Dear children:

After the coming of My Beloved Son to Argentina, as Mother of all and Lady of Lujan, I come to bless you for the last time.

I will continue praying for you, My children of Argentina. In this way, despite the traumatic social scenario of the country, your hearts may be comforted by the Love that My Motherly Heart offers you at this time.

My beloved children of Argentina, I wish that you carry in your hearts all the impulses you received in these last days, as part of the merciful and compassionate gesture of God for an Argentina that must already prepare itself for the Return of Christ.

Meanwhile, I encourage you, My children, to perform works of charity and good deeds, and to think that every moment of service to those who suffer, you will be doing it as a true act of reparation; thus, violence and mistreatment among the members of the human family may be eradicated from Argentina and hope, strength and faith, which has already dissolved in many hearts, may return to Argentina.

My children, your Mother and Lady of Luján asks you to be forerunners of the hope and joy that the Gospel gives you, because in this way more needy hearts in Argentina will have the Grace to be reborn in love and goodness.

I thank you, My children of Argentina, for having accompanied each of the steps of Our Sacred Hearts.

Go forward, My children of Argentina!

Who thanks you and blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Luján



My dear children of Argentina,

Behold, I AM your Celestial Mother, the Mother of Luján, the Holy Virgin of the Rosary of Saint Nicholas.

Come to Me, My beloved and wounded children of Argentina. I am here and I have returned to console you, to tell you that, as your Mother, I have accompanied every moment of your lives as well as each situation of the country.

Children, take My Hand, I want to lead you to Jesus, in this new meeting with His Unfathomable and Merciful Heart.

Children, open your arms to Me. I want to hold them tight, I want you to again feel the maternal warmth of My Heart.

My children, no longer feel indignation. May the upset be transformed into hope, may the injustice that your eyes see be converted into compassion.

My children, there is no other way out but turning toward God and trusting, because in this wounded and mistreated surface of the planet you will not find perfection nor transparency.

Beloved children, do not allow yourselves to succumb, elevate your voices toward My Beloved Son so that He, filled with Mercy, may guide and lead you toward the Kingdom of His Peace and Silence.

I have come to remind you that I love you.

I have come to ask you to truly pray, because your people needs much prayer, as discernment and transparency have disappeared.

I Am here to support you at this decisive and tense moment of your nation which needs, through faith and trust in the Father, to recover the original principles of its purpose.

Do not forget, My children, all the Sacred Relics that Argentina holds in its deepest core of the planet.

Turn toward that which is true and essential, and peace will return here.

As the Mother of Mercy, I give you My Peace, which is the eternal and unstoppable Peace of Christ.

I thank everyone who made this new and awaited reencounter with My Beloved Son possible. He also thanks you.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

Today My gaze of a Mother turns towards Argentina at a moment in which all My Argentine children face their own individual and group calvary.

As the Lady of Luján, today I come to tell My children from Argentina not to allow faith to fade from their hearts.

I carry the heavy cross of inequality and injustice with you.

I walk by your side, as a tireless and hardworking people who, time and again, gets up from the ground to continue walking.

I pray for all families of Argentina that have lost their loved ones in this time of pandemic and of deep pain.

Dear children, may your example of persistence in prayer become like a great mirror that can reflect, for all your brothers and sisters, the attributes that souls will need at this time in order to face this feared and unknown combat.

Through the opening of the abortion law, Argentina compromised its paths. As Mother of life and of the innocent, I ask you to repent for those who do not repent. This is not because of religion, but because of discernment and wisdom.

Children of Mine, I pray day and night with you; in your homes and with your families.

I am the Mother who will never abandon you because this is the time of purification.

May your faith in Christ never end. Now, the time has come for each of you to take up your own cross and follow Him. 

This is the hour when My Son will know with whom He will truly count on until the end.

My beloved children of Argentina, My Peace is with you and with your entire country.

I am here, and I listen to you. This is the cycle of the great end. Prepare yourselves.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace




My dear children,

Today we meet again in this Pilgrimage for Peace, to unite and elevate our prayers to God so that many more graces can be poured over Argentina.

Yesterday I revealed to you My appeal for Brazil; today I also ask you for Argentina so that your homeland may preserve the values of Christianity, beyond the leaders of the Church and their deeds committed.

I ask you to place your trust in God so that guided by this Sacred Unity that you will have to learn to live, the presence of the Kingdom of God may be established within each soul.

With the presence of God in you, by means of your prayers, children, you will allow that Argentina may be also guided by a true justice, equality and solidarity, attributes that are so necessary to maintain the order and the harmony in the entire Argentinian nation.

But, My children, from you must be born the interest and the inner impulse so that by means of service, prayer and unity, the patronage of the Lady of Lujan may also be maintained, a patronage that some want to banish from the consciousness of the Argentinians.

For this, children, in this cycle in which you are called to consciously assume a life of true prayer for Argentina, I ask you to establish the sacred image of the Lady of Lujan in your homes and in your groups of prayers so that not only your homes may be protected and supported by Me, but also in the Argentinian families, the devotion to the Mother of God may be protected.

In this way, children, with My Presence in your homes and in your families, as Your Mother, I will be able to intercede before situations of great social injustices in your entire nation.

I wish, children, that this love which exists and is kept within each Argentinian heart, that you may offer it in good and in solidarity to the Mother of Lujan so that in Argentina the divine grace and the sacred discernment may never be lacking.

Your country and your government must continue under the protection of the Virgin of Lujan.

Do not allow, children, that the Mother and Patroness of your nation may be banished.

Unite to Me in prayer, and love will win, just as it won on the Cross.

