I come to this part of Argentina to institute again the Principles of God that the souls of this place of the nation must live.

I come to banish certain capital powers that have made so many consciousnesses objects of evil.

Because of that, as Co-Redeemer I come to this part of Argentina and return to My beloved Marian Center of the Holy Spirit to be close to My children and to give them what they need to keep taking the steps of faith towards Christ.

I wish by all means, spiritual and divine, that my sons of this region of Argentina, came out of spiritual mysticism, that they opened their eyes and feel in their hearts the true and only Brotherhood, the one that comes from the Universe and permeates with Its Light this part of Argentina.

I come to gather the lost ones, to the searchers of something greater, the ones that have forgotten God within their inner self.

With all of them I will make a new flock so that, recognizing on their paths the footprints of Christ, they may consecrate again to the Plan of the Creator.

This mission that God has commissioned Me has just begun.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

You Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Commune of Luz-Saint-Sauveur, the Hautes-Pyrénées, France to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Receive in this hour all the Strength and Love of God, in order to overcome the tests, definitions, and unexpected events.

Receive in this hour all the Trust and Grace of God, in order to carry forward His Plan in a world of chaos and abysses.

Receive in this hour all the Faith and Wisdom of God, in order to step by step, materialize the Divine Designs and make of each moment an opportunity for redemption.

Receive in this hour all the Intelligence and the Science of God, in order to manifest at each stage, the Will of the Creator and thus allow hundreds of souls to be benefited by this action of service and charity.

Receive in this hour all the Life and Regeneration of God, in order to express the spiritual and inner healing that this race sorely needs.

Receive in this hour all the Mercy and Peace of God, in order to gather together the self-summoned from different schools, experiences, and paths, and in this way manifest the new flock of the Lord for these times of definition.

Receive in this hour the Unity and Fraternity of God, in order that the Plan of Redemption may be carried forward for this world and all humanity, so that higher Love and the inner and definitive union with the Consciousness of the Father may be experienced. 

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses and protects you always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The New Prophecy

Its foundations are made of covered stone, but in essence, there is nothing that supports it.

Its high columns elevate the apparently conquered power, clearly forgetting that God is the one who has the Power.

Its heart is lined with gold and shows all the beauty that is not from Heaven.

It shows its supposed justice, but inside its temple, the truths are hidden from the great vastness of its people.

The sacred Name of God is used in order to carry out its works.

But who will awaken ahead of time in order to be see the reality and not the appearance?

The Eyes of Fire observe its actions and the majority fall into a sort of trap of surprises. Faith is put into play and it is necessary to find the truth.

It emanates water so similar to a fount, and the thirst for light and love is so great in souls that all of them run, half blind, in search of a solution.

Because of this, few know that not all is right, just, and healthy.

The temple is going to be removed, and its faithful will feel it, but the majority will remain hypnotized by what is external.

It will be difficult to defeat this power; it grew so much after the trust granted by Christ. But as from the actions, the paths completely deviated.

Who will correct the mistakes of whole centuries?

For this reason, the Father observes with Mercy and only trusts in those who live His Truth and do not distort It.

Many are the shepherds who are responsible for entire flocks, but very few do what the Lord has taught them.

With their hand they take up the shepherd’s crook, but they do not know how to guide the flocks on the path of faith.

The temple is so similar to a coin, it has two faces: one of fire, and another of gold. On it is written a story of the past that, at last, must be purified.

Its steps are as confused as the soul that does not know how to walk or to find its direction.

No one has managed to oppose it; it is the mother of the apparent “peace”. But its works are not luminous or real.

Many will cry for having had their faith bought. Thus the divine Scepter of Light will strike so hard that its structures will move, just as the earth moves in an earthquake.

Despite its most acute phase, the Lord places His Divine Hand on the one who is just and simple, but who in all must keep silent in order that his people not be shocked.

The Father will give him the strength to move forward; his name is poor and this will protect him. From him the strength of the very Christ will be born in order to purify the temple and all its kin.

The greatest suffering will be to know the Truth, and as it was said, not one stone will be left upon another.

Even in the times when Christ is returning, all unfaithful foundations will move, within and outside the consciousness.

In the next dawn, the Sun, the Aurora, and the Light of Love will show themselves to the crystalline hearts, and they will show themselves to the opaque and perverted hearts that are ruled by spiritual ambition.

In order for love and the good to be fulfilled, the Mother of Heaven comes to intercede, but now under the command of Divine Justice, which will correct the events of the past.

It will be the moment in which each soul, and each life, will know where it has placed its faith, and in whose hands it has placed it.

Blissful will be those who will, above all, have been able to place their heart in Heaven, and unhappy will be those who will remain on the surface of the events.

The Lord sends His Servant to save the faith of thousands of souls, because the adversary still continues working.

Wise will be those who pray, because they will possess discernment.

Illuminated and clear will be those who always seek humility.

Holy will be those who have divine compassion for their brothers and sisters.

Nothing will be perfect until Christ returns, Who will finally govern in sovereignty, and the power will be taken out of the hands of humankind.

The simple will experience hope, and in spite of events, will be able to remain in the inner light.

In this way, all will become aware of the true request of Christ, His House is poor, and not lined, within the heart of the humble.

And all will see the coming of the House of the Light from the Universe, and will know that their dwelling places inhabit the subtle worlds.

Lastly, the old keys will be removed and the angels will show human beings who has the Keys of the Heavens.

Meanwhile, let us pray, until the Night Sky announces the sign of this forthcoming moment.

Your Celestial Mother will dry the tears of those who will strike their chest for having trusted in humankind.

But Christ will bring the joy of being able to live and feel Him vividly, above all appearances.

The time has come for the true apostles of silence to give testimony of the Kingdom of God to those that cannot manage to see It.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who prays together with you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate, dear children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the mistakes of the world and by all the sins of indifference and omission.

Contemplate, dear children, My flagellated Maternal Heart, and see how much weight It is carrying to help to transmute humanity.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart, and relieve It from all the offences that souls of the world commit towards God.

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by seeing the priests of My Son in a deep indifference and pride.

Who will guide the flocks of My Son?

Contemplate My Maternal Heart flagellated by all the bad thoughts emanated by those who have closed their hearts to the Love of God.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart full of thorns of ingratitude and evil generated by the souls that commit themselves day by day with My adversary.

Contemplate, My children, My Maternal Heart flagellated by the actions of power over life, unfairly performed by humanity and by the ones who are most conscious.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart carrying the weight of the mistakes of all those who, in their spiritual illusion, believe that they are doing the right thing and forget the essential, forget Christ.

Contemplate with love My flagellated Maternal Heart and repair It at this time when much mercy will be necessary in order not to awaken the Wrath of God upon the consciousness. At this time, dear children, let us enter into prayer so that everything will be relieved.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and share My pain, so that My cry will stop and My tears can be the most pure offer of reparation for all the bad actions committed.

Contemplate My flagellated Maternal Heart and do not forget to be in Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

To respond to the convocation of Christ means to unite with His Heart and concretize His Plan of Redemption on the surface of the Earth.

That convocation, which is done by Christ, embraces many purposes, in which the majority of souls are invited to participate.

In this time, in which everything is defined, the flocks of My Son are called to graze in new fields, where their consciousnesses and missions can be carried out and expanded, just as the Holy Creator thought.

Thus, dear children, those who respond to the convocation of Christ are able to discover the inner purpose they came to accomplish, for this humanity and for this planet.

The convocation made by Christ, in this time, opens the doors of Grace and of Mercy; and the consciousnesses that follow Him are able to reverse all their errors and experience a special atonement that dissolves all the previous links with evil.

Today, the Lord of Mercy knocks on the door of each soul to call His new apostles, so that they may accompany Him on this preparatory mission of His expected Return.

It is in this way, My children, that Christ comes into the life of each disciple with determination so that the inner consciousness is activated, glimpses its main mission and makes of it a torch that will illuminate its paths to the Kingdom of God.

As your Mother, I follow this moment, in which those that wake up to this truth, essentially discover that they had always been here to take a great step, a step toward the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Holy Adoration; I assemble the flocks of Christ so that they may adore the Lord and glorify Him.

I am the Mother who opens new doors for those who are searching for the path to Infinity.

I am the Mother who solves the impossible and leads consciousnesses towards a single path, towards the path of the Lord.

For this reason, those who adore Christ will find themselves spiritually benefited by the gifts that the Blessed Sacrament always radiates. This mystery has now become the new sacrament for the spiritual life of humanity, which could reverse all the causes that repress the evolution and the awakening of the New Christs in the times of chaos.

I am the Mother of Mercy; I am the One who allows states of Grace to be poured out upon places in which everything would be lost.

I am the Advocate of souls; I am the Intercessor between creatures and God. Whomever lives  Me and feels Me through prayer discovers the sure keys that will open all the doors of Heaven.

This is why My insistence for you to pray and adore is important; in this way, you will be in a spiritual place protected and isolated from the influences of My adversary, influences that will be conveyed to a non-believing humanity more and more.  

Thus, I come again to show you this portal of Adoration so that, beyond every test and difficulty, you may remember in the coming times that Christ, present in the Blessed Sacrament of the altar, will hold you within His Divine Glory, and in this way, you will not be unprotected when faced with any action of the adversary.

The adorers of the Christ-Eucharist shall become happy and fulfilled. Thus, the time has come for you to use the instruments in a proper way, the instruments of Adoration, of prayer, of Confession and the instrument of silence, which is an attribute and a powerful asset the enemy is unaware of because of the constant noise of its world.

Children, I give you the keys; you must open the doors of the temple so that Christ may enter and have a dwelling place within the hearts purified and cleansed by the only celestial truth: the truth of Christic and Redeeming Love.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who unifies you in the essence of the precious Adoration of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The task God entrusts to you is to be fulfilled through love and trust. In this way, gratitude for the Plan of the Most High can be lived and expressed.

Each entrusted task receives a spiritual impulse that is capable of helping to bring internal relief so that they may accomplish the Purpose.

In these times, the tasks are profound because they encompass not only the state of consciousness but also some need that is to be resolved in this humanity.

In this way, the flocks and the peoples of God gradually take form through the tasks that must be accomplished with a maturity of spirit as well as an absolute trust in the Plan of God.

Now that the armies are being convoked, the schools of inner instruction are being formed to be able to spiritually respond to the need for the education of all souls.

It will be in this way that Christ will count on a certain number of armies to concretize the mission of His Return.

For this, there is one premise to be accomplished: constant effort.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who contains you and loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace



Cling to My Cross and do not tire of sustaining it, My Pure Spirit will give you the strength that you need to be able to follow My Path.

I promise to My valiant soldiers the eternal sacrifice and the donation for others; these are the secure keys to live your sanctification.  My Full Redeeming Love today consecrates you, despite the falls and the mistakes; the Lord gathers you around My Most Holy Heart so that you may feel in your lives the hour of My Return.

I promise to My followers deep trials, unreachable challenges and distant goals, but My Divine Mercy, which is perpetual and glorious, will be the engine of life that will propel you to walk by My side despite it all.

For this cycle I come in search of all of those that have said yes to Me despite what has happened, I come in search of those who have given Me the sacred permission to banish from life the pride that blinds and the vanity that condemns, because behind the imperfections of the beings, is found the Infinite Temple of God.

I come to reconstruct that which in this life you have demolished by your human actions; I come to search the essences that have offered themselves to form part of My Sacred Flock.

In this hour of world transition for humanity and for all the hearts, I come to convert you definitively to My Path.

