Dear Children:

During these days and due to the seriousness of the wars and the shedding of innocent blood, Our Three Sacred Hearts are trying to stop the evil that has invaded the minds and hearts of My children of some nations.

Therefore, today I come especially to ask you, now more than ever, to accompany Me in prayer so that the Three Sacred Hearts may intervene for all families and especially for the children who suffer from war, annihilation, invasion and mistreatment.

In the name of Our Creator and Lord of the Universe, I come to ask that the weapons be stopped so that the uncertain door of evil does not continue to be opened in the world.

I come to ask you, in the name of God, that the interests of the nations no longer predominate, so that the most disadvantaged do not find themselves in the urgency of escaping from terror and death.

Dear children, this is the expected time of tribulation and of the Apocalypse. Therefore, more than ever, I come to ask you to recognize the Presence of God in you every day and, through the Divine Presence, to remember that you are all brothers and sisters of the same Father who is in Heaven. Thus, My children, the world as a whole will not continue to turn away from Love and Light.

I pray, day and night, so that the world may attain peace. Pray with Me every day, so that the angels, tormented by wars, may be sustained.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


After delivering the weekly Message, Our Lady accompanied the consecration of the Holy Eucharist, as recounted below:

Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús:  

Let us celebrate together with our Mother this moment of consecration. At this moment, we prepare to partake in this mystery of Love that Christ left us in the Presence of Mary, Our Lady.

And, in the silence of our hearts, before the Heart of Mary, the Queen of Peace, we purify our hearts, our conscience, so that bathed in Her Maternal Love, we prepare our inner world to receive once again the Body and Blood of Christ, which will be transubstantiated in this celebration that Mary will accompany with attention and reverence.

Our Mother tells us, in this moment, that on the night when Jesus was gathered with His apostles, She, in another part of Jerusalem, was gathered with the holy women. Through their spirits, their consciences, they united with the sacrifice of the Son of God—a sacrifice that in the ether of the Earth would leave imprinted the eternal presence of His Love and His Mercy for souls.

And, in that hour, all sins from Adam and Eve to the present, until the end of times, were being contemplated by Our Lord and Our Lady, who in reparation and amnesty, offered them to God through the angels.

Thus, that Communion, which Christ officiated and celebrated with His apostles at the Last Supper, reached Mary, our Mother, and the holy women through the hands of the angels. It came in the form of a luminous Light, a form that entered the souls of Mary and the holy women to establish definitively that covenant with the Will of God through the Firstborn Son.

On that night, as Jesus was with His apostles and Mary was gathered with Her disciples, the holy women, when Jesus took the bread and raised it to God in thanksgiving, in offering and in sacrifice, Mary asked God if She could spiritually die alongside Her Son for the remission of all sins committed from the beginning, from Adam and Eve to the end of times. This was so that souls could receive the abundance of God's Love, a Love that would renew them and help them move forward in every step.

Thus, Jesus broke the bread and, offering it to His companions with a paternal, loving, and attentive gaze, said to them, just as He said to His Mother and the holy women in spirit: "Take and eat all of it, for this is My Body that will be given for mankind for the forgiveness of sins."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.


We bow down in reverence.

And thus, the form of Light entered into the apostles, into Mary, and into the holy women, preparing them for the Sorrowful Passion of Jesus.

And before consummating that covenant with the Eternal, Jesus took the Holy Grail in His Hands, lifting it to the Heavens, also in offering and sacrifice for the souls.

At that moment, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy women, in Spiritual Communion, offered themselves to be the first custodians of the Precious Blood of Christ, which would be shed from the moment of the flagellation to the heights of Mount Calvary. Thus, in honor of the Son of God, the spiritual science of the Via Sacra, of the Christic impulses that the Master left imprinted and engraved in each step of the Cross, could be established.

After transubstantiating the wine into His Precious Blood, Jesus passed the Chalice to His apostles and in spirit, to the holy women through the angels, saying to them: "Take and drink all of it, for this is the Chalice of My Blood, the Blood of the new and eternal covenant between souls and God, the Blood of the Lamb that will be shed for the remission of all faults. Do this in remembrance of Me until I return to the world."

We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.
We praise you, Lord, and we bless you.


We bow down in reverence.

And at that moment, the angels present during the transubstantiation of the bread and wine at the Last Supper made available, from that time until the end of times, all the chalices that would receive the offering of souls that would consecrate themselves and live for Christ and in Christ.

Thus, we place our soul and spirit before that offering; we place our life and essence within those chalices so that, like this celebration, those chalices may be offered to God in reparation and in Mercy.

Thus, Jesus raised His Body and His Blood to bear witness to the Infinite and Merciful Presence of God's Love. The apostles, the Blessed Virgin Mary and the holy women contemplated the institution of the Christic Legacy of Love and Redemption at that moment.

Prayer: "Our Father."

And, just as Christ represents universal Peace and Peace for the world, we invoke, alongside the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the descent of Peace.

"Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof,
but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.


And, as we share the Peace of Christ, let us radiate the Peace of Mary to each Inner Christ.

And, at this moment, we will announce Spiritual Communion to all internal worlds and souls in the world that need that inner Christic Presence.

As requested by Mary, in this communion moment, let us sing "Make of me nothing," so that in the inner emptiness that we must seek in each step, we can be filled with the All, with the Presence of God.





Dear children:

As the world faces its great moment of purification, I ask that in your lives and consciousness the voice of the prayer of the heart may continue to resound; for this will be the way for you and your brothers and sisters of humanity to be helped through Spiritual Laws.

As the promised time of the Apocalypse approaches, hearts will see unexpected situations that have never happened on Earth. This is so that the planet may cleanse itself, because the Earth Mother cries out in pain and no one listens.

Therefore, My children, may prayer be that burning flame that never goes out, may it be the flame that vivifies itself, that transmutes, illuminates and redeems; because, at the end of these unexpected times, prayer will be that spiritual shield capable of isolating you from all the interferences of these times.

I need My dear children not to omit this request, because when you are before the events of the end of times, you will remember My Message.

If you truly aspire to respond to God not only in the Commandments, but also by fulfilling His Holy Will, ardent prayer will be that star through which My Heart will guide you to God, to a safe place.

These times demonstrate that humanity has lost the values of life and family, because society has become indifferent to the suffering and needs of the most unprotected.

Therefore, I ask you to place all this in your heart and pray with Me, so that your Heavenly Mother, together with all the angels, may intervene in the current harsh reality of these times.

It is immediate that the prayers of My beloved children may protect and safeguard the entire spiritual mission that the Heavenly Mother will carry out.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


 In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Behold the universe, which belongs to you and this is still unknown.

From the universe, I have come to bring you My Message of awakening, in the face of a planetary scenario that only provokes chaos, conflict and confusion; a scenario in which the human consciousness in this time must make a great effort in order to elevate and transcend itself; in which the abysses of the earthly consciousness absorb souls and make them lose track of the Christic Path.

Time and again, I approach the Earth’s orbit to contemplate the world and humanity, knowing that this moment would come, because I already knew it since the Garden of Gethsemane.

Today I come dressed with My violet garment, with the flame of the violet fire of the universe so that the waves of adversity may be transmuted and liberated from the earthly consciousness, so that My apostles and disciples are not absorbed by evil.

I have always spoken to you about the importance of entering My Heart. This is the time, this is the moment; but in order to cross the door of My Heart and be protected, you must surrender, you must yield, you must humble yourselves.

The door of My Heart is so small, that you cannot imagine. It is through the door of humility that you will be able to enter My Heart and there you will be safe from any harassment.

Although the human consciousness commits itself, day by day, to that which is not evolutionary nor spiritual, I come again to the world to make it remember what I left here more than two thousand years ago.

The Blood of the Lamb was shed upon the surface of this planet and this has incalculable value for you.

Invoke the power of My Blood and be bathed by it, receive the Christic Codes of Light that were achieved through the sacrifice of your Lord. In this way, from the consecrated consciousnesses to the consciousness of humanity, everyone will be filled by these Codes and be able to straighten their paths, until they can meet Me in the inner planes.

I know it is not easy to liberate oneself from the chains of oppression, of harassment and of darkness, but you have the tools to do it.

The power of the word of prayer will lead you to be at another point and in another state of consciousness.

The commitment to the life of the Sacraments will lead you to be protected and blessed by My Gifts.

To love the power of the Cross of Emmanuel and of the Cross of your Master and Lord will free you from sin.

A life of charity, of surrender and of service will remove you from yourselves so that you may learn to truly love.

Thus, with these simple tools that We have taught you, you will be able to survive in this fierce battle that is taking place on the planet, which many do not see and most do not want to accept.

This is the time of Armageddon, it is the first time of the book of the Apocalypse.

No longer let your eyes be covered by the blindfolds of illusion. Tear up these blindfolds and free yourselves forever from that which is superficial.

May your hearts not become points of indifference, of insensitivity nor of despise.

I have given you all that you need and a little more so that you may come to this moment. Do not fear knowing yourselves just as you are, and not what you appear to be.

Through the spirit of My Truth, become free from yourselves, and thus you will free the world from suffering.

Many of Mine throughout the whole world were assigned to live this time, they were anointed by My own Hand of Light, under the impulse of My Divinity, so that they would never forget the commitment.

Now it is not time to be busy with yourselves, but rather with My Plan. It is time to love the proposal that I gave you seven years ago.

I still wait that you can be My Word, My Message. I still wait that you can be My apostles, as many have been throughout the times. But this, companions, has a price; it is not a favor, nor is it an emotion.

To be under My Government means responsibility and discernment. To be under My Government means love and unity, transparency and truth, because evil does not know these attributes.

If your lives are these attributes, as imperfect as they may be, you will be protected and you will not suffer. For a moment, look around you, and you will realize what I tell you, it is not necessary that you go far to perceive it.

Each one of you must purify your lives during this Lent, but let this be a true purification and not a mental one.

You must feel in your own flesh the need to be different, the aspiration to fulfill My designs and at least reflecting on Earth a little love, a little light; because the world lacks this light and lacks this love, and you know this.

May this Marathon number ninety represent discernment for all, the action of love in all things and needs, the responsibility to live the commitment and not to escape the commitment; the affirmation to be My apostles, and someday be the New Christs, the Christs of the New Time.

I know that many of you have thought someday that you would not come to this moment, nor to be so aware of the responsibility of being with Me, of being by My side; but this is what God needs.

His celestial treasures cannot be kept just anywhere nor in just any consciousness. His celestial treasures must be kept in the most humble, the most simple but truest hearts.

If humanity could understand the need to live change, that which is happening in the world would not be so.

Many think that the Celestial Father does not want to dissolve everything that is happening in the world, but this is not true, companions.

Humanity generates its own sufferings, and these sufferings fall upon the most innocent and the poorest among the poor.

A true King would never be born in a palace. I need you to be humble, just as I had to be in the manger in Bethlehem.

God does not hide in material wealth. God is present in the spiritual treasures, which can be the very example of souls that are converted and redeemed.

May the sacred violet garments of Christ make you understand, in this Lent, that you are already in the time of a great transition, a transition that is more definitive and profound than it seems to be.

Open your inner senses to understand all that I tell you. Do not try to understand with your mind nor with your external senses.

In this Lent, open yourselves to be transfigured by My Light.

May My apostles hear the call of the Lord of Israel and may they prepare the spaces for His arrival.

This is the time marked for My Return. It is the time when many of Mine will have the opportunity of learning and of growing, if they so accept.

I will no longer force you to follow Me. Your feet must walk by themselves, just as I have told you, that for faith you must walk upon the waters, just as the apostle Peter.

May this Marathon invoke the Gift of Discernment of the Holy Spirit so that the consciousnesses, from the consecrated consciousnesses down to all of humanity, by irresponsibility, by indifference or by lack of common sense, not miss the opportunity that the Father has given them.

At the doors of this Sacred Week, and after so many Sacred Weeks, the moment has come for you to carry your own cross and to be brave, to learn to endure the fire of purification and to learn to transcend yourselves, to free yourselves from yourselves, forever.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Monthly Messages

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Companions, today I bring you the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that, in this month of May, you may offer a Reparative Communion every day, that God may hear the heart of His children and the supplications of those who truly pray, asking for this humanity and for this planet so that, in this end time, souls may be strengthened and learn to go through the end of these times, revealing and definitive times, times in which humanity will come to know the Truth, in this cycle of the Apocalypse.

I pour out the Rays of My Heart upon the Sacred Eucharist that I carry today in My Hand and upon the Sacred Chalice of the Redeemer so that the Body and Blood of Christ may be that divine, perpetual and eternal unity that souls need in this end time.

It is there, in that divine strength, in that essential union with the Sacrament of the Altar where you will find the strength, the courage and the bravery to overcome these times, rather than anywhere else.

For this reason, today the Light of My Spirit pours out not only upon the Most Holy Body of your Lord and the Holy Chalice, but also upon the world and, especially, upon humanity, upon those regions of the Earth where conflict, the pandemic and terror plague innocent hearts.

In this divine union that each one of you can achieve, through this special offering during the month of May, you will be truly united with Me and, as a result, you will be united with Higher and Cosmic Life.

Thus, in spite of what may happen, help will come from the universe through its powerful currents, through its sublime energies, through the sacred material and nonmaterial rays that must fill souls so that they may finally concretize the realization of their mission and their commitment to Me, so that the whole human race may learn to overcome these times and, above all, learn to go through them.

For this special offering, during the month of May, it is fundamental that the priestly life may be the one that, with the strength and the momentum of the heart and of love, will instill the help that souls need through the Sacraments that I have given you.

Now that, for millions of souls, it is impossible to commune with the sacred form of the Body of Christ or of the Precious Blood, this is the time for living a spiritual Communion, just as real as the usual Communion that you have always experienced.

It is in this spiritual union where your commitment will be strengthened, and those adversities, shadows and uncertainties will not prevail, for each day that you work with and experience this union with Me will allow Me to also act and work through you.

I especially dedicate My Message to all souls, to the silent and anonymous good hearts that pray for the priests, every day, because the spirit of prayer, the power of prayer will cause you to understand, beyond appearances, the spiritual essence of the priests in this end time, in which healing, redemption, reconciliation and Mercy for the whole world will be achieved through priestly life.

It is in this commitment and in this union that each one may be able to truly live with Me, through My spiritual Heart and the Light that emanates through the Rays of Divine Mercy, that I will be able to pour out and place in the hearts of the priests the attributes and above all, the designs that I have thought of from the beginning for each one of them.

While humanity is worried and agitated because of not knowing how the coming time will continue, I invite you to each day further deepen into this union with Me through the spiritual Sacrament with My Body and with My Blood.

In this time, I am also considering the adoration that is offered to the Holy Eucharist, because the more adorations accomplished, the more practices are spiritually made, and souls are also benefited by this spiritual practice that will allow hearts to be kept in balance, in that basic balance that humanity today does not have because of all that worries it and the uncertainty that it feels in this time.

Everything that I left, more than two thousand years ago, for the whole world, are important keys for today. That was the reason for the spiritual living of the Sacraments and for unchangeable and permanent strength that they have throughout the times.

In this way, through the Sacraments, in a spiritual way, you will find the strength of renewal and of faith and, in spite of everything that may happen in the world, souls will feel safe; because you will not become ill; your souls will rejoice and, with Me, they will celebrate the victory of My Heart within each one of them.

I need you to understand, in a broader vision, what this means to Me: that this living of the spiritual Sacrament within each one of you will be able to demonstrate to the Eternal Father that the treasures that I gave you are in safe places and that these very treasures that I gave you bring about results in redemption and in conversion.

This is the time in which, through the spiritual Communion with Me, through the Marathon of Divine Mercy that everyone will be able to experience, everyone will become strengthened and be able to understand, beyond everything, the essence of what I have done throughout the last years.

Because everything that I have done, up until now and since the beginning, has only been a preparation in your lives and spirits so that your consciousnesses would not be afraid nor doubt about being able to face these times and constantly lead humanity toward an elevation of consciousness, because as much as only a few make this effort and this surrender, all this will always benefit the rest of humanity and those who perhaps would not deserve anything, not even a Grace, will receive it.

It is thus that the Love of My Heart is multiplied in all hearts that offer to not only pray for the priestly ministry and priestly life, but also so that the Work of My Mercy and Redemption may be carried forward by the companions that I have summoned to live this life and this spiritual principle, among many others.

I want you to be attentive and have a clear vision that this is the time and the moment for living what I have so much hoped for throughout the times and generations.

I have worked and I have presented Myself with the same aim and purpose, and that will not change until I return to the world, in which your Greater Priest and Lord of lords will move forward with the institution and the advent of the new time, of the new life, of the new humanity.

If your spirits and souls are strong in the Communion with Me in this crucial time, nothing will happen to you; on the contrary, you will help those most need it, those who are weak of spirit, those who are tepid of heart, those who are not poor in life, those who have lost their faith, those who are not humble, those who do not accept Me.

All your offerings will multiply and I will accept them because I will return them in Grace and in Mercy for those who do not deserve anything.

