MESSAGE FOR THE SPECIAL APPARITION OF MARY, ROSE OF PEACE, during the journey from Archamps, Haute-Savoie, France, to Munich, Germany, TO THE VISIONARY SISTER LUCÍA DE JESÚS

To God it does not matter that your lives are imperfect, but rather that your hearts are always truthful; thus you will allow Him to work and act, and someday, My children, without you noticing, your lives will be transformed.

At this time when everything is being purified, take refuge in the Heart of the Father, in the Sacred Temple of inner prayer, so that nothing and no one may deviate you from the path of My Son.

If some souls are being tested at this moment, may they not feel intimidated; may they know that, above all reality and situation, the Celestial Father is present, patient and very kind, always awaiting for them so that, through His Divine and Infinite Mercy, everything may be healed.

When souls in this time cannot experience the divine Plan or adhere to it, it is because they are not approaching the Source of Mercy, a place where all doubt will vanish and any conflict will cease.

Sometimes the correct step must be taken towards God and not towards your own concepts or feelings.

Mercy will always lead you to understanding and forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With joy I come to the world and specially to Poland, the beloved land of Saint John Paul II, to bless you and bring you to My Grace again, so that, by means of these meetings of peace, your Mother and Lady of Czestochowa can go on working and repairing the hearts that need the most.

With Maternal Love, I return to Poland to infuse even more the Mercy of My Son and to intercede by means of the Source of His Compassion.

The Mother of God comes to Poland to make the attributes of its culture and of its people revive, taking each one of these attributes to the sublimation of consciousness and, thus, recovering the values of faith and union with God. 

On this day especially, I descend to establish a little more of peace and forgiveness in the souls, souls that need to find again the path to the union with God, in order to be able to live the principles of His Grace and of His Mercy.

As Mother of all, I come to testimony that it is possible to advance and live with the hope of being able to find God again, from time to time, and to be in communion with Him. 

As Mother and Patroness of Poland, I come to pour on you the Wisdom of My Maternal Heart, a Gift that, by living in you, will allow to continue restoring and repairing all of the consciousness of its people.

The wisdom of the Virgin of Czestochowa will help you to carry forward the Plan of God for your Nation and your people, by means of the incalculable devotion of your hearts for Ours and also for the saints that the Father has sent to your motherland to help it, as were Saint Faustina and Saint John Paul II.

By means of the model of life of these saints, may many more vocations awaken in the bosom of the Church of Christ and for the faith of all children of Poland.

As Mother of all, I come to reestablish one of the principles of the Designs of God for your motherland, knowing that in this time it will be fundamental to be sustained with faith and the trust in God, so as to restore the Church and its believers.


I am this source of Graces of the Universe, more potent and powerful than all the sources in the world.

I am subtler than all the waterfalls in the world, because through My Maternal Heart I make flourish and give live to the soul that until then had been dead.

I am this water that washes and redeems all, because I am this divine code of light that can penetrate beyond the consciousness and in this way establish the spiritual purpose for each being.

I am this merciful source that restores all and intercedes for Her children so that they never lose the path that will lead them to love.

I am this living and resplendent fountain that brings to the spirit the essence of unity and of peace.

I am this Sacred Spirit of God that was gestated in the most pure womb of Creation, which brings to the world the truth of God incarnated through the Beloved Son.

I am this path that will always lead you to find the great and only source of love that will quench your thirst: Jesus Christ.

Because of this, dear children, each time you unite to My source of love, you will be uniting to the luminous source of My Son and the source of the Celestial Father.

I wish that from your hearts would spring this feeling of always seeking the unity among the beings above all, because in this way your hearts will be healed and will be born through My source of peace to the renewed life in Christ.

My children, I leave this aspiration of Mine: that you may live in the only Source of God and that you may follow a single path. My Pure and Immaculate Heart offers Itself to lead you to the revelation of the great mystery of love.

I am happy at seeing today My children of Europe, gathered around My source full of Graces.

I love you and always contemplate you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you under the Holy Spirit of God, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



May My Peace reign in the hearts of the world and may they be filled with the Merciful Power that I bring from the Kingdom of the Heavens today.
My children, forever be praised Our Lord Jesus Christ, who renews His Sacrifice from time to time so that His Infinite Mercy may never stop being poured over the world.

