Dear children,

Just as in the Message of last Saturday, I clearly said to you that My maternal call has not yet been fulfilled in Garabandal or in La Salette. Today, as the Lady of Guadalupe and Queen of Peace, your Heavenly Mother comes to spread Her Sacred Mantle upon all of Her children so that the majority of My children may be protected from the adversities of war, from persecution among Christians and the catastrophes of nature.

I come, as the Mother of the World, to make you hear the cry of Mother Earth and of the Lower Kingdoms. And while this is not taken into account, My maternal call is repeated and strengthened again so that the third Secret of Fatima may not continue to be concretized in such a fearful way.  

My children, it is necessary to do something. I come to ask you, as a Sorrowful Mother by the foot of the cross of the planet’s Calvary, that you no longer be indifferent or insensitive.

I come, as your Heavenly Mother, to open the eyes of your consciousnesses, so that you may awaken through your heart’s true feeling.

Dear children, today the cry of the planet, of the volcanoes, of the climate, of all misery and of humanity’s war is also My cry, My clamor, My voice saying: enough!

No longer be a part of pain and of a tired suffering. Be part of the New Earth, of the coming of the New Humanity, free from so many mistakes and punishments.

Today I am here with My Heart marked with the signs of My children and of a suffering world.

I am here as the bearer of Peace to the world, as the Lady of Hope.

May the Earth be blessed and consecrated to God through the yes of the apostles of Christ.

Despite this current world crisis, I tell you once again: At the end of everything, My Immaculate Heart will triumph.

I thank you for responding to My Call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace. 


My dear children,

While in the world the elements of nature demonstrate the tragic reality of the end of times, the Divinity intervenes in all possible situations so that the Law of Divine Justice not be concretized in the material space of this planet.

This is why with urgency and readiness the Hierarchy works without delay to try to relieve the different realities that, moved by the action of silent uncertain doors, unite to the imbalanced planetary mental plane, aggravating the state of consciousness of the planet.

In this sense, dear children, prayer at this moment should be the priority of all, because while consciousness are not under the spirit of prayer, many more of them will be dragged by these uncertain doors, until souls become completely lost.

It is really necessary and urgent that My children recognize and perceive how the situation of the world is so that, decidedly and like mature apostles, you may walk throughout the world together with the Spiritual Hierarchy, to deter that which at this moment is becoming irreversible.

Be attentive and do not be distracted. You must offer each minute of your lives as a state of permanent prayer and elevation so that the legionaries of Christ may also be invisible and yet active through service for the redemption and healing of this humanity.

For this reason, do not be surprised when the Hierarchy changes the destiny of its pilgrimage. When this happens, as it did a few days ago, you must realize by yourselves that there is something that is not well in the region or country where the Hierarchy goes on pilgrimage with you.

The Divinity, My children, will always decidedly and attentively do all that is possible, and what is within the reach of each reality, to fulfill and concretize the spiritual and inner assistance that each space of the planet needs.

With this preamble, we will now prepare for the following stage, which is the most important, as the Three Sacred Hearts will intervene, once again, for Argentina and South America.

I thank you all in advance for your strict observance, at this very definitive moment for the coming destiny of the Argentine nation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Special Message

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Through the oceans, My Consciousness is mirrored throughout humanity, and within human beings it can mirror the great state of Christic Consciousness. It is this spiritual and inner state that I have sought to implement in the entire human race throughout times, through the impulses that I bring to you in this cycle.

Today My Heart and all of My Being are now in Africa, just as your inner worlds and your prayers may also be there so as to accompany Me in this daring task of redeeming the African Continent and of generating, in all peoples of Africa, the relief of suffering and the recovery of peace.

For this reason, I Am here today, but in Spirit and omnipresence, I Am also in Africa, dealing with very important and spiritual subjects, which up to today your consciousnesses have not known.

Once again, I invite you to love mystery through the Love that I offer to you. Thus, you will be able to feel, in your inner world and in your consciousness, the impulses that I bring to you, so that you may learn to recognize My Will, the Will that is already written in the Consciousness of the Eternal Father, in all His Angels and Archangels, this Will that has been trying to establish itself from the origin of the planet, from the beginning of humanity.

For this reason, My Divine Consciousness has worked from the origins of the Earth for this human project, which was lovingly thought of by the Creator.

But you must know something important: this is the time to correct humanity, not through Justice, but rather through Mercy, so that it may again find the path toward its evolution and awakening, which it has lost.

The African Continent holds very important treasures, precious treasures unknown up to today.

It is My task, and it is also My duty, to reveal these treasures to you through the spiritual wealth that is kept in many hearts of Africa. A spiritual wealth that was not only exploited and removed in an unjust way that went unpunished, but also a spiritual wealth that was buried, silenced and enslaved by the countries and consciousnesses that unfortunately rule these nations of Africa.

In My Return, I will come with a Great Project to carry out and concretize. One of these Projects that I hold in My Heart is the re-emergence of the spiritual consciousness of Africa, what it has represented for the Eternal Father since the beginning and the whole legacy that no one has yet come to know.

These treasures about which I speak to you are not material, but rather deeply spiritual, and I might even say, super-physical.

These treasures will allow the planet, as a soul and as an inner consciousness, to regenerate, and thus allow the emergence of the New Humanity, which is not the humanity of these times, because this is a humanity in transition, in trial, it is a humanity in suffering and in agony.

Through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy, I come to open the doors throughout those places where they are closed: the Doors of Light, the Doors of Consciousness, the Doors of Grace and Healing, for those consciousnesses, souls and hearts that truly need them, such as My cherished Children of Africa.

For this reason, the beginning of this mission in Angola, at this stage, will be very significant, and it will not be like previous experiences, which strengthened the spirit of missionary service.

Now is the time to allow for the emergence, and also the concretization, of what the Father needs to materialize on the surface, that which you already know as sacred Points of Light, which will benefit not only Africa, but also the whole world. And this will demonstrate to all of humanity, once again, the sacrifice of the consciousnesses of Africa who do not lose faith and hope in My Heart, who only have My Heart so as to survive.

