Friday, May 24 of 2013

Daily messages

The one who has the courage to open the wings of the heart will be able to get quickly to My Kingdom of Peace and Redemption, because the soul that day by day surrenders itself to Me by means of merciful prayer will receive the precious gifts of My Sacred Heart.

In this time the flocks will be only one because through them I will always intend to prodigiously share My Graces of Love and Mercy. That heart which at three in the afternoon opens its door to Me will be aided by My Spirit that comes from the Universe as an immaterial and divine presence. In this way It will erase from the memory of its soul all of the sufferings caused to My Merciful Heart.

But My Grace that comes from Heaven and from the Kingdom of God descends all of the days at three in the afternoon to be multiplied in love, truth and fraternity. My Heart looks for thirsty souls and souls that may still not know the greatness of My Universal Love.

In this time I gather the sheep so that they may graze new laws, very close to Me, at My side, without losing sight of the path of redemption that each one must go through in this world.

For this My Sacerdotal Spirit comes again from the Universe to free from sin all of those who may open themselves to recognize that the Son of God is near and that He will arrive at each one of your lives to unite you again in Peace and in Love.

Something that this world lacks today, the world that God perpetually contemplates, is to live in the Love of My Heart, something important that humanity forgets about. If you live in this love, the alliance that must exist between My Disciples will be able to be materialized in the same way that I created it between the apostles.

My dears, today I gather you and I come to your Prayer Gathering to open the doors of your hearts because this will be the way for this final time. Open the doors of the heart, in this way your spirits will be redeemed and they will find the safe path towards the victory of My Light.

Tirelessly unite yourselves to the indispensable hour of My Mercy because once more, through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, I will be able to liberate from hell many who live there perpetually for not having met love and for not having accepted My Redemption.

I belong to you in Heart, Soul and Divinity and I give you, for the beginning of these journeys of prayer, My Peace and My Mercy in the hope that soon may blossom within you the fruit that I have left to you, a fruit that will flourish in the spring of My next coming to the world.

May Peace be the shield for you and may faith soon transform you.

Go ahead, My companions!

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for sharing My teaching from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


And whenever you feel a lack of consolation or feel perturbation, confusion or disquietude, repeat with full trust and love towards Me:

Lord Jesus,
Only and Favorite Son, Christ Redeemer,
keep me in Your Heart
for all Eternity,
and liberate from my heart all evil,
in Glory to the Universal Father.