Wednesday, September 4 of 2013

Monthly messages

Listen in your heart to the story that I will tell you, let that My words flow like pure water in the river of your mind and that the mysteries of My life run within this water with the same harmony. Trust in the commitment that your heart has with Me because the world knows very little about this story and it will continue to know very little until it enters into the Kingdom of Heavens.

I was born from a gestation of infinite purity, prepared by the angels as if they were creating a flower, but it was My soul that was growing up in the maternal womb of My holy mother. I say holy to you because upon her the Holy Spirit descended through dreams. She was prepared by the angels to understand the maternity that she was going to live, of an uncommon child for their time.

My mother used to sing to My heart, praying and preparing her pregnancy with deep love. Love that God infused in her to inspire her creation that was going to be the seed of what was going to become Joseph, called the son of David.

I was born and I grew up accompanied by angels. My holy mother, adorned by the Holy Spirit, was the one who first taught Me to realize the initial works of charity. She taught Me that to the neighbor we would always offer the best and whoever acted like this, giving to the neighbor the best that one had, would receive from God the best that He Himself had in the Kingdom of Heavens.

In this way I began to understand the Laws of God that were very different from the laws of the Earth and the more My child’s consciousness was submerged in this Kingdom, the more I saw Myself outside of all of the laws of the world, above all the laws of matter, those that tie humanity and that make it a hostage of the energies of the vices.

Gifted with a deep union with God, the Lord never allowed the laws from the Earth to act upon My youthful consciousness.

I learned about work and about solitude, silence, prayer and fasting and within these daily habits I grew up. From a simple and poor family, in this way life was reflecting itself in My soul, I grew up simple and poor from the things of the world.

Solitude taught Me humility because in solitude I used to deepen Myself into the mysteries of Faith and in the science of the Kingdom of God, that which made Me understand day by day how small I was before the Greatness of the Most High God.

It is true that I made a vow of chastity when I was 12 years old. In truth, chastity and purity were infused in Me by the Divine Will and these were natural virtues of My little being. When at the age of 12 I understood part of the Will of God for My little consciousness I confirmed Myself in this Will and I offered the vow of perpetual chastity.

I did not only make this vow before God, but I also promised Him to be eternally of service in all things as long as I lived and still in Eternity, I would be His faithful servant and worker, serving eternally His Holiness and all of His children, those that are most in need.

When I married Mary I also found in Her the perfect charity of which we were examples as a family and as individuals.

All the work realized by My hands was offered to the poor, those who were poorer than us. And, as I had learned from God, when I gave to the ones in need, by Work and Grace of the Holy Spirit we would receive at our table all that we needed to subsist.

Mary was an example also of spiritual charity. She would form in the Love for God all those who were in need, from the elderly to the younger ones. She was always surrounded by women from Nazareth and Jerusalem.

In My work as a carpenter I exercised the trade always united to the Will of the Lord and this allowed the tools made to be endowed with the Holy Spirit.  Many miracles happened within and outside of my knowledge, miracles over which I asked for perpetual silence regarding those that would receive them, and total attribution to the Divine Grace and to His Holy Will and Work.

In My carpentry I trained the young and the children of Nazareth, among whom was the Child Jesus, who would teach Me more than what He learned.  With His presence the miracles realized through the objects that were made began to grow.

Since our creations were made for people that were very poor but who had much faith, it cost them nothing to believe in the Works of the Holy Spirit and, though deeply grateful to that quite mysterious family of Nazareth, seeing such great humility and purity, they did not hesitate in attributing these holy works to God. 

The life of Joseph was above all a life of silence, of work and of prayer. The Lord says that this is the Archetype of the consecrated life, a life that existed so many years ago and that, by many, may be considered outdated, but that came to reveal to the world the Archetype of families upon the Earth.

Joseph and Mary completed each other in virtues and in devotion, in Love of God and in the caring for Jesus. Jesus learned in His childhood about the virtues of His parents and He excelled in all, growing up in them and teaching His most humble parents to live under the Law of God.

The Sacred Family was the complement of perfect holiness, the most pure Work of the Creator, seen in the smallest details and prepared not only in Joseph and in Mary, but in all of the previous 14 generations of both parents of Jesus.

These generations were growing up in holiness and purity to offer the two saints the most pure sanctity that could exist upon the Earth and, from this perfect union would be able to be born, protected from the world and sheltered by the Holy Spirit, the favorite Son of God, His first born, Jesus Christ.


The writings that are found in Mystical City of God are complemented by those that are in the Gospel.

All must be read and studied with the heart so that through it, it shall be transmitted.

May first be born in your heart this devotion that later will cross the world.

Your beloved Brother and Instructor, the Most Chaste Saint Joseph