From distant universes, the Sacred Word of God can be heard. It is emitted from the Heart of the Source, so that it may resonate as a vibration within beings, and they may recover the origins that they once lost.

From distant universes, the Principles of Creation are dictated so that souls may remember in essence what they once were, and the reason and motive for being present in this world to serve and fulfill the blessed promises of the Redeemer.

The Sacred Word does not vibrate in the mind, but rather in the depths of the heart. Its aim is broad and unknown. Its goal is to draw souls toward superior reality. In this way, what is matter will lose power and credibility, because consciousnesses will discover within themselves that they are not only matter, but that the Divine Essence dwells within each sun.

The Sacred Word echoes in those who listen with attention. It solemnly fulfills the creative purpose. Its starting point is to withdraw beings from illusion, and its objective is to awaken consciousnesses through the impulse of knowledge and instruction, because the time has come for stepping into the ranks of the armies of the Plan of the Redeemer, so that the Earth may be prepared for the Return of Christ.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the same way that My Heart only managed to believe in the coming of the Messiah when I held Him within My arms, in the same way that the apostles and disciples of Jesus only truly believed that He was the Christ when they saw Him rise, many of you also, children, will only understand what you are a part of when the Heavens open before your eyes and, in the middle of the chaos of the world, the Glory of the Kingdom will manifest through the Son of God.

Humanity makes spiritual life out to be special, and material life to be the reality, losing the purpose of its existence, which is a perfect unity with the Creator, a profound and true relationship with God that not even the angels can experience.

This is what you were created for, children, but your mind was strengthened more than your faith, and the potential to love remained hidden in the deepest spaces of your consciousnesses.

However, I tell you that when God has a Purpose and a Plan for His children, it manifests beyond your beliefs, your deceits and your apparent limitations, just as it has done throughout the centuries.

The Creator did not wait for faith in the hearts of humankind to then reveal His greatness. He revealed Himself amid the hearts that seemed blind, and with His Light, He gave them back their vision. He revealed Himself to ignorant hearts that yet had the commitment to manifest His Plan.

That has not changed. Souls still need to be awakened and, as much as the Voice of God resounds among you, as it resounded through His Son, you will only be able to truly awaken when you see Him face to face, accomplishing His promises, making the prophecies come alive that will unite and awaken the peoples, cultures, beliefs and races, because it is the human heart itself that will awaken, and the human essence that will beat, recognizing the Presence of God in His Son. And this essence, children, has no race, creed, culture or religion.

What the men and the women of the world will feel within themselves will not be silenced by anything, and not even by their deepest convictions will they be able to stop what they feel inside. Everything will fall apart: the concepts, the sciences, the beliefs and even faith. Everything will take on new meaning, a new life, a new value.

In one second, in human hearts, the understanding of life will be destroyed and rebuilt. And for that day you must prepare your hearts.

Until that happens, pray and persevere. Remember that this day will come, and be ready to live it.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


To see the reality of the world, day after day, and, above all, the reality in which souls that once were by My side and are now not to be found, is like having a spear once again piercing My side, or carrying a heavier cross than the one I once carried.

Human beings cannot know what spiritual life truly means without first loving, experiencing and respecting it.

It is for this reason that some souls that were with Me before did not manage to be consistent with Me because they did not manage to truly love the path that I had offered them. These souls only passed through My Path, but My Path did not pass through them.

So those souls may believe they are happy or free from fulfilling their commitment but, in truth, they remain empty like a boat without a compass, remaining at the mercy of the world, remaining open to the struggle between material life and chaos.

But for these souls to recognize the lack of faithfulness to Me is like feeling a thorn piercing the foot, because the path remained unfinished, the soul remained without the opportunity of finishing and closing what once caused it to be indebted.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Be guardians of peace in the world and pray for those who proclaim peace.

Pray for those who struggle for a planet of fraternity and hope because, without knowing, they are opening the path for a New Life and a New Time.

Pray for those who sincerely love life, the Kingdoms of Nature and the human beings and who, day and night, search for ways to expand respect and love for the world.

Pray for those who do not pray and silence those who do not respect their fellow being and who, with their word, create a lack of union and of love.

Offer spiritual repair for this world. Believe that through your prayers new laws will be attracted from the Universe to transform material life, which is out of alignment and imbalanced.

Pray for the protection of your brothers and sisters who, in the four corners of the world, take forward planetary tasks with the faith that Love will be established on Earth.

Trust that all effort is valid and even the smallest one can transform the destiny of this humanity and of this planet.

That your prayers be each time more sincere and embrace this world.

Children, pray for peace and be the peace of this planet.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


It is in the hour of Mercy when I most recognize your effort and your prayer, your intention of being truly with Me, no matter the place or the situation.

It is in this remembered sorrowful hour when your Master and Lord has more Mercy and His glorious intervention appeases the action of Justice.

For this reason, companions, remember every day the infinite and recurrent wonders that My Merciful Heart can accomplish in your spiritual and material lives.

Always encourge yourself to say "yes" to Me in the Hour of Divine Mercy because, when this happens, I will not only be able to help your consciousnesses during the severe purification, but I will also be able to intervene in more situations of the planet, because I will have instruments of My Mercy to do so. 

In this hour, may your hearts feel the ardor of My Heart so that My Sacred Word is fulfilled within you. 

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Wisdom is a gift that comes from the very depths of the Heart of God. It was with Wisdom that the Creator expressed the manifestation of His Spirit as a Creator Source for Life.

Wisdom is a gift that unites you to the Divine Purpose and leads you to think within the Thought of God and to feel within His Heart.

Wisdom causes souls to read within the sacred books of the Divine Plan and thus, although their minds are not aware, their hearts, which are bridges between the soul and material life, can definitely grasp and feel the Divine Will so that they may lead their lives according to that Will.

Wisdom comes to the world through Grace and Mercy, and crying out for that Grace, you can achieve it. However, children, it is granted to you for a reason. To receive the gift of Wisdom, you must be pure of heart and free of personal intentions and self-will.

Wisdom descends upon those who make their lives available to God and offer them for the fulfillment of His Plans.

In these times, Wisdom is no longer just a divine gift that the soul receives to accomplish a spiritual task. It is a necessity of the human consciousness because it will unite you with God and will allow that, in the depths of your beings, the bond with the Creator will never be lost, no matter what happens around you.

Therefore, children, cry out for the grace to receive the gift of Wisdom in your hearts. Offer your lives to God so that He may make them instruments for the expression of His Will.

In a time of profound ignorance, indifference and inner confusion, be instruments and vehicles of Divine Wisdom on Earth.

Hearts need guidance to reach God and, until everything happens, until the return of the Redeemer is a reality, wise hearts available to God are needed to be the light of the world in times of darkness.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Everything that will be seen in these end times must not surprise anyone, because inconceivable situations will show themselves overnight and, as a result from them, many consciousnesses will define their destiny.

Let it be enough to be in God and seek His Kingdom at each moment so that what will show itself before everyone does not bother anyone, nor provoke undesirable decisions.

We still come to the world at the express request of the Creator Father because humanity is distracted and seduced by all the material conditions and the spiritual life, which is what sustains the consciousness, has been put into second place.

But we also come for all those who persist in faith and in trust, knowing that some day they will know the Kingdom of God and will become part of it.

In this time, everything that will happen will be extreme; there will be no half measures. This will place the souls where they choose to be, because nobody will be obligated to seek God, but yes, they will be called to pay attention.

This is a time in which everything will be in motion. I know it seems little encouraging, but it is the truth.

The planet, as a consequence, can no longer sustain two polarities, two forms of life. Either the planet is purified or the planet self-destructs.

Let us continue working for the purification of humanity and for the salvation of all of the Kingdoms, beyond all consequences.

Let us proclaim our faith and let us decree the coming of the Kingdom of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Let My Mercy make you grow in degrees of love so that, some day, you may have the capacity to love, just as I loved each one of you.

Let My Mercy be able to fill you up until you discover the power it has for cases which are impossible or difficult to overcome.

My Mercy is a balm that regenerates the spiritual and material life.

From My Mercy comes the possibility of being able to accelerate the steps of redemption.

From My Mercy comes the impulse to transform everything and to make of this transformation a celestial victory in the life of each being.

Submerge yourself in Mercy so that, within you, the possibility of rehabilitating yourself through the service to the Plan of Love may arise.

From My Mercy comes the graces that are poured out for the conversion of souls.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Dear children:

You know that in these times, the spirituality of humanity is being corrupted due to the influences of the material life and of the pleasures that millions of souls experience.

This is the reason why the spiritual connection with what is real is being interfered with; this interference is generated by unelevated spiritual forces that awaken in souls the need for having power or prestige, both in spiritual life and in society.

Thus, consciousnesses believe they are well connected, while in reality, they are being influenced. This is what leads millions of souls into making impulsive decisions and, in many cases, destroying their own spirituality.

The Law of Divine Justice will come to reveal and to correct this deviation of most of humanity, just as the Law of Liberation will also come, which will be applied to unblock the psychic plane of the planet from all the interferences experienced throughout time.

Thus, there will be much to liberate in these times and, in this way, cut the roots that the adversary caused to grow in thousands of consciousnesses which are in the illusion of being uplifted.

The angelic consciousness will be entrusted to reveal and bring into evidence these parallel realities that only feed on the dreams of people.

Everything will be exorcized.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Unite your Heart to the Heart of God, contemplating each one of His Aspects of His manifestation in life.

Begin by finding, in the smallest of the particles that composes your body, a hidden God, immense and infinite, occult in the apparent human smallness.

Go through your own body, recognizing your cells, your organs, your body itself, as living mirrors of an infinite Creation. If God did not dwell in everything that you are, you would never be able to express perfection, as you express, even in your smallest particles.    

Recognize, then, the presence of God outside of you, in the invisible air that touches your face, in the breath that enters imperceptible within you and that gives you life, granting matter the possibility of expressing and living its perfection.

Contemplate, thus, God in the elements. Recognize the presence of God in water, without which life is not possible. Water and air unite in one single element, transformed by its expression and function in life, but one does not exist without the other.  

Such are the Aspects of God. God is only One, that expresses in different forms to give life to the possibility of existing and, more than this, of expressing perfection.

Contemplate inside of you the presence of God in the sound of the birds and in the scent of the flowers, in the beauty of the woods, in the love and fraternity among humankind. This is God, nourishing souls with such vital things as air and water are for the body.

The singing of the birds nourishes the spirit, the scent of the flowers strengthens the heart, the beauty that enters through the eyes reaches the soul and gives it joy, gives it life.

Go expanding your consciousness and understand the presence of God.

God is not something invisible and non-material in the Celestial Heights. God is the One that Is and without whom nothing could exist. You are, child, constantly in the presence of your Creator, because He is Life itself.

In gratitude and reverence, live accordingly to the God that dwells in you and let perfection express itself not only in your cells, but in all your consciousness. Just as the cells allow themselves, be inhabited and nourished by God, let your consciousness also experiment, being an expression of God in this world. Thus everything will be fulfilled. 

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


On this day, My children, may the prayer be offered and dedicated to those who still do not live the Plan of the Creator because, although they are on this planet, they do not know of the immensity of their commitment to the Creator.

Therefore, in a spirit of supplication and of hope, intercede through the prayer of the heart for all of your siblings that still may be imprisoned by material life and by all of the illusions that the world offers.

These lost souls are the last of which I will work with during the last times of My Work amongst you.

Meanwhile, My children, continue praying from the heart so that the Merciful Father may continue hearing the sincere offer of His children.

Each prayer spoken with love and devotion, on large scale, grants opportunities for inexplicable redemption and healing in the souls of the world.

So that all of this may be possible and may be granted to humanity, there must be souls in unconditional prayer so that, in spite of these critical times, the doors to salvation and redemption of consciousness may be kept open.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


With My stripped and pure Feet, I step on what causes pain and sadness in My children. In the name of God, I am firmly on the serpent and make it feel the Power of the Creator, so that in this way, it may be placated.

With My Hands together in prayer, I plead for the planet and for each soul of this world, without ceasing to guide and accompany those who invoke My aid.

With My luminous Mantle, I radiate the Kingdom of God so that souls may distinguish it, and recognizing it within themselves, dare to enter the Heart of God.

With the Crown of twelve Stars on My Head, I establish the Attributes of Light for the world and send the angels of Heaven on a mission so they may sow in humanity everything that will make it more fraternal, service-oriented and peaceful.

With My Gaze of Love on the world, I intensely plead for those who are lost in the material life, and with My Divine Mind, I lift up what is fallen so the Law of Redemption may be accomplished.

And so it is that I am with My Consciousness unfolded, to encompass everything, beyond this world and this humanity, because My Purpose is that everyone be able to live the Supreme Will.

For this reason, I come in aid of all those who say 'yes' to Me.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the Marian Center of the Child King, Rio de Janeiro, to the Marian Center of Figueira, Minas Gerais, Brazil, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

I am the Star of Peace, and My Stellar Consciousness approaches the planet to try to awaken in time those who are still asleep in the dream of material life.

I am the Star of Peace, and I emit to creatures the greater impulse that My Son is bringing.

I am the Star of Peace, and those who are with Me are guided towards the dwelling places of the Celestial Father.

I am the Star of Peace, and to My children I give the Graces that allow the consciousness to be redeemed and the spirit to be liberated. 

I am the Star of Peace, and I pour the Light of My Star over those who open their hearts to God so as to be able to hear Him.

I am the Star of Peace who in the night illumines the paths of those who are lost in themselves.

I am the Star of Peace who announces the new, that which no one has ever known before.

I am the Star of Peace, of renewal.

I thank you for responding to My call.

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The Elohim: Golden Angels

In the Essence of the Heart of God, there once arose the great Purpose of creating life and the planes of consciousness.

As I told you yesterday, dear children, the archangels, those called the Resplendent, were born of Divine Inspiration, an inspiration that allowed archangelic and angelic beings to become concretized and manifested.

God expressed in the Mental Universe His twelve principal manifestations, which arose from the Most Pure Source. From there, the twelve Elohim, as Rays and impulses of fire, were born within the consciousness of the Higher Mental Universe.

From the moment in which the Eternal had the sacred will that, from His Most Pure Essence, the Archangels should be born, the Mental Universe was already a vital reality within the Spiritual Universe.

The Elohim were appointed by the Most High to carry out the organization and manifestation of all the universes where, in the future, life would exist.

Thus, from the moment in which the Elohim were manifested within the Mental Universe, the first legions were subtly created in reservoirs of light, which are great receptacles and conduits of divine energy that preceded the Mirrors.

Let us see then, dear children, how the divine history of Creation previous to material life was considered by God Himself to be a Project of love and of absolute unity.

It was based on love and unity that the Angelic Hierarchies, those called Elohim, developed the Project of the Eternal Father and gave continuity to the Work of Creation.

The reservoirs of light were also created through the essence of Divine Will, and the first Elohim were the ones that accompanied the manifestation of these states of consciousness, which held within themselves the spiritual emergence of angelic life.

Each archangel, as a Creator Father, deposited in the reservoirs of light a molecule of the twelve spiritual Rays that were present at the moment of the birth of the angelic beings. An angelic consciousness is born from the expression of love in the Mental Universe and through an act of profound union that the archangel establishes with the One Source.

At that moment, the archangel projects on the reservoir an extremely potent flow of love and unity and, as a consequence, through the grouping of all the molecules of the Creator Fathers, the reservoir emanates an angelic consciousness which is inside a precious crystal of a magenta, blue, green, white or gold color. When the angelic consciousness emerges from the reservoir and until it finishes forming, the crystal remains suspended above it for a certain period, like the gestation of a child in the womb of the mother. It is the creative and divine energy that internally gestates the purpose of this angelic consciousness.

The crystal may contain any of the twelve Rays to show the Mental Universe what has been the Greater Will for the task and service that the new angel will fulfill.

Thus, after its manifestation as mental and spiritual consciousness, the angel experiences a formation that helps it develop its mission in the Mental Universe or in the Material Universe.

After gradually forming the armies of light, which from their birth live an unconditional service and a perfect union with the Eternal, the archangels begin the building and materialization of the Academies of the Rays, so that each angelic being may develop its purpose before the Father.

The next step is the manifestation of the spiritual formation of the Seven Heavens or that of the seven states of Divine Consciousness, where the great armies begin to populate the celestial dimensions.

At that moment, under Highest Will, the archangels define the mission of each angelic consciousness, which establishes what Heaven or which states of consciousness it is to eternally serve.

As from this moment, the Creator Fathers assume the government of the Seven Heavens, so that from the beginning the Law of Hierarchy may be cultivated among consciousnesses.

The mission the angelic consciousness lives will be according to how its emergence has taken place inside the crystal.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a magenta crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of living love, of radiating it and protecting it in the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a blue crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of protecting and vivifying the unity of all the universes, as well as that of being a guardian of the sacred knowledge of the spiritual, mental, and material Laws.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a green crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of exercising the Law of healing, and of continuously emanating harmony in all of Creation and wherever it is.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a white crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of drawing to itself the highest degrees of purity and of expanding it as essence toward the universes.

If an angel has emerged from the reservoir of light in a golden crystal, it means that the Creator Father will assign it the mission of an eternal praising of the One, as a member of those called Celestial Choirs, which draw to the universes the principles of the Source of God.

It is thus that the Creator Fathers send all the angels that were born of the Source through the reservoirs of light on a mission so that, together with their archangelic regents, they may assume the mission of protecting and supporting the evolution of the universes through the different Rays to which they belong.

The Elohim are part of the Divine Purpose and they are represented through the twelve main emanations of God, which we understand as the archangels; from that, the twelve emanations formed the twelve governors, and from the angelic governors another twelve emanations arose until we reach the guardian angels.

The Mental Universe has no limits and it is an infinite state formed by the Will of God. There the state of resplendence is lived, which means that each angelic consciousness generates in itself the highest degrees of love and of unity with the One.

The whole of angelic consciousness exists to protect and guard the essence of the Project of God within the Spiritual, Mental, and Material Universes. In this way, the Elohim can penetrate the dimensions and planes, even though they are mental beings, because they are at all times moved by the spirit of obedience and of eternal service.

From the beginning, the Father conceived the Elohim as the main guardians of the Purpose of Creation and of all life existing in the universes.

In this way, through the Resplendent Ones arose the first experience of the Cosmic Brotherhood, which later became established as a premise for all consciousnesses present on the different planes.

The Elohim are also considered the Messengers or the spokespersons of the Primordial Source for the Material Universe; they are the ones who carry out the concretion of the Divine Purpose and they are the ones who give impulse to the guardian angels so that each soul may live its mission within Creation, and in this manner fulfill the objective of the Father.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who is in union with each guardian angel,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace and Queen of the Angels


Children, may this new cycle be the birth of new fruits in the consciousnesses of all, to see these fruits grow and mature over time, and from them, may new seeds emerge.

The fruits that were born in the consciousnesses represent the result of the action of grace in your lives. Until today, you have received much, as impulses, instructions, graces and blessings, so that with perseverance and inner peace, you may be prepared to go through the times that have come. 

This new cycle will be marked by the birth and maturing of these fruits, for which each one must be responsible. This means, children, that you must care for the garden of consciousness with your own hands and prepare, for the new time, the seeds that you will plant in the soil of the Earth.

This cycle will demand more effort and dedication from each one of you for your own maturation. It will be the moment in which the consciousness must be confirmed on this path and make its own personal effort to remain on it.

Up until now, we have been supporting and giving impulses to many of those who committed themselves to Christ, but who had still not matured, within themselves, their own potential to take steps in their evolution and stand on their own feet, in their own inner fortitude.

Therefore, the time has come for disciples to recognize the truth about themselves in every sense: may you face that which must be transformed and sustain yourselves through your own potential for inner maturation. It will be a transition between spiritual adolescence and adult life when the consciousness becomes responsible for itself.

Those that will wake up at the last minute will also be led - by grace - to take their own steps and enter the same cycles of those who, for some time, have walked on the evolutionary path. I speak to you of an inner maturity, in the consciousness, and not in the material bodies, because matter will always need to be trained to express its inner world.

Children, care for this cycle as if it were the last, taking advantage of each day and each instant to find the Truth and express it. May the conscious effort of all to be more and more in the Divine Purpose be permanent. 

After this cycle, in the cycles to come, it will be time to put into practice what you have learned, for the currents that will descend on the planet will no longer wait for you to be ready for them to act upon the planetary consciousness. These currents will sweep away those who are tepid of heart, undecided and outside the Greater Purpose.

May this cycle be marked by the effort of each being. May all assume their posts, and just like a young person leaves their home to take up their own life, may each one take up their own transformation, their own surrender, the building of that which you truly hope to be able to offer to Christ one day.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Not even the heaviest yoke can make you give up this path. All sacrifice, when lived with love, becomes light and simple.

The weight of the Cross of Christ was not in the wood He was carrying. His sacrifice did not lie in the pain of His wounds. He was carrying the sins of the world that had been committed until that moment, and was also forgiving there all those which would be committed throughout time.

Incomprehensible to the human mind was the weight of that cross, just as incomprehensible to many today is the weight that some companions of Christ carry to prepare His return. Because both the Cross of Christ and the cross of these times hold in themselves a burden invisible to human eyes, yet almost palpable to those who carry it. This burden, which exists in the consciousness, is carried to transform that which must be healed in the human consciousness itself.

In the same way that the merits attained on the cross of Christ were only seen after the Resurrection of Jesus, the merits of the burdens carried in these times, for many will only be seen after the return of Christ and the establishment of the new life on Earth.

Those who understand the life of the spirit will not be confused by the appearances of matter and will live the love and unity needed to cross the obstacles that will come. But many others will fall through a lack of understanding and through the inability to live a higher reality and to transcend material happenings, just as occurred with many in the time of Christ.

In a spiritually similar way, the happenings are repeated for the establishment of the Plan of God, because the science that carries them into the manifestation of this Plan is always the same. For this reason, you must observe the life of Christ and reach the essence of the Teaching that He left you, and not only the facts. The facts may change, but the essence of the experience that you must live is the same.

The happenings themselves are leading you to that experience: the same tests, the same temptations, the same burdens. It will be enough now that from you spring the same perseverance, the same unity with God, the same surrender, and the same love of Christ.

The path to Christification is now proclaimed and your feet are already called to step upon this way. It will be up to each one the way you will live the Passion of these times, carrying with love your own cross or being a burden carried by others.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Strive so that in this new cycle your life will be more spiritual and less material. May your priorities be centered in the things of the spirit and may the demands of matter not consume you.

Concentrate in recognizing yourself as an essence coming from the Divine Source with a determined mission to fulfill and do not let your mind distract you from the Purpose with egoic and personal issues.

Child, let yourself be elevated in a leap to Light, so that you may finally understand the true meaning of life on Earth and not lose yourself in the appearances of this life.

The coming cycles will seek from you – as well as from all of humanity – a higher understanding about the events of the Earth so that you may not be confused and believe that the end has arrived before its time.

Many will be the false masters, the false teachings, the false paths, the false signs in the sky and on the earth. Only the one who is with their heart and consciousness permanently held onto the Divine Purpose will be able to feel and know within themselves when they are before the truth or the delusion. And not even that one who most want to resemble Christ in order to deceive them will confuse them.

Construct from now on, in this last cycle of awakening and of maturation, the union with God, which will bring you wisdom and discernment for the days that will come.

Remember not to allow matter to consume you and cause you to forget that the Truth stands in love, in spirit.

Your Father and Companion, This one who, in a few words, brings you great impulses,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


I know that the Apparitions of the Divine Messengers are a mystery to many, a mystery that in some, causes growth in faith and in others, the torment of doubt.

This world, children, is full of mysteries. The human consciousness itself is a great mystery both for the cosmos and for you yourselves.

On this planet, you must learn to live through faith; faith in the invisible, in the intangible, in the divine, in wholeness. It is only through the grace of faith that a heart can be before the different situations of life with the necessary clarity and understanding.

I tell you this because, as a group and as humanity, you are before two challenges, which are the two missions you are experiencing. Both situations that need to be unveiled have very deep and unknown roots to everyone. And so that you are not before them in a superficial way, you must open your hearts to the living of faith, for it is in this way, trusting in the invisible and following your hearts in things that may be inexplicable or not very obvious to your minds, you will be whole before those two challenges.

The two situations that beings face today, both in the Middle East and in Chaco, Argentina, needed to become extreme for humanity to look at them, and even so, those brothers and sisters suffer a great deal through indifference, because the human heart still has not opened to defeat its own conveniences and look to the needs of its fellow beings.

Your brothers and sisters of the indigenous consciousness tried to lead a certain part of the planet, especially the Americas, into an evolutive life different from the life of the rest of humanity. They found the Sacred thanks to their reverence, and it was precisely the lack of contact with material creations and the inventions of the human mind that allowed them to find a different evolutive path, based on love and simplicity.

But on a planet where everyone came in order to learn to love, the very tendency of the spirits present on it suffocated the natural expression of the guardians of purity, the original peoples. With the help and the incentive of the enemy of God, you were not able to understand the differences, and over the course of many centuries, tried to impose a form of mental material life, based on competition and struggle for power. Because the natives were not like that and because they had remained in their purity, you made them suffer, and up until today, you influence the minds of the little ones as you can, trying to make them disappear from the Earth, without realizing that with them will disappear love, simplicity, purity and the humility of the heart.

It is the same struggle to impose personal customs and ideas that generates permanent wars and conflicts in the Middle East. And I tell you that the incentive for those wars does not only come from the Middle East, and it is not only with the help of great Western economic powers that they grow and develop. I want you to understand that those evils have deep spiritual roots and one purpose: destroy the Plans of God. It is for this reason that we count more on the spiritual fortitude of a few than on the material resources of many.

One of the ways the enemy has of causing you to lose faith and hope is to place the craving for finding material results in the minds, but that search was what led Judas into suicide, because of not understanding that the victory of the Messiah was on the Cross.

You, who are more aware, must serve without seeking results, transform yourselves without receiving merits, strive without looking for returns or recognition. God has His Eyes on those who are true and faithful to His Plan. He will place His Cross on those, which for some may mean death and failure, but for those whose hearts are open and their consciousnesses awake, it will mean the triumph of God in the entire universe.

Serve every day with the certainty that the true battle is experienced in spirit and must be won there. That which takes place in the matter is a simple reflection of what is multiplied on the Higher Planes.

For this reason, I want to have you understand the events of the world from a broader point of view so that, in light of your service, you do not cling to that which you can do with your hands, but rather, to what is achieved with the heart.

For the discovery of service and the spiritual mission,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


While the whole universe mobilizes itself to help humanity somehow, and even the Creator descends to the Earth among men and women by means of His Messengers, do not be indifferent and no longer live your small life as you have always lived.

Beloved child, I know that it costs a lot for your consciousness to awaken to a spiritual reality of life, in which all that you seek to live finds a meaning, but if your heart, your mind and your feelings do not get out, even if it is just a little bit, from the material concerns and from all that involves you in relation to life on Earth, in a short time your spiritual path will lose the meaning.

If you do not seek now to understand how the events in the level of the spirit move and how is more real what happens in the superior dimensions than in the density of matter, in face of the terrible chaos which precipitates itself upon the Earth you run the risk of getting involved in such a way with these events that it will seem to you that it is not worth it at all that you pray and clamor to God. While the Lord expects an absolute transformation from you, you will wait for Him to come and solve everything for you, only for the fact that you emit some prayers every day.

Praying is a primordial action for your life, but it must be followed by serving, by acting, by transcending, by transforming, by being and by appearing.

Child, understand that this final battle has already started in the level of the spirit and that, much as many times you do not realize it and keeps on living as if nothing different were happening, it does not mean that your consciousness is not being participant of this universal event.

The moment has arrived to mature and not only to be moved by the current planetary situation, because what good does it do to God and to His Plan that you cry for the lack of welcoming and fraternity of the others and that you pray some “Hail Maries” for the Middle East if, after your prayers, you show that the codes of non fraternity and lack of love are also inside of you?

No longer cry neither for yourself nor for the current planetary situation, because in truth you are completely unaware the severity of these times. Do whatever is within your reach to transform, even if it is with a dropper, the life in this world.

Be fraternal, be loving, be servant, live holiness, live the unity with God. This is what will allow the Divine Messengers to keep intervening for the world, for those who most need and who are not always the ones you have thought about.

What is necessary now is that humanity generates merits to balance the evil of the world; therefore, forgive, love, reconcile to each other, support with your prayers – and with what you can – the missions We have asked to be carried out.

Focus on the details and on the small things and construct a firm basis so that you have, some day, the possibility of acting in great things. In the meantime, allow to carry out great works Those who can do them, because they have already transcended the small learning of the material life and now they return to the world to help it, I mean the Messengers sent by God.

Do not cease to be simple and humble. This worth more than any great action.

Your Father and Companion, The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


When Mary came, She showed me an image of the Universe, and in a way which I do not know how to explain, I saw the Consciousness of God. He was withdrawing into a profound silence that, in spite of being silence, resounded across the whole cosmos and was causing the inner being of all creatures in Heaven to shudder. God held within Himself that first Thought that He had when creating the human project. He concentrated on the perfection of His Original Idea for humankind, and thus meditated.

Mary showed us that many councils gathered together, but not knowing how to assist humanity; just observing so that, in the unpredictability of the human heart, some possibilities of guiding humankind to the fulfillment of the Plans of God could emerge. Our Lady said that for all of the universe, in this moment, the destiny of the Earth is unforeseeable. She said that only God knew what would happen, but He stayed silent and concentrated all of His Love toward the essence of each human being.

It was as if, in that moment, God was not using any intermediary, for He Himself, in His silence, was attempting to reach the essence of all human beings to reveal His Mystery directly to those hearts that might perceive His Presence.

Mary explained to us that in the midst of all of the chaos and the evil in the world, the Creator Himself began to take action on Earth, trying to show the human heart the greatness of His Plan for humanity, the unique possibility that the human being holds for uniting with Him, perfectly and absolutely; the one love that is found latent within of all of us. All of this God is trying to show to us.

Then Mary invited us so that, by ourselves and in silence, we might enter into our own hearts in order to try to feel God, to search for Him inside of ourselves, and to discover what He wants to reveal to us in His silence.


Dear children,

While the world agonizes, the Heart of the Most High God goes silent, and the Creator concentrates His Divine Spirit on the true purpose of His Creation.

In these times, when humanity is at the peak of their deviation from the reason for their existence as part of a Divine Project, the Lord is trying to keep alive within Himself that divine aspiration that one day left His Consciousness to renew all of the Universe.

When He accepted the experience of the human project, God knew all the risks, but He also knew the power of the love placed as a latent possibility within each human being, in their deepest essence.

The Most High Creator allowed His Creation to run a great risk: that creatures apparently so small would have the possibility of carrying all of the material universe manifested by Him to an extreme of evolution or of involution.

Children, now in face of all that occurs in the world and that transcends the atrocities of the material life, with truly dangerous repercussions that are destructive to the life of the spirit, the Lord just observes the world and is in silence.

All of the creatures created by God are attentive to His silence, which reverberates as a great mystery within all of Creation.

The Lord knows that this is a definitive moment, even for His Divine Consciousness. The silence of God holds within itself a certainty of His triumph, in spite of making all creatures inwardly tremble.

When God is in silence it is because only He knows what will happen. The universe, however, only attentively observes the movements of humanity and waits, second by second, for the way in which it can guide it on the best path.

While the councils gather, and the masters and guides, among the Blessed, renew their plans, God just is in silence.

I say this to you today so that you may feel the silence of God; so that you may feel His Eyes set on your hearts all the time. Not only the intercessors for humanity pray for the awakening of the human heart; God too, in His silence, concentrates all the Power of His Creative Consciousness to safeguard, within Himself, the perfect archetype of humanity.

In the silence of the Creator, He unites with the essence of all the creatures of Earth that aspire to fulfill His Plan. Therefore, children, if you hear these words today, meditate for an instant on what I tell you and unite with the silence of God.

Observe your own essences as a true and pure connection with the Most High. Find within yourselves the union with the Father, and thanks to this union, allow the Creator to awaken in you that unique thought that He has for each one of you.

In the center of the universe, God is in silence, and in His silence, He multiplies Himself in the center of each creature.

I know that what is taking place in the world disturbs many hearts and also the consciousnesses of those who know of the gravity of the times; however, My beloved ones, if you truly want to help humanity, feel God in your own inner being. Imagine the Creator of all things in His deep silence, which reverberates loudly within all beings.

The Universe comes to a halt before the power of the silence of God. He is trying to make Himself heard by His children; He is concentrating the power of His Love for humanity and for the infinite cosmos with the intention of letting you know the truth. For this reason, in spite of all that afflicts your hearts today, allow your consciousnesses to uplift beyond matter; that at the same time, you enter into your own inner being and travel to the center of Creation, finding, inside of yourselves, a silent God Who stretches out His Hands to you and shows you the truth of His Plan.

While the intention of God with His silence is mysterious for all of the cosmos, He wants to enter the inner being of human beings in order to directly reveal to them the truth of His Love.

Children, will you embrace the greatness of what I say to you? Will you open yourselves to the mystery of receiving within yourselves a Creator so immense, Who makes Himself small in order to speak to your heart?

Discover today the only and perfect union between human beings and God, because the Lord is in silence in this time in order to let humankind know about the greatest mystery of His Creation, which is the unique possibility of the perfect union with the Most High.

While miseries emerge from within all, and chaos makes use of all of its strategies for conquest, God aspires to reveal His Greatness to you.

Who will open to this Truth?

I bless you.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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