Saturday, August 11 of 2012

Daily messages

On a day like this 11th of August, but in the month of February, 1858 in Lourdes, My Immaculate Heart brought to the world the Universal Mantle of Healing for all of My children. I asked My daughter Bernadette to dig a spring so that all the generations would be served from it, in the loving union with God that all souls must seek.

Today I accompany you, as I have been doing for five years, and in these times of great definitions, I contemplate you and I only ask you to be inexhaustible sources of prayer.

Dear children, the world still has not prostrated itself at the feet of the Creator and, as the Mother of the healing of the soul, I ask you to keep praying, praying with the power of love from each one of your hearts. This will allow the Universe of God to act on all consciousnesses, especially those that need the Redeeming Light of My Son.

Dear children, I invite you in a special way on this 11th of August to convert your lives into a state of prayer, into a new proverb of Light that may be radiated to humanity.

I conduct you through the new paths of the shepherds, shep- herds that you must love and respect, because My Son has elected them to proclaim the Kingdom of God.

Dear and little children, the time is coming to unite what the consciousnesses of all My children have separated throughout time. The only reconnection for all the souls is the Divine Heart of My Son, because it is in My Son that you will be able to find the Peace and the Forgiveness of God, which many need.

Humanity continues along the path of the offenses and this has repercussions on the life of the spirit. This is why, as Inter- cessor of all souls, I call you to pray with the heart so that more Light may be ignited in those who walk through darkness.

My Son is the Light of the world and you are potential sparks of the eternal brilliance of His Sacred Heart.

My children, it is time to raise your arms and cry out for Mercy through prayer so that the whole Creative Universe may be able to transform all that humanity still does not manage to change.

Know, all My little ones, that you are in the last time of Mercy, and as it was announced by My Son to the world, the time for Divine Justice will come. Love the Law to be able to love the Universe of God. Remember the commandments; renew your vows with the Creator.

I guide you and I place you near My Son.

Do you accept the coming of His Kingdom?

Thank you for responding to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity