Like the rainbow that descends to Earth, thus are the Seven Rays that emerge from My Heart for love of souls.

Each one of My Rays emanates an order and a principle and, in this way, all the Rays united together reflect the great Purpose of God.

This is why the Rays of My Heart are like the rainbow that descends from Heaven to Earth to unite humankind with God, to attract to this planet the Designs of the Most High Father.

My Heart emanates the Seven Rays to the world so that hearts may receive the divine impulses that will bring them into experiencing a great change of consciousness, a change that will be reflected in the life of those who receives the impulses of the Rays of the Lord within themselves.

By means of each Ray, all souls can find their origin and the reason for their existence, and rich spiritual experience will unfold when souls unite with the essence of the Rays.

A profound transformation may be achieved through the luminous impulse of the Rays of My Heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


When a heart breaks inside, it is a sign that the Law of Inner Liberation is being fulfilled.

Therefore, on this day, leave your heart open so that, like others, it is available for structures to fall and all forms to be broken.

Leave your heart available for all that it must experience, because thus you will allow the Universal Laws to flow in you, those which will order your life and adjust your consciousness.

May your heart find the necessary liberation from all that hinders the free walk of the disciple of Christ.

Let your heart conquer the emptiness of self so that it may soon be filled by the balm of the Mercy of My Heart.

Surrender, as if nothing else makes sense, and in this way you will find the exit door that will lead you on the path of hope and Greater Love.

Let everything within you find a meaning, a realization thought of by God, but which is not under your human power.

In this sense, allow the Work of Love to act within your being so that in the next cycle you may be what in truth the whole Universe expects you to be.

Follow My Steps of Light.

I Thank you for keeping My Words in the heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

The Gift of the Fear of God

The Gift of the Fear of God is one of the seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit. It is an inner virtue that God placed in souls from the moment of their spiritual conception in the universe.

And from that point on, the Gift of the Fear of God, as well as love and unity, were small sparks placed in all the spirits created to live and evolve throughout the universes.

The Gift of the Fear of God was conceived in the One Source, and from there, as with the other Gifts, the Holy Spirit took charge of distributing it as awareness among the creatures of the universe. This was possible through the service provided by the holy angels from the moment in which beings emerged from the Reservoirs of Light. 

Before each spirit left to experience its lessons in some part of the universe, the angels sowed the Gift of the Fear of God within them so that creatures, in their different schools, would be able to remain united with God.

This Gift, which is up to now still not understood, at some stage of the path of the being, awakens the possibility of perceiving or of becoming aware of becoming separated from God.

The Gift of the Fear of God generates the remembrance in the spirit, as well as in Creation, of our commitment to the Highest and of how much we must reciprocate with our Eternal Father.

In the same way the child is gestated in the womb of their mother and is fed through the umbilical cord, the Gift of the Fear of God is a Principle, and at the same time a state, that reminds us of the importance of remaining united through threads of light to the Supreme Source.

The Gift of the Fear of God manifests when the consciousness separates from the path of God and experiences all sorts of difficulties to the point of not knowing how to re-engage with the path it once abandoned.

The Gift of the Fear of God reminds us that, as spiritual beings, we cannot lose our affiliation with the Father, because if we do so, everything becomes more difficult.

The Gift of the Fear of God always helps us to look for balance and harmony in all things and to remember what our true purpose is.

In these times, many souls experience the Gift of the Fear of God when feeling distanced from the Father because of all the reasons of material and inner life.

The Gift of the Fear of God helps us to not have the human consciousness make decisions in an impulsive way nor adopt triggered actions. This Gift has the First Ray of Willpower as its essence because its purpose is to stir up everything in the consciousness to remove it from the point where it is.

The Gift of the Fear of God makes us aware of our true actions and demands, corrects us and, at the same time, places us on the correct pathway.

When the Gift of the Fear of God appears in the life of a being, it is a sign that something deep, material and spiritual will need to be reviewed in order to straighten it out.

The Gift of the Fear of God elevates the consciousness to a true reality, making evident all that separated it from the Love of the Father.

This Gift must rebuild the ties of love and peace with the universe from the moment in which the surface consciousness recognizes itself as small, humble and in likeness to the neighbor. The Gift of the Fear of God helps us to return to what is true and not superfluous, awakens the spirit of charity and transparency.

The Gift of the Fear of God aligns the consciousness with what is higher. In this way, it feels loved and accepted by something that is cosmic and divine, in spite of recognizing itself as imperfect.

This Gift allows for the reactivation within us of trust in the One so that we may participate in His Source of renewal and healing.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

As the roses that open themselves during the dawn, My Heart opens itself on this day by means of the seven rays so that you My dear children, may be able to understand the sacred mysteries that I guard.

I Am the Great Marian Heart that radiates the seven rays.  I Am the ray of Will-Power.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests and realizes His works of Peace.  In this way My Heart, by means of the Will of God, summons all of the creatures so that they may live the Sacred Will.

I Am the ray of Love-Wisdom.  By means of My Heart the Father manifests the Source of His Love and of His Unity for all the Creation.

I Am the ray of Intelligence.  By means of My Divine Thought the Father materializes His precious ideas and all that is thought by the Divine Mind finds space and place to manifest itself.

I Am the ray of Harmony and of Healing.  By means of My Maternity the Father heals the hearts, redeems them and opens to them a door towards redemption.

I Am the ray of Science.  By means of My Word the Father manifests His Scientific and Divine Power and all that has been created can live again its configuration because the Divine Science is the path that materializes the plans of the Creator.

I Am the ray of Devotion.  By means of My Perpetual Prayer the Father relieves humanity.  The universes, suns and stars congregate themselves in their spaces in order to give, from time to time, a spiritual impulse of light to humanity.   My Devotion is ignited in the simple hearts and the power of the ray of My Devotion is able to show itself in the good souls, in those souls that know how to listen to the heart.

I Am the ray of the Rhythm and of the Ceremonial.  By means of My Existence the Father orders the spiritual and material life.  He gestates a unique opportunity of communing with the Greater Source in all of those who follow My call.

My Universal Heart is the regent of all of the rays because the different rays also express themselves over the planetary life and they are like great paths in order to live the experiences of faith, of love and of compassion.

I wish that you also know Me as the Sacred Mother of the Rays.  In this way you will recognize in My presence the faithful and powerful Divinity of God, that from the beginning has been the Source of Love and of Truth.

God sends His first seven rays so that humanity may be able to know that it will learn and evolve by means of the path and of the life of these rays.  In this way no soul will remain without receiving the opportunity of learning and of growing.

The Sacred Rays of My Heart are divine laws that will be able to consecrate your lives again. 

I will thank the brave ones that will seek the rays of My Heart!

Thank you, Norway, for opening the doors to the Graces and to the Divine Opportunity!

Mary, Supreme Mother of the Seven Rays  


By means of the message, My Consciousness radiates to hearts the light and the expression of the Seven Rays.

As in a rainbow created by the infinity of elements, you will be able to encounter Me as the immaterial tone of light and color that will fulfill the needs of your lives. In these shades of colors and light forms your consciousness can enter with trust and faith. In this way you will be uniting to the merciful dimensions of My Heart.

See My Sacred Heart as an incandescent flame from which the shades of light and color emanate to the life of all beings. When My Seven Rays come in light and in color to your inner beings, My Priestly Consciousness prepares the temple where It waits to dwell perpetually.

Search in Nature, as in well as in all of the Creation, the light of My various Colors and Rays, because there will always be some of them for which you will feel fulfillment, love and affinity in your hearts.

If My Consciousness from Heaven, as well as from the Universe, did not present itself before humanity in light through the various rays, souls would have difficulty recognizing Me as the Universal Instructor.

For this reason, today I reveal to you the infinite greatness of My Love, that Love which comes from the Living God and which dwells always in the presence of His Firstborn Son.

Therefore, My Companions, get to know now how My Divine and indestructible Love is manifested in this time to the creatures and to the world.

Find Me within the shades of the rays and each time you see a rainbow, remember that My Merciful Heart is descending in Grace and in Pity through the colors of the seven rays.

Collect from your beings the fruits that have already matured and no longer disturb your lives for that which still has not been redeemed. Always try to give Me that aspect which is tough and impenetrable because I, as Your Beloved King, will always know what to do with it and where to lead it to. 

Only place all your being within the rays so that the joy of living in God and of serving God may descend into your spirits. Under this Christic impulse, you will renovate the old Earth and in this way My Seven Sacred Rays will consecrate the essences that are lost.

So that your hope of redeeming yourselves may be stronger than your self-will and so that love may emanate eternally and transmute your unknown aspects you will repeat with faith, devotion and divine conviction the following prayer:

Victorious Prayer
to the Seven Rays of Jesus

Sacred White Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
cultivate absolute purity in my being.

Sacred Blue Ray,
that emanates from the Heart
of Jesus, sow Pity in my consciousness.

Sacred Pink Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
transcend now my difficulties.

Sacred Golden Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
bring to my consciousness
Your sacred wisdom.

Sacred Green Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
heal my old wounds,
so that the new being may be born.

Sacred Golden-Ruby Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
nourish my consciousness
so that the divine gifts may awaken within it.

Sacred Violet Ray,
that emanates from the Heart of Jesus,
transmute my doubts, guilt,
sorrows and any curse,
so that my spirit may be one with Jesus
and may be one in God eternally.

Under the imperishable Light of the Father,
in Christ, now and always,
I live the spiritual mission.


Under the Grace of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for receiving My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus, the Sacred Ray of Love.

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