My dear children,

While the spiritual practice of the powerful novena of the Saint Raphael the Archangel continues on, I invite you to reinforce your commitment every day with the Holy Rosary.

Do not forget that the Rosary is the weapon of defense of each of My children and, above all, in this time of definition.

At the same time, the powerful novena continues to work in the consciousness of the planet, and the souls that were restored are now in a safe place, in which nothing dangerous can happen to them.

The powerful novena is also reaching other spaces in humanity, where suffering, poverty and illness are creating a lot of instability and chaos.

Saint Raphael the Archangel goes to meet those souls that are not prisoners of the pandemic, but are punished by the culture of discarding and of loneliness.

So it is, that the prayers embrace and take in other situations of the planet that are also in need of healing, of love and of redemption.

I ask you not to give up and that your prayers continue to touch the Heart of God so that He may have Pity and Mercy for this suffering planet in agony.

May the healing Light of the Saint Raphael the Archangel continue to descend upon the planet so that hearts may awaken to the call to change and to forgiveness.

I once again thank all those who pray for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


The legions of the end times

In each point of the Earth, the legions of the end times will be born and will have Universal Love as their religion.

These legions will be made up of adolescents and youths who will impel the world into living the change of consciousness.

The legions will have nothing to gain nor lose. They will awaken awareness in the care and love for the Kingdoms of Nature and the planet.

The legions of the end times will be the cry and the voice of those who suffer poverty, marginalization, exploitation and mistreatment to life, as well as to the Kingdoms of Nature.

These legions will move thousands of people throughout the entire world and they will be who, at the most important moment for humanity, will testify to the respect for Creation in the face of the literate, the scientists and governors.

The legions of the end times will reach the end consequences; they will not allow planet Earth to be shaken nor moved because of everything that the humankind of the surface has done throughout the past decades.

The legions of the end times will have a single motto and they will respect it. They will lead a large part of humanity to perceive the planetary risk that the world is going through and they will help to awaken the interest and motivation for all that was created, to the point of defending the whole ecosystem of the Earth before any person or nation.

The young people are the legions of the end times and they must be clear about the spiritual mission that they will accomplish in this definitive stage of the human race.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



Many of My followers in South America and in the world would like to hear the word of the Hierarchy concerning that which our dear and subjected Amazon region is going through.

This is proof of the indifference of human beings and of the unconsciousness of those who take advantage of Creation and of the great regions of the planet that are exploited for the benefit of few and the poverty of the majority.

Humankind itself will realize too late all that it has transgressed and all that it has lost.

Therefore, what happens today in the Amazon region is an answer to the uncontrolled corruption and the excessive and sick exploitation of those who govern the nations, as well as a harsh consequence for those who have elected them.

In summary, all that the Amazon region is going through is not a punishment from God, it is a responsibility of the same humanity that believes to be powerful before the lower Kingdoms and the elements.

Yet, while humanity continues hurting the Amazon, the world shall know, even more, the fury and the indignation of the Kingdoms of Nature because the Law, which is stable and secure, cannot be transgressed.

Therefore, the groups of prayer must place the entire situation of the Amazon on another level of consciousness and not remain in the coordinate of judgments and of commentaries, for this strengthens the harassments of the adversary in the minds of the governors, in which he works in a hidden way.

Ask the Heavenly Father for only His Will to be fulfilled and do not hesitate even for a moment. Put your faith in the Lord and all shall pass.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Daily Message received in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, transmitted by the Glorified Christ Jesus to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

In the end, My Work will always be fulfilled in the simple hearts, a place and enclosure where I will be able to move My Plan of Love forward and I will be able to radiate it to the ends of the Earth.

Silently, I am found in the heart of the humble, in all those capable of representing Me with humility, transparency and purity. I will always reside in those hearts, I will always be present to welcome the needy, the sick, the dying, the one who has not yet found My Light.

In the heart of the humble, I vivify My Project and, time after time, accomplish the requests of My Father.

Through the hearts of the simple, I can uplift the consciousness of humanity and sanctify those who enter My Path for the first time.

In the heart of the simple, I trustingly place My Celestial Church and have the humble hearts participate in My Gifts and in My Graces.

In the heart of the humble, I find the poverty and the void, the simplicity and the peace to be able to return and bring relief to My Spirit.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,


If the Son of God forgave a dying prisoner on the cross, converting him into the first saint in the history of humanity, what is it that you could not forgive to convert all the thieves in the world?

Beyond all evil, deep inside these consciousnesses, there is a place in their inner worlds where they fear abandonment and poverty.

As the Commandment of Moses said: Thou shall not steal. This means that this rule represents, mainly, not to fear the lack of something or somebody, not to be tempted, in lack or in blindness, to steal it.

When your Master forgave the thief on the Cross, He absolved him directly with the very Mercy that was still shedding from the Body of the Lord through His Blood while He was alive.

This act of Mercy, granted to the thief on the Cross, happened from an inner inspiration that the same thief received when he was condemned to death; and the promise of his Master, after the repentance of the dying prisoner, was what determined the entrance of his consciousness into Paradise.

Only an act of consoling and true love could allow the salvation and the redemption of somebody who was condemned to great punishment. In this case, Mercy appeased Justice.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Jesus Christ


First Series of Poems
Ninth Poem of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

Lord, although my soul
is poor and imperfect,
I beg You, beloved Jesus,
to avail Yourself of it
so that You may carry out
Your infinite and prodigious
Work of Love and Redemption.

Dear Jesus,
may this weak
and fragile soul be strengthened.

May Your Divine Fire, Lord,
lead me to some day find
the sacred Gift of Your innocence
so that,
according to the designs,
I too may be able to awaken
the Gift similar
to Your inner Purity.

Make me meek, Jesus.

Make me humble
and above all truthful
so that in these imperfect eyes
may be reflected Your loving and peaceful Gaze,
so that the most lonely and suffering Souls
may find, through my offering,
Your powerful Celestial Presence.

For this, Lord,
liberate me from my desires,
liberate me from all ostentation and want.

That my heart be as simple as Yours.

Because my only wish, dear Jesus,
is to please You and share with You
the heavy Cross that You
still carry for the world.

Hear my supplication, Lord,
and make me once again
worthy of being before You.

Because, even though
I still do not understand
the power of Your mysteries,
I accept with love
all of Your Divine Wills.

May today Your Celestial Project
be fulfilled in me, Lord,
so that some day You can testify,
through me, Your Work of Redemption
before the Celestial Father.



I thank you for keeping the words of this Soul in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Equality among Peoples

Dear children,

My goal in coming to Switzerland, in the name of My Son, is to ask the representatives of this country for an act of equality among the richest nations and the poorest nations.

For this reason, I come to donate My Mirror-Heart so that in Switzerland may be reflected the Will of God and not the excessive use of power and superstition of the proud.

I come to ask for a true spirit of charity and of equality, in order to be able to save these people from the path it treads for excessive wealth and the material disorder of life.

Here, and inside this nation, there are souls that have the duty of promoting equality without conditions and a balance for those who do not even have a home to take refuge. 

I come as Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt to ask for consideration and attention to My words, before the time comes when no stone will be left upon another stone, just as My Beloved Son has said.

I want to awaken in Switzerland the spirit of self-forgetfulness, so that the souls may learn to see and to contemplate the needs in their fellow beings, in the poorest among the poor.

I wish to leave Switzerland with a hope in My Heart capable of having faith that My children will make the necessary effort to step out of the perverted convenience and comfort.

I need you, children of Switzerland, to make use of the spirit of poverty and of selflessness that the Mother and Virgin of Schoenstatt offers you, so that beyond your people and your “own world”, you can contemplate the suffering, the hunger and the need of millions of souls in the world, as it happens in Africa and in the Americas.

I know that it will not be born from the leaders, this necessary feeling to perceive and recognize that the Law of God is not being lived here, and even less what My Son taught you.

For this reason, before everything is unleashed, within and outside your consciousnesses, I invite you to live a life of prayer and of dialog with God, so that you can step out of the prevailing illusion of these times, and perceive that it is urgent to change, first stepping out of yourselves to give space and place in your hearts to those who suffer the most, and have nothing.

With this message I call you to reflection, as there is still a little time left to transform what the Universe needs to transform from your people.

I give you thanks for listening to Me, because, as Mother, I love you and I wish the good and the equality for all My children.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Virgin of Schoenstatt


May Your Reference Be in God

May your reference be in God. The One Who, being All and being in all things, hides in silence within the hearts of humanity.

May your reference be in God. The One whose Power holds the true meaning and definition of this word. There is no power that does not come from the Creator and, yet, He never imposes Himself upon His creatures but rather waits for their "yes" and their willingness to take the steps on the path of return to the Celestial Origin.

May your reference be in God. He Who, having all things, lives nothing but constant renunciation, to reveal to creatures the essence of the void, of the poverty of the self and of humility.

May your reference be in God. The One Who loves unconditionally, Who does not seek perfection, but rather the truth and purity of intention.

May your reference be in God. The God who goes silent, Who humbles Himself, Who surrenders, Who abandons Self in order to multiply Himself in His children; Who gives growth opportunities to all. God Who redeems and forgives when souls repent of their mistakes. God always ready to start again, silent before the indifference, humble before the denial, compassionate before the ignorance, fraternal in joys, sharing the happiness on the path of His children.

May your reference be always in God and in no other. Observe the Father and not humans. Do not justify your errors with the errors of others, but seek, child, to always renew your only reference of Love and Evolution in God. Love as He loves and walk on His Paths. There you will find the meaning of your existence and the strength for your evolution.

Your Father and Friend,

Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Offer every difficult moment as a sacrifice and as reparation to the offended Heart of God and of His Beloved Son, for the indifference of those human beings of the Earth and the religious who secretly outrage the Laws of Creation and life.

Although the internal and external pain may be unbearable, offer yourself in sacrifice, reparation and prayer for those who, having received everything, demean the Name of Christ with their outrages, falsehoods, and their insults.

Offer yourself in sacrifice and reparation for those who will deny the Glory of the Father and His descent into the holy places chosen by Heaven.

May nothing surprise you or bother you. Offer yourself for those who will betray the truth behind one's back and for those who will join the essence of lie and show their puppet faces, moved and manipulated by the hands of My enemy.

Offer yourself for those who will not be able to offer themselves, for those who will not manage to forgive; have at least a little pity for those who are miserable of spirit and for those who do not live poverty of heart.

Offer yourself without conditions, again and again, for those who will betray the Heart of Christ and His Work.

Even if you do not understand it or do not accept it, offer yourself, because when the time of your dark night comes, you will ask for someone to offer himself or herself, out of mercy, for you and, at that moment, you will receive consolation, because the Father never forgets the sacrifices and renunciations of His children. He rewards them all with His Comforting Love.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Star of Bethlehem shone in the highest and deepest Skies, announcing to the world the arrival of a new and last opportunity of redemption.

Those who looked to the firmament and found it, like a heart that pulsates in Infinity, followed its steps and arrived where the Voice and the Will of the Celestial Father called them.

The silence of the Star of Bethlehem keeps its profound and unfathomable mystery.

The hearts can follow it, because it reflects in the Sky, as within those who open to its signs.

By following the Star of Bethlehem, reach the Portal of humility, of poverty of self, of mystery, of emptiness. There you will be able to find what I have been gestating for each one of My children.

Follow to the Portal of the humility of Bethlehem, which you keep within. There, I will wait for you with the whole Universe, in the Presence of your Creator Father, to give birth to a new being, to a new time.

Infinite Grace, My children, is to open up to the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the forgiveness of human sins once again forgives and cleans the hearts of the human beings who open, at least a little bit, to the Path of Redemption.

Infinite Grace is the Nativity of your Lord, when the memory of the surrender and of the humility of God gives the human beings the possibility of surrendering and of treading a new path, where vanities, lies and pride will be left outside, for the Cave of Bethlehem is so small and simple, that nothing but the Humility of God and of His servants fits in.

Unfathomable Grace is the Mystery of the Nativity of your Lord, when before the living memory of the moment in which the whole Creation stopped to contemplate the Earth, once again the Creator detains the attention of Infinity, so that, no matter how small the opening of souls may be, His Mercy can flood the hearts.

Few know the true Grace of the Nativity of the Lord.

Few know everything that their God and Creator realizes in the invisible of this world and in the depth of souls, when the hearts let themselves be touched by the purity of this moment.

The Birth of Christ, just as his eternal memory, My children, is still an unfathomable mystery for the hearts of the world, but in order to live it it suffices that you allow your hearts to be touched by His Purity, washed by His Mercy and renewed by the sacred humility that is kept in this moment, so holy and unique, for the whole of Creation.

Heavens and the Earth detain themselves to contemplate the Nativity of the Lord, because since God became flesh among humans, an unknown Grace is lived in the whole of Creation.

There, children, God began a Plan of redemption that is still to be fulfilled and that, year after year, is renewed for the Earth, through the hearts that believe in this mystery and who, without understanding it, open to receive its Graces.

Today I will ask you to pray.

Pray for those who do not believe in the essence of Christmas, who forget the true meaning of humanity uniting to celebrate.

Pray for those who are lonely, abandoned and unhappy, for not knowing God, for not opening to His infinite Love and, more than that, My children, for not having anyone on Earth to give them the gift of being truly loved.

Pray for the wars that do not stop before this celestial event, and let the Graces that you receive today, for opening the doors to God, reach the four corners of this world.

Pray so that the ones who made a commitment with Christ since the beginning can strengthen and renew themselves in His humility and in His surrender, through the merits of the Birth of the Lord among the human beings.

And pray, My children, so that just as you celebrate the joy of the Birth of Christ, you one day celebrate the Greater Grace of His Return, and be ready for this moment, because it will arrive soon.

I love and bless you

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

In these times, the Spirit of Peace will lead you into concretizing things that once seemed impossible. For this reason, your alliance with the Eternal Father, worked on daily, builds this bridge that is capable of bringing the principles of healing from the universe.

The Holy Spirit of Peace acts on all planes of consciousness and brings understanding at the moment of making important decisions.

It will be this Holy Spirit of Peace, which comes to you time and again, that will nourish your presence with precious gifts that will build a new consciousness and a new being. 

In this way, the Holy Spirit of Peace will fill you and allow you to understand universal mysteries that are far from those who are ambitious and proud.

It is this Holy Spirit of Peace that will bring you a sacred humility to live in daily resignation and in absolute surrender under the governance of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Mother of the most simple among the simple

I am the Mother of the most simple among the simple because, in this way, all will know My Truth.

I am in the simple gestures of love, service and charity.

My intention is that all My children find their Mother in the true simplicity of things, seeking the best for a fellow being, for the sick, or for the poor.

The Love of your Heavenly Mother is also reflected in the simplicity of Her poverty. In this way, souls find a model of freedom and of surrender in the Mother of God.

I am the Mother of the most simple among the simple; I have given Myself to My children and I take care of their souls so that they may learn to take care of their bodies.

I bring an unknown relief, a relief that emerges from within My Heart and is a source of healing and hope that is poured into those who invoke it through the simplicity of their hearts.

I am the Mother of the most simple among the simple and, within them, I easily build the Kingdom of God, for in their inner worlds I find a great opening, adherence and consent.

In the most simple among the simple, life can be regenerated, and the spirit of a being can be filled with other Laws when it loves life and its existence with simplicity.

The children of life are the most simple; they are those who manage to feel the poverty of a fellow being in their hearts because they want to provide for that through their prayers and their loving service.

In the most simple, God easily shows Himself, because He does not have limits and He can show Himself through His creatures, just as He showed Himself to His Servant the first time.

True simplicity is a powerful essence, capable of moving mountains as well as awakening faith. The simplicity of the heart leads to the awakening of an unbreakable faith, capable of generating a permeable stream of love and charity in the world.

I am the Mother of the most simple among the simple and I see Myself reflected in the soul that tills the soil, as well as in the homemaker who prepares the food for nurturing their children.

I am the Mother of life, and where there is life, My maternal Consciousness is present so that My children can thus find the meaning in their lives and the purpose for their existence within the school of love and unity.

In the most simple the warm prayer of the heart is portrayed, for in the most simple, there is no interest or complaint; what exists is only the love for life and for all that has been created; for the humility and simplicity of these hearts allows them to understand many things and lovingly feel everything they experience.

I am the Mother of the most simple among the simple because My Heart is reflected in them, just as God was reflected in your Heavenly Mother, like in a great Mirror of Love and of Light.

The surrender of His Servant allowed the simplicity and the Love of God to be seen in the humility of His Server and in the Love of His beloved Son.

Simplicity could renew the Earth and all consciousnesses, because in the most simple there is no opinion, want, or desire. The most simple are permeated and filled with the love of their inner Christ, something that strengthens them for experiencing their daily tests and for fully confirming their lives on the path of faith and of the hope of being able to be in God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you with love, faith and simplicity,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While a part of humanity experiences abundance, there is another part that experiences inequality and hunger. Placing this in consciousness, I want to lead all of My children into living in the spirit of collaboration and of charity, so that these situations do not overburden so few and that humanity be the agent of the inner balance that is fundamental in these times.

When you pray with the heart, that inequality and that poverty, created by humanity of the surface, will begin to come into balance and everything that is not equitable will undergo an intense transformation.

Having as a premise the importance of balance in the consciousness, this will help all inequality to disappear from it, and knowledge, peace, and confraternity to reign.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of São Paulo, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

While your Heavenly Mother is still in vigil and prayer over the city of São Paulo, I wanted to tell you that the inner and intense work that My beloved Son performed within you, was very profound and transforming.

Furthermore, your Holy Mother waits patiently for some souls of this nation to become aware and to feel pity for the Lady of Heaven, opening their pockets and helping like good guardians so that the mission to Central America may be carried out.

My intention is not to take anything from you, but rather to have you become aware of planetary fellowship, for the common good of all of humanity and all nations.

Here in the city of São Paulo, there are souls that could, from time to time, impel and concretize all the divine projects of your Heavenly Mother.

Thus, on this Saturday, I bring you this revelation so that the majority truly know that everything belongs to the Creator and His Creation.

For this reason, My children, My aspiration as a Mother is that Brazil, as well as other nations of the Americas, may be able to stand in solidarity and unite, to seek beyond everything, the harmony and Mercy that all the peoples of the world need.

On this day, I come to awaken you to a faithful brotherhood, chastity in material things and austerity in spiritual assets.

I come to teach you to share, just like the Sacred Family shared everything it had.

I invite each Brazilian to weave My Mantle of Light in the world through charity and sharing; thus, you will make the planet a place of equality rather than of imbalance and great poverty.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Greater misery than the material misery is the lack of compassion and of unity among human beings.

To lack the necessary is the consequence of an even greater lack, a lack that is not individual but that is human: a lack of love in the hearts.

To be poor and miserable physically, children, is not the greatest of evils. To be poor of virtues and miserable in spirit is what hinders the human being to share bread for the body. Where there is no compassion, there is no equality. Where there is indifference, there can be no fraternity and balance.

Do not be indignant about the inhuman misery in which your brothers and sisters live, if compassion and fraternity are still missing in you – and with this you collaborate in the growth of indifference and of social inequality in which you live nowadays as a civilization.

