Thursday, February 28 of 2013

Daily messages

My Peace and Mercy come to the world to sustain it in the new changes that approximate themselves for all of the consciousnesses. For this of great importance will be your humility and emptiness of yourselves before the situations that will be seen in the world in this time and that the humanity will not consider as a grave offense to God. Hold on to the writings and teachings of the Gospel so that less souls may distance themselves from the only and true path of the Shepherd.

Today My Heart rejoices itself for those who in faith continue working for the redemption and the conversion of the heart. But My Heart grieves for the actions that day by day men and women commit in the name of the common good.

Be attentive, praying people! So that vigil may be a true shield that protects your homes and families. My Merciful Heart opens itself to receive you inside of My Sacerdotal Temple, My light diffuses itself through those servers who give all in this time.

I Am calling the flocks so that once more they may relieve My flagellated Heart, a Heart that receives great offenses that hurt the Heart of the Father.

Convert yourselves, convert yourselves, convert yourselves! Because you are still in time. Pray! Fast! And repair in the Holy Communion all of the causes that transgress the Law of the Highest.

If you do like this, My Merciful Heart will once more intercede for all of those who deny the presence of the Love of the Father. The more prayer, the more reparation. The more sin, the greater the Divine Justice.

Pray with the heart and offer to My Sacred Heart all of the love that you guard for the Father. This will repair the causes that offend.

Under the Grace of God, be merciful.

Thank you for repairing My Sacred Heart!

Christ Jesus.