Wednesday, November 28 of 2018

Daily messages

Little soul of God, 

With love, embrace the sacrifices and the renouncements that the Creator sends to your life. They are equivalent to the immense grace that you live everyday, with the Presence of God, calling you by the name to respond to His call.

Set your heart to surrender every day, and no longer think about the limitations of your body, about the miseries of your mind or about the uneasiness of your heart. Think, child, about the sacrifice of Christ, everyday, so that more each day you may go deeper into the surrender of the Lord, in the price He paid for your redemption and, thus, you may know that everything you live, surrender or renounce, cannot be compared to the sacrifice of He Who lived and died for you.

Have the limitations of your body be an offering of humility for the arrogance of men.

Have the miseries of your mind be an offering and a crying out for Mercy to descend to the world and fill the destructive thoughts of men.

Have the uneasiness of your heart be an offering so that the peace and trust in God may fill the inner world of beings and give them back peace.

You were called to be part of the Heart of Christ in this world, in a living, conscious and unconditional way.

The Lord put His eyes on you, not because you are perfect, but because He knows that your soul thirsts for His Presence. Because He is an inexhaustible Fount, He came not only to satiate you but to make you a new fount, so that other souls may drink of the Mercy that breaks out from His Divine Heart.

Between your miseries and the Mercy of Christ, let the Mercy of the Lord win and concentrate your heart on His Call, rather than on your difficulties in fulfilling it.

Just as you are, Christ called you. He only expects you to say "yes", every day.

While humanity sleeps the sleep of ignorance, give thanks to the Father Who healed your blindness. Open up your heart to be a living miracle of the Lord, in this world and in all others. Because today I tell you, My child, that your redemption in this world is only a symbol of a greater redemption, even though it is unknown to your heart.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph