Friday, February 16 of 2018

Weekly messages

Contemplate this world then, in your prayers, and come towards the Celestial Altars to cry out for a world wounded and without love.

Never forget, child, that more than crying out for yourself, for your evolution, you are called upon to cry out for the world. Furthermore, I will tell you: leave your needs at the Feet of God and continue to rise up to the Heart of the Father, to place there those of your fellow beings who are most in need.

Perceive that time passes and the tests of humanity do not cease, but grow each day, because thus dictate the Laws of the Apocalypse and of the human definition.

You are called to be in peace and, with peace in your heart, to be a bridge between the lost world and the Heart of God, so that humanity never loses its connection with the Source.

More than your tasks, even when you work for the Plan of God, more than your transformation, even when it transforms the human consciousness, remember, child, to cry out for the world and to sing and to pray twice, for yourself and for those who do not pray and do not know God.

Just as the Father sent His Son to carry the Cross for you when you were asleep, thus the Love of God awakened you, so that today you may be the intercessor for the souls that are lost, and so that you do not only carry your cross, but that of all of humanity. That cross is carried in the silence of the spirit that lives the sacrifice with gratitude and that, when tired, offers God a little more, crying out for mercy for this world.

Your greatest mission is in the unknown, just as the greatest Work of the Son of God was hidden, because what He brought to the world is until today incomprehensible to humanity.

If Christ, part of the Living God on Earth, was not understood by human beings, do not seek this path yourself, but rather imitate Him and make love triumph through the intercession of His Word, which rises in secret and, in the power of a hidden prayer, brings mercy to this world.

I will pray with you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph