Before the Angel of Justice arrives to the Earth I wish to pour upon you and the entire world the Source of My Divine Mercy.

For this to be possible there must exist those who faithfully invoke My Merciful Rays. In this way I will be able to liberate you from sin, and the enemy, during the last hour, will be defeated by the infinite power of My Redeeming Love.

For this today I invite you to imitate the faithfulness of the humble shepherds of Emmaus, those who believed in My Resurrection from the first moment. May this example of apostolate and of fidelity help you to gather the inner strengths necessary for the great moments that will come in humanity.

You must not miss, not even for a moment, the hour of My Divine Mercy. That before this moment of reparation, of healing and of forgiveness, your beings prostrate themselves on the sacred soil of prayer so that in truth you may be helped and nothing related to your inner efforts may be able to surprise you.

I invite you now to be defenders of the hour of My Divine Mercy because in this way you will be helping in the redemption of humanity. Remember that I Am in the heart of those who open it so that I may be able to visit them always.

Under the Light of Father, be forgiven and be merciful.

Thank you for considering My Teachings from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Master of the Divine Piety


In the hour of the Divine Mercy My Heart descends to the Earth and illuminates it with infinite repairing Graces for all of the souls.

But that sinful and offended soul that approaches to My Source of wonders during this hour of Infinite Mercy will be able to recognize in My Consciousness the Divine Love that heals and redeems all of the lives upon the Earth.

For this, during the hour of Mercy give Me your miseries, those that My Heart knows from the beginning so that in this way, by means of My Mercy, they may be liberated and redeemed.

I Am the Light for the world and for the hearts. That one who is directed to Me will find an answer and in this way they will unite their heart with Mine, and together we will get to know in depth the celestial universe and, consequently, the Source of My Mercies.

But there must exist in you an absolute trust in My Presence and in My Redeeming Work. It must be fulfilled in those who in truth may always be merciful with their familiars.

The Source of Piety hopes to rescue you from perdition and from the spiritual deviation that the enemy propagates as idea and thought. The one who really seeks the answer about the subjects of life, I tell you that they will find it in the Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy.

I want that your souls make the decision to be rays of My Mercy for the entire world. For this to happen your trust in My Being will be enough and to not fear that I will remove what is old and arid in you because I will always quench your inner thirst.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Most Sacred Heart!

Merciful Christ Jesus


In the hour of My Mercy, My Heart descends in a Spirit of Omniscience to repair the sick of spirit and of body.

In this way the Chaplet of My Divine Mercy reconstructs the infirm essence and consequently heals the sick body.  For this your merciful prayers at three in the afternoon can embrace the deepest spaces in your consciousness and also in worldly situations of chaos, of hunger and of war.

Those who truly pray with the heart to My Unfathomable Mercy strengthen their faith, their pity, their compassion and their inner forgiveness.  Everything that, in the day by day, seems to be disorganized, My Universal Presence that descends, at three in the afternoon, restores and reorganizes what is not under the powerful law of My Lord.

To live in My Mercy means to remain in My ocean of Graces and of Redemption for all of the souls.  By means of the ray of the Divine Mercy the most inveterate sinners, those who are far from God, may be  saved by the simple devoted act of your prayer.

So today I ask you to love this mystery of the Divine Mercy of Christ because whoever persists without knowing and without questioning My Mysteries will overnight wake up in My Kingdom of Love.

When I was amongst you I tried to demonstrate to you through My Transfiguration, through the Last Supper and through My Passion, the humble steps to reach this source of most pure compassion that God deposited in My Sidereal Being.

The Source of Mercy embraces more than this little universe because since I ascended to the celestial universe the Father conceded Me the Grace of removing evil and pain from all of My ones.

Whoever lives in the Master loves the law of the Hierarchy.  Whoever obeys the inner orders is building in life the spirit of the sacred humility.

From the beginning I wanted that you know Me and that you search for Me.  Now that I Am before your lives, before your pasts and actions of yesterday, My Merciful Spirit wants to dissolve from your histories all the evil that may have happened.


Today it has been two years, on the 18th of August of 2011, when Aurora dawned in splendor, it received the Grace of the descent of the Virginal Mother, of the Mother of Love. She in Her humility and maternal surrender, opened Her arms to shelter all in Her Heart.

This was the day in which Heaven was united with the Earth and the celestial angels filled with light the corners of the Inner Aurora. From this day on God opened a new source of Mercy for the world, that which would serve the reparation and the healing for the souls of the entire world.

