Friday, November 8 of 2013

Daily Messages

In My Heart is guarded the humble power to heal all things, above all that which comes from the spirit that is wounded and hurt by the claws of this world.

But in that soul that at three o'clock in the afternoon trusts itself fully to My Merciful Heart, I will be able to perform My Miracles of love in the spirit and, in this way, it will reach the inner peace that it needs so much.

But it is necessary day by day to seek the Source of My Mercy, the one that will resolve that for which you do not achieve resolution; My Heart lives and works through the Love of God, that which you in this time must seek in prayer and in charity to others.

In this time of Mercy, the universe takes part in the encounter that each soul may have with My Infinite Mercy; in this way that which would seem impenetrable or difficult to resolve will be resolved only when the soul has merged its inner consciousness in the Source of My Wonders.

I come every day, at this most important hour, to give evidence of the redeeming power of My Heart; which hopes to receive comfort, love, prayer and reconciliation from all of those who seek My Eternal Light, inside the night humanity is passing through.

Be firm and do not surrender for anything, because whoever is in Me shall not perish.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in the ocean of My Divine Mercy!

Christ Jesus