My dear children,

Like the breeze from the sea and from all the oceans, I come to this blessed place to bless you and give you My Peace.

On this day, I come to repeat the final call of My Son: may hearts awaken in His Redemptive Love.

For this, My children, you must seek the Inner Christ within yourselves. It is very urgent and fundamental that this be present within you so that the planet can be sustained, not only in its spiritual balance, but also in its material harmony.

Through recent events of the current pandemic, souls have become confused, many are disoriented and most do not know, at this moment, which path to follow.

Tell everyone they are My children, that I am here as the Servant and Lady of the world so that, through the Light of My Heart, many more may reach God, may return to the Celestial Father.

Beloved children, this is My main Message for all: let the love that trusts be reborn in the center of your being so that the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may have a favorite dwelling in the heart of My children.

For this reason, all those who pray to the Mother of God should continue doing so, because the Return of the Lord is near, and most of My children must be awake.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you and accompanies you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

Under the spiritual blessing of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, may souls awaken to the Call of God so that each being on this planet may fulfill His Divine Will.

On this day, I transmit the "Spiritual Novena to Saint Gabriel the Archangel" so that it may be prayed by devout hearts that, together with the Celestial Mother, will implore for the awakening of humanity; so that, by means of the intercession of Saint Gabriel the Archangel, souls receive in their interior the Call of God and consciousnesses may be withdrawn from world illusion; so that the new apostles and missionaries of Christ may be at the service of the moment of the Lord's Return.

May the Angel of the Annunciation impel you on the path towards the fulfillment of the Sacred Will of God.

Spiritual Novena to Saint Gabriel the Archangel

Union bead

O Saint Gabriel the Archangel!
Faithful Messenger of God,
may the inner Christ awaken within us.

First decade

 By the sweet voice of Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
which the Virgin Mary could hear,
Lord, may we also hear
the Call of God.


Second decade

By the Annunciation dictated by Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may we incarnate the Call of God
within us.

Third decade

By the solemn Presence of Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may souls awaken
to the Call of God.

Fourth decade

By the Light and the Power pronounced by Saint Gabriel the Archangel
to the Most Holy Virgin Mary,
may we be blessed and protected
on our spiritual paths.

 Fifth decade

By the Message of Peace and Grace
announced by Saint Gabriel the Archangel,
may we be open to hear and recognize
the Will of God.

 Final prayer
(three times)

 O Saint Gabriel the Archangel!
May we be the new apostles of Christ
so that, through example and selfless service,
we may announce the Coming of our Redeemer.


I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother, the Virgin Mary, Rose of Peace


Since the birth of your Lord, up to His ascension to Heaven, as it was the moment for manifesting His Redeeming Work and awakening souls to love and truth, the Creator sent all those consciousnesses to the world that needed to learn with His Son.

And so it was that, year after year, souls shared with Christ His life on Earth.

Some experiences were quicker, others longer; some found Him only once, others many times, because God Himself, profound knower of the souls He created, was Who knew the real need of each being.

And so it was that, since the childhood of Christ, there were souls that shared in his fragility, the awakening and the manifestation of His childhood purity, the growth of His humanity and the expansion of His Divinity within that fragile body.

Each being learned something with God through His Son; something that the Creator, with His own Hands, built within souls, through Christ.

There were those souls that needed to live the glory of Christ, the revelation of the Kingdom of God in His miracles, in His Words, in His Presence. Others needed to awaken a deep, fertile and eternal love through His Passion, to carry to the world the legacy of His Love, not only in that time, but through the centuries to come. Other souls, in spite of not having looked into the Eyes of Christ, experienced His spiritual Presence and, in the silence, they were able to find Him within themselves.

I tell you this because this is the moment for turning inward and remembering.

Remembering the Child full of God that awakened purity within your hearts.

Remembering the silent and humble Youth that learned with His father in a carpentry shop while teaching him about the transformation of souls.

Remembering the Prophet of Nazareth, the one called the Nazarene, Who walked upon the hills and, with the same simplicity, did so on the waters, revealing the mysteries of God held within His Heart, as well as in the heart of each being.

The moment has come to remember the Gaze that redeemed you, the Hands that reached out toward you, to lead you into a new life, a new human being, with a simple phrase: follow Me.

To remember He who called you to leave the ship of human desires and aspirations in the sea in order to go with Him to rescue souls.

To remember He who forgave your sins and, seeing the truth within you, called you by name so that you never again turn away from His Love.

To remember each drop of Blood that spilled from His Face and His Gaze always fixed on God.

To remember His Heart, elevated above the suffering, pleading for humanity and for each being with the same love.

To remember the empty sepulcher.

To remember His Words and His Face in resplendent vestments.

To remember His body rising up among the incandescent brilliance of the clouds and, in the light, the power of His Voice promising you He would bring the Kingdom of God to the world.

To see the promises of Christ fulfilled, you need to remember; and to remember, you need to enter into yourself and lovingly contemplate what He left in your hearts, because His impulses are eternal.

You have My blessing for this.

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


We have reached the last month of the alternate year for humanity, a month in which hearts are called to be in Christ and so that the inner Christ may emerge, purify you and renew you for another year, so that you may continue to serve the Most High.

But it is also a month in which inattention and distraction will be the premises for the life of hundreds of people of this humanity.

And to not fall into that trap, idealized by My enemy, you must be attentive, vigilant and with your consciousness elevated toward the Universe, because for the human race a chronological year ends, but for the spiritual Hierarchy a change of cycle occurs again, and this new cycle will be full of challenges because it will be an important duty to be able to concretize many projects.

Thus, I invite you to remember the Hierarchy and all that the Hierarchy will give impulse to in this new stage. Because in the same way that the clock time runs, the cycles also change and the opportunities will only come around once.

December of 2019 is the preamble to the last times with the Hierarchy.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus


Always prostrate upon the ground so that you may recognize the dignity of God within you.

Always prostrate upon the ground so that in the absolute void you may be filled by the whole, by that which stems from a non-material Source.

Always prostrate upon the ground so that you may learn about repentance and so that your spiritual ego may surrender.

Always prostrate upon the ground, just as your Lord prostrated in the Garden of Gethsemane. Thus you will learn to find the path of humility in that which is most simple.

Always prostrate upon the ground so that your consciousness and cells never forget that something higher exists, which is coming to assist.

Prostrate upon the ground, so that every day you can recognize the inner Christ within you, so that your soul may be ruled by the great and powerful Spirit.

Prostrate upon the ground so that you can discover that the redemption of your being is during this cycle.

Prostrate upon the ground each time you see the divine Body and the precious Blood of your Lord elevate to Heaven, because this will be the sign that you before an eternal Grace.

Prostrate upon the ground each time you see the divine Body and the precious Blood of your Lord elevated to Heaven, because this will be the sign that you are in front of an eternal Grace.

Prostrate upon the ground so that you may always learn to say "yes" to the infinite and, with confidence, you may recognize that you are a part of something greater.

Prostrate upon the ground so that your resistances may break like chains and you may be freed from yourself forever.

Prostrate upon the ground to experience and accept My merciful Love.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master and Lord, Christ Jesus



See the light within your depths, that light that has existed since the beginning of your existence, the Light of God that has accompanied you since the origins and holds the story of your creation.

It is the light of your essence, an unknown and eternal light, a light that guides your steps toward the inner Christ.

Focus your attention upon the power of this light, which is not physical, but immaterial. It is the light of Truth, the one that the temptations and tricks of My adversary often want to defeat and oppress.

Trust in the light that is deep within you, and everything that does not come from the Light of God will dissipate.

May this inner light, invisible to the material eyes, be the bridge that unites you to God so that you always learn how to live His Will.

May this inner light show you the victory of Christ within your life, at each step of your union with His Sacred Heart.

May this light arise from the deepest and most true place of your consciousness so that you never feel alone, both in the trials and in the triumphs.

Let the powerful and invincible Light of God emerge from you, the light that comes from your essence.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

We are now close to Bethlehem and the sacred location is being prepared, where the inner Christ will again be born.

May His spirit of peace and sovereignty fill you. May His Grace, which is infinite and merciful, keep you in deep and reverent unity with God so that His Plan, which is broad and unknown, will come close to your lives in order to carry out His Divine Will.

In preparing the sacred inner space where the Christic light will be reborn for the times of darkness, may this powerful Light that comes from the Source of Supreme Love bring for all the opportunity to reintegrate into the path of redemption and forgiveness.

My children, this is no longer the time to look to the past, but to place your gaze upon the future, on the divine encounter with the inner Christ who needs to be active and victorious through the inner lives of each being.

I give you, My children, the opportunity to live this time of grace so that your lives, finally, may become a part of the miraculous Grace of God.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who Blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Dear children,

What the world offers you for these important dates of the Nativity of the Lord is only a distraction and more illusion, to the point that human beings consume all their resources into something that is materially temporary and not beneficial, because it is not shared with anybody.

For all these people, who on these dates of greater internalization should be meditating upon and contemplating the Birth of the Christ within themselves, I ask that you place them in your prayers so that these souls may awaken and be withdrawn from the world illusion, promoted by the fantasy of consumerism and the ignorance of the consciousness.

On these dates in which the inner Christ should, for a moment, take first place in your lives, I invite you to an awareness so that humanity, in part, may be aware of the spiritual meaning of the descent of universal attributes upon the needy human consciousness.

I invite you to truly participate in the Rebirth of Christ so that more souls may have the happiness of transforming their lives.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


This Christmas I would like My Spirit to be reborn in your inner world again and that you could receive from My Soul the blessings you will need to start the new year and the new cycle, filled by the Light of My Spirit.

My companion and friend, receive then the possibility to be reborn in My Christic Love so that each new day you may learn to share and express it so that souls also reencounter their inner Christ, the one they willl need so as to know how to face the end of time.

For this reason, prepare your heart, prepare your mind and above all your spirit, for My Christic Love to be able to rest and you, My friend, to receive the imperative strength of My Faith, the one that will impel you to take new steps with trust.

My Heart is full of Mercies for souls. Sometimes My Heart overflows with Love and does not find a place, space or enclosure where to place it.

I wish that this Christmas, the place that you will prepare to receive me be the one that will establish the inner communion with the Son of God.

I thank you for keeping My Words in the Heart.

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus 


Dear children,

Gathered in the Love of God so that, in this new celebration of the Nativity of the Lord your hearts may overflow with joy, for the inner Christ shall again contact each one of the souls that are willing to be open for the arrival of Christ.