I am beside each of My children of Argentina, waiting for the importance of keeping the Kingdom of God in all this people to awaken in your consciousnesses.

I thank you, My children, for all that has happened in this Pilgrimage for Peace, because the spirit of your homeland is being sustained by the consciousnesses of all praying beings of Argentina; this allows some events over your nation to be prevented.

Do not forget, beloved children, to carry forward the consecration of Argentina to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart every 13th, during six months, because in this alliance between your souls and God, between Heaven and Earth, we will maintain the country in the greatest possible order, in spite of all that may happen.

With an infinite love, My children, I thank you all for having concretized this Pilgrimage, I give you thanks, because it is important to Me.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Lujan


After 101 years, since the last Apparition in Fatima, your Celestial Mother returns to Argentina to bless it and to remind it of the importance of seeking its original purity again so that, within the souls of this beautiful country, may be present the divine spirit of the Grace of God, which will make this entire nation worthy in the Lord.

Today your Celestial Mother remembers the last Apparition that happened in Fatima on October 13, 1917, the place that was a physical witness of the incommensurate Love of God and the descent of the power of the Celestial Universe, through the Miracle of the Sun.

In Argentina, the sacred feeling of devotion to the Lady of Lujan must be reestablished so that Argentina, as a country and as a people, you may count on the spiritual protection necessary for the times of definition.

In a special manner and with fraternal love, today the Mother of God unites two places in the same time and in the same plane so that, especially Argentina, may receive the most potent flow of the Purity of God.

Fatima and Bariloche unite today in essence and in spirit, through My Immaculate Heart, so that, from My children of Argentina, may emerge the absolute trust of being able to accomplish the promising destiny of their country and of their people.

In order for this to be possible during the next six months within each home, in each city and inside of each being, Argentina should re-consecrate to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that the great Advocate of Heaven may intercede for a country with inequality and injustice, so that here the spirit of transparency and of truth may be established; Attributes that will make of Argentina a celestial Motherland.

For this reason, for the next six months, on each 13th, each prayerful heart of Argentina will offer one of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary with the intention of establishing peace in each human heart, just as in each soul of the country, bringing from Heaven to the Earth the attributes of truth, of justice, of love and of brotherhood so that Argentina may follow the sacred aspiration of God of being a people blessed by the Holy Spirit, and it may accomplish the Divine Will of the Celestial Father.

If each prayerful soul of Argentina truly assumes this exercise of re-consecration of the nation to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin of Lujan, the Mother of the Highest will have the permission and the authority, to protect the country from great and unexpected natural imbalances.

Even more, if this re-consecration is offered to the Maternal Heart of Mary for the next coming years, many families of Argentina will be contemplated by the atoning Mercy of God and hundreds of women of the country will be forgiven for having committed abortion, altering those little lives.

For this reason, I come to ask My children of Argentina to resume the sense of their original purity, so that, still in time, the faith of the Argentinian people may be your testimonial of acceptance of the second coming of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with all the love of the Sacred Sanctuary of Fatima,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Lujan

Monthly Messages
Message for the Annual Apparition of the Holy Mary of Aurora, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In glory, joy and celebration, today I gather you in the cenacle of My Immaculate Heart in order to give honor and thanks to the God of Redemption, who has gathered you since the beggining to live within the path of conversion and forgiveness.

Let us give thanks to His infinite Presence in the pure and simple hearts that have heard the call of the Queen of Heaven, of the Holy Mary of Aurora.

Today, the closing of a universal cycle, in the work of the Mother of God with Her children of humanity is fulfilled.

Today, the Heavens open up to find the devout and humble souls that have responded to the call of Peace.

Blessed be all who are present in this Higher Kingdom of Redemption and Love, because on August 8, 2007, Heaven touched the Earth through the blessing of the Universal Mother, and Her attributes were revealed through Her Faces in the cycle of the twenty-two apparitions in August of 2011.

In this synthesis, that I give you today, My dear children, I wish you to be aware of the events that will be kept for a long time after I am no longer be here among you. But I shall not leave you alone. My Immaculate Heart shall be your strength and main reason to go to Jesus, the Christ.

As a mediator and Mother, in the end of times I call you, dear children, to this new cycle, to gather the inner forces of the heart in order to cross the infinite threshold towards the Heavens. There you will be able to live in peace with yourselves and among your families, even though you live in this world that suffers.

On August 8, 2007, I came to establish devotion to the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity in Uruguay and in South America, awakening a deeper devotion for the Mother and Lady of Lujan in Argentina, for Our Mother of the Thirty-Three in Uruguay, and for Our Lady Aparecida in Brazil. My Universal Heart knocked on the doors of the hearts from the Republic of Venezuela through Our Lady of Coromoto in order to rescue the consciousnesses of the original peoples of the Americas, along with the Divine Power of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I have established the devotion to My Immaculate Heart throughout the world, for it is the portal for the salvation of the lost souls who are distant from the God of Love.

Today, dear children, may your inner celebration be deeply devotional and mystical, allowing the Love of God to transform you through My Presence on this day.

My main appreciation is for all My children, believers or non-believers, healthy or ill, happy or sad, who were called to My path of Peace and Redemption of souls.

Today, the light of the Marian Centers shines in a special way in the world, for My motherly Consciousness will appear to Its beloved children who faithfully trusted the Lady of Heaven.

Remember, dear children, that I pray day and night for your missions consecrated to God the Father.

For so much that you have given Me, I thank you, now and always.

I am the Aurora that can dawn within every being.

Peace and Mercy for the whole world,

Your Holy Mother Mary, Lady of Aurora

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