Children, may there be more action and less emotion in your lives. May you be more ready to act and not let yourselves get involved by feelings that do not make the spirit grow. If you are facing the misery of your brothers and sisters, do not only give them bread, but, besides bread, also give your own life, offering your transformation in reparation for the lack that exists in the human consciousness and that results in this misery that impregnates matter.

Love, feel your neighbor with compassion, be fraternal, overcome the indifference, overcome selfishness, surrender to fraternity and erase from your consciousnesses the fear of missing something in the future – this fear that makes you keep everything for yourselves. These codes, children, are the ones that make the difference – when deposited in the human consciousness.

Why do you complain so much about the governmental systems and become indignant with the social misery, if you do nothing for the human consciousness to be different, and even nourish the old patterns that maintain them at this point of involution?

It is time to grow and take steps in a very neutral form, understanding the point in which you are and doing an effort every day for humanity to receive new divine principles.

Do not search for virtues for yourselves – to affirm the other’s misery and to highlight yourselves -, search to be virtuous so that the whole of humanity may be so; in this way, children, you will reach true virtues.

Serve and feel in the heart the sorrow for the material and inner misery of your brothers and sisters, but do not remain there. Change, grow, fly and take with you each human heart.

The goal is not only your own sanctification: the goal is the conversion of all of humanity and the Christification of a whole race, that will be able to love their neighbor as they love themselves, and God above all things.

May peace and unity be in your hearts.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph



Discover in service the ennoblement of soul and spirit, the birth of universal love, because only when the need of your neighbor transcends your own, can you understand a little of the essence of true love, which you came to learn in this world.

Understand that when you serve, it is not only the act of serving that liberates souls from the hells of this world but it is also the love and fraternal charity that you imprint in your actions and the sincerity with which you transcend your fears and limitations to do that which you have never thought of doing, which truly unites your hands with the Hands of the Creator and makes your service sacred.

Go and meet the poorest; go far away into the abysses searching for those who need your union with God. Go where the helpless do not know hope, where the sick do not know faith, where those starving do not know mercy, where the poor do not know the wealth of fully living in the Spirit of God. Imprint all these attributes in the silence of your mouth and in the sincere acts of your hands, in the profound beating of your heart.

Place in service the hope that this world will reach redemption, that souls will recognize unity and love.

You do not need to preach because, in these times, words are sometimes very imperfect. Choose to give an example of peace-making, fraternity, selfless surrender.

Never expect to be thanked for the service you render. Do not expect returns, do not seek results. Place in the soil the seed of a tree that maybe you will not see grow, but trust that it will bear fruits for a future time when there is starvation and that it will provide shade so that those tired of so much walking may find a place to rest.

Just like you ignite your heart in the service to the poorest, also ignite it in the service to those who are beside you. You often worry about the souls far away that become lost, but you do not see those who are getting lost because they do not find in you a little support, help, compassion and fraternity.

I know that you want to heal the world, rebuild the Earth, and not allow the boat of salvation for this race to sink. So, start with your own home, with the Centers of Love, with all life around you, because the one who learns to love does not love once in a while or only a few, the most miserable ones.

Child, when love really dwells in the human heart, it contemplates all Creation; it contemplates the fellow beings and also the Kingdoms of Nature; it equally contemplates the poor and the rich, because the greatest lack is the lack of love.

Love has no culture, no religion, no language, no ethnicity. The love that is proposed to be experienced in this world is the same Love of the Heart of God. Therefore, love in this love and be this love at every moment, with everything and with everyone, in the silence of your actions, in the solitude of your heart, just as among the crowds. Thus, you will learn that the greatest service to be lived in this world is not only charity, it is Christification.

Your Father and Cmpanion always, the one who leads you to the Heart of Christ,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order to be a companion of Christ, you will seek to transcend the laws and the tendencies of the Earth, because you cannot follow with human thoughts, the steps of That One whose spirit and divinity does not come from this world.

Leave the planetary thought for those who seek only the riches of the Earth, the transitory glory and honor which are achievable here. Seek for yourself the glory of God and instead of seeking to be honored, give honor to That One who is worthy to receive.

Seek for yourself the reward of the meek, which is the humble heart. Be more ambitious than the men of the Earth and seek for yourself a place in the Kingdom of the Universe. Even though you are eternally a servant, there is no better King to serve than That One who is One with all that was created and whose mercy does not measure with the existent proportions, neither in this world nor in any other.

Do not be discouraged, dear child, with the defeats that you live on Earth; glorify your Father and God each time you are humbled, because you are learning, thus, how to achieve greater Graces, true Graces and divine Graces.

Surrender yourself as a servant, as nothing; be the carpet in which those who seek the glory of the world step on. Let the others be better and victorious.

Get lost, including from yourself, and you will make of yourself a victory for That One who is the Only conqueror of all the Creation, because He has lost Himself and thus has returned to the Divine Essence.

Why do you fear so much to leave the laws of the Earth?

Why do you fear so much to lose the treasures of the world?

Oh, dear child, discover the Grace of being poor of yourself and of all and you will never want anything else except, nothing.

Why do you hold on so much to this world and to its ways of life, if you do not come from it and will not remain in it forever?

Live in this world as you must live, make of it what it is: a school of transcendence, of redemption, of love. You are here to be what you are not, to renounce what you see, to redeem yourself and to love everything that exists, good or bad, as a way to let love transform everything.

Choose the simplicity, the joy, the freedom of the spirit. Rejoice yourself in the humiliation, fulfill yourself in the obedience, resign yourself to be nothing and you will see that everything will be given to you.

Be free from the world and from yourself. Do not give to the world a heavier weight than it already has. Make it light, being empty of yourself. Empty yourself from self-love, of desires and appearances, of aspirations. Flow in the Divine Will, flow in what God orders to your life and nothing, child, neither in the spirit nor in the matter will fail you.

Do not fear to seem weak and to renounce winning the competitions imposed by men. Take a step back when you see that competition comes to you and surrender yourself to humility. You will see how unbreakable of a fortress will be built in your interior, because it is in your humility and smallness that the King of the Universe will dwell, who does not seek for great castles, but simple mangers to be born in.

Trust in what I tell you and remember My words. Follow My steps, I conduct you to Christ and He will lead you to God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


In order for that which you consider necessary for your lives to manifest, you must first, in your own hearts, contemplate the needs of the world, of your fellow beings, and of the Kingdoms of Nature.

God, who is perfect, will always send His protection and care to those who care for their brothers and sisters - their fellow beings and the least of them. The Lord has a preference for manifesting the needs of those that do not think of themselves and who place others first, before all things.

When something does not flow and does not manifest in your lives, ask yourselves why, and for what reason you desire such a thing.

Remember that you must forget yourselves every day, and allow the Lord to work His wonderful miracle in your lives and pour His infinite Graces upon them.

Do not limit the Power of God, asking Him for what you need, all the time; before this, observe what a neighbor most needs, and provide it. Some will need your respect; others, your obedience; some, your love; others, your silence; some, your words; others, your most secret prayers.

Some will need you to pray for them; others, that you pray with them. Some will need material things; others, symbolic acts, filled with the love which holds the true intention of that action. Many will need your example; for this reason, observe the needs of others, all the time.

If you lived according to charity and fraternity, not only regarding material things, but also regarding spiritual things, you would find a short path toward God and achieve all that you always wanted, and yet never achieved, because you looked for them along the wrong paths. The Graces of Spirit are achieved through spiritual paths. Virtues are gained when virtues are given. Graces are received by those who open themselves to live through the granting of Grace.

Learn, little children of God, to observe life from this other point of view. When you are faced with a great opportunity, seek who is most in need, and then you will see how it will come to you, without you even realizing it.

The humble and poor of self are the richest in the Kingdom of Heaven because, by not wanting anything for themselves, God gives them everything, for within their hands, the Divine Benefit will reach the right place.

Never forget what I have told you today. Practice these words, every day. Think of your neighbor, pray for them, act for them, live to give of yourselves, and God will make bridges of your consciousnesses, so that His Graces may reach the world.

I leave you My Peace and My example of perpetual giving of self, because My Most Chaste Heart drinks today from the Celestial Founts, but I always searched for this Water in order to satiate those who are thirsty. Everything I received from God is to give to His creatures, to bless His creation, and to make perfect that which comes from Perfection itself.

Your father and companion, that lives in perpetual charity,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

As Mother of Africa and of the whole world, I pray for you and especially for those who do not live in My Son and decide to become involved with the life of the world, forgetting to seek the life of the spirit.

Thus, missionary children, your presence in Uganda will mark a before and an after for the life of the souls whom, with Christic love, you will serve and love as you have never loved before. Because behind all misery is to be found the most sacred brilliance your Celestial Father deposited in each heart, which My adversary has taken upon itself to put out and erase.

But My Immaculate Heart will again have Its victory over the world and today, especially in the heart of Africa, the Mother and Lady of the Divine Word will give Her spiritual and inner blessing from Kibeho to all African souls.

A few days ago, My children, you were in My house of Kibeho, not only to pray, worship, celebrate, share and love the pain, offering it to God in the name of His Son; but also, you came to know what a simple mistake and misunderstanding can cause in an entire nation, leading to a complete disappearance of terrestrial life.

I hope, children, that your hearts are ready to penetrate the inner reality of Uganda, which is subject to the deterioration caused by the disease and the famine that many of My youngest and most innocent children face.

In Uganda, My missionaries, I will have need of your fatherhood and motherhood on behalf of all the Ugandan orphans who are lonely of heart, without receiving the slightest drop of love.

Thus, children, in Rwanda I placed you in immediate service, for the deep healing of all errors. Now, in Uganda, I will lead you into recognizing the hidden face of a humanity wiped out by disease, decay and extreme poverty.

In this way, My maternal Heart will work by your side to guide you properly and to increasingly lead you into restorative prayer for all of My children who suffer; but your own eyes will see the incredible, what nobody wants to see, so as not to feel shame or contempt.

Your Heavenly Mother with Her angelic hosts will have you come to know the terrestrial hell manifested in matter and translated into the disease and the errors to which the littlest ones are subjected.

This is why I took each one of you to Kibeho, so that through My Divine Verb, your souls could be prepared by the Light of My maternal gifts and, strengthened at My side, you are able to continue serving for peace.

In your mission in just three African nations, you will see the sin, the sickness and the error of humanity manifested for hundreds of years. For that, prayer will unite you with My Heart, so that one day souls may be free of so much pain.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who gathers you all in the compelling force of My maternal Heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Today I call you to prepare again and with joy My merciful arrival in the city of São Paulo. You, My children, can help Me in this mission of peace through the sincere act of prayer.

I want you to be more open so that, as instruments of My Maternal Light, My Immaculate Heart may reach spaces of this city that need much compassion and love. Still, dear children, few are the servers of Christ that, looking around themselves, can clearly see how much prayer is necessary for their poor and sick fellow humans.

Therefore, dear children, as praying souls that will receive once again the Grace of My visit, I ask you to prepare your hearts in prayer and, in this exercise, raise your hands to plead to God for the Grace of Conversion of many of My children in Brazil.

I love with fondness this nation that welcomed Me as the Only Mother for all. But still, a little bit more effort, love and dedication are necessary for the ones who are in most need and for those who are most distant from God.

You know that there are infinite ways of being a server of Christ. Today I invite you to be constant guardians of prayer so that it may never lack in your homes. The times that will come and that were described to My daughter Lúcia of Fatima are close. But all will depend on the attitude of souls before the simple life of prayer that I ask you to live as something primordial.

Your hearts are already enveloped by My Maternal Joy for visiting you once more in this needy city of São Paulo. May this visit be a new reason for you to meet the One and Only King of Life, of Truth and of the New Paths: My Son Jesus, the High Priest.

I thank you for the response from all!

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity

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