For this reason, My Heart gives of itself, once again, just as it once did in Rwanda. Now I come for all of Africa, for all nations of Africa, for all peoples and all cultures.

The time has come for humanity to recognize the errors it has committed against Africa and to correct and mend them, not only in a material way, but also in a spiritual way.

For this, I Am here as the Advocate of God, as the Mediator and Intercessor between the just and the unjust souls. I Am here through My Divine and Unfathomable Mercy and by means of the Light of My Grace to make hope re-emerge in those who have lost it and do not have anything today.

For this reason, the steps that will be taken in this cycle will be important, they will be steps that will determine the coming times, they will determine the next cycles, and I might even say, the next events.

For this reason, you must be attentive and watchful. And as My apostles, servers and missionaries, called to live the Plan of God, you must carry forward the Purpose of your Master and Lord, that of sowing Christic Love in hearts and souls, and, that of allowing suffering souls, through this unfathomable, infinite and inexhaustible Christic Love, to again find hope, faith and the joy of living in this world, and also so that, at the same time, they may again find the virtues and gifts that they do not know today.

For this reason, through the foundation of My Work in South America, a bridge of Light, of unity and brotherhood is today created between South America and Africa so that Europe may also join this purpose and so that the African Continent may no longer be used as a discard, as trash of the consciousnesses that suffer the most, but rather that Europe and the Northern Hemisphere may finally take the step to cancel out the pending spiritual debt they still have with all of Africa.

I told you, as of 2017, about the importance of reaching Africa. Some movements took place, but they were not enough. Some experiences were lived, but they were not enough. It is time for each European consciousness, each member of the Northern Hemisphere, to place their hearts, and, above all, their life, unconditionally at the service of those who most need it. This will demonstrate to your Master and Lord that you can understand My Message, and that My Message does not get lost in time nor does it end up kept only as a remembrance.

It is time to act with readiness and determination. You, suns on Earth that are already awakened, know what you must do and where you must be. Do not resist, may the Europeans not resist, but may they rather open their hearts and cancel the debts they have with Africa.

Someone must take the step and you are the ones who must do it for those who will never take the steps, for those who will never look with Mercy or even compassion upon the suffering brothers and sisters of Africa.

I invite you to reconsider your attitudes and intentions. I invite you to definitively position yourselves on the path of the concretization of the Plan.

The times now urge. For this reason, you must be attentive, so as not to lose the impulses, so as not to lose all that I Am bringing to you in these times. Africa has waited for a long time for this moment, and will not be able to wait any longer. For this reason, I Am here to remind you, to let you know, that this is the time for action.

May this Marathon of Divine Mercy prepare this immediate moment that I so much want to see concretized through you. A moment for serving without conditions, for giving of oneself without conditions, for doing something without conditions for those who suffer, for the brothers and sisters of Africa.

I can no longer hear, nor keep seeing the children of Africa, who wait for hands and arms that could welcome them, that could approach and, above all, that could love and serve them. They wait for love and not just for bread.

This is why it is important that you change your concepts about what survival life is. It is important that you may understand that in the hearts of Africa there are unknown and important treasures.

If this movement of permanent service for the African Continent takes place in these times through the collaboration and donation of all, it will allow for the spiritual debt of Europe and also of other regions of the planet to be relieved, allowing for the African consciousness to be repaired and spiritually rebuilt.

You must not just have a gesture of goodwill, this is not enough for Me; you must have a gesture of concretion, of readiness and not of resistance. You have My treasures and My Graces upon you, in your hearts and souls.

For this reason, I tell My apostles: this is the time to act, and to not allow My enemy to advance in this world and, above all, in those peoples and nations conditioned by the corrupt systems of this world.

I do not ask you to do big things, I ask you to make movements and carry out actions with love. There is the key to redemption.

After this Message, and through your prayers to the Divine and unfathomable Mercy of My Heart, I will return to Africa to keep working, just as I have been doing throughout these days, preparing the continent for a new stage. But this new stage will take place and be concretized through collaboration, and I might even say, the enthusiasm of those who understand My Message, and not just listen to it.

Through this Marathon of Divine and unfathomable Mercy, I can tell you, My companions, that the world will live a Judgment in the face of what Africa lives and suffers today. Do not expect that those who claim to be powerful, or even those who exploit all of Africa, will change. The change, companions, begins within you, in the anonymous service for others.

This will grant the world an unknown, inexplicable amnesty, and Africa will be able to rise and re-emerge as the people and the culture it represents to God.

I will pray for you, My companions, to take the steps, especially all the members of this Work that belong to Europe. It is not enough that one, two or three consciousnesses make a movement for Africa, all are responsible for the spiritual debt.

I invite you to assume the cross, just as I assumed it for you. But I assure you that you will not experience the weight or the calvary that I experienced for you. I will always be there, by your side, to sustain you, to impel you, to transform you, to convert you into My apostles of the end times.

Be brave and do not step back. 

Do not fear the cross, nor the suffering, rather fear to be far from God and absorbed by the illusion of the world. 

You have the treasures of the Father, through Our Words and Our Apparitions, you have received these treasures; now it is time to place them at the service of others, of those who most need them, of those who have most waited for them, for such a long time.

I will be there, waiting for your definitive steps.

Now I truly return to Africa as a spiritual and divine Consciousness, hoping that more consciousnesses may assume a mature and not a passing service. Remember that Africa has a great spiritual and physical wound that has not yet healed. The presence of My apostles, of My servers and missionaries, will generate the healing of this situation, which is inexplicable to all.

Only Love will heal the pain.

I encourage you to move forward.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Dear children,

Like this rain, which today falls upon My blessed Fatima, so today the Angels of the Queen of Heaven cry for all My scourged, wounded and persecuted children of the Ukraine.

So that there are no longer wars for morbid interests, I ask you not to stop praying every day, because the worst is yet to come.

In order for this moment to be as smooth as possible, I also come to tell you to remember all those who experience other conflicts throughout the world, even though the attention of the nations is focused upon the suffering and feared reality of the Ukraine. Those who communicate and, even more so, those who work with impunity through the media, have removed from the stage others who also suffer so that their voices of pain and suffering could no longer be heard.

