no longer be put first in everything, but rather that everything else, which is more necessary and urgent than yourselves, must be first in your lives, so that you may assume spiritual and material maturity, so that the Celestial Father may give you greater responsibilities and greater tasks.

Many of you might believe that you are not ready for this. But remember that which I recently told you, that the axis of the planet is being held by a very thin thread of Light, this thread of Light must be strengthened, so that it never breaks, so that more events do not develop in humanity and on the planet.

At this moment, humanity has no justification before God. It is the love and responsibility of My apostles, it is the maturity and consciousness of My companions that will generate true justification before God, so that Mercy may descend and Divine Justice may be deterred.

I know that, through these Words and this Message, I place your inner worlds under ardent pressure. But know that My duty is to tell you the truth and open your eyes, the eyes of consciousness, but also to open your hearts so that they do not crystalize, so that they do not harden, so that they never lose their sensitivity in the face of the reality of these times.

As it was two-thousand years ago, this story repeats itself in the present, and, with a few, I will do all that I must do.  This is the time of My apostles, of the mature and available apostles, capable of going beyond themselves, capable of renouncing, beyond themselves, capable of surrendering for Me, even more.

In this last month of the year, and before you enter a new year, you must think and reflect about these things, because you are at the moment of not only being able to remember who you were, but you are also at the moment of knowing for what you came here, and what you must still fulfill, under the guidance of the Will of My Father.

I do not come to ask you to be perfect, I come to ask you to attain perfection through surrender and service, because the one who trusts in Me has nothing to worry about, not even their own miseries.

Because I will liberate those who are truly with Me from their chains and oppressions. I will heal them with My healing Hand, and they will be forever freed from themselves; and their souls will no longer live in a spiritual prison, but, rather, as an eagle of light, their souls will fly to the high peaks of the House of the Father, to be a part of His Divine Dwellings.

This is the Message that I want to leave to all those who are faithful to the prayer of the heart, and, especially to the Meetings of the Marathon of Divine Mercy.

As from the next cycle onward, you, My companions and My friends, will be the ones who must sustain, through merciful prayer, all that will happen on the planet, because, at the age of twenty-one of your evolution, you are at the right moment to take the great step, without Me being present. But, have faith, because from a distance, from My Spiritual Government, I will be praying for you, so that you may someday be Christs.

And now, in this silence, which I invite you to internally live with Me, commune with My Words, so that your hearts may be ready for what will come.

Remember that My Mother is your Mother, and if the Son of the Mother of God surrendered what was most valuable to Him, at the foot of the Cross, where He gave His Mother, to each one of you, do you believe you can manage to do so? Do you believe that you can manage to surrender, as I surrendered?

This is all that I want to tell you today, and I thank you for having the courage, to dare to feel each one of My Words.

Let us pray, phrase by phrase.


Prayer: Christ of the Light.


May this Marathon be the great step of the apostles for the times that will come.

I bless you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.




We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You,
because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
(3 times)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within My Heart weighs the reality of the world, the situation of the nations, the condition in which humanity is to be found.

Within My Heart weigh the difficulties of all Christians, the serious problems of the most indigent, the loneliness of the dying.

Within My Heart weighs the situation of this pandemic, which is the first crucial test of humanity in this time of planetary transition.

Within My Heart weighs the adversity in which many are submerged, and from that adversity, they cannot leave.

Within My Heart weigh those who are indifferent, those who omit the Call of God and, above all, those who received it once, and, up to today, have rejected it.

Within My Heart weigh many things, which I share with you today, which I reveal to you today, not for you to feel My grief, but rather for you to help Me transmute these situations of the world.

I come in search of those who still do not believe in Me and who have not allowed Me to enter their hearts.

I come for those who are still tepid and undecided.

I come for those who have not yet put their feet upon My Path and have not decided to find Me.

What relieves the sorrow of My Heart is a  the good work, the consistency of the apostles of the last times, the sacramental life, the experience of the Gospel by means of the daily examples of life, the unceasing practice of the Commandments, the faith of the Christians and of the believers, the solidarity of those who look at the one who suffers and help them.

Those who relieve the sorrow of My Heart are also those who are consecrated and do not step back, those who remain united to Me in spite of the circumstances.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who do not doubt nor are they mistrustful, those who fulfill, step by step, what I request of them.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who decide to live their purification; those who do not get submerged in their own problems; those who do not compromise the Plan of My Father; those who understand reality, beyond themselves.

Those who live My Heart are those who serve untiringly, those who are available at any time and at any moment; those who understand the truth, beyond their ideas and feelings.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who foster war, those who incite humanitarian crises, those who foster the displacement of the refugees.

Those who make My Heart suffer are also those who are aware and do not help, those who do not want to enter this situation and reality in order to be able to solve it.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who govern, those who rule the nations and are out of the Law, those who no longer live the Word of Life, those who desecrate the Gospel.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who have everything and do not share anything, those who keep their riches with fear, those who make a material illusion of their lives, those who do not care for the poorest.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who persist, those who do not always look only at themselves, those who are fraternal and try, every day, those who, in spite of their errors, continue onwards and start from scratch.

Those who rejoice My Heart are the peace-makers, not only of the word, but also through example, those who work without delay for peace.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who take refuge in Me, those who seek My Presence in the Tabernacle, those who in the Communion seek the Sacred Alliance with the Universal King.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who adore the Blessed Sacrament and who, beyond forms, understand the immaterial message that the Sacred Monstrance emits.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who are in contact with Me, those who aspire, day and night, to live in Me, those who seek My Presence and My Heart, beyond their battles.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who live in My Faith, those who seek charity anywhere, those who are open to the changes and do not fear their resistances.

Those who wound My Heart are the omissive, those who know that they can do everything and do not do so, those who justify themselves so as not to change.

Those who wound My Heart are those who have received all the treasures of Heaven and have wasted them, those who do not have gratitude, those who forget compassion.

Those who wound and hurt My Heart are the proud, those who do not invoke sister humility, those who lose their time in their own processes.

Those who wound My Heart are those who forget My Message and My Word, those who have not had enough reverence for all they have received from Heaven, those who have not yet realized the Grace that fills them abundantly.

Those who wound My Heart are those who complain all the time, those who still have not seen My Presence pass before their eyes, those who have still not yet discovered the Mystery.

Those who wound My Heart are those who hinder the Plan, those who change My ideas and My Projects, at each moment, those who forget redemption.

But My Heart feels the joy, in its very depths, for those who take steps and do not delay, for those who do not fear the unknown nor lose control, for those who surrender at My Feet the power they believe they have, for it to be transformed.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are the kind and merciful, those who not only speak, but also live My Message.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who commune with Me and do not forget how important this Sacrament is.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who rejoice in My Good News, those who wait each month for My Message, those who are thirsty for Me.

Thus, today you are getting to know the infinite mystery of My Heart, of a Heart that still feels and beats for you, of a Heart that still lives for this world and for this humanity, of a Heart that is touched by suffering because it has known it in Its own flesh, in Its own Body, of a Heart that has become divine for you and gives you Its Mercy so that you can be redeemed and so that you can forgive.

The infinite mystery of My Heart prepares you for Armageddon, to cross the doors of the Apocalypse, to continue on, in spite of what may happen.

I want you to meditate today upon everything I have told you and reflect in sincerity with yourselves, because I no longer speak to children, but rather to adults, adults in evolution and in commitment.

The Work of My Mercy must be fulfilled through the consequent and responsible souls, through those who do not fear to say ‘yes’.

May all those who truly cry out and ask for help enter My Heart so that they may be a part of this joy and bliss that touches Me, so I can be present and contemplate those who move forward, because in this way they will no longer be thorns in My Crown, but rather rays that I will scatter over the world to grant it healing and peace, to once again bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Be postulants to rejoice in My Heart, because, in this way, I will be able to feel that you can understand what you live with Me and the responsibility that this has before God.

I will keep walking with firm steps, marking upon the ground the Footprints of Light so that My apostles may recognize them, and, in this way, they may tread the path that the Master is showing, at the end of these times, on this planet and within this humanity.

In this way, I once again sacralize you, and, by means of My Spirit, I give you Peace, so that this Marathon of Divine Mercy may be a step further in the commitment and in the experience of this vow.

I leave you My Message as a lifeline, as a spiritual impulse to take a great leap into the void, into the void of yourselves, into the void of God, where you will find the inner unity with the Whole and, thus, with the Origin.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

May the Resurrection of Jesus illuminate you and make of your consciousnesses hearts transformed and lives transfigured by the Love of My Son so that the planet may receive the sacred spiritual atonement that it needs to be able to redeem itself.

Dear children, open yourselves, much more so that today the sacred mysteries of Christ may be revelations for the awakening and elevation of your consciousnesses, because if you transform yourselves and resurrect in spirit, becoming one with the Aspiration of God, the planet will also be transformed and all of humanity will become something sacred through the principles and attributes that will always come from the Father.

Today, I would like My children to understand that everyone is part of a transition and that this transition will have an end, just as everything in life has an end.

Therefore, My children, I give you an impulse and call upon you to abandon indifference and to attend to the needs, just as My Son attended to each one of the needs.

Under the spirit of charity, I invite you to have a merciful heart, a heart that has the ability to always respond yes to everything that needs to be attended to and rescued, because this is how the first and decisive steps will begin towards Christic Love, towards a higher Love, able to forgive everything.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

Learning to carry your own cross of these times, I invite you, in the name of My Son, to accompany him, in the memory of His sorrowful Passion, so that the Blood, shed by Christ, may once again have the value and veneration it deserves from all My children throughout the world.