For this, quench your spiritual thirst in My Gospel and that through My Word you may find the path again.  The times will not be easy for anyone, but I always, when I see you fall or already fallen to the ground, I will lift you and I will take you by My Hand to the House of My Father.

Rethink for your lives the experience of My Life in your lives.  The hour is indicating the accomplishment of the call and the offer that many have made to My Heart.  Do not fear suffering, do not fear loneliness, and only when you open the door of truth for Me, I will be in the silence and in your hearts.

My Mercy is directed as a powerful ray over the Community of the New Earth and for having honored and glorified the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Eternal Father has sent Me to help you through My Trusting Love.

Dear Friends of Mine and My little ones from New Earth: Go ahead!  Continue gestating in your hearts the powerful symbol of the Child King; your works and continuous charities give joy to the Heart of God and they repair all the outrages that the great part of the world commits day by day.

The Unfathomable Source of My Divine Mercy will always be your shield against all evil, because today, in joy and in honor of your offer to God, Jesus Christ, the King of kings, also consecrates this community of precious souls to the Sacred Heart of Christ, by saying:

It is All for You, Lord

Father, because of My Passion,
souls have resurrected to Your Divine Spirit.
Father, because of My Life,
sick hearts have been healed.
Father, because of My Resurrection,
humanity has been saved.
Father, because of My Good News,
essences have not remained alone.
Father, because of My Word, 
many have again found
the path they had lost.
Father, because of My Sacred Birth,
the children of the world have returned to Your Heart.
Father, because of My Sacrifice,
and for having drunk from Your Precious Chalice,
the wounds of the world have been healed,
evil has been overcome by
the Divine Power of My Love
and the emptiness of many has been
filled by the Faith of My Sacred Heart.
I am Your Shepherd, Lord
and I look after your Flocks.
I am Your greatest expression of Love
and I protect Your Soldiers.
Eternal Father,
Today I consecrate all of Your Children
before the Presence and Glory
of the Celestial Altars
so that Your Infinite Compassion
may be poured out as 
a Source of Peace upon all.

Under the Sacred Glory of the Father, the Son and of the Holy Spirit, be blessed.

Thank you New Earth for being born in the simple hearts!

Christ Jesus of Mercy.


May there always remain a great space in your hearts so that My Redeeming Light may be able to enter and prepare a new dwelling for God.

Today with celestial joy and rejoicing I descend in the Spirit of Truth upon these precious hills with the spiritual mission of consecrating Argentina to My Sacred Heart. On this day of Glory the Sacred Hearts will deposit Their Celestial Relics in this place so that a new cycle of Mercy and of Pity may be able to be born in the souls that most need My Spiritual Redemption.

I reunite on this day all of the flocks from different origins and I call them with joy to celebrate with Me the new supper of love and of forgiveness, the supper that will prepare you for My Return, so awaited in all of the universe.

I Pour My Rays of Light upon this Center Consecrated to the call of My Most Holy Mother and I dedicate My special attention to the hearts that with faith and braveness will be encouraged to carry forward the activity of this new space of light and of brotherhood consecrated to the Divine Hierarchy.

My Shepherd Heart is ennobled from seeing the effort of My disciples. Among the tests, challenges and triumphs in the daily life I invite you to walk without fear at My Side because, know that My Steps of light will always indicate to you the moment to proceed or to meditate with wisdom and attention.

Always invoke the power of the Shield of My Heart so that the superior universes may be the guiding star that may illuminate you during the night and may thus protect you. Know that My Heart is with you and that today My Divine Mercy is poured over the whole world, especially upon this, Your Sacred Dwelling of the Celestial Father.

May the Holy Spirit inspire you and may It be your inner guardian.

Under the Infinite Love of God, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My Words in the heart so that they may grow as light in your little consciousnesses!

Merciful Christ Jesus


My pitiful Heart is expanded to the boundaries of the universe to rescue the essences that are lost and especially the souls that are forgotten and have forgotten about Me since the beginning.

My Unfathomable Mercy has pity on the enemies, on those who oppose the accomplishment of My Works in the souls that I have come to awaken at the end of this time.

