Monday, May 25 of 2020

Daily Messages

XVI - Be Healed by God

A soul was afflicted, for feeling in the depths of their heart that old pains energed, records of experiences unknown to them, and of others that they thought had been overcome. The soul felt that within their inner world there was never a time in which their old experiences passed and new experiences emerged in a harmonious way; rather, everything was mixed together and it became difficult to understand and transform that which was within.

Therefore, in a sincere prayer, this soul questioned God, saying: "Lord, time passes by, ouside of me, but within me it seems not to exist. How do I feel and suffer due to wounds that I am not even aware of existing within me? Today everything is so confusing; what seemed to have been overcome then emerges with greater force, and when it seems that I have risen, I fall again into the abysses of my fears and uncertainties, into the pain newly opened wounds, those both known and unknown. Explain to me, God: how can I heal and overcome that which takes place within me?"

And with love and wisdom, the Lord responded:  "In truth I tell you that not only within you, but also in true life, time does not exist. Time is a form that I created so that creatures of this world would be able to grow in a sequence of divine laws and sciences, which keeps them in an evolutive school up to the moment of their spiritual maturity. Time happens outside of you, for your human side. Time is perceived by your body, mind and feelings, but within you, little soul, in your deepest essence, there is no time. There, you are in likeness with Me, with My Infinite; within you pulsates an eternal life.

The closer the transition of the planet comes, which is the awaited for human maturity, the closer one comes to the moment when that which hides within you will manifest, when truth will express, when time will no longer exist, but rather Eternity will be revealed. It is part of this process of transition that your little soul will see emerging the innermost registers of that which you experienced in other times, because everything emerges to be recognized, to become aware of and balanced, according to the awakening of your consciousness and the love of your heart.

Therefore, in the face of the oldest pains, simply seek the Love that there is within Me and the Grace of My Spirit so that I may have a place to act in, through you, and thus balance and heal all that which you experienced through ignorance; all the wounds opened through a lifetime distant from Me. Simply seek Me and give Me a space within you, in your mind, body, soul and heart. Thus, I will be within you."

May this dialogue allow you to understand, children, that this is the moment for seeing emerge within you all the records of other times which still need to be healed. However, in the face of what you feel, do not despair, but simply seek God and give Him a place, because only He has the Grace and the Love to definitely heal you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph