Thursday, October 17 of 2013

Daily messages

Always remember the infinite power of My Word, thus, through it you will feed your little spirit so that in the definitive hour nothing within you will be able to surprise you.

Remember the power of My Creator Word and submerge your soul into the powerful ocean of My Words so that your being may awaken invincible love by My Celestial Presence.

Be firm and decided so that you may be able to be ready to fulfill My Will, as difficult as It may seem to you, because the true soul unites without delay to the designs of the Creator. Permit that the bandage that conceals your beautiful eyes may fall on time so that everyday and forever you may be reborn in the greatness of My Merciful Heart.

May you now be an example of redemption, may you now be an example of My Mercy for the world. May no apostle become too tired to talk to Me, may you be able to elevate the loving power of your prayer so that the Heavens may be opened and, in consequence may be able to help you on this path of transformation.

It is time to carry on firmly. It is time to accept the renunciation that I propose to you for those that do not renounce, not even to the material life. I wait for you in prayer and in the hope that someday you may reach My Eternal Light, for the centuries of the centuries, until paradise.

Under the Glory of the Father, be blessed.

Thank you for persevering through the Love of My Heart!

Christ Jesus