Thus, the angels of the Lord will bring, in their serving hands, the sacred chalices of reparation so that its Light may shed upon the spiritual consciousness of this world, so that suffering may be alleviated and dissipated from the hearts that suffer the consequences of these times.

I invite you to persevere in faith and trust. I invite you to consciously enter the ranks of the last apostles of Christ, those who will be ready to serve Him unconditionally and prepare His Return within the souls that await His arrival.

Dear children, be testimonies of this moment and do not waste it. The world is in its final transition and love must triumph in you and in every corner of this suffering humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In times of battles and of definitions, may peace be with you, so that you may inwardly sow the seeds of change within your lives.

We are now coming to the final stage of My daily Messages, but I will accompany you, according to what was thought of for this time of transition of humanity.

Remain united to My Heart and I will protect you, I will lead you to be before My Son so that you may receive His Love and His Mercy.

Today I call you to the living practice of all that Saint Joseph and My Son have taught you throughout time.

This offer will prepare you for the next phase, and thus you will be able to represent My Son through the path of peace, of service to the fellow being and of prayer, because all of this will change the world, and the entire population of the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Constancy and perseverance, children, will be your allies in these times of transition. These spiritual attributes, which emerge from the Source of the Ray of the Will of God, must always be present.

Being constant in prayer, in service, in fraternity, in meekness, in compassion, in faith and in mercy will always allow you to transform the human condition a little more each day.

To be persevering in the goals that you have and in the purpose that you establish of not falling into the same distractions, temptations and errors, will consolidate the transformation within you, in the deepest levels of your consciousnesses, and will not allow you, in the moment of your final trial, as part of humanity, to fall into tests that already seemed to have been overcome. 

Cry out to God for this Grace, that through His Will and His Power, you may be constant and persevering in the fulfillment of His Law.

You are still in time for building within yourselves, on the unconscious levels of your being, a true strength that will sustain you and support you in these times in which humanity, as a whole, will only find balance in God and in the stronghold on the rock erected within your own heart.

Practice with the little things. Be vigilant with yourselves and, in this way, you will always find peace.

Choose the Love of God rather than the things of the world.

Ask for the Grace and Help of Heaven, and each day do your part.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Whoever fears the transition of times, in reality, fears himself and humanity. He fears because he does not know what is inside of him and inside of all men and women in the world.

In reality, the Apocalypse, children, is a consequence of the choices of each being, of the path that each one has decided to follow. The Apocalypse, although experienced throughout the whole world, will be supported and sustained according to the inner world of each one.

Understand, then, that you should not fear the times, the movement of nature or descending the Laws, but rather, children, you need to get to know yourselves, transform yourselves, adhere to the Plan of God and let yourselves be healed; you must surrender and not resist before the Love of the Father, allow your consciousnesses to mature, according to the divine principles.

Deepen into the spiritual synthesis that, as humanity, you must experience; let the wisdom of ancient times unite to the love that you can reach today, and make this a new step towards a new stage for your consciousness. 

Seek transformation in small things, in the love for your neighbor, in understanding, in patience, in non-judgment, in compassion, in abnegated service, because it is in the day to day life where you will transform your heart.

Embrace the opportunities that God gives you to serve and to love, because it is through them that you will shape your beings according to the Divine Will. Be attentive with yourselves and with everything, and pray with your heart, with consciousness, with spirit and truth.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To maintain balance in times of transition, My children, your consciousnesses must embrace from now on the love for selfless service and constant self-giving. It is this determination to serve, unconditionally, that will renew you in body and spirit, and allow you to remain supported by Divine Grace.

The search to serve and help others will make your consciousnesses attract from the Heart of God His wisdom and discernment, His healing, His Love and His Peace, even in the most adverse situations.

This will be so, children, because God will give you the tools you need to fulfill the mission that your souls have committed to live.

So that you do not become unbalanced, go mad or become saddened when you find no other support other than what lies only within God, you must now begin to love service, love helping others, love fulfilling the Plan of God, love being available, love being in the Creator and not in yourselves, because this is how you will be able to overcome, not only the tests that will come, but you will also allow the Love of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit to be renewed and to overcome within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


XVII - The Peace of the Virgin Mary

Contemplating the world, as well as the innermost spaces of its consciousness, a soul sought peace and did not manage to find it. The confusion of humanity, the imbalances in humankind, illnesses, suffering, the lack of a true meaning to life, this is what this soul would see while seeking peace in the world and even within themself.

Therefore, asking for the help of God, this soul prayed to the Lord, saying: "Lord, if it is possible to feel peace in times of anguish, give me peace. If it is possible to feel You, even while in the desert, make me feel You. If it is possible to keep faith and believe that after this deep night the light of a new day and a new life will come, then grant me this faith, because I feel lost, alone and empty, and I cannot find anything but anguish and uncertainty around me."

And after observing this soul over a long period of silence, the Lord responded:  "See, little soul, that your feet are spiritually upon a mount; this is the Calvary of the world. To go through it without losing faith, hope, or peace within, you must focus your consciousness on the true purpose of your existence.

Then, contemplate the Cross and each day relieve the Calvary of the Lord. Meditate upon the moment He would find peace in His Heart. and Imitate His footsteps. Perceive that it was in the gaze of the Most Holy Mary and in the certainty of Her silent presence, during the entire trajectory with the Cross, that your Lord, My Son, would find peace and be renewed so as to continue forward. It was in the eyes of Mary, the Virgin Mother of life, that your Lord would find hope and resume the purpose of each drop of His poured Blood.

The Calvary of these times is designed by the choices of the souls of the whole world. As one humanity, you must go through this test, but you, little soul, can either experience Calvary in the unconsciousness of the two thieves, or you can experience Calvary through renewing Creation, the laws and life, as Christ taught you to do.

If you then lose your peace, seek this peace in the eyes of the Virgin Mary. Pray to Her Immaculate Heart, and She, Who is the very Source of Peace for all life, will respond to you with silence, but with Her deep Love, with Her Peace and Her renewal. That is the way of finding peace in these times of transition."

May this dialogue, children, teach you not to linger in the anguish of the world, but rather to learn to renew yourselves in the Most Holy Mary, and find Her Peace, despite any tribulation in the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


VIII - Pray without Ceasing

A soul that was awake and willing to enter the celestial mysteries, prayed every day to God and asked for His help to detach from the world and to not fear Heaven. That soul feared suffering, the transition of the times and the change on the planet, because all this was unknown to them.

So, one day, questioning the Lord, the soul said:  "Lord, I believe You are God and that beyond this life there is a greater Life. I know we are experiencing a great illusion but, immersed in it, I am not able to understand the truth. I fear the change of the times, I fear the suffering of the world and I fear everything that we are supposed to experience before the Return of Christ. Will you be able to defeat this fear in my heart?"

And contemplating this little soul with a gaze of compassion, the Lord answered:  "When a heart is within Me, it experiences everything in a different way. For them, suffering transforms into an offering and loses its weight, converting pain into a greater Love.

The transition of the times and all that humanity will have to go experienced through will be experienced in a different way by those who are within Me. Their eyes will see the confusion of the world, and within them will lie wisdom. Because I tell you, beloved soul, that it will not be the plagues, the movements of nature or the signs in the sky that will cause souls on Earth to suffer. It will be the ignorance and their disconnection with higher life that will cause them to be lost.

The foundations upon which they used to sustained themselves, tirelessly seeking a life of pleasure and comfort, will no longer exist, and this will be the greatest sorrow of humanity, the root of all suffering.

That heart that is within Me will not fear, because I will give it peace and will strengthen its faith. And the more you pray, the more you will be within Me and I will grant you wisdom. And within the confusion and darkness of the world, your souls will be like beacons showing the way, and you will thus be the salt of the Earth and the light of the world. And My Words will be fulfilled, and the fulfillment of the prophecies will also bring you peace. For this reason, do not fear, but pray and be persistent in your fidelity, because I have chosen you to be a light at the table, and this is your destiny."

May this story strengthen you, may it dispel your fears and place you in the correct direction so that you may pray and not stop praying, and thus find peace.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



In the company of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph, your Master and Lord announces that on March 19th and 20th, 2020, the two Sacred Hearts will carry out a planetary task.

For this reason, Our Words will be shared live through the audio clip that Misericordia María TV will transmit to the whole world.

In this way, Our instructions and blessings will reach the whole world and thus, at this moment of planetary transition, hearts will unite with the love of the Voice of the Spiritual Hierarchy so that souls may be strengthened in faith and in trust in God.

The next March 19th, the Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph will bless all the sacred reliquaries that will go to the Marian Centers.

It will be in this way that everyone will be able to celebrate the anniversary of the Apparitions of Saint Joseph through the program and the prayers that will be offered.

In the same way, on March 20, 2020, all pilgrims will unite from their homes and their groups of prayer to follow the important moment of the last presentation of the daily Message of Christ through Misericordia María TV.

Thus, the Voice of the Master will also reach the whole world through the audio clip that will be transmitted to everyone by Misericordia María TV.

Although we cannot be gathered together with you, the omnipresence of Our Sacred Hearts will also reach each one of your homes.

And lastly, the Divine Mother, on March 25th, 2020, will also transmit Her words to everyone.

I invite you to prepare with devotion and faith for the peace and the healing of the world.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Dear sons and dear daughters of Mine,

Listen, at this moment, to the winter winds that embrace the north of the planet.

Feel the light of this lake that reveals everything. Unite with the nature of your being and commune with God so that today you may renew your vows in the name of humanity and the planet, in the name of the Original Project of God and of all that still must be done here upon the surface of the Earth.

Feel the breeze of these winter winds of Canada and open the doors of your consciousness to the new in order to discover the sacred knowledge that is held upon this planet and in many Inner Enclaves of the Brotherhood.