As I have told you, pray for your enemies and opponents so that the light of the sublime redemption may open a space of love in these consciousnesses, those that have lost the sense of the spiritual life.

In this hour My Shepherd Consciousness gathers all of the flocks that will need to answer to My universal Commands of redemption. Do not fear finding obstacles because they are part of the maturity of the love in your beings. Continue firm without looking behind, with the merciful prayer as a shield and no longer unquiet your hearts.

It is time to transfigure the past for a good future of graces and blessings. My Heart will rehabilitate some of the consciousness that have forgotten about My Confident Heart. Open your arms and say yes to the Supreme Will that the Father is giving to you. In confidence and love continue walking because humanity must redeem itself.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living always in the protection of My Merciful Heart!

Christ Jesus


When your prayers are donated with love they arrive to My Heart as flowers of relief for It.

For this, My brothers and sisters, companions of the long trajectory to the infinite, give Me all that you are and that you are not so that I may transform it according to My designs. Surrender to Me what is good inside of you or that which anguishes your heart because at three in the afternoon My Heart pours the Source that liberates you from sin.

Assume that you will not be able to be anything, but only through Me. Do not be discouraged from your falls nor be happy for your successes because only the spirit of humility will let you know that all must be in the perpetual silence of the heart.

I guide My Sheep until the end of the path so that from there they may begin to walk with Me as apostles in redemption. If My Consciousness had chosen wise and perfect souls what would have been the reason of My coming to the Earth?

I came to the world to liberate it from error and to demonstrate to it that in My Mercy is found the liberation of oneself. For this continue walking in spite of the landslides on the path of life. My Hope for redeeming you will comfort you. Whenever you address yourself to Me, do it in confidence and without fears. I Am the Son of the God of Love, the One who will always understand you and encourage you to transform into something that you do not know because you will be a part of My redeeming Design for the end of time.

Rejoice at being conscious of Me and at knowing that, through My Eucharistic Communion, you will find eternal life.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for remaining in My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus, the Mediator 


On this day of Mercy My Heart irradiates the Graces upon the souls that most need them , principally upon those who have been distanced  from Me.

In this way I gather the essences for the great moment, so that all of them return to unite as one and represent the new redeemed flock, a flock on which I will count for the important hour of My Return to the world.

But now it is necessary to cultivate the seed of inner pacification because this sublime light of peace must serve as an incandescent focus that relieves the perturbation of many inner beings in the world.

By merciful prayer the world will reach peace and the victory of the Kingdom of the Father will be possible by the effort of the little beings who serve the Plan of God.  In this time I call you to inner unity, I call you to the fulfillment of the Divine Purpose in every being, and for the Higher Good of the world.

Now, in this path of prayer that the pilgrims traverse, I call you to proceed through the safe path of faith and love, because in this way many more will imitate your Christic example of evolution. Above all things, remember that now and always you will be in My Heart of Love.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living My message through the love of the heart!

The Merciful Christ Jesus


Blessed be those who pacify the souls in My Name by means of the Divine Mercy because at this time occurs the great miracle of love.

For this go with Me to the encounter of the pilgrim and of the solitary because at this moment My Light will come to the aid of those most in need of My Spirit of Light. I ask you that in this journey My Apostles be the living testimonial of conversion and of redemption because, if it were like this, the path to be travelled would be open and those who that need Me would listen to the love from your words.

In this time the flocks will be regrouped so that they may be conducted towards the stable of the single and true Shepherd. But now it is necessary to go and seek the sheep that are forgotten or that are hurt by the old incomprehensions of life. It is time to unite and not to separate.

It is time, for those who claim to be with Me, to recuperate the most injured sheep or those that are most separated from My Path, because, in the end My Divine Mercy is for all without preferences and without partiality.

My Pure Love defeats error. My Pure Love opens new doors and new opportunities for those who in trust are surrendered to Me every day. It has come the time to reunite those who are lost as souls and those who must, before the new cycle, be in My Sacred Redeeming Heart.

