My dear children:

Each new vigil of prayer is not the same as the previous one; therefore may your hearts ignite themselves so that the Love of God will be able awaken and Grace will be poured out wherever it is most necessary.

At each new vigil of prayer souls are called to remain more attentive and prompt for the requests of Your Heavenly Mother because at each new vigil of prayer planetary processes and even cosmic ones are unveiled and healed by the Light of My Heart.

When a praying soul offers its word to God through the vigil of prayer, it is confirming once more that the Plan of the Father and of all His Creation can be fulfilled and the soul that emits this confirmation is self-summoning itself for whatever may be necessary.

It is this awakening that the Uruguayans must live at this time, without half words and with an adhesion ready to serve the Hierarchy in whatever may be necessary.

In the vigil of prayer that you have shared with Me for four years, children, a very potent epicenter of divine Light has been built, the one that activates itself and descends as a flow upon a planetary or human situation in need of a source of liberation or healing.

All the divine possibilities can present themselves through each new vigil of prayer; everything will depend on the attitude of the praying being or of the disciple of Mary before the monthly call for prayer that is taking place. Therefore, at this time the Divine Hierarchy needs that the non-believing humanity may recognize the transmuting effect and power of prayer.

If to this effect of prayer one adds, for example, fasting, the results of a group work of prayer reverberate not only in these consciousnesses, but also in the Laws of Nature modifying the foreseen events.

Today, My children, I tell you all of this due to the urgency that you feel and understand in what you are participating vigil after vigil of prayer and what is the real spiritual result that this work of prayer reaches through the unconditional support of each one of you and of all the Heavenly Hierarchy.

Dear children, the vigils of prayer for peace in the nations will continue, not only to establish the universal positive chain of peace in the world, but also so that your inner beings and humanity, through prayer, will gradually be able to transform the aspects of the ego that corrode the consciousness and its full awakening.


In the small sacrifices you will find the solution for the severe problems of the humanity.

Sacrifice is an act of renunciation and at the same time, of liberation of the forms that oppress the consciousness of humanity.  Through the sacrifices, the Universal laws act and what seemed impossible to be reverted changes by the realization of a small sacrifice.

The act of sacrifice must be bathed by the humility of accepting something beyond the capacity of each being.  Fasting is the path that leads you to find the sacrifice which humanity has forgotten to live, in order to repair faults.

Sacrifice is a law of liberation and at the same time it permits us to become aware about gratitude and good.

Dear children, the imbalances of humanity in these times are for the lack of sacrifice, which does not mean omission, severity or punishment.  A great sacrifice that the world could do is to remain in silence so that everyone would understand how out of control, violent and perverted is the human life.

If silence were made, much would be resolved, everything would be healed, the world would be able to dispel the constant noise that inhabits in the consciousness of My children and everything would be reconstructed as in the beginning.

One of the causes of My crying is the lack of silence inside the beings; this separates them from the internal strength, strength which permits you to truly pray, since the absence of silence leads to the lack of peace.

Dear children, My Heart continues to be hurt.  The cup is no longer only full to the top, but now it is overflowing.  From everything that happens in the world today, something must be learned interiorly.

Dear children, I open for you the doors to the Heart of God so that you may enter.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who elevates you to the Consciousness of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I want to call by the name those of My soldiers who must answer to the commitment that they have with Me and for this, My voice echoes in the interior of your beings as an unknown impulse that invites you to prayer, to service to the most in need, to reconciliation with your families, and to the understanding towards the other.  These, children of Mine, are the manifestations of My impulses in their hearts.

I want to build in My children the principle of the new life which will not be in any way unattainable by the souls of this world.

I just ask you for prayer, to strengthen the spirit, to purify the past and to generate merits for the redemption of the souls and of the whole world.

I ask you for fasting to balance the injustices of the world.

I ask you to be peacemakers, to break for good the chain of evil that ties humanity and impedes the evolution of all the kingdoms of nature.

I ask you for reconciliation, to open the doors to new opportunities for the souls.

I ask you for fraternity, to build the basis of the new life upon the Earth.

I ask you for love, so that it may be the air that will breathe the new world and without which this universe will not be able to exist.

I ask you for conversion so that you may stop being what you are and abandon the impulses that this world has built in yourselves, in order to be just like what the Creator has thought, living in this way all the principles that today I have delivered to you.

Is it too much what I ask you?

With everything that the Celestial Universe has delivered to you, just follow the words of those who were sent by the Lord and, in this way, all the Graces that I have deposited in your essences will be able to sprout, grow, bloom and bear fruit so that other souls may reach the same awakening or an even deeper one.

My beloveds, listen with attention to My words and seek between the lines the truths that in other times I did not reveal to the world.

This humanity has already been in evolution for a long time.  The moment has already come that a new and very great step may be taken by the consciousnesses of this world, and for this, it is necessary to be open of heart and to know that you know nothing.

Trust in what I tell you and in what I will tell you in the times that will come.   I want to prepare you for this end of cycle so that the events may find you ready.

Dear children,

We are coming close to the anniversary day of My daily messages, we are coming close to the day in which God gave me the Grace to guide and accompany you.

Dear children, for this, through all of the instructions that My Heart has poured, I invite you to exercise once again the reading of the heart which means the reading of all of My messages through your heart. I invite you to live My messages, which you can practice in a simple and humble manner.

Dear children, the beginning of the announcements of My daily words had its origin in Medjugorge, when My Maternal Heart prepared My clairvoyants in order to make possible all the task that has been done in the name of God during this last year of apparitions.

Today I want to invite you, united to My 31 years in Medjugorje, to walk in faith and in conversion, because if you, day by day, transform your hearts you will be transforming the abyss of humanity.

Dear children, your conversion, your penitence and your fasting will help in the salvation of souls that are living irreparable faults and above all will allow the arrival of My Divine Mercy.

When I call you to conversion, to penitence and to fasting, I am calling you to give a little more on the part of yourselves, without living great privations, but donating from your heart all that could be transformed and redeemed a little more.

I call you to prayer because in this way your hearts will lift themselves up as a bird that lifts itself up towards the heights of a mountain.

Dear children, may your feet climb the mountain of gratitude and of devotion so that your hearts may be united with the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

In Medjugorje, during the day of November 15 of 2011, now one year, My Voice pronounced the arisal of the Work of the Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity. Today it is a work that is so much more broad, because of the answer of all of My soldiers.

But all of you, dear children, those who accompany me month by month through My apparitions, I ask you that you help and collaborate so that this Co-Redeemer work that is united to the Master Jesus may expand more as has happened in Medjugorje, it has now been 31 years.


My children:

Pray, pray much so that in each moment of your day God may listen to you and thus, His Magnificent Spirit of Love may work through all creatures.

Dear children, pray, pray much so that your souls and the souls in the whole world may receive the comfort and mercy that they expect.

Pray, and do not tire of praying, because in prayer is found the strength and the loving dialogue of your hearts with God.

Pray, pray for the time of change that will come, so that each heart of this world may listen with humility to the loving requests of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray to open the Doors of the Heavens and so that the Angels may be be present with their love and service upon Earth, and so that this may allow the hearts of many consciousnesses to change. When you reach a harmonious and loving prayer, you will be treading the path toward the contemplation of the Most High, and your beings will be like sparks of light in the universe.

Pray for those who do not pray. Pray for those who do not love. Pray for all of humanity because the prayer of the heart will guide you as a Mother guides her little child.

Therefore, dear children, My Maternal and Devotional Heart is among you to teach you to walk upon the path of prayer and conversion.

Throughout these last months, you have come to know the Face of the Queen of Peace, the Mother of God, but still, My children, you must love daily prayer until your hearts recognize that the prayer of all groups will change the world.

In Lourdes, when I called for penance, I was calling the world toward reflection, toward the awakening of consciousness before actions.

In Fátima, I called the world to daily prayer so that souls would weave, by means of the rosary, a new network of peace and redemption that could help the world.

In Medjugorje, I called for fasting and prayer, just as in Aurora, where for five years now I have been asking humanity for a little more sacrifice and effort so that it can balance itself before the events that are outside the Law of God.

Dear children:

May you words not judge the other hearts, may you lips only pray for peace and for love in the entire world.

My children, may your feeling be an emanation of the Love of My Son because through Jesus you will find the Font of all love and forgiveness.

May your lives at the end of this time be only love and forgiveness, may your actions be transmitted through good works. You are My children and all My children must be porters of peace in the heart and thus irradiate it through charity and through donation.

Charity and donation are what is lacking among brothers and sisters of this world, because of this My Maternal Heart comes to you to teach you about the true love born as a flower in the sunrise.

Dear children, for this, may your arms always be as open as your hands to receive those who are most dispossessed and those who most need God.

Little children, today I invite you to imitate Me, today I call you to be true representatives of My message for the world, because as Mother I know that your hearts may be loyal representatives of My words on the planet.

You are inside of My Grace when I lovingly visit you month by month, but the world, where is it right now? Is it living the mercy of God?

Dear children, you as servers and as souls in prayer, are called to be participants and transmitters of the Divine Mercy, because with so much love and with a crystalline and pure love we will transform lives and hearts.

In your hands is the future of the world and of all humanity. In prayer, in fast and in vigil is found the strength of the life for each heart.

My children, you are in My Maternal Heart because the Lady of Peace wants to make you humble before God, so that together with the angels, all souls will live their salvation and the conversion, and praise for centuries upon centuries to God.

Pray for the shepherds because in them My Son wants to be always.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

In my arms I take the world. In My Heart I keep humanity. In My Prayer I help humanity and so I aid all souls. With My eyes I contemplate the happiness of the hearts and the pain of the wounded hearts.

For this My Mission is to bring the Heaven to the Earth through prayers from My soldiers. My Graces are spilled hour by hour, second by second over this needed world. My hands pray perpetually for you. My Immaculate Heart elevates itself to the Celestial Throne of God to ask as the mediator for all humanity.

Meanwhile the time, the changes and the events pass so quickly in the life of all souls, My Heart wants to take you to a deeper state of peace. I want to reveal to My little ones the essence of the Divine Mercy of Jesus. I want that My little ones learn to be with My Son without fearing anything and then walk with happiness towards the encounter with His Compassionate Heart.

As a Mother I guard hearts, I awake the power and the faith for life. As the morning I bring the hope, the renovation in Jesus, the beginning of a new path to God.

Day by day I contemplate more the needs of humanity, for this the Heavens of God, the Highest sends Me to My children to help them to encounter the Love of Creator.

Dear souls of God Father,

Today as a Mother of the Divine Mercy I spill one more time the ray of forgiveness and of reparation for your hearts. But so that your lives feel unfathomable fountain of reconciliation, you must say Yes to God, the Father of Love and of Compassion.

Dear children, today I am calling you to convert your lives in forgiveness, in peace, in eternal mercy for all.

Today I am calling you to do something for humanity, because humanity for its own actions is separating itself from the peace of God.

Today I am calling you to reinforce the power of prayer in your lives.

Today I am calling you to fast, to meditate into the mysteries of the Saint Rosary.

Today I ask you to have a compassionate and humble hearts, so that Jesus manifest Himself in each one of His disciples.

Today I am calling you to be active servers of God for your neighbor, for your families, for your most dear friends,  for all humanity.

Because today My Heart calls you to be in Christ, the Savior so that the Grace of God aid the world.

Today I call you to open your eyes to reality in humanity and to put yourself in perpetual prayer for all causes that need Mercy from the Redeemer.

Dear children:

As Mother of the Graces, I contemplate the need of each one of My children. As Mother and Queen of Peace, I invite you to place in your prayers all the pleas that your brothers and sisters send Me, so that in this way the light of the Father and the Grace of His Love may answer the call of His children.

My children, with this you will see how great is the urgency of prayer for humanity, for the nations and for the continents. Dear children, as servers of Christ, today I call you to pray for all the pleas that the souls utter every day to Heaven.

Praying and fasting, you will help so that the Grace of the Mercy of My Son may diffuse itself in the heart of all My children. Little children, I invite you to mature by means of the exercise of prayer, because it is in prayer that you will discover the wisdom that your consciousness needs so that, in these times, it may take the decisions of peace.

Dear children, as Queen of Peace I ask you that at each moment of your lives you may seek Jesus to relieve the offenses that He receives on the part of humanity. My children, try by means of prayer to alleviate the Heart of My Son, and through the exercise of prayer consolidate in your heart the alliance with Christ.

Dear children, for this time peace must reign in the dwelling place of all My children; you, with prayer, have the key that opens the door of the Celestial Universe of God.

By means of prayer you will find the most peaceful path for your lives.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering to My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.

Today I want you to celebrate, during this Saturday, the Supper with My Son, Jesus. Remember that Saturdays are of special reparation and grace to all those who, united with Christ, commune with Him in His Heart and His Divine Spirit.

The day of Saturday helps you meditate in the mystery of the communion that My Son initiated during the Last Supper. This precious act that Jesus performed with the apostles allowed the great liberation of humanity in the sacrifice of the crucifixion of Jesus. All the passion lived by Jesus invites you during the Saturdays to contemplate the acts as sacred and as the beginning of the victory of the Kingdom of God on Earth, through the merciful love of Jesus.

With this, dear children, today I invite you to keep in your hearts the fact that Saturday, with fasting and community prayer, may stop irreparable world events, with the simple act of donation to God for love of those who still do not donate themselves, do not love and do not adore God.

Through time, this exercise will demand more effort from you. Because of this your hearts must be in constant prayer, to be able to comply with My call.

My children, know that as the children of Fatima cultivated purity and surrender by being innocent, today I only ask you to remember the inner child each of you keep in your hearts and that is who will allow you to take the steps towards the light of the Creator.

May Saturdays be as a party of Mercy for your hearts, even if not everybody can fulfill My requests, but if you remember the importance of this day of the week, only this will help the conversion of the world.

May you find in Jesus the joy of serving God, Love.

I thank you!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As the Mother of the Eternal Graces I want, at the end of this time, to convert your hearts into hearts renewed by the glorious love of God, because my Immaculate Heart promises it.

Dear children, many sufferings invade the purity of the hearts. To be able to restore them today I ask you to pray, pray with love in your hearts, so that God, the Creator may listen to you as humanity. If the souls do not pray for the most needy souls, the endless Graces of my Heart may not be poured over those children that urgently need them.

For this My children, we are in the time of the purification of feelings and thoughts, those that do not correspond to the One Law of Universal Love. As the accumulation of feelings increases in the entire world, I ask you: pray with your heart, so that all creatures may be placed by Me under the restoring and redeeming fountain of the Divine Mercy of My Son.

The rays of the Pity and of the Mercy of Jesus are still among you and over all of humanity. But many forget how important are these Graces and the enemy succeeds in distancing them from the Fountain of these Graces.

For this, as the Guardian of the hearts, today I invite you to reverence the Sacred Heart of Jesus. In His hands of light He holds the sword of redemption, which can cut off and liberate all evil.

You dear children, can be the servers and the instruments of God that consciously may intervene in prayer and with love for all souls.

Remember that fasting as an offer to the souls in purgatory works like a special Grace.

Reality and truth are getting closer to the life of all My children; the Law of the Love of God is open to those who, as Jesus, want to learn to love like Christ loved on the cross.

Light up My Hope in your hearts, for the salvation of all.

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

As a Mother Guardian of the hearts, I bring you to the daily meeting with the Most Beloved Heart of My Son. This loving and good Heart of Love of Jesus must be like an ardent fire in your hearts, a fire that allows you to grow and learn for honor to the Glory of God and for the divine love that the Celestial Father has for each of His children.

Today My little children, I invite you to consider the opportunity that each one of your lives is receiving through My monthly arrival to your hearts, through My announcements of Peace and Redemption.

Because of this dear children, many changes will happen in the world, but they will be more welcome when all united themselves under the Spirit of My Immaculate Heart. For all this I ask you to not worry your thoughts with what God has not revealed to you as a humanity.

Yes, I tell you, dear children, that the enemy’s tricks confuse the hearts that must follow the one purpose of God for this time and that is called: PEACE.
Because of this, beloved children, this peace will be more real and truthful in each of your lives when you practice the prayer of the heart, the confession with My Son, and the fasting for all souls that live very far from God.

I tell you something else My dear children, that you awaken the spirit of hope, so that God’s Good will be a fact for this humanity.

Thus, little children, your hearts may be in God when your actions and your lives correspond to the steps that My Son and My Immaculate Heart will mark for you in this special time of definition.

Envelop your hearts with the mantle of My Peace, so that, protected by My merciful ray which comes from My Glorified Son, I may guide you and follow you closely. May we, for this time in vigil and prayer adore the Heart of Christ, so that He shows you the next path, before His expected return to the world.
All has been announced, but only now the ears must open themselves, the inner ears of the heart.

Thank you for answering My call.

Faith in your hearts.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

The Five Keys of Conversion

Dear children,

Your souls are as walking pilgrims that must always seek for God. Your feet lead you in search of the path of God. Your hands, always in prayer, elevate you to talk to God.  Your hearts are like the fire that makes the light of the flame spring up to illuminate your path.

For this dear children I Am the Bird of Peace that comes from Heaven to indicate to you the correct way to My Son.  My Immaculate Heart surrendered itself to the world, so that souls may strengthen themselves in faith and in the love from the heart.  My Purity shows you that it is possible to be eternally in God, just as your lives are here on Earth.  The path for each of My children must be the constant aspiration to live in the Heart of My Son, who has also offered himself in life and in spirit for the redemption of the world.

In Christ you may find the fortress so that your lives are set free from the obstacles and may be permeated by the Victorious Light of God.

I want to tell you, My dears, with all these messages, that your hearts live and will live more in My Son when, in the faith of each heart, they may see that the path to Heaven is possible for all.

To come into the Kingdom of My Son, day by day you must live the conversion of the heart.  And with that I want to say, dear children, that you must take these five keys to redemption and forgiveness:

1 – Fasting done out of love.

2 – Charity towards your neighbor.

3 – Prayer as a source of renewal.

4 – Reading the Holy Gospels.

5 – Confession to My Son.

This exercise will allow you to know, My children, at which point and at which moment is the conversion of your heart.  Because then My dears, each one of you will be able to show yourselves as a real soul of God, as a worthy son or as a worthy daughter of God.

It is time to repair the heart!

Thank you for answering My call.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My words of Peace want to be like the Heavens in the hearts of all souls. I want you to be able to recognize celestial peace so that through pure prayer, made with the heart, you may live peace on Earth.

All My children already know that we are in a cycle of changes in the world, for this, month to month and day by day I prepare you.

But I do not see that your hearts listen to My daily words, words dictated by the love of My Immaculate Heart which come from the Heavens, a place that day by day I invite you to enter with confidence and truth.

Dear children, God the Father has conceded this Grace of being among your hearts and My Heart has worked so that your lives may have the necessary keys for the conversion of the heart.

The world is blind, but not all My children are blind nor deaf. I hear you from the Heavens when your hearts place the voice of prayer in the most high celestial state. Because of this dear children, My Heart rejoices when I see perseverance and hope that are permeated by happiness, essences of peace necessary for this time.

Dear children, embrace with love My Heart and place in It, day by day the miseries that make the lives of many hearts suffer.

Through fasting many world circumstances will be resolved, above all the loss of souls. When your hearts enter the path of surrender and donation, wounds in the heart must be healed, and through the exercise of prayer they heal fast.

Dear children: stay with the flame of the heart alight and walk, walk till you arrive before the Heart of Christ, to adore Him and love Him. He awaits you in silence.

 Thank you for answering My call.

Light for the hearts in the world.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.

My Children:

With love I ask you today, for this day, a perpetual prayer made with the heart. I wait for you all of the days so that your souls may merge themselves in Christ and thus the plans of peace, which are urgent for the world, may accomplish themselves. Eliminate from your lives the ignorance and the illusion so that My Immaculate Heart may be the safe purpose to be able to get to My Son. In this day of prayer, fasting and retreat offer your true intentions so that Heavens may receive them and send you a sincere answer to your requests according to the Will of the Father.

Dear children: you know that My Heart overflows of joy when the souls put themselves under My mantle of Mother but My Immaculate Heart also suffers by seeing many children still far from the love of the Father, love that I am pouring over the world as much in Medjugorje  as in Carmo da Cachoeira.

I want to tell you, beloved children, that My Maternal, Immaculate and Universal purpose is the same for all of the world.

Why is My Heart in two places at the same time and with appointed times?

Because the world still has not learned to live the real and the pure love that God expresses in the Creation for all of the creatures. For this God has sent me to Brazil, because this nation has in great part consecrated itself to My Immaculate Heart.

I Am the Lady of Aparecida that for America brings a new call and request for attention for all of the hearts.  The Will of the Father is that I accompany South America for some time more through the renovation of the cult of consecration to My Immaculate Heart.

Under the power of the Holy Spirit that I bring to all, I invite you to seek this Greater Light as a last resource of peace for the world. For this, dear children, My Heart, My Voice and My Maternal Presence present themselves in this part of the world because My Heart must embrace more the world and especially many souls that are not being lead through good paths.

For this I do not only call the Christian Community but My Heart claims even more for all those who are lonely and distant from God. My only call and mission is that you all may prepare your hearts in peace for when the world changes quickly. This is the aim for which My Immaculate Face is appearing over Brazil and Uruguay.

During this morning´s attunement in the prayer of the Ave Maria, the Divine Mother appeared to transmit Her message to the souls.

Today the Virgin Mary appeared as the Immaculate Heart, with a clear, patient and serene gaze. During the apparition, that today lasted longer, She showed us a sad face, bathed with tears that fell as far as the base of Her cheeks.


At that moment, opening Her arms, She said:

Dear children:
When a Heart is in pain, it is because it is full of sadness and real prayer will give it a relief. Today I want dear children, that you relieve My Immaculate Heart, because it lives the suffering of the world and of all the souls. The Lord of the Heavens invites you to the hour of reparation, so that you can participate through the sincere act of prayer and fasting.

Dear children: while the world and humanity have already passed many trials, today it lives the trial of decision. For this My little ones, through fervent and loving prayer, many souls that are far apart from God could be guided even close to My Immaculate Heart.

Dear children: carry in your hearts the signal of My Maternal presence, so that as servants of God you proclaim My Peace from your hearts. This is My call for each one of you; whoever is in Me will lack nothing and this way, can be blessed by the light of My eternal Heart.

Beloved children and little souls: the Heavens send you a special Grace for this time, which is My Maternal presence among your small hearts. For this I call you to a profound prayer for the world that is burning in flames, the same way that many souls that have been lost.

My Voice announces to you that it is already the moment for the conversion of the heart, the conversion of the life, the conversion of the thought and the conversion of all the souls. I announce Myself to your hearts, so that you recognize the Will of God. My Interior Grace is the last path that My Heart is showing to the souls.

Peace! Peace! Peace! for all the human beings!

That none may lose the light of their heart, because if souls despair, it is because they still do not know how to live in God. Much prayer is needed in order that all My children may see the path towards the Kingdom of the Heavens.

My little children, never forget for this time the day of fasting. Fasting made with the heart repairs the feelings. Fasting made with love repairs the conflicts.  Fasting made with peace will bring to you more peace.

Dear children, I invited you some time ago to fast for Peace, today I invite you to fasting for Saturdays.  The day of Saturday will be for you the preparation for the vigil with My Son, it is the preparation for the New Easter.  Saturday is a day of special prayer for those who still have not converted themselves to love and to the Redeeming presence of My Son, Jesus.  For this then My little ones, I call you to renew the spiritual exercises through the donation and the surrender to God.  Each soul will know what is that which it will be able to offer to God, so that, in this way, may end suffering, war and pain in the world.

Dear children, the days of Tuesdays and the days of Saturday will be of special mercy for the hearts that aspire to answer to the call of fasting for Peace: in the life of the world, for Peace in the nations, for Peace in the purpose of the people, for Peace in humanity and especially for the Peace of the souls in purgatory that also must achieve the Grace of Peace.

My beloved children, the constant and true prayer together with the exercise of fasting will aid the world that is in the abyss of perdition. Dear children, this exercise will conduct you through the path of consecration that each one of you is making towards My Immaculate Heart. Fasting relieves the weight of the faults that are committed towards the Sacred Heart of Christ. For this fasting repairs, before the Divine Justice, the consequences of the acts committed from the blindness of humanity. Before the return of My Son I invite you to fasting because many hearts have forgotten how important it is for the life of the soul.

Dear children, beyond fasting in itself exists the mystery of the Celestial Graces that I am showing to each one of your hearts. In this way, My children, you will be sharing with Me the Grace of relief for the life of many souls that today live without the love of God. I  invite you to be with Me in fasting and in prayer, the hearts are in need of this.

Who fasts with the donated heart and without great sacrifices will be doing what is requested and what is right. I invite you to the sacrifice of the heart to help the plans of God. You are all with Me in My Heart.

My Heart radiates light and love to all the little hearts that today in the world celebrate on this date My maternal presence.

It is important, dear children, that all the hearts remember the daily sacred exercise of contemplative prayer and the weekly exercise of fasting for peace. This way My little ones, you will be uniting your hearts for the love of all the children that do not listen to God, do not adore God, and do not love God.

