Dear children,

May the Peace of Jesus be in your lives.

Once again, I find Myself with you, to tell you that, while chaos advances upon humanity, My enemy tries to destroy the plans that I have prepared for the inner worlds of some of My children.

He tries to infiltrate himself, in order to generate a lack of self-esteem in the hearts that make the correct effort to fulfill the designs of My Son.

However, when souls begin to pray, the plans that My adversary has are dissolved because the power of the word is unknown, even in the spiritual plane.

Therefore, dear children, at this world moment, while uncertainty and lack of peace strike millions of My children, I ask you to keep sustaining yourselves through the most pure and true prayer, because it will always guide you, even in situations of adversity.

In this way, I will be able to step upon the head of the cunning serpent, and it will not attack with its poison nor will it tempt My children in unimaginable ways.

Be firm and do not allow the clashes of these times to destroy your inner dwelling.

I am here and I will always be your Mother.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Daily Message received in the city of Zagreb, Croatia, transmitted by Saint Joseph to the visionary Sister Lucía de Jesús

Listen to the weeping of a spirit wounded by wars and by the ignorance of humankind, the heart of a nation that cries out for Mercy, even though its inhabitants have gotten lost in the indifference of their common life and do no listen to it.

Every day, the merciful Eye of God is placed upon those who clamor, who cry out, who pray for peace, but also and above all, on those who do not clamor, do not cry out and do not pray, for they do not know God and His infinite Love.

With your hearts, keep the doors of Forgiveness, of Grace and of Mercy open to this planet, each day more. Be conscious of the immense need of the world, and let serving this wounded world be your greatest aspiration.

God the Father expects to be able to reach His children every day, and for that, He needs to find the doors of human hearts always open to His Love. Be that door which constantly opens to God. Be the conscious permission for the Creator to embrace and support His creatures.

May your praying word, born from the depth of the heart, be tirelessly pronounced, for the Earth needs peace.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Words of God are like impulses that are born in His Heart and manifest in the word of His Messengers. This impulse transforms into the Word, because speaking is sacred, it creates and manifests life and forms. But the Word of God, manifested through His Messengers, must be heard with the heart and understood with the consciousness.

There is no use wanting to reach with the mind that which comes from God, because you will never reach the essence of His Truth and you will remain in the superficialities of life.

Place, in your heart, the words of the Divine Messengers, always as a dialogue between you and God. Receive what comes from Heaven, as if Heaven always opened before your eyes and it was you who received and heard His Divine Words.

Child, God speaks to your heart, not only for you to grow but so that you awaken, again and again, and understand where you are and what the purpose of life on Earth is.

Humanity is numb to the planetary reality and more so to the universal reality. And your consciousness is also inserted in this numbness; all beings are, in different degrees and proportions.

I will tell you, over and over again, deepen into your spiritual life, into your individual contact with God. In the silence of your heart, enter into dialogue with the Father and only this way will you be able to awaken from the sleep in which you live, as a part of humanity.

You were called to do a little more for the Plan of God.

You were called to surrender everything for love, and renew the love in the Heart of the Father.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Life should be permeated by transparency, transparency while serving, giving your best to your fellow being and, at the same time, recognizing your own limitations, not to offer more than or less than what you can give.

Transparency while praying, being before God with the sincerity of your hearts, not because God does not see you as you are, but because this is a moment for you to recognize your own debilities, and to be impulsed toward transformation by Divine Grace.

Transparency in being so that, day by day, you let your fellow being see what you really are, and your relationships with your brothers and sisters in the world be permeated by the spirit of truth and sincerity, the one that must be full of the Love of God. 

Transparency through the word, for your mouth to only pronounce the truth and not want to increase or diminish the facts, but to only show what is real, so that by the word that creates, the truth is shaped within the life of beings.

Be transparent in love, opening to welcome yourselves and the fellow being as they are, not wanting to transform your own essence into something that belongs to others, nor wanting the fellow beings to be as you want.

Be transparent, mostly before God, because it is in the sincere dialogue with the Father that you will learn to love the truth.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Knock on the Doors of Heaven with your prayers and cry out for Mercy.

With your verb and your intentions, just ask God to have compassion of those who get lost in the illusions and the deceptions of the world so that, in the time of their awakening, they may know Peace, and not anguish and despair.

Knock on the Doors of Heaven with your prayers and beg the Father that, with His Hands extended to the world, He rescues those who are in the abysses and do not have strength, faith or hope to cry out for themselves. Be the voice of those who repent from their sins, but whose pride and fear were greater than their capacity to ask for forgiveness and redemption to God.

Knock on the Doors of Heaven and stay in reverence at the Feet of God, recognizing yourself as small, imperfect and as a sinner, and cry out to the Father to wash you with His purity, so that this same purity that you receive from God may be poured like a rain of glory and of graces over all of the beings of the Earth.

Knock on the Doors of Heaven and offer your heart and your prayers for the rescue of the Kingdoms of Nature. Do not get tired of crying out to God for this world because, until the last instant of time of redemption and of purification of the Earth, Mercy and Grace will be necessary.

Be a bearer of Mercy. Be a multiplier of Grace. Be an intercessor between God and humanity.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Pray and let your heart rise up to God.

Prayer, as well as silence and true service, done with love, are the languages with which the hearts of humankind communicate with God.

Pray and speak with love in the language of the One Who created you, and as you learn His language of the heart, go deeper into this divine presence within you.

Truly be silent in mind, soul, and heart, letting real silence manifest itself in you and guide you to the first impulse of the Love of God, where from silence He emanated sound and manifested Life, giving love a form and a vibration that later expressed itself in the creation of essences.

Serve with love, feeling in your heart the need of your fellow beings, not mattering if they are the ones who live with you and are at your side every day, or if they are the ones who, in order to find them, you cross the seas and the borders between continents. In that act of true service, find the language of God, which constantly serves all kinds of life; He being present in all things, giving impulse to the evolution of all creatures.

You also speak in the language of God, always aspiring that all your siblings learn about love and develop this love in themselves. Know, child, that the best way for someone to learn something is to have an example before them. For this reason, go today, and speak the language that comes from Heaven: pray, be silent in the depths of your heart, and truly serve, making of your life an act of service.

You have My Blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Beyond the Universes – Part II 

Within spacetime we find various realities, according to how we contemplate the immensity of the Universe.

We know that the Universe is not only physical, but also internal and spiritual.

We know that beyond the physical there is a Principle that still has not reached its end, because this Principle is evolving and developing.

In all of this existence of the Material, Internal, and Spiritual Universe is God, Who is the great Manager of the Creation within the systems of life that we know, that is, of material, mental and spiritual life.

God is present and manifested in all that has been created. We depend on Him to be able to truly live the Principle that created us.

Even if there are non-believing creatures, and even though this happens in most cases, in some place within them, God, as the Father and Dweller of the life of the spirit, is at the great expectation that His children become aware that life is not only material and that we are not only born, grow and die.

The Creative Universe itself, which is God expressed in an infinity of Names and of cosmic manifestations, expects that, in His Superior Love, His children recognize someday, that they have come to life for a Purpose.

In the Material Universe, also called vast Cosmos, we find infinite forms to understand the Existence of God in all spaces and planes of consciousness.

But God, in His most pure Intelligence, held and protected Himself in a place where every creature could find Him, beyond everything that is external.

The Eternal Father, in His great Humility, has placed Himself within each creature so that His children could learn to find Him and to feel Him very close.

If the Celestial Father is within us it is because within each soul there is a universe created by God, so similar to the Universe that we can know.

But more than hundreds of Suns, stars, nebulae, galaxies and vast Universes, God thought, in His Mercy, that His children should know what is unknown and is well kept within the beings: the true and autonomous potential of being able to love and develop through the degrees of love.

Throughout the times, the different humanities lost the path and the feeling of loving in an unconditional way and before the race destroyed itself, the Father of Love and of Infinite Unity decided to present Himself and incarnate through His Divine Son so that, by means of His Sacrifice, the creatures could remember how they should love and how much they should love.

If within the Children of God is this Grace of developing and of expressing themselves through the virtue of love, why does evil still exist?

Because evil is the opposite of the love that creatures can feel, show and reflect.

Evil is the result of a disobedience that was lived by one of the main angels when it moved away from love, as the disobedience blinded him completely.

If within us dwells and vibrates a universe that is so similar to the one that exists above us, why are the creatures of God sometimes incapable to unite to the Great Existence?

When we truly love, the barriers and obstacles dissolve from the paths. Christ came to teach the way through which the creatures would attain true freedom.

Again, God revealed Himself to humanity, from very close, so that they could recognize and love Him.

In all the existing Universes, within the human beings, is the great potential of awakening and of growing through the degrees of love.

Love which the Eternal Father Himself placed within His children, allows us to be in perfect communion with Him and with the Universe.

The infinite and divine Love that can awaken in each human being has the capacity of forgiving and of transcending any error committed.

When the souls cannot forgive nor reconcile with themselves, nor with their fellow beings, it is because fear prevails instead of love, and thus the door is closed to Truth.

Love is one of the great spiritual and physical revelations that the Eternal Father sowed with all of His Intelligence in His creatures.

The hour has come to submerge in the inner universe to find the treasures that the Highest left manifested in His children since the origins; because if we are in the origins, we will know how to remember our principle, which is to be in eternal communion with the Greater Universe.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Message

And the Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the Earth and illumine the souls of this world so that they may attain redemption and peace.

The strength of this Divine Spirit is unknown. It vivifies souls, fills hearts with Its Light and brings wisdom to all minds.

The Breath of the Spirit of God will come to the world at the most culminating moment of humanity, when religions will define their paths and when all peoples of the Earth will live their great and last transition.

The Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will not abandon those who believe in It, because the Spirit of God, which will fill hearts and lives, will expel darkness, will defeat the forces of chaos, because the impetus of Its fortitude is unknown, even more so when It is in the hearts that invoke Its Power and Its Divinity.

Today I come to announce the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God because some hearts already feel It, and in order to fully live It they must enter the path of humility; thus, the Breath of the Spirit of God will not distance itself and will bring much wisdom to your consciousnesses.

This Divine Breath of the Spirit of God is the same that was in Mary, My Mother, and in My companions, the Apostles.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that allowed them to evangelize, convert the pagans and bring hope to hearts.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that built Christianity in the essences, throughout the times and until today.

You, My companions, have internally decided to be filled by the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, and this implies responsibility in your lives, which will never be able to be the same, as your paths will straighten and a new life will come, because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will make you assume responsibilities within the redeeming and spiritual Work of your Lord and Master.

Today I come to give you the blessing because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come, which will manifest its talents, its virtues and gifts, and these will make of the apostles of Christ true missionaries of peace and service.

It is the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that will prepare the coming of the New Christs and the awakening of the Christic essences, which will know how to enter, in these final times, in deep communion with God, with the Son and the Holy Spirit.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the reason for your joy.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be the transformation of your consciousnesses and the redemption of your beings.

Because the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God will come with strength and the darkness will fear It because Its Light is powerful and invincible.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that conceived the Consciousness of the Firstborn Son in the Divine Source of Creation, whence I descended to come to the Earth, to incarnate as a man and give testimony of the Word of Life, just as I do today, from My state of Ascension.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God guide you, and do not fear, because the greater the battle, you must know, the greater will be the victory, the celestial victory.

Take refuge, companions, in the Sacred Spirit of God so that you may become invisible before the forces of chaos that subjugate millions of consciousnesses in the world.

Be sparks of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God and the Earth will be repopulated with new graces and mercies, even though humanity does not deserve them.

May the state of communion with the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God be a reason for your joy, because thus you will help your Master and Lord to unite souls, unite consciousnesses and all religions under the Sacred Spirit of God.

It was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that created the Universe.

At the beginning of everything, it was the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God that for the first time emitted the Word, and the Word emitted Vibration, and, from that, sound was born, which gave form and life to all things.

First many more Sources were created so that the new life of all humanities might be welcomed by the Creator Fathers, the so-called Archangels.

In that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God brought a new consciousness, in which nothing existed, and the Essence of the Divine Son and of the Holy Spirit, in the Sacred Trinity, conceived the new life in the whole Universe and in all dwellings that would receive the New Humanity.

At that time, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God attracted to this Material Universe a very special Grace, which was the Birth and the emergence of the Essence of the Mother of the World, of the Mother of God and your Mother.

God gave you an infinite and grand Mother, pure and immaculate, who humbled Herself to incarnate on this planet and conceive, in Her sacred Womb, the Son of God, the Firstborn, the only Begotten Son, the Omnipresent.

From these facts that were kept in the whole memory of the Universe, may the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew your consciousnesses, erase the past and elevate your spirits to the non-material Source of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God.

Today, My Merciful Heart brings you this Gift, inexplicable for the human mind, for all science, for any being on this planet.

It was this Sacred Spirit of God that decided that you would exist so that someday you might attain high degrees of love by means of the school of your Master and Lord, in the essence of Love-Wisdom.

Humanity is lost, and the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in the different Faces of the Father, by means of His Sacred Names, will come again to the world to fill the greatest number of souls with His Sacred Presence, with His Infinite Love, with His Unfathomable Mercy.

The Spirit of God is not venerated or recognized.

Recover your filiation with the Father, and humanity will be redeemed.

When the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God comes, many things will already be happening, but do not fear nor become desperate, because who believes in the Spirit of God will be saved and will have knowledge of where to be and what to do.

I would like your prayerful offering tomorrow to be reinforced, your inner offering to be even greater, as it was today, knowing how to respond to My call, knowing how to hear My Heart and communing with My Word.

I Am here because you want Me to be here, otherwise I would not be able to be.

For this reason, I come today with the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God to repopulate the Earth with new codes so that you may know that evil will end, that suffering will be dissipated and that healing will be achieved in the hearts.

As you live your tests, invoke the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God with the same sincerity and love that you have offered to your Master and Lord today, which has permitted to help the whole planet so that it does not suffer many more errors, nor many more transgressions to the very life that God conceived for you.

I invite you, companions, by means of the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, to carry out an act of reconciliation with your beings and among your companions of path, as well as with your families so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, in these definitive times, may be present at your homes and at each moment, and at each new step.

Seek the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God for those who do not seek It, and I promise you that in a short while you will not recognize yourselves, because you will have been transformed through your sincere offering to My Glorified Heart.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God bless today those who will receive a Sacrament and have their feet washed, erasing the past, the error and the pain lived during the latest years of their lives.

May the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God renew you because it will be this Sacred Spirit that will be able to remain in your hearts when the Sacred Hearts withdraw and no longer come. You will remember this day and you must relive it so that you may not lose the inner strength to concretize the Work of God upon this planet.

While I bless the elements of the altar, may your act of reconciliation and offering to the Creator Father be elevated to the Universe, so that He may also bless you with the strength of His Divine Spirit, which will make you invincible before the forces of evil.


Father of the Universe,
Sacred Creator Heart,
Who made Life emanate from Your Divine Essence,
Who emitted the Breath of Your Spirit to manifest the Creation
and to give life to Your creatures,
those which would praise Your Sacred Name for all Eternity,
sanctify these elements,
sanctify Your children,
heal the wounds, repair the hearts,
so that they may feel the inner strength of Your Spirit,
and so that Your Spirit may be the reason for the renewal of their beings on the spiritual path.

May Your Purpose be fulfilled
and may a New Humanity be gestated in Your creatures.

So be it.

I give the simplest everything I have, because in them is gestated My Trust.

More than two thousand years ago, I left you a testimony, a divine experience that also comes from the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God, which manifested itself as one of Its greatest Gifts, through the Sacrament of Communion.

Today I tell you again, companions, just as I told My ones inside a humble house in Jerusalem, where your Lord and Master prepared for His great and last surrender.

Taking the bread in My Hands, I said to the Almighty: “Father, accept the offering of Your Son, for the conversion of the sinners and the redemption of the impious”.

He blessed the bread and at this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God spoke through My Mouth and I said to the Apostles, just as to the spirit of the holy women: “Take and eat all of you of it, because this is My Body, which will be handed over on your behalf for the forgiving of sins.”

Likewise the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God blessed the Chalice and accepted the offering of His only Begotten Son and at this moment the Divine Word expressed to all those present in that time: “Take and drink all of you of it, because this is My Blood, Blood of the new and eternal Covenant which will be poured by Your Lord and by all martyrs for the forgiving of sins and the salvation of the mortals.”

