There are plans contrary to Christ being able to be born in each human heart, plans that intend to prevent souls from becoming aware of their Christifying potential.

This means distracting the consciousness so that it may never come to know the virtues and gifts that it contains and thus it is placed in constant illusion.

For this reason, the Divine Hierarchy emphasizes the end of each year as an important period in which hearts can take refuge in the Spirit of the Sacred Family, so as to be able to draw closer to that inner and Christic reality.

Each time a consciousness achieves contact with its inner Christ, it is allowing its spirit to draw closer to material reality and, in this way, give it the impulse to take greater steps toward the fulfilling of the Greater Will.

But upon this path of carrying out Divine Will, there are tests and difficulties so that the consciousness may strengthen and affirm all the light that can emerge in the heart.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Dear children,

As Lady of the Nativity of Jesus, today I invite you to build an inner manger within yourselves during this time, through prayer, so that your souls, united with that of Christ, may be able to be reborn and renewed in the attributes of the Sacred Family, so that this Universal Sacred Family may today be a reality upon this planet.

For this, My children, today many prepare for the coming of the Child King by building mangers, to remember that important event of the Birth of Jesus as a doorway to freedom from human slavery and the redemption of the errors of humankind upon the surface of the Earth.

Today, in a particular way, your Divine Mother contemplates the creativity in the preparation of the mangers, and this is very important, because a greater number of souls lovingly preparing their mangers will allow the Sacred Spirit of the Holy Family of Nazareth to be present in the nuclei of the families.

For the special vigil of Christmas Eve, on December 24, 2019, I invite all My children to this year send photos of their mangers so that they may be presented as an inner offering of commitment in the protection of the love of families.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series - Divine Revelations of these times

From the humble cave of Bethlehem to the Temple of the Circumcision - Part II

After the physical, internal and universal events that took place in the simple cave of Bethlehem, after a few days, Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother prepared to present the Child God in the Temple.

This was now the second mystery that would be revealed to men, during that time, concerning what would spiritually signify the coming of the Messiah to the Earth.

At that time, the cave of Bethlehem was permeated and filled with Christic light and within each place that the Child King passed by divine attributes and codes were deposited, not only as teraphims, but also for all those who, in some way or another, participated in and knew about the Birth of Jesus in Bethlehem; they received spiritual impulses that would bring them to a transformation of consciousness.

Days after the sacred Child of Israel was born, Saint Joseph had already made the preparations and finished the prayers so that He would also go through, within the Temple, the process of so-called purification.

Saint Joseph arrived in the Temple together with the Most Holy Mary and the Little Child in Her arms but during the process of the circumcision of the Little Child, as the Law of Moses requires, an unexpected fact was revealed through a humble priest called Simon.

This wise and contacted being was one of the many people on Earth that waited for the coming of the Messiah and for the fulfilling of the prophecies of the Prophets.

In this instance of the Presentation of the Little Child in the Temple and after the circumcision, Simon, inspired by the Divine Fire of the Holy Spirit, shared and announced a prophecy to the Mother of God, telling Her that a sword of pain would pierce Her Heart. And, immediately, He recited one of the prophecies about the advent of Christ on Earth.

The Temple of the Circumcision was the place that not only determined the complete consecration of the Child King to the Plan of God but where the spiritual sacrifice that His Heavenly Mother would live by offering the Little Child as spiritual reparation and atonement for all the errors committed in humanity.

It was from that moment, of Jesus being in the Temple, that the fall of the evil empire, which in that time subjected and punished the Earth, oppressing the continuity of the sacred People of Israel, would begin.

The arrival of the Little Jesus to the Temple and the company of Saint Joseph and your Heavenly Mother represented that, at that very same hour, the great divine intervention would develop, the one that would bring to an end the decadence of men and of all the human degeneration, through the presence of Christ on Earth, as well as all the unconditional life that this very Child, later a Man, would give for love for all His brothers and sisters.

The act of purification in the Temple meant the passage to another stage of that perfect but silent Plan, that God Himself was carrying forward through His Beloved Son.

It was through the presentation of the Child King in the Temple that the angelic and archangelic intervention began to directly occur within all of the souls of humanity, of that time, since it was necessary for all of humankind to move away from its process of self-destruction and its ambitious power.

For that reason, since the time that Jesus had incarnated on Earth, the angelic and archangelic beings, at the request of the Mother of God, made use of the highest spiritual instruments and the purest Immaterial Rays so that the spirits on Earth may live the first steps of redemption.

In order for all of this to be possible, the Child King, still being a newborn, applied certain divine Laws that modified the spiritual condition of the Earth, but that, at the same time, opened the portals of contact and spiritual communication among the Greater Source and the inner worlds, places where the essences are.

All of the universal movements carried out, by the presence of the Sacred Family and the angelic intervention, stopped the advance of the evil powers over human consciousness, which was more primitive in that time.

All of these contrary currents, as a punishment, had to present the entire victory that was generated from the Birth of Jesus until the Death and Resurrection of Christ.

In this way, the planet and humanity were converted and redeemed by the potent voltage of Love-Wisdom.

The alliance that was achieved between Heaven and Earth defeated and overcame the projects of the adversary. But now, in this current time, and before the second Coming of Christ, humanity is in a moment so similar to that of the Birth of Jesus, a moment in which each human being will have the Grace of overcoming in love and of surpassing and transcending indifference so that Christ may triumph again in all hearts.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Series – Divine Revelations of these times

In the Humble Cave of Bethlehem - Part I

And it was through the powerful Light of the Star of Bethlehem that your Mother and Lady, in the humble Company of Her Spouse, Saint Joseph, after having sought a simple place for the Birth of the Child King, We accepted a gift from God, which We did not expect but, at the same time, We perceived it as a visible sign during the Birth of the Child God.

It was the supreme decision that the Living God, made man and consciousness, wanted to be born in a humble manger within the caves near the village of Bethlehem.

This was so the Sacred Family, through the inner guidance of Archangel Saint Gabriel, could settle and prepare for the expected Birth of Who, throughout the times and generations, would free humankind from a possible self-destruction and a total loss of attributes and the Commandments that, as a people, in that time, united them to God.

It was for that reason that the Birth of the Messiah, the King of Israel and of the entire Earth, was prophesized and announced by the wisest contact-beings who understood, on an internal level, the cosmic vision of the local space of this Universe and, through angelic intercession, deciphered the estimated day and hour of the arrival and Birth of the Child Jesus in Bethlehem, even without previously knowing the Sacred Family.

My Husband, Saint Joseph, touched and internalized by the Birth of Christ, and by the fulfillment of the Sacred Prophecies, testified that all of His great effort and striving for the preparation of the arrival of the Little Child would be small.

Behind the Birth of Jesus, the Most Holy Mary, your Divine Mother, already knew, from the thirteen annunciations of Archangel Gabriel, that the arrival of the Child King would mean a most important Celestial, Divine and Cosmic intervention, a situation that would change and transcend all past human errors, from Eden, with Adam and Eve, up until the end of times, until the fulfillment of His second return to humanity.

This intervention, which took place in the humble and simple scenery of the cave of Bethlehem, represented the restoration of the Alliance that had been lost between humanity and God; but it also meant the re-establishment of the codes of Love-Wisdom which, from the spiritual plane, would help the material plane of the entire human race.

The first Source of Creation, which arises in the immaterial plane, lived a process of materialization of its forms and matrixes in order to contribute to the Birth of Jesus on Earth.

This movement of very high vibratory-spiritual science also meant a strong movement of cosmic and solar currents, of emanations and divine impulses which assisted so that, through the Birth of Christ, not only one of the Divine Aspects of the Trinity could descend onto the Earth, but also a state of contact between all beings who, at that time of the Birth of Christ, had total confidence about the arrival of their savior. 

For this reason, the annunciation of the angels to the shepherds and the wise interpretation and attunement of the Kings of the East generated, in all of the spiritual consciousness of the planet, the possibility of placing the Earth, once again, in a rescuable disposition.

When Jesus was born in the manger of Bethlehem many other spiritual, internal and even physical events occurred, since the descent of the immaterial energy of God embraced and encompassed many planetary events.

All of those who, with sincerity and devotion, remember the Birth of Christ, year after year, re-enter into the same cosmic and divine currents from which, more than two thousand years ago, the process of rescue and redemption of humanity was originated.

To celebrate the Birth of Christ every year is not living the past or returning to a true story, but rather it means to return to the Origin of the Origin, not only as a  planet, but also as a being, through the Birth of Christ, in order to have access to a state of spiritual atonement and to be able to regain the purpose that brought each being to the Earth, in spite of all the mistakes lived.

It is this impulse that until today enables the continuity, on the planet, of the existence of Christic beings who will generate, step by step, the fulfillment of the Plan.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Walk toward the birth of Christ within you, recognizing the Grace that God grants you, every day, of not being alone on this path of transformation and healing.

Walk toward the birth of Christ within you, recognizing that each one of your brothers and sisters and companions on this path are chosen by the Father so that they could be with you, because, through their presence in your life, you will be able to learn to love more each day.

My child, open to know how to thank God every day for what He manifests in your life. Give thanks for the challenges, give thanks for the difficulties, give thanks for the moments of frustration and the moments of weariness.

Give thanks for moments such as this, in which Heaven opens before you to listen to your pleas, and God, in spite of being in all things, at this moment places His eyes upon you and attentively receives your prayers.

Give thanks because, in a time so difficult for the planet, the Creator granted you a spiritual family so that, like the Sacred Family, you may be able to walk together toward Bethlehem. Give thanks because your brothers and sisters and companions made themselves available to overcome the difficulties of this time with you.

Perfect days will not come, and the time that has past will not return so that you can again experience what your personality already knows and wants to continue living.

In Bethlehem, everything will be unknown, and after the birth of Christ within you, nothing will be as it was. Each day will surprise you, not because they will be days like what you want them to be. The events will surprise you because, if you give permission, this New Child within you will overcome all the challenges through love, one after another, and each day, the love will be renewed within you. This will be the difference between that which will be experienced by those who allow Christ to be born within them, and that which will be experienced by those who do not allow it.

It will not be outside of yourself where love will reign. The time will come in which this world will unite with what is real, with the Time of God. But until then, it is within you that this Kingdom must dwell, just as it dwelled within Christ, from His birth until His Holy Cross.

The cycles are renewed, until humanity is able to achieve the Will of God. For this reason, today, child, I come to call you to a spirit of gratitude so that, through it, you may allow yourself to be surprised, again and again, not by the life of the world, but rather by the love that is renewed within you and overcomes all things.

That same love lives within your brothers and sisters, because the Father granted you the Grace of walking with a spiritual family, so that whenever you lack love, you are able to look toward your brothers and sisters, and a simple smile may renew you.

So, open yourself to live this that I tell you, and so it will be. This is what God builds in your life through days such as this.*

I leave you My blessing and My peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph

*Message transmitted during the Saint Joseph Group Effort, in the Light-Community of Figueira.


Dear children,

On the eve of the beginning of the powerful novena of the Mystery of the Rosary for the families of the world*, I ask you, my children, to bear in mind that, in each new offering of the Mystery of the Rosary that you will perform, I, as Mother of the families of the world, will be there, next to each praying heart that will be responding to My call for love and mercy.

The inner meaning of this next novena will not only be to place the divided and distracted families of the whole world in the Merciful Heart of God, but also to prepare those who pray and the devotees for the day of the sacred Christmas Eve; the moment when the Divine Son will impart His sacerdotal blessing over all from the spiritual plane, specially over the families of the whole world, so that the Attributes of God, those that were in the Holy Family of Nazareth, may be present again in the families of today.

For this reason, My children, have absolute confidence that your prayers will remove the families, who are in danger, from dark and unpleasant situations that affect the support of marriages, as well as the emotional and psychic stability of children.

This next novena will try to be a balm of light and love that will expand through the praying word, through the intercession of the Most Chaste Heart of Saint Joseph and the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

May the graces of unity in the family, strength in the marriages and peace for all the children of each family descend through this loving novena of the Rosary for the families of the whole world so that the guardian angels may safeguard the steps of each family member.

For this response, that all who pray will be giving to the Most Pure Mother of God, I now thank you for responding to My call!

Remember, my children, to recite, only once, after the Mystery of the Holy Rosary, the prayer to the Holy Family of Nazareth.

Who blesses you for this sacred spiritual task,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


*Spiritual exercise to perform in front of the Nativity manger, during nine days, from December 16 to December 24, 2018.


In order for the triumph of God in the nations to be a reality 

For the triumph of God in the nations to be a reality, My children, take your Rosaries and pray tirelessly. Pray that faith will not disappear from this world and so that it may be unwavering and unbreakable in the hearts of My children.

The Plans of God for this world still remain, and His Peace will not be lost from hearts if they fight with the most precious thing that they have for this, which is the power of prayer, the grace of service and the humility of their lives to overcome, above all, the pride and vanity of this world.

Find in prayer, My children, the Immaculate Heart of your Celestial Mother, and contemplate it so that the strength, reached by Me, while accompanying the Cross of My Son, may be poured out upon your spirits and, likewise, all the virtues of My Immaculate Heart may be available for you to live and express them within the world, as an example in these times.

Pray the Holy Rosary and, contemplating these passages of the life of the Holy Family, allow the Gifts of God to be delivered to you and to also be available for each prayerful being of the Earth, in order to fulfill the divine mission upon the planet.

May prayer unite you to God and bring you a broader understanding about life. May prayer lead you to understand your own tests and, furthermore, the great tests of the nations and the planet, which is already under way.

Everything has already begun, My children. 

Know that nothing of that which you will live on Earth is a symbol of God's abandonment. All the tests that the Lord allows you to experience is so that you overcome yourself in love and faith, and leave in the human consciousness a new principle of the Love of God, which is born in your hearts when you are able to love, regardless of the circumstances.

Know that the Kingdom of God dwells within you, and it is there where it must be a reality, first and foremost. If you allow this Kingdom to be established within your hearts, no matter what happens in the world, the Father will always have an open path to be able to send His Son to Earth, when the time comes.

Pray for the nations and pray for this Sacred Work of God. 

Ensure that the Marian Centers are expressed and be true sources of peace for the world. Within the Marian Centers, may souls quench their thirst and find encouragement, hope and peace.

Trust, because evil will not permeate the world forever, and persist in prayer and unity with the Divine Messengers. 

One day, My children, this Kingdom that dwells within you will be revealed to the world and will extend to the four corners of the Earth, in a beautiful and infinite expression of sacred life, which has always inhabited the Earth, but which has been invisible, just like the Kingdom of God within your hearts. 

Find peace by contemplating the stars and know that, beyond them, a vast Universe awaits you, because you will carry love, that which you will learn here, to every space of Divine Creation.

So have faith and persist, pray and stay in unity. Thus, the triumph of God will be a reality, both in the nations and in all life. 

Thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Aparecida 


My Love and respect for Egypt and its people are great, from the depths of My Heart, because it was the Egyptians who welcomed with hospitality and love the Sacred Family when they arrived in the city of Cairo.

In those times, the Sacred Family, after having escaped and exiled themselves in Egypt, was received with glory and love by all the Egyptians they met along the way, even by those who received them at that time to be able to protect the newborn Baby Jesus.

It was a request from the Highest that the Egyptians be the first guardians of Baby Jesus. The royal family of Egypt, knowing about the arrival of the Messiah, decided to help with all that was necessary.

The Sacred Family was the first refugee consciousness upon foreign lands. This was an unforgettable event because, to this day, My children of Egypt remember the passage of the Sacred Family within this place, where the spiritual and divine marks of healing, love and redemption are experienced now, by the Christian devotees of these times.

The exile of the Sacred Family in Egypt was the first step in the expansion of Christianity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Holy Night of Peace

Under the Sacred Star of Bethlehem, dear children, your Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph await tonight for the Birth of the inner Christ in each being, in each soul and in each spirit, in order for a spiritual communion with the Creator to be established.

Meanwhile, Saint Joseph collects straw to prepare the Manger, and the inhabitants of Bethlehem bring him cloth and jars of water, preparing all the scene for the great expected moment.

The guardian angels of the inner Christs pray without ceasing, together with their Heavenly Mother, waiting for all the beings of this Earth to give birth to all inner love.

The goats, sheep and other animals of the stable offer their quietude and silence, and give warmth in the Sacred Grotto, to create a welcoming environment of peace and love.

Somewhere else, the shepherds of Bethlehem approach the city, in search of that inner Christ who is about to be born and announce what is new.

The whole scene is awaiting the Good News: the birth of the inner Christ of each being which, on this night, defines the next stage of their existence.

Thus, the Masters of the East, the Kings who bring myrrh, gold and incense, wear their ceremonial attire because, as announcers and prophets of the Universe, they bring within their hearts a message of reconciliation and love for the Christs that will be born today.

Within the Grotto, the sacred and elevated presence of the angels attract, from the highest Heavens, the gifts that everyone needs in order to take the step towards a greater surrender.

The Most Holy Mary does not stop Her pleas and prayers, and She asks the Eternal Father to make Her so small and similar to Him so that She can accompany the inner Christ who, in a short time,  will be in Her arms.

It is time to live the expected moment.

It is time to allow that in the Grotto of Bethlehem, the inner Christ may be born, the one who supplicates to the hearts of the world for attention and consciousness in order to perceive reality.

Before the whole scenario of the end of times, the Sacred inner Christ has been born. He comes to announce that it is time for the great change in consciousness. He comes to testify that there is no other path but the path of the love of the heart and transparency of life.

The inner Christ comes to say that is time to make peace and no longer live inner and outer wars.

It is time to be fraternal and to be conscious with life, with destiny and with the Purpose.

It is time to rethink the path and to choose the Path of Love and of Christic energy.

It is time to open the doors of the heart and to trust.

May the inner Christ who is born today before your eyes shine as the light that He is and may He live on forever so that, in these definitive times, there may be discernment, wisdom and peace.

On this Christmas Eve of Bethlehem, may we pray for the inner Christs that will not yet be born due to the imprisonment of illusions of the human being.

Let us pray for the essences that will need much spiritual assistance.

Let us celebrate this Christmas of the Lord together with Him forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


While Our Sacred Hearts are here today, present among you, your Celestial Mother opens the doors so that an infinite legion of angels may invade Earth, in order to pour out on this humanity the Graces of God, those which the Sacred Family of Nazareth once received at the Manger in Bethlehem.

Those same merits that were granted to the Three Sacred Hearts are arriving through The Most Chaste Saint Joseph and your Celestial Mother to all the families of the world.

The legion of angels that your Celestial Mother sends today towards the five continents has the divine Purpose of dissipating and disarming the plans of My adversary.

Each prayer that was pronounced today with the sincerity of your hearts, My children, allowed the Sacred Hearts to expand their Graces over this suffering and divided world.

I would like this same spiritual impulse to emerge from your hearts so that a new spiritual family may be born, first in your essences, to later emerge in the consciousness of humanity, free of separations, outrages, and indifferences.

Today the Sacred Family comes through your hearts to the families that are enslaved by work, by manual exploitation, and by the sale of thousands of innocent lives that are imprisoned by the chains of other human beings in this world.

Your prayers reached all those hearts that lost faith and trust in God because their lives were completely empty.

Lastly, My children, on this day of spiritual blessing I would like you to offer the Eucharist for the inner restoration of hearts wounded by so many outrages and exploitations.

I thank those who made my coming to Argentina possible and I hope to soon be together with My children to praise God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

Before your Heavenly Mother leaves on the pilgrimage for peace to Argentina and then to Uruguay, on this day I wish to be closer to My children of Figueira and I want to announce that on the 1st of December, the day of the first daily message of that month, I would like to see you gathered at 6:30 p.m. so, together, we may bless the Sacred Manger, as well as all the mangers that My children place to be blessed in their communities and family homes.

My mission and aspiration will be that, by means of this consecration, to be able to work in the heart of the family, and most importantly, in the consciousness of the nations, which in these critical times, will need spiritual help at the moment of making future decisions.

As it was the last 25th of November, your Heavenly Mother would like to see the pilgrims and those who pray gathered again so that I may bless you and all the mangers that you place at the foot of My Altar.

This special encounter also has the purpose of strengthening the spirit of the Sacred Family of Figueira, so that the brothers and sisters of the same path love each other more, much more, as Christ loves you, without condition.

I will wait for you, children, the next 1st of December so that we may enter together into the spirit of the Nativity.

My last request is that all groups of prayer and the pilgrims of the world, for this Christmas, send their greetings of peace and of hope so that this joy and perseverance can be radiated to the families of the world that need to strengthen their faith and their union with God. These greetings of peace will be specially given to all television viewers on the 24th and 25th of December from the Marian Center of Aurora.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Divine Manger within the world family reveals the Presence of the Most Holy Trinity through the Sacred Hearts of Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

The true, humble and prayerful veneration to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family symbolizes the inner union of the soul that venerates, with the essential bases of the Gifts and of the Virtues of the Sacred Family.

In this sense, the Presence of the Sacred Family within the families of the world generates and creates the necessary condition so that each family member, each consciousness or human person that integrates the nucleus of earthly family can internally participate in the moral, spiritual and inner values that the very Family of Nazareth incarnated and lived in past times.

Thus, to be conscious of all the humble and inner attributes that were expressed by Jesus, Saint Joseph and Mary builds, in the consciousness that makes contact with it, the path of redemption.

Now, in these times of crisis in which the family, as the center of society and of modernity, is influenced, attacked and dissolved by human forms and tendencies, it must recover the meaning of its existence and the path of its purpose in these times.

The family of this age and of this cycle is one of the most daring and complex projects to manifest, conduct and guide to the goal of the spirit.

Primary union with the Project lived by the Sacred Family, more than two thousand years ago, again places, on the path of Light, compassion and forgiveness for all families that these days decide to regain the group purpose that they have come to fulfill.

Although each family member, in this time, is a mirror of their own inner reality, it is worth highlighting that healing and reconciliation among the members of the same family is one of the most urgent objectives in the end of these times, both for the families that still remain integrated and for those families that, for several reasons, have divided or separated, being the adversary the spiritual cause of this division.

With the aim of cutting this ancient chain of separation, division or mistreatment within the families of these times, your Heavenly Mother is emploring and requesting the elaboration and construction of the Manger of Bethlehem, as the families of the world, far from modernity and all human tendencies, will need to consciously perceive how is the inner family state of each member and also how is the inner state of the great spiritual families in communities and in religious groups.

In this cycle, if certain altered standards of conduct and communication are present and prevailing, it means, children, that the entire family, social and inner base of the family itself must be completely renewed.

In this time, the meaning of the family alliance is a fundamental path and purpose which will lead to gestate in each consciousness, as well as in each family member, the spirit of unity and of consideration toward their neighbor.

In the present time, if families disregard the divine model of the Sacred Family, at the end of this XXI century, humanity as a whole will have replaced within its own consciousness the essence of love in the family by the influences of the media, of stimuli and of the external realities that come from what humanity itself considers as innovative.

To preserve the culture of the family and its members from everything, it will be necessary to consecrate each one of them to the Sacred Family of Nazareth.

This consecration must lead the family to open itself to the path of prayer and of true Communion with Christ because, in truth, He is the main model in the integration of families by means of the Christic Essence.

The Celestial Father, in His Infinite Mercy and Pity, aspires that the principle and meaning of the purpose of the families of the world may be recovered and embraced by all human beings.

The family of today is the main objective of search and of conquest by the forces of chaos, which promote its division with astuteness and intelligence.

In the next Nativity of the Lord, the intention of your Lady and Celestial Mother is to be able to work, through the Manger, in the immediate recovery of the spiritual values that the different families need in this time, in order to survive and to go through the end of this cycle.

For this reason, each prayer made with love for the Sacred Family of Nazareth will constitute this unbreakable fortitude that the families of the world will need in order to learn to survive all the interferences and influences of these critical times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses all the families of the world,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

May the Peace of Jesus be in your hearts so that, in this time, you may learn to live the end of cycles.

Today I illuminate you with My Star of Light of Bethlehem and I have come to ask you, and to announce to you that on November 30th I would like to see, in all homes, places of work, as well as in each Monastery of the Order, the Manger of the Sacred Family.

For this, today I give the mission to each one of your hearts so that they commit to collaborate in the manifestation of the Manger of the Sacred Family, so that in each space of prayer it may be present to bless you.

I wish that the place in which you will choose to place the Holy Manger be preciously adorned with Christmas garlands, thus creating a sacred space of adoration and contemplation.

With this request, My aspiration is that, from December 1st until the Nativity of your Lord, you pray at least three times a day the prayer that was once delivered to the Divine Manger of the Sacred Family.

I especially wish that within the Communities, during these days, you work in prayer at the foot of the Holy Manger of Bethlehem so that the hearts may remember, in this cycle, the importance of nurturing the spirit of fraternity, solidarity and compassion among beings.

I wish, My children, that those who accept to carry out the fulfillment of this request of your Celestial Mother know that, from December 1st until the date of the Nativity of Jesus, we will be working together in the reconstruction of the spirit of love within the families of the world, as well as in the healing of hatred, resentments and the lack of love that is daily generated among the servers of the spiritual path, and in the families that are most distant from God.

I would like to see the humble hearts internally preparing, every day, for the rebirth of the inner child, so that humanity may be healed, at least of indifference and omission.

Blessed will be those who comply with this request, because God will see how great the love in their hearts can be.

I thank you for responding to this important request.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Grace and the Joy of being Faithful

Dear children,

I want to tell you a story today so that, inspired by My example, you are able to take new steps in the times that are approaching. In this way, I come to wake up the Grace and the joy of faithfulness in your hearts.

God called on Me to accomplish His Will long before the birth of Jesus, even before I came to this world, just as He called each of you.

While still little, I recognized the Call and the Will of God, and throughout My Life on Earth, again and again, I had to confirm My faithfulness to the Creator. My Heart belonged to the Lord from the beginning, but this did not make it free of difficulties and suffering.

Your Heavenly Mother had to overcome many spiritual, material, mental and emotional tests as a part of humanity. My Son and the Most Chaste Saint Joseph also had to experience this.

Humanity of that period, children, was weak, and the love in their hearts was scant. That is why God was sending such a great impulse of Love and of Truth to the world through the Sacred Family. But for that impulse to come alive, We as part of the human consciousness, had to transcend that condition of limitation and break the layers of lack of love and of ignorance, so as to fulfill what was asked of Us.

For each test the Creator granted Me to experience, He also allowed a Gift to emerge in My Immaculate Heart. Each time I confirmed Myself to God, I saw the Fortitude of the Father and His Grace emerge, and it was in Him that I found the power to continue.

That is how it was when the Holy Spirit gestated the Messiah in My womb. That is how it was when we reached Bethlehem and there was no place in the lodgings. That is how it was when the command was issued to kill the Child, and in spite of fleeing with Him, in My bosom I felt the pain of each mother who was unjustly losing their child. That is how it was when we lost Him in Jerusalem. That is how it was when He was denied in Galilee and when He listened to the insults being hurled at the Son of God, because of human ignorance and blindness. My eyes, which saw the Truth beyond any understanding, had to move beyond the injustices caused by the blindness of humankind, and I experienced it all in silence.

The Grace and the Gift of God also emerged within Me when Jesus was condemned, scourged and climbed Calvary, only with the power of His Love. I felt each of His Wounds in My bosom, and each 'yes' He spoke to the Father, I repeated within Me.

In the same way, I persevered in faithfulness to God when I saw Him die. And I held the same certainty when He rose and ascended to the Heavens, leaving Me the mission of continuing with His apostles and companions, strengthening them until the end.

I held the same faithfulness when the Lord lifted Me up to His Kingdom, and there gave Me not only the Scepter of Peace, but also the motherhood of all of Creation, so that just as I was faithful on Earth, I would be so in Heaven and, just as I accompanied the Passion of My Son, that today I would accompany the passion of this planet and of each of My children.

I see you suffer and feel your pain in My Heart. In the same way I felt each Wound of Jesus, today I feel each wound of each of My children of humanity; and at no time, My children, did I wish it were different.

I only want to help you to grow, as I saw the little Jesus grow. I come to teach you to be faithful, and to not be discouraged by the small or large difficulties in this life.

The calvary of this world is just beginning, and you still lack much to fully experience the love that is hidden in your hearts.

God will test you in your faithfulness and perseverance, as He tested each of those He most loves. And I will be at your side, helping you to be renewed, as long as you embrace the cross and take your first steps.

Discover that the faithfulness to God, beloved children, transcends life on Earth, transcends your small understanding. Learn to love His Plan above all things and strengthen your link with Him, so the Heavens and Earth pass away, and you remain faithful and firm in the Purpose that He gave you.

I love you and today I leave you the Grace and the joy of faithfulness so that, in spite of everything, you let it blossom and multiply it with examples and with love, in the hearts of your brothers and sisters of this world.

I bless you today and always,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Los Cocos, Cordoba, to the city of Mendoza, Argentina, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Today, I take you all to the moment of the exile of the Sacred Family to Egypt, a moment in which the incarnated Divine Son brought to humanity of that time the faith in the one and only God. 

Through the exile of the Sacred Family to Egypt, the human consciousness learned to recognize the presence of the sacred Will of the Creator through Christ, which must be irrefutable and broadly accepted by all human beings. In this way, the human consciousness will be free of constant errors and full of the Will of God.

That was how the Divine Son, with His Presence in Egypt, brought to that time the dissolution of atheism and through christic energy, the establishment of an inner and sacramental union with the Almighty.

The presence of the Sacred Family in Egypt marked a before and an after for that ancient people, accustomed to a superficial and pagan form of belief.

The Divine Son in Egypt, even being silently small, brought to the world the possibility of understanding and living the spiritual vision in an evolutionary sense rather than that of appropriation, such as the Egyptians conceived the stars of the universe to be.

The Presence of the little Child Jesus brought order to the system of beliefs and also to the universal cosmic vision; because He, in that time, manifested the correct alignment with Laws and with Rays.

Jesus opened the source of renewal upon the planet, so that consciousnesses could be healed and given relief from their suffering.

He gathered together all the consciousnesses of various paths and placed them in the Hands of the Eternal Father, so that they could have the opportunity of feeling the Love of God and thus recover their affiliation with Creation.

The presence of the Sacred Family generated the spiritual rebirth of the origins of this Project, so that the human race of those times could recover the principles of this school of love and of forgiveness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Behold, She will come brighter than the sun, the Servant of God, to prepare the return of Her Son, as She one day prepared His sacred Birth on the Earth.

Behold, the Silent and Humble Servant became Queen and Celestial Mother, because Her silence revealed Her Majesty and Unity with God the Father and His Beloved Son.

Just as the Heavens opened to receive Her in Body, Soul and Divinity, in the Mystery of Her Assumption, the Heavens are open again for the descent of Her Divinity and the announcement of Her Sacred Word; because the Blessed Mother of the Lord can no longer remain in silence, in the face of all that happens in the world. Her silence of other times sustained the echo of the Voice of Her Son in the valleys and in the peoples of the East, and now Her Word comes to prepare the Universal Triumph of Christ, because He will no longer come to preach and teach among humankind: the power of His Presence will be conversion itself; the power of His Feet placed on the Earth will be redemption itself for the planet. From His Mouth will only come out prayers and decrees that will unite Heaven and Earth, will close the hells and the abysses, will calm the despairs and will establish Peace.

For this reason, before the Son, again His Heavenly Mother and His adoptive Father, Humble and Faithful, approach, in order for Them to be the ones to prepare the human heart.

Children, today I tell you to listen with attention to the purposes of God, brought by His Messengers. They are like the truths said by the prophets in the past, to prepare the arrival of the Messiah in the world.

Our Word not only instructs you, but it also transforms and unites to the Universal Teaching, which will come with the Son of God, as a living expression of the Reality that dwells in the Universes.

With simplicity, We open to you the doors of the heart and the eyes of the spirit, so that you recognize the Laws that dictate universal evolution and you may enter them, in obedience and love, while there is time.

All Mysteries reveal themselves in the Law of Love and of Obedience, principles that rule all Evolutionary Life, in Heaven as on Earth. Spiritual Life reveals itself to those who know how to love and every Mystery revealed becomes simple and understandable to those who know Love, because their minds become pure and their hearts are simple.

With this, beloved children, I want to tell you that the Faithful and Tireless Servant of God comes to the world with simple words, to reveal Sublime Truths. I come to awaken Love in your hearts, so that you may comprehend Me, and without difficulties, live what I tell you.

What impedes you to live My Instructions is not the human condition, is not material karma and is not ignorance; it is the lack of true Love and of true Humility.

In a world of mysticism full of vanity and false bases of true knowledge, I come to conduct you to the Truth. But before this, I must oust from your hearts, pride and ambition for power and for knowledge.

For this reason, I teach you to love and to obey, above all things, the simple purposes of God. And it is in this way that I prepare you, transform and reveal the New Life, which will emerge in the hearts without their realizing it.

It is in this way that I unite you to the true Celestial and Cosmic Brotherhood, and I make your hearts able to be true companions of your King and Universal and Divine Master, Christ.

Behold, I am here, as Queen and Celestial Mother, and in the simplicity of My words is hidden the Power of God and the Truth that I Am. In My presence is hidden the Unity with the Infinity. And in this way I tell you that, if you unite yourselves to Me, you will unite yourselves to the Whole, to the Cosmos, to Life, to the Creation of God.

Prepare along with Me the Return of My Son, and announce, children, that it is time to repent of being in vain paths, which lead to nothing but to being lost, not only from God, but also from oneself.

Behold, I come to find you and to conduct you to the encounter with yourselves, so that you may know who you are and what you have come to do in this world. Do not be lost any longer. Follow My steps and I will guide you always.

I bless you and love you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

My dear children,

In the chaste presence of Saint Joseph the Laborer, we unite with the divine Original Purity present in the human heart, which in these times has lost the meaning of spirituality and supreme wisdom.

It is for this divine cause that today, the Sacred Hearts of Mary and of Saint Joseph present Themselves to humanity, for the purpose of it renewing its inner vows of service and of surrender to the Heart of the Celestial Father.

Today, the Sacred Family, on this 19th of May, comes to your hearts and souls to remove them from the planetary inertia and indifference, so that in leaving this point in consciousness, your eyes may open to the infinite and supreme love of the heart, capable of transforming and of transmuting all things on the planet.

We come to humanity to let you know of the importance and the urgency of waking up inwardly to what you are; to finally manage to set aside world indifference.

Our aspiration is that through your simple and prayerful lives, you are able to reflect what the human race has lost, thus helping to restore the mind of humanity, permeating it with codes of love, of simplicity and of surrender.

God wishes Europe to have a more fraternal consciousness, that is able to rise above material life to the celestial designs that, through the Center of Love of Fatima, wait to descend from the universe and be revealed as a great inner treasure for your hearts.

In this time, when everything is allowed, the Sacred Hearts, the Celestial Messengers, come again to the world to remove it from the world hypnotism, for the planetary need is very great, from the spiritual levels to physical life.

It is for this reason that we invite you, just as some of the pilgrims present here are doing, to live the ministry of these times in Europe, without resistance and without fear. Because it will depend on the more conscious Europeans, on their spiritual path and their universal life, that all the Work of the Sacred Hearts is able to come, in a following stage, not only to Asia, but also to Africa, where My maternal promise of visiting some nations must be accomplished.

Your Messenger and Servant of God needs to reach the hearts of My beloved Africa, for I ardently desire that the Mercy and universal Healing of God reach each one of them.

That will be one of My last missions of peace on the planet, because after Asia and Africa, humanity will enter into its final stage, before the Return of My Son to humanity.

United, let us continue to fulfill the Designs of God, which are preventing the activation of nuclear wars and bombs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and once again thanks you for concretizing this mission.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and virginal Wife of the Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Holy Mary, Pure and Faithful Mother

Dear children,

In these times of great challenges and tests, may you learn to live through the example of your Pure and Faithful Mother.

May a healthy and true intention that faithfulness reign exist in you, just as the faithfulness of My beloved Son and of His Heavenly Mother reached the foot of the Cross, only aspiring to fulfill the Sacred Will of the Father.

In these extremely harsh times of transition, may sacred faithfulness motivate you to guard the Plan of God and all the souls of which it is composed, obeying each spiritual and inner decision that is made by the spiritual and planetary Hierarchy.

In this way, in humility, you will learn, as the Sacred Family did, to follow in adherence and union all the steps that are indicated for the fulfillment of this Work, which is worldwide.

Dear children, I wish the sincere aspiration to awaken in you of respecting and following to the limits of consciousness and matter all the decisions that are made, because behind something apparently incomprehensible to the human mind, a divine and sacred Purpose exists.

In order that each one of you in this time fulfills the aspiration of your Heavenly Mother, I invite you to lovingly respect the Law of the Hierarchy and to not step outside of that precious Law through your actions, thoughts, and assignments.

I invite you to lean upon the faithful example of Christ and of His Universal Mother, which leads all of humanity into finding salvation and the Mercy of God.

For that reason, My children, may your consciousnesses and especially your hearts be awake and more attentive so that the doors to betrayal and to indifference among beings of the good not be opened.

I only ask that you have enough maturity and love to behave in an evolutionary manner, as souls that are within the path of brotherhood and of unity.

I do not wish to see any other Judas in this time with My eyes of a Mother.

Learn to forgive injustice and you will be able to be wise in spirit rather than in expertise.

Know that each one of the servants and of the consecrated of Christ, our Lord, is spiritually responsible for this Work, which is a miracle of infinite love of the Hierarchy, being able to gain results and thus be fulfilled.

Dear children, today I speak to you through My Aspect of faithfulness and of purity so that you believe that, in truth, it is necessary to protect the Work from yourselves.

Seek in each new decision the purpose of Higher Love and do not remain in the superficiality of things.

You were born to reach faithfulness in the end of times. This causes this Work to be purely true and transparent before humanity.

I wish that in this cycle of changes and of renovation, you may take steps towards a deeper unity, because this way, you will be protected in the desert, along with your Heavenly Mother, escaping from the claws of My adversary.

Evil does not know love and fears christic love. Evil does not know unity and fears the unity among souls which congregate in Christ.

Lastly, be merciful, and you will not lose discernment.

Love the divine and human decisions that are made, because if you accept without understanding, judging, or betraying the Work, you will have the same discernment that My beloved Son had during His agony in the Garden of Gethsemane.

Do not challenge the adversary, be meek in all things and you will always achieve peace.

With My Spirit of Faithfulness, I ask you to unite with it so that you are not so unprotected.

The divine Work has not yet ended, and you are a part of a new story that is being written.

Meditate in humility, and My maternal words will resound in the depths.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who unifies you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Feel My presence as a balm that calms you and brings you hope and renewal.

Feel My Divine Spirit as a Source of Peace for your lives.

Feel in My presence the possibility of forgiving the past and restarting.

I come as the sun that rises in the morning, to give the world a new opportunity of seeing the Light. I come to kindle this Light in your lives.

I come as the water that springs from a new source, giving nature the hope of the renewal of life. Today I renew your lives.

I come to open one more cycle and a new door to redemption.

I come so that all may know Me, and through Me, may know God; because My words do not come from Me, but from His Holy Will.

I come to unite what humankind has separated and to demonstrate that all religions, all cultures, all lines of true wisdom are to be found in an unusual search: the living of Love. As the carrier of this Love, I come to open the doors to unity among beings.

No longer separate what must be united. My Son did not come to the world to create religions. It was the inability of humankind to live His words that caused religions to be created, so that each one would follow the path that would allow them to understand them, until one day they could discover Love and Unity, when all that was separated unites again.

Children, I come to open the doors of this house so that it may be My house, in which you can seek help. Come and learn to pray with Me, just as the women of Nazareth and Jerusalem learned.

Come without distinction of creeds and races, so that My Love may unite you.

Come seeking forgiveness and the doors to redemption that I have opened here for your souls.

Come to reconcile yourselves with God and to find in His Servant a path to imitate and follow.

This is not a new church; this is the House of Your Holy Mother, the Mother of all the poor, the Mother of all those who lack something.

Humanity needs to understand that while it is in this world and attached to it, it will be poor, because the true riches are to be found in the Kingdom of God, where, renouncing all things, beings experience a real freedom and are filled by the greatest treasure of Creation: the unity with the Divine.

Children, allow yourselves to restart your lives and to hold new principles, new goals, new aspirations. Open the doors of your houses and of your hearts to Me.

I do not come to bring you anything but Peace. I come to have you know My Love, so that in this way I may liberate your lives from the evil that oppresses them.

With the Holiness of My presence, I come to consecrate this city and all those who say “yes” to Me. And, in the same way as the Sacred Family, with Its simple life in Nazareth transformed the perdition of that small city and prepared the path for the public life of Christ, I now return in Divine Spirit so that, together with My children, we may spiritually liberate and transform this small city, to prepare the return of My Son and for things not to happen as in Nazareth, where in spite of everything, many could not receive Him.

Open yourselves from the heart, My children, so that this cycle may renew your lives.

Recognize the poverty and the need of your hearts and allow Me to show you the path to true fullness.

Consecrate your lives to prayer. Set for yourselves goals of Peace and no longer deny the Love of the Redeemer, for He comes to make you worthy of looking into His eyes, of touching His Heart, of laying your head on His chest, and of feeling His Majesty, relieved because the time of Redemption will have come.

I love you and I invite you to enter with Me into a new cycle of Peace.

With My hands I bless you. With My love I free you. With My support I protect you and I call you to recognize yourselves as My children.

Come and pray with Me. Create unity among religions and hearts in this house. May the search for Peace and the perpetual prayer unify you in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Nativity of Jesus

In that time, when the presence of Christ was fundamental for the redemption of humanity, the Sacred Family, after spending three days in Bethlehem, at the request of God, went to Nazareth, where the Divine Family would prepare to accompany the first and important years of the life of Jesus.

At the moment of the birth of Christ, after the visit of the kings of the East, the Sacred Family was also sought by other consciousnesses, who, as pilgrims of God, came to meet the little child in Nazareth.

We remember that the prophecy about the birth of the Messiah was also confirmed by the sacred star of Bethlehem and by all the angels who announced the birth of Christ in different towns throughout the whole of Israel.

So important was the coming of the Messiah, that even those most distant from the truth and from love would become aware through dreams that an infinite light had come to the planet.

The Sacred Family always remained austere, humble and simple, this was its main mission, to show itself as it truly is so that the principles of the Mercy of the Universe might reach humanity through Jesus, Mary and Saint Joseph.

Remember, dear children, that more than two thousand years ago, humanity was on the verge of self-destruction and of definitely leaving the Plan of the Creator, because it might have entered into a deep decay.

The birth of Jesus brought to the world the possibility of reintegrating its spiritual bond and its filiation with the Father, something that was being corrupted by the actions of humankind.

Jesus, in Nazareth, while still a boy, worked on the first inner steps for the redemption of humanity and in the building of a new consciousness on Earth through re-orientation of the Divine Source.

The Grace of God was always present, especially in Nazareth, when the Sacred Family lived a stage of deeper union with the Creator which came from the presence of Jesus as the little Savior.

As a boy, Jesus was aware of the urgency of rescuing humanity. When the Little Child was three years old, with love and simplicity He embraced the manifestation of this Purpose that the Father would confer upon Him at the age of thirty three.

Even as a boy, Jesus worked together with the angels that surrounded Him, within the inner worlds of humanity.

Let us see an example of this:

I can tell you, dear children, that, at the age of three, Jesus already offered, with His little consciousness, some sacrifices that were very visible to all, such as that of not drinking water nor eating for days.

We knew, as part of His Family, that the Father in that time was already fulfilling His Designs, because the whole life of Jesus was filled by the Holy Spirit, it was God Himself made man and human consciousness Who was coming to rescue the consciousness of humanity.

As a child, Jesus was developing spiritual and supernatural actions at the moment of making contact with the Source of the Father, which, with love and gentleness, sprang from His little Heart.

The Boy Jesus granted many Graces, states for the consciousnesses that allowed the human condition and its debt before the Law to revert. The Little Child worked silently, and, in spite of being so little, the Archangels oftentimes worked through Him. For example, at one stage in the life of Jesus, the Archangel Gabriel granted a certain kind of miracle to souls, which not only transformed their lives, but also liberated the bonds that they had upon having made contact with the Little Child Jesus.

The Sacred Family dedicated the first years of the life of Jesus to carrying out service, and one of the main occupations of Saint Joseph was what you know aof s carpentry, which, in truth, the humble carpentry of Saint Joseph was the temple of miracles and conversions.

The service that the Sacred Family physically offered to humanity, in the first years of the life of Jesus, was to reestablish within the human consciousness the necessity of serving others, a fellow being, with the purpose of reactivating the spirit of charity and fraternity.

Saint Joseph committed Himself so that this simple carpentry in Nazareth would be capable of receiving suffering souls, to convert them into souls filled by the relief of the Lord.

While Saint Joseph was carrying out His work in carpentry, at the same time, He would teach the children of Nazareth to build something evolutionary in their small consciousnesses. Thus, Jesus, on many occasions, would participate in these meetings, and the union and the love that existed between Jesus and Saint Joseph were capable of turning this carpentry into a moment of elevation and devotion to God, to the point that, in an inexplicable way, the works of carpentry were miraculously finished by the angels.

The Sacred Family, through the essence of service, was able to help reverse human spiritual precariousness with a powerful energy of love and charity.

The Most Holy Mother would dedicate Her moments of prayer to engage in a deeper union with God and also to relive within Her Spirit the sacrifice that Her Beloved Son would live and a moment of which, through the revelation of the Archangel Gabriel, Mary was already aware of.

By the time Jesus reached the age of twelve, the holy archangels showed the Holy Mother the spiritual and conscious preparation that the Divine Son would live in that time.

From that moment, the Holy Mother became resigned as a slave before Her Eternal Father, leaving the young Jesus in complete and humble freedom, so that His mission might be fulfilled, just as the sacred prophecy indicated.

Throughout this first stage of the life of Jesus, the Sacred Family was being guided by the holy angels towards the needs that had to be provided for in the consciousness of humanity. In this sense, the Sacred Family gave to the human consciousness the opportunity of being reintegrated into the Project of the Creator through the sacrifice of Christ.

Many were the Gifts and the Graces during the first stage of the life of Jesus, which created the main basis for all that the Small Child would live in His holy adulthood.

Since the birth of Jesus, humanity had the opportunity of connecting with the essence of love, even after Christ made His final surrender on the Cross.

In this time, in which the values of the Sacred Family have lost the attention of the humankind of the surface, the Celestial Messengers come to this meeting, to a meeting with a humanity once again precarious in all senses, so that, through love and mercy, it may awaken from the deep sleep of illusion and remember that it must love its fellow beings, that it must serve them and help them to heal their consciousnesses through acts of fraternity and brotherhood.

The Sacred Family draws closer to humanity for the purpose of repairing the human consciousness and removing it from all the mistakes that it commits through wars, conflicts and indifference, as well as the destruction and domination of the Kingdoms of Nature.

The Sacred Family invites all, so that, on this Christmas, the Inner Christ may be born from an intimate communion with the Creator, thus, the Earth will be polarized to the Light that has been lost.

I thank you for responding to My call.

For all those that will make an effort to fulfill this last part of the pilgrimage, I will be very grateful.

Who loves you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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