Under the Light of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for being in My Eternal Heart!

Christ Jesus


I come to your encounter every day to remove from your consciousnesses and hearts all of the sins that offend the Great Kingdom of God. It is by means of My Mercy and of your absolute trust that I will be able to redeem you and to forgive you.

Live in this time the path of pacification, of surrender, of renunciation of your own selves. In this way, through this spiritual exercise you will help to awaken from sleep those who live without God and who believe that it all is fine.

For this I Am calling My Flocks: to ask them to live the path of transformation and of consecration to My Most Pure Heart. Through your daily consecration, constant and devoted, you will allow that, by means of yourselves, will be lost the burdens on the path that are like stones for the spiritual life.

In spite of all I need you strong and determined to live the transformation towards the perfect model that your consciousness are building through the passing of the years.

For this My purpose will be to show to some the path and the model of holiness, the path of abnegated service to others and the path of merciful prayer for the majority of My flocks. I am here to tell you that today you are forgiven by My Most Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Heart all of the days!

Christ Jesus, Your Father and Protector Master.

Go in Peace and in Communion with Me.


Many of those who should be together with Me were absorbed by the achievements of the world. For this I count on few disciples to realize My Redeemer Work on the entire world.

Some human eyes are spiritually blind and these, from remaining in a dark night, do not even see My Light that is approaching on the horizon.

I am gathering all of My flocks, those that have answered and those that have not answered Me because My Father will send for the second time His Glorified Son to separate the hard chaff from the beautiful and the good wheat. With the wheat that I may get I will, with My Hands, elaborate the new flour that will give the new Bread of Life for humanity.

In this way those who have persisted in faith to My Call, will eat of the Bread of Life and I will send to the ones who have distanced themselves from God to other points far from the Earth so that, recognizing their sins, they may serve God in reparation, conversion and redemption.

This new flour that many do not know is already being elaborated by My Holy Hands. For this, those who may want to eat of this Bread that will give you the Eternal Life again must search for it in the heart. This flour is the fruit of the wheat that has been well cared from the moment of its birth, well sown and, afterwards, well harvested. These wheat that were born and have been kept twisted by life will receive the opportunity of My Mercy. This will be before the rays of the great sun that illuminates your days radiates the Power of God upon the world, Power that will burn the impure and that will make to sprout again what has remained dry from the bad work of other hands.

For this try to have a pure heart so that the temptations and the rivalries of this world do not submerge you as they have submerged many of My flocks, those that now are sinking without direction and without harbor.

The law will allow you to correct life. Many have forgotten the keys of the Commandments. The time that approaches calls you to inner growth and for this you have Me, because My trust will never fail you, It will nourish you with My Supreme and Good Love.

Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


The one who has the courage to open the wings of the heart will be able to arrive quickly to My Kingdom of Peace and Redemption, because the soul that day by day surrenders itself to Me by means of merciful prayer will receive the precious gifts of My Sacred Heart.

In this time the flocks will be only one because through them I will always intend to prodigiously share My Graces of Love and Mercy. That heart which at three in the afternoon opens its door to Me will be aided by My Spirit that comes from the Universe as an immaterial and divine presence. In this way It will erase from the memory of its soul all of the sufferings caused to My Merciful Heart.

But My Grace that comes from Heaven and from the Kingdom of God descends all of the days at three in the afternoon to be multiplied in love, truth and fraternity. My Heart looks for thirsty souls and souls that may still not know the greatness of My Universal Love.

In this time I gather the sheep so that they may graze new laws, very close to Me, at My side, without losing sight of the path of redemption that each one must go through in this world.

For this My Sacerdotal Spirit comes again from the Universe to free from sin all of those who may open themselves to recognize that the Son of God is near and that He will arrive at each one of your lives to unite you again in Peace and in Love.