For this, My little ones, I come from the One and Only Heaven to announce to your hearts that the preparation of the heart for this ultimate time will be rapid, fast. I want to tell you My dears, that all of you, day after day, must love the inexhaustible fountain of prayer and of donation of self. This way you will assist many of My children to once again approach My Immaculate Heart.

Vigil in each moment for the union of each heart with My maternal presence. Now, to you all has come the time to love your fellow humans truly and above all, existence in life. This way you will be fulfilling in fraternity the parables that were proclaimed once by My Son.

For this day direct your hearts to the Most Holy Heart of Christ. Prepare your dwellings so that the flocks may enter, and that they may establish the new light of Christ in your hearts, and in those of your brothers and sisters.

Who will be the new flocks?

They will be the children that will wake up to the light of the events, and those who will radiate the infinite love of Christ. Through the paths of the Redeeming Master, you shall find shelter in your dwellings.

Who loves you always and accompanies you wholeheartedly,

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity.  

Dear children, today seek the light of My merciful eyes so that I, as your Mother of Peace, can accompany and guide your steps to the Lord. I leave to you seven keys to open the doors of the Heavens:

  • Prayer with Love
  • Fast for Peace
  • Community with Christ
  • Forgiveness of the past
  • Reading of the Gospel
  • Reconciliation with God
  • Confidence in the Divine Will

With these seven keys you will find the path that will lead you to the consecration of life. Guard your hearts in My Heart, in My temple of peace. Let us work for peace in the world.

Who adores you;

Mother of the Divine Conception of Trinity.


Dear brothers and sisters in God:

May My Light today be able be abundant within the deepest spaces of your hearts so that in this way may be established the Kingdom of My Peace in all of humanity.

Pray for those who sleep and who, without realizing rest in the normal life of this current world. Offer to God your fasting, prayers, sacrifices for humanity and your sufferings because if all this were donated with faith many spiritual situations would be able to be reverted before the time.

Now I only ask you to seek to be for longer in My Merciful Heart because your souls still have not swum in My Ocean of Graces but your temperaments have led you to practice other things.

May your true exercise be the merciful prayer of the heart. Each time that you call for My Presence in silence I will be amongst you accompanying the great movements in your inner beings.

My Merciful and Liberating Fire wants to approach a little more to your beings. But it still lacks the total permission so that some veils may fall from your faces. If it were like this you would see the light of truth that draws nearer from Heaven with the hope of converting you into good disciples of My Prayer.

I construct in you My Temple of repose whenever you are truly encouraged to empty yourselves of your own selves to discover the wonders of the new being. Be simple in everything up to the point of loving with reverence each detail that is presented in your lives. I am here to listen to you always.

Under the Grace and the Love of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for guarding My words in the heart!

Christ Jesus.


My Peace and Mercy come to the world to sustain it in the new changes that approximate themselves for all of the consciousnesses. For this of great importance will be your humility and emptiness of yourselves before the situations that will be seen in the world in this time and that the humanity will not consider as a grave offense to God. Hold on to the writings and teachings of the Gospel so that less souls may distance themselves from the only and true path of the Shepherd.

Today My Heart rejoices itself for those who in faith continue working for the redemption and the conversion of the heart. But My Heart grieves for the actions that day by day men and women commit in the name of the common good.

Be attentive, praying people! So that vigil may be a true shield that protects your homes and families. My Merciful Heart opens itself to receive you inside of My Sacerdotal Temple, My light diffuses itself through those servers who give all in this time.

I Am calling the flocks so that once more they may relieve My flagellated Heart, a Heart that receives great offenses that hurt the Heart of the Father.

Convert yourselves, convert yourselves, convert yourselves! Because you are still in time. Pray! Fast! And repair in the Holy Communion all of the causes that transgress the Law of the Highest.

If you do like this, My Merciful Heart will once more intercede for all of those who deny the presence of the Love of the Father. The more prayer, the more reparation. The more sin, the greater the Divine Justice.

Pray with the heart and offer to My Sacred Heart all of the love that you guard for the Father. This will repair the causes that offend.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for repairing My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus.


Who are we?

Association Mary
A Christian and ecumenical religious association for the purpose of disseminating the universal message of love and of peace that Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph transmit to the monks of the Grace Mercy Order, stimulating spiritual growth through prayer and altruistic service.