For this reason, My children, during this next Annual Meeting of the Children of Mary, at a distance, but very close to Me, I invite you to consecrate yourselves as the praying apostles of Christ so that His Priestly and Divine Ministry may intervene in this harsh planetary reality and, even more so, so that the rest of humanity may not forget those who have already been discarded and exploited, without any value and respect for their dignity as souls.

As long as the established impunity continues to act fiercely throughout the world, by means of imbalanced tyrants, humanity could be facing many wars throughout the world, and society could be moved by indignation, that is, My children could be driven to commit acts never seen before up until today.

Now, do you understand the cry of the Angels of the Lord?

Pray, offer true sacrifices, especially those sacrifices made out of love, and thus the imbalance will be balanced and justified.

Meanwhile, foster peace, dialogue and compassion. No longer be stains in the consciousness of the planet, be children of the Mercy of Christ.

I am grateful to you, and now I ask you to do another Novena through the prayer transmitted last Saturday, March 5, the “Prayer Against World Impunity”.

Pray with spiritual conviction.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

Under the spiritual blessing of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, may souls awaken to the Call of God so that every being on this planet may fulfill His Divine Will.

On this day, I transmit the "Spiritual Novena to Saint Gabriel the Archangel" so that it may be prayed by devout hearts that, together with the Celestial Mother, will implore for the awakening of humanity; so that, by means of the intercession of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, souls receive in their interior the Call of God and consciousnesses may be withdrawn from world illusion; so that the new apostles and missionaries of Christ may be at the service of the moment of the Lord's Return.

May the Angel of the Annunciation impel you on the path towards the fulfillment of the Sacred Will of God.

Spiritual Novena to Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Union bead

O Saint Gabriel the Archangel!
Faithful Messenger of God,
may the inner Christ awaken within us.

First decade

 By the sweet voice of Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
which the Virgin Mary could hear,
Lord, may we also hear
the Call of God.


Second decade

By the Annunciation dictated by Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may we incarnate the Call of God
within us.

Third decade

By the solemn Presence of Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may souls awaken
to the Call of God.

Fourth decade

By the Light and the Power pronounced by Saint Gabriel the Archangel
to the Most Holy Virgin Mary,
may we be blessed and protected
on our spiritual paths.

 Fifth decade

By the Message of Peace and Grace
announced by Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may we be open to hear and recognize
the Will of God.

 Final prayer
(three times)

 O Saint Gabriel the Archangel!
May we be the new apostles of Christ
so that, through example and selfless service,
we may announce the Coming of our Redeemer.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


May the transforming power of the Holy Chalice transubstantiate you inside and out.

May the union with the Holy Chalice elevate you as souls, but also as consciousnesses.

May the covenant with the Holy Chalice sanctify you and may it expand your consciousnesses in the kind Love of Christ.

May the Adoration of the Holy Chalice reveal to you the mysteries of Love.

May the sacred secrets of the Last Supper be unveiled and may the unfathomable spirit of Christic priesthood impel you to attain sacred transformation.

May the last apostles gather around the Altar and, uniting your swords of faith together as one, may the sacred and unbreakable brotherhood be established. Thus, may the fire of the Divine Purpose ignite within the disciples, and may it be miraculously fulfilled in these times.

Without shields or weapons, the Templars of today are reborn to carry upon their chests the sacred emblem of the Star of Peace.

May the fallen rise up.

May the self-summoned be consecrated, because the time has come for the great mission for humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



We adore You, O Christ, and we bless You,
because by Your Holy Cross You have redeemed the world.
(3 times)


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Within My Heart weighs the reality of the world, the situation of the nations, the condition in which humanity is to be found.

Within My Heart weigh the difficulties of all Christians, the serious problems of the most indigent, the loneliness of the dying.

Within My Heart weighs the situation of this pandemic, which is the first crucial test of humanity in this time of planetary transition.

Within My Heart weighs the adversity in which many are submerged, and from that adversity, they cannot leave.

Within My Heart weigh those who are indifferent, those who omit the Call of God and, above all, those who received it once, and, up to today, have rejected it.

Within My Heart weigh many things, which I share with you today, which I reveal to you today, not for you to feel My grief, but rather for you to help Me transmute these situations of the world.

I come in search of those who still do not believe in Me and who have not allowed Me to enter their hearts.

I come for those who are still tepid and undecided.

I come for those who have not yet put their feet upon My Path and have not decided to find Me.

What relieves the sorrow of My Heart is a  the good work, the consistency of the apostles of the last times, the sacramental life, the experience of the Gospel by means of the daily examples of life, the unceasing practice of the Commandments, the faith of the Christians and of the believers, the solidarity of those who look at the one who suffers and help them.

Those who relieve the sorrow of My Heart are also those who are consecrated and do not step back, those who remain united to Me in spite of the circumstances.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who do not doubt nor are they mistrustful, those who fulfill, step by step, what I request of them.

Those who relieve My Heart are those who decide to live their purification; those who do not get submerged in their own problems; those who do not compromise the Plan of My Father; those who understand reality, beyond themselves.

Those who live My Heart are those who serve untiringly, those who are available at any time and at any moment; those who understand the truth, beyond their ideas and feelings.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who foster war, those who incite humanitarian crises, those who foster the displacement of the refugees.

Those who make My Heart suffer are also those who are aware and do not help, those who do not want to enter this situation and reality in order to be able to solve it.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who govern, those who rule the nations and are out of the Law, those who no longer live the Word of Life, those who desecrate the Gospel.

Those who make My Heart suffer are those who have everything and do not share anything, those who keep their riches with fear, those who make a material illusion of their lives, those who do not care for the poorest.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who persist, those who do not always look only at themselves, those who are fraternal and try, every day, those who, in spite of their errors, continue onwards and start from scratch.

Those who rejoice My Heart are the peace-makers, not only of the word, but also through example, those who work without delay for peace.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who take refuge in Me, those who seek My Presence in the Tabernacle, those who in the Communion seek the Sacred Alliance with the Universal King.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who adore the Blessed Sacrament and who, beyond forms, understand the immaterial message that the Sacred Monstrance emits.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who are in contact with Me, those who aspire, day and night, to live in Me, those who seek My Presence and My Heart, beyond their battles.

Those who rejoice My Heart are those who live in My Faith, those who seek charity anywhere, those who are open to the changes and do not fear their resistances.

Those who wound My Heart are the omissive, those who know that they can do everything and do not do so, those who justify themselves so as not to change.

Those who wound My Heart are those who have received all the treasures of Heaven and have wasted them, those who do not have gratitude, those who forget compassion.

Those who wound and hurt My Heart are the proud, those who do not invoke sister humility, those who lose their time in their own processes.

Those who wound My Heart are those who forget My Message and My Word, those who have not had enough reverence for all they have received from Heaven, those who have not yet realized the Grace that fills them abundantly.

Those who wound My Heart are those who complain all the time, those who still have not seen My Presence pass before their eyes, those who have still not yet discovered the Mystery.

Those who wound My Heart are those who hinder the Plan, those who change My ideas and My Projects, at each moment, those who forget redemption.

But My Heart feels the joy, in its very depths, for those who take steps and do not delay, for those who do not fear the unknown nor lose control, for those who surrender at My Feet the power they believe they have, for it to be transformed.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are the kind and merciful, those who not only speak, but also live My Message.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who commune with Me and do not forget how important this Sacrament is.

Those who bring joy to My Heart are those who rejoice in My Good News, those who wait each month for My Message, those who are thirsty for Me.

Thus, today you are getting to know the infinite mystery of My Heart, of a Heart that still feels and beats for you, of a Heart that still lives for this world and for this humanity, of a Heart that is touched by suffering because it has known it in Its own flesh, in Its own Body, of a Heart that has become divine for you and gives you Its Mercy so that you can be redeemed and so that you can forgive.

The infinite mystery of My Heart prepares you for Armageddon, to cross the doors of the Apocalypse, to continue on, in spite of what may happen.

I want you to meditate today upon everything I have told you and reflect in sincerity with yourselves, because I no longer speak to children, but rather to adults, adults in evolution and in commitment.

The Work of My Mercy must be fulfilled through the consequent and responsible souls, through those who do not fear to say ‘yes’.

May all those who truly cry out and ask for help enter My Heart so that they may be a part of this joy and bliss that touches Me, so I can be present and contemplate those who move forward, because in this way they will no longer be thorns in My Crown, but rather rays that I will scatter over the world to grant it healing and peace, to once again bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.

Be postulants to rejoice in My Heart, because, in this way, I will be able to feel that you can understand what you live with Me and the responsibility that this has before God.

I will keep walking with firm steps, marking upon the ground the Footprints of Light so that My apostles may recognize them, and, in this way, they may tread the path that the Master is showing, at the end of these times, on this planet and within this humanity.

In this way, I once again sacralize you, and, by means of My Spirit, I give you Peace, so that this Marathon of Divine Mercy may be a step further in the commitment and in the experience of this vow.

I leave you My Message as a lifeline, as a spiritual impulse to take a great leap into the void, into the void of yourselves, into the void of God, where you will find the inner unity with the Whole and, thus, with the Origin.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Sun of God that comes to assist you, the Sun of Redemption and of the Eucharist that comes to illuminate and dispel the darkness of the world.

Prostrate at My Feet, recognize the Legacy that you have received, in which you have always participated and which has always nourished your spirit.

Prostrate at my Feet, recognize the attributes, gifts and virtues that, in confidence, I have placed in each one of you, to make your whole life new so that your consciousnesses are redeemed and transformed.

Prostrate at the Feet of the Sun of God, recognize this planetary moment, the importance of the expression of the new apostles, of those who keep the torch of faith burning, regardless of the circumstances.

Today come and place yourselves at My Feet so that your lives may be blessed and reconsecrated so that your higher consciousnesses may be depositories of the Christic impulses that I bring you today.

In this perfect alliance with the Eucharistic Sun of God, you will be able to repair the Heart of Christ from all the offenses that He receives daily, from everything that is done to him, day and night, through outrages and indifference, omissions and faults.

Through the Eucharistic Sun of God, I come to withdraw you from the darkness of consciousness and from the superstition of the ego. I come to open the eyes of your souls so that you may see upon this interior horizon the Presence of the Son of God, who still hopes that each of your lives be the testimony of His Word and His Legacy.

I am bringing you this Sun of God again so that your paths be guided and receive what each one needs at this moment, far from your own desires and aspirations.

This is the Sun of God that illuminates the end of times, but also reconstructs the spiritual life of those who prostrate at His Feet to recognize one God, one universal, cosmic and internal Presence to participate in this perpetual communion with the Sacred Heart of Jesus, who at this time offers himself again in sacrifice for souls, and especially for the most sinful, for nations, for humanity.

May the spiritual treasures that I have given you throughout time not be lost, not become faded nor be erased from your hearts.

Make each of My Words become a part of you and may your lives be converted one day into the flow of My Fountain of Mercy and Pity. Because today some are distracted by other paths, they set their minds on other paths; and thus they darken the heart, losing true attunement with Me, with My Will.

This is the time when everyone must face their own Armageddon, they must know about themselves what they have never seen, until now, because it is a veil that is removed from their eyes so that they can see and recognize this moment.

Today, I accept the sacrifices of those who persist. Today, I recognize the courage of those who transform and those who never stop moving forward, despite everything. It is there where the Work of Redemption and Mercy take place internally. It is in that constancy and in that faith, where the sacred seeds of the Light give their first sprouts to one day bear the fruits that I need to prepare My Return, through you.

Today, I see, with eyes of compassion, the mistakes that some of my companions made due to recklessness, lack of attention, lack of generosity and lack of consciousness. But today I do not come here to point out those errors, but to remind you of the Commandments that, in essence, you must deepen into to understand their hidden meaning, a meaning that will lead you to live in the Universal Laws, in these critical times, in which many offerings will be presented to you as if they were better offers than those I give you.

Do you understand what this means in this planetary cycle?

