Friday, October 12 of 2018

Daily messages

Mary Aparecida, Eternal Patroness of Brazil

My dear children,

On this October 12th, in commemoration of Mary Aparecida and as Mother of all races, I invite you, to each prayerful heart, to re-consecrate Brazil to My Maternal and Immaculate Heart, so that Divine Justice, and not the justice of men, may descend, and so that equality and dignity among peoples may emerge for these times so that Brazil may once again be considered the sacred Eden of South America.

Today, more than ever, your Celestial Mother and Lady of Aparecida collects, with Her hands, the prayers of all of Her children of Brazil and of the world, knowing that in these moments of definition and of tests, nothing will remain hidden.

For this reason, in its re-consecration, as Brazilian people to the Mother of God, the patronage of the Lady of Aparecida and Her celestial guard will be once again be established in the spirit of its country and of its people.

With the prayers of My children, I will imprison My adversary so that, in this final battle for the nations of the world, love and hope may triumph in everybody who trusts in God and in the near coming of His Kingdom.

Dear children, the planet and humanity will purify, that is why I invite you to remain in vigil and in prayer, because the most crucial hour is coming and you must not be taken by surprise when everything is unleashed in the world and on its surface.

For this reason, announce all of your faith and your consoling love for the flagellated Heart of the Mother of God, who is offended by the children who want to banish Her from all cultures and all peoples.

It is in the trust of My prayerful children where the Kingdom of the Mother of God will be established once again, because the permanent exercise of the Rosary will be the instrument that will defeat all lies, falsity and corruption in the nations of the world.

The time has come to make the prodigies of the Mother of God known in the redeemed and converted life of the believers in Christ.

Brazil is a land blessed by God.

All who pray must keep supplicating so that the Divine Justice may descend and the Divine Mercy be the powerful current that will redeem the most sinful, giving them the grace of rescue and of salvation.

On this day, when My children from Brazil recognize the Mother of God, may the altar of the inner temple of each Brazilian be offered so that the atoning Divine Grace may intercede for a country that may live equality and justice, and may once again be the cradle for a new and redeemed humanity.

May the Celestial Peace be present today in Brazil and in the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace