Saturday, July 18 of 2020

Daily Messages

In the same way that My Heart only managed to believe in the coming of the Messiah when I held Him within My arms, in the same way that the apostles and disciples of Jesus only truly believed that He was the Christ when they saw Him rise, many of you also, children, will only understand what you are a part of when the Heavens open before your eyes and, in the middle of the chaos of the world, the Glory of the Kingdom will manifest through the Son of God.

Humanity makes spiritual life out to be special, and material life to be the reality, losing the purpose of its existence, which is a perfect unity with the Creator, a profound and true relationship with God that not even the angels can experience.

This is what you were created for, children, but your mind was strengthened more than your faith, and the potential to love remained hidden in the deepest spaces of your consciousnesses.

However, I tell you that when God has a Purpose and a Plan for His children, it manifests beyond your beliefs, your deceits and your apparent limitations, just as it has done throughout the centuries.

The Creator did not wait for faith in the hearts of humankind to then reveal His greatness. He revealed Himself amid the hearts that seemed blind, and with His Light, He gave them back their vision. He revealed Himself to ignorant hearts that yet had the commitment to manifest His Plan.

That has not changed. Souls still need to be awakened and, as much as the Voice of God resounds among you, as it resounded through His Son, you will only be able to truly awaken when you see Him face to face, accomplishing His promises, making the prophecies come alive that will unite and awaken the peoples, cultures, beliefs and races, because it is the human heart itself that will awaken, and the human essence that will beat, recognizing the Presence of God in His Son. And this essence, children, has no race, creed, culture or religion.

What the men and the women of the world will feel within themselves will not be silenced by anything, and not even by their deepest convictions will they be able to stop what they feel inside. Everything will fall apart: the concepts, the sciences, the beliefs and even faith. Everything will take on new meaning, a new life, a new value.

In one second, in human hearts, the understanding of life will be destroyed and rebuilt. And for that day you must prepare your hearts.

Until that happens, pray and persevere. Remember that this day will come, and be ready to live it.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph