Special Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through the oceans, My Consciousness is mirrored throughout humanity, and within human beings it can mirror the great state of Christic Consciousness. It is this spiritual and inner state that I have sought to implement in the entire human race throughout times, through the impulses that I bring to you in this cycle.

Today My Heart and all of My Being are now in Africa, just as your inner worlds and your prayers may also be there so as to accompany Me in this daring task of redeeming the African Continent and of generating, in all peoples of Africa, the relief of suffering and the recovery of peace.

For this reason, I Am here today, but in Spirit and omnipresence, I Am also in Africa, dealing with very important and spiritual subjects, which up to today your consciousnesses have not known.

Once again, I invite you to love mystery through the Love that I offer to you. Thus, you will be able to feel, in your inner world and in your consciousness, the impulses that I bring to you, so that you may learn to recognize My Will, the Will that is already written in the Consciousness of the Eternal Father, in all His Angels and Archangels, this Will that has been trying to establish itself from the origin of the planet, from the beginning of humanity.

For this reason, My Divine Consciousness has worked from the origins of the Earth for this human project, which was lovingly thought of by the Creator.

But you must know something important: this is the time to correct humanity, not through Justice, but rather through Mercy, so that it may again find the path toward its evolution and awakening, which it has lost.

The African Continent holds very important treasures, precious treasures unknown up to today.

It is My task, and it is also My duty, to reveal these treasures to you through the spiritual wealth that is kept in many hearts of Africa. A spiritual wealth that was not only exploited and removed in an unjust way that went unpunished, but also a spiritual wealth that was buried, silenced and enslaved by the countries and consciousnesses that unfortunately rule these nations of Africa.

In My Return, I will come with a Great Project to carry out and concretize. One of these Projects that I hold in My Heart is the re-emergence of the spiritual consciousness of Africa, what it has represented for the Eternal Father since the beginning and the whole legacy that no one has yet come to know.

These treasures about which I speak to you are not material, but rather deeply spiritual, and I might even say, super-physical.

These treasures will allow the planet, as a soul and as an inner consciousness, to regenerate, and thus allow the emergence of the New Humanity, which is not the humanity of these times, because this is a humanity in transition, in trial, it is a humanity in suffering and in agony.

Through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, I come to open the doors throughout those places where they are closed: the Doors of Light, the Doors of Consciousness, the Doors of Grace and Healing, for those consciousnesses, souls and hearts that truly need them, such as My cherished Children of Africa.

For this reason, the beginning of this mission in Angola, at this stage, will be very significant, and it will not be like previous experiences, which strengthened the spirit of missionary service.

Now is the time to allow for the emergence, and also the concretization, of what the Father needs to materialize on the surface, that which you already know as sacred Points of Light, which will benefit not only Africa, but also the whole world. And this will demonstrate to all of humanity, once again, the sacrifice of the consciousnesses of Africa who do not lose faith and hope in My Heart, who only have My Heart so as to survive.

For this reason, My Heart gives of itself, once again, just as it once did in Rwanda. Now I come for all of Africa, for all nations of Africa, for all peoples and all cultures.

The time has come for humanity to recognize the errors it has committed against Africa and to correct and mend them, not only in a material way, but also in a spiritual way.

For this, I Am here as the Advocate of God, as the Mediator and Intercessor between the just and the unjust souls. I Am here through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy and by means of the Light of My Grace to make hope re-emerge in those who have lost it and do not have anything today.

For this reason, the steps that will be taken in this cycle will be important, they will be steps that will determine the coming times, they will determine the next cycles, and I might even say, the next events.

For this reason, you must be attentive and watchful. And as My apostles, servers and missionaries, called to live the Plan of God, you must carry forward the Purpose of your Master and Lord, that of sowing Christic Love in hearts and souls, and, that of allowing suffering souls, through this unfathomable, infinite and inexhaustible Christic Love, to again find hope, faith and the joy of living in this world, and also so that, at the same time, they may again find the virtues and gifts that they do not know today.

For this reason, through the foundation of My Work in South America, a bridge of Light, of unity and brotherhood is today created between South America and Africa so that Europe may also join this purpose and so that the African Continent may no longer be used as a discard, as trash of the consciousnesses that suffer the most, but rather that Europe and the Northern Hemisphere may finally take the step to cancel out the pending spiritual debt they still have with all of Africa.

I told you, as of 2017, about the importance of reaching Africa. Some movements took place, but they were not enough. Some experiences were lived, but they were not enough. It is time for each European consciousness, each member of the Northern Hemisphere, to place their hearts, and, above all, their life, unconditionally at the service of those who most need it. This will demonstrate to your Master and Lord that you can understand My Message, and that My Message does not get lost in time nor does it end up kept only as a remembrance.

It is time to act with readiness and determination. You, suns on Earth that are already awakened, know what you must do and where you must be. Do not resist, may the Europeans not resist, but may they rather open their hearts and cancel the debts they have with Africa.

Someone must take the step and you are the ones who must do it for those who will never take the steps, for those who will never look with Mercy or even compassion upon the suffering brothers and sisters of Africa.

I invite you to reconsider your attitudes and intentions. I invite you to definitively position yourselves on the path of the concretization of the Plan.

The times now urge. For this reason, you must be attentive, so as not to lose the impulses, so as not to lose all that I Am bringing to you in these times. Africa has waited for a long time for this moment, and will not be able to wait any longer. For this reason, I Am here to remind you, to let you know, that this is the time for action.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy prepare this immediate moment that I so much want to see concretized through you. A moment for serving without conditions, for giving of oneself without conditions, for doing something without conditions for those who suffer, for the brothers and sisters of Africa.

I can no longer hear, nor keep seeing the children of Africa, who wait for hands and arms that could welcome them, that could approach and, above all, that could love and serve them. They wait for love and not just for bread.

This is why it is important that you change your concepts about what survival life is. It is important that you may understand that in the hearts of Africa there are unknown and important treasures.

If this movement of permanent service for the African Continent takes place in these times through the collaboration and donation of all, it will allow for the spiritual debt of Europe and also of other regions of the planet to be relieved, allowing for the African consciousness to be repaired and spiritually rebuilt.

You must not just have a gesture of goodwill, this is not enough for Me; you must have a gesture of concretion, of readiness and not of resistance. You have My treasures and My Graces upon you, in your hearts and souls.

For this reason, I tell My apostles: this is the time to act, and to not allow My enemy to advance in this world and, above all, in those peoples and nations conditioned by the corrupt systems of this world.

I do not ask you to do big things, I ask you to make movements and carry out actions with love. There is the key to redemption.

After this Message, and through your prayers to the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, I will return to Africa to keep working, just as I have been doing throughout these days, preparing the continent for a new stage. But this new stage will take place and be concretized through collaboration, and I might even say, the enthusiasm of those who understand My Message, and not just listen to it.

Through this Marathon of Divine and unfathomable Mercy, I can tell you, My companions, that the world will live a Judgment in the face of what Africa lives and suffers today. Do not expect that those who claim to be powerful, or even those who exploit all of Africa, will change. The change, companions, begins within you, in the anonymous service for others.

This will grant the world an unknown, inexplicable amnesty, and Africa will be able to rise and re-emerge as the people and the culture it represents to God.

I will pray for you, My companions, to take the steps, especially all the members of this Work that belong to Europe. It is not enough that one, two or three consciousnesses make a movement for Africa, all are responsible for the spiritual debt.

I invite you to assume the cross, just as I assumed it for you. But I assure you that you will not experience the weight or the calvary that I experienced for you. I will always be there, by your side, to sustain you, to impel you, to transform you, to convert you into My apostles of the end times.

Be brave and do not step back. 

Do not fear the cross, nor the suffering, rather fear to be far from God and absorbed by the illusion of the world. 

You have the treasures of the Father, through Our Words and Our Apparitions, you have received these treasures; now it is time to place them at the service of others, of those who most need them, of those who have most waited for them, for such a long time.

I will be there, waiting for your definitive steps.

Now I truly return to Africa as a spiritual and divine Consciousness, hoping that more consciousnesses may assume a mature and not a passing service. Remember that Africa has a great spiritual and physical wound that has not yet healed. The presence of My apostles, of My servers and missionaries, will generate the healing of this situation, which is inexplicable to all.

Only Love will heal the pain.

I encourage you to move forward.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

This is the time of the apostles of My Son, it is the time of your maturity, it is the time of your action for the accomplishment of the Will of Christ.

The apostles of My Son are the ones who will prepare His arrival at the most culminating moment of humanity.

Be determined apostles, open to facing the challenges of these times.

I, as the Mother of the Apostles, call you to climb one more step on this ladder that will lead you to assume the responsibilities that My Son expects of each one of you.

Children, I do not speak of a material responsibility, but of a spiritual commitment to My Son, to help Him carry the heavy cross of this time, because the weight of the cross is greater than those who are available from the heart to carry it, along with Christ, your Master and Lord.

At this time, may the apostles of My Son be confirmed and also define themselves.

There are many needs, but one of them, the most important one, is the need of souls to receive love and forgiveness.

May the apostles of the end of times open to assume what does not correspond to them. May they do so as an act of Love and Mercy, so that each apostle of Christ may discover within themselves the universe of the Love of God, so that the mystery of the absolute surrender of My Son may be revealed to the whole world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Seventh Poem

make my imperfect being
a result of redemption.

Make all my miseries
an act of rendition and forgiveness.

Mother, may Your Heart
fill me through Your Rays of Love
so that I may live
the Sacred Will of Your Son.

Liberate me from the chains that I am still dragging.

With Your Sword of Light, Divine Lady,
cut the spiritual ties with evil
so that the planet may also be liberated
from all that humanity causes it.

I ask, dear Mother,
that You may accompany me in each step,
that You may watch and guard 
the treasures that my soul has received
through the Love of Your Son,
because my only aspiration, Queen of Heaven,
is to fulfill and live all that which Christ expects.

For this, raise me up, Mother,
from all my falls;
help me, Mother,
in the moments of great tribulation;
protect me from all harassment.

May my spirit, mind and body
 be a temple
where God can remain.

Through Your blessing, Mother,
may I fulfill the promises of Christ.



I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Prayer of the Sacrificed Soul

If my life, Lord, is to serve you always,
without receiving anything in return,
may Your Will be done, Jesus,
because the greatest treasure I have is to be able to find You
in the unconditional service to my dear brothers and sisters.
Lord, do not allow me to become blinded by my own miseries.
Help me, Jesus, to step out of myself, every day,
so that I can discover and confirm
that in sacrifice and the constant giving of my life
lies the victorious path to surrender.
Jesus, You are the Sun of our lives.
Dazzle the world with the rays of Your Mercy
and, in this way, I will realize that everything You did for us
is greater and more immense than all the renunciations
that I must overcome and go through, day after day;
because in the depths of each learning, my Jesus,
there lies Your silent Will,
which only aspires to make of me
a kind, loving, helpful and good consciousness.
So I ask You, my Lord, that you not have me lose
the spiritual richness of each sacrifice and each test.
That I have the grace of being able to imitate you
in compassionate love and in Mercy,
because You are the Lord, without time, without rules nor conditions.
You, my Jesus, are everything for us,
and someday I aspire to do the same for others.
May the path of fraternity 
teach me to detach from myself
and, in the face of each new challenge, find
the humble power that comes from You to
break the chains of indifference and mediocrity.
Lord, I ask You and I beg You:
just live within me.
I thank you for keeping this prayer in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


My child,

I know that for you, to live My Will means to surrender and transcend many things because of love.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to dissolve personal will so that the purpose of your life may be accomplished.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to give of oneself, to serve and to surrender, beyond inner incapabilities.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to always say "yes" and to be available in any situation or circumstance, even when sometimes you have nothing left to give.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to sometimes have no remedy for inner situations and to just trust in that which is great and has no boundaries.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to love unconditionally, to be without conditions, and to go beyond your concepts and fears.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to always be in faith, beyond there being dark days, and to trust that through the strength given by love, you will manage to achieve the top of the mountain to be able to see the sun.

I know that for you, to live My Will means to die every day a little more to yourself, to your aspirations and expectations.

I know that to live My Will means to be under the ray of the demand, of the determination, and of the Higher Will to survive all assaults in these times, so that the spirit may achieve the purpose that it came to incarnate in this world.

I know that to live My Will means there is no end.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

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