Sunday, May 24 of 2020

Daily messages

A suffering soul, that in this life seemed not to know the joy or love that others had the chance to experience, asked God a question, saying: "Lord, I come to the world and find inequality, souls that rejoice and souls that despair, souls that are strengthened by You and souls that lose their strength and cannot find meaning in their own life. Tell me, then, You, Who are the God of all, the same and the One, what is the reason for the imbalances in the world?"

And the Lord, contemplating the sincerity of its suffering, responded: - "I Am the God of all beings, Father and Lord of all life, the One and the Triune God, God of Love and Truth. But life, little soul, is designed by laws that maintain the balance of the evolution of all consciousnesses and leads them according to their own choices. My Love for souls is the same; with the same hope, I wait for hearts to return to Me; but the suffering or the joy in this world is not because of a decision that My Heart made concerning creatures.

What is rejoicing for you? Where do you see that humankind finds joy in their hearts? Because a soul, to have true joy, only needs to be in Me, and although they may suffer with the pain of humankind, My Love in their heart does not let them perish.

The suffering of the world, little soul, must make you understand the fragility of human life that is distant from Me. The true pain that souls feel is because they are distant from My Heart or because of ignoring My Presence. A soul may have everything in matter and be profoundly empty and unhappy, just as a soul may not have anything and meanwhile, possess the greatest of all joys, which is to be in My Heart. But that, little soul, is a daily decision, constant and permanent, of souls that choose to be in Me, rather than in the world.

For this reason, when you feel emptiness and suffering in your heart, ask yourself not where I am, but rather where you are. My Heart is within you, but are you within Me?"

May this dialogue remind you, children, that you must be within God to understand that life is made of laws that do not descend by chance from the universe, but rather are attracted by each soul that chooses, through their actions, thoughts and feelings, that which they will draw to their own life.

Know how to choose God, every day, in each instant.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph