In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I come with the announcement of a night illuminated by the stars, but also by the Sun. I come as the Universal Aurora to fulfill what I have promised to My children of the Earth: to awaken the Creatures of God in the end time.

All possible signs are being delivered. The Spiritual Hierarchy works in this, this means a planetary, but also a cosmic movement.

The very elements of the universe, the strength and the union of the planets and the stars, foretell the time of the coming of My Son. Just as it has been said to all, there will be signs in Heaven, there will be signs on the Moon, there will be signs on the Sun, there will be signs within you.

And it is time for this to be fulfilled, dear children, because the Heavenly Father allowed it in view of the sensitive and grave planetary moment. The Heavenly Father wants to save His favorite Project, humanity.

Therefore, the wise and gifted Hierarchies work tirelessly to accomplish this end and this purpose. That is why today I present Myself to the world as the Universal Aurora, as the Sacred Feminine Energy that leads Her children to God, guarding them all in Her Immaculate Heart so that souls may stop suffering and enduring.

Beloved children, in spite of the signs of the universe, at the end of these times, which foretell the arrival and Return of Christ, I know that for many of My children it is still difficult to understand and accept that painful and even inexplicable experiences are lived, that souls live these experiences, many of them being prayerful and servants.

Could it be that this represents for you a punishment from God?

In Garabandal, I announced to you something similar; but I never told you that God would punish you, because God is not a judge, but a Father of eternal and infinite Mercy.

I announced to you in Garabandal that the time was ending for humankind, just as I announced in Fatima, Portugal, that humankind on the surface of the Earth had strayed from love and peace.

That is why, My children, within all groups of souls, at the end of these times, and in an unknown and, I would say, inexplicable way, there are souls who have offered to suffer for many more souls. And this does not mean a punishment, but a silent and anonymous service, just as My Beloved Son did for you until He died on the Cross.

This is something inexplicable for the souls of this time. For this reason, for some souls it could become painful. But understand, dear children, that My Beloved Son has very few and true apostles.

This is a reality and I do not want to bother you, My children. Just as Christ carried out His important task on Earth with so few apostles, in this time, in a similar way, My Son carries out His task with few apostles.

But this does not mean that there may not be other apostles in the world; it means, My children, that the apostles must be determined and devoted to Christ, so that He may carry out His spiritual task and especially His mission of return to Earth, through hearts that are depositories of His redeeming and consoling Love.

Today, My beloved children, you dedicated your prayers for peace in the nations. Again and again I will tell you, and I will not tire of telling you, that the prayer for the nations of the world and for their angels, for the angel of each nation of this world, at this time is fundamental and I would say essential that many hearts and many souls, like yours, join in this purpose.

Because from the first day that I asked you to found the Prayer for Peace in the Nations and to learn to pray in different languages the loving declaration of the Archangel Gabriel to My Immaculate Heart, the main cause of this spiritual and internal task is to appease the anger of the elements of nature, the lack of control of the planet, the balance of the axis of the Earth and mainly the end of wars; so that the time of peace, love and unity among the creatures of the same project and of the same purpose may be established.

Therefore, remember this cause of the Vigil of Prayer for Peace in the Nations, because not only you or your families will be protected by praying the Holy Rosary for this cause of the Blessed Mother, but you will also help with your prayers and supplications so that the world will no longer be agitated, so that wars will no longer be aggravated, that conflicts no longer take place, that peace may be established, that faith may not disappear, that love may not dissolve, that unity may allow the descent of Grace into souls and hearts and, above all, that the soul and consciousness of this planet may be maintained in its balance.

Now, do you understand, My dear children, in how many causes the Mother of God works?

That is why I return here, again and again, to meet My beloved and dear children who have already left the school of little children, to enter the school of adulthood and spiritual maturity, a place and space where all the Hierarchies need to have you at this time, in this definitive cycle.

Therefore, I encourage and urge you, My children, as I asked you in the last Message, to decide to grow internally, so that the pillars of the Work of the Hierarchy on the planet are not only strengthened in the hearts and souls who serve God, but also that these pillars of the Work of the Hierarchy become a reality on this wounded and outraged surface so that everything, absolutely everything, can be healed and regenerated.

Now, do you understand why I come today as the Universal Aurora?

Through the signs of the night, through the signs of the day, through the signs in every heart; I come to remind you, My children, that humanity is in urgent need of healing and peace, and this healing and peace will be completed at the Return of Christ to Earth.

Today, I open for all the Temple of My Mirror Heart, just as this lake opens spiritually as a mirror in donation to capture in the impulses of the Heavenly Mother and to radiate them to the whole world.

Through this simple but beautiful place, I want, My children, that your souls see themselves reflected in this mirror, so that you can rediscover in yourselves your origins and can start from scratch from there, reviving the Values and the Principles of God that the world needs so much in order to experience healing and redemption.

May the Spiritual Light that descends to the world through Mount Shasta, relieve the suffering souls who live the climatic catastrophes, raise again the hearts that have lost faith because of suffering and unify the essences with Our Father-Mother Creator.

How simple but profound is the beauty of God's Creation! He has given us everything, absolutely everything, so that we would be happy from the beginning of this Project.

In order for you to reach that spiritual happiness and that heavenly joy, beloved children, be obedient for those who are not obedient. Thus the world, under the protection of the Law of Love, will find peace.

I thank you for responding to My call.

May you all be in My Motherly and Immaculate Heart.

I give you the blessing of My Son and of the Almighty, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

My feet again touch the blessed land of Fatima to dispel the darkness that reigns in distant Europe.

I come to be with you once again so that you may listen to the voice of the Sorrowful Mother who claims for peace and the end of war.

I bring, in My Heart, the sacred flame of the Divine Purpose, so that souls who are asleep may awaken to the reality of doing something for the one who suffers and for the one who is unprotected.

I am the Light of Aurora. I am the One Who can dawn in the hearts that opens to recognize Me as their Celestial Mother.

Dear children, the stage of the great service will now begin as well as the greater effort in Europe, Africa and the Middle-East so that the scales of inequality may be balanced and the poorest among the poor may receive the Grace of the dignity that they deserve.

For this reason, the Divinity will enter the neediest spaces; but the Divinity, through the Holy Spirit, will also dialogue with those hearts that must awaken to the truth and to kindness.

I, as Mother of the refugees and of the abandoned, will be praying by the side of each missionary heart that offers, in the name of My Son, to attract justice and human dignity to the world.

For this reason, I ask for the awareness of all those who will be accompanying from a distance the works of charity and of peaceful dialogue that will take place in the Northern hemisphere, because the time has come when each prayerful being must feel responsible for the Plan of the Return of Christ to be fulfilled in this humanity, no matter what.

Let us pray every day, placing these intentions in our hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Like this rain, which today falls upon My blessed Fatima, so today the Angels of the Queen of Heaven cry for all My scourged, wounded and persecuted children of the Ukraine.

So that there are no longer wars for morbid interests, I ask you not to stop praying every day, because the worst is yet to come.

In order for this moment to be as smooth as possible, I also come to tell you to remember all those who experience other conflicts throughout the world, even though the attention of the nations is focused upon the suffering and feared reality of the Ukraine. Those who communicate and, even more so, those who work with impunity through the media, have removed from the stage others who also suffer so that their voices of pain and suffering could no longer be heard.

For this reason, My children, during this next Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary, at a distance, but very close to Me, I invite you to consecrate yourselves as the praying apostles of Christ so that His Priestly and Divine Ministry may intervene in this harsh planetary reality and, even more so, so that the rest of humanity may not forget those who have already been discarded and exploited, without any value and respect for their dignity as souls.

As long as the established impunity continues to act fiercely throughout the world, by means of imbalanced tyrants, humanity could be facing many wars throughout the world, and society could be moved by indignation, that is, My children could be driven to commit acts never seen before up until today.

Now, do you understand the cry of the Angels of the Lord?

Pray, offer true sacrifices, especially those sacrifices made out of love, and thus the imbalance will be balanced and justified.

Meanwhile, foster peace, dialogue and compassion. No longer be stains in the consciousness of the planet, be children of the Mercy of Christ.

I am grateful to you, and now I ask you to do another Novena through the prayer transmitted last Saturday, March 5, the “Prayer Against World Impunity”.

Pray with spiritual conviction.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



My children,

Keep fervently praying the Rosary, for the Divine Justice to be placated, so that the mistaken humanity may not keep paying the punishment it is receiving.

I, as the Mother who sustains you from Fatima, ask you again to not only pray for peace and for the end of conflicts, I also ask you to pray for the impossible causes so that a greater number of My children may awake from this dream in which many are found.

My heart suffers from seeing that so many believing and religious children doubt whether the path they tread will lead them to meet My Son, but My enemy weaves a dark web that feeds on greedy, insensitive and even apparently peacemaking souls.

For this reason, My beloved children, I ask that your prayers may not be mere repetitions, but prayers that allow you to speak to God and console His Heart, wounded by the offenses of the world.

For this reason, I am again in Fatima, to lead all My children who accept it, toward the essential center of their inner purity, because humanity has lost not only its purity but also its innocence.

As the Mother of the Most Holy Rosary, I come once again to pray with My children so that there may be better conditions and opportunities to intercede for this suffering humanity.

I thank all those who pray with Me with fidelity, responding to My supplications that lead you toward the Peace of Fatima, the Light that leads you toward Peace.

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

After one hundred and two years since the miracle of the sun, the material approach of the Sacred Feminine Consciousness today allows for the rays of the Mother and Empress of the world to embrace you completely, so that all your inner worlds may feel the spiritual protection and support they need in order to go through your acute moment of purification, and the superior rays of the Mother of the World allows the transformation of your consciousnesses and makes them available and open to keep lovingly attending to the situation of humanity.

May the celestial Love that was held in the heart of the little shepherds of Fatima also be held in your hearts, so that you may feel, in this time, trust in God, that which will lead you to make new inner decisions and will place you above yourselves, at the infinite service to others, to those who suffer the most and have nothing.

Today, dear children, upon you reflects, within the internal planes, the same event that occurred in Fatima, by means of the miracle of the sun. But now, instead of the sun shining and turning before your eyes, the inner sun of each being must shine more strongly to be able to illuminate and transmute the obscurity of these times. 

Open your consciousnesses to find the meaning and the reason to be serving and experiencing God, in this crucial moment of the planet, and not of living a common life like that of others.

So, understand, My children, that the opportunities are unique at this moment, and they will not be repeated, like in other times. In this way, you will be before the reality and the truth of being able to recognize that everything in which the Universe gives to you today can never be wasted. In this way, you will be attentive and vigilant so that your own processes of purification do not expel you from the path of My Son, but rather, by assuming with maturity the last and definitive times, you may be adults in evolution and within the action of missions of service and help, assuming, as the Hierarchy does, the moment of planetary turning that the human race is going through.

I encourage you, My children, to take another step, so that other children may have the grace of awakening, as you have awakened. Therefore, today the rays of the sun, that turned and turned in Fatima, come to your consciousnesses to be able to remove hundreds of people from ignorance and from illusion.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

The Sacred Scriptures announce the coming of your Redeemer to the world for the second time, and all are called to participate in this event. Therefore, I am here today with you and in this place blessed by God, which was touched by His Holy Hand, to call souls to the conversion of their faults and to the reparation of His offended Heart.

These Scriptures, which I bring today between My Hands, reveal that the moment is coming. Not only you, but the whole world is also called to experience this. The moment is approaching, each day more, and the signs will show before the believing or unbelieving world. Therefore, be humble and meek, obedient and receptive, and you will be able to be on My path and within My Heart.

But so that this very important moment may come to humanity, many other things will happen, within and outside of you. Inexplicable inner battles will present themselves. Tests and challenges will show. But you must not lose meekness and peace because, if I have chosen you, it is because there is a project to fulfill and accomplish that you still do not know.

Therefore, liberate yourselves from conceit, from arrogance and from pride, from division, from the lack of unity, from the absence of love, from the absence of charity and of fraternity.

I silently accompany you, as at this moment I accompany the world and each one of My servers, regardless of their religion or belief, regardless of their form of filiation with God, the Celestial Father.

This is the time for the essences to unite within one purpose. Therefore, I will have you meet people similar to you who, although they live their own schools, seek the Path of Christ. Therefore, you must be attentive not to let My signs and My inner announcements pass.

In this time and during these days, not all the Sacred Hearts could be present here in Medjugorje, but your King is here, in the name of all of them, of the Messengers of God, of those who will give the impulse to humanity for the change and the transformation of consciousness.

I again tell you all these things because you must remember and practice them. If you live, day by day, the Attributes that I give to you, you will not suffer; but if you do not live them, you will resist, and the transformation will be painful and no one will be causing all this, because it will only depend on you.

In My patience, I wait for your steps. In My contemplation, I envision your transformation. But I not only talk to you, but also to the world, to those who listen to Me and to those who do not listen to Me.

Sometimes I cannot tell you all the things that I feel and see, because everything has a time and a moment, but rejoice your hearts because they know that you are on the path of redemption and of peace, and I need you totally with Me to be able to work and accomplish the Prodigies of God on Earth, in the nations and in the peoples, in those who live profound spiritual loneliness, in those who do not have love like you have every day.

It is now time to be able to express My Attributes, it is time to go beyond yourselves, and if I ask you this it is because you can do it, although it might not seem so.

Obedience will protect you until the end of times, not only you, consecrated beings, but also My servers, the collaborators of the Work that My Mother has founded in the Heart of Aurora.

Now, the times have changed and the responsibility has also changed. It is no longer mere words written in messages in order to motivate your hearts to make some change, it is a reality, it is a truth, it is a necessity.

There is still much to do and the path of surrender will be able to deepen, each day more, to the point that you resemble Me in the surrender that I made on the Cross for each one of you and your brothers and sisters. Within a great desolation and emptiness, God was there, because My Heart trusted in Him as the Father trusted in His Son, until the last moment.

What I ask of you in this time will move your structures, but I need it this way. I will ask you this, once and again, and I will wait, as I have waited for many others in other times.

The step that this Work has taken has been very important for My Celestial Mother and the Creator to support, once again, this Mission in Europe which needs so much Mercy, more than South-America. But from you, the Gift of Compassion must always be born so that it can emerge in your brothers and sisters who are here and who lived the terrible wars due to their terrible errors committed in the past.

Everything is a consequence, everything is a cause and an effect. Humanity distances itself from the Love of God, often out of fear of mistrust.

But, once again, I come to offer My Heart to the world as a fire of transforming love that can transfigure your cells and atoms, your inner worlds and souls, so that the Plan of Redemption can be fulfilled in humanity and on the whole planet.

We could not be here in public because silence and non-exposure makes the path of the apostle, so that it may be possible to rekindle the spiritual impulse that was left here in Medjugorje, so many years ago, by your Heavenly Mother. And so that this impulse can renew spiritually, time and again, in order for Eastern Europe to also receive Mercy, as you receive it, every day, when you pray and invoke the Mercy of My Heart.

You have gathered today, in My Name, where the great Portal of Light opens in the Heart of the Universe, so that you can take on more responsibilities in the name of your Master and Lord, in spite of your purifications and trials, in spite of your decisive and definitive time, for the world to receive more help and more Mercy in order that the Work may expand on Earth, and unite to other Works that come from the Lord, the Almighty.

In this way, the world will recognize that all of us are One in God.

I bring this message not only for you, but also for all of your brothers and sisters that support this moment and who are part of the Confraternity of My Heart, carrying on their chest the print of the perfect alliance with the Father by means of the Star of the Divine Brotherhood, the Star that the King David once visualized.

Thus today, once again, a principle is fulfilled. The spiritual Universe unites with the material Universe so that the Will of God may be fulfilled.

This passage through Medjugorje has been important for your Master and Lord because it is the time to also be here, in Eastern Europe, to make the Mercy of My Heart known, and the power of the transforming prayer which, for those who believe in it, opens the doors to the Heavens.

I encourage you to keep walking with Me and for Me. There is nothing that is missing for you. My Mother protects you and looks after you as She also protects this holy place, where Her kingdom of Peace made itself known to the world, just as Her Immaculate Heart in Fatima.

Celebrate this moment and this opportunity of reflection, of expansion of consciousness, this Grace of giving more of oneself to God, in surrender and in trust.

I leave here with relief in My Heart, knowing that in some part of the world, I am listened to, and My Projects, which are still unknown and come from Heaven, are fulfilled with hope.

I bless you all, in the name of Celestial Peace and in the name of Love.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monthly Messages

Dear children,

My Heart of Mother returns to Italy, as in previous times, to bring to all of its people the Love and the Light of God. Love and infinite Light that you need as a society and religion in order to be able to live a transparent and true redemption.

For this reason, My children, I have asked the pilgrim group to come to Italy to bring this message from Heaven. Not only because your people must mend the faults committed against hundreds of immigrants, but also because you, having been people of immigration, should consciously work with forgiveness so that peace does not disappear within this nation.

I Am your intercessor and mediator Mother. I Am the Light that wants to take you to My Son so that, repented in your heart, you may profess your love for Christ and attain reconciliation. 

But first, My children, this act of true repentance must begin within the Church of My Son. It can no longer keep hiding its acts and mistreatment because, otherwise, it will also lose the Peace and the Mercy of God.

No religious person has spiritual immortality. This is the time of massive spiritual illness in which My adversary infiltrates to destroy and tempt many priests.

In Akita, La Salette and in Fatima, I announced about the need for all to return to God as soon as possible, so that you could see His Face of immense Mercy and Forgiveness. But many did not listen to Me.

I returned once again to the world, through Medjugorje, to announce to you that through the donation of My Heart you would attain peace and less than a quarter of humanity put into practice what I had said.

In order not to lose My children, I returned once again to the world, but this time on a key date, August 8, 2007, a day in which I brought to humanity the revelation of the Universe and of its mysteries, and ardently asked for My Voice, Soul and Heart to be taken to the entire world by means of the Pilgrimage of Peace.

Many have welcomed me and keep doing so, and the consciousness of hundreds of souls in the world keep awakening. But the Church sacrificed Me completely, judging My presence and closing the doors to My universal message of peace.

This was the test for this religion, that of recognizing the ever-Virgin Mary, Mother of the Most High, or of denying Her with defamation and lies. 

But the perpetual and maternal Light of My Heart has prevented My aspiration from being interfered with. Because behind the chaotic and grave scenarios in the Church and in the world, Your Heavenly Mother has created a powerful network of planetary prayer formed by all the praying beings of the Earth. A network of prayer that, until today, sustains and maintains, by means of the heart of each child of Mine, the spiritual and divine mission of the Mother of God in humanity.

The ecumenical movement of prayer that I Myself have founded on the surface of the Earth, through the prayer groups, is the one which allows the pilgrimage for the nations of the world and for the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers to be spread in all languages and to all peoples, so that no child of Mine remains without hearing Me.

For this reason, My children, I am returning once again to Italy to grant it the Grace of reconciliation and of the imminent forgiveness that it needs.

Everything that will happen in the meeting of prayer today will be the result of an immense love for God and for His Divine Lady.

There is still time to reconsider and amend yourselves. Do it, My children!

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Monthly Messages

Today, children, I come to this place, on such as important day for Me, to bring the Graces and blessings that I am able to pour upon the world, through the prayers of My children, so that this nation may be redeemed and these people may be liberated from the chains of error and of sin.

Today, I come to dry My tears with the Sun that ignites in Fatima, by the victorious prayers of all praying beings that unite to My Immaculate Heart. I come to expand My Kingdom of Peace amongst nations so that human beings may no longer be under the yoke of darkness, but rather under the Light of My Love.

I come here on this day not only to shed tears but, above all, My children, to deliver to you a warning and the opportunity of redemption.

Repent of your sins and cry for Mercy. Return in prayer to the Heart of God, while there is time. Ask the Father for forgiveness for all that was done up until now and decide to renew your paths and your souls.

As your Celestial Mother, I come to this place with My Scepter of Light and with the potency of My Celestial, Universal and Divine Mirrors, to liberate and heal everything that you permit Me to, with the sincerity of your prayers.

The miracle that I come to accomplish on this day is spiritual, a miracle of redemption and of reconciliation with God so that you may recognize the divine Presence within My Presence and, before the Father, cry out for awakening.

Pray with Me to remove, from the essence of the seas, the suffering and the pain of the souls that have become lost and that have constantly cried here for not knowing peace. Pray with Me to ignite a Divine Light here, to open the path toward the Scepter of the Will of God, liberating the potency of evil and of deception so that thus, children, you do not lose the opportunity of knowing love and forgiveness.

I come not only to make your faults evident, but also to show you the path to redeem them. Listen to My Immaculate Heart and cry with Me. If you just open your hearts and repent sincerely, I will be able to intercede for you and for all souls, before Christ, so that they may know peace again.

Aspire, on this day, to recover the purity that has been corrupted within your hearts, and to strengthen faith and unity with God.

Your Celestial Mother comes to meet you for a Divine Will and not for a human will. I asked to be here on this day, to bring the potent rays of redemption that emanate today from Fatima, so that they may be poured out upon this nation and thus, the roots of darkness can be torn out from your lives.

Therefore, accompany Me today with love, and do not try to understand the things of God, but open for His Wisdom to let you know His Truth, and for the pure feeling of My Celestial Love to be sufficient so that your hearts may know that I am here.

Today I listen to your prayers and welcome your hearts. I know how much you suffer and how much your souls aspire to find God. Therefore, pray, pray with Me and you will find peace and liberation, to be in My Kingdom.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Tears of Syracuse

Monthly Messages

My beloved children,

Once again in My home, in Fatima, where I poured out so many codes of love, conversion and protection for My children in the world.

Once again, in Fatima, to renew your souls with My Maternity and My Universal Love.

Once again, in Fatima, so that this Celestial Kingdom, that welcomes all of My children of the world, may receive the light and the love from the Source of the Heart of God and may prepare for what is now coming.

I observe today, with gratitude and love, some hearts that have offered to sustain the end of times and who are truly decided to faithfully follow My Son and serve him beyond what they understand and what they believe they can do. 

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who still need many tests to surrender to the Love of Christ, many explanations to accept the new cycle, much security to be able to trust.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I also observe those who are indifferent, those who only think of themselves, those who cannot stand the faith of others and try to destroy it, those who fear so much that the world may cease to be this place that they can control.

I observe those who do not understand that transgressing the Law of the Creation is something that in an imminent way will place them before the Universal Judgment.

I have these children of Mine in My Heart.

I observe those who mock Grace and Mercy, those who raise their voice and their hand against their brothers and sisters, believing they go unpunished and are owners of the others. 

All are in My Heart.

I bring to Europe good news, the last opportunity to live forgiveness, reconciliation, expiation of errors. 

As an advocate for all creatures of this world, I will be arriving here soon; in a coming cycle and for a time, I will be travelling this European land that cries out for forgiveness and healing, traveling throughout its nations, reaching its peoples, so that the Light and Love of God may reach each corner.

The Kingdom of Fatima and the presence of the Divine Messengers will bring Grace and Renewal to this part of the world so that your hearts can receive the Christic codes that will prepare your beings to welcome the talents in which My Son will deliver to you, and that must be available within your essences to accompany Him and serve him in His Return to the world, during this coming time.

But today I also come with a warning.

Humanity will face itself and verify that it was indifferent, that it let itself be trapped by illusion and lost the wellbeing that the planet offered to it, a planet that it is losing because it was mistreated until it became agonized.

Thus, humanity will cry tears of blood for its foolishness, for its pride and for its lack of intelligence. This humanity which today is consciously disintegrating and annihilating this sacred place that gives them shelter, that feeds them, that heals them and that offers a majestic and safe place for their future generations, for the evolution of the race.

Where will your children, your grand-children and your grand-children’s children live? Have you ever wondered?

Where you call protected spaces or “bunkers”? How many can enter these illusory places?

Will you look for other planets? Which planets? How many of you will go to these illusory places?

My Heart fills with pain, with sorrow and agony upon seeing you so ignorant.

Children, awaken!

There is still time to balance the scales, but it must be now!

Awaken for this lethargy, from this dream that will only lead you to an internal and external state full of imbalance and suffering. Listen to the Voice and the Heart of your Celestial Mother that brings you this warning. There is no time any longer!

Save the planet! Protect it from yourselves, because if you do not react you will soon not have any place where you can be at peace.

Unite to My Voice and to the voice of the youth, which now makes itself felt. They are trying to defend their home in order to have a destiny.

Unite with My Heart that begs you, that supplicates to you to be responsible for this Big House, this Eden that God delivered to you so that you could live the greatest experience of universal love.

Awaken, children! For the last time, awaken!

I love you and will never abandon you, but My being suffers because one day I will only be able to observe your suffering, the fruit of your indifference and of your lack of responsibility.

Always remember that you should only look to the Heights in humility and in gratitude. Everything could reverse to the good in an instant if you have the courage to change.

I love you, protect you and firmly call you toward the last reflection.

Thank you for being with Me today.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Today My Hands are wounded for having come to meet those who were in danger and suffering persecution.

This is a sign, My children, that the time has changed for everyone and that the events have advanced before what was expected, and in a violent way.

The Lady of Coromoto is in vigil and in prayer waiting for injustice to finish, waiting for the power, that men believe they have, to be defeated. But the Divine Light will fight and triumph for the poorest, for the simple in heart, for those who do not want conflicts nor wars.

Venezuela today is the scene of everything that men and women on the surface can generate as they distance themselves from God and believe they can do more than the majority of their siblings.

This is the time when the Armageddon is rapidly being unleashed and the nations most sought after by evil are the focus of the big created conflicts.

It is time, prayerful children, for prayer to increasingly strengthen within you.

It is time for all beings of goodwill not to exclude themselves, but to assume prayer for peace in Venezuela and Syria.

When I asked you to pray for Venezuela and Syria three times a week, it was for you, to assume this commitment with enthusiasm, as it was in this time when more difficult moments would come, to Venezuela especially.

Today, My children, your priority of life is to pray for your brothers and sisters of Venezuela and Central America who have already been singled out by the hands of persecution and the created social upheavals that affect families and entire peoples.

My adversary unleashes his fury over South-America and, through indignation, resentment and suffering, he is gaining more territory and more reign. His most unimaginable beasts now walk over some nations and millions of children of Mine are subjected by the system and by power.

This is the war of everyone against everyone. But you, beloved children, who are more conscious, must make the greater effort to bring celestial peace to the Earth because thus evil will defeat itself when it no longer finds instruments for it to be able to operate through.

I know that, for My children of Venezuela, the captivity has been unbearable and painful. 

Everything that happens today, in My dear Venezuela, is the real demonstration of the systems practiced in the world by those who believe themselves to be powerful. But, just as it was in Fatima, the faith, the devotion and the love of those who seek peace will defeat the kingdom of My adversary.

As never before, your Mother and Lady treads, with Her Feet, on the head of the serpent and presses on it with the Power of God to dissolve, as soon as possible, all pain caused.

It is not time to fight with weapons. It is time to intelligently triumph with the instrument of prayer because nothing is defined yet.

I invite you to reinforce the commitment of prayer for Venezuela, but let this be in truth.

I would no longer want to see disgraces being unleashed in other nations.

Assume this moment today, it is the time of Armageddon.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Coromoto


Believe, above all, that My Immaculate and maternal Heart can perform miracles of love in your life.

Believe, beyond all evil, that I am above all suffering, anguish and pain; because who is in Me will never lack anything.

Believe, above all, that My Heart will reign beyond any war and any confrontation.

Believe that I Am the Mother Who consoles all, heals all, dispels all, redeems all.

During this time, believe that I am ever invincible, the admirable Mother, humble and serving, Who again and again opens the doors of Heaven so that souls may feel God and rediscover the path to His Heart.

Believe that I will always give you the Love and Mercy of My Son so that you may learn to walk in faith and hope, so necessary in these times.

Believe, above all things, that God knows everything and sees everything, and that nothing will remain unfinished.

Believe that the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima shall win and triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



May the Sun that once shone upon Fatima now shine within the consciousnesses of each being, and may the Miracle of the Sun now take place within humankind, because the Earth and its humanity, the humanity of this time, must be redeemed and transmuted.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within each heart so that humanity may repent and ask for forgiveness, so that the thousand years of peace may be established in all who aspire to live in the Light of the Kingdom of God.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within the consciousnesses so that their spirits may be touched by the Love of God, and thus the race may participate in that Love, building a new world without hatred and without revenge.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within each soul, so that each being on this planet may recognize its affiliation with the Heights and the importance of living His Will.

May the Miracle of the Sun convert the world and elevate its state of consciousness so that it may be a world bearer of peace and justice.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day, the first of June, a new period of light and redemption begins through the Pilgrimage for Peace in Europe, a moment in which your Heavenly Mother prepares, as you do, to travel through the places that have already been cited and where important spiritual works may take place, not only in the regions that the Divine Messengers visit, but also within the very needy souls that are to be found there.

Portugal has always been always chosen, not only because of its dogma of faith in My Maternal Heart, but also as the prelude, so that through the Kingdom of Fatima, the great rescue operation of that part of humanity, may move forward, and thus many situations may be avoided.

That is the reason why, by means of coming to Portugal, you will be to receive the inner impulse of Fatima so that, stage after stage, the Designs of the Creator may be concretized.

Today I am with you, by your side, accompanying you and protecting you.

I am internally preparing for this next mission of peace.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

My Rosary of Light extends to the world

My Children,

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to the true prayer of the heart so that, more than celebrating with Me another anniversary of My Apparitions in Fatima, your hearts may know how to intercede with Me for this world full of pain and anguish.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and to each human heart, calling everyone to pray and repair the Heart of God, wounded by the wars and conflicts, wounded by the outrages committed to the Kingdoms of Nature, wounded by not being able to pour over His children the source of Love and Grace that comes from His Sacred Heart.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world calling you to pray a little more for this planet, so that the prophecies I announced in Fatima one day are not fulfilled, are not manifested before your eyes.

The world still runs the risk of seeing My Words fulfilled, because they have not been attentive to the warnings I made and to the requests that I made so that  a greater time of mercy could be upon the Earth.

My children, today My Rosary of Light extends to the world and calls you to pray more for the life on the planet, because it is losing itself, it is degenerating and distorting itself by the distance that there is between humanity and God.

Today My Rosary of Light extends to the world so that you pray for the end of wars and of conflicts, pray for the perdition that youths live so that they may find the path that takes them to the Father and no longer lose themselves in the distractions of this time.

Today, My children, as the Lady of the Holy Rosary, I extend these beads to the world and I call you to pray with Me for a greater time of peace.

Find in prayer the door to unveil the mysteries of this time.

Find in prayer the balm to cure the illnesses of this era.

Find in prayer the secret to live peace and establish peace in the world.

Find in prayer the path that unites you as human consciousness.

Find in prayer the understanding that makes you transcend cultures, races, and religions and discover the Unity that there is between all creatures, because all of them are living parts of only One God.

Today, My children, your Celestial Mother extends Her Rosary of Light to the world, showing you that prayer and union with God is the only safe path in this time of tribulations and of chaos.

Pray to understand the events of the world and pray so that you can be a light for those who are blind. Humanity needs living examples to follow, and My children must be those examples.

Today your Mother and Lady calls you to take another step in the conscious prayer for life on Earth, and thus, My children, you will be able to enter into the Mysteries that I keep for the hearts that awaken.

I would like to reveal to you many mysteries, I would like to give you many Graces, I would like to bring you divine knowledge of which you remain ignorant since the veils covered your faces when you arrived to Earth.

But today, beloved children, before the need of the world, I just extend My Rosary of Light to all of you and call you to pray with Me for peace.

May cultures, races, nations and religions unite; may hearts unite in the likeness of God; May your hands unite with My Rosary of Light and thus peace be established inside and outside of men.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary of Fatima


Some scientist, idealist or government could be capable of putting the entire humanity to test by means of nuclear weapons that, for the second time and after Hiroshima, would destroy the physical and spiritual life of humanity.

All the tests that are carried out by means of weapons delay the spiritual walk of humanity and generate a form of global hypnotism in the human consciousness, affirming that it is part of a great progress in these times.

But the reality lies in the indelible effects that the use of nuclear weapons can generate, not only in planetary life but also in all that is spiritual.

Your Celestial Mother, in Fatima, announced the urgent request of consecrating Russia to the Immaculate Heart so that this nuclear reality would not awaken again, in the twenty-first century, as in the previous century.

The consecration of Russia happened, but it had little repercussion in the interior of beings.

Therefore, once again, I come to ask that the other nations of the world consecrate themselves to My Maternal Immaculate Heart, so that this consecration paralyzes all ideas of war that are being carried forward and that, after all, will affect the most innocent.

If this consecration strengthens not only in the heart of the church, which is the first responsible for the consecration of the nations to be established, but also if this consecration is lived in more hearts, I promise to prevent an almost global catastrophe.

For this, all those who consecrate themselves to My Immaculate Heart help in the necessary containment of these times so that serious errors are not carried forward nor do they expand throughout the world.

If My Voice is heard and if the commitment of each child of Mine is renewed, I promise to protect the most helpless.

Humanity must become aware of its deviation from God through nuclear weapons.

It is time to accept that, in love, God's Plan will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Great Miracle of the Sun

One hundred years ago at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal, the last and definitive Apparition of the Mother of God happened, the one which brought to the world the end of a terrible war and a prolonged period of peace. At that time, humanity was on the brink of its own perdition.

Although the message of Fátima was clear and convincing through the revelation of the three secrets of Fátima, the Most Holy Mother warned Her children that a true penance was urgent and immediate, since the repentance of the hearts would grant the world a significant atonement.

The Miracle of the Sun, also called the stellar phenomenon, was the culminating event when, on October 13, 1917, this local Universe, of which this planet forms part, lived a cut in time and space.

The Miracle of the Sun, or stellar phenomenon, consisted in mobilizing great consciousnesses of the Material Universe and Cosmic Regents which allowed, at a planetary level, to put an end to the endless cycle of siege, destruction and of the conquest that humanity was immersed in by the First World War.

This phenomenon, understood by humanity as the constant and random twirl of the Sun, meant the reunion of certain cosmic currents of the Material Universe, that have their bases in the Central Sun of this galaxy.

I would like, dear children, that you comprehend that, if this evolutionary intervention of the Greater Universe had not have happened on October 13, 1917, humanity would have already destroyed itself.

It was necessary, at the universal and divine level, to carry forward this movement of the solar and stellar elements of the Universe.

This allowed to stop, upon the planet and within its humanity, the idea of a conquest and of an unmeasured power, that would lead to the development of other events.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the stellar phenomenon, cleaned and purified the psychic plane of the entire planet in less than fifteen minutes, a time in which the solar and stellar elements that were operated by the Regents of the Universe, dissipated from the ether of the Earth a great quantity of registers of suffering and death that had been generated.

The global Miracle of the Sun, with the meeting of the angels and the Hierarchies, despite having its epicenter in Fátima, embraced the whole planet, relieving it from its chain of great human and terrestrial errors.

October 13, 2017,  was the closing of the mission that your Celestial Mother came to accomplish during six continuous months, in which humanity was prepared to live the Miracle of the Sun.

Even though the Most Holy Mother had announced that if there were not a true repentance a second war could come, worse than the one that was already occurring, humanity was able to know, after the atomic bomb, that it was capable of self-destruction and irreversible damage to itself, even in these current times.

That is why, on October 13, 2017, after one hundred years of My Apparitions in Fatima, your Celestial Mother came to beg the world not to forget to live a deep and true repentance, because this lack of penance in the human beings of today is heading toward ideas and war projects, worse than the ones that have already occurred, it is headed toward wanting to destroy the life and the evolution of the Kingdoms of Nature, as has been happening in the last fifty years, and it is leading to the loss of logic and discernment of the human beings who lead and govern this planet.

I come to ask for the repentance of the heart, so that you remember that there exists only one God present in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I come to ask you not to forget to be considerate, merciful and fraternal to one another; I come to ask you to proclaim your faith in the infinite existence of the Celestial Church of Christ; I come to ask that you give the examples, among yourselves, of equality, compassion, love and respect, because, after all the help received, humanity continues to hurt itself in ways never seen before.

As the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I remind you, dear children, to pray a Mystery of the Rosary, every day, and that you do not deceive yourselves anymore by exchanging this important prayer for the technologies and their constant problems.

Do so with the heart, and you will see the powerful results of this spiritual tool, that will provide you with peace and the spiritual healing of your lives.

If at least just a few fulfill all these requests, I will be able to continue interceding before the Celestial Father, although the scales are in great inequality. I will go tirelessly, to meet of all My children, and I will be able to help, one by one.

If humanity does not pray and does not stop to think before acting impulsively, a worse crisis will embrace the planet and, as in these days, innocent lives will unjustly pay for the others.

To avoid all this, I come again to ask for the consecration of your lives and homes of the world to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, thus I will triumph, being able to live among you in a true and solemn way.

I thank you for responding to this important call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Fatima, Santarém, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Let the bridges of union and love between Heaven and Earth be built so that souls may enter the Kingdom of God.

Upon entering the Sublime Kingdom, may hearts commune with the Presence of God and of His Divine Fount.

Having been sanctified, may souls perceive the need to love more in these times and of drawing to the planet the spiritual and inner restoration it needs.

Having been filled by the Creative Source, let hearts respond to the great convocation and may all participate, in this time, in the Great Celestial Brotherhood.

Let none miss the opportunity of reaching new universes, so that the inner consciousness can expand and thus a new world and a new humanity may be built, consistent with their purpose and far from the constant indifference.

In this way, when all become aware of the true need of these times, souls will place themselves in service to their fellow beings, and the Plan of God will finally be able to continue to be fulfilled, just as it was written.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, transmitted in Villa de Dornes, Ferreira do Zêzere, Santarém, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Behold the Slave of the Lord, may it be done in Me according to Your Word.

Behold Your Slave of Love and of Motherhood, blessed among all women and honored by all generations.

Behold Your beloved Daughter, simple in feeling and deep in loving.

Behold Your untiring Server, Who burns with Love and Mercy for the souls that seek Your Kingdom.

Behold Your most gentle Mother, Who watches over Your flocks, Who guides them and accompanies them to the stable of Your merciful Heart.

Behold Your Star, Who illumines the paths of creatures that open to know how infinite Your Love is in essence, powerful and invincible.

Behold the Lady clothed in the Sun, Who lights the flame of simple prayer in Her children, Who calls all to change and forgiveness of sins.

Behold the Divine Lady, advocate and counselor of impossible causes, intermediary between souls and God.

Behold the eternal Virgin Mary, Who begs and pleads for peace, Who asks for and seeks a union between peoples and nations.

Behold the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, crowned today in Fatima and in the world, recognized as the Mother of kindness and of Mercy.

Behold the Celestial Mother of God, Who unites with each pilgrim and each heart that in these days seeks a special Grace; the Grace of being able to love, of being able to forgive and to be forgiven by the Eternal Father.

Behold the Queen of angels and of archangels, descending in Glory over the Cova da Iría, again awakening the peace that Fatima grants, as teraph of the world.

Behold the most gentle Mother, venerated and beloved, loved and accepted by all Her children, Mother of reconciliation and guardian of life, shield against all evil and Temple of Wisdom.

Behold the most sought-after Holy Woman, Who alleviates grief and sorrow, Who understands and helps the most lost.

Behold the Mother of the Sun, the Lady of Light, Who welcomes into Her bosom the suffering of the world and makes it Hers, so the world may be alleviated of sin and error.

Behold the Queen of Lys, the Commander of missionary spirits, the Mirror of Divine Love that is refracted in the essence of the one who invokes Her.

Behold the Mother of Hope and the guardian of faith, the administrator of the new principles that will repopulate the Earth and the New Humanity.

Behold the Lady of Fatima, the Mother of prayerful hearts, the Servant of the Source of renewal.

Behold the Mother of the New Alliance, Who accompanies the consecration of Her children and leads them by the hand to Jesus.

Behold now the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, beside each soul that in the coming hours prepares in prayer for the great awaited event.

Behold the Mother of Jesus, the Redeemer, with the Scepter of God in Her hand, pointing to the European continent so that it may change, be redeemed and live in peace, in order to accomplish the triumph of My Immaculate Heart.

Behold now the Queen of Peace, surrounded by Light and more brilliant than the sun; the Mother Who descends from Heaven to be close to Her children to embrace them, kiss them and give them the Love of Her Heart.

Behold now the Mother Who said 'yes' for all of  humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of the Most Holy Rosary

Daily Messages

At the doorway of the great event of Fatima, your Heavenly Mother is preparing, in the Spiritual Kingdom of God and companioned by all Her angels, for the mission that Her Lord and Master entrusted to Her.

For this reason, I would like each child of Mine, in attunement and prayer, to accompany your Heavenly Mother in this sacred task of bringing a part of humanity back to once again contact the state of its original purity.

For this, dear children, in these next days, I invite each one of you to be very present, with Fatima in your heart, so the higher universe of consciousness can move forward with this sacred task with the brotherhood that is born of each heart that prays and pleads.

So it is that, at this time, your Heavenly Mother will be beginning Her divine task in humanity, in need of love, mercy and forgiveness.

Within each one of you, let peace and confidence blossom so you are able to respond to the call from on High in time; because what will happen in the coming days will be important inwardly and universally.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Oporto, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

This time, with My arrival in Fatima, I will bring the Humility of God to the world, an essence that could prevent many things within and outside of beings.

The Humility of God is that which the Celestial Mother will try to sow within the hearts that will open to experience this mystery, which makes all things simpler and truer. 

I wish, dear children, that your hearts, in this time and inside the Sanctuary of Fatima, could perceive the Humility of God; so that many, many souls may be touched by this Gift that will change each being into that which it really came to express. 

Without humility in daily life, it is not possible to build the bridges to God; humility is what grants the soul the possibility of resignation, which helps to bring more awareness and care when it comes to making decisions in life.  

Humility allows us to cultivate a fraternal spirit, capable of understanding and accepting peers just as their consciousness is, regardless of their conditions or miseries. 

The Humility of God will help you to know your inner world in a conscious and true way. 

Think about humility and live it before it is too late. 

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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Association Mary
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