Receive this winter breeze of Canada as a moment of introspection and withdrawal, to discover within your being that which really exists, rather than only what seems to be, that which once emerged from the Source to live and experience the awakening of consciousness, the evolution of love and the great moment that you are living in the redemption offered to you by this planet and this creation that is found here; absolutely thought of, meditated upon and contemplated by the Eternal Father for each one of His children.

It is from this setting, in Canada, that today I send My message for each Child of Mary, for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

An important moment in which you may renew your lives and consciousnesses in the aspiration of fulfilling the Plan of God, as armies of the Mother of the World, which attract to Earth all that is in the Heavens so that souls may ignite in light within themselves and find God beyond all that may happen or take place.

Walk toward the encounter with the new humanity. You are the transition of something that will arrive and that will soon emerge. This is the hardest and most difficult moment, but it is not the only one. After everything happens, the Light will come, the Light of Christ, the Light of My Son, to illuminate you again in the same way that the Holy Spirit illuminated the apostles.

Follow the path that you are building in your lives and do not allow yourselves to be intimidated nor disturbed.

A Child of Mary is one who is reborn every day and who, beyond themselves, fulfills that which God so much expects in the simple things of life, in the gestures of love, in charity and in the good.

Allow service to be the torch of the Children of Mary, that prayer always be the fire that lights up your hearts in order to find peace, the peace so urgent in these times, the peace you can reflect with the example of your lives and your surrender.

Today I speak to you from the frozen country of Canada and, opening My arms and stretching out My hands toward you, dear children, I expand the light of the Mirrors of the Universe upon the Earth so that today your souls may be filled with more attributes and principles, and you can thus continue walking in the evolution of love and consciousness, in a vaster and deeper opening, so as to understand the Mysteries of God and, in this way, live His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Today I send you this message from Canada as part of a trajectory of the Spiritual Hierarchy which moves through certain places of the Earth in order to prepare your consciousnesses and your brothers and sisters for what will come.

This is why knowledge in your lives is indispensable, so that you may apply it and move forward with it in your daily lives and, in this way, you may imitate other peoples and consciousness that have also passed through the Earth and that lived a great awakening.

Today it makes Me happy to see you gathered together in the name of the Love of God, which is the first thing you must experience in your lives. Today it makes Me happy that you are gathered together in the name of My Son and, lastly, in the name of the Love of your Heavenly Mother, who stretches out Her mantle to protect you, to safeguard you and wrap you in the Grace of God.

This Divine Grace that is inextinguishable and undeniable, a Grace that I have brought especially for each consecrated child so that they may awaken to their personal mission and may perceive that it is the time and the moment of the great encounter, of the great service for humanity and for the planet as well as the Kingdoms of Nature.

This is why I am here today, from the great lakes of Canada, I send My message of Love, of Peace and of re-consecration for each child of Mine consecrated to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart.

Never lose sight of the truth of what you are and the Divine Existence that once formed and created you. In this way, you will learn to overcome appearances and obstacles, which will renew your lives in daily loving prayer that will unite you with God and all the Universe.

May the potency and power of the Mirrors of the Universe illuminate your consciousnesses and all your brothers and sisters so that, in the face of a new step of re-consecration, each one may take their place and their moment of great planetary service, for a definitive time approaches and it is not far away, My children. That will be the time and the hour of doing everything for this planet and for its humanity, so that everything may begin again as is foreseen.

From My Heart, receive the light of the Graces and Mercy of the Father. Filled by My maternal spirit, reaffirm your vows and renew your consciousnesses, for there is still much to do and serve.

May prayer in your lives continue to be this bridge that unites you with My Heart and carries you to Heaven in spirit every day.

On this day of renewal, may all the Children of Mary stand up and, as an army, affirm the commitment of fidelity and union with their Heavenly Mother, the Universal Mother.

With joy and rejoicing, I receive your appeals and intentions so that, in this year 2020, you may continue to grow inwardly and take form as apostles of Christ on Earth.

From the Great Mirror of the Universe, I send to all the Light that you and the planet need, so that this human civilization can again find the meaning of experiencing this Project of Creation that is still to be accomplished, and you will prepare this accomplishment with the Return of Christ.

Be happy and smile at the Mother of God, because Divine Grace has touched your hearts and lives forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the Presence of the Mother of God, Who brings us inner healing and renewal, before Her Presence on this day, which fills our lives and hearts, through Her Grace, all together we renew our vows to the Immaculate and Maternal Heart of Mary, for the triumph of Her Heart on this planet and in this humanity. And so that Her divine and sacred attributes may continue to descend into our souls and into our brothers and sisters, and within this scenery of the great lakes of Canada, being embraced by the winds of this great winter and before Her Great Mirror, the Mirror of the Universal Mother, we will together say the prayer of the Universal Mother three times so that Her attributes may continue to work upon and consecrate the souls of this world.

Prayer: Universal Mother (three times).

And now, My children, listen again to the movement of the Mirrors, by means of this winter wind that embraces you and the movement of the water of this great lake, and how it is possible for the synthesis of Creation to manifest in all of nature and within you; and thus, return to your origins, to your truth and to your essences, to be there in God, and to fulfill His Will for Him.

I thank you for having gathered together with Me today!

And under the authority granted to Me by My Son, I absolve you and re-consecrate you as My children, the children of the Celestial Father.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


As the southern hemisphere of the planet begins to feel the beta solar rays, in the northern hemisphere one of the strongest polar waves in history can be felt.

The planet shows its acute physical and climactic transition; which will come in this new year of 2020, and both people as well as communities must prepare for a movement of great change in the climate.

In this sense, all this unexpected movement of the Solar System, where your planet is, brings different consequences and also diverse repercussions on a spiritual, mental and inner level.

With this, I wish to express to you that the movement of the beta solar rays will bring an unexpected advancement in the process of purification of humanity. That is to say, an acceleration, not only in global warming, but also in the process of personal purification of consciousnesses, which means to face unknown situations.

All this is because of the descent of the beta rays, which are direct emanations of the magnetic heart of the Sun that governs them in this system of physical life.

Thus, the first step will be to keep the consciousness on what is High so as to not enter the planetary field of dissociation.

As from this cycle on, humanity will endure what it did not change in time. This is the reason for carrying out an immediate preparation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


It is in this new cycle, which will begin in the year 2020, that incredible things will be seen and known.

Everything that was cleverly hidden, in all senses, forms and ideas, will be uncovered.

Every lie, manipulation or deceit that has been constructed through invention of humankind will be unmasked.

Every situation of people, whether it is inner or outer, concerning health, purification or resistance, will be shown, because the solar waves that in this time will be entering, during the summer in South America, are ultraviolet waves that are coming with an extremely high degree of expulsion and movement in all living beings of this and other planets.

As from the year 2020 on, the Solar System will enter into the last and most acute spiritual, cosmic, mental and material stage of its transition.

Of the eight billion people present upon this planet, ninety percent are distracted or hypnotized by global illusion.

In this sense, the field of action of the solar waves will move from its location and remove everything that is outside of the Law, and this impulse that the Universe will bring, which will be associated with the imbalance of the planet and the axis of the Earth, will increase the unexpected effect of this cosmic movement.

Therefore, the year 2020 will be the last segment for being able to achieve an elevation of consciousness and of the mental plane, so that the universal effects of this movement shall not affect the majority of sleeping consciousnesses.

Just as the solar impulse will be intense for the involutionary spheres of humanity, the same impulse will bring all beings of goodwill the opportunity to take great and firm steps in evolution and in the maturity of consciousness, as well as the possibility of establishing important spiritual processes of redemption, of forgiveness and of reconciliation.

But I again say: there will not be a being on the surface of this planet that will be able to oppose or hide from this solar movement. Everything will be in evidence.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the superior silence that permeates the Earth, in this moment we contemplate, as Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner decisions that have been made and we wait, just as all of you, for the result of these decisions.

But what is most important at this moment, My children, is that you do not forget what is kept within the inner world of each one of you. As I have told you, it is the essence of God that will protect you and support you in this time, in spite of what may happen or emerge.

In this time, hold on to the favorite union with the spiritual Hierarchy and thus your steps, consciousnesses and lives will be guided by means of the Greater Purpose.

We are together, near the Earth, within this Solar System. On this day I am not alone, but rather accompanied by many Hierarchies that contemplate, with love, dedication and prayer, this planetary moment, especially this moment of South America.

The time of the planetary transition has arrived, but of a more acute and complex transition; for this reason there is the importance of being in union with the Hierarchy so that not only you can endure it, but also so that you can help your brothers and sisters to endure these difficult times.

The Armageddon is part of a difficult test for humanity, just as the Apocalypse. But I tell you, My children, that this Armageddon and this Apocalypse can be lighter and more short-lived for all, depending on how each consciousness acts and behaves in this time.

The more united you are to God and to His spiritual and universal Hierarchies, the more short-lived and lighter this Armageddon and Apocalypse will be.

We all know that the majority of humanity is completely hypnotized and delluded by many things, and that this situation distances them and separates them from God, day by day.

But, as in other ancient times, the Father will benefit from the small groups of consciousnesses that carry forward His Plan of Love and Redemption, until His Beloved Son can return to Earth.

I need you to understand, My children, that these times are not normal times, these are times that are different from other times and other cycles that different civilizations and different races in humanity have experienced.

This is the time to cross the threshold towards redemption, and to be able to live within yourselves this process of redemption so that humanity and the Earth may have an opportunity.

Today, I am here, My children, accompanying each one of you in the silence and quietude of My Heart. I radiate toward you and give you My Graces so that you can have more strength and  keep moving forward.

You must not be surprised by everything that you will see, although inexplicable and unexpected situations may happen.