On this day, My beloved ones, I invite you to meditate with the heart about what you are willing to suffer out of love and for the sake of the redemption of humanity.

Dear ones, many are never tired of meditating on the Mercy of Christ and rely on it as the hope for their salvation, but very few are the ones who recognize that this Source springs out from the injured Heart of My Holy Son and from His Wounds, which were opened for the final redemption of all the souls.  Few are the ones who accept to share with the Lord His martyrdoms and who offer the little that they suffer for the sake of those who just seek the constantly material comfort.

My beloved ones, on this day of Grace and Mercy for all the souls, I want you to have the Passion My Son imprinted in your consciousnesses, because from it, comes all the Mercy and all the Love that for over two thousand years have been poured over the just and the unjust souls of this world.  In this way, I want you to understand that the path to become merciful in life is found in the complete offer of oneself, independently of the state in which you find yourselves.

My dear children, My eyes contemplate the world and are almost unable to find in it, those who may wish to bear in their heads, the crown of thorns of My Son, in order to thus, relieve Him from this sorrow and to allow His Mercy to keep on being poured over the world.

Today, with the eyes and the heart turned to My beloved Africa, discover in the service the possibility of relieving the sorrow that Christ lives in the hearts of this Earth.

Remember everyday that if the Lord was capable of surrendering life in His Passion for the Salvation of the world, you will also be able to do much more than what you do, and you will be able to give to God the Creator great offers that come from the heart for the salvation of the sinful souls.

Dear Children:

Opening the Fountain of Universal Mercy of My Son to the world, today I call you to unite yourselves with the principle of the Creator of Love, because humanity needs to awaken to come to the encounter with this Love in the heart.

You, My little ones, through daily prayer have the fundamental key so that this fountain of Love, which is born in God, may irradiate itself for this cycle of humanity.

My children, as the Mother of Forgiveness and of Peace, today I ask you that, opening your hearts you walk towards the loving encounter with My Son, and thus, it will be permitted that His Redeeming Grace will be present in the heart of all people.

Through the exercise of prayer, you will participate with Jesus in the salvation of the hearts and as was with the disciples of Christ, your hearts will pray two by two, to help the light of the essences to shine.

Dear children, today I am calling you to journey by means of prayer, because many of My children must recognize that without the prayer of the heart we are nothing in this time. I intend, as Mother, day by day to teach you to love the exercise of prayer of the heart, because in this way many of your brothers and sisters may see the powerful effects of inner prayer.

My children, for this reason you are called to participate with consciousness in the path of consecration that will begin through your internal commitment with prayer, and in consequence in a perfect union with the Sacred Heart of My Son.

Dear children, you must be in the vespers that are born of the new fruit that in the hands of the Creator may serve to assist and help for those most in need.

Your goal for this time is internal donation. Walk with this purpose of the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

When you feel alone, I will be with you.

When you see you that life is a shipwreck, I will be with you.

When you doubt your faith, I will strengthen you.

When you feel that you are carrying such a heavy load, I will alleviate it.

When you will search for My Son, I will show Him to you and I will help you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy and of Redemption.

When you see that everything is empty, I will you with the Spirit of My Love.

When no one can help you, I will place you under My mantle and, so that with the Angels of the Heaven, you will praise God, the Fountain of Love and of Forgiveness.

When you feel happiness, My Heart will be with you.

When you feel sadness or desperation, call me because there I will be and I will place you in My arms as Jesus, to irradiate the Light of God and thus you will no longer feel alone, you will feel the maternal comfort of My Heart.

When you cultivate prayer in your heart, there will be God because the souls still are in need of Forgiveness.

When you do not find the path, clamor for My Heart and I will irradiate the Light of My eyes, so that you will walk to My Son, the Redeemer. Then you will be as the new sheep, who aspire for the guidance of the Great Shepherd and together with the hearts of all of the world, you will supplicate for redemption.

This will be the moment in which your heart will be guarded inside of the Sacred Heart because in this way you will be protected from all pain.

Now, on this day aspire to be in God and in vigil, in eternal prayer for the souls.