I come to again anoint, with My Spirit, those who said yes to Me and who, beyond themselves, try to understand My Will and My Work. The Redeemer, your Lord, will continue to take firm steps towards the Purpose and He will take with Him all those who, divested of themselves, will follow His steps in the same way to find the goal, the inner goal.

This is a time when you must be aware that you will fight against that inner duality. Duality that will show you with such force what you do not know, with an opposite force and parallel to the force and power that I give you with My Word and My Presence.

Is this a battle? Yes, it is a spiritual battle. It is the moment when, before yourselves, you will define the next cycle, under the Gaze of God. And that cycle, which will be defined, will indicate the possibility or not that your Master may soon return to the world. But remember, always remember, that I do not depend on anyone to return to this humanity, as it is written.

Your souls must bear in mind, in your consciousness, that you may or may not participate in this event of the Return of Christ. Because for this Return to be possible, in a certain proportion, first My Divinity, My Spirit, must dwell in you so that later I can return to the world in its most difficult and painful moment.

I want you to know, companions, that you are before the Book of Holy Scripture, you are before the chapter and the sign of this great planetary moment when the last Christs of the end of times will be the ones who will mark the next destiny. And that goes beyond their consciousnesses, their ideals or even their opinions.

I want you to know that being with Me is not something momentary, but rather to be under strict fidelity to divine obedience and to the supreme Will. But know that there are no other consciousnesses or other brothers and sisters who can do so, who can prepare My Return to the hearts of humankind. If first, this does not happen, in this density and planetary chaos, how could I come here into the world, through the power and authority that God has given Me, from the beginning and for all eternity?

I need your inner dwellings to be My dwellings. And still, I am waiting for this. Examen your consciousnesses, not to feel intimidated or judge yourselves, but to grow inwardly in offering and in service.

Because in the next few months you will see unimaginable things, and you, as My companions, who claim to be My companions, have to be prepared for what will come, and these are no longer only words, but will be facts, they will be events throughout the world.

In these last years, you have learned to love me and are still doing so. You have learned to trust in these, My Apparitions, and you have learned to drink from the Source of My Word through the Messages, but I know that at some point you doubted who is really speaking to you.

I do not come here only for you, I come here for a Higher Purpose. That same Purpose that My Mother, the Virgin Mary, has already presented in other times and in other humanities so that the greatest number of souls and hearts reach the life of the spirit and the union with the Triune Consciousness.

Today I do not come to make you see your miseries, but I come to make you see what is really happening so that you recognize and accept it in humility and in deep gratitude.

I will no longer stop for anyone. Your planet is on fire.

Who will cross the thresholds of hell with Me to interrupt the loss of hundreds of consecrated and lay souls?

Who will go with Me to the deepest depths of the abyss to ignite their own Christic light and thus be able to overcome in Love the darkness, just as I did through each drop of My Blood, and, even more, up to the moment of My surrender on the Cross?

I am not here to place you under an unknown and unbearable pressure.

In the name of Love and Mercy, which you still deeply ignore, I come to place you before a reality that it is time to accept and live because many of you came to be My apostles. And this is not an ideology or a theory, much less a feeling or a passing emotion, it is an undeniable commitment that your spirits have made in the universe and that commitment for each one has a time, it has a duration that only God knows. 

When souls seek other teachings that are not Mine; think about how I may feel in the face of all that I have lovingly and confidently given you, year after year, day after day, week after week and month after month.

You cannot lose the objective of your Purpose, you cannot let yourselves be deceived, nor can you lie. You are before the King of the Universe, not before a judge, but before the sacrificed Heart of the Lamb of God that was immolated, to save you, until the end of time.

Remember that your path of conversion and redemption lies in the Sacraments and not in other books. May your true spirituality be based on the faith of Christianity and the absolute confidence that you can be fulfilling the Will of God.

As you will be able to perceive, companions, I come with a warning Message, but one of deep compassion and solidarity with those who become lost day by day on the path and stop seeing, in their own paths, the Footprints of the Master.

May this Marathon be one more step towards definition and, above all, a step towards being able to value and recognize what was received with so much sacrifice and effort, so that nothing is in vain.

I bless you, in this time of internal and planetary crisis. Know that, beyond suffering and pain, there is the Light of the Living Christ, of the One who died for you so that you could have life in Me, and thus have life in the Eternal Father.

May the prayers of Mercy in this meeting not only be repeated words, but affirmations felt deep in the heart.

I thank you for being courageous and for daring to listen to me in the spirit of faith.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



Dear children,

Learning to carry your own cross of these times, I invite you, in the name of My Son, to accompany him, in the memory of His sorrowful Passion, so that the Blood, shed by Christ, may once again have the value and veneration it deserves from all My children throughout the world.

Thus, the angels of the Lord will bring, in their serving hands, the sacred chalices of reparation so that its Light may shed upon the spiritual consciousness of this world, so that suffering may be alleviated and dissipated from the hearts that suffer the consequences of these times.

I invite you to persevere in faith and trust. I invite you to consciously enter the ranks of the last apostles of Christ, those who will be ready to serve Him unconditionally and prepare His Return within the souls that await His arrival.

Dear children, be testimonies of this moment and do not waste it. The world is in its final transition and love must triumph in you and in every corner of this suffering humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace

Weekly message the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted in the Marian Center of Aurora, Paysandú, Uruguay, to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús

Dear children,

This is the time when your lives should be the example of a concretized transformation. It is time to be the same Message as My Son. It is time to express that which My Son so much expects.

Until that happens, He cannot return. He needs the pillars of His divine Gifts to be affirmed within you.

In simple words, dear children, My Son needs that you now be other people and that your souls, and not your personalities, may govern.

As a Mother, I pray for each one of you so that, each day that passes, you are able to get out of yourselves and put yourself in the place that My Son indicated to you since the beginning of your walk of faith.

My children, it is time that you embrace with love the painful planetary situation, that you can be faithful workers of peace and that you protect, from yourself and from others, the Word of the Hierarchy.

In this way, My dear children, you will be apostles of the end of times, you will reflect everything that My Son waits for since the beginning of your paths of transformation.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace



Dear children,

On this day of Mercy, your prayers resound throughout My Immaculate Heart, and the Sacred Heart of Jesus is attentive to the voice of your supplications, because, at this crucial planetary moment, souls need liberation and forgiveness.

May the Divine and Unfathomable Mercy of the Redeemer help you, at this moment, to stay in peace, in such a necessary and urgent peace for the inner worlds.

Dear children, on this day I bring you the Good News, the joy you must feel for being alongside My Son, helping Him relieve the heavy cross of humanity.

May the purpose of praying for Mercy to descend keep happening, because, where there is one or more than one in supplication from the heart, My Son will be able to help you and close the doors of hell and perdition for all souls that walk towards the abysses of the planet.

May you, as apostles of Mercy, be aware and thankful for participating in the inner Commands of Christ, as the necessity of these times will lead humanity to live a definition, before My Son returns to the world.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

In this time of Armageddon, companions, I call you to cross unknown oceans with your feet so that the limits of ignorance may be overcome, so that the voice of My Heart may resound within each one of you.

Just as the apostle Peter, step with both of your feet upon the unknown oceans that I present to you today; in this way, you will discover within you what you truly are, and what you came to fulfill in the name of My Father.

I am the Fisherman that calls his companions to the deep seas, to the profound oceans of the infinite so that you may submerge in the essence of life, so that, within the Source of Light, you may find the Truth, that Truth that the world lacks due to its indifference and ignorance, due to the lack of search for higher Truth.

I Am the Lord of the Oceans, I invite you to walk upon the waters, and in this time of Armageddon, it will be your faith that will allow you to cross the very vast oceans that I present to you. In this way, with your offering, you will also elevate the consciousness of humanity and help to remove it from the great abysses of these times, when suffering and desolation reign within hearts.

I call you to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite in trust, igniting the flame of faith at this planetary moment, because faith and trust will allow you to understand everything, to accept everything and to no longer suffer.

I invite you to cross the unknown oceans with courage, with the bravery of a server of Christ, with a soul in detachment and in selflessness for the service of others, to meet the great planetary need.

When you step upon the oceans with your own feet, do not doubt, because if you doubt you will sink, and then your faith will be weakened, it will be poor faith for not believing.

If I call you to cross the oceans, it is because you can believe in Me. I continue being the Way, the Truth and the Life. I Am the Way to reach God, I Am the Truth to find it within each one of you, I am the Life that will never die, because it is an Eternal Life, the Life of the Spirit.

Now cross the oceans, upon the waters, feeling the firmness of what I tell you. Do you know how you will be able to cross these unknown and infinite oceans? Not by looking at your feet, at your imperfections nor at your doubts, but rather by looking at the horizon, where I Am, waiting for you as the Eucharistic Sun of Adoration. In that direction, you must look.

Your eyes must penetrate the mystery to be able to cross the great oceans of consciousness and go through the thresholds of ignorance and indifference in order to find, beyond yourselves, My Spirit of Truth.

Today, I am upon the oceans of the world and I invite each one of you to also be upon them because it is in these great oceans where you will find your inner void and you will be free from the expectations of the end of these times, of all that could happen.

Although the world view is something more than a serious and painful crisis, I call you, as My apostles of the end of times, to cross the unknown oceans of the infinite with your own feet, stepping firmly upon the waters, feeling the elevation of consciousness, leaving that which is material and earthly, superficial and petty; walking upon faith and trust, spiritual dignity and prayer, until you find, upon the horizon of the oceans, My solar and cosmic Consciousness, opening its Arms to receive and welcome you into My Heart.

If souls would decide to cross the oceans that I offer you, these unknown and infinite oceans, the whole world would not be in this situation. The oceans, on which you must step with your own feet, invite you to overcome your own fears, your insecurities and your doubts.

I know that you will go through these feelings and thoughts, because walking upon the oceans not only means having a spirit of determination and trust, but also going beyond faith, what is beyond faith and what comes from that which is eternal, from the unchangeable, from the unconditional.

The unknown oceans of the Christic Consciousness open before you so that you can cross them at this critical moment of humanity, as it will be through the path of the oceans that you will be able to find the peace and emotional serenity that you need at this moment, in the face of the whole planetary situation.

However, if throughout your walk upon the oceans you come to feel doubt, uncertainty or insecurity, know that I will be there to help you. I will help you to walk upon the waters of the typical turbulence of these times.

Trust, beyond what you live and what you know.

Trust, because I will extend My hand towards you and you will hold it tightly. And if out of ignorance you fall into oceans that you do not know, I will raise you up, and I will bring you with Me to the end of the path, towards where My Father needs you, at this moment.

If many more let themselves be led and guided by Me, you would not be living this moment that humanity lives today.

Although you are on this planet and within this school, which the universe has given you in order to learn to love and serve, I have precious treasures for each one of the souls, but these treasures are in crossing the great oceans of the inner and spiritual consciousness.

If your trust is strengthened and not lukewarm, you will cross, with your own feet, the oceans that I offer you, and you will not fear what is unknown because, in the end, upon the horizon, you will find the portal, a threshold that will lead you towards something more profound that you still do not know.

Thus, when you come to this moment, you will perceive that you are losing the control and the power that you believed you have always had. For this reason, I speak to you of trust and faith at this planetary moment.

Do not fear to cross the oceans that you do not know, because they will never cause you harm.

Today, see yourselves before the oceans that I offer you, at the shore, upon the sand, listening to My Message, hearing My Words, seeing My Presence on the sidereal horizon.

I call you to cross the oceans with your own feet, without fearing that you might fail. Your history and your past will be left behind, the wind of the oceans of My Christic Consciousness will impel you to reach the goal that I propose to you today, which is an inner goal.

If you cross the oceans with your own feet, you will be able to become aware of the talents that I have deposited within your hearts, souls and spirits.

This is the time to launch into the unknown, into what you cannot control nor direct with your power, but rather launch into what you can live, in divestment and in emptiness, in humility and in surrender.

Many still find themselves at the shore, barefoot on the sand, thinking whether or not they will cross the oceans that I offer them towards the unknown and infinite. But they see Me, many see me on the horizon of the oceans. They listen to the sound of the waters, they see the movement of the waves, feel the breeze of the wind upon their faces, but they have still not taken the final step. Because there will not be a boat that will take them. Their boat will be trust and faith, which will sustain them at this moment and in this time.

And when you cross the oceans with your own feet and step upon the waters, if you trust, you will know who you are and from where you have come, what you have lived and how long you have been here, waiting for this great moment of again meeting your Lord, the Lord of the Oceans, the Lord of the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Meanwhile, I pray for you and for the world so that the ocean of ignorance no longer embraces you nor causes you shipwreck; so that the ocean of indifference does not drag you towards unknown places, without a safe harbor, without firm land.

I pray for the world and for you so that the Ocean of My Love and My Mercy may flood you. And so that someday, free from your inner and outer, bodily and spiritual prisons, your true being may again be born, that which once emerged from the Source, from the sacred Lakes of Light of the universe, to fulfill the Divine Will.

The oceans prepare the Return of Christ.

This is the time to overcome your fears. It is time to no longer fear the unknown.

It is the time to lose the control and the power you believe that you have by means of emptiness and divestment.

I call you to step with your feet upon the waters, where doubt, insecurity or lack of faith cannot make you fail.

I am here to help you.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.



The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church is what first descends upon the orbit of the Earth, and the material universe feels the movement of the most powerful divine energy.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church penetrates the intermediary spaces of the consciousness of the planet and this resonates within the human consciousness, which begins to feel the time of definition.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church reaches the spaces of the most difficult suffering. Souls in agony breathe in the relief they so much search for; peace reaches each one of them.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church transmutes the contrary currents that oppose good and love.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church has an impact on the human aspects so that they surrender and become sublimated.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church prepares the divine descent of the King of the Universe.

The doors of the House of God begin to open; the angels assemble in praise and adoration so that souls may hear the arrival of the Church of the Lord.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church gestates the Temple of Devotion within inner worlds that will await the coming of the attributes and the gifts that will institute the last apostles of Christ upon the surface of the Earth.

The spiritual Light of the Celestial Church gives impulse to the awakening of the consciousness.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On the eve and at the door of next August 8, I call you to a conscious preparation so that each of the Words of My Son may become flesh within you, and thus, He may be able to see His last apostles inwardly preparing for His return to humanity.

This conscious preparation is not only through the prayer that emerges from the heart, but also through the interest in the instructions that My Son will impart, because we are already in the final cycle of the task of the Sacred Hearts and souls need to be aware of the existence of the Plan of God. Thus, there will be hearts that, with all the effort, will carry forward the task of raising awareness of the Divine Plan, so that the Sacred Purpose may also be accomplished in the rest of humanity.

This passage, from one cycle to another, will place humanity before the opportunity of choosing.

Let us pray, My children, so that the choices or the decisions of souls may be in accord with the Plan of the Creator.

This time will define the next stage for all.

The change will occur in the hearts open to receive it; thus, the veils of worldwide blindness will be removed and all will be able to see reality.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

On this day, we settle into prayer and introspection in the vicinity of the city of Jerusalem, in preparation for accompanying Our Lord during the important moment of His triumphal entry into Jerusalem.

Like stripped servants and apostles of Christ, we place ourselves at the Feet of the Master to express our love and unconditional support for Him upon facing the spiritual and divine task that will be done during Holy Week.

With a mature and adult attitude, we commit to following in the footsteps of the Shepherd so that we are able to closely follow the sorrowful Passion of the Lord, and spiritually united to Him, may we be moved into finding the spiritual and occult meaning of His entire experience in those times.

Through an act of devotion, let us recognize our filiation with the Eternal Father through the Presence of His Son and, in this way, we may affirm, within and outside of ourselves, the fulfillment of the Redemptive Work of Christ on Earth so that more souls and hearts may be withdrawn from the worldwide illusion and achieve the great awareness of an awakening.

Let us pray so that the beloved Lord may move forward with His Plan of Salvation and of Mercy.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

With an open heart, prepare to enter the Holy Week so that you may consciously re-live the sorrowful Passion of the Redeemer.

Thus, at this moment, your lives will be filled again with the codes of Light achieved by Christ at each passage and in each event of the Passion.

My children, I invite you to avail yourselves with an open heart of all that My Son will do during the eight days of Holy Week, in which you will be accompanied by His Celestial Instruction and filled with His unfathomable Mercy.

In this way, My dear children, you will come out of the Holy Week more strengthened and, as part of humanity, you will be prepared to live the last phase of the end of times, in the same way that My Son lived the last phase of Calvary, in silence, surrender and sorrow.

I call upon you to be aware of all this so that your consciousnesses are not distracted and miss the divine impulses of Christ.

As from now, your Heavenly Mother is preparing, together with the new apostles of Christ, to enter into the Holy Week and thus re-live the sorrowful Passion of the Lord.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgen Mary, Rose of Peace


It is through effort and persistence that the warrior of the heart is built, who is capable of further overcoming their own difficulties and miseries, every day, and, above all, continuing onward out of love for God and His Plan.

In this way, the new apostles emerge, the apostles of service and of a constant willingness to build all that which the Hierarchy needs and aspires for, for the different phases of the Plan.

It is in this effort and persistence that God relieves the oppressed heart of the server and has them feel, as many times as necessary, that they are fulfilling His Will rather than their own.

To reach this moment, only effort and persistence bring to awareness the possibility to always participate in the new, in the impulses that come from the Universe Itself, and that bring to consciousness an expression of humility and of service to others.

In all of this, I contemplate My apostles, because your errors are errors, but the triumphs are victories that you can give Me with your constant transformation.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Like a sun that rises upon the horizon, today I bring the splendor of My universal Consciousness to illuminate your paths and hearts.

I come under the maternal and divine authority that the Celestial Father granted Me, from the first moment when His Servant said “yes“ to the fulfillment of His Plan on the surface of the Earth.

Under all the light of the Universe, I come today to lovingly meet you, to dissipate and transmute those forces of evil that imprison and condemn nations and their peoples.