Something that this world lacks today, the world that God perpetually contemplates, is to live in the Love of My Heart, something important that humanity forgets about. If you live in this love, the alliance that must exist between My Disciples will be able to be materialized in the same way that I created it between the apostles.

My dears, today I gather you and I come to your Prayer Gathering to open the doors of your hearts because this will be the way for this final time. Open the doors of the heart, in this way your spirits will be redeemed and they will find the safe path towards the victory of My Light.

Tirelessly unite yourselves to the indispensable hour of My Mercy because once more, through the Chaplet of the Divine Mercy, I will be able to liberate from hell many who live there perpetually for not having met love and for not having accepted My Redemption.

I belong to you in Heart, Soul and Divinity and I give you, for the beginning of these journeys of prayer, My Peace and My Mercy in the hope that soon may blossom within you the fruit that I have left to you, a fruit that will flourish in the spring of My next coming to the world.

May Peace be the shield for you and may faith soon transform you.

Go ahead, My companions!

Under the Mercy of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for sharing My teaching from the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Redeemer.


And whenever you feel a lack of consolation or feel perturbation, confusion or disquietude, repeat with full trust and love towards Me:

Lord Jesus,
Only and Favorite Son,
Christ Redeemer,
keep me in Your Heart
for all Eternity,
and liberate from my heart all evil,
in Glory to the Universal Father.




Guard your essences in My Heart because there, in this Powerful Heart, evil will not find you. Do not fear the onslaughts that My Sheep may receive because God will always protect you under the intercession of His Celestial Messengers.

Walk through the path of challenges and sacrifice, those which are presenting themselves to your lives, and together with Me drink from the chalice that in this times I Am serving to you for love and mercy.

May nobody despair, but vigil. May the soul vigil with Me because it is not a normal time and many must awake from the dream that the modernities of the world have woven, as for example the competitions.

The best keys to win the battles are love and prayer, an unknown path for those consciousnesses who still must redeem themselves. Unity will mark the next path to be travelled, for this it will be important to answer in an immediate way to the needs that may present themselves.

Be attentive to those who will try to pass off as My Presence because the Earth, your world, in its totality is in redemption. Sustain with your hands the flag of the victory of My Light and even though the wind of the enemy tries to make you fall, do not fear, call My Name that I will quickly answer to your need.

The time that was written is being fulfilled, for this go to the encounter with the world in a careful and prayerful way so that My Followers may be as transparent as water and as invisible as silence.

I Am with you because the definition of the flocks is already coming. In love prepare My Path of return so that I may soon enter your houses.

Wait for Me because I will come in the silence of the night.

Under the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for interiorizing My words in the heart.

Christ Jesus, the Consoler. 


Remember My companions that all of My Flocks are brothers and fraternal hearts that respond to the call of consecration to the Most Holy Heart of Jesus.

For this, today open your hearts in humility and joy to each one of the tests that My Heart manifests to you; tests of faith; tests of true love; tests of compassion, of service and of surrender.  In each test you will find the powerful joy of learning and of growing with consciousness.

I am accompanying your inner movements and, as the Eternal Heart of God, I open to you through My message the pious door of the Kingdom of My Father, because in love you shall enter into the Source of His Compassion.  The times warrant changes and divesting of the consciousness in the same way that I saw Myself divested before being nailed to the Cross.

I want that you learn to live the law of silence in order to be able to reach the sublime action of neutrality and of peace.  In each action in which you are participants a part of the immature consciousness sees itself affected; for this, discover that each test of life will be a secure confirmation in your path to the Lord.

Under the Love of God, be humble and good every day.

Thank you for listening to My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus


If you call me by My Name, My Merciful Heart will be present amongst you.

If you adore Me as a Sacerdotal Consciousness in the Eucharist, My Redeeming Heart will redeem you and free you from sin.

If you call Me to enter your house, I will do so because you will be opening the door so that My Heart may dwell perpetually amongst you.