Believe in the power of Mercy and elevate your supplications as flowers to the Heavens, because in this way I will collect them to give with love to the Creator as an offer of a soul in redemption. And when you see again the dawn remember that is born the Light of God for each being.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Dear and beloved children of the Father.

All the offenses that are generated in the world are forgiven day by day through the unfathomable and powerful Divine Mercy that springs as a fountain from the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

For this today, My little ones, you must surrender in faith to the infinite mystery of forgiveness and of reparation for the hearts that have fallen into the faults that offend God.

So that the world and the souls may reach peace and universal harmony that is needed for these final times, My Son needs humble and spontaneous soldiers of Mercy.

Dear children, the Universal King of the Love of God, Jesus Christ awaits daily that new soldiers through prayer, service and fraternity may be instruments of Christ so that His Mercy will be diffused into the world. The hearts still do not have understanding of the true mystery of the merciful rays of Jesus, for this today I invite you to diffuse this important grace that My Son is pouring for the entire world.

Because My children, in His painful Passion was irradiated the most high states of love that flow from the hurt Heart of Jesus. Now, resuscitated, He calls you to the conversion of your lives and to drink from Christ’s own Fount, that which will heal all and cure all.

Dear children, it is time to awaken before the scene of this magnificent and splendorous Grace of redemption and forgiveness to which My Son has been calling you to be participants.

May your lives be mercy only. May your actions be merciful. May your words and thoughts be impregnated by the Divine Mercy. May the fire of the love of Jesus convert you into instruments of His Unfathomable Mercy.

Dear children, you are on time!

I thank you for answering to My call!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As flowers at the feet of the Creator, today I invite you to consecrate your lives as a gift to God.  Carry in your faces the joy of serving God and, in harmony, manifest the love of My Son.  Live under the Fountain of the Love of the Savior and, as good and humble instruments, irradiate the peace of the heart.

Dear children, know that despite the way the world behaves before God, my Immaculate Heart makes you participants in the new Path I want to reveal to you, the Path of Love and Forgiveness.

Remember that you serve out of absolute love for God and that My Son calls you to drink from the Fountain of Mercy for all those who easily forget the importance of being in God.  For this, My children, each action of life must be consecrated to God and under this spirit of peace you must work.

Many will receive a calling from God, the Father of the Universe, at the right time and one of His warnings is through the Voice of My Immaculate Heart that comes to the world to elevate it as a consciousness and as a heart.

Be good disciples of My Son, be true messengers of His Divine Mercy.  The Divine Hour marks the moment of helping oneself to the Forgiveness of God and reconciling with your dear ones.  Each act of forgiveness attracts the original purity to your hearts.  The life becomes luminous before the Throne of the Father because in it there is a new home, a home visited by the Compassionate Love of My Son.

Search for purity to start to live the Immaculate Peace of My Heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Today, My children, I invite you to remain in the Kingdom of Heaven as the only aspiration you must awaken for this time. All your hearts must look at the horizon of God and, in this way, experience the coming of His Kingdom of Peace to the Earth.

Dear children, with your gazes directed to Heaven, I call you to intercede for all My children out of Mercy, through the ardent prayer of the heart. This, coming from each of your hearts, will be a simple act of love for humanity.

As Guardian of Faith in the hearts, live the perpetual hope that My Immaculate Heart has for the conversion of the world. Little children, you are participants in this cycle of salvation that My Son promises to all the children of God, especially those who live irreparable faults.

Still the Fountain of Jesus’ Mercy is poured on the world; it is enough that more hearts believe in this Mystery of My Son so that the Grace can descend over humanity.

For this, dear children, go and tell everyone that My Son wants to help and consecrate all the children of the Father as new fountains of life for this world in pain.

As Marian soldiers united to My Immaculate Heart, I ask you that you correspond to the great call My Heart is announcing to all of you, a call to accept the time of the descent of Mercy to My children, before the time of Divine Justice comes.

Dear children you are in My arms, as also in the Heart of God. Live this time as a time to pray more and more with the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In My Heart I keep you, dear children, and today with this I want to tell you that in trust you can find My Eternal Peace. Today I guide you through new paths, even if the world changes so much every day. My Maternal Spirit fills you so that in the Heart of My Son Jesus you may reach the Grace of conversion.

I count on your prayers at each moment because the universe still must be repaired from all of the offenses that humanity emanates in life. A life without God is a life beyond that which is arid, it is a life without hope.

For this, dear children, as My Heart fights for love of all the children of God, for you, I can come to places that might be irreparable. The prayer of the heart penetrates with light each one of your cells, it is as giving daily food to the new born.

Receive from the Holy Spirit the Fountain that will satiate you, that will make you strong and fortunate for living in fullness under the presence of God. For this My little ones, today I invite you to strengthen each of the groups of prayer consecrated to My Immaculate Heart so that God the Father finds true souls always donated to the life of the prayer of the heart.

My children, the path I intend for you to walk is an infinite and precious path to the Heart of My Son. In Jesus you will find a beautiful path that He wants you to discover in the simple act of being united to His Sacred Heart.

Know dear children, that the Fountain of Mercy that is born from Jesus, the Redeemer, wants to fulfill you before the coming times. Love in Jesus despite everything, so that confessed in Christ you are participants of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Aspire to live in My Son daily, because I will help you. Jesus awaits you.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As Queen and Universal Mother of Peace I want that you come into the Kingdom of God so that your hearts find a firm refuge of love in My Immaculate Heart.  I bring you all, as humanity, in My arms of Mercy, helping in this way each one of My children.

Dear children stay in peace because My Kingdom of Peace is in each one of you.

My children, the world must, urgently go and drink from the fountain of the Graces that My Heart is pouring onto those that are thirsty for My Son.  In My Son, blessed and loving, you will arrive at the true devotion to God the Father, who is offended by humanity.

For this, dear children, the prayer of the heart will guide you in each one of the steps that you must take for this end of time.

My children, My call wants to echo in the depth of your little hearts, even more in those who for many years have distanced themselves from the love of the Living God.  With the Sacred Heart of My Son your lives may rest and, in absolute trust, the path you are walking will be permeated and invaded by the light of His Divine Heart.

I want to announce to you that the key of prayer will allow you to be before the Holy Spirit.  For this reason, this Blessed Spirit of God will come in aid of all hearts that in this last hour consecrate themselves and live in the Peace of My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children, the true fraternity that each of you can express day by day will help dissolve the evilness that many hearts live for lack of the Merciful Love of God.
For this reason the constancy in this life of prayer will help so that all these hearts receive the Immaculate Gift of Grace and of Redemption.  Because My dear children, in truth, redemption is a celestial mission for all humanity.

Thank you for answering My call.

Divine Love for each of My children in the world.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

Do your hearts know how much I love you?

My Immaculate Love is for all. For this, dear children, today I invite you to live in My Universal Love, even though you still do not know it nor feel it. I come to your lives so that you may renovate the commitment that each soul has with My Son. In each call to prayer announced by My Voice many angels of the Divine Father congregate themselves to help the world and humanity.

Dear children: I want you deeply, beyond your own lives. Each soul contemplated by My Immaculate Heart represents a precious instrument that God donates to the Earth so that His Will may be accomplished. But still many souls, distant from the true universal love that our Father donates to us, are also distant from the divine purpose that God has for each life and for each little heart.

For this I invite you to deepen in the contemplative mystery of prayer so that in this way many souls, each time more, may get closer to live the estate of prayer. The groups of prayer who answer to the call of the Universal Mother must collaborate each day in the awakening of the light of the heart so that they may be led by My Love and by My Peace.

The prayer in the groups, consecrated to My Immaculate Heart, allows that through the gathering of the praying hearts the world in its totality may be helped by the Divine and Greater Love. In this path to strengthen the groups in prayer, are attracted more groups of souls that need to drink from the Source of wonders, which My Son gives to all, a Source that we call Divine Mercy.

Dear children: each group of prayer answers to the divine call for peace on the world and, above all, for peace in each heart. I lead you through the path of imitation of My Son as pilgrims and as collaborators of My call. I support you all inside of My Immaculate Heart.

Perseverance will open the doors so that all, from this time, may live love in the heart so that in this way it may be radiated to the other hearts.

Remember, dear children, that all of you and the whole world are being called to a task of charity and solidarity between the souls.  This will make the ray of fraternity emanate and thus the Grace, from this experience, may be real for humanity, which is lacking of light and of peace.

