Saturday, October 13 of 2018

Monthly messages

In order for the triumph of God in the nations to be a reality 

In order for the triumph of God in the nations to be a reality, My children, take your Rosaries and pray tirelessly. Pray for faith not to disappear from this world, so that it may be unwavering and unbreakable in the hearts of My children.

The Plans of God for this world still remain, and His Peace will not be lost from hearts if they fight with the most precious thing that they have for this, which is the power of prayer, the grace of service and the humility of their lives to overcome, above all, the pride and vanity of this world.

Find in prayer, My children, the Immaculate Heart of your Celestial Mother, and contemplate it so that the strength, reached by Me, while accompanying the Cross of My Son, may be poured out upon your spirits and, likewise, all the virtues of My Immaculate Heart may be available for you to live and express them within the world, as an example in these times.

Pray the Holy Rosary and, contemplating these passages of the life of the Holy Family, allow the Gifts of God to be delivered to you and to also be available for each prayerful being of the Earth, in order to fulfill the divine mission upon the planet.

May prayer unite you to God and bring you a broader understanding about life. May prayer lead you to understand your own tests and, furthermore, the great tests of the nations and of the planet, which is already under way.

Everything has already begun, My children. 

Know that nothing of that which you will live on Earth is a symbol of God's abandonment. All the tests that the Lord allows you to experience is so that you overcome yourself in love and faith, and leave in the human consciousness a new principle of the Love of God, which is born in your hearts when you are able to love, regardless of the circumstances.

Know that the Kingdom of God dwells within you, and it is there where it must be a reality, first and foremost. If you allow this Kingdom to be established within your hearts, no matter what happens in the world, the Father will always have an open path to be able to send His Son to Earth, when the time comes.

Pray for the nations and pray for this Sacred Work of God. 

Ensure that the Marian Centers are expressed and be true sources of peace for the world. Within the Marian Centers, may souls quench their thirst and find encouragement, hope and peace.

Trust that evil will not permeate the world forever, and persist in prayer and in the unity with the Divine Messengers. 

One day, My children, this Kingdom that dwells within you will be revealed to the world and will extend to the four corners of the Earth, in a beautiful and infinite expression of sacred life, which has always inhabited the Earth, but which has been invisible, just like the Kingdom of God within your hearts. 

Find peace by contemplating the stars and know that, beyond them, a vast Universe awaits you, because you will carry love, that which you will learn here, to every space of Divine Creation.

So have faith and persist, pray and stay in unity. Thus, the triumph of God will be a reality in the nations, as in all life. 

Thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Lady of Aparecida