Tuesday, May 26 of 2020

Daily messages

Contemplating the world, as well as the innermost spaces of its consciousness, a soul sought peace and could not manage to find it. The confusion of humanity, the imbalances in humankind, illnesses, suffering, a lack of a true meaning to life, this was what this soul saw while seeking peace in the world and even within itself.

So, asking for the help of God, this soul prayed to the Lord, saying: "Lord, if it is possible to feel peace in times of anguish, give me peace. If it is possible to feel You, even while in the desert, allow me. If it is possible to keep faith and believe that after this deep night the light of a new day and a new life will come, then grant me this faith, because I feel lost, alone and empty, and I cannot find anything but anguish and uncertainty around me."

And after observing this soul over a long period of silence, the Lord responded:  "See, little soul, that your feet are spiritually upon a mount; this is the Calvary of the world. To go through it without losing faith and hope, or the peace within you, you must focus your consciousness on the true purpose of your existence.

Thus, contemplate the Cross and each day re-experience the Calvary of the Lord. Meditate upon that moment He found peace in His Heart and follow in His footsteps. Perceive how it was in the gaze of the Most Holy Mary and in the certainty of Her silent presence, throughout the whole trajectory with the Cross, that your Lord, My Child, found peace and was renewed so as to continue forward. It was in the eyes of Mary, the Virgin Mother of life, that your Lord would find hope and re-acquire the purpose of each drop of His poured Blood.

The Calvary of these times is designed by the choices of the souls of the whole world. As one humanity, they must go through this test. But you, little soul, can experience Calvary in the unconsciousness of the two thieves, or you can experience Calvary through renewing Creation, the laws and life, as Christ taught you.

If you then lose your peace, seek this peace in the eyes of the Virgin Mary. Pray to Her Immaculate Heart, and She, Who is the very Source of Peace for all life, will respond to you with silence, but with Her deep Love, with Her Peace and Her renewal. That is the way of finding peace in these times of transition."

May this dialogue, children, teach you not to linger in the anguish of the world, but rather to learn to renew yourselves in the Most Holy Mary, and find Her Peace, in spite of any tribulation in the world.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph