Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twenty-eighth Poem

Lady of Humility,
in surrender and selflessness,
teach us to recognize
the inner need of the fellow being.

May our gaze not judge
but rather may our hands lovingly collaborate
in all that may be necessary.

may we no longer complain,
may we finally live
gratitude and love for sacrifice,
because we know and recognize
that this will make us free forever.

Help us, Virgin of the Stars,
to find the spirit of fortitude and giving
at this crucial planetary moment
so that we may serve our brothers and sisters,
and, thus, we may find in them
the suffering Face of Christ.

Dear Universal Mother,
may we live an unconditional surrender,
just as You live it for each one of us.

take into account our errors
and difficulties in truly giving of ourselves,
because we know that, through Your most pure Grace,
we will manage to take steps
out of love for the Higher Design.

We ask that, at this moment,
You empty our minds and hearts
so that the warm words of Your revealing message
may resonate within us.

Within the flame of gratitude,
may we always see
the untiring giving of Your Heart reflected.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Poems to the Immaculate Heart of Mary

Twenty-sixth Poem

Lady of the Stars,
Mother of the Higher Universe,
lead us to understand, through the heart,
the mysteries of our existence
so that, in the awakening of our consciousnesses,
we may truly collaborate
in the redemption of our origins.

May we constantly seek holy humility
so that our personalities may humble themselves.

May we aspire to live resignation
so that we may transcend our pride.

Empress of the Celestial Universe,
make us small
so that we may be deserving
of Your beloved Son’s revelations.

May we forever lose
interest in manipulation and human control.

May our consciousnesses be placed
at the Feet of the Celestial Father
so that we may lovingly learn
to ask for forgiveness for all errors committed.

With empty and resigned hearts, Lady of Light,
we will learn to allow Christ to enter within us
so that His Spirit may renew all things.

Let us come to know, Queen of the Universe,
the gifts that You constantly lived
in order to be in contact with God.

Banish from our minds
all beliefs in power and sovereignty,
because we will always be
like small grains in the universe.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


From My Heart emerges the Blood of redemption and of life, because in My Heart the Wound still exists, that which had was once opened on the Cross. A Wound which at that moment nobody knew. Only My Mother and the Holy Women, as well as John, the Apostle; they knew about the emergence of this material and spiritual Wound.

That Wound was the last and great spiritual, mental and moral surrender of your Lord.

In truth, more than the Wounds of the hands and of the feet, it was the Wound that up until these times justifies the errors of humanity and it is the Wound that allows Me to still be here, among you, to announce and proclaim the Kingdom of God within each being and in the entire Universal Creation.

This is the Wound that testified to the Love of God for humankind, although they were mistaken or were in the greatest and most absolute darkness.

This is the Wound that is still to be alleviated, which is caused by the ignorance of those who do not experience God and by the indifference of those who turn their backs on Him and leave, abandoning the Love of the Redeemer.

This is the Wound of Your Master that is still to be healed for a long while. And what will close it someday will be the love of those who are blessed and have no preconceptions of the Universal and Divine Work of Your Lord.

This Wound will be healed through those who help and surrender to a silent transmutation.

This Wound will be healed through all those who blindly trust in Me, beyond what happens to them, what they go through or purify, because if I still carry the Wound of the pain and the ignorance of the world in My Heart, be means of those who are Mine, it will be possible for that sorrowful Wound to be alleviated, as it is in each moment of adoration, of prayer and of communion with Me.

Because when everything happens and when My Wound is healed, you will only find refuge in My Heart, in My Divine Life and in My Presence.

Never cease to be generous with others, loving towards those who are in pain and suffering.

Never cease to serve and to surrender to Me, because the day will come in which, in the Glory of the Father, you will be seated at My table and I will crown each one for their efforts and inner merits.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus

Monthly Messages

May My Heart of Peace be the guide that leads you to Christ

My Children,

I come in a time of chaos, ignorance and indifference toward God, toward His Plan and His Truth, to open the eyes of a generation that is getting lost in the wounds and memories of the past.

I come to reveal to you a Divine Purpose, which forever erases from your consciousnesses the obstacles that separate you from God.

And this same Purpose reveals to you, not only what the Heart of the Father offers you, but mainly, children, it brings you closer to the Truth of the Heart of God; Truth which has been hidden throughout human evolution, and now must be revealed.

I come as the Mother of the World, as your Universal Mother, so you may understand that not only eternity after this life is full of mysteries, but life itself holds secrets that have not yet been revealed, holds truths that are beginning to emerge at this time, as a last opportunity for souls to awaken.

My Heart offers you nothing more than awakening to the path of prayer, surrender, service and sacrifice.

But it is this very path that will open, in your lives, the doors to the new, and will finally bring the meaning which your souls expected to know about the existence of life on Earth.

You can already feel and perceive your own ignorance, not only before the Universe and Creation, but also before yourselves.

And what I come to do in these times, My children, is to open your eyes through the power of prayer, so that, transformed under the spirit of humility, you can enter into the truth that dwells within you, a universe as vast and as broad as the one you see in a starry night in the sky of the Earth.

As the immensity of the sky, as the infinity of the stars, so it is within each of My children, because He who created you, in His image and likeness, is infinite and unknown.

The likeness to God is not limited to the appearance of humankind. The likeness with God is kept in a deep mystery that dwells in your hearts, and that keeps in itself the true reason for which God created this humanity.

Each being of this Earth, My children, is a renewing potential of the Divine Consciousness.

From your most profound and sincere experiences of love, the Creator derives His renewal, the re-creation of His Divine Creation.

I know that this is a mystery, almost incomprehensible for the creatures of the Earth, but this is due to the great blindness, and ignorance of humanity.

To enter into the celestial Mysteries, you must have a humble and simple heart, and your Heavenly Mother grants you this heart through prayer that transforms you inside and out, that transforms your lives and, therefore, life on Earth.

I come as your Divine Mother to lead you, by the hand, to a higher Purpose.

I want, My children, that in this last time of awakening, you may not only know Christ, but you may be in Christ, what God has thought for your lives and for this world.

You are still in time to transform this planet into a sacred planet, to build and inhabit the islands of salvation, which will serve as the beginning of the new when the time comes.

But this, beloved children, begins in the small and in the true. It begins with the Rosary in your hands and the Heart in God; it begins with sincere service and the true interest that your brothers and sisters also receive the best; it begins by listening to the Words of God through His Messengers, and by following and living these Words, because when you least expect, they will be alive and consolidated in your inner world.

And it is there that all eyes that look at you will find an example, and all hearts that feel you will feel God, because you will be called His instruments, His companions.

Today I reveal to you a path, and I extend My Hands to you, so that you may allow Me to lead you to the new; to the eternal and unfathomable Heart of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call, and following My steps as Mother and Pilgrim.

The souls that are awakening are in jubilation and the planet feels relief in its heart.

All this is due to the effort of each one of My children.

I bless you,

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

My Children,

From the Heart of God Gifts and Graces emanate on this day for the liberation of the planet, and your Heavenly Mother comes to decree Her triumph in this place through this liberation and the Peace that emanate from My Immaculate Heart.

The Sacred Immaterial Rays that come from the Heart of the Creator touch Earth today, and Its signs become visible through nature. Nothing will remain as it is, inside and outside of humanity, and its mud will be extirpated and purified.

I come as your Heavenly Mother, as your Universal Mother, to prepare the path for the new dawn of Aurora, which next August will shine again in the hearts of humanity and on the horizon of the Earth.

I come to unite My Heart to the heart of Aurora giveing a sign to the world that its liberation is not only near as it has already begun with My Presence.

The heart of Aurora again gives signs so that the pulsing of its life may once again illuminate the abysses of this world. But, for Aurora to resume its place, My children, it is necessary that humanity know how to conduct the events in union with the Heart of the Hierarchy and that it follows, step by step, the Will emanated by God for the Earth.

The silence of Aurora will gradually give way to its healing word, and the expansion of its light will be visible. But, while this moment is prepared, accompany your Heavenly Mother step by step, because everything has its time and place.

The expansion of the heart of Aurora will take place gradually, so that its light crosses the horizons and reaches the hearts of humanity, the Kingdoms of Nature and the depth of the consciousness of the planet, liberating all kinds of life from the darkness that still dwells in this world .

But this must happen without wounding; its fire must burn, but not wound. Its heart expands and comes alive, respecting the Laws that rule this world, because thus humanity has chosen to learn.

To those who do not understand My Words, because they do not know the Aurora of which I speak, I say to you, just feel its grace in your hearts and let it expand, taking its corresponding place, because this is the Will of God.

My children, your Heavenly Mother, on this day, comes to prepare a very important moment: the expansion and return of Aurora of the dawn, to illuminate the hearts of the world.

Pray with me, pray so that the nations open up to the Will of God; pray so that the Plans of the Creator may be fulfilled on Earth; pray so that, in the depth of a true prayer, your Father Who is in Heaven may find the necessary permission to help this world.

There is still much to happen for God's Plans to concretize and, with Power and Peace, your Celestial Mother comes to unite the Scepter of God to the Scepter that rules the Aurora of My Heart, so that, gradually, it decrees its return and its triumph.

Beloved children, today I also come to give you a special Grace, through the beloved soul that offers itself every day so that My Plan may continue fulfilling itself. Soul that, like Me, united her heart to the heart of Aurora, so that this world might always have an opportunity to be healed.

Know, My children, that, with the simple surrender of a few, My Heart will work miracles on Earth.

With this I tell you not to give up surrendering your lives to God; do not give up taking steps toward union with the Heart of the Father and, in spite of everything that happens on the planet, never lose hope that the healing that comes from the heart of Aurora will extend to the world and touch all life, bringing back to the sacred what was lost and distorted by human misunderstanding and ignorance.

I am your Heavenly Mother, the One who shows you the way to reach Christ and, on Earth, I left you an earthly spiritual mother, so that she would point to the Father together with My Heart and that, united to Me, she might tirelessly work for the rescue of souls.

Unite with this mother soul that I gave you, because today I tell you that, upon her, your Father, Who is in Heaven, has placed His trust.

Therefore, today, do not only pray for Aurora to dawn again; also pray for the awakening of Unity on all this Work of Love, and may the hearts know how to recognize the instruments that the Father placed on their paths to never get lost.

Everything is part of a unique construction; listen to My Voice and unite with Me, and thus, My children, you will not confuse yourselves and you will be able to make triumph the Heart of God trough your lives.

I bless you and ask you to accompany Me, preparing with the heart the final awakening of the Aurora of the dawn.

Your Mother, Mary, Rose of Peace and Universal Mother.


As Mother of the Sun and Mother of the Universe, I come to the world to pour out, upon souls, the fundamental principles of redemption, the same principles and attributes which My Beloved Son once experienced during His public Life, His Death, and also during His Resurrection.

In the form of precious codes of light, I bring these principles from in My Maternal Heart, so that souls who come into contact with My Immaculate Heart, may receive this most powerful Grace of conversion and of pity.

In this time, the path of prayer will help the souls that are determined to regain this important Christic legacy, which will shape them for the coming times.

That is why, children, it is important to bear in mind that each new moment of prayer and of communion in your lives may be climactic, since you will have the Grace of re-contacting with these very high degrees of Love.

Today I leave to the world the latent memory that the divine merits, once achieved by the Sacred Heart, will cause this humanity to be rescuable.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you from soul and heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Mapuche community of Valparaíso, Chile, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

As Mother Earth and Mother Universe, I come on this day to unite the essences of all My children of the original peoples through the Universal Father, so that through their sacred knowledge, they may continue protecting and safeguarding life, tradition, and culture.

As Mother Earth, I come to speak to you in the name of all the beings of Nature, so that not only the peoples listen to Me, but also all of humanity that does not look at the suffering that, day after day, the elements of this Creation experience.

Through the original peoples, humanity could recover its spiritual dignity, if it knew how to protect and take care of everything the Universe and Life has given it.

I would like the sacred Principles, which were gestated in the consciousness of My children from the original peoples, to make you understand the importance of a change of consciousness, since present humanity destroys and dissipates all it will need from the Kingdoms of Nature in order to survive.

As Queen of Nature, as Sacred Spirit of the Peace of the universe, I come to tell you that I will always be with you, in the silence of nature, as well as in the presence of each Kingdom. My Sacred Spirit will make it possible to have each one of you be a sacred essence that shines before the Creator in these times.

On this day, I leave you My maternal blessing so that everything can be healed and renewed in you, so that the traces of suffering may be erased from your paths, so that each story experienced may be repaired and bathed in the love of the wise Spirits of the universe.

I leave you My Peace and I renew you in the faith and in the Wisdom of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Sun that illumines these times is called Jesus, and He is coming to the world to save it.

His Presence consecrates all that surrounds Him and His humble Gaze vivifies all that He contemplates.

He is the Son of the Primordial Source; He was and is the One Who was among you a long time ago, but now He returns glorious, loving and victorious.

All those who follow Him understand His Message. The only living language is that of love and His disciples learn to practice it.

He is the Solar Son and I Am the Mother Moon. In all the Universe the Plan of God is realized, and many consciences participate of the evolution of the Consciousness.

Happy will be those who recognize the Lord, Jesus Christ. United to Him they will be, in spite of current circumstances.

May no one miss the opportunity of sublimating their lives.

May you all find in your inner worlds the sacred path of return to the Heart of the Creator.

He comes to renew all forms. He is returning to celebrate with His own the triumph of the Love of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

In these critical and definitive times, hold on to faith in God so that you may be strengthened in everything, and in that strength learn how to overcome limits and transcend great challenges.

May this faith in God help you to take decisive steps in the fulfillment of the Plan of Love and in the redemptive Work of Christ.

Dear children, I would like that this inextinguishable faith be the path for learning to transcend the events and all the obstacles that these times present to humanity.

It is time to have faith as a powerful shield so that peace, love and good may be established for all created things.

As you are determined to be bearers of this faith, your Heavenly Mother teaches you to walk among these times, maintaining an aspiration to always rekindle the Love of the Father, a Love that will rescue you.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from Curitiba, Paraná, to Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

I come here for a wounded world, and, in My hands, I carry the greatest cause of God, which is the fulfillment of His Plan of Love and Redemption on the surface.

I pray for this cherished Project and every day I relive the Words of the Creator, which He spoke to Me in His Kingdom:

“Dear Universal Mother, supreme and humble Mirror of Love, Your Father and Lord of the Universe asks that you tirelessly go forth to meet souls and the most simple because through them, I will be able to heal the planet and its humanity, I will repopulate the world with hundreds of suns, many more than I have created throughout the Universes.

I will make of each sun a prodigious emanation of My Source and, through them, I will pour out the Divine Codes of My Paternal Heart.

Go ahead, most sweet Lady of the Light, Governor of all the stars, fallen and non-fallen.   Go ahead, appear and announce to the race that I deeply love them and that they are offending Me while setting themselves apart from the Universe of My Love.

Do everything in Your power, You have no boundaries, but rather thousands of angels and devas to reverse the lack of love and to transmute the indifference upon this planet.

You will always hold within Your Heart the unquenchable wisdom of My Words, because, through Your Grace, I will make of hearts luminous trophies of redemption, to place them at the foot of the celestial altar”.

In My silence, children, I hear this proclamation, every day. And I will be able to be the Mother of humanity and of all the Earth, as long as you allow Me to be. Thus, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of the World, the Universal Mother.

I am She Whose authority does not come from this Earth, but simply from the Heart of God.

I am the Lady of all times, She Who leads creatures from the beginning to the end, not only in their lives in this world, but in all of their evolution, from origin to origin.

I am the Lady of the Universe and also the Celestial Mother, a living part of the Divine Consciousness, Who comes to Earth in these times to allow you to wake up.

Today I brought you to the desert so that you could enter the desert of your hearts and there, find the essence of the Brotherhood.

This new cycle, My children, will mark a definitive stage, in which hearts must unite with the Cosmos and discover the universal mysteries, like those mysteries that are held within the planet.

Today I brought you to the desert because this is the refuge where I take My children when they most need it.

It is in the inner desert where consciousnesses can experience the synthesis for these times, can assimilate the lessons of the past and build the new foundations for the future.

It is in the desert, in apparent solitude, where it seems as if nothing exists, that your hearts unite with the Brotherhood, with Heaven and with the Earth, with the true time that exists beyond the illusions of this world.

It is by finding the void within you that you will turn to God if you are open to that.

Today the Universe stops and places its eyes on the Earth, on the four corners of this world, in the invisible of the planet.

Those who came from the beginning to serve in this human Project are today in prayer, because the time has come, My children, for humanity to grow and find its true origin in the Universe as well as in the Heart of God.

Today the Portals of the Cosmos open to the Earth, and the invisible worlds are shown to the human heart.

Heaven dresses up to celebrate, in spiritual rejoicing, to impel creatures to find the purpose of their evolution in the fulfillment of this Plan.

Today your Celestial Mother, in the desert, ignites all the Mirrors of Heaven as well as of Earth, ignites the Mirrors of the hearts of Her children, to thus build the path, the bridge that connects the whole expression of Life.

My Heart comes to the world to open a new cycle, in which I want to see My children living in fellowship among themselves and with the Universe.

I want to see the Mirrors of your hearts radiating the new life that emerges from within you and is reflected in the human consciousness.

I bring you to the desert so that you may find the truth about yourselves and live based on that truth, rather than on the illusions of the world.

Let My Greater Mirror be reflected in your hearts.

Children, let what is purest in you be able to emerge and that in this meeting with the Universe, you not look at your errors, do not think about the deviations you experienced so long ago, but rather that you find again that universal Reservoir, that purest vibration that, like a sweet sound, I heard echo in My Immaculate Heart at the moment when your essences were created.

Enter the desert of your inner world, where you will be able to demystify the human condition so as to reach the void and there, find the All from which you apparently came so long ago.

Today I call you to an inner maturity, to an awakening and union with My Immaculate Heart, so that in Me you may find the essence of life.

Today, in this desert, a mystery is being revealed: the real life that exists on Earth and hides in the simplest, purest, most humble places.

It is within this planet, invisible to human eyes, that the Will of God expresses. It is where silent nature and the communion between all the Kingdoms exists, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the humility of those that no longer look to be known by humanity, who serve this planet in silence, that the Will of God expresses.

It is in the unconditional surrender of consciousness that could be evolving throughout the dimensions, but that meanwhile, continue on Earth to guide and lead humanity, even though many do not know it; that is where the Will of God expresses.

It is in the perseverance of those who do not look at human wretchedness, but rather the potential for love that exists in the essences, that the Will of God expresses.

Today, children, contemplate within yourselves all of the Beings of Light who came to the Earth since the beginning, all the Centers of Love that hide within the planet, with the hope that human eyes may one day see them.

In the sacrifice of those Centers of Love, in their humility and in their silence, find the true meaning of your lives, and when everything seems difficult to you, remember that there are those who serve untiringly and surrender their evolution so that humanity may take a small step in this world.

Today, the Mirror of My Heart reflects the sacrifice of the Cosmos in you, those that responded to the call of God, beyond the dimensions, so that in this new cycle, you feel inspired to experience this same sacrifice out of love for others, to forget yourselves and in humility, experience renunciation, surrender, in the depths of your being.

Feel inspired by the desert, so that in this state, you experience the times that will come.

The fortitude of the Centers of Love is held in silence, and it is there where the fortitude of My children must be found.

Be like this desert, silent yet full of the Power of God; humble and empty, yet holding within itself the Greatest treasure of this planet.

In these ten years, My children, when I have been at your side, let your consciousness walk on.

On this anniversary, may you commit yourselves to continue with Me, reflecting My humility within yourselves, loving this planet as I love you and serving humanity as I serve you.

I am the untiring Servant of God and I call on you to be untiring together with Me.

On this day of celebration, on this day of glory, I invite you to build a path of hope for the new time, where reflected in you, My children, souls see My Sacred Presence.

Let the Heart of God find a hope in human evolution through your steps.

Let the whole Universe feel the pain of the sacrifice experienced since the Origin be worth it for the triumph of the human Project and, as a result, the triumph of universal Life, the unity of every creature with the Heart of God.

With these words, I give you an impulse and I bless you.

I thank you infinitely for responding to My call and I hope, children, that not just ten more years go by, but rather that all eternity may come and that you will be at My side.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The balm for indifference: prayer

Beloved children, since the beginning of this Work and before, I taught you to pray, inspiring your hearts to experience  a simple mystery, that because of being so simple and accessible, was incomprehensible to many.

Prayer is simple, but does not stop being mysterious, does not cease to hold an incalculable treasure within itself, just like silence.

Prayer is a shield against evil, but also against yourselves, against all those aspects that are  uncontrollable for you, for it is not with your own human strength and power that you will manage to control and sublimate them. Prayer places you in the Hands of God, as individuals and as humanity, and opens the door for Divine Law to work in your lives.

When I tell you about My sorrows, I show you My wounds and call on you to experience them with Me, I am not offering you a greater burden than you can bear, but rather just prompting you into doing and living things that you are already prepared to do and experience, such as constantly praying.

If you prayed a Mystery every day, many thorns would no longer be within My Heart. If you prayed to the Universal Mother, invoking Her attributes, many of the capital energies that torment you and torment humanity would no longer be within your hearts nor within your minds, because the attributes of your Divine Mother would fill the spaces that today are occupied by vanity, by pride, by indifference and by inertia, which permeate the minds and hearts of My children.

Do not suffer nor feel sad on hearing My Words, for that is a human way of compensating for the lack of effort and sacrifice in your lives. One who truly understands what I say to you takes the rosary into their hands and strives to draw the Gift of Divine Presence into the world.

One who sees the Justice of God on the horizon does not hide from it under a table, but instead cries out to the last second for Mercy, even knowing that they will experience which they need, according to the lesson they chose to have.

My children, with Love I tell you that it is time to live  spiritual maturity; and you will not achieve this with the sorrow of your hearts,  but with the courage and value to attract to the world, through prayer and true transformation, the laws that balance everything that humanity experiences  because  of the permission you constantly give yourselves to the wound the Heart of God.

With simplicity in My Words and with Love in My Heart, I just tell you today to pray. Pray so that God may triumph in you. Pray for him to live this battle.  Pray so that you may find the strength to not be indifferent, distracted and so lost in the influences of the world and distant from God. Pray so as to recognize the Truth, to contemplate in the world what wounds the Heart of God and know how to balance it.

Pray to heal your own hearts and no longer seek in another, or in the world, for the justification of your miseries. Pray so that you may truly know what it is to carry the cross of all humanity with Me, and to live the planetary passion, as My Son lived His Passion on Calvary.

Pray so you may know that life goes beyond what your eyes can see and find your strength in eternity. Pray, My children, because it is prayer, as simple as it is, that will overcome the abysses, will close the doors to evil and will consummate the redemption of the children of God.

Prayer is the balm for the sick in spirit, for the blind, for the weak, for the poor, for those full of themselves and empty of God.

Pray in truth, and in the silence of an inexplicable and unnameable feeling, you will understand the essence of what I tell you today. My rosary will be an extension of yours. As long as you pray from the heart, you will be praying with Me.

I bless you today and always, under the Light of the praying word.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


I am the Mother of all peoples, of all races, of all cultures, of all religions, because I am the Mother of each human heart and I am the Womb from which all things come. Nothing is separate from Me, My children. Only moves away from My Heart the one who forgets their filiation with Me and who forgets the unity that must exist between each human heart and God.

Because of this I come to the world and place each nation under My mantle; because of this I make those of My children who are awake true mirrors of My network of light, to illumine the inner and planetary abysses that still darken this world, and, thus, to liberate evil and suffering from the souls.

Children, today My Heart rejoices in Brazil as in Fátima, and My rosary extends beyond the continents, embracing with its beads of prayer all seas, and healing in this way the suffering of the Kingdoms of Nature. Thus uniting Fátima and Aparecida, I make use today of the prayers of My children to accomplish a wider planetary task, that may embrace all the kingdoms and all the hearts.

I wish you would accompany Me with your most sincere prayers, trying to understand the great necessity that this world be bathed in the light of the Most High God and that hearts receive from the Father the awakening that their souls await so much.

Beloved children, terror still exists in many parts of the world – materially and spiritually – submitting many souls. No matter how much you are permanently under My mantle, you must be aware that this protection that I deliver to you is for you to work with Me for Peace and for the redemption of this planet.

On this day, I wish that My children in Fátima, as in Aparecida, were aware of the Mirrors of Light that I have deposited to radiate their prayers to the whole world; nevertheless, children, the truths of Heaven have been told to very few, and these must represent the whole humanity.

I wish My sanctuaries were filled with souls aware of their mission and that, with the mirror of their hearts ignited, they would make of each one of these sanctuaries true plants of transmutation and of redemption for the planet.

Because of this I ask you on this day that those who are most aware of My Call pray with Me for world peace. Clamor for the awakening of the souls and, just today, do not ask anything for yourselves.

Unite to Me in a clamor for the planet, for the seas, for the souls that are in darkness, for those who suffer, for those who sleep, for those who submit their brothers and sisters.

Unite, My children, your rosaries to Mine on this day, and uniting Fátima and Aparecida, we will ignite this luminous network for the planetary consciousness.

Today the Mirrors of Light ignite themselves and emit a divine sound that resonates beyond the universes, in the whole Cosmos, so that God may hear the praying voice of His children.

I thank you, beloved children, for your being aware of the need of this world and for your working with Me for Peace.

I thank all My children from São Paulo and from São José do Rio Preto for reflecting about the need of their neighbor and for helping Me fulfilling My Plans of Peace. My mantle must still embrace many souls and I count on your hearts for this to be possible.

I love you and leave you My Peace. 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Communication Network of the Heavenly Mirrors

In the vast Universe, where infinite life expresses itself, there are specific areas within the material universe such as yours, where networks of Mirrors act as re-transmitters of divine energy currents, as well as of impulses generated through the first seven Rays.

In this huge communication network, evolutionary life manages to communicate within itself, and at the same time, all universal life spiritually and internally receives the impulses that such a network generates.

We understand a network to be an extensive group of spiritual instruments of the Heavenly Hierarchy that is used to keep all evolutionary life in communication with the principles of God, which in this humanity is known as Divine Will.

It is this Divine Will that comes from the Fount of Abba, which is universally re-transmitted through the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors.

Just as in the material universe there are Mirrors of light that fulfill specific tasks, the network of all Mirrors interrelates with itself, and each of these instruments brings to universal life the possibility to expand its knowledge as well as that of working in service to the Creator.

The mirrors are formed by subtle emanations of love of the Creator Fathers, of the Elohim. In the beginning, when the universes were created, the first way to keep all universal life in communication was through what we call Heavenly Mirrors.

Thus it was that the Creator Fathers asked Their angelic armies to create, with their higher mental power, great pools of light in the material universe, which later and throughout time would be converted into the so-called Heavenly Mirrors.

The Heavenly Mirrors were created from the fusion they experienced with the divine codes of love and unity; it was the essential base that would allow all beings living in the Love of the Father to enter into contact with the spiritual treasures kept in the communication network of the Mirrors.

At the request of the Archangel Uriel, the creator angelic armies generated the first network of the Heavenly Mirrors in the material universe, known as the first Heaven. Later on, when the Mirrors had already been created by the spiritual currents that the angels had brought, the same Mirrors were unfolded on six planes or six Heavens, so that they then could be present in all universes; that is to say, in the material, mental, and spiritual universe.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors is present between the first seven Heavens; it is in this way that a great spiritual, mental, and material communication is established in all universal life, and each consciousness that forms part of the Creation of God is integrated into this very potent flow of knowledge and evolution.

It was the Archangel Uriel who entrusted His angels with sowing the essence of love and unity in the Heavenly Mirrors; later on, the Archangel Rafael sent His legions to pour out principles of healing and redemption in the whole material universe. After Archangel Rafael, the Archangel Gabriel sent His messenger angels to place in all the Mirrors the sacred knowledge of Creation, so that some day it may be revealed, as it is today.

Lastly, to protect this divine legacy, the Archangel Michael sent His hosts of light so that for all eternity they may be the doorkeepers of the Mirrors, who would unconditionally and in service to God protect the relics of Creation.

Thus it was that when the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors was formed by the intervention of the Creator Fathers and by Their hosts of light, Abba decided to send a potent impulse of divine and universal Love to the material universe and it was through the Sacred Feminine Energy, through the Father-Mother Essence that He would deposit the principles of Mercy and Pity over the network of the Mirrors.

The Archangel Gabriel tells us that when this event took place, all universal hosts were prostrate during three days of divine time to thank God for having made rise from within Himself the feminine aspect of Creation, today known as the Spirit of the Universal Mother or the Mother of the World.

In that time all Creation was being ordered and prepared for the first evolutionary experiences.

In that time, Abba Father universally considered that created life would need a Maternal Consciousness sufficiently loving and merciful to the point that the Father would send Her to Earth to incarnate as the Mother of the Messiah of Israel.

This act of universal mercy also allowed the communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors to be supported and accompanied by the Mother Consciousness of God.

The first revelations about the Mirrors appeared in the 1970s through 1980s, when the Celestial Hierarchy decided to reveal this divine secret that has been present and living for millions of years, after humanity was at the brink of self destruction several times.

The Father granted the Grace that the human consciousness remember its mission in the Plan, and the Universe granted that humanity might awaken to the truth from which, out of ignorance, it had separated for many centuries.

The communication network of the Heavenly Mirrors has allowed this planet to continue to exist in Creation, and above all, the Mirrors have generated the equilibrium of the axis on the Earth and of the poles.

If this silent intervention had not taken place, the race would already have self-destructed, and this unconditional help from the Mirrors has come from the moment in which the aspect of the Firstborn Son of God arrived in the world to save it on all planes of consciousness.

So the awakening is being granted to all, irrespective of the degree of debts. The Plan of rescue of Christ is already active and all will have the last Grace of being able to respond to it.

May the network of the Heavenly Mirrors represent for all the opportunity to remember within themselves that they are consciousnesses created by God, and that they can learn how to love and mirror unity to the entire Universe without the overbearing need to destroy the planet.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is united to the mirror of each praying heart,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Americas and the intercessor before God for all lost and distracted hearts.

I am the Governor and Lady of celestial majesty.

I am the One Who allows the liberation of all evil to be generated through the angels of the universe.

My Heart beats in all the Americas and makes Itself felt within those who invoke the Presence of the Universal Mother.

On this day, may all uncertain doors be closed and may undefined souls take the step toward inner ascension.

Today, may everything that prevents the awakening of hearts be liberated and removed from the universe. For this, children, may the inner conditions be created through prayer, faith, and the love of all consciousnesses.

I am the Mother of the Americas and there will be no government nor governor greater than Our Celestial Father.

May the fearful, the unjust and the false be exiled far from this humanity, so that the peoples may be free and gestate the New Humanity.

There is still time for hearts to repent and for the governments of the Earth to change their attitude, and in this way, truth may emerge and no one else will be condemned.

I am the Mother of the Americas and I give to My children a river of peace.

Let no one fear in this time, for I will be beside the one who trusts in Me; for nothing shall separate you from God, neither government nor nation nor state; everything is under the Gaze of God. 

Arise, Americans, and decree the triumph of the Mercy of Christ!

Love so as to learn to forgive. Forgive so as to learn to be reconciled, and in this way, you will once and for all be healed.

I am the Mother of the Americas and I protect all the flocks of My Son. My universal Star guides you towards the Purpose. My Love leads you to the portals of Peace.

Do not fear those who bestow false power. Pray for your enemies so that on the Day of the Final Judgment, they are not removed from this universe.

This planet and this universe are the perfect school of love and forgiveness. Those who do not go through this academy of redemption will take a long time to learn to serve and love. Thus, the Sacred Hearts have come to the world to confirm that this universe is one of redemption and forgiveness. Here, the experience of reconciliation and of peace is still being lived.

This world survives, at this time, because it must accomplish the Creator's Project through all those who are self-summoned. All humanity has already gone through the portal towards its purification; the inner and outer structures shake; but those who redeem themselves, love and dignify themselves before God will not perish.

Open the doors of your hearts even more, so that, in the time that remains, the spring of infinite Grace can be poured out over you and the world.

Let the Marian armies of prayer position themselves on the field of the final battle; let them take up their shields of faith and their swords of love and make the Plan of redemption triumph.

I am with you and will be with you as long as you allow Me to.

I am the Mother of the Americas, and here will be born the new Eden for the world.

So be it. Amen.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who summons you for the Plan of awakening,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of My beloved Son, I bless you and give you the Grace of belonging, in these times, to the Plan of the Creator.

I open My arms and extend my Hands to you, so that My Rays of Forgiveness and Love fill your souls with the Spirit that sanctifies all forms and thus the colony of the new apostles of Christ may be established. It is they, just like the missionaries of peace in the Middle-East, that will see around them the human misery incarnated in the lives of the innocents and of those who suffer from the grievance of the wars.

It is through the silent apostles of Christ that it will be possible for a longer time of peace to be granted, when they devote themselves to the Plan of God, every day of their lives.

Dear children, while you walk towards transformation and sacrifice for the world, you will never be empty-handed, because you will always have the Spirit of Providence to give it, through works, to those who truly need spiritual help.

In these difficult days, you must reflect your sacred fidelity and your trust in everything you live, in gratitude to God for having allowed you to grow in consciousness and simplicity.

You will be able to help and serve the whole world, which suffers, when your hearts revere, day by day, the designs that descend upon you as a transforming Grace. 

My support and My Light will always accompany you. I am the Universal Mother who understands and loves all, as My only purpose is that you imitate My Son, and that one day you may resemble the Christ of the poor, loving everything just as He did.

I thank you for responding to My call!

In the living Peace that emerges from the Heart of God, He blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace, Mother of the Refugees


Dear children,

You may face the greatest and most difficult test, but when you pray the mysteries of the rosary of the heart, just as you did today when you were in My divine presence, there will be no knot that cannot be untied nor evil that cannot be liberated.

Simply through the holy rosary of the heart, I bring you the spiritual resurrection of your lives every day. I humbly show you the same path of surrender that I, as Your Mother, lived for you.

Now, My dear children, you are beginning to get to know this sacred path that all souls are invited to traverse in the spiritual life.

Dear children, I wish to thank you for your prayerful response, continuing with the purpose of praying for peace in the Middle East, which is still urgent.

Today I come to invite you to pray the prayer of the Universal Mother thirty three times for nine days; this exercise will be called the “Novena of the Universal Mother.”

Your task will be to pray, proclaim and feel in the depths of your souls the attributes of the Universal Mother so that these may continue to broadly descend to the planet. This novena is to be started on the 17th of October of 2015 and when finished, a special novena of prayer will be begun, answering to the request of Saint Joseph for peace in the world.

For this reason, the next novena that will be done will be the Prayer and Petition to the Most High God for world peace and for redemption, a supplication transmitted on the 10th of October of 2015 by My Most Chaste Spouse.

Dear children, We are attempting to have you remain as long as possible in the school of prayer that you are living today. The prayer of supplication for peace of Saint Joseph will be prayed fourteen times during nine days; thus the Celestial Kingdom will be closer to all and to the world.

I thank you for answering to My call!

Who conducts you through the sacred school of prayer,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message received of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Mother of the Universe in the essence of the Golden Ray, because through it, all universal impulses descend toward the world so that humanity may achieve redemption and conversion.

Through the Golden Ray, a consciousness can access science and wisdom and thus understand the fusion that exists between matter and spirit.

Your lives are universally ruled by many Rays, but the Golden Ray concentrates the perfect union of the spiritual plane with the material plane; it is the Ray that allows two such different realities to be united.

The Golden Ray is capable of bringing understanding to the consciousness about to the invisible, and thus, this Ray allows each spirit to penetrate the mystery and love the unknown.

This is the Ray capable of awakening inner wisdom and it is broadly complemented by the Golden Ruby Ray, creating a deep understanding of celestial mysteries throughout all space.

The Golden Ray is a principle of regeneration of all that has been created; it opens the doors so that other Laws may act within material life.

The Golden Ray allows for the attraction of more elevated vibrations and it can be seen in consciousnesses that reveal a devotion to the sublime planes.

It is the Ray that creates divine fire and expands it in different degrees of manifestation.

The Golden Ray allows for the recreations of spiritual spaces and generates an inner expansion of universal knowledge when the latter is loved with devotion.

