Tuesday, March 13 of 2018

Monthly Messages

I am the Sun that lights this world, at its last time, before night.

I am the Trumpet that sounds in the Heavens, warning the souls that the cycle of definition for your lives, as for the whole Universe, has come.

I am the Hand that detains Justice, for there to be a greater time for Mercy for souls. But My Heart cannot transform Laws, if your hearts do not decide to follow Me unconditionally at this time.

I am also part of the Living Word of God for this world, and for the whole Creation. The Voice that sounds beyond the Divine dimensions, and from which the sound of Purity comes, but also Truth. Because it is time for you to know the Truth, not only the Truth that brings you the Graces that descend from Heavens, but also the real awakening, consciousness and definition.

To be part of My Work at this time, children, is more than having a rosary between your hands. It is wanting to be part of the commands of Your Heavenly Mother, who with the Scepter of God in hands will open the path in the darkness to rescue even the last of lost souls. And without fear, nor conditions, She will face the abysses with the support of Divine Will, to establish Her Peace, where it does not exist nowadays.

The seals no longer exist in the books and in the sacred parchments. The moment has come for definition of the souls, and this will be seen in your smallest actions and choices.

I know it is difficult to say “yes” to the Cross of these times. I know that many are called to live what they have never lived before and to give of themselves what they have never given. But, how to renew God Himself but with extreme surrenders, with new Laws, new Life, a new “yes”?

The awakening for this time is unknown, not only for humanity, but for all Life, all Creation, and even for God, who will renew Himself through His children.

For this reason, I tell you: Little is not enough, the known is not enough, the lukewarm is not enough, it is not enough to have affinity with My words.

Those who listen to Me in these times, came here for a reason and their lives were transformed for a reason that transcends themselves. It is not only for you to feel Peace that you are here and listen to Me. The Peace that lives in their hearts is an instrument of strength, for them to live something new, for them to be the Light of the world, set on the tables at the center of the dark nations.

I want to take this Work to a destiny that none of you has ever imagined, My children. And for you to follow Me, it is necessary to define yourselves.

I will lead you in this world, even when darkness seems to have taken over all things. Your strength and wisdom will come from My Heart and will fulfill your hearts and your minds. In a world of confusion, you will not have any doubt because you will be in other Laws, in another time, within the time of this world.

The lost ones will walk beside you and will not understand where the clarity of your paths comes from. The example will speak louder than the thunders and the trumpets of the Apocalypse.

There will be no understanding outside My Mantle, outside of the Laws of the New Life, which I am gestating in those who say “yes” to Me.

My Voice, children, does not bring you a new prophecy, but a reality. I want you to open your eyes to a truth and a need that is beyond your daily needs, your worldly tasks, and everything that up to now you thought was important for our lives.

I do not mean that your lives are not important, but today I place your eyes on Mine, and I show you the real need of this Creation and not only of this small world.

The crevices of the heart are already opening on Earth and all will be permitted. It is only necessary to say “yes” to Me.

May the meanness end today, as well as competitions, the half-surrenders and the lukewarmth in the hearts. My Son will come to place on your forehead the definite seal of His Apostles, and before Him, I come to the world, as a morning star, before the sunrise, to tell you, My children: define yourselves and awaken.

It is time for your lives not to be yours anymore, but to be placed at the feet of God, as a true offering, and to there be nothing more important than to fulfill His Plan, not even your own lives.

To some God will ask for everything, but these will be the real heirs of His Kingdom, the carriers of His legacy, the pioneers of the New Life beyond this world, renewed parts of the Divine Consciousness, as healing cells in the wounded and sick consciousness of Creation, which degenerated by its own choice and its paths.

You are called to be part of a New Law, precursors of the New Life. Define yourselves and let yourselves be led. The unrestricted obedience and the absolute adhesion in your hearts and your consciousnesses will reflect in your actions and will speak to the world.

Those who have ears, let them listen to the Voice of the Mother of God, who in the name of the Creator and of Her Son, speaks to the world.

I bless you and thank you for awakening and for defining yourselves at this time.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace