Tuesday, November 13 of 2018


I will always have ears to hear you, dear children, because the sweet prayer that is born of the heart is wholly real and pure.

Today I come with joy from Heaven, bringing the Maternal Love of God for the souls that most need it.

But I also come to share with you, dear children, the joy that My Immaculate Heart feels for having dedicated this space for me.

You know, My children, that we are in critical and difficult times and that the prayer of the heart in your lives, the selfless service to others and to the Kingdoms of Nature, will help you to change your hearts in the Plan that God has envisioned from the beginning, but you can also count on My protective Mantle for your lives.

Today I come with a universal message for humanity.

Today I am pregnant, dear children, on the point of giving birth to the New Humanity.

That important moment for the world is approaching; meanwhile, the Woman of the Sun is in the desert, giving refuge to all of Her children under Her Mantle.

The seals of the Apocalypse are still opening, to show humanity the time of the great change.

Today My womb of Light wants to gestate each one of your consciousnesses.

Today it wants to bring to the world a regeneration and a healing for humanity.

The new being must be born in you, so that the old human may be left behind and a new consciousness emerge that will be in communion with life and Creation, so as to be in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature.

Today, your hearts and the Kingdoms that are here were able to reflect to God the gratitude so expected for the Celestial Father, for all He has created and manifested since the Genesis.

Today the Marine Kingdoms were able to reflect to the Celestial Universe the gratitude and the Love they feel for being with God.

And in this perfect unity and attunement, the Laws of Healing descended to Earth, not only to regenerate the consciousness of humankind, but also of all the living beings that inhabit this place.

My maternal womb is about to give birth to the New Human. You must prepare with Me for this moment, because the hour  will indicate a great change in the consciousness of humanity, a change that will come without warning and without registering the time.

That is why you must be prepared and attentive, vigilant, always in prayer, to hear that inner call from our hearts.

The joy that has brought Me here is immense, for having valued the Kingdoms of Nature and giving them the space they deserve within this Universal Creation.

Today I am also the Mother of Nature, which through Her Mantle of Light shows the whole Creator Universe, the Divine Thought that generated life, the universes and the stars and all that exists beyond this local universe.

Therefore I can be here among you, dear children, so that you are not only in communion with the Non-material Source, something that is indispensable for your lives at this time, but that through here, from this simple place, from this natural sanctuary of God, what humanity needs can be radiated to the world so as to be able to recover the values and the dignity, the attributes that will cause all beings on Earth to be redeemed and will make them worthy in the Lord.

My womb of light also gestates the new times, that which will be forthcoming for all and that will show itself in the next cycle. Something that is not tangible yet for the human consciousness, but that your hearts can indeed feel, because by being in communion with the Mother of God, you are in communion with the Kingdoms of Nature, repairing the Laws of Creation that the human being of the surface has transgressed again and again. 

Thus, My children, today not only your spirits are benefited by the Non-material Source of Creation, but also the whole planet, faraway places in the world that experience chaos through the destruction of the Kingdoms of Nature.

A bridge has been established between the spiritual universe and the material universe, simply because of your fervent and sincere prayer of the heart.

So the Mother of the World, the Mother of Humanity and the Mother of Nature can still govern in humanity, and through the Higher Laws, redeem the beings of Earth and regenerate the healing in essences that have been lost for having distanced themselves from God.

Today the Law of death stops in the world, because immortality, a non-material law, has won.

For a moment and in this instant, God grants His Grace and Mercy instead of His Justice in light of the serious outrages that the world has committed in the Kingdoms of Nature.

But this does not mean, My children, that human suffering will stop or be dissolved.

I invite your hearts and the hearts of the world to get out of this vicious circle, to set aside the suffering and the pain and thus enter into the happiness and the healing that God grants all your essences.

These times allow all events, that is why we are in the cycle of great opportunities, in which the Higher Universe can intercede for humanity and all the sacred places on the planet, invisible to physical eyes; they can also intercede for this humanity and for this Earth.

Open your inner senses and let your hearts listen to the Law of the Hierarchy, to all the beings of the Light, angels and archangels that are acting at this moment for the restoration of humanity, while your Heavenly Mother is present here with you, still pregnant, about to give birth to the New Human.

The Woman of the Light is pregnant and announces a new cycle to the world, the last cycle of redemption, in which all souls and all beings will have the door of Mercy opened so as to be able to enter and submerge themselves in the Ocean of the Grace of God, so that all that is mortal and all sin may be purified and all suffering may be dissolved in consciousnesses, so that spirits may be reborn in Christ.

Celebrate this time of great opportunities, in which the children of the Mother of the Sun hear the voice of the Heavenly Hierarchy, which calls them to work for the redemption of humanity and for the healing of all miserable beings.

Continue working like this for the times to come. Continue praying for the nations of the world as you have been doing and I, My children, together with Jesus and Saint Joseph, will be able to give you new supplications to be prayed, that Grace may descend on the world, so that everybody may have a great opportunity.

My wish is that just as I gestate the New Human, the new is gestated in your consciousnesses  through the attributes of prayer, of unconditional service, and the love that you are able to express and expand in these times, so that all may be repaired.

I tell you again that My Heart feels a deep joy in this moment for being here with you today, and in communion with all of Creation through the Kingdoms of Nature.

I have especially come to Camboriú to change this natural sanctuary into a natural Marian Center, which benefits all humankind through its angels and devas, so that the human consciousness may be redeemed.

My wish is that, without any transgression, the Marian Center of the Sanctuary of Creation be established, so that souls may find their origin here through Mother Nature and Father Creator, by  the intercession of all its angels and all its devas, so that the human consciousness may be healed.

My wish is that a House of Prayer be established here in My honor that follows the principles of Nature without transgressing the Kingdom that is present here, because Nature itself will be the same manifestation of God that each pilgrim who comes here may find, to enter into communion with life and with the universe.

This Marian Center of the Sanctuary of Creation will foster the care of the Kingdoms of Nature, an awareness about life, and the protection of all that God has manifested through the Younger Kingdoms.

It will be a place in which all the Kingdoms will be able to pray as a single consciousness and as a single spirit.

My wish is that a fountain to the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph be located here, placing his holy image near the rising spring that is here, without altering anything, so that souls may wash and purify themselves of their deepest spiritual wounds.

And lastly, for this Marian Center I wish for a new Blue Cross, so that the bridge between the spiritual universe and the material universe may be established.

A Cross of Blue Light that will illumine the consciousness of the Kingdoms, so that the human consciousness may be illumined and become aware of and have respect for everything that God has given you through the Creation.

The guardians of this place will be My children of the Order, as well as the sisters who have granted this space for the manifestation of the Kingdoms of Nature.

This intangible asset that descends to the material universe is a patrimony (heritage) of all, for the redemption of souls and the healing of hearts through the intersession of the Younger Kingdoms.

I also want this small island of salvation to have a house for the pilgrims, so that they may have an opportunity to withdraw into silence and prayer in this place, to be able to listen to God and implore Him for mercy for the world, for all the Kingdoms of Nature that daily suffer the perversions of humanity.

This point of light will expand through the consciousness of all who adhere to it. 

It will be a space to meet oneself, one's origin, with the Source and with God.

It will be a space to experience healing though service to the Kingdoms.

It will be a place in which souls can find forgiveness in a perfect solitude with God.

I will thank you for fulfilling this request, because it is already descending.

And now, in the face of all that God has created for His children, I will consecrate those who today will unite with My Heart, offering themselves as My children, on the path of prayer and of service.

Let those who will be consecrated today approach, and while you start to play the song of your consecration, I invite all the rest of My children of the world to place this burning desire in your heart, so that the Marian Center of the Sanctuary of Creation may be raised, and its ardent foundations, its spiritual foundations be present in this world.

Children, you are the first that will help in this manifestation. Your souls have applied on this day for this moment and to take on this commitment with My Immaculate Heart.

My first request is that you pray together as many times you can, so that the manifestation of the Marian Center may take place, to honor Our Lady Aparecida and so that Brazil may finally be the Eden of God for these times.

Now place your requests in My Heart, and in the silence of your spirits, offer your souls to God for the conversion of humanity and the reparation of the Kingdoms of Nature, so that life on the whole surface of the Earth may continue regenerating.

Enter now into My womb of light, so that I may be able to help you to experience the change of consciousness, dissolving pain, alleviating suffering, and awakening healing in your hearts.

You, My children, are the first beings in this humanity who have offered to pray for the manifestation of this Marian Center, and especially for the worldwide healing of all the Kingdoms of Nature.

Your commitment will also be to pray the Mystery of the Rosary weekly for the Kingdoms of Nature and the devas, and so the angels of the nations may continue to intercede for each people and each race of this world.

Today you are before a great and infinite opportunity. This is the work of My Grace, of the Grace of God, that emerges from His Fount for all His creatures.

I thank Camboriú for having responded to My call.

In this place may souls always find peace.

May it be so.

I consecrate you, I bless you, and I declare My Love to you.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

All sing the hymn of your consecration.

I thank you!