Its principal essence is the First Ray, that of Will.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who leads you to the divine essence of the Rays of God,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Special Message of Saint Joseph, transmitted on July 19, 2015, in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandu, Uruguay, to the visionary Mother María Shimani de Montserrat

My beloved companions of the path:

Today I come to this sacred place, Kingdom of the Firstborn Son and of the Universal Mother, to bring to everyone that simplicity and humility I learned during the time I was here on this Earth, as Saint Joseph, humility and simplicity that have accompanied me ever since.

It is this humility and this simplicity that allowed Me to live sanctity, but above all things they allowed Me to let Myself be guided by God, by My Son Jesus and by My beloved wife Mary.

She, with Her loving silence, guided My inner steps; a silence that I loved and venerated at that time as service to God.

Today I come to tell you that to overcome this purification that you, My beloved disciples, are beginning to live, only the path of humility, simplicity and love of silence will lead you to overcome all the trials you will face, to leave behind the old man and the old woman, those who must no longer exist so that the wineskin which My Son must fill with His new Codes of Light can be prepared and be empty for Him.

I speak to you all equally, but today I want to make a special call to those who are confused. To these children, I ask that this inner silence may be the one that allows them to hear the voice of the heart, and that humility may allow them to accept the guidance of the Instruction left by Us, the Divine Messengers of God.

Also today I speak especially to those who have always been so certain of themselves, because they are strong and feel clarity within. I want you to know that everyone will experience the collapse of those structures that do not allow them to take steps toward the full fraternity and humility that this humanity must live.

The day will come when the energy of this end of cycle, by Law, will touch those structures, and they will begin to tremble. It will be at that moment that the arrogance and pride that you have cultivated along with what you built of yourselves, will begin to fall to make way for the truth of your essences, that which the Father Most High designed for your destinies.

Open your hearts and, thus willing, study My instructions, those that I have given you since I began visiting you. In them are kept many keys that should be those that help you in these so sublime times, so expected by your souls.

Be strong and persevering, and do not let yourselves be intimidated by the adversary of this Plan of God, who will always want to use your skills in his favor without you noticing.

Always place yourselves below others, live to serve your brothers and sisters, without protagonism, and thus the virtue that is kept within your essences, that which the Creator placed in your beings, will be poured inside and outside you to lead this path of effort that you must tread toward sanctity.

I will be there to guide you, to shelter you and to take care of you. You must only accept Me as your Companion of the way.

Today I bless this house, cradle of the New Humanity, and all of you, children of the Most High. May God always be in your lives.

My Chaste Heart guards you.

Saint Joseph, humble Worker of God


Dear children,

I am the Mother of all peoples, all races, all languages, all beings.  All the Creation of God comes from My sacred maternal womb.  In Me all creatures are gestated; through Me are born and reborn the beings, the worlds, the universes.  In My Heart I shelter and guard much more than all souls; in My Immaculate Heart I receive and welcome all creatures of all the kingdoms of this blessed and sacred universe.

My beloveds, you might ask why so many times I present Myself to you and in My words I say who I am.  I speak about these things because God asked Me for humanity to recognize, in the end of times, the Feminine Creative Source, the Maternal Heart of God, which takes care of all that He created.

So many times I said “I am”, because humanity does not know Me and for not truly knowing Me, it does not seek Me and it does not look for My help before all the difficulties of life.

My dear ones, I present Myself to you as the Mother of Christ Jesus, because so it is.  My Son is Omnipresent and He is in everything.  His Most Sacred Consciousness reigns today in all creation and, thus, as I am His Mother, I am the Mother of everything that exists.

I ask you to receive My words in your hearts, because only there you will be able comprehend what I say to you.  The one who may not open the heart will never be able to discover the celestial mysteries and the one who does not enter into these mysteries will never be able to find the true Universal Source, that is the Consciousness of God the Father.

My words seek to lead you to the truth, but humanity is very separated from the superior reality and few are willing to deepen into something that they do not comprehend and that they do not accept, for being so far from what they live in this world.

My beloveds, My presence invites you to the complete transformation of life and of heart.  Many are the ones who do not accept Me because they are afraid of getting lost in the depth of My words and, today I say to you, that the one who deepens before the presence of the Divine Messengers and tirelessly seeks to comprehend, feel and live Our words, will not recognize themselves in a short time and they might not find themselves as they are today, because they will stop living and being a illusion, to express what they are, in essence and truth.

My beloveds, I say to you all of this, because throughout the whole history of humanity God sent Me to the Earth to lead humanity, but now, the celestial belfries are sounding and announcing that the time to live in illusion and ignorance is ending and I, as the Mother of all souls and of all beings that I am, have decided to launch Myself into the abysses of the planet and deliver the Gold of Truth to the ones that have always found themselves in the darkness of ignorance.

And even knowing that many may forever close the doors of their heart to Me, for not believing what I am saying or for not wanting to live the transformation to which I call them, I will never give up, because I also know that many will give Me their life and will make of this surrender, the reason of the conversion and the awakening of many other souls.

I want tell you on this day, My dear ones, that I will spare no effort to remove you from the sleep in which you live, that I will do everything to see you awake, knowledgeable of the Truth and of the living manifestation of the Will of God.

May today My words reach the depth of your hearts and impel you to take a definitive step.  The souls wait for the definition of your hearts to find a tangible example to follow.

I love you and I wait for you attentive, vigilant and tireless in this long journey.

Peace for humanity.

I bless you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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