At this moment, the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God saved humanity.

May the Lord bless these elements under the powerful Light of the Cross of Emmanuel, in the name of the Father, the Son and of Holy Spirit. Amen.

May those who have not confessed today yet, do it internally, at this moment, before your Master and Lord, who comes to give you the absolution of your sins, the reparation of your hearts with the light of the Source of Eternal Life.

While you listen to the melody, confess to My Sacred Heart and do it for all sinners, especially for those who do not accept the Name of the Lord and create wars on the planet, division between nations and indifference between hearts.

Today, I Am availing Myself of all of your prayers that were pronounced this day so that the Divine Breath of the Spirit of God may also reach those who listen behind this means of communication.

The Reappearance of the Christ is taking place, and just as in the Gethsemane I stepped the bad serpent with My Feet, today I step with My Feet what causes pain, indifference and fear in hearts, and in this way, it will be dissipated.

I rise to Heaven hearing your songs that glorify even more My Sacred Heart so that It may pour Its Rays of Mercy, Grace and Redemption onto all planetary life.

I bless you, in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

I thank you for being with Me today in the humility of the heart, in the simplicity of prayer and in the love of your spirits.

Receive My Peace as a balm for your lives and may this non-material Peace expand wherever you go. Amen.


Listen to the voice of My Heart, so that all may be transformed, just as the Father has thought it so.

Hear My words as a balm for the soul and healing for the consciousness.

In each pronounced word, the sacred word of love is expressed, that which from the origin has created everything throughout this Universe and in others.

Hear the voice of My Heart as the spiritual nectar that gladdens the heart and heals wounds.

Openly listen to the voice of instruction so that each step taken may be based on the living of love and peace.

Listen to the voice of My Heart for those who do not listen, and for those who do not feel it. Listen for those who, due to being unconscious and lacking truth, lose the Grace of recognizing within themselves a higher and unknown love.

Listen to My words, one by one, as if they were the last, the words that leave seeds of love sown in the consciousness, codes that will forge a new being and a new soul, washed by the Spirit of sanctity of the Mother of God.

Listen to the voice of My Heart attentively for those that do not pay attention to all that I say, so that all consciousnesses may be worthy of greater knowledge beyond their limitations.

The voice of My Heart makes you grow in love and in brotherhood, in the absolute void of self and in sacred patience, with the purpose of awakening the Christs of the New Time.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Oh human soul that is in the last time of your imperfection, renounce what binds you to the old world, and launch into the infinity of a new life! Struggle firmly in your last battle of this cycle of darkness, a battle that will cause you to ascend to sublime realities and that, despite being long and painful, its merits will never end.

Oh soul that is so unknown to yourself, plunge into your inner world and remove the veils that cover your human eyes, so that you may discover the infinity of your own consciousness.

Soul of God, so tired of the cycles of illusion experienced on this Earth, the blindness and indifference are now coming to an end, so that you may rest contemplating the Sunrise of a new day, of a new era.

Soul of God that is so small and infinite at the same time; your greatness was hidden by the ignorance of the human mind, and your smallness is to be found in the humility which you are to uncover. Within you, humility and greatness must encounter, because it is only through recognizing yourself as a small nothing that you will discover the likeness to God that contains all things within Himself.

Open your heart to the Creative Word, speak through prayer, and no longer with human concepts and limited ideas.

Contemplate before you the great example of the Sacred Family and overcome the ancient prejudice against being pure and simple like those three Sacred Hearts. The greatest of mysteries is unveiled in simplicity.

No longer search so much for great sciences, if the greatest of all sciences is to discover yourself in likeness to God: in Him lies Omniscience.

While the world anchors matter to the old patterns of the Earth, elevate yourself, little soul. Make yourself light as the wind and return to the Father. In the silence of your example, carry all humanity with you, and reaching the Heavens, open the doors to the new time, to the time that has always been, that is, but that your world never came to know.

Go in search of the new, the eternal, the infinite.

Who shows you the path to the new era,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


The Almighty God proclaims the power of His Word through My Immaculate Heart.  This Sovereign Power shelters you in the favorite bosom of His Most Pure Heart.

Children, through the magnitude of the Divine and Creator Word forms are constructed and thus, the divine and superior life is expressed by means of the existence of the creatures of this vast universe.

It is through the souls that Adonai accomplishes His Magnanimous and Infinite Work because, in every spiritual science, the life of all souls and essences is the main reason for the existence of the Plan of the Creator.

It is through the divine intervention of the creator and celestial angels that the Divine Thought is manifested throughout the dwellings of all the Heavens.  From there comes the fundamental essence and the major principle that allow the accomplishing of the projects thought by God.

And the souls of the Earth, how do they participate in the origin of this principle?

It is enough, children, that you simply recognize yourselves every day as worthy children of God and that you fulfill the commands that come directly from the Creator Mind towards your hearts.

You, My children, are a very important and a remarkable part of the indispensable attainment of this project.  Since the beginning of this humanity, God thought about concreting His most intimate wishes through the manifestation of the soul of creatures. 

Your soul is the direct bridge that will unite you to the infinite dwellings where are expressed the life of the spirit and the sublime experience with the law of Love and Unity.

From your roots and your origins emerges the principle of The Whole and from this Whole is born the will to perform tasks that never end.  Because in the Heart of the Celestial Father, you are in first place of His Most Pure Purpose and, without you, souls in redemption and rehabilitation, the coming of the New Humanity and of the new soul will not be able to awaken.

You, My beloved, are at the exact moment of a transition that has not started yet.  Embrace in your interior the Grace of belonging to the Plan of God and, being aware of the divine laws which rule you every day, be thankful.  In this way you will be worthy and deserving of waiting for My Beloved Son in some corner of your consciousnesses and souls.

Through My Divinized Spirit, I let you know about the existence and the reality that gathers you and expects to find you prepared to testify that now you are faithful children of the Creator. 

Opening the doors of the Infinite Heavens, last opportunities will be poured out as Graces into the hearts of the righteous and of the sages.  Be like Moses, who was faithful to the requests of the Lord, and who, in spite of his walk in the desert for 40 years, never lost faith and hope.

Despite everything, Moses did not feel abandoned and he built in his inner self the prefect union which led him to find the Plan of God above every difficulty.   The unbreakable faith of Moses maintained the peoples of God united in the origin and in the principle of their lineage and of their purpose.

It was this faith, which Jesus once lived for all, and the hope, that permitted to accomplish, in spite of all evils, the primary objective: the future emerging of a New Humanity.

In this way, My silent and calm Heart learned that in the absolute faith there are no barriers to concretize what God requests even though it may seem impossible.

Now, children, you are before a spiritual science that invites you, by means of prayer, to awaken to all that exists in the dwelling of God.  If the world opened to recognize its true identity with the Universe, the whole race would already be at the school for the New Christs.

I thank you for opening to discover your own and true call from God.  The Universe shelters you always!

Who gathers you at the Cenacle of the Angels of Light,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace  



My beloved and little children,

May the Peace of Jesus Christ live and reign amongst your little hearts.

As Mother and Queen of all the beings of this world and of the Celestial Kingdom, I come in this moment to instruct you and conduct you through a path of Peace and Redemption, a path that will lead you to the encounter with My Son, the King of kings, and which will make you return in Glory to the Celestial Dwelling from which you came.

My beloveds, My words come to bring to the world the Peace that it needs, but so that they may expand and accomplish the mission for which they have arrived I need hearts disposed to be the echo of My Voice; disposed to bring to all the corners of the world this Word that cannot yet be hidden among the few that have opened themselves to answer to My Call.

I need in this moment that My maternal Voice may reach the souls most lost and enveloped by darkness.  I need that My Light may arrive to the most forgotten places of the world, so that all the beings of this Earth may receive in their hearts the awakening of Hope and of Faith.

My beloveds, I want to nourish those who are hungry and thirsty of Spirit.  I want to lift those who are fallen.  I want to meet those who are lost and strengthen those who only suffer throughout the centuries the consequences of the unforgivable actions of humanity.

I come to bring Forgiveness to the world, which will touch all the essences that open themselves to this Powerful Grace, and even the sinner most committed to evil will receive from God the Light to be liberated from the situation in which they find themselves.

I only need that voices sincere and full of Faith may be the pure echo of My Voice and that strong arms, full of the Spirit of God, may be My arms in the world, welcoming all of those who do not have love and who do not know hope.

Today I come to teach you the virtue of maternity, because I want to build in all of those who listen to Me the mirrors of My presence, that may reflect in life the meeting with Me, and that through the actions, the feelings and the thoughts may express the Love that they have received from the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

My children, I call those who are full of bravery, to traverse the world from north to south and from east to west, bringing the Good News of the return of My Son and of the presence of the Messengers of God in the world.

Do not fear the judgments, the critics, the persecutions and the curses that you may suffer on this path, because thus it happened with My Son, who overcame evil through the pure Love for His enemies and thus taught them to bring the Good News of hope to the world.

Make yourselves heard in all the corners by the good and by the bad hearts.  Let that Love awaken those who sleep, convert those who deny you and embrace all, in a Divine embrace, that in which God will put His Arms.

Know that the merits of this life may be found only in Paradise, but I say to you that seeing the world from My Kingdom and reading the stories of your lives, you will know that all pain and all suffering, all anguish and sadness and all the struggle that you have lived, were too little to be worth such Light that will enter, not just in this world, but in all of the Universe.

I thank you profoundly for the persistence in being united with My Heart and I invite you to continue always, tirelessly.

Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception of the Trinity


Always remember the infinite power of My Word, thus, through it you will feed your little spirit so that in the definitive hour nothing within you will be able to surprise you.

Remember the power of My Creator Word and submerge your soul into the powerful ocean of My Words so that your being may awaken invincible love by My Celestial Presence.

Be firm and decided so that you may be able to be ready to fulfill My Will, as difficult as It may seem to you, because the true soul unites without delay to the designs of the Creator. Permit that the bandage that conceals your beautiful eyes may fall on time so that everyday and forever you may be reborn in the greatness of My Merciful Heart.

May you now be an example of redemption, may you now be an example of My Mercy for the world. May no apostle become too tired to talk to Me, may you be able to elevate the loving power of your prayer so that the Heavens may be opened and, in consequence may be able to help you on this path of transformation.

It is time to carry on firmly. It is time to accept the renunciation that I propose to you for those that do not renounce, not even to the material life. I wait for you in prayer and in the hope that someday you may reach My Eternal Light, for the centuries of the centuries, until paradise.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for persevering through the Love of My Heart!

Christ Jesus


Come to Me those who feel lost and despair for not having remained by My side. I, your Mother of Heaven, forgive you and offer you My arms so that in them you can find peace and courage to face the tests.

Come to Me those who are confused and do not understand why they walk in suffering; I will take you to the Heart of the Redeemer, even if you believe that you are walking blindly.

Come to Me those who are afflicted and afraid of the changes that this time proposes; you will be in safe arms, the arms and guidance of the Heavenly Mother, who today invites you to a more conscious and larger task.

Come to Me those who feel that they must serve their brothers and sisters as springs of charity, I will show you the places where I need you to go.

Come to Me those who love to pray, so that I can transmit to your hearts the power of the creative word and thus you can be My instruments on Earth.

Come to Me those who can not pray because they lived through other experiences and have forgotten what they learned from Me when they were children.

Come to Me those who trust in nothing, so that I can show you the safe path where you will find the Peace and Love of the Redeemer.

Come to Me those who deceived and damaged the lives of others because, through the Forgiveness of the Father, I will carry you in My arms and show you how to repair the heart of your brothers and sisters.

Come to Me those who need to heal their souls because My Mantle will cover you and heal all your wounds.

Come to Me all my children, those who feel Me and those who do not know Me yet. My Love of a Mother waits for all, so that we can build hope which will be the door through which My Son, the Redeemer, will definitively enter into your lives and liberate you from the chains that keep you tied to the abysses of pain and fear.

Come to Me, children of God, Heaven has a place prepared for each of you, and My Son, the Savior, is now arriving.

Come to Me, My dear ones, do not delay; reach My heart before the doors of your hearts are closed permanently.

Come to Me, I wait for you as I have always waited, with My love of a Mother, warm and full of consolation.

Come to Me, little children. Come to Me, I am waiting for you.

I love you and bless you.

I thank you for being with Me today.

Mary, Mother of God and Mother of all humanity


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more