Dear children,

After one hundred and two years since the miracle of the sun, the material approach of the Sacred Feminine Consciousness today allows for the rays of the Mother and Empress of the world to embrace you completely, so that all your inner worlds may feel the spiritual protection and support they need in order to go through your acute moment of purification, and the superior rays of the Mother of the World allows the transformation of your consciousnesses and makes them available and open to keep lovingly attending to the situation of humanity.

May the celestial Love that was held in the heart of the little shepherds of Fatima also be held in your hearts, so that you may feel, in this time, trust in God, that which will lead you to make new inner decisions and will place you above yourselves, at the infinite service to others, to those who suffer the most and have nothing.

Today, dear children, upon you reflects, within the internal planes, the same event that occurred in Fatima, by means of the miracle of the sun. But now, instead of the sun shining and turning before your eyes, the inner sun of each being must shine more strongly to be able to illuminate and transmute the obscurity of these times. 

Open your consciousnesses to find the meaning and the reason to be serving and experiencing God, in this crucial moment of the planet, and not of living a common life like that of others.

So, understand, My children, that the opportunities are unique at this moment, and they will not be repeated, like in other times. In this way, you will be before the reality and the truth of being able to recognize that everything in which the Universe gives to you today can never be wasted. In this way, you will be attentive and vigilant so that your own processes of purification do not expel you from the path of My Son, but rather, by assuming with maturity the last and definitive times, you may be adults in evolution and within the action of missions of service and help, assuming, as the Hierarchy does, the moment of planetary turning that the human race is going through.

I encourage you, My children, to take another step, so that other children may have the grace of awakening, as you have awakened. Therefore, today the rays of the sun, that turned and turned in Fatima, come to your consciousnesses to be able to remove hundreds of people from ignorance and from illusion.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Allow the Miracle of the Sun to happen again within you, illuminating the deepest spaces of your consciousness and heart.

Open yourself to live an experience of faith in which the Creator finds the open pathway to transform you.

Allow the Sun of God to bring the Kingdom of His Purity into your life, transforming your thought, your feelings, your intentions, your actions, your heart and your gaze. Allow your essence to express itself in your entire body, in your entire being. Allow the Kingdom of Lys to be within you.

Express truth and gratitude, express the fortitude of silence, the wisdom of purity, the power of prayer. Express the virtue of love, the mercy of a heart that lives in Grace. Allow the Kingdom of Lys to be within you.

Today the Sun returns to shine within those who know that being in Lys with the Virgin Mary will never be the same and will always open a new cycle for humanity.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


After 101 years, since the last Apparition in Fatima, your Celestial Mother returns to Argentina to bless it and to remind it of the importance of seeking its original purity again so that, within the souls of this beautiful country, may be present the divine spirit of the Grace of God, which will make this entire nation worthy in the Lord.

Today your Celestial Mother remembers the last Apparition that happened in Fatima on October 13, 1917, the place that was a physical witness of the incommensurate Love of God and the descent of the power of the Celestial Universe, through the Miracle of the Sun.

In Argentina, the sacred feeling of devotion to the Lady of Lujan must be reestablished so that Argentina, as a country and as a people, you may count on the spiritual protection necessary for the times of definition.

In a special manner and with fraternal love, today the Mother of God unites two places in the same time and in the same plane so that, especially Argentina, may receive the most potent flow of the Purity of God.

Fatima and Bariloche unite today in essence and in spirit, through My Immaculate Heart, so that, from My children of Argentina, may emerge the absolute trust of being able to accomplish the promising destiny of their country and of their people.

In order for this to be possible during the next six months within each home, in each city and inside of each being, Argentina should re-consecrate to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that the great Advocate of Heaven may intercede for a country with inequality and injustice, so that here the spirit of transparency and of truth may be established; Attributes that will make of Argentina a celestial Motherland.

For this reason, for the next six months, on each 13th, each prayerful heart of Argentina will offer one of the mysteries of the Holy Rosary with the intention of establishing peace in each human heart, just as in each soul of the country, bringing from Heaven to the Earth the attributes of truth, of justice, of love and of brotherhood so that Argentina may follow the sacred aspiration of God of being a people blessed by the Holy Spirit, and it may accomplish the Divine Will of the Celestial Father.

If each prayerful soul of Argentina truly assumes this exercise of re-consecration of the nation to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin of Lujan, the Mother of the Highest will have the permission and the authority, to protect the country from great and unexpected natural imbalances.

Even more, if this re-consecration is offered to the Maternal Heart of Mary for the next coming years, many families of Argentina will be contemplated by the atoning Mercy of God and hundreds of women of the country will be forgiven for having committed abortion, altering those little lives.

For this reason, I come to ask My children of Argentina to resume the sense of their original purity, so that, still in time, the faith of the Argentinian people may be your testimonial of acceptance of the second coming of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with all the love of the Sacred Sanctuary of Fatima,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Lujan


May the Sun that once shone upon Fatima now shine within the consciousnesses of each being, and may the Miracle of the Sun now take place within humankind, because the Earth and its humanity, the humanity of this time, must be redeemed and transmuted.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within each heart so that humanity may repent and ask for forgiveness, so that the thousand years of peace may be established in all who aspire to live in the Light of the Kingdom of God.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within the consciousnesses so that their spirits may be touched by the Love of God, and thus the race may participate in that Love, building a new world without hatred and without revenge.

May the Miracle of the Sun now take place within each soul, so that each being on this planet may recognize its affiliation with the Heights and the importance of living His Will.

May the Miracle of the Sun convert the world and elevate its state of consciousness so that it may be a world bearer of peace and justice.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Great Miracle of the Sun

One hundred years ago at the Cova da Iria, in Fátima, Portugal, the last and definitive Apparition of the Mother of God happened, the one which brought to the world the end of a terrible war and a prolonged period of peace. At that time, humanity was on the brink of its own perdition.

Although the message of Fátima was clear and convincing through the revelation of the three secrets of Fátima, the Most Holy Mother warned Her children that a true penance was urgent and immediate, since the repentance of the hearts would grant the world a significant atonement.

The Miracle of the Sun, also called the stellar phenomenon, was the culminating event when, on October 13, 1917, this local Universe, of which this planet forms part, lived a cut in time and space.

The Miracle of the Sun, or stellar phenomenon, consisted in mobilizing great consciousnesses of the Material Universe and Cosmic Regents which allowed, at a planetary level, to put an end to the endless cycle of siege, destruction and of the conquest that humanity was immersed in by the First World War.

This phenomenon, understood by humanity as the constant and random twirl of the Sun, meant the reunion of certain cosmic currents of the Material Universe, that have their bases in the Central Sun of this galaxy.

I would like, dear children, that you comprehend that, if this evolutionary intervention of the Greater Universe had not have happened on October 13, 1917, humanity would have already destroyed itself.

It was necessary, at the universal and divine level, to carry forward this movement of the solar and stellar elements of the Universe.

This allowed to stop, upon the planet and within its humanity, the idea of a conquest and of an unmeasured power, that would lead to the development of other events.

The Miracle of the Sun, or the stellar phenomenon, cleaned and purified the psychic plane of the entire planet in less than fifteen minutes, a time in which the solar and stellar elements that were operated by the Regents of the Universe, dissipated from the ether of the Earth a great quantity of registers of suffering and death that had been generated.

The global Miracle of the Sun, with the meeting of the angels and the Hierarchies, despite having its epicenter in Fátima, embraced the whole planet, relieving it from its chain of great human and terrestrial errors.

October 13, 2017,  was the closing of the mission that your Celestial Mother came to accomplish during six continuous months, in which humanity was prepared to live the Miracle of the Sun.

Even though the Most Holy Mother had announced that if there were not a true repentance a second war could come, worse than the one that was already occurring, humanity was able to know, after the atomic bomb, that it was capable of self-destruction and irreversible damage to itself, even in these current times.

That is why, on October 13, 2017, after one hundred years of My Apparitions in Fatima, your Celestial Mother came to beg the world not to forget to live a deep and true repentance, because this lack of penance in the human beings of today is heading toward ideas and war projects, worse than the ones that have already occurred, it is headed toward wanting to destroy the life and the evolution of the Kingdoms of Nature, as has been happening in the last fifty years, and it is leading to the loss of logic and discernment of the human beings who lead and govern this planet.

I come to ask for the repentance of the heart, so that you remember that there exists only one God present in three persons: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; I come to ask you not to forget to be considerate, merciful and fraternal to one another; I come to ask you to proclaim your faith in the infinite existence of the Celestial Church of Christ; I come to ask that you give the examples, among yourselves, of equality, compassion, love and respect, because, after all the help received, humanity continues to hurt itself in ways never seen before.

As the Lady of the Most Holy Rosary, I remind you, dear children, to pray a Mystery of the Rosary, every day, and that you do not deceive yourselves anymore by exchanging this important prayer for the technologies and their constant problems.

Do so with the heart, and you will see the powerful results of this spiritual tool, that will provide you with peace and the spiritual healing of your lives.

If at least just a few fulfill all these requests, I will be able to continue interceding before the Celestial Father, although the scales are in great inequality. I will go tirelessly, to meet of all My children, and I will be able to help, one by one.

If humanity does not pray and does not stop to think before acting impulsively, a worse crisis will embrace the planet and, as in these days, innocent lives will unjustly pay for the others.

To avoid all this, I come again to ask for the consecration of your lives and homes of the world to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, thus I will triumph, being able to live among you in a true and solemn way.

I thank you for responding to this important call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

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