Weekly Message received on December 4, 2021, in Fatima, Portugal, transmitted by the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, to the visionary Friar Elias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

I ask that, as from today, your lives be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so that I may be able to place them as an offering of consoling love at the foot of the Thrones of God.

Beloved children, to be a rose in the hands of the Heavenly Mother is to sanctify your lives every day through unconditional service and the prayer that emerges like a flame of love and devotion of the heart.

The roses of life are what I need, at this moment, to justify before the Divine Law all the errors and indifferences committed against the Heart of God.

Thus, through constant determination and true commitment, My beloveds, be roses in the hands of the Mother of God, so the Heavenly Mother may have the happiness of being able to intercede, save and rescue all those who endure and suffer at this moment.

If you are roses in My hands, you will be able to transform your life into a life worthy in the Lord.

When you offer Me roses upon My altars, I accept them, because I know that the flowers offered by My children to the Mother of God do not only have the purpose of honoring Me and of recognizing Me.

With that simple offering of bringing flowers to the Mother of God, I, as Servant and Slave, gather that tenderness of My children to pour out that love I receive over the dark abysses of the Earth. In this way, those condemned souls receive the Grace of freedom. Thus, all souls may be freed.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Thirteenth Poem

Most Holy Mother of Truth,
take from our eyes the veils that blind us
so that, freed by You from illusion,
ignorance and indifference,
we may recognize the majestic Work
of Christ on Earth.

Lady of Divine Justice,
lead us to commit ourselves every day
to the Sacred Commandments.

No one, more than You, 
was the obedient example of God
on the surface of the Earth.

Therefore, we supplicate to You, sweet Lady,
make us love each Divine Law
so that our lives may be mirrors
of transparency, fidelity and commitment.

May our emotions not confuse us.

Make us see reality
in each moment of life
so that we may learn
and, thus, the divine gift of Your maternal Wisdom
may descend upon us,
because, dear Mother, we need
to mature and respond as apostles of Christ.

Impel us to seek awareness in everything.

May our responses to the Divine Plan
not be personal or impulsive,
but, rather, may they be responses in accordance
with wisdom and discernment.

May we, now and forever,
be guided by the Holy Spirit.



I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



To manifest My Plan of Redemption upon the surface of the Earth, you must correspond to the Law: "As above so below, as it is inside it is outside."

Think of the concretion and the manifestation of what does not yet exist, which will materialize, because if it is the Will of the Father, it is Law, it is fulfilled in the Universe.

As of now, see the Plan of your Redeemer fulfilled in Argentina and do not think about what was has not been fulfilled.

Each of My collaborators already know that they must help to manifest the Will of God, on the material plane, through the pilgrimages.

It is the burning wish of God to dedicate a special space, during the whole month of August, to Argentina.

God knows how His children of Argentina find themselves and how they are. For this reason, His Love and His Mercy will go towards them so that, in times of tests, they can strengthen themselves and thus remain in His paternal Heart.

But if you, intelligent servers, willing to help the Plan of the Redeemer, from now on begin to use the Law of Correspondence and the Law of Mentalism, that which is in the Universe will manifest itself for the Will and the Wish of the Father to be fulfilled, that the Three Sacred Hearts may be in Argentina.

I thank you for keeping My words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Jesus Christ



Today My Face is full of tears, because I know that My children have not understood the meaning of what My Son said to you yesterday.

For this reason, My crying is in silence and in prayer, so that hearts may open and find the sense of what My Son truly announced.

His words are not transitory. His announcements are not temporary. My children, when My Son speaks, God is speaking directly to each human heart.

The realization of the Work of the Return of Christ is the responsibility of humanity, because it is humanity that is in need of divine intervention.

And as My children did not understand the meaning of the Presence of Christ on Earth, it is for this reason that your Heavenly Mother is crying, knowing that without divine intervention, it is not possible to support the planet, and even less, humanity.

All of those who do nothing will remember this message next time, because the Law will set them in the place where they should have always been.

They are in the same state as Rwanda was when, having heard and participated in the Presence of the Mother of God, years later lamented their most grave tragedy.

Children, reflect, asking for inner light in the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Pain can be overcome through patience and love.

Inner patience is a science that transforms the impossible into the possible, the difficult into something flexible.

Love is still a mystery that can go beyond all limits and all difficulties.

Live patience and love, because you will need to, just as your brothers and sisters will need it when the culminating moments come to the planet and everything has to be defined.

We are already in the last cycle of preparation for these events. Those who have been awakened and attentive to the Hierarchy will overcome all things, no matter how difficult they may seem.

Those who were not interested in everything said by the Hierarchy and tried to refute it, again and again, will know the consequences of their actions. Thus, patience will grant wisdom and love will grant understanding.

The times will be defined through the occurrences in life and everything will be again placed where it belongs, rather than where humankind always believed it should be.

Everything will be modified without asking because the Law itself and divine energy will be that which will stir everything up, for the good of the Universe.

I thank you for keeping My Words patiently in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


At the time of Mercy the most inveterate faults are forgiven, because whenever a praying soul on the surface of the Earth invokes the Divine Mercy, they grant themselves the forgiveness they need in order to enter a new stage, as well as granting Mercy to those who are more distant from God.

At the time of Mercy, justice cannot act, nor van a higher power may intervene, for the authority is absolutely granted to the Divine Mercy. Thus, souls can submerge into that Source so that their sins may be dissolved and they may be washed by the repairing Ocean of the Heart of the Lord.

Therefore, those who invoke Mercy, in spite of the spiritual condition they may be experiencing, must know that they will first receive atonement and forgiveness, as many times as necessary, until they manage to generate merits for their souls and for their spirit.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Equality among Peoples

Dear children,

My goal in coming to Switzerland, in the name of My Son, is to ask the representatives of this country for an act of equality among the richest nations and the poorest nations.

For this reason, I come to donate My Mirror-Heart so that in Switzerland may be reflected the Will of God and not the excessive use of power and superstition of the proud.

I come to ask for a true spirit of charity and of equality, in order to be able to save these people from the path it treads for excessive wealth and the material disorder of life.

Here, and inside this nation, there are souls that have the duty of promoting equality without conditions and a balance for those who do not even have a home to take refuge. 

I come as Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for consideration and attention to My words, before the time comes when no stone will be left upon another stone, just as My Beloved Son has said.

I want to awaken in Switzerland the spirit of self-forgetfulness, so that the souls may learn to see and to contemplate the needs in their fellow beings, in the poorest among the poor.

I wish to leave Switzerland with a hope in My Heart capable of having faith that My children will make the necessary effort to step out of the perverted convenience and comfort.

I need you, children of Switzerland, to make use of the spirit of poverty and of selflessness that the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt offers you, so that beyond your people and your “own world”, you can contemplate the suffering, the hunger and the need of millions of souls in the world, as it happens in Africa and in the Americas.

I know that it will not be born from the leaders, this necessary feeling to perceive and recognize that the Law of God is not being lived here, and even less what My Son taught you.

For this reason, before everything is unleashed, within and outside your consciousnesses, I invite you to live a life of prayer and of dialog with God, so that you can step out of the prevailing illusion of these times, and perceive that it is urgent to change, first stepping out of yourselves to give space and place in your hearts to those who suffer the most, and have nothing.

With this message I call you to reflection, as there is still a little time left to transform what the Universe needs to transform from your people.

I give you thanks for listening to Me, because, as Mother, I love you and I wish the good and the equality for all My children.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt


The balm for indifference: prayer

Beloved children, since the beginning of this Work and before, I taught you to pray, inspiring your hearts to experience  a simple mystery, that because of being so simple and accessible, was incomprehensible to many.

Prayer is simple, but does not stop being mysterious, does not cease to hold an incalculable treasure within itself, just like silence.

Prayer is a shield against evil, but also against yourselves, against all those aspects that are  uncontrollable for you, for it is not with your own human strength and power that you will manage to control and sublimate them. Prayer places you in the Hands of God, as individuals and as humanity, and opens the door for Divine Law to work in your lives.

When I tell you about My sorrows, I show you My wounds and call on you to experience them with Me, I am not offering you a greater burden than you can bear, but rather just prompting you into doing and living things that you are already prepared to do and experience, such as constantly praying.

If you prayed a Mystery every day, many thorns would no longer be within My Heart. If you prayed to the Universal Mother, invoking Her attributes, many of the capital energies that torment you and torment humanity would no longer be within your hearts nor within your minds, because the attributes of your Divine Mother would fill the spaces that today are occupied by vanity, by pride, by indifference and by inertia, which permeate the minds and hearts of My children.

Do not suffer nor feel sad on hearing My Words, for that is a human way of compensating for the lack of effort and sacrifice in your lives. One who truly understands what I say to you takes the rosary into their hands and strives to draw the Gift of Divine Presence into the world.

One who sees the Justice of God on the horizon does not hide from it under a table, but instead cries out to the last second for Mercy, even knowing that they will experience which they need, according to the lesson they chose to have.

My children, with Love I tell you that it is time to live  spiritual maturity; and you will not achieve this with the sorrow of your hearts,  but with the courage and value to attract to the world, through prayer and true transformation, the laws that balance everything that humanity experiences  because  of the permission you constantly give yourselves to the wound the Heart of God.

With simplicity in My Words and with Love in My Heart, I just tell you today to pray. Pray so that God may triumph in you. Pray for him to live this battle.  Pray so that you may find the strength to not be indifferent, distracted and so lost in the influences of the world and distant from God. Pray so as to recognize the Truth, to contemplate in the world what wounds the Heart of God and know how to balance it.

Pray to heal your own hearts and no longer seek in another, or in the world, for the justification of your miseries. Pray so that you may truly know what it is to carry the cross of all humanity with Me, and to live the planetary passion, as My Son lived His Passion on Calvary.

Pray so you may know that life goes beyond what your eyes can see and find your strength in eternity. Pray, My children, because it is prayer, as simple as it is, that will overcome the abysses, will close the doors to evil and will consummate the redemption of the children of God.

Prayer is the balm for the sick in spirit, for the blind, for the weak, for the poor, for those full of themselves and empty of God.

Pray in truth, and in the silence of an inexplicable and unnameable feeling, you will understand the essence of what I tell you today. My rosary will be an extension of yours. As long as you pray from the heart, you will be praying with Me.

I bless you today and always, under the Light of the praying word.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear Children,

While the doors to the Mercy of God are open, in this year of a new Jubilee I invite you to really be able to adopt in your lives acts of mercy to replace the acts of indifference and of rejection in the human consciousness.

As the doors of the new Jubilee of Mercy are piously open for all souls, Your Mother of Mercy wishes to see your hearts full of the Mercy of God.

Dear children, there is still much to be forgiven and redeemed within you; be more intelligent than My adversary and submerge in the ocean of Mercy of My Son in time, so that soon your faults will be more balanced in the eyes of the Law of the Lord.

Truly, I am inviting you to have your souls, day by day, recognize the time of the Mercy of God, which comes to a meeting with a perverted humanity that is distanced from the essence of its true purpose. But if there are more and more hearts that, in repentance and forgiveness, ask for this Celestial Mercy, human pride and arrogance will be replaced by divine and holy humility.

Dear children, take advantage of this moment of important atonement; many things will be able to be repaired through the prayer of the heart, and through your prayers, the Heart of Your Celestial Father will have a reason to help you and set you on the path to the good.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who raises you through the Mercy of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


​​While the Sacred Hearts work tirelessly for this world, the weeping of the most little ones of the Middle East is heard in face of the lack of mercy and of compassion. In the most little ones there exists the spirit of inner purity, this purity and innocence that some try to banish through fear, panic and of perturbation.

It is for this, that the Sacred Hearts of Saint Joseph and of Mary have entered the regions of greater conflict in order to assist spiritually and materially all of the families that live in the sea of desperation and of exile.

Your Heavenly Mother decisively implores to Saint Michael Archangel for Him to place the Creative Power of His sword of Light over those regions and consciousnesses of the planet that provoke the worldwide disorder.

If this comes to pass, the Law will be hard with the ungrateful and the unjust ones, which will not be able to be reverted.

It is to prevent a punishment that could leave a mark in humanity that Your Most Holy Lady of Heaven descends to the world to beg to all of Her children for them to ask for mercy and redemption.  It shall be for the sake of the profound and truthful supplication of the praying ones of the world that a longer period of peace may be achieved.

Otherwise, if the more conscious and awake humanity does not pay attention to the call that comes directly from Heaven, humanity will see much more than blood flowing and corpses decomposing in the streets and in the nations of the world.

If this happened, a kingdom of darkness would be established in the world, but as I know that My Immaculate Heart will triumph, I will come to ask for the life and the surrender of a few servers so that in the Holy Name of Jesus Christ they will balance all of the degenerated causes in this world of today.

This will prevent this unfair kingdom to be established and will permit that the Powerful Heart of Mary may triumph in the great regions of the Earth.  In this way, the Angels of the Most Holy Trinity will descend to the planet to remove the consciousnesses that have opened the doors to evil.

Thus, many will see the great prodigy of the Mother of the Sun in the horizon, a sign that will mark the beginning of the expected one thousand years of peace.  For this to happen, all that seems impossible and exacts sacrifice will be asked of those who gave their yes to Jesus Christ.

It will be in this way that the Work of God will not be lost as the innocent blood that flows in the streets of the world today is lost, and the Work of God shall have its victory through Grace.

I thank you for embracing with trust My important call!

In a vigil of light and of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I would like to tell you, My children, that the situations of the world are precipitating and have no limits, for humanity itself generates the conditions for this to happen.

However there is a part of souls that spiritually struggle to repair the serious outrages that the majority perpetrate, and even though all of this is not enough, the Divinity helps the consequent so that at least a part of humanity may become rescuable and redeemable.

The weight of the spiritual debt of humanity is very great and souls at this moment are suffering the consequences of what the majority does. This awakens the anger of God, which is not a punishment, but rather a supreme fiery tension that tries to stop the descent of the Law, of which the majority of humankind is ignorant.

The events of these end times frame the coming moral and spiritual change of humanity, and what most increases the anger of God is unconsciousness and the way in which planetary life is carried out.

In all this reality, The Kingdoms of Nature also suffer the consequences of humanity. They, being part of the same end, will have an action within the cycle of the great purification.

Mother Nature, who is wise and pure, will show her power to humanity. All this would not be necessary if from the beginning human dignity and the created Kingdoms had been respected.

The consciousness of humanity, My children, is more delayed than the first settlers of the Earth. This causes the Heart of God to shudder on seeing that discernment and wisdom disappear from the consciousness of those who say they are ordering the nations.

For this reason, the Love of God will be able to move through the barriers of that precariousness that today's human being created through their actions.

The new paradise, the New Earth, will be free of all these influences, because the project was that this race should be fraternal and equitable in all states of being; which was changed. That is the concern of the universe in face of the reality of this humanity.

Values do not exist, and if they do, they are all manipulated, which causes the true purpose of the life of the soul and the spirit to be lost, and many souls fall prey of the adversary, which is the main governor of some regions.

Let us pray without ceasing and without thinking, something will have to change, the time indicates this.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Spokesperson of the Universe

Daily message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In this time of worldwide spiritual crisis in the majority of souls, I ask you to seek the harmony of My Maternal Heart.

To find the harmony of My Maternal Heart, children, you must practice silence so that your hearts and consciousnesses may perceive the difference of being near or far from the Celestial Kingdom.

Children, you are a humanity with the potential to be able to develop many things within the Sacred Law of God.

Harmony is what is lacking in all of humanity, which makes it lose its peace, and in a short time, the path of true humility.

While hearts place their lives in the material things of the world, the path of harmony, which is universal, will not be seen by the majority.

Silence and the practice of silence requires the consciousness to think regarding what it will be talking about and to rethink actions that were previously taken hastily.

If at least a small part of humanity does not live the search for silence, it will be difficult for all, at some point, to be able to hear the Voice of the Most High announcing to the world the glorious Return of Christ to the hearts of the simple ones.

Dear children, you are before a reality that can no longer be hidden; the lack of harmony does not allow the laws of healing to approach and souls remain without receiving anything.

Assume, dear children, that a part of this whole Project is in your hands, as well as the responsibility of the planet and especially of the Kingdoms.

Your union with God and His Divine Will will define the end of times. Keep going, in the company of your Heavenly Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you together in the Divine Spirit of God in sacred harmony,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

Dear Children,

As the Mother of Justice, through My requests, I allow you to know the Law of God and the positive effects it has on this humanity.

 In order to find the way to the Law and to live in it, I have taught you, My children, the word of prayer, for the prayer of the heart is a little-known Law. The one who unites to it discovers and knows how to be within the Law of the Creator.

Today, humanity is far from the Law of Balance, of Harmony and, above all, from the Law of Divine Love; all this is a consequence of the fact that humanity creates their own laws and carries them forward, completely ignoring that the true Law is the law of Love and of Inner Unity.

The laws of the Earth dominate consciousnesses and distant regions and this always falls upon the most unprotected. Therefore, as your Mother of Justice, I teach you at this time how you must seek and find the Inner Law through acts of love and charity.

In this way, beloved children, you will be on the way to finding the Laws of God. Remember, dear children, that the first Laws that God gave you through Moses were the Commandments, which in these times are completely forgotten and are not fulfilled.

The Divine Laws persist and act throughout the times, the universes and humanity. When the Laws are not fulfilled and are altered by humanity, the result and the consequence of this is endured.

Through the Commandments that God transmitted through Moses, the whole race was to be educated and prepared to find the way of rehabilitation and peace. Now, when all can see how humanity transgresses the Law, I invite you, children, in a special and immediate way, to live in the Laws of God before it is too late.

The first Law that you must practice and implement in your lives is the Law of Forgiveness and Reconciliation; only with these two principles will you have work and effort to achieve it. And remember, My beloved ones, that your Mother of the Law is always present to help you grow from the heart.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the knowledge of the Laws of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Last weekly Message of the Glorified Christ Jesus, transmitted at the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I Am the Light that exists in places and worlds where there is no Light. I Am the Morning Star of the universe that dispels the gloom.

I Am the One Who brings with Him the essence of Life and Truth, and I hope that all of Mine will one day become that very Light, which defeats evil and awakens the Mercy of God in the world.

While the time of the universe announces new profound changes, We the Divine Messengers are preparing to gather Our Hearts in the Great Heart of God.

But in essence and in pure spirit, We will be with humanity until the end, waiting for the designated moment to help in the redemption of the last souls on the face of the Earth.

While that moment has yet to take place, make good spiritual decisions in your lives, in this way, you will be truly ready and sincere to face the Plans of God, because then, His Higher Source will be able to trust in you until the end.

Your hearts hold the potential for experiencing an unlimited transformation, capable of transcending inner and outer barriers and difficulties.

Through these last times, I have given you the possibility of knowing the path of love and forgiveness, something that must be practiced when the moment of the tribulation emerges throughout all humanity.

Everybody, in due time, will be witnesses to My Presence and My return to the heart of the simplest and the greatest sinners. At that time, you will be the testimony for many, for a great opportunity of pity and Mercy.

But all of this cannot be left behind, forgotten, when the time of giving your own life out of love approaches.

At that moment, I will be by your side to encourage you, in absolute trust, to take the great step for the salvation of this lost world.

Your support will be My hope, your joy will be the power of My consolation, your fortitude will be the gift of My faith, your immediate step will be to die for Me and for your brothers and sisters.

When this time comes for everybody, each being will be able to understand and clearly know how much they have worked by My side, and how much they have, without fear, given to Me, so that I could transform their being.

The times are indicating a different moment.

Your attention and silence can be the precise keys for understanding the final signs that the universe will send.

May your thirst to experience Me never end.

Let the renewing love that I offer you at each meeting be the definitive mark that will remain engraved forever so that in the great moment of My return I am able to recognize you as My apostles rather than My executioners.

Love the Law of God, even though you do not understand it; this will protect you from yourselves.

My Rays are poured out upon the just.

In the Peace of the New Time

Jesus Christ, Solar King

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón:

During the Vigil of Prayer of December 24, 2014, at the Marian Center of Aurora, Our Lady announced that the new cycle of monthly Messages of Christ Jesus will be carried out through a program on the third Friday of each month; it will be called "The Sacred Call".

Today, during the last weekly Message of Christ, the Master again announced that, in the coming cycle of His monthly Messages, the program will be called "The Sacred Call."

Monthly Messages
Message for the annual Apparition in the Marian Center of Aurora, transmitted by Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

I am the Aurora that shines in the life of all beings. Those who search for Me will never perish, will never have their heart involved by darkness, because they will always open the doors for My Light to enter.

I am Fire, that comes from the Divine Fire, that restores and transforms the beings. Those who followed My steps can give testimony of the Power of My Heart. In the world there is not one who has repented after having opened their arms and their heart to My transforming Power.

I am the victory of the fallen hearts and the path of those who are lost. I am the treasure of those who are poor and the healing of the sick. I am the Mother of all the beings and in the world there is not one who cannot reach Me.

My children, resound My Words in the hearts of all beings! May those who do not feel me and do not find Me open definitely the doors of their heart.

The Divine Law allowed me to reach the world and to convert the beings, establishing peace and instituting the Divine Purpose in this planet.

After seven years of instructions, I want you to deepen your contact with Me and that you walk with more determination to My Heart. I want you to contemplate with attention My Words, delivered throughout these years, and see with joy that they have become life in each of your beings.

Go and be living witnesses of My Presence in the world. May, when they see your redeemed faces, the beings of this Earth lose the fear of following the steps dictated by God.

My beloved ones, the world still profoundly fears entering into this path, because darkness gained the heart of many beings and tied them to the pleasures and illusions that it could offer. Do not fear cutting these ties with the past. Do not fear forgiving the mistakes and erasing from your lives all the mistaken actions that you made by ignorance.

My children, the lack of forgiveness of all the past is tying the heart of My servers so that they cannot enter into a new archetype of life.

Know that the Water of Life has already been shed upon the beings. The merciful Blood of My Son enters day by day into your cells, His Glorified Body merges with your bodies in redemption through the Sacred Communion. Therefore, erase from your memories what has gone by and allow yourselves to be reborn to a new time of humanity.

Do not remember the past, afflicting your hearts for all the mistakes committed, but, yes, elevate your consciousnesses to a new experience to which the Sacred Hearts will lead you and through which you will be able to find a new future.

The time of the Return of My Son is already coming, and, with Him, the opportunity to return to the Origin and to take with you the Christic and universal Love.

My children, today I decree before God, by the Authority He has given Me, that a new life must be lived by the beings of this world and, by the Majesty of My Son, I erase the past of the creatures who cry out for redemption and I tell them to place, now and forever, their hearts and their fixed eyes on the purpose to be reached.

It is time to awaken the New Christs in the universe, it is time to live redemption definitely. I open the doors for you.

Which of you will enter?

I await for you to be able to respond to this new call.

I love you always and bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Message for the Apparition of Mary, Mother of Reconciliation and Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías

Beloved children,

My maternal request was announced yesterday for the spiritual emergence of the communication network Misericordia María. This project, which is not a earthly project, but a spiritual project, will attempt to reach the hearts of the homes in a fraternal, ordered and peaceful way, because the purpose of Misericordia María will be to open the doors to all souls so that they may hear My Message and the Message of My Son, Jesus.

You must have asked yourselves: why will the Celestial Hierarchy need to transmit Its Words through a means of communication? Because of the planetary urgency, the lack of awareness about the events in humanity, the need for peace and prayer in homes, the constant union with God, and mainly because of the redemption of the souls that in these times are linked to the networks of evil. It is a reason and an aspiration of My Immaculate Heart that My Kingdom of Peace may obtain victory over the world before the glorious arrival of My Son.

But this project of My Heart is a timeless project, this means, My dear children, that the Celestial Hierarchy will communicate Its Words and consequently pour out Its Graces for an undetermined time, because the Father has asked us, the Celestial Messengers, to do everything possible so that a great part of the consciousnesses of humanity may withdraw from modernities and enter, through this project, into experiencing their own redemption.

Misericordia María is an archetype of more direct and advanced communication that will operate through celestial principles, which will protect the development of the task, and this will avoid the influence of the external realities towards the task.

I mean, dear children, that Misericordia María will not be a broadcaster similar to those that exist nowadays in the world and those that confuse souls. This project will directly reach the most profound nuclei of the inner beings through the work of the Holy Spirit and thus, it will cease to be something superficial and material.

All that the Celestial Hierarchy requests, we communicate with a high degree of love and wisdom to prevent those who receive the call from interpreting it or becoming confused.

For the first time in the History of humanity, Heaven asks, through this call, for a project that is little understood by the consciousnesses. But Misericordia María will have the foundation of prayer, fasting, and the loving surrender of those who are willing to carry the task forward, under the vow of obedience and order for this design that My maternal Consciousness is carrying out.

Misericordia María wants to take the Mercy of God to the homes. Therefore, this project of communication will experience principles, to banish from the unconscious of the servers something that this world awakens by mistake such as vainglory, vanity, power and competition among beings.

Misericordia María, through the Christic principles, will gradually liberate these needs of self-realization from the unconscious, and thus it will place the Light of the Divine Kingdom in the hearts.

It will be a task of Misericordia María to repolarize the consciousnesses of the world that have been dominated by the modernity of evil, so that through its impulses, beings may awaken to God, their Lord.

Misericordia María will be the heart of the Heart of Mary, which will lovingly beat to transmit impulses of fraternity, healing and forgiveness, which is what the present humanity needs.

The Christic principles of Misericordia María are the following:

1. Transmit the true and healing love of the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

2. Approach the consciousnesses and the souls to the saving Message of the Sacred Hearts.

3. Rescue for everyone, the value of the Creation of God through the care of all Kingdoms.

4. Unite the groups of prayer under the same Divine Purpose.

5. Be a bridge of redemption and forgiveness among families.

6. Fraternize in the whole world through the devotion to the Sacred Hearts.

7. Express the pilgrims' experiences of faith as an inner testimony of conversion.

8. Liberate the unconscious of humanity from the influences and deceits of evil.

9. Generate in the consciousness of the whole world the consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

10. Train those who awaken as soldiers of prayer.

11. Build among pilgrims the Love of Christ.

12. Activate in the consciousnesses the importance of responding to the call of God.

13. Establish within the hearts the spirit of humility and peace.

14. Eradicate suffering through the union with the Divine Mercy.

15. Congregate groups of prayer so that they respond to the call of planetary prayer.

16. Awaken in the souls the true devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

17. Close the uncertain doors of the enemy in the homes, so that the celestial doors may be opened in the hearts.

18. Create a perfect unity between souls and the universe.

19. Gather the presence of the protecting Guardian Angel among the souls.

20. Be conscious of the importance of living in the Law of God.

21. Be a link between homes and the Immaculate Heart.

22. Generate a peaceful response in all beings.

23. Elevate the realities of families towards the spheres of prayer and harmony.

24. Support those who try to pray every day.

25. Accompany, like the Most Holy Mary, the soul that awakens for the first time to the call.

26. Convert human pain into spiritual healing and redemption.

27. Be the shining sun of the Heart of Mary so that all may recognize Her.

28. Work tirelessly for peace in the world.

29. Serve the Plan of God above all things.

30. Illuminate the spaces that are dark.

31. Reconcile the souls in most need with the good of Christ.

32. Merge the hearts in the Presence of the Sacred Hearts.

Dear children, these principles will allow My Marian project to be fulfilled under the protection of My maternal Light.

I thank you for supporting and collaborating in this call!

Mary, Mother and Queen of Reconciliation


While humanity is still looking for satisfaction in life, My Maternal Heart calls all souls to the new and last flock of Christ.

As mediator before the souls that have found the spiritual path towards God, I want them to be able to help other souls that quickly deviate from the path of faith and from the Love of God.

Therefore, My children, I ask all praying beings today not to waste time and to pray with much aspiration towards the Heights, waiting for the Infinite Mercy of My Son.

I expect from My soldiers the awakening of their consciousnesses and that they offer themselves to collaborate so that the greater part of humanity be able to live some more time of peace. And as time goes by fast, I ask that you pray with the heart, attentively, so that something may be able to change in humanity.

Dear children, pray, pray, pray and pray! Pray with the voice of your hearts so that the Pity and Compassion of God may touch the hearts that have separated themselves from the Law of the Lord.

Remembering the teachings of the Commandments of Moses, today I ask you that you have them present in your lives as the first basic rules for a good child of God.

Dear children, throughout time humanity has been called to change from the heart; therefore may you open your eyes and see the Merciful Light that My Immaculate Heart is radiating to all.

I remind you of the importance of living in fidelity to My Son so that your hearts may be guided and may be protected in these final times.

I thank you for responding to the voice of My call in these times!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


On a day like this 11th of August, but in the month of February, 1858 in Lourdes, My Immaculate Heart brought to the world the Universal Mantle of Healing for all of My children. I asked My daughter Bernadette to dig a spring so that all the generations would be served from it, in the loving union with God that all souls must seek.

Today I accompany you, as I have been doing for five years, and in these times of great definitions, I contemplate you and I only ask you to be inexhaustible sources of prayer.

Dear children, the world still has not prostrated itself at the feet of the Creator and, as the Mother of the healing of the soul, I ask you to keep praying, praying with the power of love from each one of your hearts. This will allow the Universe of God to act on all consciousnesses, especially those that need the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Dear children, I invite you in a special way on this 11th of August to convert your lives into a state of prayer, into a new proverb of Light that may be radiated to humanity.

I conduct you through the new paths of the shepherds, shep- herds that you must love and respect, because My Son has elected them to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Dear and little children, the time is coming to unite what the consciousnesses of all My children have separated throughout time. The only reconnection for all the souls is the Divine Heart of My Son, because it is in My Son that you will be able to find the Peace and the Forgiveness of God, which many need.

Humanity continues along the path of the offenses and this has repercussions on the life of the spirit. This is why, as Inter- cessor of all souls, I call you to pray with the heart so that more Light may be ignited in those who walk through darkness.

My Son is the Light of the world and you are potential sparks of the eternal brilliance of His Sacred Heart.

My children, it is time to raise your arms and cry out for Mercy through prayer so that the whole Creative Universe may be able to transform all that humanity still does not manage to change.

Know, all My little ones, that you are in the last time of Mercy, and as it was announced by My Son to the world, the time for Divine Justice will come. Love the Law to be able to love the Universe of God. Remember the commandments; renew your vows with the Creator.

I guide you and I place you near My Son.

Do you accept the coming of His Kingdom?

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

Only find refuge in the House of God.
Only wait for the coming of My Son with joy.
Only await in prayer to find peace.

Dear children,

Today I call you to revere God, the Great Creator of the Universe. Each new day must be a praise to the Lord because in this way your lives will be partakers of His Law of Love and Forgiveness.

My children forget the Eternal Father. Today I remind you that you must always return to the Universe elevated, as souls, through prayer. Wait with joy for the coming of the Messenger of God, the King of the Redeeming Love, My Glorified Son, because while waiting, you are opening your hearts for the new that comes from Jesus.

Revere the Creator as a Path of Consecration of your lives to the Will of the Father. Know, My children, that in each act of reverence you will be praising God and in this way you will form part of the harmony that the world needs and has lost because it forgot to praise the Creator.

Today I invite you to remember this act of reverence because it will lead you to live in the devotion of the heart, a pathway that opens to the encounter with faith.

Dear children, if humanity loved God the Creator, the plans would already be different. As a Mediator, I want to make you discover His Love in each one of your hearts. It is time to recognize that without Jesus, you will not be able see the path clearly. Jesus is the vision that, as Light, illuminates life in order to redeem it. And for this to happen, it is important to pray with the heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


.I come to you to give My Message of Peace for those who suffer and lack Jesus, the Consoler. My Son is eternal consolation because His Spirit heals the souls to redeem them and liberate them from all faults before God.

Therefore, dear children, search today for Jesus, the Consoler, through prayer so that your souls may be partakers of Divine Mercy. Recognize, My children, that without Jesus you will be nothing. He is the power that vitalizes you and leads you to find the spring of love, the unfathomable source of forgiveness that many of My children need.

In this aspiration, raise all pleas to Heaven so that My Maternal Heart may be able to collect them and keep them as a gift in the Eternal Heart of God.

Many of My children expect good times for life. They are the ones who do not change in the heart. Therefore I invite you to prayer, to elevate the thought towards God and thus allow His One and Only Law, the Law of Love, to act on the reality of your lives.

My children, for the new Holy Spirit of Peace to fill your hearts, first you need to erase from them all pain or separation that exists among creatures. You, as praying beings, already know that humanity is very divided before God for the lack of true charity towards others, charity that starts with the emanation of the love of the heart.

Never forget, My little children, that the Love of My Son, which must reside in your hearts, is the Love that will allow you to heal all the past. Follow the steps of My Immaculate Heart.

I thank you!

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


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