The Hierarchy knows that humanity is not conscious of what it has generated and of what it has produced throughout the times in order to today arrive to this moment of a planetary turning point; therefore I tell you again about the importance of being united to God and of placing your consciousness in the Heights, no matter what happens, so that none of My Children, or at least most of them, may not become pulled and dragged by the planetary transition, and by the events that will come and unfold upon the surface of the Earth.

Your only faith must be in the Heights, in the nonmaterial and in the cosmic; in this way, the currents of the universe will come to help you and will lead you to understand all events, beyond the situations that may emerge.

You will be able to accompany the hard times, with more maturity and determination,  and you will know how to help your neighbor.

There is a part that corresponds to humanity; we cannot fulfill this part, nor can we intervene. This is the cycle in which each human being becomes responsible for their actions and their attitudes before the planetary moment, before the transition of humanity.

But now, My Children, it is important to maintain a strong faith and confidence in the Father, because the help from the universe will never lack for you. For some reason and motive, we are here to accompany you, to sustain and guide you.

If your consciousnesses and mainly your minds are positioned in the Heights, you will allow the Mirrors of the universe to reflect to the Earth their attributes, their powerful currents and their codes, so that humanity may be more protected and balanced, although very complex situations may be happening at this moment.

We know that the great populations of the nations will move from their place, seeking hope and an opportunity in other regions of the Earth, as it has already been happening. Therefore, it is also important to maintain your heart open in order to perceive all necessities and all realities, in order to welcome and receive those who are most in need and do not have anything; and who are the result of those who command them, of those who govern them and who lead them to live great and desperate sufferings.

With all these events and other events of the planet that you, up to the present day, do not know, and of which you are not conscious, it is the time for humanity to assume its responsibilities and make a true and clear decision. Upon this decision and this attitude will depend if the universal help can keep descending to you and to the world.

And that regions of the world may remain protected, in spite of the purification and of the transition of the planet, so that  a new humanity can be re-born and re-emerge.

The Plan of the Hierarchy will depend on the attitude of the men and women of the Earth; the Plan will be fulfilled and this will be the the objective of the Universal Hierarchies, although it may be in small groups.

The main cell, which is the family, must remain protected, because in the times of today it is much interfered with and very influenced. Just as in other times and in other civilizations, the family was protected and supported in spite of its tests and sufferings, in such crucial moment as this, the family must remain united to God and to His Divine Consciousness; in this way, nothing external nor internal will disturb it.

My Children, the Human Genetic Project wants to be defeated, and it is high time you perceived and realized this. But your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must not be submerged in this occurrence but rather in the effort, in the diligence, in the dedication, in the surrender and the fulfillment of this project, day by day, by means of your  acts and your works of charity and prayer to the universe.

Remember that, on this planet and in its innermost worlds, sacred locations are kept that could regenerate and recondition the surface of the Earth; but it just so happens that the moment has not yet arrived. It is important that humanity goes through this transition and, depending on its attitude and on its actions, this transition will be lighter or stronger.

The facts, the events and the consequences that happen are exclusively the responsibility of the human being, of this race that is upon the Surface of the Earth.

Everything was given, everything was donated with love and dedication so that a civilization could emerge in the degrees of love and in the evolution of consciousness.

But duality has not been defeated, duality must still be transmuted, liberated and redeemed so that the balance and harmony may be within the beings and all can be in contact with God and thus fulfill His Plan, His aspirations and His promises.

The moment will come when My Son will return; He will return in a surprising and unexpected way. He will be seen in many places of the world, He will be recognized, although many will also reject Him, because He will come with an unknown aspect, never before revealed to humanity.

But the moment will come after His apparitions, after His Presence, and when He again approaches the human consciousness, this is when He will show who He truly is, just as He ascended to the Heavens and attained His greater degree of evolution of consciousness and of love.

It will be the moment in which the forces of chaos and the adversary will be defeated, and the government of this planet will again be granted to the Universal King, as it was granted when He was born on this Earth and among you, to bring you the good news of redemption and the opportunity to again find the path toward the Light.

We, all the Hierarchies, are contemplating the good events, facts and happenings that humanity experience through the consciousnesses, the souls that offered to live and express Christic Love.

Everyone who has lived this experience throughout the times, the generations, are being contemplated and at this moment helping the human consciousness in the inner planes to know how to make a good decision, and that this decision may have beneficial repercussions throughout the rest of the planet.

Now the moment has come to withdraw into the Heart of God and to seek, above all events, the essence of Peace.

Today I send this special message to the world to be Heard and remembered by all, knowing that the Universe also experiences a transition and that, each day more, we are reaching a culminating moment, when everything will be defined, when everything will become more clear, when uncertain realities will end and, at last, the Kingdom of God will be able to be established.

But for this, many situations must end, My children. The planet must cleanse what weighs on it and all that which hurts in it, all that it has received from humanity of the surface throughout time.