I come to offer honor and power to the Name of God, in each one of His servers and disciples of Christ. Under this powerful divine authority, I come to meet you and to make you participants in the Truth that springs forth from the Heart of the Eternal Father, to each one of My children who said “yes“ to His Will.

Thus, dear children, I come to sustain you and to console you.

I come to encourage you to renew in Christ so that you can witness the existence of Christ within your neighbor, beyond that which is human and mortal.

I come so that you may value your inner world and everything that this inner world has received from the Universe and from the experiences of life.

Children, these times will place each child of Mine before the truth, their own clear inner and personal truth so that, before the culminating moment of the planetary Armageddon, you may have resolved within you all that which separates you from God.

Therefore, We invite you not only to pray for the suffering nations of the world, we call you to sustain a time that you have never experienced nor gone through.

We are leading you toward the path of Love and of the solid Brotherhood.

Therefore, all the dark nights can be moments of light in which the flame of faith and of trust, as small as it may seem within you, will help you to change and transcend the difficult moments that the human being is facing.

But do not forget, children, that I am here, in silence, waiting for you, waiting for each one of you to call Me and to ask Me for what you need.

But know that you have ceased to be My children, now you are the new apostles of Christ, those who, with effort and sincerity, assume greater responsibilities and greater situations.

Be willing, every day, to die to yourselves, as much as it may hurt, as much as it may seem difficult. Die to yourselves, every day, in this way My Son will be in you and you will be in Him, helping to fulfill His deepest aspirations, helping redeem this sick humanity through your personal and collective redemption.

I know that it is not easy to look at yourselves, but see the Divine Light that God conceived within you and, in this powerful and inextinguishable Light, seek the union and the Peace of God.

I am by your side, I am the Mother that supports you and that understands you.

I thank you for listening to My words from your heart!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Monthly Messages

Behold, the Lady of all peoples and of all races comes to meet you with the potency of the Scepter of God in Her hands, with the love of the stars of the sky in Her Heart.

Behold, the Mother and Lady of all peoples of Heaven and of Earth, Mother of humanity, of the angels and of the Son of God comes to meet you, bringing Peace in Her Heart, pouring out Graces from between Her hands.

My Crown of stars pours Mercy upon the world. The scepter of God in My hands deters the Justice that descends upon the souls because, in spite of the indifference and of the ignorance of humanity before celestial things, the Love of God for His children has no end.

I come today, children, for people who must recover their Faith in God and their spirituality, extracting from its consciousness the roots of evil, of separateness, of injustice and of lack of love.

I come to show you the doors of the Celestial Church of your Creator Father and the path through which you will reach it, regardless of your culture, race or creed on this Earth.

I come to lead you to the conversion of heart, of consciousness and of life, not to show you a new religion, but to lead you to a new standard of life in which your hearts may unite with God through transparency, truth and love, and may express this unity with your brothers and sisters through service, fraternity and love for your fellow beings.

I come to unite Heaven and Earth, in the priesthood of forgiveness and healing, which My Son granted to Me while on the Cross.

I come to guide the apostles of the last times and the latter-day saints, awakening you and congregating you within and outside of the Church, because it is not only in the churches of the Earth where the children of God and the companions of Christ are. I come to get you in the four corners of the world, because the time for you to awaken has come.

My Heart prepares the arrival of the Messiah in the world and, just as I once gestated Him in My Womb and opened the doors so that His Spirit, Soul, Body and Divinity might be on Earth among those of His, today, children, I come to prepare His return, together with you. I come to announce the good news of His arrival in the world and prepare the flocks that will accompany the Shepherd in the institution of a New Life.

He will come, brighter than one thousand suns, with the splendor of God in His Heart. His Face will show itself to all with truth and power, more transparent than He showed Himself to His apostles in His Transfiguration. His presence will make visible the miseries and the virtues of human beings and, with a mere gaze, it will knock down the structures of the false spiritualities of the Earth. And those who did not know how to love will understand their errors and will repent, but for some it will be too late.

For this reason, My children, the Redeemer sends His Servant to the world, not to intimidate you, but to awaken you, to show you the path of Mercy and of the Grace of God.

I come so that your hearts may recognize the deviations of your lives and may reconcile with God, while there is still time.

I come so that there may be love in the hearts of human beings and that this same love can heal the stains and deepest wounds of the consciousnesses of the nations.

I come to tell you and show you that, through prayer, you will heal your hearts and your nations of all errors from the past.

I come so that you may repent, children, on behalf of humanity, and cry out to God from the heart for a greater Grace, because it is now in His Hands, ready to be poured out upon the world, it suffices that you just say “yes” to Him.

Today, receive My words with love and pray with Me for a greater good. Feel My presence in your hearts. May My Love reveal a new human being within you so that, from today on and forever, you may not be the same, but may be perpetually united in love with your Celestial Father.

I bless you and thank you for responding to My call!

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Messages

Keep vigil, in prayer with your Lord, so that in these times He may find His companions and apostles awake, aware of the agony and the passion of the planet, truly ready to surrender their lives for Christ, through the small and big sacrifices that bring them closer to God.

Make an effort every day to offer something more of yourself to the Father, in the name of the whole of humanity. Let your prayer, your song and your surrender deepen and each day become more sincere and unconditional because of being the instruments and the vehicles of your union with Christ, of your service to His Plan of rescue in this world.

Pray and be in vigil with the Lord, because it will be in this way that you will be accompanying His steps. It is in this way that you will be consistent with His spiritual presence in this world. It is in this way that you will prepare His path of return to Earth and will be worthy of being with Him in the institution of His Kingdom.

Let prayer be the water without which your soul cannot live, and let sacrifice be the food for your spirit. In this way, child, every day you will be closer to God, and as a result, you will elevate this world and its humanity with you.

You have My blessing for this.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Who are we?

Association Mary
Founded in December of 2012, at the request of the Virgin Mary, Association Mary, Mother of the Divine Conception, is a religious association without ties to any institutionalized religion. It has a philosophical-spiritual, ecumenical, humanitarian, charitable, cultural character, and it supports all activities that are indicated through the instructions transmitted by Christ Jesus, the Virgin Mary, and Saint Joseph. Read more