Saturday, October 13 of 2018

Daily messages

After 101 years, since the last Apparition in Fatima, your Celestial Mother returns to Argentina to bless it and to remind it of the importance of seeking its original purity again so that, within the souls of this beautiful country, may be present the divine spirit of the Grace of God, which will make this entire nation worthy in the Lord.

Today your Celestial Mother remembers the last Apparition that happened in Fatima on October 13, 1917, the place that was a physical witness of the incommensurate Love of God and the descent of the power of the Celestial Universe, through the Miracle of the Sun.

In Argentina, the sacred feeling of devotion to the Lady of Lujan must be reestablished so that Argentina, as a country and as a people, you may count on the spiritual protection necessary for the times of definition.

In a special manner and with fraternal love, today the Mother of God unites two places in the same time and in the same plane so that, especially Argentina, may receive the most potent flow of the Purity of God.

Fatima and Bariloche unite today in essence and in spirit, through My Immaculate Heart, so that, from My children of Argentina, may emerge the absolute trust of being able to accomplish the promising destiny of their country and of their people.

In order for this to be possible during the next six months within each home, in each city and inside of each being, Argentina should re-consecrate to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that the great Advocate of Heaven may intercede for a country with inequality and injustice, so that here the spirit of transparency and of truth may be established; Attributes that will make of Argentina a celestial Motherland.

For this reason, for the next six months, on each 13th, each prayerful heart of Argentina will offer one of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary with the intention of establishing peace in each human heart, just as in each soul of the country, bringing from Heaven to the Earth the attributes of truth, of justice, of love and of brotherhood so that Argentina may follow the sacred aspiration of God of being a people blessed by the Holy Spirit, and it may accomplish the Divine Will of the Celestial Father.

If each prayerful soul of Argentina truly assumes this exercise of re-consecration of the nation to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin of Lujan, the Mother of the Highest will have the permission and the authority, to protect the country from great and unexpected natural imbalances.

Even more, if this re-consecration is offered to the Maternal Heart of Mary for the next coming years, many families of Argentina will be contemplated by the atoning Mercy of God and hundreds of women of the country will be forgiven for having committed abortion, altering those little lives.

For this reason, I come to ask My children of Argentina to resume the sense of their original purity, so that, still in time, the faith of the Argentinian people may be your testimonial of acceptance of the second coming of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with all the love of the Sacred Sanctuary of Fatima,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Lujan