Wednesday, August 21 of 2013

Daily messages

I come to your encounter every day to remove from your consciousnesses and hearts all of the sins that offend the Great Kingdom of God. It is by means of My Mercy and of your absolute trust that I will be able to redeem you and to forgive you.

Live in this time the path of pacification, of surrender, of renunciation of your own selves. In this way, through this spiritual exercise you will help to awaken from sleep those who live without God and who believe that it all is fine.

For this I Am calling My Flocks: to ask them to live the path of transformation and of consecration to My Most Pure Heart. Through your daily consecration, constant and devoted, you will allow that, by means of yourselves, will be lost the burdens on the path that are like stones for the spiritual life.

In spite of all I need you strong and determined to live the transformation towards the perfect model that your consciousness are building through the passing of the years.

For this My purpose will be to show to some the path and the model of holiness, the path of abnegated service to others and the path of merciful prayer for the majority of My flocks. I am here to tell you that today you are forgiven by My Most Sacred and Blessed Heart.

Under the Divine Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for living in My Sacred Heart all of the days!

Christ Jesus, Your Father and Protector Master.

Go in Peace and in Communion with Me.