As in Merdjugorje, My Mother has prepared the path so that more flocks recognize the Only Shepherd of Love and of Mercy.  For this today Heaven is reunited to praise God eternally so that His Magnificent and Loving Will continues to be poured upon the world and on all of the souls.

Now you will be able to see through prayer the fruit achieved in many creatures of God, those that have returned to the Kingdom of the Father and have reconciled themselves with the Infinite Love of God.  See today, My dears, the fruit of the New Aurora, the New Sun that shines in the hearts that have only said yes to the call of the Most Holy Mother.

May this day remain guarded in your memories because God has been able to fulfill His Purpose in the most little hearts.

Let us praise the Father for His Unfathomable Mercy and Pity!

Under the Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for answering to God with the heart!

Christ Jesus.


Dear companions:

While the inexhaustible Source of My Mercies and wonders is poured upon the entire world at three in the afternoon My Shepherd and Redeemer Heart perceives the love of the souls for My Universal Consciousness.

Today dears, set your eyes upon this Source and see through It the mirror of your earthly lives, lives that out of love and compassion I come to transform. All of the instruments that I make use of day by day must be united amongst themselves so that My Work may be accomplished.

I want that you may be able to understand the importance of the inner unity that must be awakened among all of My Flocks because if it were like this I would be able to name you as the new disciples of My Merciful Heart.

Each soul that I make use of day by day has a favorite task with Me: the task of taking My Example and My Word to each place where it may go to.

For this, so that the Plan may be accomplished in all of the spaces of life, amongst the disciples and the task, neither competence nor incomprehension should prevail, because it would be as if a gap is opened between Earth and Heaven.

It is necessary to love the task that the Plan provides to you because the spirit’s own strength will aid you when you must take the definite steps towards Me.

Dears, for this today I call you to enter My Ocean so that your deep wounds may be able to be washed by the Water that springs from My Side. In this way you will help Me to quench the great thirst that I feel for all of the souls that are empty, without love, and for the souls that still do not live in the truth of the heart.

Whenever you manage to love the task of the brother and sister and to respect it as a part of the Will of God, you may thus be able to unite yourself without preferences to it, I will be able to say that you will be fully merciful with all of the creatures.

May Good, Peace and Mercy remain in your hearts.

Under the Light of the Father, be merciful.

Thank you for reverencing My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Savior. 


My dears:

My Light comes to the world and primarily to the souls to liberate them from the path of sin and of the loss of faith in the heart. For this all of the days I wait for the soldiers of My Mercy so that they may live My Message and transmit it as a sublime balm of life for all of the hearts.

Dear companions, you still must sustain for some time more the flag of sacrifice and of peace, of faith and of love. Live the Gospel in the days that will come because in My Parables you will find the path to transcendence of material life, the impetus of the inner spirit. I take all in My Merciful Heart, I absolve you from past and I open to you, in My Return, the door towards the Kingdom of My Lord.

Dears, unite your lives with My Life, unite your feelings with My Divine Redeeming Feeling, unite your souls with My Soul, unite your hearts with My Sacred Heart. There will be no emptiness or desolation that awakens in you despair or distress because in My Merciful Source you will be able to heal all the wounds.

I hope that you understand My New Precept of Love which is the compassion and the peace that I give to all. Encourage yourselves to follow through the path of the cross, carry it with all that I have entrusted to you, trust that all will transform you and liberate you from past so that the healing of My Spirit may heal your hearts.

I Am the Path that reveals itself to you all of the days through each neighbor. I Am the Kind Heart that will relieve you when you only tell me: yes. I deeply want your souls because I know them since before your birth. I come from the Source of Love, to this Eternal Source I want to take you. Accept My arms to live in the patience of My Law.

Under the Good of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus. 



May today you rest your beings in the Source of My Mercy, the one which will take away your thirst.

I am with you accompanying your steps because after each state and inner test comes the victory of being able to transcend yourself. My dear ones, within a cycle of purification, allow yourselves to be  purified, so that during the encounter with the Father you may reaffirm your vows with the Plan of Love.

I contemplate you all of the days of prayer. I lead you in the same way that the sailor does who directs the boat towards Paradise. You are My followers, I Am your Shepherd.

Under the Grace of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer. 


A soul that aspired to deepen their union with God, and mature that union through a true surrender and a pure contact with the Heart of the Celestial Father, prayed to Him, saying: "Lord, my life and all life belongs to You; my heart and each heart belong to You and are living parts of Your Heart of Love. Teach me, then, to feel myself ever more a part of Your Being, of Your Spirit, of Your Source. Teach me to live and move always within You, expressing You and being Your instrument in this world and beyond it."

And after an instant in silence, contemplating the inner self of this soul, the Lord responded:  "To express Me, more than yourself, little soul, you must first do as My Son taught you: enter into your room in silence and pray in secret to My Heart, which hears you in secret. It is there where you strengthen your union with Me. Before demonstrating it to the world, before being an instrument of Mine in the eyes of humankind, first you must not only build, but also, over the coming centuries, consolidate and renew this union with My Heart.

It is in secret that I reveal what I most want from you; it is in secret that I show you My Kingdom within you; it is in secret that I hear your confession and forgive your sins, wash your feet, your face and your hands, and I make you new, every day, so that you may always have a new opportunity to try and come closer to My Spirit, to My Source.

Complete your prayer with service, silent and simple, striving and attentive, but always seeking humility. At first, beloved soul of My Heart, do not even look to be an example, because the one who is looking to be an example is looking for the attention of somebody to observe them and learn with them. You do not want to teach, only live; you do not want to show, only be. Know that you are an apprentice and that you are trying every day to be better, and if for My Glory someone watches and learns from you, let your heart not change, but remain an eternal apprentice of My Spirit, an eternal servant within My Plan, an eternal seeker of My presence. In this way, you will learn through real contact with Me, and I will be within you, and you will represent Me, perhaps, without perceiving it."


To understand and love the Justice of God, child, first you must open your heart to know God Himself -pure Love, Mercy and Compassion - Who with tenderness awaits the return of His children to the Celestial Source.

With your prayer, through your dialogue with the Creator, with meditation upon all the holy words that He has sent throughout the centuries, with the adoration of the Eucharistic Body of Christ, with contemplation of His Sacred Face, with silence, with your own life, know God and deepen your contact with Him.

Seek to know who He is, so that you will then know that His Love exceeds all limits and even hides in justice and in the corrections that His Laws express in universal and planetary life.

Know God, and you will know that His Love, My child, is always present, is upon you through the fixed Eyes of God within your heart. Let this gaze protect you. You too will find the Sacred Face of your Creator and unite with Him through the gaze that finds His and transforms, merges, dissolves into this Divine Presence.

All this is achieved, not only with faith, but also with a constant striving, with an ever more inner, deeper surrender of the more hidden spaces of your consciousness.

Each day surrender more to God and you will know how much He also waits to surrender Himself to your heart.

The Love of God is a mirror that is reflected within you so that you go deeper, so that you learn to love. And the more you open to receive the Love of the Father, the more this Love expands and transforms you.

Ask for the Grace to know Him better, of providing more space for His expression, His Voice, His Life, His Love within you.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Heart of God is fulfilled within the praying souls that, with their simplicity, strive to fulfill His Plan.

The Heart of God is renewed in hope, through the hearts that cry out for the world and that, despite their imperfections and difficulties, aspire to live love and brotherhood.

The Heart of God opens the Source of Mercy for the Earth, in times of Justice, when it finds sincerity in the inner worlds and truth within the clamor of beings.

The power of prayer and of the effort to live a fraternal evolutionary life is still unknown by humanity. But today, I tell you, children, that it is because of these simple things that the world continues to exist, and that the project of life on Earth continues to be a hope for the evolution and growth, for all universal life.

Therefore, when you have no strength to pray or when you are unstimulated to do good and love your brothers as they are, remember the Father who is in the center of the universe, as well as in the center of your hearts, waiting for a response from your beings, however small.

Remember that every effort, however small and imperfect, pleases the Heart of God and renews It. As much as you cannot be and do what you wanted and thought, at least try, every day, because it is the effort that makes you worthy of a new opportunity. 

It is the effort which makes the Mercy continue to be poured upon the world. It is the effort that transforms the life on Earth. Here your efforts help to rescue the souls that are in the most lost and forgotten places of this world.

I know that it is difficult to trust in the invisible, but that is the mystery of the faith for which you are called to live in this time. Experience, within yourself, the certainty that God observes and accompanies you and that whatever you do, in the name of a new life and of a new Earth, renews the hope for all of Creation.

In the Cosmos, far beyond the Earth, there exists entire civilizations,  as many as the infinite stars that you see in the sky at night, waiting for Love to be renewed in the hearts.


Little soul of God, 

With love, embrace the sacrifices and the renouncements that the Creator sends to your life. They are equivalent to the immense grace that you live everyday, with the Presence of God, calling you by the name to respond to His call.

Set your heart to surrender every day, and no longer think about the limitations of your body, about the miseries of your mind or about the uneasiness of your heart. Think, child, about the sacrifice of Christ, everyday, so that more each day you may go deeper into the surrender of the Lord, in the price He paid for your redemption and, thus, you may know that everything you live, surrender or renounce, cannot be compared to the sacrifice of He Who lived and died for you.

Have the limitations of your body be an offering of humility for the arrogance of humanity.

Have the miseries of your mind be an offering and a crying out for Mercy to descend to the world and fill the destructive thoughts of men.

Have the uneasiness of your heart be an offering so that the peace and trust in God may fill the inner world of beings and give them back peace.

You were called to be part of the Heart of Christ in this world, in a living, conscious and unconditional way.

The Lord put His eyes on you, not because you are perfect, but because He knows that your soul thirsts for His Presence. Because He is an inexhaustible Fount, He came not only to satiate you but to make you a new fount, so that other souls may drink of the Mercy that breaks out from His Divine Heart.

Between your miseries and the Mercy of Christ, let the Mercy of the Lord win and concentrate your heart on His Call, rather than on your difficulties in fulfilling it.

Just as you are, Christ called you. He only expects you to say "yes" every day.

While humanity sleeps the sleep of ignorance, give thanks to the Father Who healed your blindness. Open up your heart to be a living miracle of the Lord, in this world and in all others. Because today I tell you, My child, that your redemption in this world is only a symbol of a greater redemption, even though it is unknown to your heart.


Even knowing about His Cross and about His Surrender, your Lord never lost His joy and hope.

Even knowing about His Cross and about His Surrender, your Lord never stopped placing Peace and Love in the hearts of His Own. He taught them how to establish a new life and to draw the Kingdom of God into the world, even if persecutions and shadows came upon them. Christ taught them to never lose the hope and the joy that the Kingdom of God, living within themselves, brought them.

Today, child, God announces a cross, a purification, and an absolute surrender to you; He announces a Passion that stretches beyond the hearts of humankind and reaches the consciousnesses of nations, reaches the most profound core of the peoples and religions.

God announces a difficult cycle to you, unknown, because it is different from everything you have experienced and from everything that humanity and the Divine Creation have experienced throughout their evolution; different from the Passion of Christ, which in reality was a preparation and an announcement of what you will experience in these times as beings, and as humanity.

However, child, God also speaks directly to your heart, so that you do not lose hope, do not lose faith, do not lose joy and the spirit of announcing and proclaiming, until the end of your life, that a new time and a new human being are about to come.

Announce to the world that it is enough to open to Love and not resist the transformation; it is enough to live obedience and not to give way to tiredness and loneliness; it is enough to cry out to God and know how to find Him in everybody and in all life situations, because Love triumphs beyond human fears, Love triumphs beyond your pride and vanities, Love triumphs beyond suffering and lack of hope.

Love makes the Cross a fount of Mercy, it makes sacrifice a surpassing of the Love of God, and makes the surrender of the old human the emergence of the new human being and the new life, that will finally express the likeness to the Heart and the Kingdom of God.

Listen with attention to My words and do not let them go by like the wind, because in their simplicity I give you the keys to overcome all evil and to find God again.

Your Father and Friend,


Child, I know that it is hard and painful to see that the world agonizes because of ignorance, blind to the Light and the Love of God. Think of your Creator Father, with arms extended to all creatures, with the Fount of Mercy streaming out from His Bosom, even though His Children do not want to receive this gift. 

Contemplate the Firstborn Son, reliving His Wounds, again and again, to give beings a new possibility of experiencing and multiplying Love. 
Contemplate the Eyes of compassion of your Lord, which observe the world, waiting for hearts to open to His Grace, to His path of Love. 

Contemplate the Spirit of God blowing like a breeze and touching the faces of beings, waiting for them to open themselves to deeply breathe of this Divine Breath, so that beings may purify and consecrate themselves to the Spirit of God.

See that the whole Universe has its eyes on the Earth and place your heart there. Let your attention be on the Hope of God and not on the ignorance of humankind, because the Earth will tremble and everyone will experience the consequences of human blindness, but those who have their hearts in the Heart of the Father will not lose peace, faith, or the fortitude of their spirits and will be the forerunners of a New Life, establishing peace together with Christ, on His return to the World. 

Do not forget My words and live them, because everything has already begun and hearts are not ready yet for what is already precipitating over the Earth.

Live in God and do not allow the world to close the doors to His Heart. Be a bridge between the Heart of the Father and the heart of humankind, no matter what comes to take place on Earth.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


Breathe the Breath of the Spirit of God and allow Him to transform you within, placing inside of you the first thought that God emanated in thinking of you, to create you as a living part of His Heart.

The Creator is so mysterious, His Plan so unknown, and His Love so incomprehensible, that human errors or the distance which hearts are to be found from His Sacred Heart do not matter. God, child, only expects humanity to repent, to surrender at His Feet and cry out for Mercy because in this way His Love will triumph beyond the darkness, and evil will lose its influence over souls.

The Breath of God approaches all hearts to remove them from ignorance and awaken them to a boundless Forgiveness and a Mercy whose source is eternal and abundant.

Only the one who chooses to be in darkness will remain in it, because the Breath of the Spirit of God comes to ignite the flames of the hearts that went out for not having air, for not having life.

Therefore, today believe in the renewal that comes from God, in this Grace that emanates from His Spirit, because He has the power to clean every stain, to place you at the beginning point, to reveal His perfect Love to you, and to give you everything, even if in life you did not generate merit to receive anything.

Mystery among mysteries is the Love that God invites you to receive today, to live, to multiply, and to distribute to the world.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Enter and dive into the deepest abysm of the Mercy of Your Lord.

Let yourself be flooded by an unfathomable mystery that is beyond Grace, and often beyond Divine Justice.

Allow your being to discover the Infinite Love of God that is hidden in the depths of His Mercy, and bathed in this healing balm, restore in you and in the world the most painful wounds, and the apparently indelible marks of human consciousness.

Where it is most needed, there is the abyss of the Mercy of Christ, as an inexhaustible Source and a divine answer to all the clamor emitted with the heart.

Come and give your "yes" in the name of humanity, so that this Source may surge and overflow upon the world to heal it and restore it in its most intimate spirit.

Pray and cry out in the name of humanity, asking the Father for His luminous abyss of Mercy to be revealed to the world so that humankind may know not only the God of Justice, but also the God of Mercy.

Discover that every sin can be healed and every debt is justified by the Blood and by the Water that, poured out from the Body of Christ, made the Source of infinite Mercy for the world be born.

Before true repentance and surrender proclaimed with the heart, all souls can become worthy to drink from the Source of Divine Mercy.

Therefore, child, go, and, at the Feet of God, pray for an opportunity and repent from the heart.

If your sins seem small to you or if you are not aware of your debts to God, cry out anyway; ask the Father to replace the dark abyss of your miseries with the deep and luminous abysm of Divine Mercy and never tire of crying out, not only for your salvation, but for the salvation of the whole world.

Mercy is the answer to souls who have lost hope and, if they are ignorant before this Grace, cry out yourself for them so that they receive an opportunity to raise their eyes to God and realize that He has always been there with His Arms open, flowing from His Chest an eternal stream of Mercy, which many cannot see.

Allow your heart to know the Divine Source of Mercy and let your soul awaken the devotion, the love and the faith that make it a bearer of this Mercy for the world.


Deepen yourself in the ocean of Divine Mercy, so that, as you pray, this fountain that descends to the world may flow through your being and transform your entire consciousness first and then the whole world.

Consciously deepen yourself in the existence of Divine Mercy and recognize that you are a miracle of this Divine Power; your awakening is a fruit of its action.

Meditate on what this Sacred Mercy means to you and the entire Creation, poured from the Heart of Christ on the cross, emanated by the power of the forgiveness of His Most Sacred Heart. Meditate on this unfathomable source that does not give humankind what it deserves, that acts beyond Justice and transcends this Law that also comes from God.

Meditate on the Forgiveness of Christ, the one that opened the door to this fountain unknown to the human heart until then. It was by forgiving each of His wounds and all outrages committed towards Him that the Lord raised Himself beyond Divine Justice and gave humankind His Love and His Piety, which together were converted into the Sacred and Divine Mercy.

So many centuries have passed and humanity still ignores this powerful fountain. The hearts still have not learned to be merciful, or to ask for Mercy.

Clamor, child, for mercy for the ignorant and ask for the Grace of being merciful as was the One who is, for you, the Path, the Truth and the Life

Let the Mercy for which you clamor convert you into an imitation of Christ and thus make it worth each drop of His shed blood; make it worth each of His wounds, His Cross and the Love that made Him reemerge after death.

Show the universe that the Plan of the Creator is fulfilled in you and, by the merits achieved by Christ on the Cross, live His Divine Mercy.

The one Who teaches you to be merciful and to clamor for Mercy,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph 


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