Everything will be reconfigured, re-established and re-ordered so that there may exist a new opportunity and the Plan can return to its origin, to its beginning, to its essence. Therefore, the movements will be strong, will be determining and unexpected.

For this, throughout the last times, we have prepared you, instruction has been your key to live these times of Armageddon, and to be united to the Plan of God and to His divine consciousness by means of the word of the Hierarchy.

In an extraordinary way, I send these words to the world and especially to those who sustain the Islands of Salvation so that the codes, attributes, gifts and virtues may remain present upon the surface of the Earth; and so that those who suffer, who undergo pain and who do not have anything may know someday that Love, the Love of God did not dissolve from the heart of humanity and from some places of the Earth. That Love can rebuild everything, Love can renew everything, that the Love of God can liberate you and save you.

I leave you the Light of My spirit and of My soul so that you may be led and, above all, peace and unity may be established.

In the name of the non-material Source of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in the name of the Governments and Councils that guide and lead this and other Universes; in the name of the Confraternity and of the Celestial Brotherhood that has accompanied this race for a long time; in the name of the Voice of the Father that resounds and has repercussions as an echo through His Messengers; I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And together let us pray so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled, so that His divine Purpose may be established. Pray with Me, My children:

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand  in us
and  the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.
(Repeated three times)

I elevate these prayers, My children, to Heaven, so that the Father may hear them and in response make descend His infinite and incommensurate Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


As days go by, the special moment draws closer in which your Redeemer will place His Feet again on the sacred ground of South America and will enter one of the regions destined to be the New Earth, Argentina.

Beyond the social, political and human decadence, Argentina is a country blessed by the beauty of the Creation of God and the most precious landscapes, from Tierra del Fuego to the peaks of Jujuy, serve as immaculate and inner sites so that the Hierarchy may always be present there.

The Celestial Father knows that the majority of His children of Argentina and of all of South America are going through the first cycle of the transition of the Earth. But beyond what is done by the leaders and those responsible in the equity of the South American nations, in beloved Argentina, there are souls with great hearts that beat and are moved by the coming of the Redeemer.

It is like an inner impulse that never ends, it is a love of the Argentines that matures as time and experiences go by.

It is My ardent desire to be received once again by the love that beats in each heart of Argentina, so that the doors of Heaven may be kept open and may all be filled by the Love of the Lord, a Love that will always renew you and give you the impulse to continue forward.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


The souls that I have chosen to accompany Me in My planetary task experience their tests in order to strengthen their commitment to God.

Thus, souls experience many transitions and challenges so that from them may be born the fortitude and the momentum of the inner Christ, an inner Light that will always guide you toward the goal so that someday you may be able to find Me.

This is the time in which every consciousness on the surface of the Earth is tested so that they may inwardly define what side they will be on before your Master and Lord returns to humanity.

In this confirmation, My Mercy may be present so that the soul that is defining itself may count on the inner support of Divine Light.

I encourage My followers to cling to the Power and the Light of the Heart of Christ in spite of their histories or their past, because God is present there and in God you will always achieve peace, even though everything is in transition and being defined.

I am with all those who say "yes."

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Weekly Messages

Dear children,

May My Words remain in your hearts, so that the seeds of Light that I give you today may soon sprout and someday become fruitful trees; those which, in greater donation and surrender, shall be at the spiritual service of God.

Therefore, My children, in order to preserve and protect the seeds that I give you, you must only maintain the daily exercise of prayer. Because prayer will be like a rain that will fall on those seeds so that, in fertile lands, they can express and manifest themselves as sacred attributes which, in union to the Heavenly Father, will allow the surface of the Earth to maintain the Codes of Light that the world urgently needs to be able to cross the times of transition with love.

Every gesture of love towards the Heavenly Father will also allow His Celestial Kingdom to be more present in humanity and especially within His children.

In spite of the difficult times of trials, never stop praying from the heart so that prayer may always lead you to God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Even though it may seem difficult or impossible, the victory of My Heart is happening within the consciousness of Italy.

For this reason, the last events demonstrate to the Hierarchy that it is the moment when great definitions are presented to the world, to reveal to it that the time of transition has come, for all of humanity.

In these moments, in which everything seems to be more difficult and the nations most committed with the darkness of these times are spiritually worked by the Divine Consciousness, it is when your lower consciousness, your mind, your heart and your soul must remain in balance by means of silence and prayer. In this way, I make you participants of events very similar to those I experienced before being given to the Cross.

Thus, consciously, by means of the pilgrimages, you are learning to transcend and transmute these great and ancient spiritual forces which, in the last 500 years, have subjugated and enslaved humanity, sowing terrible and dark codes within many consciousnesses.

Remember the main work is being accomplished, even though it seems nothing is happening.

Since the last 8th of August, you have stopped serving only your Light-Communities in order to serve the planet and, in consequence, all nations that are in an extremely high grade of perdition.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more