It is in this way that, little by little, I invite you to experience the same school of overcoming, of surrender and of faith that I lived for you until the Cross, so that your last breath, in the last minute of your life, may also be an offering.

Think about and meditate upon what I tell you. I will not ask you for impossible things, but rather I will ask you for what you can really give Me, because I need to be in hearts, I need to be consoled by souls, I must have a space and a place in the temple of each heart so that you can suffer with Me, in silence, for the freeing and the transmutation of humanity for not having conformed to the Law, and not even to My Eternal Father.

You must understand what I am telling you, for these are now My last Words, in this end time. And you must not forget anything that I have told you, because I need to be living in the hearts and souls that offer to live this great surrender for My Heart and My Consciousness.

It is thus, through this path, that you will achieve Greater Life and Cosmic Life. First, you must yield so that I may triumph in the world through you.

Thus, today I bring you the Most Holy Body and the Sacred Chalice, the fruits of the surrender and the merits of the Passion of Jesus, so that the world would not forget that, before all this, there existed a man of Nazareth, Son of a carpenter and of a humble Mother, who fulfilled and carried forward an important task for humanity, pouring out His Blood for sinners, pouring out His Water for those who were lost, freeing the whole planet, to the deepest layers of this world.

Let the power of My Blood justify you before God. Let the power of My Water purify you before God, because I will wait for your great and definitive step, until it be necessary, until each one of you understands that, if I have come here to meet with you, speak with you and instruct you for such a long time, there is a reason and a purpose, because nothing is by chance.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy awaken within you the flame of healing that humanity needs and, above all, the planet that is in agony not only for this pandemic.

Humanity had to become ill to be able to understand what condition the planet has been in for so long and, even so, how the planet and its nature have responded and expressed in the face of humanity's stillness.

Through the Kingdoms of Nature, see the message that the universe leaves to you, and do not resist anymore. Dare to live the great change in consciousness so that everything may revert and be healed.

While that does not happen, the world will continue to suffer and your Master will also suffer in the hearts that open to receive the Cross that your Master lives in this current time. A Cross that wants to be shared with those who persevere, with those who are selfless, with those who are unconditional, with those who work, day and night, in humility and for peace, with one end and one goal; that Divine Will be fulfilled.

Through the Sacrament of Communion and of the Blood of Christ, I bless you so that this task of the Marathon of Divine Mercy may be profound and true, so that it is not just some time passing by, but rather an imperative and definite need to respond to God until it hurts.

I thank you for the union, the perseverance and the strength of determination in these times.

Remember the spiritual offering during this whole month of May so that, together with the consecration of your lives to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, your beloved Celestial Messengers may once again carry to God the fruits of redemption.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


A second stage in the desert that beings experience, during another moment in their evolution, children,  is to be in the desert in the arms of the Most Holy Mary.

After having lived the inner desert, after experiencing the void and the Coming Together, after experiencing the calvary of these times, a desert will come that has still not been experienced by any soul, because it is the spiritual desert that you will cross in this moment of the planet, the desert prophesied in the Apocalypse.

Your Most Holy Mother crossed and continues to cross many spiritual deserts. She is knowledgeable about the souls and their paths. She was Who took the Words and the Gifts of Christ throughout the four corners of the world, and for this reason, She deeply came to know the human condition and all the paths that lead you to God.

Thus, children, the Most Holy Mary is She Who knows each grain of sand of the spiritual desert that leads you to God.

There, where beings become confused, get lost, desperate, your Most Holy Mother takes you into Her arms and, sure of Her path, crosses the voids and the solitude and arrives to God.

In the desert, even Her adversary is confused. It pursues souls that are lost, but does not know how to find them when they are in God. For this reason, your Divine Mother travels through the desert and takes lost souls into Her arms, one by one, to lead them to their destiny.

That is why I tell you, in these times of confusion and darkness, in the Apocalypse and in the Armageddon of the planet, seek your Celestial Mother. Allow yourselves to be found by Her and yield into Her arms, because when everything may seem lost, She will know the way; when you are no longer able to walk, She will take you into Her arms, and it is under Her protection and wisdom that you will come to God.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The End of Some Experiences

As I have told you once, companions, My time among you is ending and when this time comes, everything will be unleashed.

Today, I want to announce to you that not only the time and the cycle of the end of the daily impulses is coming, but also coming is the end of many Christic experiences that some of Mine, the closest ones, have lived in these last six years and that, for various reasons, have lost the spiritual experience with Me and only remained with the remembrance of what they once lived with Me.

With this, I want to explain to you and clearly warn you that the choice, made by some who were with Me, upon My path, and that no longer are, has led them to lose the great Christic experience of their entire life, as they were prisoners of illusion and of a supposed invulnerability to harassment.

In truth, they let themselves be defeated, they yielded and lost inner forces, because they let themselves be taken by their weaknesses.

This is the time of the end of experiences, and souls that become without the Christic experience lose the state of Grace that, due to  Mercy and Pity, they had once received.

In truth, the seriousness of some extreme choices of some souls is not in the action, but rather in the absolute loss of common sense and reality, and the spiritual meaning of life.

For this reason, and when these situations happen, the Spiritual Hierarchy can no longer intervene or rescue, because those most miserable souls that received everything from the Universe, and ridiculed and offended the spiritual treasures of the Hierarchy, begin to be within the planetary chaos and the common denominator of the inert suffering of humanity.

It is to absolutely lose the possibility of being in communion with their own spirit, because the spirit of this being that disconnects from the Christic path loses the experience, which is outraged and stolen by My adversary, in the art of his astuteness and deception.

Do you understand, companions?

To be with the Spiritual Hierarchy and live in the environment where the Hierarchy is, as for example, the Light-Communities are, does not mean to do, fulfill or carry out one’s own will.

It is obeying for love and, in the strict and loving obedience, to be able to deepen into the trust, in the Guidance that comes from the Heights and, in this way, keep walking in transformation.

I want all of you to understand that to be with the Hierarchy is not to be with a friend, a family member or a coordinator of a task.

It is to correspond and respond to a command that comes from the spiritual plane, which is what later reflects in the mental plane and finally in the material plane.

In all this movement of integration with the Hierarchy, there are no choices or tastes, opinions or personal ideas.

It is to join a superior divine and cosmic stream, which has once contacted them, and thus it is to fulfill a Supreme Will.

In clear words: to be and follow the Hierarchy is to be nothing.

This avoids entering the chaos of these times, in the unnecessary loss of profound spiritual experiences, which, once stolen by the adversary, remain deactivated from the nucleus of the essence.

May the process of personal purification not be the center of your attention. May the center of attention be the giving of self and the love for what is divine and cosmic, because in this way you will not lose the last impulses that are descending from the Universe, and will thus be the example of transformation and of true redemption.

The Spiritual Hierarchy unfolds within a hostile field of permanent battle, where the war of all against all has begun.

But you should apply the intelligence of the third ray and not let yourselves be dragged by your own processes or traumas, but rather you should feel impelled and ascended by the last Words of the Universal Hierarchy.

The three days of darkness will come and the islands of Salvation must be ready and prepared for the massive movement that it will have to attend to, as an unprecedented humanitarian emergency that, overnight, will present itself to be attended and alleviated.

All the preparation and training that you experience will help you to live up to the events.

On one hand, the Hierarchy invites everyone to keep collaborating in the manifestation and the order of life in the Communities.

But also, the Spiritual Hierarchy invites the consciousness that, at this moment, do not measure up to the needs of the Plan, to be able to relocate to other places outside the Communities, so that certain processes of purification do not keep blocking the concretion of a purpose that, I have told you, is divine.

The Hierarchy feels in Its Heart the effort and love for all, but there is no longer time, and you must choose your true transformation or your departure.

The Plan has run important risks and, at this moment, the unity of the Divine Hierarchy and the assistance of some servers of the surface sustains the accomplishment of a goal that has been undervalued.

It is time for everyone to be sincere with the Hierarchy; to no longer deceive yourselves and to not give Them so much work, just as the rest of humanity does.

We are navigating into the sea, in the only ship of the Brotherhood, which is living the storm and the shipwreck so that the greatest number of indifferent consciousnesses can be saved, no mattter what. 

Today I come with Words of pain and silence to tell you all this, because it is a responsibility and maturity of everyone, to give the best to God, for all that God has given you and keeps giving to you after these last twelve years of apparitions.

As you know, the cycle will end, and this does not mean that everything ends, and that after this you will nourish upon unsafe or non-spiritual sources to be able to feel your lacks supplied.

It means to assume this planet with maturity, the redemption of all the human race and, in selfless service, prepare the bases for the return of Christ.

There are times when the need for change and purification of consciousnesse will place you before a universe of responsibilities.

Many of those who are not present today still believe they have left inmortal, and believe they are free from the Law, because they did not accept being helped, corrected and straightened, like the poor tree that was twisted.

Now there is no time to retrogress, it is time to advance, to give this testimony that I have asked you for so much, and whose meaning many have not understood.

The Hearts of your Lord and of your Heavenly Mother often feels alone, abandoned by the selfishness, by the offenses and trifles that are frequently committed, losing consciousness, sense, discernment.

Enough with all this!

Because it is time to grow and not to complain. It is time to thank every day for what many do not have, but to truly thank.

When you have read many times all that which I have told you, you will truly demonstrate some change to Me. While this does not happen, everything will continue at the same point.

In Rwanda, we warned about the genocide, and no one believed in it. Today we warn about the urgency for many changes, so that afterwards your repentance may not be too late.

These are moments to mature. But also to make room or to set oneself aside, to not block what others, with so much effort, do want to concretize, according to what the Hierarchy asks.

The moment has come for listening clearly and for not becoming closed, because if you become closed to Instruction, you will become an easy prey to My enemy.

May the fire of My Words give you an impulse and place you upon another step of the Plan, so that the real humanitarian emergencies, which are many, can be attended.

I thank you for having the bravery and love to listen to the truth!

Who blesses you and waits for your true change,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Our last messages, the last instructions that will be given to humanity, will be forceful, determinant and revealing.

All the knowledge of the Hierarchy, kept since the Patriarchs up to the present, will be known, and humanity will be definitely positioned to take its last and great step.

This movement, to be given impulse to by the Spiritual Hierarchy, will come together with the concretization of works and projects of charity, that will benefit humanity and will be unimaginable, because they will be completed overnight.

This is why I say to all of you to benefit, to the maximum, from the last moments in which the Hierarchy will instruct and guide you, before the three days of darkness, before the three cycles of transition arrives, because, in this way, you will live up to the events and will not be submerged in the global indifference.

Take the fullest advantage of the last impulses; do not miss even one word of the Hierarchy, because your lifeline might be there in the great moment of the spiritual tempest.

Be attentive and, above all, very grateful.

We have already given you everything so that you may triumph in humility; do so, before we leave.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


While the world and the nations get involved in chaos, My children, I call you to enter into My Heart and find peace. I call you to cross the thresholds of human indifference that exists within you, as upon the whole planet. I call you to lose fear of what is true and unknown so that, in this way, you can look at your own inner world and find what you truly are.

May you contemplate the infinite and know that this very infinite dwells within you. And just as the stars hold in their shine a great mystery that seems to be distant from your lives, within you there is also a divine essence, whose shine, My children, holds not only the mysteries about yourselves, but about that of all life, about the Plan and the perfect Thought of God for humanity and for all creatures.

In spite of all conflicts and sufferings, in spite of all stimuli that you receive, day by day, causing one to suffer, to lose hope, to live indignation and to feel the pain of injustice, I call you today to go beyond all appearances and find that which is true, although it was nearly always hidden from human eyes.

In these times, My children, nothing else will be hidden from you, and in your hearts the divine mysteries and gifts can become unveiled, you can discover your true potentials, you can know what you were created for, what is the purpose of your lives; a purpose that is beyond the experience of forgiveness and redemption, and that is held in the expression and in the manifestation of love, in that which Christic Love awakens within you, and in everything.

These are times to be conscious of the urgency of the planet, to know and perceive that the chaos announces the Apocalypse and the Laws are being fulfilled, and they manifest that which was written. But it is also time to know the correct way to deal with the planetary situation, and this, beloved children, is not written in any Sacred Book, because it is part of the Revelation of these times; it is part of that which you must live and experience in this evolutionary stage of humanity, which you were not ready to live, and not even to know about in other times.

The Keys to cross the thresholds, that separate you from the Truth and divide the cycles of the old and new human being, are found in Our words; they are found in the state that the Divine Word places you within.

Therefore, do not only listen to that which we tell you, but let yourselves be elevated. Go deep and seek within that which only silence is capable of showing you and, with this strength, you will be ready to deepen within yourself.

It is by praying and uniting your own heart to God, and to the Divine Messengers, that you will be worthy to know what makes you like your Creator. And in this way, My children, you write with your own lives the Gospel of these times; the Gospel that is the concretion of the end, but also the beginning of the new.

I leave you My blessings so that you may be beyond every internal or external conflict; so that you may be held within My Heart and, by elevating your own spirit, you may help humanity to also be freed from the ties to the slavery of ignorance and illusion.

I love you, support you and with My Love I guide you so that you may be in God.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

With the superior silence that permeates the Earth, in this moment we contemplate, as Spiritual Hierarchy, the inner decisions that have been made and we wait, just as all of you, for the result of these decisions.

But what is most important at this moment, My children, is that you do not forget what is kept within the inner world of each one of you. As I have told you, it is the essence of God that will protect you and support you in this time, in spite of what may happen or emerge.

In this time, hold on to the favorite union with the spiritual Hierarchy and thus your steps, consciousnesses and lives will be guided by means of the Greater Purpose.

We are together, near the Earth, within this Solar System. On this day I am not alone, but rather accompanied by many Hierarchies that contemplate, with love, dedication and prayer, this planetary moment, especially this moment of South America.

The time of the planetary transition has arrived, but of a more acute and complex transition; for this reason there is the importance of being in union with the Hierarchy so that not only you can endure it, but also so that you can help your brothers and sisters to endure these difficult times.

The Armageddon is part of a difficult test for humanity, just as the Apocalypse. But I tell you, My children, that this Armageddon and this Apocalypse can be lighter and more short-lived for all, depending on how each consciousness acts and behaves in this time.

The more united you are to God and to His spiritual and universal Hierarchies, the more short-lived and lighter this Armageddon and Apocalypse will be.

We all know that the majority of humanity is completely hypnotized and delluded by many things, and that this situation distances them and separates them from God, day by day.

But, as in other ancient times, the Father will benefit from the small groups of consciousnesses that carry forward His Plan of Love and Redemption, until His Beloved Son can return to Earth.

I need you to understand, My children, that these times are not normal times, these are times that are different from other times and other cycles that different civilizations and different races in humanity have experienced.

This is the time to cross the threshold towards redemption, and to be able to live within yourselves this process of redemption so that humanity and the Earth may have an opportunity.

Today, I am here, My children, accompanying each one of you in the silence and quietude of My Heart. I radiate toward you and give you My Graces so that you can have more strength and  keep moving forward.

You must not be surprised by everything that you will see, although inexplicable and unexpected situations may happen.

The Hierarchy knows that humanity is not conscious of what it has generated and of what it has produced throughout the times in order to today arrive to this moment of a planetary turning point; therefore I tell you again about the importance of being united to God and of placing your consciousness in the Heights, no matter what happens, so that none of My Children, or at least most of them, may not become pulled and dragged by the planetary transition, and by the events that will come and unfold upon the surface of the Earth.

Your only faith must be in the Heights, in the nonmaterial and in the cosmic; in this way, the currents of the universe will come to help you and will lead you to understand all events, beyond the situations that may emerge.

You will be able to accompany the hard times, with more maturity and determination,  and you will know how to help your neighbor.

There is a part that corresponds to humanity; we cannot fulfill this part, nor can we intervene. This is the cycle in which each human being becomes responsible for their actions and their attitudes before the planetary moment, before the transition of humanity.

But now, My Children, it is important to maintain a strong faith and confidence in the Father, because the help from the universe will never lack for you. For some reason and motive, we are here to accompany you, to sustain and guide you.

If your consciousnesses and mainly your minds are positioned in the Heights, you will allow the Mirrors of the universe to reflect to the Earth their attributes, their powerful currents and their codes, so that humanity may be more protected and balanced, although very complex situations may be happening at this moment.

We know that the great populations of the nations will move from their place, seeking hope and an opportunity in other regions of the Earth, as it has already been happening. Therefore, it is also important to maintain your heart open in order to perceive all necessities and all realities, in order to welcome and receive those who are most in need and do not have anything; and who are the result of those who command them, of those who govern them and who lead them to live great and desperate sufferings.

With all these events and other events of the planet that you, up to the present day, do not know, and of which you are not conscious, it is the time for humanity to assume its responsibilities and make a true and clear decision. Upon this decision and this attitude will depend if the universal help can keep descending to you and to the world.

And that regions of the world may remain protected, in spite of the purification and of the transition of the planet, so that  a new humanity can be re-born and re-emerge.

The Plan of the Hierarchy will depend on the attitude of the men and women of the Earth; the Plan will be fulfilled and this will be the the objective of the Universal Hierarchies, although it may be in small groups.

The main cell, which is the family, must remain protected, because in the times of today it is much interfered with and very influenced. Just as in other times and in other civilizations, the family was protected and supported in spite of its tests and sufferings, in such crucial moment as this, the family must remain united to God and to His Divine Consciousness; in this way, nothing external nor internal will disturb it.

My Children, the Human Genetic Project wants to be defeated, and it is high time you perceived and realized this. But your consciousnesses and mainly your hearts must not be submerged in this occurrence but rather in the effort, in the diligence, in the dedication, in the surrender and the fulfillment of this project, day by day, by means of your  acts and your works of charity and prayer to the universe.

Remember that, on this planet and in its innermost worlds, sacred locations are kept that could regenerate and recondition the surface of the Earth; but it just so happens that the moment has not yet arrived. It is important that humanity goes through this transition and, depending on its attitude and on its actions, this transition will be lighter or stronger.

The facts, the events and the consequences that happen are exclusively the responsibility of the human being, of this race that is upon the Surface of the Earth.

Everything was given, everything was donated with love and dedication so that a civilization could emerge in the degrees of love and in the evolution of consciousness.

But duality has not been defeated, duality must still be transmuted, liberated and redeemed so that the balance and harmony may be within the beings and all can be in contact with God and thus fulfill His Plan, His aspirations and His promises.

The moment will come when My Son will return; He will return in a surprising and unexpected way. He will be seen in many places of the world, He will be recognized, although many will also reject Him, because He will come with an unknown aspect, never before revealed to humanity.

But the moment will come after His apparitions, after His Presence, and when He again approaches the human consciousness, this is when He will show who He truly is, just as He ascended to the Heavens and attained His greater degree of evolution of consciousness and of love.

It will be the moment in which the forces of chaos and the adversary will be defeated, and the government of this planet will again be granted to the Universal King, as it was granted when He was born on this Earth and among you, to bring you the good news of redemption and the opportunity to again find the path toward the Light.

We, all the Hierarchies, are contemplating the good events, facts and happenings that humanity experience through the consciousnesses, the souls that offered to live and express Christic Love.

Everyone who has lived this experience throughout the times, the generations, are being contemplated and at this moment helping the human consciousness in the inner planes to know how to make a good decision, and that this decision may have beneficial repercussions throughout the rest of the planet.

Now the moment has come to withdraw into the Heart of God and to seek, above all events, the essence of Peace.

Today I send this special message to the world to be Heard and remembered by all, knowing that the Universe also experiences a transition and that, each day more, we are reaching a culminating moment, when everything will be defined, when everything will become more clear, when uncertain realities will end and, at last, the Kingdom of God will be able to be established.

But for this, many situations must end, My children. The planet must cleanse what weighs on it and all that which hurts in it, all that it has received from humanity of the surface throughout time.

Everything will be reconfigured, re-established and re-ordered so that there may exist a new opportunity and the Plan can return to its origin, to its beginning, to its essence. Therefore, the movements will be strong, will be determining and unexpected.

For this, throughout the last times, we have prepared you, instruction has been your key to live these times of Armageddon, and to be united to the Plan of God and to His divine consciousness by means of the word of the Hierarchy.

In an extraordinary way, I send these words to the world and especially to those who sustain the Islands of Salvation so that the codes, attributes, gifts and virtues may remain present upon the surface of the Earth; and so that those who suffer, who undergo pain and who do not have anything may know someday that Love, the Love of God did not dissolve from the heart of humanity and from some places of the Earth. That Love can rebuild everything, Love can renew everything, that the Love of God can liberate you and save you.

I leave you the Light of My spirit and of My soul so that you may be led and, above all, peace and unity may be established.

In the name of the non-material Source of the Father, of the Son and of the Holy Spirit; in the name of the Governments and Councils that guide and lead this and other Universes; in the name of the Confraternity and of the Celestial Brotherhood that has accompanied this race for a long time; in the name of the Voice of the Father that resounds and has repercussions as an echo through His Messengers; I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

And together let us pray so that the Plan of God may be fulfilled, so that His divine Purpose may be established. Pray with Me, My children:

That the advent of the New Race
be fulfilled.
That humanity
be able to express its archetype.
That the word be alive
and build Your Temple.
That Your Mystery expand  in us
and  the true existence be revealed to the world
so that we may gather in Your Name
and glorify the Perfect Unity.
(Repeated three times)

I elevate these prayers, My children, to Heaven, so that the Father may hear them and in response make descend His infinite and incommensurate Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Today I descend to the Earth, and through my consciousness, I ignite the Mirrors of the Cosmos so that the Mirrors and the doors of the Universe may bring the help that humanity urgently needs in this cycle. 

By igniting the Mirrors and opening the doors of the Universe, I bring to all the Attributes of God, althought the majority of humanity at the moment is unconscious of what this means for this time. 

By igniting the Mirrors, I bring the powerful current of peace, so that the spiritual planes of this planet and of human consciousness may be transmuted and liberated so that, from the most invisible planes to the most material planes, the interferences do not keep descending, those that My enemy imposes in nations and among souls.

This is the time to understand the movement of the Universe and of the Hierarchy so that, being more conscious and more available, you may accompany the Divinity in all that there is to be done in this cycle.

All the necessary help will be delivered by the Universe to humanity, but it will be up to the human consciousness, no matter what, to give a conscious and true response in order to receive all the help it needs, so that souls may not only be freed, but also the chains of oppression, exploitation and conquest that many human beings carry forward, at this moment. Serious actions, for which Universal Justice has a price, a consequence and a response, that will be given at some moment.

But by means of the Mirrors of the Universe that make the Light descend upon the planet and humanity, I come to intercede as Mother of the World and Mother of the whole human race so that the possibility of Mercy and redemption may exist.

So I gather all the Commanders of the Universe, all consciousnesses that unconditionally serve God, in the Universe and on the Earth, so that in this unity and in this brotherhood, the opportunity may be established internally that many, many consciousnesses need to keep evolving in the coming cycle of the Earth or in other parts of the Universe.

Everything will be reordered. Everything will transform. Nothing will remain as it is. The Universe will intervene and will bring the new to all human consciousnesses and especially to the planet that endures the aggressions of the humanity of the surface, all the time.

The spiritual healing granted by the Univese will not only be for the beings of the surface, but also for all the Creation manifested on this blue planet, that is its house, that is its home, is its dwelling place for having the experiences of forgiveness and redemption.

The human beings have forgotten that they are passing through this planet and that afterwards they will depart toward other regions of the Universe to learn what they could not learn here.

But those who open and offer to listen to the Hierarchy, and to fulfill what it requests, will be mediators, will be intercessors, will be collaborators of those who live ignorance, in the blindness of these times, and who have lost the meaning of reality and truth.

Therefore, all the elements of the planet, all the cosmic forces of the Universe that work to establish the Plan of God gather and congregate because these times requires it. And the necessity is more urgent than what the eyes can see and than what the heart can feel.

Today I come as a Mother that governs the macrocosm, that governs the planet which, throughout the times and the infinite Apparitions, throughout all the culminating moments of humanity, has tried to help the children of God, and will keep doing so until the last soul, the most lost and submerged in darkness, receives the opportunity of being redeemed and of finding the path of Light, the path it lost toward the Celestial Father.

Therefore, all the angelical hosts also congregate and join efforts so that the spiritual planes may be within universal order and harmony, although we know that the very human consciousness itself generates many situations that disharmonize and generates chaos in the human race itself.

All human beings, believers or non-believers, atheists or devout, or even those of other religions, must keep in mind and be aware of what they are generating, of what they are producing, not only for the planet, but for their own civilization.

Meanwhile, we make all efforts, we carry out all possible operations and carry forward all the requests of the Universe to maintain the Doors of the Cosmos open, because they are the Doors that will not only liberate chaos toward other regions of the Universe, where it will be transmuted and liberated, but also these Doors that are profoundly internal, spiritual and cosmic will bring the Grace of God to all.

When the human being recognizes that they do not have power above all things and beyond God; when they bow their head down upon the ground, ask for forgiveness and do penitence, the help of the Universe will be stronger, the change of consciousness will be quicker and no one will lose the path toward the Love of God any longer.

The change of the great human situations, of the great problems of the nations and in peoples will have to begin first within each being, because if each being is not in contact with God, with the One or however you want to call or name Him, nothing will be solved.

Open the doors of your hearts, extend your arms toward those who suffer, welcome all those who are not accepted, those who are not understood, those who do not want to change.

Be merciful, be blessed, be peacemakers of My beloved Son, and the world will change in the small things of life and then will be able to change in the greater and larger things. Each one must be responsible for their redemption and for their surrender.

I once told you, beloved children, as I once told the world, not to place the responsibility upon God nor upon anyone else. Each being in this time must perceive the consequences and the responsibility in everything they do and in everything they practice.

The Universe is there to hear you, to receive you, to attend to you and to help you, it only depends on a correct and peacemaking attitude, on repentance and on true change, because if this is not present, the help will not come.

Many are the evils, the adversities and the chaos that the race itself has generated thoughits ties with My adversary. But now a time of truce will come and, in this time, it will be the only and unrepeatable opportunity in which the souls, the consciousnesses and My children will have the chance to change and reverse something for all that is taking place.

I come as a Messenger of the Universe in the name of many more Messengers who circulate and who live in this macrocosm and beyond this galaxy, to tell the world that we are attentive, that we are accompanying the gravity of these times.

But we need and plead for you to stop, to reflect, to meditate and to no longer do evil. Suffering must not be the path of the loss of hundreds of innocent consciousnesses who are mistreated, exploited and sold like animals from a barn

It is time to deter the roots of adversity, generated by My adversary in the ideals of abortion, of the exploitation of nature, of the slaughtering of animals of the sea and of the land, of the transgression and the contamination that all the large industries of the planet produce, in the ambition of power and of money, which only exists in the consciousness of humanity.

Reverse your attitude and the Apocalypse will change. Do not boast nor desire for what does not correspond to you. Be thankful for everything that surrounds you and you will not lose peace.

I thank you in the name of many consciousnesses of the Universe for having listened to Me with bravery and courage, with openness and especially with gratitude.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



May peace reign in your hearts today, My children, so that you may approach God and thus your inquietudes and fears, your abysses and anguishes may dissolve.

May faith reign in your souls and love reign in your spirits today, so that you may know that when you respond to the celestial call, in spite of all battles, all miseries, doubts and fears, the Love of God will always triumph.

Today, I come, with the rosary in My hands, to ask you to keep praying for this world. My eyes see things that you cannot imagine, that you would not accept nor believe that they exist in humanity. But your hearts and your prayers can actually reach, My children, not only the lost souls, but the deep and unknown situations that have their spiritual roots in the innermost core of the consciousnesses of the nations.

Now that you have learned to be in My Heart, to love Me and to recognize Me as your Mother and Protector, as the One who accompanies, not only the cross of Christ but the cross of each child of God, now, My beloveds, be more aware of your mission with Me.

May each day lead you to deepen, not only into the transformation and the surrender of your lives, but also in your service to this wounded planet and to its sick humanity that lacks love. This takes place by means of increasingly deeper prayer, of increasingly more sincere singing, of more selfless service, of a more complete surrender of yourselves, each day.

Pick up your rosaries, every day, and pray with Me. Pray, pleading to the Father for this world, for that which your eyes cannot see.

The Time of God now draws near toward the Earth, and the promises of a new world now approach their manifestation, in which the Kingdom of your Father is expressed. The promises now approach their manifestation and will soon become alive, the promises that together unite all true religions and allow them to become fulfilled, in one truth.

But before that, beloved children, the Book of the Apocalypse and everything that was taken out of it, by the hands of humanity, will also be fulfilled.

Many hard and deep trials will touch the consciousness of nations, like that of humanity, and in order to make of each one of these moments true triumphs of God, and not of chaos, you must be in permanent prayer.

It is possible, children, to experience the cross and allow a new Love and Divine Mercy to triumph within it, just as it is possible to live the Apocalypse and the Armageddon and make of this a confirmation of your souls before God, of the potential that is in your hearts, as His children.

You were created to love and to renew Love, and this happens beyond all circumstances of the world. It is just necessary, children, to pray from the heart, to serve with love, to surrender, to be in God, to seek the Father, each day, in each instant.

My Heart inspires you in silence, guides you to this purpose and accompanies your steps. My Love sustains your cross, My Grace helps you in your falls, My Peace renews you and makes you discover who you truly are.

Therefore, on this path, pray, My children. Pray for the world, pray for peace.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

The time has finally come for the Book of the Apocalypse to be fulfilled and experienced, a time in which the Woman clothed with the Sun rushes into the desert to protect Her children from all adversity and danger within the spiritual battle of these times.

Believe it, My children. There is no other future humanity that will experience this final event.

It is you, My children of today, who together with your Heavenly Mother, will go through this cycle of challenges and of obstacles. But if your faith is as strong as your prayer, nothing will prevent My Immaculate Heart from continuing to triumph in your lives and in the lives of your brothers and sisters.

This is the time in which the seven seals will open and, in an unexpected way, without a set time or moment, the events of the Apocalypse will knock on the doors of your homes and you, My dear children, must immediately and without delay enter into prayer; close the doors and the windows, light the candles of the altar and trust in God.

Many of My soldiers think that this will not come into their lives. See how, at this moment and on this schedule, the sky is sending you the signs of the time of Armageddon.

Be more awake, My children, so that in vigil and in prayer nothing, absolutely nothing, may be provoke you or in humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


When the Doors of Heaven open for your Celestial Mother to come here, the Time of God unites with the time of the world and a superior reality becomes visible, transforming with its presence the layers of illusion of life on the Earth.

I bring with Me the sublime reality of Paradise so that you can feel the Grace of being in God. Each time I approach the planet, the presence of this Celestial Kingdom transforms life upon the Earth a little more and helps humanity find the Truth of higher life and live it.

I come in this time to concretize the spiritual Mission that God granted Me and to manifest the prophecies that were announced throughout human evolution, which must be lived today.

I am awakening the hearts of those who must prepare the Return of Christ to this world through prayer and the unconditional surrender of your lives, because you have come to this planet for this. Your souls, My children, have been preparing for this moment since the beginning of their creation. The time has come to manifest and live the Purpose of God for your lives, and this happens when you definitively awaken and understand the time that you are living as humanity.

I come to concede these same unfathomable Graces for the consciousnesses of nations and for the essence of the planet so that, by the intercession of a few, many may have the opportunity of returning to God.

You already know that each time I come to a nation, it is to extract, with My Holy Hands, the roots of evil, of suffering and of illusion, which for centuries have been entering the consciousnesses of humanity to stimulate them towards evil, to indifference and to the lack of love.

We are in the time of a great spiritual battle, My children, which different from the conflicts of this world, is won through love, through unity, with the heart and with persistence in the fidelity to God and to His Purpose.

This battle is deeper than what was described in the Apocalypse of John and broader than the dimensions of life on Earth. It begins in the depths of the hearts of humanity where the consciousness must struggle with itself to remain in Love and in the Divine Purpose and then, beyond the dimensions of material life, this battle acquires greater and deeper proportions, and to win it, the hearts must attain greater degrees of love, consciousness and awakening.

For this reason, I am here. I am your Celestial Mother, the One who sustained the Redeemer up to the foot of the Cross and Who, washed by His Blood, made the commitment to sustain the cross of each one of His companions until the end of the end of times. I am here, guiding your steps and sustaining your hearts and consciousnesses through My permanence in the world.

Trust in My presence, My children, because what I come to do in your lives is to manifest the Will of God and help you so that you may help this world and beyond; so that you may be predecessors of a new Love, for all Creation.

Today I would like to lead you to a deep awakening so that you may feel the Truth and the Kingdom of God. Therefore, pray with the heart, so that the Kingdom of your Father may descend here and may let you know, not only His Peace but above all His Grace, His Truth, His Wisdom and His awakening.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call with love!

I wait for you in prayer.


Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children:

The Three Sacred Hearts are working, more than ever before, in humanity and in its deep consciousness so that some spiritual principles may be maintained intact and protected.

For this reason, more than ever, the Spiritual Hierarchy makes all the necessary efforts to prevent human ignorance itself and the inordinate use of power on Earth from spiritually creating those degenerative conditions that will open the door to decadence and the risks that humanity, with no consciousness, will choose as its destiny.

Thus, silently, just like more than two thousand years ago, when this race was at the doorway of its great self-destruction, it was there that the Sacred Hearts gathered together to carry forward this complex mission of again placing the consciousness of humanity in the place it is supposed to be.

In this time, a spiritual mission similar to the previous one is being carried out, except that this time it is not only complex, but also difficult, since the human consciousness learned to destroy itself, as well as learned how to shed its own life, and transgress its society, its culture, and its faith.

At the doorway of the Apocalypse, the Sacred Hearts articulate broad strategies, so that the majority may wake up from the dream and the illusion in which they have placed themselves.

We are facing the challenge of the end times.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Sun that lights this world, at its last time, before night.

I am the Trumpet that sounds in the Heavens, warning the souls that the cycle of definition for your lives, as for the whole Universe, has come.

I am the Hand that detains Justice, for there to be a greater time for Mercy for souls. But My Heart cannot transform Laws, if your hearts do not decide to follow Me unconditionally at this time.

I am also part of the Living Word of God for this world, and for the whole Creation. The Voice that sounds beyond the Divine dimensions, and from which the sound of Purity comes, but also Truth. Because it is time for you to know the Truth, not only the Truth that brings you the Graces that descend from Heavens, but also the real awakening, consciousness and definition.

To be part of My Work at this time, children, is more than having a rosary between your hands. It is wanting to be part of the commands of Your Heavenly Mother, who with the Scepter of God in hands will open the path in the darkness to rescue even the last of lost souls. And without fear, nor conditions, She will face the abysses with the support of Divine Will, to establish Her Peace, where it does not exist nowadays.

The seals no longer exist in the books and in the sacred parchments. The moment has come for definition of the souls, and this will be seen in your smallest actions and choices.

I know it is difficult to say “yes” to the Cross of these times. I know that many are called to live what they have never lived before and to give of themselves what they have never given. But, how to renew God Himself but with extreme surrenders, with new Laws, new Life, a new “yes”?

The awakening for this time is unknown, not only for humanity, but for all Life, all Creation, and even for God, who will renew Himself through His children.

For this reason, I tell you: Little is not enough, the known is not enough, the lukewarm is not enough, it is not enough to have affinity with My words.

Those who listen to Me in these times, came here for a reason and their lives were transformed for a reason that transcends themselves. It is not only for you to feel Peace that you are here and listen to Me. The Peace that lives in their hearts is an instrument of strength, for them to live something new, for them to be the Light of the world, set on the tables at the center of the dark nations.

I want to take this Work to a destiny that none of you has ever imagined, My children. And for you to follow Me, it is necessary to define yourselves.

I will lead you in this world, even when darkness seems to have taken over all things. Your strength and wisdom will come from My Heart and will fulfill your hearts and your minds. In a world of confusion, you will not have any doubt because you will be in other Laws, in another time, within the time of this world.

The lost ones will walk beside you and will not understand where the clarity of your paths comes from. The example will speak louder than the thunders and the trumpets of the Apocalypse.

There will be no understanding outside My Mantle, outside of the Laws of the New Life, which I am gestating in those who say “yes” to Me.

My Voice, children, does not bring you a new prophecy, but a reality. I want you to open your eyes to a truth and a need that is beyond your daily needs, your worldly tasks, and everything that up to now you thought was important for our lives.

I do not mean that your lives are not important, but today I place your eyes on Mine, and I show you the real need of this Creation and not only of this small world.

The crevices of the heart are already opening on Earth and all will be permitted. It is only necessary to say “yes” to Me.

May the meanness end today, as well as competitions, the half-surrenders and the lukewarmth in the hearts. My Son will come to place on your forehead the definite seal of His Apostles, and before Him, I come to the world, as a morning star, before the sunrise, to tell you, My children: define yourselves and awaken.

It is time for your lives not to be yours anymore, but to be placed at the feet of God, as a true offering, and to there be nothing more important than to fulfill His Plan, not even your own lives.

To some God will ask for everything, but these will be the real heirs of His Kingdom, the carriers of His legacy, the pioneers of the New Life beyond this world, renewed parts of the Divine Consciousness, as healing cells in the wounded and sick consciousness of Creation, which degenerated by its own choice and its paths.

You are called to be part of a New Law, precursors of the New Life. Define yourselves and let yourselves be led. The unrestricted obedience and the absolute adhesion in your hearts and your consciousnesses will reflect in your actions and will speak to the world.

Those who have ears, let them listen to the Voice of the Mother of God, who in the name of the Creator and of Her Son, speaks to the world.

I bless you and thank you for awakening and for defining yourselves at this time.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace


Contemplate this world then, in your prayers, and come towards the Celestial Altars to cry out for a world wounded and without love.

Never forget, child, that more than crying out for yourself, for your evolution, you are called upon to cry out for the world. Furthermore, I will tell you: leave your needs at the Feet of God and continue to rise up to the Heart of the Father, to place there those of your fellow beings who are most in need.

Perceive that time passes and the tests of humanity do not cease, but grow each day, because thus dictate the Laws of the Apocalypse and of the human definition.

You are called to be in peace and, with peace in your heart, to be a bridge between the lost world and the Heart of God, so that humanity never loses its connection with the Source.

More than your tasks, even when you work for the Plan of God, more than your transformation, even when it transforms the human consciousness, remember, child, to cry out for the world and to sing and to pray twice, for yourself and for those who do not pray and do not know God.

Just as the Father sent His Son to carry the Cross for you when you were asleep, thus the Love of God awakened you, so that today you may be the intercessor for the souls that are lost, and so that you do not only carry your cross, but that of all of humanity. That cross is carried in the silence of the spirit that lives the sacrifice with gratitude and that, when tired, offers God a little more, crying out for mercy for this world.

Your greatest mission is in the unknown, just as the greatest Work of the Son of God was hidden, because what He brought to the world is until today incomprehensible to humanity.

If Christ, part of the Living God on Earth, was not understood by human beings, do not seek this path yourself, but rather imitate Him and make love triumph through the intercession of His Word, which rises in secret and, in the power of a hidden prayer, brings mercy to this world.

I will pray with you.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Prayer: A Door to Liberation

With the divine Rosary in My Hands, I come from Heaven to reveal a simple mystery in which the Power of God hides.

Pray and you will be free.

Pray and you will be free from the pains and bindings of the past. Pray and you will be free from the concepts of the mind, from division, from the lack of forgiveness and love, from the incapacity to reconcile with your fellow being and with God.

Pray and you will be free to be reborn and leave behind that which causes you pain. Pray and you will know how to comprehend your paths, because God presents you the different situations of your lives, and how to make the apparent difficulties a service for the consciousness of all humanity.

Pray and you will be free to understand the celestial mysteries. You will not doubt the Truth and will not fear knowing it because you will not limit the greatness of God to the small human comprehension.

Truly pray and you will live your own union with God, your own inner contact that will raise you to the Heavens even if your feet are on Earth.

What I come to ask you, My children, is that you pray and in the simple act of praying, the virtues will be revealed to you, the Light of the Divine Word will free you from darkness and the Gift of God will guide you so that in spite of the tribulations of the world, you will never lose faith and love in your hearts.

While all is allowed in these times of definition, place your rosaries in your hands and speak to God, cry out for His Mercy in these times of miseries and imperfections, and let the Father respond to the heart with a simple feeling, with a breath, with a relief or even with the sharing of the pain that He feels for this world so lost.

What I come to ask you, My children, is that you pray and open your hearts to a new time, for it is the moment of unity, of living in communion for the Peace and Redemption of this world.

It is the moment for the religions to unite, to pray with the heart for One God and for each one, in their own language, to cry out to the Father for the Purpose of God to be fulfilled.

It is time for respect to exist among races and beliefs, for the religions to learn to pray for one another so that the Purpose that God had, when He inspired each one of them, may be fulfilled at this time.

If all religions resume their purity and return to the purpose of their origin, which is the expression of Love and the establishment of Peace, the hearts will be worthy to recognize He Who will come to unite all things on a unique path and put an end to divisions and human wars.

They will recognize the Last Prophet, Who will return so that those who did not recognize Him in the past can surrender to His Love in this last time.

The Son of God will again place His Feet on Earth, and His last promise will be fulfilled, so that Love may have life within the hearts of human beings and God may renew Himself through His creatures.

In the meantime, My children, pray for the divine Light to illuminate your paths, pray to know how to fulfill the Will of God, pray to free yourselves from what prevents you from walking towards the Heart of the Father.

Pray to grow in spirit, and finally, pray for the Love of God to triumph definitively among the dimensions and, so that, not only the Apocalypse but also the one thousand years of peace may become a reality.

Just as you see the chaos foreseen in the Apocalypse be fulfilled, you will also see the final triumph of God in the radiance of His Son.

Just pray for humanity to persevere in its faith and to overcome the tests of illusion until it reaches the essence of the Truth.

Unite your rosaries to Mine and you will never get lost.

My Feet of Mother and Pilgrim will always mark the rhythm of your steps until you surrender them to the Heart of the Heavenly Father.

I bless you and thank you for praying with Me for the establishment of Peace and the liberation of this world.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the city of Lisbon, Portugal to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Unity, a stronghold against evil

Unity first emerges from the higher universes of consciousness, directly from the Source of Creation, known spiritually by the name Abba.

That powerful energy of higher Unity is what has allowed, as a gift and as a principle, the manifestation of the universes and, from there, all the planes, from the spiritual to the material.

Unity is born of the non-material Source of God, for it is nurtured by the essence of Love.

If Love, which is unique and invincible, did not exist, it would be impossible to generate a unity of purpose.

This stream of Unity, which is born from the Primordial Source, is similar to a cosmic electricity, a positive fire that helps to unite the molecules or particles of Creation through a unique vibration based on Love and on Truth.

As Unity descends as a principle, on the different planes of consciousness, all that is created can contact it.

But Unity is part of a spiritual and non-intellectual science that give impulse to a spirit of cooperation and adherence among those that seek their Source.

In the Material Universe, specifically on this planet and in this humanity, Unity as an energy is in the background.

For this reason, Christ came to the world two thousand years ago so that humanity could disconnect from indifference and become connected with Unity; a principle that, during the Passion of Jesus, was one of the factors that defeated the adversary.

Unity is capable of concretizing the Plan in matter through a spirit of fellowship that souls can conceive of within themselves.

When spiritual Unity is absent in some way, for example, from a group of souls that have and are accomplishing the same purpose and mission, the vibration of Unity moves into the background, because there is a prevalence of personal rather than collective decision in the consciousnesses. Then the spirit of the Purpose is lost and becomes unachievable.

In this acute stage of the planet, in which personal realization, the accomplishing of individual goals, and a concern with the self are highly stimulated, the spirit of Unity weakens when interfered with by states of arrogance, pride and power.

This has repercussions in consciousnesses at the moment of their making delicate decisions in their lives, within a work or a spiritual purpose, because of not being connected with the Source, with the true essence that created them. The sense of Unity begins to withdraw from everybody, to the point of becoming almost unachievable.

It is thus that, from that moment, other situations begin to emerge; and what before was flexible, becomes rigid, tense and difficult.

The adversary has taken care of astutely instilling a state of ownership, of control in this humanity, and that souls only care about their lives and nothing else.

This corrupt mechanism of indifference, generated in the whole human consciousness, will be one of the great beasts of the Apocalypse that must be defeated by the Woman clothed in the Sun.

We are on the path for this to take place; for this reason, the planet will be stirred up in all senses and in every possible way, in order to remove this state of superficiality from the human consciousness.

There is still time, in the planetary clock, for souls to manage to set aside the world indifference and let themselves be permeated by the powerful principle of Unity, which will allow them to strive all the time against the traps and the plays that their own consciousnesses present them with.

Unity is a very important stronghold, for when it is truly present, nothing bad can happen.

So as to not leave the sacred spirit of Unity, you must watch yourselves, as well as your intentions and motives in the forefront; this will protect you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Heart of Mary: A Portal towards God

Dear children,

Little by little, I teach you to be permanently in contact with God. Because of this, in this time, My Heart will act as the Portal towards God for each one of you.

I need you to take a step towards spiritual maturity and that you not waste time seeking human happiness far from God.

I offer you a single path; every day and for some time longer I bring you the possibility of reencountering the Celestial Father.

I hope that your eyes open and especially that your inner ears may hear with attention and concentration the Mysteries of God that I am revealing to you in this time.

Dear children, the portal of My Heart will guide you to the House of the Father, and in the House of the Father you will be one in essence, in spirit, and in life.

It is time, dear children, that you penetrate the revelations of these times and that as from this cycle you be able to understand and live the divine treasure that is being given to you.

No consciousness on this planet, in this or any other time, has come to know and to penetrate the mystery about the Aspects of God.

In this sense, dear children, the arrival and the descent of the Aspects of the Father over certain areas of the planet are due first to planetary need, and in second place, to the inner union of the different Faces of Christ.

Never before in the history of humanity, after the Ascension of Jesus, has the world known the cosmic Faces of Christ, that is to say, the spiritual and divine aspects of the Redeemer.

Because of this, dear children, this union of the divine Aspects of Christ is part of the stage previous to His second and last coming.

The human consciousness of today, which is submerged in the appearances of illusion and is distanced from the soul, will experience the upcoming events as something renewing and at the same time as a cycle of deep spiritual and inner definition.

This spiritual union or fusion of the aspects or of the divine Faces of Christ, after the revelations made by My own Son as the Sacred Heart, the Merciful Christ, and the Glorified Christ, mark a before and an after in human science in this acute stage of the Earth, something that does not have a mental explanation.

After the three important revelations about the Faces of Christ, My Son comes to unite them in this time so that an important universal impulse may be given, and at that conjuncture, the spiritual union of the divine Aspects of Christ may definitely open the doors of the spiritual, mental, and material Universes so that the One Consciousness, called God, this time may manifest through the Aspects of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, in this unique event that will prepare the Apocalypse of humanity, hundreds of souls will be unexpectedly touched, and overnight they will consecrate themselves to the Plan of God in a way never seen before.

This is why this spiritual impulse, which Christ is giving on levels higher than the seventh dimension of consciousness, brings as a result the transfiguration of the corrupted human state into an incorrupt state, free from debts and regressions.

The spiritual and autonomous arrival of the Aspects of God to the Marian Centers in first place promises to help that part of the human consciousness that is in extreme and serious danger of becoming compromised with forces of the planetary chaos.

In this cycle, the union and the adherence of each soul with the sublime Aspects of God will allow certain evolutionary principles, heretofore lost, to be reestablish.

It is time to cross the Portal of My Maternal Heart to be able to come to know the divine Mysteries in depth.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you on this day,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Assert yourself in the power of prayer…

Dear children,

In times that will come, humanity will violently purify itself and it will not be this way because the Eternal Father establishes it, but the purification of the humanity will come hand in hand with all incoherent actions that will be committed by the humanity of surface, which will affect many people.

It is in this way that in these times, prayer will be the shield and at the same time the spiritual remedy against all mental, psychic and emotional infection, which is consequence of the global mismatch that humanity has attracted to itself and to the Kingdoms of Nature.

Prayer will cover with light and peace those who practice it with heart and not for obligation.

On the other hand, humanity will not know how to sustain itself, not even spiritually, the moment in which the purification unleashes in the consciousnesses overnight.

But prayer will offer, to those who live it with heart, an inexplicable balance, capable of neutralizinge spaces or entire cities, because its power is unknown until today.

While the world is being purified, many consciousnesses will realize too late all they never offered to God and how far they have been from the Source of His Eternal Love; this will be the most difficult moment for most of the humans of the Earth.

But prayer will make of the prayerful souls, crystalline essences, not bound to the debts of the past; they will be as mirrors of light that will reflect, wherever they go, the codes of redemption.

This will be part of the last phase of the apostleship in these times.

While the planet is being purified, unknown human situations or causes never seen before in the health of humanity will appear, which the scientists will consider: without explanation.

But these causes will have their roots in the lack of love. Souls that do not pray nor seek union with God in these times will, little by little, fade because the love in their interior will not be enough, since this love is based on the personal needs and not on the divine essence, which is what moves love in the Universe.

In this time, the true prayerful ones will have a special mission, and the love that they have generated inside themselves through the works of good, of charity and of peace, will make that all of these consciousnesses that will be as “dissected living beings” by the lack of love, may receive this divine energy of love that will save them and redeem them.

Here, My children, I speak of inner revelations that will emerge little by little, as humanity fully enters the transition of the Earth.

Many consequences and inexplicable events that humanity lives today are generated by a great worldwide imbalance: by conducting abortion of innocent souls, by the unmeasured killing of animals for human consumption and by the wars that are consequence of a worldwide sin that has increased over the past three years.

In this way, the humanity that has not been redeemed by Divine Love, that denies the existence of the celestial and invisible worlds, will live what it has sown; and what it will live in this last cycle will not be for lack of spiritual assistance, but for the indifference before so much world inequality.

But prayer will make of the prayerful beings, impenetrable shields of light, capable of enduring the purification of the planet; in truth, these prayerful souls were chosen by the angels to accompany the current and acute planetary process.

I did not wish to offer an apocalyptic message, but this is what humanity has started to live since the last August 8.

This world reality must reach the consciousness of all servers of light, because with the support and prayer of all, it will at least be lighter for some.

Dear children, in these times prayer will become the most effective and powerful spiritual tool in the moment of being pronounced with heart.

If souls knew about the power of prayer, maybe their own debts and sins would not be purified through pain, but rather through the love that the prayer itself awakes, a love that is not human nor from this tridimensional world.

In this sense, the prayerful life in the end of the times will become priority for the awakened hearts to understand that, without prayer, the exit and the enclosure to be far from chaos that will reign on planet will never be found.

Prayer will make you remain in the world to serve it and to learn, but without being in it. All this will all be the beginning of a preparation that will define the battle during the Armageddon.

I thank you for accompanying Me in prayer.

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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