Thank you for answering to My call.

Peace, Peace and only Peace for the world!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. 


My Divine and unfathomable Mercy reaches the most imperfect and miserable spaces of consciousness so that everything may be transformed by the Christic Light.

This is how, through My Divine and unfathomable Mercy, Your Master and Lord brings to the world the great opportunity of living forgiveness, healing and redemption; because, through Mercy, the soul finds the necessary justification to be able to receive an undeserved grace.

In this sense, the Source of Mercy is able to place the dying or imperfect soul before the possibility of living the sublime energy of Grace, so that its faults can be amended by the very powerful flow of the Divine Mercy that comes to the planet.

Divine Mercy is the great Mirror of God's Love that is projected to bring peace and liberation to the earthly consciousness.

In Mercy lies the key to inner healing.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who Blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


At the crossing of the old and of the new times many events will happen on the planet.  For this moment your hearts must be strengthened and in this way, prepared for the final moment.

For this I let you know My Divine Mercy.  It will be available for those who may want to drink from My Source.  I call you to gather the strengths from the heart.  This infinite Light will never be extinguished because whoever is in Me will be able to sustain themselves always.  Go ahead walking steadfastly.  It is time to serve God.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Heart!

Christ Jesus


I want to let you know the Source of My Merciful Light. For this it will be necessary that you fully trust in My Will, in that which I Am foreseeing for each one of you.

A soul that trusts surrenders itself to the arms of God and allows its path to be guided through the paths of Heaven. In this time My Purpose is to open your hearts to the encounter with the Source of Love- Wisdom.

It is necessary that My listeners of the daily message strongly embrace My words as the path of guidance and salvation for your souls.  It is time to prepare yourselves with consciousness for what is to come.  It is time to find refuge in My Sacred Heart.

I Am the strength for your lives.  I Am the Path of salvation.  You know it, but it will be necessary to live it in order to understand this mystery.

I love you always.

Under the Good of God, be blessed.  


In My Heart is guarded the humble power to heal all things, above all that which comes from the spirit that is wounded and hurt by the claws of this world.

But in that soul that at three o'clock in the afternoon trusts itself fully to My Merciful Heart, I will be able to perform My Miracles of love in the spirit and, in this way, it will reach the inner peace that it needs so much.

But it is necessary day by day to seek the Source of My Mercy, the one that will resolve that for which you do not achieve resolution; My Heart lives and works through the Love of God, that which you in this time must seek in prayer and in charity to others.

In this time of Mercy, the universe takes part in the encounter that each soul may have with My Infinite Mercy; in this way that which would seem impenetrable or difficult to resolve will be resolved only when the soul has merged its inner consciousness in the Source of My Wonders.

I come every day, at this most important hour, to give evidence of the redeeming power of My Heart; which hopes to receive comfort, love, prayer and reconciliation from all of those who seek My Eternal Light, inside the night humanity is passing through.

Be firm and do not surrender for anything, because whoever is in Me shall not perish.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in the ocean of My Divine Mercy!

Christ Jesus


Before the Angel of Justice arrives to the Earth I wish to pour upon you and the entire world the Source of My Divine Mercy.

For this to be possible there must exist those who faithfully invoke My Merciful Rays. In this way I will be able to liberate you from sin, and the enemy, during the last hour, will be defeated by the infinite power of My Redeeming Love.

For this today I invite you to imitate the faithfulness of the humble shepherds of Emmaus, those who believed in My Resurrection from the first moment. May this example of apostolate and of fidelity help you to gather the inner strengths necessary for the great moments that will come in humanity.

You must not miss, not even for a moment, the hour of My Divine Mercy. That before this moment of reparation, of healing and of forgiveness, your beings prostrate themselves on the sacred soil of prayer so that in truth you may be helped and nothing related to your inner efforts may be able to surprise you.

I invite you now to be defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy because in this way you will be helping in the redemption of humanity. Remember that I Am in the heart of those who open it so that I may be able to visit them always.

Under the Light of Father, be forgiven and be merciful.

Thank you for considering My Teachings from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Master of the Divine Piety


In the hour of the Divine Mercy My Heart descends to the Earth and illuminates it with infinite repairing Graces for all of the souls.

But that sinful and offended soul that approaches to My Source of wonders during this hour of Infinite Mercy will be able to recognize in My Consciousness the Divine Love that heals and redeems all of the lives upon the Earth.

For this, during the hour of Mercy give Me your miseries, those that My Heart knows from the beginning so that in this way, by means of My Mercy, they may be liberated and redeemed.

I Am the Light for the world and for the hearts. That one who is directed to Me will find an answer and in this way they will unite their heart with Mine, and together we will get to know in depth the celestial universe and, consequently, the Source of My Mercies.

But there must exist in you an absolute trust in My Presence and in My Redeeming Work. It must be fulfilled in those who in truth may always be merciful with their familiars.

The Source of Piety hopes to rescue you from perdition and from the spiritual deviation that the enemy propagates as idea and thought. The one who really seeks the answer about the subjects of life, I tell you that they will find it in the Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want that your souls make the decision to be rays of My Mercy for the entire world. For this to happen your trust in My Being will be enough and to not fear that I will remove what is old and arid in you because I will always quench your inner thirst.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Most Sacred Heart!

Merciful Christ Jesus


In the hour of My Mercy, My Heart descends in a Spirit of Omniscience to repair the sick of spirit and of body.

In this way the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy reconstructs the infirm essence and consequently heals the sick body.  For this your merciful prayers at three in the afternoon can embrace the deepest spaces in your consciousness and also in worldly situations of chaos, of hunger and of war.

Those who truly pray with the heart to My Unfathomable Mercy strengthen their faith, their pity, their compassion and their inner forgiveness.  Everything that, in the day by day, seems to be disorganized, My Universal Presence that descends, at three in the afternoon, restores and reorganizes what is not under the powerful law of My Lord.

To live in My Mercy means to remain in My ocean of Graces and of Redemption for all of the souls.  By means of the ray of the Divine Mercy the most inveterate sinners, those who are far from God, may be  saved by the simple devoted act of your prayer.

So today I ask you to love this mystery of the Divine Mercy of Christ because whoever persists without knowing and without questioning My Mysteries will overnight wake up in My Kingdom of Love.

When I was amongst you I tried to demonstrate to you through My Transfiguration, through the Last Supper and through My Passion, the humble steps to reach this source of most pure compassion that God deposited in My Sidereal Being.

The Source of Mercy embraces more than this little universe because since I ascended to the celestial universe the Father conceded Me the Grace of removing evil and pain from all of My ones.

Whoever lives in the Master loves the law of the Hierarchy.  Whoever obeys the inner orders is building in life the spirit of the sacred humility.

From the beginning I wanted that you know Me and that you search for Me.  Now that I Am before your lives, before your pasts and actions of yesterday, My Merciful Spirit wants to dissolve from your histories all the evil that may have happened.

For this call Me in trust and repeat: “Jesus Christ, I trust in You”  – this will be the sign and the answer that I will finally be able to realize My Designs in your souls.  The Source is still open for all, before the Divine Justice.

Under the Glory of God, be blessed.

Thank you for living My words with the heart and with the spirit!


Today it has been two years, on the 18th of August of 2011, when Aurora dawned in splendor, it received the Grace of the descent of the Virginal Mother, of the Mother of Love. She in Her humility and maternal surrender, opened Her arms to shelter all in Her Heart.

This was the day in which Heaven was united with the Earth and the celestial angels filled with light the corners of the Inner Aurora. From this day on God opened a new source of Mercy for the world, that which would serve the reparation and the healing for the souls of the entire world.

As in Merdjugorje, My Mother has prepared the path so that more flocks recognize the Only Shepherd of Love and of Mercy.  For this today Heaven is reunited to praise God eternally so that His Magnificent and Loving Will continues to be poured upon the world and on all of the souls.

Now you will be able to see through prayer the fruit achieved in many creatures of God, those that have returned to the Kingdom of the Father and have reconciled themselves with the Infinite Love of God.  See today, My dears, the fruit of the New Aurora, the New Sun that shines in the hearts that have only said yes to the call of the Most Holy Mother.

May this day remain guarded in your memories because God has been able to fulfill His Purpose in the most little hearts.

Let us praise the Father for His Unfathomable Mercy and Pity!

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to God with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Who are we?

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