My children, this is now the last time and the final cycle for being able to forgive and reconcile with the Heights.

For this reason, I invite you to enter into constant communion with My Son so that, in this inner communion, the doors to sorrow and perdition close, in this cycle in which the whole of humanity has the opportunity of celebrating the rebirth of Christ within each being; so that there may be a better planet and an elevated humanity which can represent the Plan of God on Earth through the experience of forgiveness and redemption, attributes offered by Heaven.

Dear children, tell the world there is time to reverse the planetary situation, and that the Spiritual Hierarchy shall come again to assist all, to rescue humanity.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Second Message

And today I come showing My Wounds to the world, to each one of the souls, as an offering for the wounds that Argentina has today, as a spiritual and material nation.

Today I come to offer My Blood as this perfect testimony of love for you and for each nation of this planet, especially for the nations that suffer the most, which are submitted and colonized by projects that do not come from God, but rather from humanity.

But this will end. It will not last for a long time.

I have come here, to Argentina, for all of this to begin to change from now on. 

I have chosen this nation for this start to happen, just as My Father has asked.

For this reason, I offer My Wounds, not as a symbol of suffering, but rather of victory, pouring out the Light of My Spirit from each one of them, for those who want to be bathed by My Grace. 

I come here to testify that the Kingdom of God is possible, inside and outside of beings, and on the surface of the planet, which, in spite of the chaos of the end of times and of the immediate purification, the Lord invites you to prevail in peace; invites you to build inside of you a path which is still unknown. 

This path that I offer to you is toward the Universe, where the Brotherhood is found; where a purpose is lived during the entire lifetime, until it can be fulfilled.

For this reason, you must seek inside of you, companions, the essence of what you truly are and of what you have come to accomplish in these final times, where the next Kingdom of God in humanity and on the planet will be defined, where many more things will happen, things that you must live to be able to learn and to experience the degrees of love and of forgiveness, in order to achieve, finally, the so awaited redemption.

For this reason, I invite you to be consequent with Me, as you have been in all these last days, where in each detail, in each labor and service, I have seen your love and your effort for Me, with the aim of the Work of the Divine Mercy to be accomplished in humanity, and especially in Argentina.

As I told you yesterday, here there are very valuable souls that have arrived in this time to experience the great change of consciousness, by means of strong experiences and deep livings that try to lead you to the comprehension of the reconciliation and of faith, of unity and of fraternity, in this beloved people.

Here is the preamble of a new race, as is in Brazil and in another parts of South-America. 

Everything that happens in these times on the surface of the Earth is part of the objective of My adversary which is to imbalance and destabilize the humanities, peoples and nations. But do not enter in this field nor into this energy of discord and of dissociation. 

Nourish yourselves, day by day, through the word of prayer and you will be able to reach the sublime spheres, and the sublime spheres, as guiding stars, will indicate the new path to you, the new direction that you must travel through your lives and experiences.

Do not fear to face the end of times nor the purification.

Do not fear to offer yourselves to suffer for Me, because what I will give you is what you really need, beyond what you would deserve. 

Trust in My Heart, because in it lies the Sacred Temple for your spirits, so that your souls may live the communion with Me, time and again.

For this reason, today I come again from Andromeda, to emit My proclamation of peace, to make of this peace a reality that many would like to live but cannot. But if you, companions, decide to be My instruments and not the instruments of the world, I will be able to continue working through your lives and consciousnesses. 

Thus, in spite of what happens or what may present itself in these times, I will build in you an unbreakable fortitude that will have its base in spiritual life, given by the fortitude of faith and of the trust in the One, Our Celestial Father.

My Father sends Me, not only to call you to understanding and comprehension, but also to the necessary correction that is vital for these critical times; a correction that will try to lead you always along the path of the Purpose and of the Truth, so that you do not lose the objective of what God needs to build in humanity and in all peoples. 

Through My Wounds, I illuminate your lives.

Through My Consciousness, I ennoble your spirits, because they are old spirits, originating from other stars and from other universes. Spirits that have congregated to accomplish a purpose in the name of the Son of God, a purpose that has not been accomplished yet and that has not ended, which is in the apex of its transition and of its definition.

Thus, everything you do for the good of God will build the new and the eternal, which will be invincible and will not be defeated.

Over you is the Hand of Grace. A Grace that helps you, a Grace that fills you, a Grace that leads you to live peace in times without peace. 

Be builders of the New Humanity. Postulate yourselves as pillars that will be the bases for the new race by means of attributes, of examples and of an unconditional service for humanity and the planet, as well as for all its Kingdoms. 

Elevate your thought toward the High and unite your thought to the Thought of the Father-Mother Creator Emmanuel and here there will not exist interferences nor disturbances, your attention will be fixed in the Purpose and in all that must happen in the next times. 

Argentina must achieve its transparency; it must manifest its equality. For this everything will be purified. 

Do not fear to know that everything will be purified. Do not fear to find the reason for this purification and of this moment. Know that everything is already foreseen and that your land has been called to live a new state of consciousness that will first be born in the human beings who live in the Lord, who accomplish His Designs and His Divine Will.

From you the new being may be born and the old being will be left behind, because you will have accepted to live the Principles of God, which will not only constitute new consciousnesses in you, but which will form the new peoples, the new race, the New Earth.

From the heart of the Universe, I emit My Voice, so that My Voice may be heard by all.

I leave for you the Love that I have for your Motherland and for your nation, knowing that God has given you the best that He has so that your people, from its origins, might learn to express its inner and spiritual virtue. 

It is this virtue that I come to seek from the Argentinian people, and it is this virtue that will not be dissolved from the essence of all those who live here.

Therefore, everything is in a battle and in definition, just as it is in Brazil. 

In the principles of the Earth, this region was preserved from much interferences. 

Here was the Eden of God, in its exuberance and splendor, in its beauty and loveliness, through all Kingdoms of Nature. Humanity has destroyed it and keeps destroying it.

So that everything can be reversed and change, so that the Eden can flourish again and express itself, from Argentina there must born this state of consciousness of restoration and of healing which not only its people need, but also a great part of the world.

The Celestial Brotherhood is setting its instruments on a region that has been called to express an important Will of God.

Although My Message is symbolic, My Words are clear, because I talk to your hearts and not to your minds. I talk to what is beyond your physical being and what is internal, which listens and knows everything that I say. 

It is here where the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where the seed of the new consciousness will be sown. 

It is here where what God expects so much will sprout, so that human beings finally may know their freedom and leave behind their constant captivity.

Be similar to the People of Israel. But you must not spend forty years to find the Promised Land and your true freedom, you are more conscious about the end of times.

Just follow My steps and enter into My Heart, in faith everything will be accomplished. Because among few the greatest thing will be done, among few the planet will be led to a new state and you are invited to participate in this. 

From Andromeda, I convoke you and I call you to unite, in love, to the grand Confraternity. 

I thank you for everything you have offered to Me, because this multiplies Grace, not only for your beings, but also for your country.

May the Kingdom of God be in your hearts and in your spirits. 

May the Lord of the Universe show you His Sacred Face and may you contemplate the splendor of His Existence so that you may feel blessed by His Divine Spirit, by His powerful Current of Mercy and of Peace.

I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


First Message

From the Great Star of the Universe, I greet you and send My Message of peace to the world.

Today My Words emanate from the heart of Andromeda, a place from where the Universes of this Universe are governed, and many more Universes that are ruled by the Law of the Hierarchy, and are under the care of the great universal Consciousnesses.

I have come to Argentina to correct it in its purpose, to again lead it towards the path of the light.

This is why I extend My Hand to the People of God, so that they may hold on to Me tightly and follow Me on the pathway of the true faith and of the new hope.

From Andromeda, I emit My Voice to the world and especially to Argentina, knowing that it is a people that needs to straighten its paths to be able to accomplish the Purpose of God, to be able to vivify it, to be able to fulfill it, in these critical times, in which everything is at stake.

What I ask you today is nothing new, companions, just only remember your commitment so that you can remember your origin, knowing that this material life does not end here and that after this life there is much more to learn.

The Universes offer themselves so that you can learn in its sacred Schools, where everything is written and where everything is accomplished.

Therefore, I invite you on these days to drink of My Mercy so that you can drink of the Source of Knowledge, a knowledge that reveals the Truth to you, a knowledge that will give you the peace and the wisdom that you need for these critical times.

But My coming to Argentina will not avoid many other things more that happen in these days and in these times.

Freedom is still in the hands of humankind.

Freedom is what can lead you to God or what can condemn you without you perceiving it.

For this reason, the choice is in each human heart, the choice of living in God or not being in God, of submerging in the Love of God or moving away from the Love of God.

Nobody will be forced to live a spirituality that they have not yet understood, nor felt inside.

But what I can promise to Argentina is just My Love and My Mercy. Streams that will lead you to find the Divine Purpose, to find the answer that you are looking for so much, for a long time.

Thus, I am gradually forming My new soldiers, the soldiers of the last times. I am gradually building the inner Christ in the dwellings of all beings, the inner Christ who will live the end of times, the one who will give testimony, in My Name, that I am here among you and with you.

For this reason, today My Voice is emitted from Andromeda, a place where the Universal Government dwells and complies the Divine Laws of this Material Universe; a place where great decisions are taken for the evolution and the awakening of the consciousnesses, for the infinite expression of more degrees of love, of a greater Love than the one I could conceive when I was on Earth among you, a long time ago.

At that moment, I had left you a key that would help you to transcend all times and all generations, all experiences and all learnings.

It is the love for life what will rebuild Argentina, beyond the mistakes and faults.

Love is what will heal, it is what will fill.

Love will concede you peace and thus you will live in justice.

It will be worthless to oppose one another, because even though inequalities exist, which are seen by all, what matters for God, companions, is the destiny of your nation and its people, as a Promised Land, that will no longer have injustices nor inequalities, which will be permeated by the Presence of God, in the perfect living of His Beloved Son, in the heart of humanity.

Do not fight for what is material, although it is unjust.

Build in you what is true and what comes from God, what will really make you free, someday, to reach the Kingdom of God, which is inside of you.

Living in the Kingdom of God you will be in communion with the High and it will be no longer a religion nor a doctrine, because your religion, companions, regardless of any other, will be love.

It is love that will lead you to live service and fraternity towards your brothers and sisters.

It is love that will allow you to build brotherhood and thus be able to live the new life that will repopulate Earth in the coming times.

But while you live your internal and external transition, do not fight, do not oppose to one another any longer. Seek this justice in the Gift of the Mercy of God and everything will pass.

Thus God will make justice, as the Great Divine Consciousness that He is, and His children will finally represent Him on Earth, as He so much has expected since the beginning.

Be capable of living My Words beyond the senses.

Be capable of risking to do a little bit more than you do or than what you have achieved in your lives, because everything will start again in love, and from love will begin. The rest will become dust and to dust will return.

In your spirits is the Sacred Reliquary of My Heart.

In your souls, the presence of My Soul can be, so that you may be in communion with the Divine Justice and in a perfect balance.

Therefore, from Andromeda, a Voice of equality is emitted and the Great Star of this Universe calls you to the elevation of the consciousness, to step out of forms and battles, to achieve the true meaning of your existence and of your mission on Earth as individuals, as a people and as a country.

Close the doors to chaos. Open the doors to My Divine Mercy because thus My Presence will triumph in you and My Energy will triumph in your nation.

The time has come to perceive reality and not deceits.

The time has come, companions of Argentina, of climbing one more step to approach God and to feel His Love that fills and fills you, time and again.

Be a people that deserves Divine Justice and not human justice. Thus you will learn to be in balance and in harmony with the Universe.

Andromeda emits its voice, from the Universe to your planet, so that you can listen to it and count on its great Government that is celestial and complies with the superior commands that the Eternal Father dictates.

Join this chain of prayer for peace and prevent chaos to submerge you.

Be intelligent and activate the prayer of the heart so that your own inner Mirrors may dissolve all reigning darkness.

For this reason, Andromeda comes to bless you and consecrate you so that each human heart and each soul may listen to the Voice of the Universe and receive, from Andromeda, the spirit of peace.

May your offering for this Marathon be true as you have demonstrated on these last days.

Because the Universe is contemplating all your efforts, however small they may seem. All efforts add to the descent of Divine Mercy that allow to love the enemies and forgive the unjust ones.

Encourage yourselves to surpass Me in love and you will find the Truth.

Encourage yourselves to be My testimonials and you will be free, as you expect so much.

The Kingdom of God is inside of you and it must remain there throughout the times, for the Sacred Will to be fulfilled.

I thank you for having said “yes” to Me for this meeting, because this means much to Me, as a Divine and Universal Consciousness.

Here exists very valuable souls and very important spirits for the Creation. This is why you are in Argentina and not in another place.

Everything in the Creation has a divine meaning and a superior Purpose to be manifested.

Be part of this universal current that comes from Andromeda and recognize, in these times, your mission with humanity.

May in this Marathon of springtime, the love of your hearts flourish.

May your hands, arms and feet give the fruits of service and walk to meet those who are most in need, so that Mercy may reach all, without distinction.

May the Light of the Spirit of Andromeda bless you in the name of the Sacred Brotherhood.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Prologue of the Booklet of Poems of a Soul to the Sacred and Blessed Heart of Jesus

That someday, My followers, you may be fully encouraged to imitate this soul, not only in the sweetness of its words but also in the way of living them, one by one.

I would like you to be so similar to this soul, in devotion, purity and sincerity because, beyond the imperfections of life and of human appearances, in the depths of each being there is an inner Christ capable of conducting your lives and your souls towards My Celestial Church.

I hope to listen to poems so similar to these, yet at the same time simple and true, that may spring from your hearts so that one day I may be able to rescue that which your souls could give Me internally while praying and speaking to Me with the transparency of heart.

I encourage you to be part of this legacy of the redeemed who, having gone through great confirmations, unexpected challenges and extensive tests, confirmed themselves, day by day, to My Sacred Heart.

I need that, finally, the new Christic legacy of each heart in transformation may be available for its Master and Lord. 

May each heart that is encouraged to talk to Me like this precious soul be able to express the love and inner reverence that it feels for Me. Thus, I will be able to gradually manifest on the surface of the Earth the new brotherhood of Christs.

I thank you for keeping My Words in your hearts!

Who blesses you,

Your Master, Christ Jesus


Just as the signs in the sky announce, clear and beautiful to the eyes that know how to see them, so God arrives on Earth and manifests within and outside of humankind His Splendor and His Grace.

As simple as contemplating a rainbow that emerges on a cold afternoon in the Earth's sky, and makes hearts happy, so should souls contemplate the presence of God within themselves.

The Celestial Universe, beautiful and sublime, is as simple as the things that truly make human hearts and souls happy; but to attain it, it is necessary to seek it with the same love and will with which you seek the signs that are manifested in the sky.

Within you lies a mystery hidden behind what you think you are. This mystery is the Sublime Universe of God, whose doorway is not in the heights, among the clouds, but in one's own heart.

God makes Himself as accessible to the spirits of humankind as the beauty of a rainbow is to your eyes. But just as you seek the rainbow and find it, so also your spirits must seek that which nourishes, brightens, and fulfills them, which is God within yourselves.

To find God in your own heart, you can let Him be reflected as a mirror within you. When you contemplate a sky full of beauty, when you contemplate a pure expression of Nature, do not remain only in what you see, but open the mirrors of your hearts and let that which is beautiful reveal the beauty and the purity of your spirits, that which you truly are.

Everything that was created by God is beautiful and perfect, and that same divine expression that you find before your eyes you can find within yourselves, when you open yourselves to find the Truth in your inner world.

May everything uplift you.

May everything bring you to God.

Your Father and Friend,

The Most Chaste Saint Joseph


Forgive Betrayal, Love Your Enemies

Dear children,

This Christmas, with the Light of Jesus having been born within your hearts, may your lives and consciousnesses take a new step in order to finish yet another stage in the learning of love and forgiveness that the planet offers you.

Love your enemies so that someday you can forgive their betrayals.

Children, may this same inner fortitude of love be built within you, that which My Son lived and experienced upon this planet, knowing that He was born in this humanity in order to redeem it and save it from all its evils.

For this reason, love your enemies, and you will be able to forgive their betrayals.

Jesus, knowing that He incarnated to die for all His brothers and sisters who would betray Him, time and time again, did not cease to love His enemies, just as the Father had asked of Him.

Love your enemies and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

It is a big step, during this Christmas, to transcend the pain of having been betrayed or subjected to something for some reason.

It is a Christic and conscious step, to live a Higher Love above all that has taken place.

Love your enemies and you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

Each soul of this Earth is called upon to submerge into the Ocean of the Love of God to banish within themselves their own Judas that tries to compromise the spiritual life of the disciples of Christ.

The sure and full step is to surrender to love, to trust, and to let yourselves be guided by the Light of the Divine Messengers at each new step.

Thus, each soul on this Earth, in due time, will learn to love more and be able to forgive all betrayals that their own inner Judas may have managed to make or commit.

Love your enemies, and someday you will be able to forgive all their betrayals.

We live this Christmas of the Lord to confirm to the Universe our next steps in this journey of learning how to love what we could never love and to learn to forgive what we could never forgive.

It is an important and Christic step in the spiritual life to love our enemies, so that someday you may learn to forgive them, like Christ forgave after all He lived until the Cross.

Thus, the times have changed, and the doors of the Universe of the Love of God will open to offer the disciples of Christ to love their enemies more in order to be able to forgive all their betrayals and actions.

At this Nativity of the Lord, may humanity grow in the living experience of the School of Love, but now, transcending all offenses, betrayals and deceptions that a fellow being, or a brother or sister, may have caused us, so that, in trust and in faith, the disciples of Christ may enter through the greater door to the school of learning to love their enemies so that the Father, Who is merciful, may forgive them for their betrayals.

The time has come to live the Parable of the Prodigal Son, imitating the Father of Divine Justice and Mercy, deciding to go through new Christic experiences on the path of love and of an unconditional spirit.

May this Sacred Christmas of the Lord inspire us and give impulse to the inner Christs who were born to live Higher Love for their enemies so that, as you were, they may be forgiven of all betrayals.

These are the patterns of life for a new humanity which must first be spiritually constituted and formed.

I encourage you, as Jesus was, to love your enemies so that someday they may receive an opportunity, as you received directly from Christ.

Be willing to take steps in the Christic life of Love and Wisdom.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


A Holy Night of Peace

Under the Sacred Star of Bethlehem, dear children, your Heavenly Mother and Saint Joseph await tonight for the Birth of the inner Christ in each being, in each soul and in each spirit, in order for a spiritual communion with the Creator to be established.

Meanwhile, Saint Joseph collects straw to prepare the Manger, and the inhabitants of Bethlehem bring him cloth and jars of water, preparing all the scene for the great expected moment.

The guardian angels of the inner Christs pray without ceasing, together with their Heavenly Mother, waiting for all the beings of this Earth to give birth to all inner love.

The goats, sheep and other animals of the stable offer their quietude and silence, and give warmth in the Sacred Grotto, to create a welcoming environment of peace and love.

Somewhere else, the shepherds of Bethlehem approach the city, in search of that inner Christ who is about to be born and announce what is new.

The whole scene is awaiting the Good News: the birth of the inner Christ of each being which, on this night, defines the next stage of their existence.

Thus, the Masters of the East, the Kings who bring myrrh, gold and incense, wear their ceremonial attire because, as announcers and prophets of the Universe, they bring within their hearts a message of reconciliation and love for the Christs that will be born today.

Within the Grotto, the sacred and elevated presence of the angels attract, from the highest Heavens, the gifts that everyone needs in order to take the step towards a greater surrender.

The Most Holy Mary does not stop Her pleas and prayers, and She asks the Eternal Father to make Her so small and similar to Him so that She can accompany the inner Christ who, in a short time,  will be in Her arms.

It is time to live the expected moment.

It is time to allow that in the Grotto of Bethlehem, the inner Christ may be born, the one who supplicates to the hearts of the world for attention and consciousness in order to perceive reality.

Before the whole scenario of the end of times, the Sacred inner Christ has been born. He comes to announce that it is time for the great change in consciousness. He comes to testify that there is no other path but the path of the love of the heart and transparency of life.

The inner Christ comes to say that is time to make peace and no longer live inner and outer wars.

It is time to be fraternal and to be conscious with life, with destiny and with the Purpose.

It is time to rethink the path and to choose the Path of Love and of Christic energy.

It is time to open the doors of the heart and to trust.

May the inner Christ who is born today before your eyes shine as the light that He is and may He live on forever so that, in these definitive times, there may be discernment, wisdom and peace.

On this Christmas Eve of Bethlehem, may we pray for the inner Christs that will not yet be born due to the imprisonment of illusions of the human being.

Let us pray for the essences that will need much spiritual assistance.

Let us celebrate this Christmas of the Lord together with Him forever.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


My dear children,

On this 1st of December, at the beginning of the inner preparation for the Nativity of your Master and Lord, I would like that, through the presence of each manger in the homes of the world, the inner Christ could definitely awaken within you.

This will help that all human consciousness be redeemed and receive a Grace from the Universe in order to reverse all the mistakes committed through the division of families, the exploitation of boys and girls, of all the perversion of current youth.

Dear children, with the sweetness of your hearts and having responded to My call for the manifestation of the mangers, you have allowed your Sacred Mother to work within the family nuclei that are being corrupted due to the lack of true love and sincere peace.

Dear children, My Rays of Mercy have today penetrated the darkest layers of the black market of humanity, where My adversary laughs and plays with millions of human lives.

From that lost and dark place, your Celestial Mother, with the help of all the saints in Heaven and on Earth, rescued and prevented the essence of many human hearts from getting lost.

I would like, My dear children, that you could understand today the meaning and the victory generated through the loving and sincere adhesion of all of My children who dedicated their day to building the Sacred Manger.

The presence of the Sacred Family, in these times and in current humanity, will avoid many events, most of them by means of the intercession of the Three Sacred Hearts.

On this night of Grace, I leave you this reflection and this message for you to meditate upon so that you may believe that your lives and your hands are useful to God and for the concretion of His Divine Plan.

Lastly, I send all the Love of My Heart to My small children of Angola, telling them that My victorious visit to the African lands of Ruanda, Angola and Kenya is still valid and present.

From now on, I will be grateful that you prepare your hearts to respond to this call and to accompany your Celestial Mother.

I thank you for being with Me today!

For the triumph of the Plan of Christ,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace

Daily Message of Mary, Rose of Peace, transmitted during the journey from the city of São Paulo to the Marian Center of Figueira, Brazil to the visionary Friar Elías del Sagrado Corazón

Dear children,

Until the end of days, I will be with you, until My Son arrives in His Glory, when He will bring the Kingdom of God with all His splendor and Mercy.

I will be here until the end of days, until I see the birth of the New Humanity, which will have a new consciousness and will, finally, make of this planet a sacred place.

Until the end of days, I will be with you, so that My children will be guided and no one will disperse or remove you from the true path of light.

This is My spiritual promise for all those who follow Me and make of this promise their own aspiration. For whoever calls upon Me will be heard by Me and will have a response. Whoever pleads will be filled with an unknown Grace.

I will be with you until the end of days, until My eyes see the birth of the inner Christ and He is present and mature in the essence of each one of My children.

After it all, I will return to the Glory of the Father so that, together with the angels, we may exalt the Father with praise for the fulfilment of the birth of the New Christs.

I thank you for responding to My call!

Who blesses you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


The union between beliefs

A time will come to the planet in which all religions will have to unite in the spirit of Christic peace and love.

This prophesied union will allow souls who have walked different spiritual paths to find the Highest Source, the great Spring of the Heart of Christ.

At that time, Jesus will be recognized by all as the Redeemer not only of the Christians but also as the Liberator of the whole world through the impulses of Love that He is giving the world in these times.

This hour is approaching for the planetary consciousness.

When this prophecy of the union between beliefs can be realized among all peoples and not only among Christians, nations will oppose one another, and different human philosophies will try to tear down what others, with love, try to construct for the common good of all souls.

These types of judgments and slanders emerge as a source of human impulses that will only lead to the weakening of the union between consciousnesses and peoples.

In the most critical and acute moment of the planet, the faith of the consciousnesses will be put to the test; not because God will determine it, but because of the destructive action that the voices of the philosophers of the world carry out against everything that is considered the Work of Peace and Light.

But finally, My Immaculate Heart will triumph in the world and outside the Church.

Before the eyes of those who govern the religions, I will open the great door of redemption, and all will recognize that, behind every Work of Light, Christ was present.

In this time, they will try to silence the Voice of the Heavenly Messengers, just as they tried in other times; but, at the end of everything, many will belatedly realize the just and true cause.

In this cycle, everything will be allowed, both the great errors and the great victories. It will be like this so that souls, in their freedom, can choose before the Final Judgment which path they will take, whether the path of error of the unjust or the path of peace and fraternity.

In this definitive hour, your heavenly Mother carries out Her Co-Redemptive Work outside the Church, so that in this way, the shepherds of My Son can contemplate the planetary need with Mercy and not with deep and petty indifference.

The Mother of God comes to gather what the Church could not achieve, the mission of contemplating with love the spiritual and moral need of souls, regardless of the belief which they experience at this time.

This is how your Heavenly Mother comes, in this cycle, to teach you what She taught the apostles in the past, uniting nation with nation, culture with culture, and language with language, in order to establish the principle of the sacred people of God, for which Moses worked for a long time.

Therefore, I ask all of you, regardless of your belief or your spiritual doctrine, to listen to the Mother of God, the Ambassador of Peace, who tells you to no longer waste time; do not use it to argue or slander whether or not it is true that I am working outside the Church, or whether or not your brothers and sisters are wearing  certain outfits, or are lying. This is not true, you are not seeing the truth nor feeling it with your heart.

Do not forget that you are all children of God and that the most important thing is to lead souls towards love and prayer, and not towards slander and value judgments.

Those who claim to live the truth are blind. Repent and ask for forgiveness. Open the heart and not the mind, because truly I tell you, My children, that you are trying to dissolve My Work of Peace with your evil actions.

Live peace and do not feel disturbed. Embrace the Call of God, just as He determined, and do not try to deny it only because this Call is alive and luminous outside the Church.

Thank the universe because there are souls who offer themselves to suffer for you.

Change your attitude and do it out of love, do not lose time in vain words. Do your job and thus the religions will unite through love and not through force.

Christianity is an inner state and not a formal state, it is the possibility of believing and feeling Christ within the heart.

Listen for the last time to My call.

I thank you for responding to My requests!

Who loves you and guides you,

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


Not to want your own will, and to love the Divine Will

This race in the beginning was designed by God to obey and to follow one only Purpose. But since My adversary, in antiquity, awoke the temptation and the free will in the humankind of surface, the original Project was distorted, straying from the path of the Divine Will.

There duality entered into the primitive consciousness of humanity, the free election and the disobedience to all higher Laws that would rule humanity in times to come until it would be a sacred humanity.

From the moment in which Adam and Eve were tempted in Eden to decide on their own life and thus part from the Hand of the Creator, what we call own will entered into the essence of the human being.

This will, lacking of spiritual principles and impregnated with codes of corruptibility, was the action that strayed the new humanity from the path; in the beginning of everything, the first race was the wise Project of a new humanity for the surface.

At the moment in which the first Adam decided to survive on the planet transgressing the natural Laws, Eve awoke the first signs of the capital sins.

My adversary obtained what he wanted so much: to make this an inert humanity and without self-consciousness.

After so many eras gone by, the culminating moment has arrived in which the first stage would end the decadence of humanity, and it would be through the apparition of Christ in the world, as the Firstborn Son of God, incarnated to rescue the essence of this thought human project.

Later on, when Christ was present, the whole race, which was already in the abyss of its perdition, was deviated from its own hell through the Passion of Jesus.

The coming of the Messiah of Israel was delicately prepared by the Creating Fathers, by the Holy Archangels. Each one brought and bore in the most pure womb of the Virgin Mother the light cells of transubstantiation and redemption, higher Laws that later on allowed to liberate humanity from evil.

Since Adam and Eve activated in themselves their own will, the human spiritual genetics were spontaneously affected until nowadays by this energy of terrestrial power of appropriation and of domination over all things.

Only those consciousnesses that throughout time have been able to open themselves to find Christ within have been challenged to renounce and to banish this old human code that has been deviating millions of souls until nowadays from the Purpose.

The own will is the consequence of not accepting the true form of Love of God, being the consciousness impregnated by its own ideas and concepts, the ones that are opposed to the Divine Thought.

Although Christ gave life and died for all also with the purpose of deactivating the old corrupt code of the own will, after all the events and facts that Master Jesus gestated in the consciousness of those who listened to Him, meanwhile the other part of humanity strengthened the precarious link with the own will; it was like a beast with ten horns recreated by all involutionary actions of the human race.

The human will has always been honored and appreciated by the majority, this is one of the reasons why in these definitive times, consciousnesses that are committed with the Plan are not able to take their steps when affirming their own will: a chain that ties them to an endless hell.

Those holy consciousnesses that were able to overcome their own will, did it through three factors: first, working every day renouncing themselves, second, searching for the emptiness of themselves and third, serving unconditionally, taking into account that even living all these experiences, there is a self-will based on arrogance and pride. 

When the disciple of Christ disposes themselves to transcend the states that corrupt the love in humanity, they must have in mind that they will face within themselves their own beasts, the ones that will try to make them give up all efforts. 

Some consciousnesses on the surface of the planet, as is the case of those who opted for a consecrated life, have the spiritual mission of dispelling from their consciousnesses all these energies, the ones that condemn the evolutionary life of a soul, and they also have the mission to do it for humanity, imitating Christ.

In these times humanity must define the path it will follow, this will be before the expected Judgment that will happen on this beloved planet.

Christ was and is an extraordinary example of life and truth for all those who accept to return to the previous moment of the Plan in which Adam committed the so-called original sin; a sin from which all creatures are born with the code of the own will and free will.

To be able to change this frequency, the determination and effort that are stimulated by prayer, will allow to start disarming the opposite impulses that bring the own will. 

To live the Divine Will means to want nothing for oneself and everything for the others. To live the Divine Will means to follow step by step what one is asked for, avoiding in this way to fault often.

But we know that humanity of today does not want to follow in obedience and adhesion what the higher Universes are emitting; this leads to an increase of spiritual perdition of the consciousnesses, it leads to submerge oneself in all possible deceptions, it leads to miss the path one has come to walk.

Therefore, God sends His Messenger again to warn all and the whole world that they are still living their own will and this will not deter the planetary suffering, but rather it is increasing it gradually. 

I invite you, children, to make an exercise of cutting the chain of the own will, thus you will have the inner strength to be able to Christify your lives and to prepare the glorious coming of Christ to the world. 

Be intelligent and do not allow that your own will distances you forever from the path of your redemption.

Times announce great changes for everybody. 

I thank you for losing your own will and for being born to the Eternal Will of God!

Who impels to inner purification, 

Your Mother Mary, Rose of Peace


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