Dear ones: if you are in My Universal and Celestial Fire, My Most Sacred Flames will burn everything that does not form part of the Good and of the Light. When you purify the body, the feeling and thought, My Wonders accompany you to relieve your transition until the total transcendence of self.

I do not return to give you suffering, this I have already lived for you and I know that pain is still not liberated from the heart of people. But My Fire purifies you, at the same time It consecrates you as souls worthy to live in the Kingdom of My Father.

My Source is another of the glorified gifts that My Father has conceded to Me in order to baptize in My Love all those who have committed themselves with Me for this final time.

I Am the Vigilante, I Am the primordial Guardian of all of the Christic essences. Do not fear in this time for what you may be seeing of yourselves. This is what I give you, My friends, the true face of what My sheep are.

For this I come back, I come back between clouds, rays, stars, lights and suns to demonstrate to the world that the Son of the Man is who complies with the Highest requests of the Creator. I take between My arms your hearts and I contemplate you with My only aspiration, which is that you, in simplicity, reach Eternity.

My Kingdom, the one which was announced, is near, more than all of My Flocks may imagine. First will come the Holy Spirit which will prepare in wisdom the soldiers so that they may face the battle between Heaven and the Earth.

All will be healed, even the smallest particle created by My Father.  At the end all will be redeemed and consecrated through the centuries of the centuries to My Holy Lord.

Be encouraged by the presence of My Heart, live all of the days in My Redeeming Law.

Under the Grace of My Father, be merciful.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

At the end of the daily message the Master opened His Arms and radiated towards those present an intense light of love and said: “I know that still not all understand the commandments, for this I tell you that My Beatitudes are Commandments too”.

At this moment Master Jesus transmitted the following prayer: 

Prayer to live the Commandments of the Lord

May the Laws be the manifested life between Heaven and Earth.

May the Law of the Divine Purpose
permeate our cells with light.

May the Celestial Laws
be an expression of the laws on Earth.

May I consecrate myself everyday to the Highest Law of God.

May the Holy Spirit
be the path to live the Sacred Commandments.

Through the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus,
may our souls find the living of the Divine Laws.

May humanity be redeemed and forgiven
by the Merciful Law.

In the Celestial Father,
may we live forever the Eternal Law of His Grace.


Christ Jesus, your Eternal Lord.



In My Kingdom, a Kingdom that is not from this world but from the Universe, there is neither sadness nor suffering but there is joy, peace and eternity. This will be My Promise, the one which I will accomplish with the flocks after My second visible coming to the world.

While you are learning and growing up in the world by means of tests and confirmations, affirm your lives inside of My Heart, feeling it, loving it, adoring it, reverencing it as the Most Holy Heart of Redemption.

Now, before the changes in the consciousness of the whole world, the enemy mobilizes its cunning to tempt My Flocks with other food. But facing this cycle, some mature sheep will assume the care and the protection of the other flocks because, from their humility and surrender, they will be fulfilled by the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will give them sight to be able to discern; the wisdom to be able to comprehend; the understanding to be able to have intelligence, and the peace to be able to be all the time in the Love of God and in My Sacred Heart.

Still, the definitive battle has not started, and humanity will be responsible to give an account before the universe for all that it has done. But whoever is inside love and makes an effort to be alive in the Love of the Firstborn Son, will have enough strength to sustain the helm of the boat that will take all of the flocks through a new path of consecration towards the Promised Earth.

For this may no one loose courage in following Me, even more, that for this new time that has already started, may you unite your heart with Mine, so that we may be One in My Father, without separation nor differences.

Gathered at the end of all at the table of the New Supper, the Apostles of the new time will congregate My Followers in love and for love to form those that in My Instruction will take the word of Life, the word of Healing, the word of Redemption, words that will redeem the Earth by the simple and wise examples of the Apostles that will live firmly in Me.

With them I will be and through them My Shepherd Priesthood will be recognized before My Return to the world.

Under the Love and the Grace of the Father, be blessed of heart.

Thank you for meditating on My words with the heart!

Christ Jesus. 


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